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2013-10-17 NBU News

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Journalist's Notebook  [link], George Seldes had it right: "Tell the Truth, Then Run Like Hell!"

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October is New Afrika Peace month! with weekly reports on New Afrikan issues, Pan-African liberation and 5th World news. More info here [link]! On today's news program, we learn about the New African Nation [link]!

2013 Vallejo City Council Elections [link]

Palo Alto attacking rent-controlled trailer park, creating homelessness, will enforce dictatorship of the rich [link]

"Copwatch to Release Findings of People’s Investigation, Demand that Police Review Commission to hold Special Hearing into the Death Of Kayla Moore" [link]

Holding Chevron accountable, from Richmond, CA to Ecuador, SA [link]!
After a recent visit to Ecuador and witnessing the abuses and contamination in the Amazon rainforest by Texaco (now Chevron), Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin invites the community to join her and supporters of human rights, corporate accountability and sustainability to support justice in Ecuador and to condemn Chevron's retaliatory RICO lawsuit against Ecuadorian indigenous villagers and their U.S.-based lawyer. RICO, the law used to prosecute the Mafia for racketeering, is now being used AGAINST the folks who won the $18 billion Ecuadorian court case against Chevron Corp. for polluting the Amazon Rainforest and the home of the Affected Peoples. "Chevron needs to own up to its responsibility whether in Richmond or in Ecuador. The community of Richmond has experienced repeated incidents that have impacted our health and safety over the past 20 years, the most recent being the major fire of 2012 for which Chevron was found to be criminally and willfully neglectful. In Ecuador, in Richmond, in Nigeria and so many other places around the world, we stand in solidarity calling for true justice," said Mayor McLaughlin.
In 1993, a group of Ecuadorian citizens of the Amazon region filed a lawsuit in US federal court against Texaco alleging that between 1964 and 1992 Texaco's oil operations polluted the rainforests and rivers in Ecuador, resulting in environmental damage and damage to the health of those who live in the region. Throughout 9 years Chevron fought to move the case to Ecuador, and in 2002 the US federal court dismissed the case on forum non conveniens grounds (i.e., the court stated that Ecuador was a more appropriate venue for litigating these claims). In connection with the dismissal, Texaco agreed that courts in Ecuador would have jurisdiction over the plaintiffs' claims. Shortly before the verdict in the Ecuadorian court was handed down in 2011, Chevron launched an unprecedented retaliation campaign against the Ecuadorian villagers and their advocates. In addition, the company has targeted the entire nation of Ecuador by spending hundreds of millions of dollars in attorneys and lobbying firms to block trade between Ecuador and the United States in order to put pressure on the Ecuadorian government to block the judgment.

"Police from across US, as well as Israel and Bahrain, will be convening in Oakland for war games"
On October 25, the first day of Urban Shield, there will be a community witness and picket from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 11th and Broadway in front of the Oakland Marriott, followed by a 5 p.m. rally.
More info [].
"Urban Shield" is a war game and weapons show that will take place from October 25th-28th and bring together more than 150 local, state, federal, international and private sector partners. Urban Shield takes place throughout the Bay Area and includes human rights violating police departments from BART's to Bahrain's, together with private security corporations and weapons manufacturers.
Join the Facing Urban Shield Action Network on October 25 to confront the weapons manufacturers and the local officials who are working with them as their exhibition kicks off in downtown Oakland, and let them know that Urban Shield is not welcome here. The last thing Oakland needs is a further militarization of the police in our neighborhoods. A real shield for our city would provide jobs, healthcare, affordable housing, and good schools!
What you can do:
* Come out on October 25 and show your opposition to further militarization of the police.
* Join the Facing Urban Shield Action Network and help us make sure this is the last time Urban Shield comes to Oakland. Email us at beitconvivencia [at] or facingteargas [at]
"Oakland activists confront police war games", 2013-10-09 by Noura Khouri and David Judd []: Rev. Daniel Buford of Allen Temple Baptist Church suggested to the Oakland City Council that if the city wants to collaborate with the Israeli government, it ought to be about how to keep Israeli weaponry, such as Uzis, “off our streets and out of the hands of our young people, rather than training our people on how to do checkpoints like they do on Palestinians.”

Solidarity the BART workers! [link]

"American Indian Nations demand fulfillment of the federal government's trust and treaty obligations during the US government shutdown" [link]

2013 USA Federal Shutdown, against the People, with a rump for the Military contracters and freedom for private enterprise [link], created under the guise of opposition to the "socialist" "Obamacare", a Fascist attempt at Progressive Politics [link], which puts all Power (and Money) into the hands of profit-driven healthcare corporations, and whose purpose appears to disrupt Union healthcare programs [link] and small business insurance programs [link].
At a recent gathering called for by your Federal Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA 5th District), a "lone-nut" flyered the cars at the event with the following message:
"Hey Dude - Where's my job? Obamacare says your boss can't have more than 50 employees.
Hey Dude - Where's my doctor? He quit because of Obamacare rules.
Hey Dude - Where's my dad? Working 3 part-time jobs because he was cut to 29 hours.
Hey Dude - where's my mom? Because Obama stole 760 billion from Medicare for Obamacare, her operation was ruled inefficient at her age, so she died.
Of course this ain't Socialism... this is Fascism, because the motives of profit-drive corporations are taking over what should have been socialized health-care, which protects workers and small business, and not the same death-care provided by Kaiser, Sutter, and all of them who have killed those who cannot otherwise afford their healthcare!
On the flipside, Congressman Mike Thompson did announce the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, which includes the following facts, from "CA-05 District Benefits of the Affordable Care Act" worksheet:
* 7,500 young adults in the district now have health insurance through their parents plan.
* More than 6000 seniors in the district recieved prescription drug discounts worth $6.9 million, an average discount of $500 per person in 2011, $570 in 2012, and $620 thus far in 2013.
* 100,000 seniors in the district are now eligible for Medicare preventive services without paying any co-pays, coinsurance, or deductible.
* 194,000 individuals in the district - including 41,000 children and 81,000 women - now have health insurance that covers preventive services without any copays, coinsurance, or deductible.
* 224000 individuals in the district are saving money due to ACA provisions that prevent insurance companies from spending more than 20% of their premiums on profits and administrative overhead. Because of these protections, over 39,800 consumers in the district recieved approximately $3 million in insurance company rebates in 2012 and 2011 - an average rebate of $71 per family in 2012 and $65 per family in 2011.
* Up to 38000 children in the district with preexisting health conditions can no longer be denied coverage by health insurers.
* 236000 individuals in the district now have insurance that cannot place lifetime limits on their coverage and will not face annual limits on coverage starting in 2014.

"A Corporate Trojan Horse": Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U.S. Laws [link]

More Action Calenders: IndyBay [link]; Ecology Center [link]; Nuclear Resister [link].

Ecology Solidarity: Richardson Grove redwoods alert
Time to Take Action! [link]
2013-10-14 Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters Alert:
Richardson Grove Redwoods Need Your Help!
As we told you in a previous alert, Caltrans recently posted new documents in response to the April 2012 court order issued when EPIC and the Center for Biological Diversity prevailed in federal court and halted the Richardson Grove highway "realignment" project that we and our allies had been opposing, with their lawsuit in April 2012. The Federal Judge ruled that Caltrans  had "arbitrarily and capriciously tried to justify the project with false data." (their measurements of the trees and their mapping.)
See our fact sheet on the Richardson Grove highway project at [].
 Caltrans has defied the court order resulting from the ruling and come back with an inadequate response, and an announcement that they plan to proceed with highway construction in mid-2014.
Those documents are now in public comment period, but only until Oct. 21.
It is important that Caltrans hear comments from those who want to see the ancient redwoods in Richardson Grove State Park preserved without the carving up of their root systems! You can submit comments on the Supplemental Environmental Assessment through the link below.
There is an easy way to submit comments, with suggested text, on the website of our allies EPIC in Humboldt County. You can find the “Take Action” page at []
  If you want to review the full documents on the Caltrans site and develop your own comments, you can find the documents at [] and then email you comments to: []
Please take action today! We thank you. The trees thank you.

Rally for Peace! No War in Syria!
Friday, October 18th from 2-3 PM
Bring your Determination.and Music!
 at Acton and University Avenues, Berkeley
All Welcome, Wheelchair  Accessible
  Sponsored by Berkeley-East Bay Gray Panthers, and
 Strawberry Creek Lodge Tenants Association.
Contact: Fran Rachel [510-841-4143]
Berkeley-East Bay Gray Panthers [510-548-9696] []

Black Panther Party 47th Anniversary Celebration
October 17th, 18th, 19th, 2013
At the Arlene Francis Center [99 Sixth Street, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401]
For complete schedule of time and days of events, please see attached or go to []
Tickets are limited and can be purchased at or at the door
Contact person for this event is: Elbert "Big Man" Howard [] [901-921-0493].
The purpose of this event is to offer an educational and artistic forum, bringing together former members of the Black Panther Party, community activists and the general public to examine the myths and realities of this historical period in our country's history. Discussions and speeches will include the contributions of Community Survival Programs of the Black Panther Party and a workshop on Political Prisoners.
The program will include photo and mixed media exhibits, film showings, workshops and guest speakers.  There will also be a marketplace where books, memorabilia, t-shirts and custom made jewelry will be available.
Among the confirmed Speakers are:
* Host: Elbert "Big Man" Howard, former Deputy Minister of Information and a founding member of the Black Panther Party, first Editor of the Black Panther Party Community Newspaper, former International Spokesperson for the BPP, writer, lecturer, community and human rights activist
* Guest Speaker: Rickey Vincent, educator and award-winning author, most recently of "Party Music: The Inside Story of the Black Panthers' Band and How Black Power Transformed Soul Music", educator, host of "Roots of Soul" on KPFA
* Keynote Speaker: Emory Douglas, renowned artist and former BPP Minister of Culture
* Speakers include: Billy "X" Jennings, Panther historian and archivist; Dr. Tolbert Small, former coordinator Panther Free Health Clinics; Sister Sheba Haven, faculty member of the Panther Community School, Aaron Dixon, co-founder of the Seattle Chapter of the BPP, author, 2006 Candidate for Senate, producer Claude Marks, former Political Prisoner, founder of Freedom Archives, and others...

Battle for Oscar Grant Plaza / Manufacturing Guilt film showings
Saturday, October 19, 3 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
The New Parkway Theater [474 24th Street in Oakland]
The National Lawyers Guild and Prison Radio present two films on repression and resistance.
TICKETS $10 at the door or at Film showing benefits the National Lawyers Guild, S.F. Bay Area Chapter, and Prison Radio.
THE BATTLE FOR OSCAR GRANT PLAZA is a short documentary by Jacob Crawford about how the City of Oakland and its Police tried to shut down the budding "Occupy Wall Street" movement, turning downtown Oakland into a teargas filled war zone and injuring numerous people. Police video obtained in discovery in the National Lawyers Guild's successful lawsuit and interviews with activists and journalists about their experiences, tell the real story of the disastrous Fall, 2011, police actions that pushed the troubled OPD to the brink of federal receivership. Co-produced by Dave Id,
MANUFACTURING GUILT is a short film that appears as a Bonus Feature on our dvd MUMIA: LONG DISTANCE REVOLUTIONARY ( The short takes on the colossus of Abu-Jamal's contentious case, distilling a mountain of evidence and years of oft-repeated falsehoods to the most fundamental elements of police and prosecutorial misconduct that illustrate a clear and conscious effort to frame Mumia Abu-Jamal for the murder of patrolman Daniel Faulkner.
Based on the actual record of investigations and court filings from 1995 to 2003 - evidence denied by the courts and ignored in the press - MANUFACTURING GUILT cuts through the years of absurdities and overt racism to produce a clear picture of how Abu-Jamal's guilt was manufactured and his innocence suppressed beginning only moments after he and Faulkner were found shot in the early morning hours of December 9th, 1981. This historic and courageous film is the perfect companion to Long Distance Revolutionary - a film that is unequivocal in its force regarding Abu-Jamal's innocence.
"A chilling and vital inside view."--Jamal Hart (Mumia's eldest son)
"Terrific! Focuses on the actual crime, with lots of specific information, going point by point over everything that is known, including a journalist's photos of the crime scene (those are amazing, by the way)... all of the questions I had (about the case) are answered in the short. So be sure to watch."--Pop Culture Beast
THE NEW PARKWAY THEATER is a community-centered cinema and pub located in Oakland's Uptown district. Sit back and relax in our cozy couches while watching our new releases, cult classics, and fabulous special programming. Plus, enjoy yummy food and local beer and wine in our café or even delivered right to your theater seat all at affordable prices!

The Facing Tear Gas campaign
October 25-28
Join us in an action against Urban Shield & militarized policing in Oakland, CA
Information from the Northbay MDS [link]

Sunday, October 27, 7:30 PM
Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America: An Evening with John Nichols and Robert McChesney
First Congregational Church, 2345 Channing Way @ Durant Street, Berkeley
 Hosted by Kris Welch
In their new book, Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America, Nichols and McChesney - two leading media experts - examine the forces that have sapped elections of their meaning and stolen America's democratic potential. The 2012 election was a quantum leap: it was America's first $10 billion election campaign. While U.S. elections have never been perfect, the country is now hurtling toward a point where the electoral process itself ceases to function as a means for citizens to effectively control leaders and to guide government policies.
Nichols and McChesney make a powerful case for amending the constitution to address the wildly undue influence corporate money is having on our elections. They describe pay-to-play billionaires and the crass politicians who do their bidding, corporations that have been free to buy elections and activist judges who merely advance their agenda, and the media conglomerates that blow off journalism while raking in billions airing intellectually repugnant, morally reprehensible political advertising. This poses a terrifying challenge to the DNA of American democracy itself.
$12 advance tickets: :: 800-838-3006 or Pegasus Books
(3 locations), Marcus Books, Mrs. Dalloway's, Moe's, Walden Pond, DIESEL a Bookstore, and Modern Times ($15 door)
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 7:30pm

 Public Enemy: Confessions of a American Dissident:
An Evening with Bill Ayers
 The Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar Street, Berkeley
Hosted by Max Pringle, a veteran KPFA Public Affairs Producer
 In this sequel to Fugitive Days, Ayers charts his life after the Weather Underground, when he becomes the GOP's favorite "domestic terrorist" and "public enemy".
Labeled a "domestic terrorist" by the McCain campaign in 2008 and used by the Radical Right to castigate Barack Obama for "pallin' around with terrorists," Bill Ayers is in fact a dedicated teacher, father, and social justice advocate with a sharp memory and even sharper wit. Public Enemy tells his story from the moment he and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, emerged from years on the run and rebuilt their lives as public figures, often celebrated for their community work and much hated by the Radical Right. In the face of defamation by conservative media, including a multimillion-dollar campaign aimed solely at demonizing Ayers, and in spite of frequent death threats,
Bill and Bernardine stay true to their core beliefs in the power of protest, demonstration, and deep commitment. Ayers reveals how he has navigated the challenges and triumphs of this public life with commitment and good humor- from the red carpet at the Oscars to prison vigils and airports (where he is often detained and where he finally "confesses" that he actually did write Dreams from My Father.
 Bill Ayers is the author of the acclaimed and controversial memoir Fugitive Days and many books on education, including To Teach, Teaching Toward Freedom, and A Kind and Just Parent. He is the founder of the Small Schools Workshop and was, until his retirement, Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He lives in Hyde Park, Chicago.
$12 advance tickets: :: 800-838-3006 or Pegasus (3 locations), Marcus Books, Mrs. Dalloway's Books, Moe's, Walden Pond, DIESEL a Bookstore, and Modern Times ($15 door)

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