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Community Fascism in San Francisco

"Black Human Rights Leadership Council" member ignores prevalent Human Rights abuse imposed on the People of New African (Black) community in Hunter's Point, instead lauds their efforts!
2013-10-20 message from Fly Benzo: One of the leaders of the so-called "Black Human Rights Leadership Council" of San Francisco... Can we say Conflict of interest??

Diane Smith: Commander Loftus knows what up! All the great police officers in S.F. came through the Bayview Police Station. They feel us and each one I've spoken to agree, "The best crime prevention would be more jobs"! They would lead the struggle, you know? Chief of Police Suhr, current Bayview Captain and on...a great legacy of fantastic officers....all from Bayview.....if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!!!! 
Fly Benzo: I.N.I.C.U... Fuck the Police... All of 'em... 
Diane Smith: Fly, there have been and are police officers who've killed and abused those that I love and care about, which includes you. But your Dad can tell you I keep it REAL TOO! And if someone tries to break into my house, strong arm me, or abuse me or mine in any way I will not hesitate to call upon Brothers like you and the Police! There are good and bad everywhere. Some of the indignities I've suffered were long before you were born and they were at the hands of people WHO LOOK LIKE ME! I always keep it real and don't take no S**t from you or anyone else. Let's not act like a disrespectful brat. Carry yourself like man. Like I said, I've had more people who "look like me", try to deny me the rights given under the Constitution! The first one is MY RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I will always tell me truth I've been doing it since before you will born! I place God first, what He thinks of me is my ONLY concern. With that being said, everyone else will only be treated with dignity and respect, even you, young one. Keep growing in your spiritual life and it help you become EFFECTIVE. I too went through the period of "mouthing off" and disrespecting others. God continued to protect me through it all and now I understand there is a better way. Those that KNOW me, know I'm always trying to find a better way. Those that know me, others are speaking from ignorance, which is their right too. Bless their hearts like Grandmon used to say about the....less fortunate.
Northbay MDS: Diane, do you advocate for Human Rights in honor of Kenneth Harding and the many other innocent victims of extra-judicial street-executions, or defend the Human Rights of Fly Benzo? Can you give us an example of your work? All I have seen here is disrespect by you against Fly despite his hostile comment, using the "I know God better, and am older than you" routine. Yet you choose to ignore all the abuse Fly Benzo and his family have suffered for political reasons by the SFPD. And I checked online for your work, and all I find is nothing to prove you are doing anything of worth for the community living under terror by criminal police practices and criminals... so. say what you have to say. And don't bring down the old "I know God better than you" routine. The devil blinds those who have too much pride, and tricks them into shaking hands with those who perpetrate Human Rights abuse.

SF Mayor Ed Lee, of the Democrat Party, Appoints an actual Fascist to SF Community College Board
2012-08-22 report by John Coté from "San Francisco Chronicle" []
Making waves: Mayor Ed Lee on Tuesday appointed Rodrigo Santos, a structural engineer who has served on three different city commissions, to fill an open seat on the embattled City College Board of Trustees.
Santos, who was already the top fundraiser out of a field of 10 candidates vying for four spots on the board of trustees in the November election, now holds the seat left vacant after Milton Marks III died earlier this month from a brain tumor.
The appointment gives Santos the trappings of incumbency for about 2 1/2 months before a pivotal election for the college, which faces the threat of losing its accreditation in June because of poor financial management.
Lee said Santos' business background - he co-founded the engineering firm Santos & Urrutia in 1988 - was part of his draw as a trustee to help turn around California's largest public school, with its 85,000 students.
Santos has been criticized by some on the city's political left as a conservative and polarizing figure.
He was registered as a Republican for years before changing his affiliation in 2008 to the American Independent Party, according to the San Francisco Department of Elections. He switched to the Democratic Party in December.
Santos came under scrutiny in 2005 for a potential conflict of interest when he headed the Building Inspection Commission but was also hired as an engineer to help get approvals for a construction project that the city department overseen by the commission had shut down.
Lee dismissed the idea that Santos was a polarizing figure, saying, "The business background that Rodrigo brings to this is really a huge asset for City College."

Note from Dr.G.: The American Independent Party is Christian-Supremacist, and White-American Nationalist, according to their website []. Fascists hate public programs such as public education and public libraries. They want these public resources to be inefficient or privatized, and expensive for the majority of the Public, so that only the wealthy can access knowledge, and everybody else are relegated to being uneducated wage-slaves. Knowledge is Power. Power in the hands of the wealthy... That's fascism.

"SF pension reform donors tied to anti-union efforts"
2011-10-04 by Heather Knight from "San Francisco Chronicle" []
San Francisco -- San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi is billing his pension reform measure on the Nov. 8 ballot as a progressive effort to protect city services for children, seniors and the poor - and has bristled at the notion it's an attack on unions.
But the two main contributors to Proposition D - venture capitalist Michael Moritz and businessman George Hume, who have donated $250,000 apiece - have also contributed to Republicans in Ohio and Wisconsin who supported those states' polarizing, national-headline-grabbing efforts this year to curb unions' rights dramatically.
"Adachi is the front man, but Hume and Moritz are the antiunion billionaires behind the curtain," said Nathan Ballard, strategist for the Yes on C campaign to pass a separate pension reform ballot measure backed by Mayor Ed Lee, the Board of Supervisors and labor unions.
"Whether he knows it or not, Adachi's being used by the very same billionaires who have mounted a campaign against unions all around the country," Ballard said.
Adachi said that the idea behind Prop. D was entirely his own and that he sought out wealthy proponents only after it was clear he'd have to wage a pricey signature drive to get it on the ballot. Prop. C, on the other hand, didn't need a signature drive because it made the ballot on a vote by the supervisors.
"This was something I started. It's not like Hume or Moritz came to me and said, 'We want you to destroy workers' rights in California,' " Adachi said. "When you can't attack the measure, you attack the people who support it."

Antiunion measures -
Moritz has donated to the Ohio Republican Party and to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a former presidential candidate and talk show host who is a union foe.
Earlier this year, Republican legislators in Ohio backed a law signed by Kasich that significantly restricted public workers' collective bargaining rights, including making it a criminal offense for government workers to strike and barring public workers from talking to elected officials during contract negotiations.
Hume has given money to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and several Republican Wisconsin state legislators who supported the law passed this year to strip most public employees of their collective bargaining rights.

Curbing pension costs -
In San Francisco, pension reform has become a hot-button issue because the fund is increasingly swallowing city money while services like summer school are chopped and fees such as those at parking meters are rising. This year, the city is paying $422 million toward pensions, a number expected to jump to $800 million by 2014. The city's entire budget is $6.8 billion.
Props. C and D would both raise the contributions city employees must make to their pension accounts, though Prop. C would raise them less and would also lower them significantly in particularly good economic years. The controller's office has said Adachi's measure would save $300 million to $400 million more than the mayor's over the next decade.

Campaign financing -
Moritz and Hume are San Francisco residents. Moritz is a registered Democrat, and Hume is a registered Republican. Moritz is a partner in Sequoia Capital, and Hume is the chairman of Basic American Foods and the president of the San Francisco Opera Association.
Both have donated extensively to candidates and causes around the country - both liberal and conservative. Records show both, for example, have donated to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.
Hume could not be reached for comment, but Moritz wrote in an e-mail that he strongly disputed the notion that his funding of Prop. D had anything to do with destroying unions.
"The accusations you've heard are just cheap campaign chaff and a sly attempt to deflect attention from the real issue - the way in which 750,000 people in San Francisco are being forced to subsidize the lifestyles of the people behind City Hall," he wrote.
"The vast majority of San Franciscans have just been abused by the self-dealing machine that calls itself the 'city family.' I'm just fortunate enough to be able to make their voices heard."
The progressive Adachi, who is also running for mayor, is the unlikely recipient of praise from conservatives around the state because of his pension efforts.
"I don't know about the rest of San Francisco politics, but anyone who is willing to champion pension reform in the belly of the beast has extraordinary political courage," said Jon Fleischman, the publisher of the popular conservative GOP website

Backing other measure -
Prop. D isn't alone in having wealthy backers; Prop. C was negotiated between city officials and labor unions under the guidance of Republican billionaire financier Warren Hellman. He paid $200,000 for an actuary to provide data for the effort and has donated $100,000 to the proposition so far.
Some backers of Prop. D have questioned Hellman's intentions since at least three times in recent years the city's retirement board has voted to invest some money in the city's pension fund into funds managed by Hellman's firm.
Ballard said that the most recent investment was made in April 2009, well before the ballot measure was even discussed, and that Hellman's efforts on Prop. C have nothing to do with it.
"Saying Mr. Hellman is acting selfishly is like saying he puts on Hardly Strictly Bluegrass just so the Wronglers will have a place to play," Ballard said of the weekend's bluegrass festival paid for by Hellman and featuring his band. "Mr. Hellman's support for Prop. C is just one more example of his civic activities that have benefited San Francisco many times over the years."
Barbara O'Connor, an emeritus professor and the former director of the Institute for the Study of Politics and Media at California State University Sacramento, said that on a particularly complicated issue like pension reform, voters often make decisions based on who supports it and who doesn't. She said it's legitimate for campaigns to attack one another based on each side's supporters.
Corey Cook, a political scientist at the University of San Francisco, agreed but said San Francisco voters shouldn't make the mistake of thinking either pension reform proposition is remotely close to the laws adopted in Ohio and Wisconsin.
"There's a gulf between them," he said. "It's a serious enough issue that you hope voters are talking about it on the merits."

"Defend TWU 250 A Driver Dorian Maxwell, STOP Union Busting, Frame-Ups & Attacks On Muni Bus Drivers"
"SF Mayor Ed Lee, MTA Boss Nathanel E. Ford: Hands Off Dorian Maxwell!"
Dorian Maxwell, a member of TWU 250A, a health and safety advocate and union activist is under attack by the anti-labor MTA City administration and the Mayor's office. Dorian has reported serious health and safety hazards for drivers and the public to OSHA and other agencies.
He has also been injured on the job as a result of the management's callous disregard for the health and safety of the drivers. As a result of his whistle blowing and also his opposition for the reactionary Proposition G pushed by former Mayor Newsom, Sean Elsbernd, SPUR and the billionaires in San Francisco he has been framed up with a charge of "political activity" while on the job.
This political frame-up to fire Dorian Maxwell is an orchestrated effort to further intimidate SF Muni drivers from speaking out against the vicious union busting and racist attacks they have faced for opposing concession bargaining and give-backs.
It is time to call a halt to this witch hunt and put these union busters on the defensive. They are seeking to destroy city wide seniority, smash city workers pension and healthcare plans, privatize and contract out city services and destroy public workers unions in San Francisco.
SF City Workers Speak-out On Concessions []
SF Muni Bosses Target Dorian Maxwell []

Stand UP For TWU 250A Driver Dorian Maxwell
Put The Privatizers and Union Busters On Trial
Rally Wednesday Jan 26, 2011 Noon
MTA 1 South Van Ness/Market St.
Sponsored by:
- San Francisco City Workers United [Sfcityworkersunited @]
- United Public Workers For Action []
Also Join The Speak-Out Against City's Attack On Seniority
Feb 7, 2011 2:00 PM Rm 400 San Francisco Civil Service Commission SF City Hall

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