Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Unite San Francisco against Economic Inequality

"SEIU 1021 launches Unite San Francisco campaign against inequality"
2014-02-12 from "SEIU 1021 Newswire":
Join the Unite SF campaign at [].
Unite San Francisco Campaign Kickoff Wednesday 2/12 - 12p - Start at SF Dept. of Human Resources, 1 South Van Ness, San Francisco, then march to Twitter HQ a couple blocks away
Just as the Google bus actions symbolized frustrations with displacement and skyrocketing rents, city workers and residents will march to Twitter Headquarters on Wednesday to deliver a message that corporate favoritism is coming at a price San Francisco residents can no longer afford.
“As the City claims a deficit, corporations continue to get a free pass while services are being affected and skyrocketing healthcare costs are passed onto public and family budgets,” said Larry Bradshaw, Vice President for SEIU Local 1021.
Just in the last year, tax breaks to Twitter equaled more than $70 million. Tech corporations and giant health insurers like Kaiser and Blue Shield have thrived in a city where the key infrastructures -- affordable healthcare, housing, transportation and vital services -- are now suffering, as evictions rise and working families are being pushed out.
Affordable housing is a huge problem. Evictions in 2012-2013 were up 38 percent, while median rents are up 21-57 percent across the city.
Healthcare corporations, developers, tech and bank CEOs thrive by successfully carving out an economic refuge that regular people cannot access. It is a privilege for the 1 percent that does not reach the people who actually deserve economic relief.
That is why SEIU Local 1021 must lead an active organizing effort to create a fair economy for the rest of us -- the 99 percent who live and work in San Francisco.

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