Monday, May 12, 2014

Save the art treasure at the Albany Bulb!

The value of these priceless treasures is the testament of the democratic effort of the Bulb residents and visitors who spent years creating the pieces of art using found items.

Photos showing art at the Albany Bulb, 2014-05-16 by Dana Lindström -
So here's the story. There is a landfill in Albany called the Bulb that for years has been a place for homeless people to live and for anyone to make art and hang out. People built pretty extravagant houses out of materials they found within the area and had a pretty cool thing going on. Now the city wants to turn this area over to the state in the name of stamping it a "state park." Charging for parking etc... But the state won't take the land if people are living there and there is art around. So the city has already kicked out everyone living there and the next thing to go is all of this really awesome art. People have been gathering at the bulb to create a presence and protest, but as you can probably guess, it hasn't done much. Here are pics of the few pieces of art that are left and are about to be gone. The bulb is at the end of Buchanan St next to Golden Gate Fields in Albany. If you find time, show up and show support for one of the last places to hang out without being micro managed by the law.

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