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2013-10-31 NBU News

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Journalist's Notebook  [link], George Seldes had it right: "Tell the Truth, Then Run Like Hell!"

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Halloween, 2013, feel the tragedy and terror of politics in Vallejo! [link]

"California Students Pledge Support as Workers Prepare for Strike Vote" [link]

Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (Santa Rosa, d. 2013-10-22) [link]
Anita Wills writes: The Family of Andy Lopez (The 13 year old killed in Stockton), will be appearing in Federal Court this Monday. I would like to have a contingent there to support them. They have filed Federal Charges against that Wing Nut who killed Andy. Can we get folks to go and support them?

"No Justice No Peace: California's Battle Against Police Brutality & Racist Violence" video documentary [link]

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 7:30pm
 Public Enemy: Confessions of a American Dissident:
An Evening with Bill Ayers
 The Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Hosted by Max Pringle, a veteran KPFA Public Affairs Producer
 In this sequel to Fugitive Days, Ayers charts his life after the Weather Underground, when he becomes the GOP's favorite "domestic terrorist" and "public enemy".
Labeled a "domestic terrorist" by the McCain campaign in 2008 and used by the Radical Right to castigate Barack Obama for "pallin' around with terrorists," Bill Ayers is in fact a dedicated teacher, father, and social justice advocate with a sharp memory and even sharper wit. Public Enemy tells his story from the moment he and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, emerged from years on the run and rebuilt their lives as public figures, often celebrated for their community work and much hated by the Radical Right. In the face of defamation by conservative media, including a multimillion-dollar campaign aimed solely at demonizing Ayers, and in spite of frequent death threats,
Bill and Bernardine stay true to their core beliefs in the power of protest, demonstration, and deep commitment. Ayers reveals how he has navigated the challenges and triumphs of this public life with commitment and good humor- from the red carpet at the Oscars to prison vigils and airports (where he is often detained and where he finally "confesses" that he actually did write Dreams from My Father.
 Bill Ayers is the author of the acclaimed and controversial memoir Fugitive Days and many books on education, including To Teach, Teaching Toward Freedom, and A Kind and Just Parent. He is the founder of the Small Schools Workshop and was, until his retirement, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He lives in Hyde Park, Chicago.
$12 advance tickets: :: 800-838-3006 or Pegasus (3 locations), Marcus Books, Mrs. Dalloway's Books, Moe's, Walden Pond, DIESEL a Bookstore, and Modern Times ($15 door)

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