Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day march in Santa Rosa

2014-06 "Sonoma County Gazette" []:

The May Day march organized by the Committee for Immigrant Rights of Sonoma featured speakers from throughout the activist and Latino community. Main themes for this year’s march were whether criminal justice will be served related to Andy Lopez’ death and the rising call for economic justice in the form of a living wage for people who work for a living.

KBBF 1 Master of Ceremonies at Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa at the end of the May Day march was Pablo Rivera, a long time programmer at KBBF, host of the show Musicos, Poetas y Otros which can be heard every Monday from 7-9pm. (Happy 50th birthday Pablo!) Also shown in the photo are Lisa Maldonado, Executive Director of North Bay Labor Council, and Alicia Sanchez, Women in Black activist and President of KBBF’s Board of Directors.

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