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April 17th Northbay Uprising radio news

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"No Camping Ordinance – Homeless Issue", from Glen Cove Community Association newsletter, April/May 2014 []:
The City of Vallejo has recently approved a “No Camping Ordinance” which essentially targets the homeless. Our sources on the city council and in City Hall assure us that the ordinance is not intended to harass or criminalize the homeless but rather to deter homelessness and to help the homeless find other alternatives with help from the city, county, or state, depending on available funds and resources. Glen Cove has occasionally experienced the presence of homeless encampments in some of our more remote and secluded areas.
The ordinance was originally drafted in response to an increasing number of complaints about homeless encampments from Vallejo city residents and businesses. The ordinance was first presented before the city council on February 11th.
Hopefully the ordinance will begin to address the homeless problem albeit on a limited basis. Some monies could become available from the Participatory Budgeting Process (PB) if enough residents participate in the PB process and vote to have funds directed to help solve the homeless problem.

"City of Hayward: Workers launch ad campaign against greedy, hypocritical politicians" [link]

San Francisco: 'Worker Wednesdays' make big news
In response to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's "Tech Tuesdays" -- when he meets with hi-tech corporate officers to plan the city's future and presumably the multi-million-dollar tax breaks they get -- SEIU 1021 members launched a series of weekly "Worker Wednesdays" to draw attention to the harm the mayor's policy is causing to people who actually live in the city: soaring rents and evictions, unsafe hospitals, fewer public services.
In simultaneous Worker Wednesday rallies at San Francisco General and Laguna Honda hospitals last week, nurses and hospital workers explained how understaffing puts patients' safety at risk. Two days later, the San Francisco Examiner ran a front page story that highlighted SEIU 1021 members' broader fight for social justice as part of their contract campaign.
Mayor Lee has been invited to attend all the Worker Wednesdays, but has declined each time. Instead, he is "represented" by a 7-foot tall photographic cutout that made an appearance at Laguna Honda.
By contrast, the press has eagerly accepted the invitations and covered San Francisco's Worker Wednesdays extensively. For example, SF Examiner (4/11), "SF labor unions asking for pay raises amid hostile cost-of-living environment" [link]. Here's a sample from last week, for the April 9th Worker Wednesday at SFGH and Laguna Honda Hospital was covered in newspapers and online journals including the SF Business Times, "SEIU charges San Francisco General with unsafe staffing" [link], SF Appeal, "SF General Staffers Decry Understaffing Crisis, 'Culture Of Chaos'" [link], as well as TV News, such as KTVU 2, KRON 4, ABC 7 (broadcast nationwide) "SFGH nurses say understaffing affects patient's safety in ER", also in Palm Springs (CA), Richmond (Virginia), Univision at 6PM and 11PM. Also, coverage about Laguna Honda Hospital was included in the Balitang America, "SF Filipino health care workers rally for better wages" [link], and in Radio News, with KPFA: "SFGH's Emergency Department Dangerously Understaffed Every Shift of the Year", KCBS 1, KCBS 2, KQED, KSFO, KGO.

Bay Area CodePink Protests Drone Warfare at Creech AFB [link]
Kathy Kelly to Join Demonstrators at Beale Air Force Base on Good Friday, April 18, 3 p.m. [link]


Picket and Protest for Andy Lopez
Friday, Apr. 18, 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
Sonoma County District Attorneys Candidates' Forum - Let our DA candidates know NO ONE is above the law! We want justice for Andy Lopez and we want Law Enforcement held accountable!
Fountaingrove Inn, 101 Fountaingrove Parkway, Santa Rosa

Good Friday at Livermore Lab
April 18 at 7 AM, Good Friday
Kathy Kelly, noted peacemaker and coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, will speak at the Good Friday Witness outside the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab. Her theme, "In the name of God . . . Stop the Killing"
People concerned about the continuing development of nuclear weapons are invited to come to the corner of Vasco Road and Patterson Pass Road for an interfaith prayer service.  From the corner we will walk to the gates of the Lab recognizing along the way the many crosses on which our world suffers. Some of will block the gates, risking arrest.
Between 9 and noon there will be a gathering for coffee and to share our work and actions at a nearby church, Asbury United Methodist on East Ave in Livermore. Light refreshments provided.
This event is wheelchair accessible. Principal organizers are Ecumenical Peace Institute and Livermore Conversion Project.
If you need a ride or can offer one, feel free to call our office [510-990-0374] and we will try to be of assistance in coordinating rides.
For more information visit [] or call [510-990-0374].

100 Thousand DJs for Change: Grand Ball for Diversity
Saturday, Apr. 19, Noon to Midnight
A call for peace and justice for the innocent victims of law enforcement violence and brutality.
Film, music and food
$8-10, no one turned away
Arlene Francis Center, 99 6th St., Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Earth Day
Saturday, Apr. 19, Noon to 4:00 p.m.
Learn more about all the activities planned for the day at
Courthouse Square, 4th St., and Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa

Earth Day SF Action Parade and Rally
Saturday, April 19th, 11:30 am 
Justin Herman Plaza, 1 Market St  San Francisco.

This event will include climate and anti-fracking activists from all over the Bay Area and is co-sponsored by a variety of affiliates including Greenaction & the Sunflower Alliance
For more information Contact: Rand Wrobel ( , 510.914-2349), or Sara Greenwald ( ).
More information:

Kenneth Harding Jr Foundation Monthly Community Feed Saturday - April 20, 2pm to 4pm
Kenny's Plaza FNA Mendell Plaza in San Francisco at 3RD & OAKDALE
Served by The Kenneth Harding Jr. Foundation
The reason we feed the community is because on July 16, 2011 19 year old Kenneth Wade Harding Jr. was brutally murdered by the SFPD over a $2.00 transit fare. While the community of Bayiew Hunters Point watched this live, the rest of the world watched the horrific video on youtube. It was evident that something needed to be done to address not only the crime against Kenny and his family but also against the community members that witnessed this crime.
In August 2011 a group of young people from Bayview, members known as the Black Star Liner Incorporated stood up against the injustice in their community by the hands of police officers paid by the tax dollars to harrass and at some times kill the civilians by reaching out to the people in Kenny's Plaza (formally known as Mendell Plaza). That interaction came in the form of communication via political and educational literature, OCC complaints and planting the seed for a regular community feed. Over one year later we are now in our 12th consecutive month.
To date with the guidance of Kenneth Harding Jr.'s Courageous mother Denika Chatman we feed up to 100 people a day.
Donations are needed and welcomed! Below you will find a detailed list of the essential items that make our monthly feeds such a success! DONATIONS CAN BE MADE THROUGH  []
Thank you so much for your support in this struggle! The best way to heal the community is to provide the pathway to the basics that we have been denied as a whole. In order to fight we must feed The Body, The Mind and The Spirit!
* Turkey, Chicken or Beef sandwich meat (NO PORK!!!)
* Whole wheat bread
* Condiments (mayo and mustard)
* Lettuce, Tomatoes and other veggies
* Fruit both fresh and canned
* Healthy snacks (crackers, chips, granola, fruit bars, fruit snacks, pastries, nuts, yogurt ect.)
* Water
* Juice
***And anything else healthy that you think would fill the bag and a belly with love!
*** Paper sandwich bags
*** Plastic sandwich bags
*** Serving Gloves
*** Paper towels
*** Hand sanitizer
*****And any other suggestions that you may have would be great!

Russia, the West and the Crisis in Ukraine
Wednesday, April 23, 6:30 - 8:00 PM
Lafayette Library and Learning Center, 3491 Mt. Diablo Boulevard, Lafayette, CA 94549
SPEAKER:  Edward W. Walker, Executive Director, Program in Eurasian and East European Studies & Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley.
The dramatic uprising in Ukraine that culminated in the flight and impeachment of then President Viktor Yanukovich and the installation of an interim Ukrainian government has brought a long simmering dispute between Russia and the West over Ukraine's external orientation to a head. What was initially a dramatic domestic crisis has turned into a dangerous geopolitical confrontation reminiscent of the Cold War. Professor Walker will discuss the domestic and geopolitical roots of the crisis, Russia's interests and objectives and policy options for the US and its Western allies. 
Contact: World Affairs Council, [], [415-293-4600]

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