Monday, May 19, 2014

Hands Off Fly Benzo!

"Hands Off!" campaign page [link]
2014-05-19 message from Fly Benzo, community organizer of San Francisco's Hunter's Point:

I was convicted of three misdemeanors in 2011, however, I was placed on felony probation for what many would consider "contempt of cop" charges. The only misdemeanors that require felony probation conditions are sexual assault charges, domestic violence charges and DUI charges...
#HeightenTheContradiction  #StillNotFREE
Justice for Kenneth Harding Jr.,
Justice for Pralith Pralourng,
Justice for Alejandro Nieto,
Justice for Idris Stelley
#OutWithTheChief who is a cops cop and has been complacent with police corruption and encourages and rewards the targeting of police critics.

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