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April 10th, 2014 Northbay Uprising Radio News

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Interview with...
Argelio el Paxcotl and Ramon Cairo, both of 
L@s Autonomous Brown Berets of Sonoma County
a Chicano community liberation organization based in Santa Rosa, more info here [link], whose programs for the People include know-your-rights classes, food programs, copwatching, and defending the community and lower-income workers against state repression! Ramon Cairo recently was kidnapped by local police under false charges in retaliation for leading a march and rally for the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez [link]. Currently Ramon is undergoing court trial, which puts all community organizers under threat because if Ramon is put in prison, then all community organizers for justice could also be just as easily incarcerated under false charges. Read the statement of The Arrest of Ramon Cairo [link]!
Solidarity against the repression of a community in Santa Rosa [link]


War Tax resistance day []
The People's Community Medics are proud to announce that we are a recipient of the 2014 People’s Life Fund from the Northern California War Tax Resistance. Grants of resisted war taxes will be given out on the Sunday before Tax Day, April 13th, 5:30-7:30 pm at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, 1606 Bonita Ave. Berkeley. We encourage folks to bring a potluck dish to share. Everyone is welcome. Please join us; we look forward to seeing you there! For more information about War Tax Resistance, check out [].
The People's Community Medics can be reached at [510-239-7720] [] [] and at []

* "Lopez Protestors to Confront DA Ravitch With Conclusive Autopsy Evidence of Deputy Gelhaus Criminal Liability for the Shooting of Andy Lopez" [link]
* Independent Autopsy Report shows how Andy was executed by Sonoma County Sheriff's Deputy [link]

"America's War Against Black Power" [link].
Last week, the Northbay MDS educated y'all on the trumped up charges against Comrade Jihad, Minister of Spirituality for the Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP), kidnapped by state security agents (including FBI) while he was copwatching in deep E. Oakland, protecting the People from threats of human-rights abuse by local racist police agents, who, after having a year of his life taken from him in prison, was immediately re-incarcerated upon release, facing 2 more charges atop the original, and the state, with it's inhumane "3-strikes" sentencing law, promise to take a whole lotta years of life away from our People's Comrade. The BRLP have had a successful fundraising drive, and the community has responded to the call of KEEP JIHAD FREE!!! The BRLP writes, "Thanks to the hard work and generous donations of dedicated comrades all over, folks have come up with $2,000, enough for a downpayment on a bond. BUT WE MUST COME UP WITH AN ADDITIONAL $5,700 TO KEEP THE BROTHER OUT OF JAIL, OR ELSE HE CAN BE REMANDED BACK INTO CUSTODY!!! We can't let the brother down now, let's keep this fundraiser going til his bond is paid in full!! All power to the people who don't fear freedom!!" Send solidarity here [].
Jihad, out on bail, with E da Ref. "POWAHHH - Bro Jihad Free from Tha Plantation- the best part of this very hard day - Ase!", photo by Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia

"At tha people's Garden in Fruitvale", photo by Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, with folks from Healthy hoodz repping DeGentrification Zones (DGZ), A CityWide Plan for Decolonization! []

Getting ready for the show! BRLP members Audiomatic and E Da Ref join Gfudd tha General (Muhammad) on the stage for the grand opening of Sundiata cultural center in Oakland!

* Oakland public housing residents facing inhumane rent increases [link]

* "SF community/labor coalition submits minimum wage ballot measure", 2014-04-08 from "1021 Newswire": Following months of evaluating potential options for placing a minimum wage measure on the ballot to address the rising cost of living and help tens of thousands of low-wage workers working two or three jobs just to pay rent and keep food on the table, the Coalition for a Fair Economy is filing the "Minimum Wage Act of 2014" at the Department of Elections as a step to address income inequality in San Francisco.  "With the growing national movement to lift up wages in our poorest communities, now is the time to be fighting for a $15/minimum wage in San Francisco," said SEIU 1021 Political Action Chair Alysabeth Alexander. "I am especially fueled by stories of my co-workers facing homelessness despite working full-time jobs as service providers housing the homeless. It is time to end the cycle of poverty, raise our city's wages, and further help the economy in our communities."
* "SEIU files S.F. ballot plan for $15-an-hour minimum wage", 2014-04-08 from "San Francisco Chronicle" [link]
* In Davis, low-wage workers are collecting signatures to get a 15 dollar minimum wage on the ballot and they are receiving solidarity from UC Davis students. A UC Davis Student organizer explains why, saying "I know many of you don't live in Davis but if we don't help them with their worker initiatives, we can't expect any help when we kickstart one", which is a reference to student campus workers, explaining further the long-term goal, "Once it hits Davis, we work on Woodland, then Yolo county..."

Santa Cruz city council censors, punishes critics who speak during public comments portion of council session [link]

UC Santa Cruz Workers and Students Strike, are attacked by Police [link]
UPDATE: UAW 2865 members arrested on picket line have been released! Please call to demand the charges be dropped! UAW 2865 members, including union leader Josh Brahinsky, were arrested on the picket line in Santa Cruz and released last evening. As many as twenty undergraduate supporters were arrested as well. The union called for a peaceful, legal strike in protest of management's unlawful intimidation of student-workers during our contract campaign. Please call UCSC administrator Alison Galloway TODAY to demand that all the charges be dropped and that UC stop intimidating students and workers exercising their rights: 831-459-3885. For more information on the strike, please see our press release:

"Families United March at the Capitol" -
CCPOA uses "National Victim Rights Week" as a front for calling for more war against the People, expanding prisons, and more money for further militarization of the police. This year, a coalition of families of victims of law enforcement gathered to bring their message of peace & justice to the mix...
2 photos from Steven Payan

Uncle Bobby (Oscar Grant Foundation) speaking out of the issue of police Terror and the many families across the country that these "Representatives" are too scared to address.

"Crashing the district attorney's little build more prisons festival", 3 photos from Andy Conn, who admits, "Yup. He was giving me the 'I know you man finger'."

Brown Berets in Action! Guarding against abuse and terrorism by security agents, copwatching incidents of harassment.

Families and friends of victims of state terror gather to share the journey. All of the families, no matter their nation or community, have suffered enough.

Jackson, Mississippi, is moving forward with Solidarity Economics [link], to uplift all people with localized economics, tax money used solely for People's needs, human-rights, and economic trade with our Southern neighbors. This vision was given a mandate during 2012-2013, when Chokwe Lumumba won the Mayor's election with 87% of the vote. The plan is based on the following concepts:
* The "Jackson-Kush" Plan for economic emancipation of the nation of New Africa [link]
* Muhammad's Economic Blueprint []
The sudden death of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba during February, 2014 (the official police autopsy will be verified or disproved by an independent autopsy funded by the Nation of Islam), has not stopped the mandate of the 87%, whose democratic campaign have chosen Chokwe Lumumba jr. to continue implementing the plan for the economic emancipation of the People of the Kush District of New Africa!

* Report from the Georgia Prisoner Hunger Strike, 2014-04-02 [link]
* Security Threat Group policy is sugarcoated racial profiling aimed at torture [link]

* Spring Days of Actions Against Drones []
* 10 Ideas for Action against Drone Warfare [link].
* Check out the "Know Drones" Campaign Bulletin #9 [link]
* Former National President of Veterans For Peace Arrested at Beale [link]
* Occupy Beale AFB website [] []

* "Global Hawk Expands Satellite Communications Capability", 2014-04-04 [link]
* "Fleet Complete!", 2014-04-04 from []:
Marietta GA - A U.S. Air Force crew ferried the 18th C-5M Super Galaxy to Dover Air Force Base, Del., yesterday from the Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] facilities here.Aircraft 87-0040 was flown by Lieutenant General Brooks L. Bash, Vice Commander, Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., to Delaware, making Dover the first base with a complete C-5M Super Galaxy fleet.The C-5M is the only true strategic airlifter capable of offering the entire globe in one unrefueled flight. A total of 52 Super Galaxy aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to the Air Force by 2018.
* Shirley Osgood, arrested protesting drone warfare at AFB Beale, faces a trial alone as a "repeat offender". 3 others who were arrested with her in November last year had their charges dropped as first time offenders. On April 1st, supporters gathered for a "No Drones, No War Rally" outside Sacramento Federal Court House, just before her Pre-trial hearing, where Shirley's lawyer argued for her constitutional right to have a jury before her peers. "With a lawless government, should our right for a jury trial be denied us??"

Democracy For Sale!

The Federal Supreme Court has chosen to allow Plutocrats to choose their candidate for public office elections, through nearly unlimited private funding [link]. Peace and Justice of Sonoma County held a mass gathering in Petaluma, Wednesday, April 2, to protest the new law of the land, that private interest now has nearly no limits on corruption... bribes... campaign contributions for elected government officials. On the day of the protest, Peace and Justice of Sonoma County sent out an explanation for their action: "Supreme Court handed down their ruling in McCutcheon v. the Federal Election Commission and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, it is NOT good for democracy. The justices said in a 5-4 vote that individuals have a right to give the legal maximum to candidates for Congress and president, as well as to parties and PACs, without worrying that they will violate the law when they bump up against a limit on all contributions, set at $123,200 for 2013 and 2014. That includes a separate $48,600 cap on contributions to candidates. The Court did NOT eliminate all contribution limits, which they were also considering."

Fascism: It can happen out there, and it is happening right here. From Chicago...

* International Monetary Fund: An Empire of Debt, Private Profit, and Starvation [link]
* Nearly Two Trillion Dollars in liquid assets held outside the USA by USA Charter corporations [link]
* 21st Century Neo-Fascism, a commentary [link]
* IMF begins slow starvation of the People of Ukraine, with new austerity regime [link]
* Petition: Say NO! to US Intervention in Venezuela [link], Washington Threatens Sanctions, Coup “Option” Looms Larger. U.S. HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! [link]
* Tolupan, Lenca, and Moskitia nations captive within Honduras face genocide by the fascist dictatoraship, funded by the USA [link]

Adapted from a 2014-04-02 message from North Carolina Public Service Workers Unions (UE Local 150) to the Haiti-Guadeloupe Campaign Committee, in solidarity against repression of labor unions by France, posted at "Messages/List of Endorsers in Solidarity with UGTG Federation Struggle Against Repression by French State" [link]:
We call on you to communicate to the Governor of North Carolina, calling for the dropping all charges and convictions against the 940 Moral Monday Arrestees.
Working-class to power brings about the fundamental changes that meet the human needs and rights of the people. An important part of this struggle is demanding and building power to force the release of the trade union fighters that have been arrested for engaging in the human right to protest against injustice.
We in North Carolina, living in a so-called democracy controlled by the capitalist elites, are experiencing efforts by the state to criminalize the right to protest against injustices. From March 2013 to June 2013 there have been 940 activists arrested in the Moral Mondays Campaign to protest against the injustices of the North Carolina legislature. A labor delegation organized by the Southern Workers Assembly founded by our union participated in the May 13th Moral Monday action where several members of our union were arrested including the President, Vice President, Shop Steward, Organizer and International Representative.

Another Police Shooting in Albuquerque!

Communique from the Socialist Organizer []:
Tuesday, April 1 — U.S. marshals have shot another man today in Albuquerque, only two days after protestors descended onto the streets of the city to demand an end to police brutality and justice for those murdered by the Albuquerque Police Department. The shootings come as mocking retaliation against the community taking to the streets.
Only yesterday, over 150 people had gathered in an open community forum to discuss how to move forward after Sunday’s protests. The discussion and mood were positive and energy was high. People felt empowered and ready to organize.
Now, more than ever, it is time to unite forces in Albuquerque. Only a united front of youth, workers, and all their organizations can defeat the APD, bring an end to its brutality, and bring justice to those murdered and their families.
The community forum on Monday agreed to target the City Council as a pressure point in this fight. We call on the people of Albuquerque and their organizations to descend upon City Hall with these immediate demands:
- Indictment of all police officers involved in shootings!
- Drop all charges against protestors!
- Immediate release of all videos of police shootings!
Assemble at the Albuquerque City Council Meeting, Monday, April 7 @ 5pm, at 1 Civic Plaza NW

"Justice Department Slams Albuquerque Police Department; Community Calls for Jailing Killer Cops, Releasing All Videos!", 2014-04-11 by Kollontai []:
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- After more than a year of investigation and foot dragging, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has finally released its investigation of the Albuquerque Police Department (APD). The U.S. District Attorney and the Civil Rights Division conducted the joint investigation. The release of the report comes after weeks of community actions demanding justice for those murdered by APD and an end to police brutality.
Last Monday, April 7, hundreds of community members packed the City Council meeting to voice their outrage and share their stories of police brutality. While people waited hours to speak, more gathered outside to watch the proceedings on a big screen. The meeting went on for five hours, giving people the opportunity to tell their stories of APD violence.
The DOJ report focused on a review of only 20 of the fatal shootings that occurred between 2009 and 2013. APD has been involved in 37 shootings between 2009 and 2012. Of the 200 police reports that were reviewed, about one-third were found to involve uses of unreasonable force. [1] In the official, 46-page letter to Albuquerque Mayor Berry, the DOJ concluded:
"We have reasonable cause to believe that officers of the Albuquerque Police Department engage in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including unreasonable deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment and Section 14141. A significant amount of the force we reviewed was used against persons with mental illness and in crisis."
The investigation produced three main findings:
1. APD Engages in a Pattern or Practice of Unconstitutional Use of Deadly Force. A majority of the 20 fatalities investigated were ruled to be unconstitutional. APD officers shot and killed persons who did not pose a threat, were unarmed, or posed only a danger to themselves. Officers' own recklessness often led to fatal use of force.
2. APD Engages in a Pattern or Practice of Unconstitutional Use of Less Lethal Force. Misuse of Tasers resorting to use of the weapon on people who are passively resisting, observably non-threatening but unable to comply with orders due to their mental state, or posed only a minimal threat to the officers. Many incidences of individuals who were not committing a crime or minor violations being subjected to "face-down stabilization," leg sweeps, front kicks, face-down arm-bar takedowns, and strikes to legs and thighs. Less lethal force has been misused against individuals with mental illness, impaired abilities, or those needing medical aid.
3. Systemic Deficiencies Cause or Contribute to the Use of Excessive Force. The use of excessive force by APD officers is not isolated or sporadic. The pattern or practice of excessive force stems from systemic deficiencies: (1) a broken system of internal accountability; (2) inadequate training on use of force, community policing, and constitutional policing; (3) policy deficiencies; (4) an aggressive culture that undervalues civilian safety and discounts the importance of crisis intervention; and (5) insufficient leadership on tactical operations, community policing, and the importance of accountability to external oversight.
These findings serve to validate the experiences and traumas of community members and victims of APD's violence. While many applauded the DOJ's report, the APD Union rejected the findings. Union President Stephanie Lopez commented, "We have a great department with great officers who have worked hard to protect and serve the citizens of Albuquerque and will continue to do so on a daily basis."[2] Although the DOJ report makes a long list of suggested reforms, it will not take over the APD. The City and DOJ will be working together to implement the reforms -- but there is no time frame or proposed budget to carry out the reforms. Police Chief Gordon Eden has not answered questions over his resignation following the report.
The demand to release the DOJ report has been met, but APD has still failed to release all videos from all the fatal shootings. The community still calls for transparency, accountability, and punishment for all the officers involved in murders. It is important to continue organizing around these demands. With no timelines and no plans of action, we must continue to pressure the APD, City, and DOJ.
Until there is justice, there will be no peace!
All out April 12 to demand:
- Release all the videos!
- Jail the killer cops! sends us another conspiracy, with...
a history of the Black Bloc

But you don’t need to buy this shit to cause some trouble. You can make your own stencils or stickers by downloading our graphics [], or, heck, make your own shit! []


“Spies of Mississippi”
An Oscar Grant Committee Video Showing
Date: April 11, 2014
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Niebyl-Proctor Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave. North Oakland, CA
♿ (Wheel Chair Accessible)
E-mail: []
This hour long documentary is about the creation and activities of the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, a spy network that was set up by the Mississippi State Legislature, to spy, gather intelligence, and infiltrate the Civil Rights Organizations in Mississippi during the 1960s, who were fighting to register black voters, organize demonstrations against segregation, and educate the general public about the harsh conditions facing blacks. The documentary reveals how the State Sovereignty Commission hired black people to infiltrate these Civil Rights organizations. These infiltrators, in turn, provided large amounts of information about the activities, especially of its leaders, to the commission. This documentary shows how the Mississippi government was able to accumulate large amounts of data on private citizens through secret surveillance and spying via this unknown, behind the scenes, secret government commission. Spying has not gone away; it is done on a massive scale today by the NSA, as Eric Snowden’s whistle blowing has revealed, an issue of great concern to all Americans. This is a must see video.

Fukushima Response
Thursday, April 10, 10:30 a.m. to Noon
The Sunflower Center, 1435 N McDowell Blvd #100,  Petaluma
FukushimaResponse is a regional network of concerned individuals working together to disseminate information in order to spur local and global demands for action in response to the immediate threat of catastrophic global radiation contamination emanating from the devastated Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. See -

Abortion Rights Emergency!
Saturday, April 12th
* April 11: 7pm Spotlight on Abortion Rights Emergency, at the Women's Building, auditorium, 3543 18th St, off Valencia
* April 12: 4:00pm Prep @ Wash Sq Park, San Francisco; 4:30pm: Procession & assemble at Saints Peter and Paul Church [666 Filbert St]
For local contact and other info: Click Here []

Abortion rights are in a state of emergency, and headed for disaster. Already, women in this country who cannot access safe abortions are attempting to self-abort by inserting sharp objects in their vaginas, taking pills, asking their boyfriends to beat them up, and more. Others are being forced to bear children they do not want. This is the future for all women if this war on women is not massively resisted and defeated.
Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement.
The Blood of Women is On Their Hands!
Abortion On Demand and Without Apology.
Join in emergency protests in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, other places or PLAN YOUR OWN NOW.
Hold silent protests at institutions behind this war on women: Crisis Pregnancy Centers (anti-abortion fake “clinics”), headquarters of GOP or Democrats who've opposed abortion, churches that mobilize anti-abortion protesters at clinics, etc. Raise bloody coat-hangers (representing the lives of women) and shackles (representing female enslavement). After an hour of silent protest, recite a pledge to continue resisting until we have defeated and reversed these attacks and won Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!
This war on women will not go away on its own and will not be stopped by politicians or the courts. We must take responsibility for resisting and defeating these attacks – the lives of women depend on what we do.

Sogorea Te Annual Gathering
Sunday April 13th, at 1pm to 4pm. 
POTLUCK, please bring something to share, your own plates, utensils and cups.  We are asking those that want to participate to think of how Sogorea Te changed your life in 100 words or LESS.  If you would like to share a song or poem or something else appropriate, please email me back and lets talk.
*Saturday April 19th, Walk for Makino Shonin.  Many of you have been involved in our Shellmound Peace Walks and you may have met Makino. Makino is the small monk that has a temple in SF. We got word that he was in a terrible car accident in December and is recovering in Japan, but unfortunately he lost one of his legs.  He will be getting a prosthetic leg and he will no longer be able to do the long walks.  So in honor of him and all he has done to support us, we will walk from his temple at 70 Flora St, San Francisco, to Crissy Field and on to Ocean Beach.  We will meet at 8am in front of the temple.  Lunch will be provided. Please bring comfortable shoes and a water bottle.
*Saturday April 26th, please join us as we continue to celebrate Makino's contribution to our walks and to walks all over the world at Pomponio State Beach. Pomponio State Beach is  located 12 miles south of Half Moon Bay off Hwy 1.  Bring food to share, songs to sing and prayers to offer.  Pomponio State Beach was named after an Ohlone Resister :)  We plan on being there most of the day beginning at 12:00 noon.  Please join us.

Tax Day actions to protest military spending 
Monday, April 14th,early hours (beginning 7 am) and early evening
Rallies and flyer distribution  at BART stations throughout the East Bay and SF
For a list of stations and times, contact Stephen McNeil at the American Friends Service Committee, SF []

Global Day of Action on Military Spending!
Time to Move the Money From the Pentagon to the People!

April 14, 2014 has been declared as the fourth Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), coinciding with the release by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) of its annual statistics on global military spending. We will stand with the rest of the world to bear witness to the fact that military spending, especially the impact of US military spending, stands as the major obstacle to addressing the human needs and environmental crisis facing all of our peoples globally. Here in the US, Tax Day actions will be held on April 15 and some groups will combine GDAMS actions with those [link].
Post your activity or find one in your community [].
Get GDAMS leaflets, facts sheets and a recording of the March 19 webinar by the National Priorities Project on the federal budget comparisons here [link]. Some tools you can use (partial list):
* Join the GDAMS Thunderclap! [] Follow@DemilitarizeDay. Tweet! On April 14/15 share this message: #GDAMS2014! Time to shift priorities and #movethemoney!  Cut military spending, fund human needs!
* State Tax Receipts for all 52 states prepared by National Priorities Project. You can download and paste into the Tax Day/GDAMS templates to hand out at events or post to your website. []
* The new Pie Chart prepared by War Resisters League showing where our tax dollars go. []
* Mayoral Proclamations. Ask your mayor to issue a Tax Day/ Global Day of Action proclamation.  Click here for a sample proclamation, tips and background materials prepared by Western States Legal Foundation on behalf of Mayors for Peace [].
* Web buttons for websites and blogs are available for download. Scroll down this page [].
GDAMS was initiated by the International Peace Bureau, recipient of the 1910 Nobel Peace Prize. US groups sponsoring Tax Day/GDAMS events: Alliance for Global Justice, American Friends Service Committee, CODEPINK, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Foreign Policy in Focus, Friends Committee on National Legislation, National Priorities Project, Peace Action, Progressive Democrats of America, United for Peace and Justice, USAction, US Labor Against the War, War Resisters League, Women’s Action for New Directions & Women’s Legislators’ Lobby.
This is how we work together! GDAMS is a great example of how UFPJ networks with local, national and international organizations to maximize our collective impact. Please let us know if you are planning a GDAMS/Tax Day action by dropping us a note: And please make a donation to support our long term work for peace and justice [].
P.S. UFPJ is closely following the dangerous situation in the Ukraine. Check out our new Ukraine Crisis Reader for a collection of articles that may be helpful to those trying to make sense of all the competing claims [].

Global Day Against Military Spending
Monday, April 14
At the Central Contra Costa BART stations
The Bay Area New Priorities Campaign supporters will be handing out flyers at all BART stations during the peak commute time.
Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center has committed to position two people at all of the stations in Central Contra Costa in addition to the Pleasanton station from 6:15 to 7:15 AM. That means we need 16 volunteers.  Please let Bob Hanson know if you are willing to help out.  It's a way you can help get the message out that the U.S. is spending far too much on war and preparing for war.  Pick a station that is convenient for you. (Phone: 925-944-3366 or email

Getting Past Capitalism - Occupy Sonoma County
Monday, Apr. 14, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Environmental Center of Sonoma County, 55 Ridgway Ave., Santa Rosa
Author and Professor Dr. Cynthia Kaufman will discuss her new book, Getting Past Capitalism [2012]. Cynthia Kaufman is the director of the Institute of Community and Civic Engagement at De Anza College, where she also teaches philosophy. She is the author of Ideas for Action: Relevant Theory for Radical Change. She is a lifelong activist, having been involved with Central America Solidarity work, union organizing, work against police abuse, housing rights, and most recently work to prevent destruction of the climate. Potluck, discussion, & plant sale fundraiser.
Donations Requested

Mexico & the Right of Civilian Self-Defense
Indigenous leader Nestora Salgado fights for freedom
Monday, April 14, 6:30pm
In thirteen of Mexico’s states the populace has armed itself and is reclaiming territory from mafias and drug traffickers. In Guerrero state, Nestora Salgado, an indigenous woman who is also a naturalized U.S. citizen, led such a group in her hometown of Olinalá. As a result, she has been thrown in jail on trumped up charges, attracting international outrage. Add your thoughts on this burgeoning movement and learn what you can do to support Nestora Salgado.
Tasty snacks are served at 6:00pm for a $5 donation.
New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco
(7 blocks from Civic Center BART and on the #19, 31, 47, 48, 49 Muni bus lines)

A New Direction for Human Society
Tuesday, Apr. 15, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
The Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County, 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa
When we look objectively at the dominant social orders in the world today, we see that there are some things they're good at and other things they don't do well. They have not shown themselves to be particularly adaptable to changing conditions and new information, resulting in serious threats to our survival as a species. Is it possible that the present "advanced" societies do some things well and others not well at all because of the way they were designed? Could their deficiencies be due to the lack of a conscious purpose and values-based design? If we were to consciously design a social order, upon what purpose and values would we base the design? And how might a society be designed that would be consistent with that basis?
We will be addressing these questions in a series of meetings beginning February 18 (third Tuesday). These will be seminar-style sessions, facilitated by Clint Summer.

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