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March 19th, 2015, Northbay Uprising Radio News

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This week they had guest Linda Grant, an activist, community organizer, a mother, a comrade and more to discuss the evolving role of Women in the Struggle. Linda was raised in Oakland, CA and is an active member of the community organizing to fight against gentrification, police terrorism, and more while helping to build Afrikan self sustainability working on "Africa town" a community project to turn the Qilombo and the surrounding community in West Oakland, CA into a community of Black Self-Determination. She is also involved in the struggle to save Triangle park. A park in West Oakland that Hipsters and the city of Oakland is attempting to gentrify and push out the local Black residents". Also, a book reading with pages 150-151 of Soledad Brothers!


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* "The Repressive Message of the Pentagon's “Operation Borinquen Response”: Next Target Puerto Rico?" (2015-03-12, []

* "MEDIA FAIL: Is the West’s Coverage of Ukraine a Failure of Nuclear Proportions?" (2015-03-12) [] [] [begin excerpt]: In considering options, let’s first look at the perception that Ukraine is a repeat of Putin’s land-grab in Georgia. That in turn has been compared to Hitler’s dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 70 years earlier. This analogy, with its hot-button allusion to the West’s appeasement of Nazi Germany at Munich in 1938, was promoted by, among others, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
But in fact, it was one-sided coverage in the mainstream Western media that created the false impression that Putin alone was responsible for the 2008 Russian-Georgian War. Disregarded in this coverage was a finding by European Union investigators that Georgia, backed by the West, had in fact fired the first shots []. [end excerpt]

* "U.S. Dominates Weapons Export Market as Profits Grow with Sales to the Middle East" (2015-03-17, []: writes: Americans love to chant “We’re Number One! We’re Number One!” Well, once again, America is number one … with a bullet. And a lot of the weapons are pouring into the Middle East, where the Saudis will fork over one out of every seven dollars spent on imports this coming year. One analyst predicted the Middle East will offer “$110 billion in opportunities in coming decade.” Alas, one man’s opportunity is another man’s headstone.

Updates on campaigns for for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

* "South Bay Police Crack Down on Street Vendors; A crackdown on street vendors is leaving families in the South Bay scrambling to make ends meet" (2015-03-18, []
* "Are You Down to Organize?" (2015-03-19) [] [begin excerpt]:  If you're interested in organizing around these crack downs, I do have some thoughts, tactically and strategically speaking that can deal with certain immediate needs. I know a local Chicana has had the idea of unionizing them, or syndicato, which is a BRILLIANT idea, for quite a while it just hasn't happened, and if it does, it needs to be tied to the day laborers struggle, and wage theft. An infrastructure of self protection needs to be built. Another idea beyond just networking them is collectivizing things or Co-oping them could put multiple vendors under a single permit possibly.
Having said that, at a more immediately level the church itself, and other private properties just needs to invite them on to their property, and say this is private, we approve them here, and the permits are then not required. The exchange of monies can be not a sale but a "donation" like us activists do. Basically the role of the church and private property owners play is to be cover for them. But more importantly, whose organizing them? Has anyone even given out a flyer, let their own chisme network do its thing and get all the vendors into one place. Cause typically interpose ourselves over people claim to being doing social just "for". Instead of hearing where they are at and what they want, the most powerful thing we can do is help folks being hit directly communicate with one another, and provide for them a space to meet. [end excerpt]

Brown Berets De SacrAztlán (Autonomous Chapter) []

C.A.F.F.E and Brown Berets De SacrAztlán were at Cesar Chavez Park,Sunday Feb. 15, in an effort called PROJECT LOVE COVER UP to Feed and Clothe The Less Fortunate and Homeless in our City, read more at [].
C.A.F.F.E. Feeding and Clothing the Homeless in Sacramento, California []
Occupy Sacramento and Friends of the Homeless hosts the Community Dinner Project in front of Sacramento City Hall on Tuesdays

Posted by Brown Beret Felix (2015-02-09):
Ever since I stated this graveyard shift, I have found myself frequently missing put on precious hours of sleep because of my Brown Beret work. I'll finish up my 10 PM- 6 AM shift, put my Brown Beret on and hit the road as the sun is rising... either to a march, or a protest... sometimes I found myself just patrolling the streets, talking with the "neighborhood watch" (gang members)... today it was to check out a press conference that the Coignard Family was having in regards to the murder of their daughter Kristiana.
Meeting the people that have been directly affected face to face is jolting, I swear after I shook Kristianas Father's hand I had chills for for a couple of minutes. I expressed my condolences first and foremost, and vowed my support by organizing & raising awareness about his daughters case. Just thinking back at the first time I met Deborah Jones Bush, Cheryl Jones, & Blake Lamkin, and all the progress weve made by being there for them fills my heart with joy; because I know that I am helping another human being out wholeheartedly.
I always keep in mind, that families that have been affected by police brutality didn't read a book or watch a documentary and all of a sudden want to fight back.....they have had bury a loved one into the ground. They deal with the type of anger, sadness, and grief that most of us are oblivious to. Thats why I always commit to the family, and never shout their name unless I get their blessings.
I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to everyone in Califas & beyond putting in work for the families that have been affected by police brutality....The Brown Berets del Carnalismo support the people living real lives that have been struck by this, and those who fight day n night to defend their lived ones.


"They build the cities UP...
They tear the Projects Down...
When it's All said and Done,
None of my people not Around...
-Fly Benzo

* "Meet the Badass Activist Collective Bringing Direct Action Back to Black Communities" (2015-02-11) []

Respected Community Liberation Organizer has been assaulted with deadly force by police guided by high-level domestic security agents! He is now recovering from his ordeal, as is his daughter! Police used an unmarked car (no lights) to chase down and ram car with Jabari's daughter in the back into traffic where it was struck by another vehicle, and then physically assaulted (tortured) Jabari. Over an hour later, they tell him it was the wrong car and "if you would have just stopped in the first place you wouldn't have had to go through this"
Video []
* "Federal Marshals Chase Wrong Man Leading to Violent Traffic Accident in Oakland's Fruitvale District" (2015-03-09) [] []



Pluri-National Alliance against Pig Violence!
The following message from Texas shows the revolutionary unity between Chicano (Mexican-American) and New African community liberation vanguards, both of nations whose people are at times antagonistic, yet, when united for community liberation, are unstoppable!
Message from San Antonio Brown Berets (2015-03-10):
GOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOORNING SAN QUILMAS!!! First off, I would like to thank Staff Sergeant Mike Lowe, Mira Siente, and all other activists that showed up to the Jones Family's Press Conference yesterday. Y'all are always there, and we appreciate you to the fullest. As we continue forward in the Justice for Marquise campaign, we will push even harder on the fact that MARQUISE DID NOT HAVE A GUN! The weapon that SAPD says they found on the scene was 10-20 feet away from his body, and was never dusted for a matter of fact, the final police report has NO mention of a gun!
The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) San Antonio Chapter, along with your local Brown Berets, are committed to keeping the momentum going. We will be organizing together and will be rallying for Marquise within the next couple of weeks, so check the San Anto Cop Watch page for updates.
Saludos a todos mis Brown Berets del Carnalismo!!!


Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!
Ras Ceylon writes (pointing to the button): El Hajj Malik Shabazz and his grandson my bro El Hajj Malcolm Shabazz. 50yrs since the assassination of Malcolm X. Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'Ala ring. 1God! Freedom still By Any Means Necessary. Pic by Alia Sharrief check her new video feat. Malcolm X (Malik El-Hajj Shabazz) []
* "An Epic Poem 4 El Hajj Malik & Malcolm El Shabazz #MX50 Forever" by Ras Ceylon []
* "Killer of Malcolm X’s grandson sentenced but questions still remain about his death" (2015-03-12, []
* Northbay MDS Truth and Justice Committee for Malcolm Shabazz []


* "Media Blackout of Unarmed Teen Shot by Police" (2015-03-08, by S. Wooten and M. David) [], and, for background, watch the video [] (2015-03-07, Globmax News):

The shooting death of an unarmed African American 19-year-old by a Caucasian police officer has led to local protesters to take the streets Saturday. But the mainstream media is largely ignoring this story outside of Madison, Wisconsin.
Police shot and killed an unarmed African American teen inside his friends apartment where he had been staying. By late Friday night, protests were spontaneously breaking out in the streets.
Police say that the shooting occurred after a “struggle” inside of the residence, according to Madison Police Chief Mike Koval.
The first reports from Madison said that the officer was responding reports of a “disturbance” in an apartment, according to the Daily Cardinal, the student newspaper of the University of Wisconsin at Madison.
“The officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject,” Koval said. He would not identify the officer by name.
Relatives and friends said that the victim was 19-year-old Tony Robinson.
“You’re not protecting us! You’re killing us!” Robinson’s grandmother shouted at police who assembled to apparently intimidate peaceful, but visibly angry, protesters who rallied in the streets Friday into early Saturday.
Late Saturday afternoon, people began to fill the Fountain of Life Covenant Church for an impromptu community meeting. Some of Robinson’s Family members read a statement written by Robinson’s mother, Andrea Irwin.
“I can’t even compute what has happened,” the prepared statement said. “I haven’t even had a chance to see his body.”
The police department tells us that they will “investigate” the shooting. In the meantime, it looks like it is going to be up to alternative media and social media users to get the word out about this, since the mainstream media apparently doesn’t think this is worth their attention… yet.

* "University Honor Student Singled Out and Beaten by Cops For Fake ID" (2015-03-18) []:

Early Wednesday morning, a University of Virginia (UVA) student was arrested by Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The VDABC is the agency which enforces the state’s alcohol laws.
The student, Martese Johnson, is an honor student at the university and has no previous criminal record. He was beaten to a pulp by VDABC cops over what amounted to having a fake ID.
UVA’s Cavalier Daily [], reports that Johnson was charged with “resisting arrest, obstructing justice without threats of force, and profane swearing or intoxication.”
But all who witnessed the beating say that Johnson was “brutalized” by officers. Photos of the incident seem to confirm that, and then some…
“Outside of the doors of Trinity Irish Pub, a mass of University students bore witness to the officer’s animalistic, insensitive, and brute handling of Martese,” UVA’s Black Student Alliance said in a statement. “He was left with his blood splattered on the pavement of University Avenue.”
“It happened so quickly,” Bryan Beaubrun, a student witness said. “Out of nowhere I saw the two officers wrestling Martese to the ground. I was shocked that it escalated that quickly. Eventually [he was] on the ground, they’re trying to put handcuffs on him and their knees were on his back.”
Some students tried to stop the beating, but for their troubles, they were told to leave, and some were arrested [].
“His treatment was unprovoked as he did not resist questioning or arrest,” the BSA statement added. “Though he lay bleeding and crying out, officers continued to hold him to the pavement, pinning him down, twisting his arm, with knees to his back until he was handcuffed.”
A video of the incident clearly shows Johnson being brutalized, and yelling “I go to UVA, you fucking racists,” as they beat and cuffed him.
A student-led rally is planned in Charlottesville Wednesday night.

* "Here's How Ferguson Police Use Dogs On Town Residents" (2015-03-04, BuzzFeed News) []
* "75% of Ferguson Citizens Have Arrest Warrant" (2015-03-13)[]:
(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David; h/t to civil rights attorney Oren Nimni, of the National Lawyers Guild’s executive board)
In the wake of the FBI’s scathing report on the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department, there is one very important detail that has largely been glossed over by the media and general public alike.
The recent information dump by The Department of Justice, revealed numerous outrageous instances of police brutality and racism in Ferguson, Missouri. The report released by the DOJ was directly related to an investigation into claims of civil rights abuses by officers and whether Darren Wilson, violated the civil rights of unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown when he shot and killed him last summer.
Some of the most common forms of racist policing highlighted by the report was determined to be the selective enforcement of traffic laws, and using minor ordinances to generate a tremendous amount of city revenue at the expense of the most vulnerable and poor members of the community.
But there were many other things in the report that demonstrated the depart was engaged in “a pattern or practice of unlawful conduct… that violates the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and federal statutory law.”
But beyond the many instances of abuse and discrimination highlighted in the report, as it turns out, nearly everyone in the City of Ferguson is actually a wanted criminal with warrants out for their arrests.
In the city of 21,000, there are literally 16,000 with outstanding warrants out for their arrests []. That means that three out of every four Ferguson residents is a wanted fugitive. There’s something very wrong with that, and as the
The Justice Department has been thoroughly investigating the Ferguson Police Department for racist practices in hiring and in policing methods and community interactions since the decision was returned not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Brown.
Earlier this month, we published a report about how Ferguson Is Being Sued Over ‘Debtors Prisons’ For the Poor [].
The 102-page DOJ report documents the arrest warrant data for the Ferguson Municipal Court, which corroborate internal police department communications which found the number of arrest warrants to be “staggering” in the city. The report tells that by December of last year “over 16,000 people had outstanding arrest warrants that had been issued by the court.”
In 2013, there were 32,975 offenses that had warrants issued for them, which equals 1.5 offenses for every resident [].
According to the DOJ, these arrest warrants are “not to protect public safety but rather to facilitate fine collection.” [end excerpt]

* "The Problem Is Way Bigger Than Ferguson, Justice Department Report Reveals" (2015-03-05, []

The Ferguson Police Department also arrested even monopolist media journalists, to prevent documentation of extreme human rights abuse against those participating in protest.
* "Scott Olson, Getty Images photographer, arrested documenting Ferguson, Mo., unrest" (2014-08-19, []

While many "conservatives" and "anti-protesters" say that it was the protesters who attacked Police in Ferguson, but the reality is that the shooter actually shot INTO the crowd of protesters.
* "Eyewitness to Ferguson Police Shooting: Gunfire Did Not Come from Area of Nonviolent Protest" (2015-03-12) []:
AMY GOODMAN: We’ll go now to Ferguson, where we’re joined by Reverend Osagyefo Sekou, a pastor from the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, who was dispatched to Ferguson by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. He went to high school in St. Louis, has family in Ferguson. Most significantly right now, he was outside the police station last night or early this morning at the time of the shooting. Reverend Sekou, start off by telling us exactly what happened at that time. Where were you? What did you see? What happened?
REV. OSAGYEFO SEKOU: Thank you, Amy. We were essentially wrapping up. About 40 or so protesters were across the street. They had been pushed back by the police on more than one occasion. And then, all of a sudden, three to four shots rang out north of the protesters and north of the police station. And we all turned in the direction up a hill on a one-way street where the shots were coming from, and then we saw the officer down and screaming. And then, you know, chaos ensued. Everyone took cover. We began to help clear the lot to get people out safe. The police began to draw their weapons. A number of police cars headed toward the area. And we did all we could to get people out. But the idea that the shooter was embedded inside the group of protesters, that it came from that crowd, is not true. But rather, it came up from north of the protesters, as we were between the shooter and— [end excerpt]

* Excerpt from [] (2015-03-15): St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch just announced that they have brought charges against 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams, a St. Louis resident who was on probation for receiving stolen property. McCulloch said that Williams “acknowledged” having fired the shots. He also says that he has been “a part of the protests.” But regulars at the Ferguson protests say they have never seen the guy before. “We don’t know him,” activist Tony Rice, the founder of Ground Level Support, said. He’s been on the ground at the majority of protests since the shooting of Mike Brown last August. “I think I can speak for the protester community in saying we don’t know him,” said Rice. Alicia Street, another regular, said that she is “unfamiliar with Williams” too. “I have never seen him at a protest. I cannot recall that I even seen him that night. We know a lot of people out there, we really do. I even showed pictures to other regular protesters and they said they didn’t know him,” Street said. [end excerpt]

* Adapted from "9 Things You NEED To Know About The Ferguson Police Shooter" (2015-03-15,  Giving his report on the arrest, McCulloch said “he was out [in front of the Ferguson Police Department] earlier that evening as part of the demonstration”. In other words, Williams Was A Known Protestor. However, prominent activist DeRay Mckesson, who witnessed the shooting, tweeted: “No, I cannot recall ever seeing the suspected shooter, Jeffrey Williams, at any protests, including the night in question”. Williams confessed to the shooting outside of the St. Louis Court House after his apprehension. The police shooting may have been the result of a dispute not aimed at the police, according to Williams. While he confessed to shooting the gun – he claims he was not aiming for officers and did not mean to shoot them. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch stated “we’re not 100 percent sure there was a dispute”. Using a .40-caliber handgun, Williams fired from inside of a car on top of a hill. They recovered a handgun and shell castings from Williams that matched the shells from the scene of the crime.

* Adapted slightly from "City Employee Claims Ferguson Police Shooting Was a ‘Set Up’ by Cops" (2015-03-14) []:

(Photo showing John Muhammad during the Fox News interview, he is wearing a NBPP pin). Following the shooting of two police officers right outside of the Ferguson Police Department, on city employee has spoken out. He’s claiming that the shooting is part of some sort of conspiracy, and is a “set up” by the Ferguson Police Department.
In the City of Uplands Park, Missouri, near Ferguson, a city worker told Fox News reporters, in a live interview, that the shooting was a “set up” by police, to make protesters look bad.
The city employee, John Muhammad identified himself as the city manager of the north county village, last Thursday night.
“I think it was a complete set up,” Muhammad told Fox, in the interview. “I think it was a set up between members of the police fraternity; what I like to call them. I think they operate just like the KKK. I think they did it to make themselves a victim when honestly the victim are black people. I think it’s just a publicity stunt no more than that.”
For his part, Muhammad says he was also involved in those protests. But now, he is beginning to feel the backlash from his comments.
The Uplands Park board of trustees says they have suspended Muhammad.
“We don’t agree with it here at Uplands Park. We have suspended John Muhammad,” chairman Michel Spurling said. “I was angry because he’s actually hired as a village clerk.”
Muhammad later said, “I think people had a misconception of what I said. I made a statement under the first amendment of the constitution freedom of speech; that’s what I said.”
The Police Officer’s Association representatives said, however, that “I believe in the first amendment. I believe in the right to freedom of speech. But, there’s a responsibility with the words that come out of your mouth,” said Jeff Roorda of the St. Louis Police Officers Association. [end article]

* "Jeffrey Williams: a coerced confession?" []
Alex, an ex-LAPD officer turned private investigator and civil rights activist (and member of the board of CALLAC, California League of Latin American Citizens), has been to Ferguson repeatedly, not to mention New York in connection with the Eric Garner shooting, Cleveland on the Tamar Rice killing, Albuquerque, and recently, to Selma Alabama. Alex turned me on to a reliable confidential source who gives the following chilling narrative of the events surrounding the shootings of police officers in Ferguson from an eyewitness perspective (someone who had to duck when the bullets started flying) and the allegations now circulating in the community about Jeffrey Williams being beaten in custody:
[begin excerpt]
Mar 11, 2015 approx. 11:50pm I observed an African American female with long black braids (slender build, approx. 20-25 years old) with two to three African American males. My attention was focused on her because she seemed to be intoxicated and protesting aggressively. At times I observed her walk across S. Florissant Rd on the same side of the street were the Ferguson police were standing. She continued to yell and heckle the FPD. Also during this time frame I observed a black SUV truck that was previously parked on the left hand side of Tiffin Street move to park on the right hand side of Tiffin Street. The driver was an African American male (heavy build, approx. 30-35 years old) wearing a hat.
Mar 12, 2015 approx.12:00am I observed the same African American female previously mentioned and two African American males walk from Andy Worm parking lot up the hill towards where yyyyyy, xxxxxx, and myself were standing on Tiffin Street. As the female walked up the hill she made eye contact with me and stated that she was “intoxicated” and I then agreed with her. I recognized one of the males she was with as a protester whom I had met approx. 7 months ago. xxxxxx knew him as well and we all embraced and greeted one another. Again the female made eye contact with me and stated that she wanted to walk across S. Florissant Rd in front of the police station to “agitate” the Ferguson police “some more.” Then she proceeded to ask me if I thought she should “do it.”
My response was “no.” Then she proceeded to ask me “why not?” My response was “you have a target on your back because you have been messing with them tonight, and they are going to pounce on you.” She proceeded to say “I don’t give a fuck.” My response was “but I do.” She then stated “I’m going home” and proceeded to walk up the hill along with an African American male.
Approx. 10 seconds later I heard what appeared to be gun shots being fired from the top of the hill on Tiffin Street. As I look back I observed a flash about 30-40 yards from where we were standing on the hill. I heard approx.4-5 gun shots. I then observed the same African American female I had just spoken with run back down the hill and hide in front of the black SUV truck I mentioned in previous entry. My reaction time to process what was happening was approx. 3-4 seconds. I then grabbed xxxxxx’s wrist and yyyyyy’s arm and we all ducked in front of the black SUV truck mentioned in previous entry. We stayed there for approx. 2-3 seconds before we attempted to run back to my vehicle.
As we were running I observed a blue four door vehicle with two Caucasian males inside the vehicle coming from the top of the hill on Tiffin Street driving fast. The vehicle turned left onto the Subway parking lot before almost hitting a white vehicle which was being driven by a Caucasian male. The white vehicle pulled back a little to allow the blue car to get by. As the blue car passed us I stopped running and yelled to yyyyyy and xxxxxx “that’s them, that’s them.” We stopped running approx. 2 seconds before yyyyyy stated “lets get to the car.” The blue car then made a left onto S. Florissant Rd. then sped off. We continued to run to my vehicle and then drove off onto S. Florissant Rd. As we drove down Chambers Rd. we noticed several police cars driving extremely fast with their lights and sirens on driving in the opposite direction.
March 13, 2015 approx. 6:30pm I drove to the Ferguson Police Department to see what if anything was going on. I observed news crews and a couple of people standing in the Subway parking lot. I recognized an African American female whom I met approx. 7 months ago from protesting. We had a brief conversation about the events that had taken place over the last couple of days. She indicated to me that her friend sent her a series of text messages stating that the suspect Jeffrey Williams in police custody is her cousin and that “he did not do it and the police are beating him.”
March 13, 2015 approx. 11:30am I was watching CNN and saw police had a person of interest or possible suspect in connection to the Ferguson police shooting. While still watching CNN I observed police trying to gain entry through the suspects roof. I also saw a very heavy police presence on the suspect’s street.
March 13, 2015 approx. 2:30pm I was watching CNN to get an update on the Ferguson police shooting. I recognized a young African American female on CNN stating that she woke up to the police with a “red dot ” on her chest and she was “begging for her life” stating over and over “don’t kill me.” I recognized the female mentioned on entry March 11, 2015 (approx. 11:50pm) and entry March 12, 2015 (approx. 12:00am) as the female who I briefly talk to on the hill right before the shooting took place. There was absolutely no way she could have been a suspect because I was talking to her just seconds before the shots rang out.
[end excerpt]


March 16th, message from The Huey P. Newton Gun Club []:
We invite Black People in those states to patrol with video cameras where it is legal to do so. We must move to stop police terrorism - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!
For more info, call Charles Goodson [214-874-3100] [ogoodson13@)]
RBG 4 LIFE! Black Power! All Power to the People!

The gathering of self-defense organizations is being internationally noticed, and is of importance for all oppressed people. Organized by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club of Texas (with their member group the Black Riders Liberation Party), with solidarity contingents from the African Angels, Guerrilla Mainframe, Black Militia, the New Black Panther Party, to confront police brutality and oppression!
* "Black Open Carry Group Gathers At Texas State Capitol For Freedom" (2015-03-16, [].
* "Open Carry Texas Leader Threatens Black Open Carry Group With A Freedom Bullet" (2015-03-17) [] [].

* "March 16th, Black Lives Matter Day" Black Riders photo (2015-03-16, Intercommunal Solidarity Committee) [] [begin caption]
Black Riders goes to Texas to march with the Huey P. Newton Gun Club...
General T.A.C.O in the middle of the line... ARMED SELF-DEFENSE AGAINST THE PIGS... We marched on the State Capitol of Texas in honor of Micheal Brown, Ezell Ford, Eric Garner, and Clinton Allen... Black Power! All Power to the People! RBG 4 LIFE!

The following article is from the Federation of Russia for syndication in the Eurasian Union and globally, and was published in the context of the ongoing coverage of the USA's human-rights abuse against the Captive Nations, and gives the world an opportunity to notice that the people of the USA are just like any other of the world when faced with oppression.
* "New Black Panther Party wants to ‘arm every US black male" (2015-03-17) [] [].

* "Black Open Carry Protesters Are Marching On Capitol Against Police Brutality"
(2015-03-18) []:
They call themselves the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, named after the co-founder of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense. Like the defunct organization which called for reform of community policing, demanding that police come from the neighborhoods they serve, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club says they are marching “to promote self-defense and community policing” in response to the recent high profile stories about police shooting unarmed African Americans across the country.
To the protesters, “community policing” is more than just a word. Communities should be protected by members of the community, and held accountable. Ironically this was the original vision for community policing, articulated in 1812 by Sir Robert Peel. That’s right, it may surprise many to discover that our communities have only had police as we know them for a little over 200 years. Even then, it took a little while for Peel’s concept of police forces to make its way to the United States. Since then it has become a norm that many cannot imagine a time before.
In Texas, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club are following in the footsteps of Newton, who was a law major, striving to stay within the bounds of legality. Though the historical Black Panthers had a notable slip-up which led to then Governor Ronald Reagan signing the Mulford Act which prohibited carrying loaded guns in public space. The goal of the Panthers, as they explained it, was to assert the rights of the people to defend themselves against corrupt police, within the bounds of the law. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club says that’s exactly what they are doing today with their open carry protests.
Police have kept a close eye on the protesters, while also trying to keep their distance. One officer we talked to said “there’s really nothing we can do about it. Open carry protests are not against the law.”
Others refused to comment.
As the open carry protesters marched down MLK Boulevard and Malcolm X Boulevard chanting “justice for Michael Brown,” the unarmed African American teenager shot and killed by police in suburban St. Louis town of Ferguson, police looked uneasy.
Since that first protest, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club has hit the streets again. They say “black open carry is here to stay.”
Far from being focused only by the Mike Brown shooting, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club says that their goal is “to shed light on local shootings by police.”
“We think that all black people have the right to self-defense and self-determination,” said Huey Freeman, the organizer of one of this Fall’s marches. “We believe that we can police ourselves and bring security to our own communities.”

Black Riders, Portland (Oregon) chapter, Riding with y'all... All power to the people!


* "This Gun Show Sold Disgusting ‘Runnin’ N***er Targets’ To Eager Consumers" (2015-03-18, []:
At a gun show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a vendor was selling one of the most racist shooting targets that has probably ever existed, and his reasoning behind selling the targets was just as unbelievably racist.
The target (seen below) is of an African-American man in a running position, and the words above the man running read: “Official Runnin’ N***er Target.”
When the vendor was questioned by local news KSFY as to why he was selling the targets on his table, this is how the conversation went down:
KSFY: “Why are those on there?”
Vendor: “Why aren’t they? They’re just targets.”
KSFY: “Aren’t they offensive in nature?”
Vendor: “To who? Are you a negro? You know, there’s some black people and then there’s some negroes.”
What the vendor said next is actually what is most alarming:
Vendor: “Sold 500 of ‘em this weekend, so what difference does it make?”
Here are a few images that were taken by a KSFY photographer at the event (via KSFY):

It’s even worse (if that’s possible) when you see what it was surrounded by (via KSFY):

The organizer of the gun show has said they are “disturbed and disgusted” to see this product being sold by a vendor, and  the vendor has since been banned.
Racism is alive and well in the United States, and this is just further proof. What the vendor who sold the target said last is very telling. It basically reveals that he knows it’s wrong and doesn’t care, proving most racism is kept undercover.
Vendor: “Might not wanna put that on TV.”
Well, it is on TV — for everyone to see.
Source: [] []

* "UC Berkeley black students demand fixes to 'hostile’ climate" (2015-03-18, [] [begin excerpt]: Black students at UC Berkeley often feel isolated and even oppressed, says a campus group that wants the nation’s premier public university to step up recruitment of African American students and improve support for them.
The demands include hiring nine people, including two black psychologists experienced in racial discrimination and advisers to recruit and mentor black students and student athletes; creating an African American Student Resource Center; and — in a different vein — renaming a building after Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther and the first woman on the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists. To the students, Shakur is no terrorist. She’s a victim and ally who gives voice to their pain.
The student group first presented the list on Feb. 13 to Dirks, Provost Claude Steele, and Nzingha Dugas, director of African American Student Development. All but one of the demands directly addresses the well-being of students. The other seeks to rename Barrows Hall — which houses Ethnic Studies, Women’s Studies and African American Studies— for Shakur.
The students call Shakur “an icon of resistance within oppressed communities (who) represents Black resilience in the face of unadulterated state-sanctioned violence.”

A new chapter of UNIA is being organized right now in the Bay, for the 100th anniversary of its foundation with a history making legacy. Their study group is seeking Pan-African solutions to learn from and implement, among their books for study "The New Pan Africanism 2020" []

In This Hour, Black People Should Be Ready To Manage Our Own Economics, Resources, Sports, Entertainment And Manage Our Own Banking! Our people have leadership in 21 Black-operated National Banks across the USA.

Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin writes: If preacher pimp Creflo Dollar can beg for millions to pay for a corporate jet for his fake ass ministry, then I will beg you for a few hundred $$$ for a campaign to conduct an Inquest into the deaths of some of the 27 people in Memphis, TN. murdered by the cops and feds for my "justice ministry"
Don't give it all to fake ass preachers, politicians, or other pimps.

NBPP Queen Commander Nadia Shakur writes: Found a throwback I've never seen before. Southern Cali 2008. 22yrs young and Fresh out of solitary. I walked out of jail in a leather jacket, BDUs and combat boots. The Struggle doesn't continue it Intensifies. Can't Stop Won't Stop.


* "Gangbangers Gangbanging against Racism and Police Brutality! Bloods And Crips Unite!"
(2014-12-08, BFBP Productions) []:
BLOOD = Brotherly Love Override Oppressive Dominion
CRIP = Community Revolution In Progress
In this video you see everything, from live witnesses reporting gangs are uniting in st louis, to seeing real brothers with real big guns talking about defending there community.
Brothers uniting against KKK, to Bloods and Crips uniting to fight against police brutality.
Live footage of Gangbangers, better described as Street Organisations, calling for 500 members of different street organisations to come together to face off the police, plus a clip of street organisations doing just that and chasing away the police! Real Talk!
You also have A Clip from the real OG and Legend Original Gangster ElderSupa Nova Slom about the Origins and the Code of the Bloods and Crips, A few words from Street Warrior Raspect Fyabinghi, a comedy Skit illustrating how ridiculous black on black crime can be, finished by a Powerful reenactment of an Original Bloods and Crips truce which is inspired by Stan Tookie Williams an original founder of the crips!
I Know, its Alot of Stuff Right!
These are the topics that mainstream media refuses to share, but we don't need them, we the people are the media.

"Anti-Gang Message from Actual Gangbangers" []
Intro from []: These clips are from the the Billy Wright DVD "War Stories." The reason that I'm posting them is because too many people are fascinated with gangbanging, seemingly thinking it's a safe fad that they can have fun with. All of the naive comments and videos posted online of non-affiliated people crip-walking who know nothing about gangbanging, is sickening. Those who are ignorant of this lifestyle have no idea what it's like being out on the block, watching every car that passes because you never know which one might start shooting. Or being confronted by someone who looks like you, but is ready to kill you because you're not from his neighborhood, therefore he considers your life worthless.
The life of a gangbanger is a destructive lifestyle, and nothing good can be gained from it. As someone who was raised in that environment, I can say that anyone who's ignorant of the realities of gangbanging should feel lucky. It involves too much danger and stress for any rational person to want to be involved with it.
Gangbanging will only lead to a life of suffering!
(If you agree with the anti-gang message, "Like" the Facebook page for my book, 'The Making of a Gangster,' at

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Riverside, CA: On January 7, 2015, Ms. Tyesha Calhoun and her two young children were hit by a drunk driver. Ms. Calhoun immediately called 911 and her family members as her young daughter was injured and needed assistance. The Riverside Police Department responded to her call along with fire department personnel. Instead of conducting a field sobriety test on the DUI suspect who caused the accident, Riverside Police Department Officer Juan Munoz racially profiled Ms. Calhoun as an individual who did not belong in the area.
He questioned Ms. Calhoun about why she was driving in the location of the incident. Although Ms. Calhoun told the officer that she and her family lived in the affluent neighborhood of John F. Kennedy Drive and Trautwein Road, Officer Munoz did not believe her and told her that they couldn't afford to live there and inferred she was lying.
Officer Munoz's interrogation of Ms. Calhoun escalated when her family arrived by car and also on foot from their neighboring homes. Her family inquired why the police had not arrested the drunk driver and instead focused their investigation on Ms. Calhoun, the victim of the accident.
As the family attempted to walk home, which was approximately four blocks away from the accident, Officer Munoz called for more officers to come to the scene. Without reasonable suspicion or probable cause that any of the family members had committed a crime, the Riverside officers began grabbing and separating the adults from the children who were walking lawfully on the sidewalk. Several family members were arrested and falsely imprisoned for over 24 hours, then released without any charges being filed.
With full knowledge that Ms. Calhoun had just been involved in an automobile accident and without reasonable suspicion or probable cause that she had committed a crime, Officer Munoz grabbed Ms. Calhoun by her hair, slammed her on the ground, called her a "black bitch," and severely injured her knee. Officer Munoz punched Ms. Calhoun in the face causing her to passing out several times during the assault.
While in excruciating pain and handcuffed, Ms. Calhoun pleaded with officers to call an ambulance. The officers responded they would call an ambulance when Ms. Calhoun "stops acting stupid." Approximately 15 minutes later, an ambulance arrived and Ms. Calhoun was handcuffed to a stretcher and taken to a nearby hospital. She was not given any pain medication during her commute to the hospital. Additionally, she was forced to undergo several MRIs and XRAYs without pain medication because she was under arrest. After the medical staff informed officers Ms. Calhoun's knee was broken, they informed her that she was not under arrest but issued her a misdemeanor ticket for resisting arrest.
National Action Network Los Angeles is committed to working with Ms. Tyesha Calhoun and her family during this process.

* "Black Superheros" [] []
If you're a black man in a community where the police routinely harass black people, is the superhero who pals around with the cops on your side? And a related question: In a country where law and order is often a synonym for "putting staggering numbers of black men behind bars," what does it mean if a superhero who fights for law and order is black?

* "Syndicated Radio Host Michael Berry: White People Don't Kill People The Way Black People Do" (2015-03-13) [] [] [begin excerpt]: Syndicated radio host Michael Berry commented on the beating of a teenage girl at a New York City restaurant by saying, "You know why white lives matter? Because that's what white people believe. The dirty little secret is, black people don't believe that black lives matter." [end excerpt]

information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee 

* "Fast-food workers complain of burns on the job" (2015-03-17, [] [begin excerpt]:About 50 fast-food restaurant workers and their supporters rallied in East Oakland on Tuesday to demand better protection against being burned by hot grills and grease on the job, citing a survey showing the problem is severe throughout the nation. The workers gathered outside a McDonald’s restaurant on East 12th Street and said that the protective gloves and first-aid kits they were given were often worn out or inadequate, and that they were being asked to work too fast to be safe. “I’ve been burned at least 30 times on my arms and hands in my years of working in fast-food restaurants, and they often just ran out of first-aid supplies,” said Irvin Ortega, 26, who worked three years at a McDonald’s in Alameda and now works at a Burger King in Oakland. “They told me to put mustard on the burns.” [end excerpt]

information collected by the Committee to

* "Vallejo City Council approves homeless shelter amendment" (2015-03-12, []


Community Fascism in itty-bitty Santa Cruz:

Just to follow up, apparently community pressure expedited the reopening of the costco redemption center.....unfortunately there was a robbery at knifepoint at one of the other centers, perhaps interested community can come come up with suggestions and ways to increase security measures. a working practice is some centers do issue vouchers that redeemers can cash at adjacent supermarkets.
They allowed RePlant to reopen in the old building until the new building is finished. Public pressure and public complaints to Sacramento made the difference! Thanks everyone for calling the complaint line 1-800-RECYCLE!

A remarkable display of knowledge was presented in reply to a hit piece about newswire.
"Why is IndyBay unsupported by the community it serves?" (2015-03-17) [], posted by a member of the "Take Back Santa Cruz (TBSC)" group which is dedicated to attacking those without homes, street performers, leftists, human rights advocates, the disabled... and in response, Sheena of Hayward writes ironically about TBSC members and supporters [begin reply]:
I think Indybay is broke because Dexter and Analicia Cube probably ripped off all of the people who would have donated... The Securities and Exchange Commission's found that Dexter Cube the founder of TBSC ripped his clients off. Relevant... "Was Tough-on-Crime Take Back Santa Cruz Founded by a Corporate Criminal?" (2010-06-02, []. Here is the source info ( [].
Or maybe it is because Steve Schlicht got pissed off at them and stopped donating? Relevant... "Mayor's Public Safety Task Force Member is 'fine with junkies dying' " (2013-07-25, newswire) [].
Maybe it is because Dylan Greiner's surfing school closed down. Wasn't he a big Indybay contributor? "Former TBSC Hero Dylan Greiner Removed as SC Clean Team Admin After Arrest" (2013-08-29, [], read what he was charged with [], news report [].
Maybe Ken Skindog Collins got mad and threatened to assault anyone who donates to Indybay?
Relevant... "Video of Take Back Santa Cruz-supported Clean Team Harassing Homeless Forced Off Internet" (2013-05-15, []. What do peeps think???
Maybe Chief of Police Steve Clark stopped donating to Indybay??? "Video Surfaces of Santa Cruz Police Officers Hitting and Tasing Man" (2015-03-11, [] and read more at [].

Also see "Flower Felony: 18 Days in Jail, Thanks to a Take Back Santa Cruz Mob" (2013-03-22, [].
Dylan Greiner was propped up by Take Back Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Patch.

TBSC a Haven for Molesters... TBSC smears all homeless because of the acts of a few. Shouldn't the same logic apply to TBSC? TBSC probably needs to shift its focus if they are truly interested in public safety. Violence against women has increased dramatically during their tenure in our community, with 23 known rapes in 2011 in the City of Santa Cruz [], compared to 34 known rapes in 2012 [].

[] Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies

* "Napa Police Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting" (2015-03-13,] []

* "SFPD probes racist, homophobic texts among officers" (2015-03-14, []


* "NYPD Caught Editing Eric Garner Wikipedia Pages, Along With Other Police Brutality Victims" (2015-03-13) []

Five-Eyes and allies
* "ISC Report Exonerates GCHQ for Mass Surveillance Activities" (2015-03-12, Privacy International) []

Photo (2015-03-21, Bloomberg newswire): Randal Milch, executive vice president and general counsel with Verizon Communications Inc., left, talks to David Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast Corp., before the start of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. Verizon Wireless told a congressional panel vetting its proposed $3.6 billion purchase of airwaves from cable companies led by Comcast Corp. that the deal would solve a critical need without reducing competition.

The FCC released the full text of the historic new net neutrality rules, and now it’s clearer than ever that these rules will protect free speech, and that Comcast and their allies in Congress have been lying to you. You can read them in full here []...
but since it's 313 pages, here's a quick rundown of what the rules do and don't do.
* ISP’s and their friends in government can't block you from visiting a website. So you can visit any site that you want.
* They can't slow down access to websites. So the sites you want to visit will come to you as quickly as the sites Comcast wishes you were visiting.
* They can't speed up or make certain websites load faster. This is absolutely critical, because if they could speed up certain sites, that functionally means slowing down other sites.
* They can’t get between you and any content, application, service, or anything else that you want to access online. That is explicitly one of the rules. Just in case the other rules don’t cover something.
* There are no new taxes or fees anywhere in the rules, and there’s nothing limiting investment. At all. Period.
But the fight isn't over yet. Comcast has been scheming about how to use a corrupt Congress to kill net neutrality since before the FCC even voted on the rules. Last week, the House introduced a bill to kill the rules. Next week, there are three different hearings about them.

letters to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle (2015-03-18) []:
* "Bait and switch" by Ann Kruze of El Cerrito
In response to the March 15 opinion piece by Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen in which he makes claims about Internet Essentials (IE), the company’s discount Internet service for low-income families. While $9.95 is a good price point, it should be understood that much of the hard work to sign up families is done by nonprofits that are not supported by Comcast. As a parent engagement trainer in Bay Area schools, I speak with many parents about the obstacles they face when trying to subscribe without help from someone. They mentioned that Comcast equipment does not have wireless capacity.
Most of the computers that are being provided to students only support wireless access. Also, Comcast representatives often are not familiar with the program, and are demanding documentation, such as Social Security cards, in violation of program rules. Some of the representatives are engaged in predatory up-selling. Parents are told that the discount program is useless and then offered a $29.99 per month or a more expensive program. I am very concerned that these bait-and-switch tactics are discouraging parents from getting broadband at home and that parents are incurring debt loads that they cannot sustain.

by Laura Leavitt of Venice:
As a concerned Californian and Southern California Time Warner Cable customer, I strongly oppose the Comcast/Time Warner merger and urge the California Public Utilities Commission to vote against it (“CPUC should say no to supersizing Comcast,” Insight, March 15). Consumers rate Comcast and Time Warner Cable as two of the most despised companies in America, and I agree. After a recent move, I was left with few options for local Internet/cable providers and signed up with Time Warner Cable. In my first month as a customer, they dropped a critical part of my service, took weeks to fix it with no timeline, and didn’t offer me a discount.
I’ve heard countless stories like this (most even worse than mine) from friends and family members. If these two cable giants merge to form an even bigger monopoly controlling high-speed broadband for 84 percent of all California households, why in the world would their service improve? Customers can only expect even higher costs for worse service, with little to no choice in providers. A Comcast monopoly is not in the best interests of consumers, and I strongly urge the CPUC to reject Comcast’s national domination plan.

from the Committee to
[] End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers!
** Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]

* "Why The U.S. Won’t Let the U.N. Look Inside Its Prisons" (2015-03-16, []
* "What Are They Hiding? UN Official Slams US for Limiting Access to Prisons" (2015-03-12) [] []
* "U.N. torture investigator accuses U.S. of delaying prison visits" (2015-03-11, Reuters newswire) []

* "SC Inmate Receives 37 Years In Solitary Confinement For Posting Facebook Status Update" (2015-02-15, []
It has been recently reported that the South Carolina Department Of Corrections is handing out time equivalent to that of murder, rape, and kidnapping for a simple post on Facebook.
Tyheem Henry received the harshest penalty to date. Henry was handed down 13,680 days (37.5 years) in disciplinary detention and lost 27,360 days (74 years) worth of telephone, visitation, and canteen privileges, and 69 days of good time for 38 posts on Facebook. Others such as Walter Brown, who received 34.5 years in solitary and lost 69 years of phone, visits, and commissary privileges, were handed down these sentences that have been termed “cruel and unusual punishment” by human rights organizations.
Inmates were also penalized for each day that they logged onto the social media site, in which correctional facility administrators used this as an opportunity to charge the inmates with separate offenses. For example, an inmate that updated their status 20 times in one log-in session received less time than an inmate who logged in five times on five separate occasions.
[end excerpt]

* "Mike Feuer: Drop the Charges!" call for solidarity []:
We condemn the ongoing actions of the Los Angeles Police Department for their illegally detaining and arresting protestors, students and workers are fighting for justice for Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Africa, Omar Obrego and others killed by police. In the three-week period between Monday, Nov 24th and Saturday, December 13th, 2014 the LAPD arrested over 400 protestors. Since then dozen more have been arrested, including members of Black Lives Matter LA and FTPLA in front of LAPD headquarters.
Shalana Little has her next court date on March 17, 2015 and Xaime Castillas has his on March 18. They are facing some of the most serious charges. Jacob Beran is also facing heightened charges but will appear later in March for his court date. We must not allow this to happen!
A broad members coalition, was created. The groups of this coalition are as follows, Stand Together to Oppose Police (S. T. O.P.) Brutality arrestee group, Black Lives Matter LA, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, South Central Neighborhood Council, South Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace and local unions, A request for a meeting with City Attorney Mike Feuer on Wednesday, March 4 has been sent and we have heard no response. Mike Feuer is the prosecutor pursuing charges against protesters, he has the power to drop the charges.
So, on Monday, March 16 Rally at the City Attorney's office in Los Angeles, we rallied to call on Mike Feuer to demand that he:
* Drop the charges on Shalana Little, Xaime Casillas, Jacob Beran and all protesters
* Make a public statement supporting the arrest, indictment, and conviction of cops that kill residents.
* Respond to the broad community's demands including arrestees group S.T.O.P. Brutality demands for a meeting.
Our experience with unlawful arrest only confirms that the police department and justice systems are broken, and that there's systematic racism in policing and in the legal process! Its designed to protect criminal acts of police. Our protest and outrage over the non-indictment of killer cop is indeed justifiable.
We hold the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Los Angeles City Council responsible for the brutal policy of attacking human rights protesters. We demand that the city drop all of the charges against protesters. We denounce the culture of fear that the LAPD has been trying to instill through its strategy of mass arrests, and reaffirm our right to exercise collective action.

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []

* "First Case of Fish Removed from Endangered Species List Thanks to Habitat Restoration" (2015-03-18, []

* "Richmond Superfund Site Remains Contaminated Despite EPA Cleanup" (2012-01-05, []

* City of Napa has detected levels of disinfection byproducts above drinking water standards (2015-03-03) []

* "MWD after Bay-Delta estuary: Funds $600,000 Attack on Delta Water Rights" (2015-03-12) [] []



* "As Suisun Marsh Wildlife Center bobcat gains freedom, others move in" (2015-02-25) [] []

* " 'Miracle’ expansion of California coastal sanctuaries" (2015-03-13, []


* "How a small Quaker group forced PNC Bank to stop financing mountaintop removal" (2015-03-04) [] []

* "California is pumping water that fell to Earth 20,000 years ago" (2015-03-09) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
A new article by Konikow in the journal Groundwater estimates that nearly 1,000 cubic kilometers – about twice the volume of Lake Erie – was depleted across the United States from 1900 to 2008. That’s enough to contribute to rising sea levels, along with melting glaciers and polar ice.
“That really surprised a lot of people,” Konikow said.
The pace of depletion has jumped dramatically since 2000. And Konikow identified one area that appears to have the most serious depletion problem in the nation – California’s agricultural powerhouse, the Central Valley, especially its more arid southern portion. [end excerpt]

* "Pollution is driving force behind growth of nuisance algal scums" (2015-02-26, []
* "Nutrient pollution damages streams in ways previously unknown, ecologists find" (2015-03-05, []

* "A question of light: Ocean acidification slows algae growth in the Southern Ocean" (2015-02-24, []

Save The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.

* " ‘Nature’s Medicine Cabinet’ Helps Bees Reduce Disease Load; UMass Amherst, Dartmouth College study finds natural plant chemicals reduce bee parasites" (2015-02-18, []

articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign

* "Taiwan stages mass anti-nuclear rally" (2015-03-14, AFP newswire) []

articles recommended by the 

* "Researchers developed a cost-effective and efficient rival for platinum" (2015-02-18, Aalto University) []

* "New Paper-like Material Could Boost Electric Vehicle Batteries; Researchers create silicon nanofibers 100 times thinner than human hair for potential applications in batteries for electric cars and personal electronics" (2015-02-17, []

* "Supersonic electrons could produce future solar fuel" (2015-02-03, []

* "Big box stores could ditch the grid, use natural gas fuel cells instead" (2015-03-04, []

Perth Wave Energy Project
[], []
This project will be the first demonstration of a complete grid-connected CETO system anywhere in the world, the only wave project to consist of more than one wave unit connected together and the only wave project to produce both power and freshwater.
The project will sell both power and freshwater to the Australian Department of Defence to supply Australia’s largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, located on Garden Island. The first next generation CETO 5 unit was installed off Garden Island in late 2014 with the Project expected to be producing power in 2015.
In May 2012, the PWEP was awarded a $13.1 million Australian Federal Government grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s Emerging Renewables Program (ERP). This is matched with grant funding from Government of Western Australia’s Low Emissions Energy Development (LEED) Program. The WA funds will come from Carnegie’s existing $10 million State Government funding agreement which was previously used for the commercial CETO unit demonstration in 2011.
The CETO Desalination Plant is 50% funded through a $1.27m AusIndustry grant from the Clean Technology Innovation Program and involves the design and construction of a CETO Desalination Plant which will desalinate seawater to produce freshwater. The plant will be directly powered by CETO hydraulic energy from an offshore CETO system. The aim is to demonstrate that CETO wave energy driven seawater desalination has the potential to significantly and sustainably reduce the amount of electricity consumed, and hence the associated greenhouse gas emissions produced, by seawater desalination. [end excerpt]


"Potential for abuse isn't grounds for us to deny a label," Hogue said. Excuse me. but isn't that why drugs are put on controlled substances lists?
* "Powdered Alcohol Gets Green Light From Feds" (2015-03-11, AP newswire) []

articles recommended by the Committee for
Protect Earth's Sentient Life!

This is not graphic or gory -- but no less deplorable. Apparently, this is in Oregon. Each crate has a calf in it, removed from their mother one hour after they were born. The mother had enough time to clean up the birth, lick, smell and initially bond with the calf, before they were taken away to live in boxes. Death will ensue in approximately six weeks. Until then, here they remain, unable to move, so as to make their meat 'tender.' Then they become veal steaks. Please everyone, for the sake of all -- go vegan.


[UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.comCurrent trends among fascists, monopolists, and their vanguards.

* "White House office to delete its FOIA regulations" (2015-03-16, [] [begin excerpt]: The White House is removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act, making official a policy under Presidents Bush and Obama to reject requests for records to that office. The White House said the cleanup of FOIA regulations is consistent with court rulings that hold that the office is not subject to the transparency law. The office handles, among other things, White House record-keeping duties like the archiving of e-mails. But the timing of the move raised eyebrows among transparency advocates, coming on National Freedom of Information Day and during a national debate over the preservation of Obama administration records. It's also Sunshine Week, an effort by news organizations and watchdog groups to highlight issues of government transparency. "The irony of this being Sunshine Week is not lost on me," said Anne Weismann of the liberal Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW. [end excerpt]

In the USA, fascists who uphold their economic and cultural dictatorship are embedded even among so-called "liberal" news media, and they are noticeable when they attack anti-fascists who are considered liberal. Yes, fascist "liberals" show their true colors when they attack actual liberals, or, in this case, a "Left-of-Center" lawmaker named Cynthia McKinney, who writes (2015-03-11) []:  John McCain meets with and boosts terrorists--that's OK; I write one sentence about a funny French comedian and Jon Stewart, and it's a headline in a leading political rag. Funny how that works . . .
* "Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney boosts French comedian with anti-Semitic history" ( [].

Comfortable middle-class members of the dominant culture place importance on symbols over and above freedom itself, a common deception to shame whom they view as ideological opponents. For example, in the following example, a fascist is promoting the false reasoning that "Our Flag is the reason for your Freedom!", a baseless motto that does not recognize the sacrifices of all those who gave their lives to uphold, and expand, that freedom, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Huey P. Newton, agriculture worker's union organizers who face death squads in the USA, etc.
Photo from [], caption: University of California, Irvine student Patrick Lim, 22, left, gets a lecture about the American flag from Carol Schlaepfer, 76, of Pomona, during a pro-flag rally in Anteater Plaza Tuesday, March 11, 2015 in Irvine, Calif.

* "Clueless Conservatives: Lack Of Flag Waving At Selma Anniversary The ‘True Problem’ In America ; Some conservatives seem to think that by buying a flag at Walmart and waving it around it makes them 'true Americans' " (2015-03-11) [] []

* "GOP Budget Slashes Tax Rates for the 1 Percent, Safety Net for Everyone Else" (2015-03-17, [] [begin excerpt]:
Revealing their commitment to ravaging critical safety net programs while accommodating corporations and the ultra-wealthy, the Republican-controlled House unveiled on Tuesday a budget proposal (pdf) that would undermine both Social Security and Medicare, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and prioritize tax cuts for the one percent—all while boosting defense spending.
The U.S. Senate, also majority Republican, is expected to introduce similar legislation on Wednesday.
According to news reports, the initial proposals, authored by House Budget Committee chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.) and Senate Budget Committee chairman Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), seek to balance the federal budget over 10 years, without raising taxes. To achieve those goals, the plans are expected to include $5 trillion in cuts to domestic programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Pell grants, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps, over the course of the next decade.
It would provide $90 billion in additional war funding—much more than the $51 billion proposed by President Barack Obama—while pushing cuts to renewable energy incentives and climate change programs and repealing parts of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.
In his breakdown of intra-party budget battles, Dave Johnson of the Campaign for America's Future noted that despite any splits over specifics, the governing majority has one common desire.
"All of these Republican factions want the government cut back," Johnson wrote. "None of them care about investing in infrastructure, investing in science, investing in education, expanding health care and safety-net programs for people who need it, or otherwise helping the public."
[end excerpt]

* "Tenn. GOPer slams Volkswagen: Creating 200,000 jobs is ‘intentionally’ a ‘magnet for unionized labor’ " (2015-018, []
Tennessee Republican state Sen. Bo Watson warned on Tuesday that a plan to bring 200,000 jobs to his state was a “magnet for unionized labor, intentionally.”
According to Chattanooga Times Free Press, Watson told the state Senate Commerce Committee that approving $165.8 million in tax incentives for Volkswagen was dangerous because unions could change the “culture” of Tennessee.
“I hope the committee will take some time to fully vet this incentive offer,” Watson advised. “At the end of the day, we can have no buyer’s remorse.”
“The incentive, no doubt, will create about 200,000 jobs directly, and countless more indirectly,” he admitted. “It will give southeast Tennessee a big foothold in the automotive industry, particularly in research and development. And it will allow the development of a new line of Volkswagen vehicles, particularly the SUV.”
But Watson asserted that the threat of organized labor unions might not be worth the benefits that Volkswagen would bring to the state.
“VW is a magnet for organized labor, intentionally,” he opined. “I believe this committee should know and understand what Volkswagen’s position is on this issue, both here and in Germany.”
The Chattanooga Republican turned to several Volkswagen officials and demanded that they explain why the vice chairman of VW’s European and Global Group Works Council had pledged to spread the United Auto Workers “far beyond Tennessee.”
David Geanacopoulos, the CEO of Volkswagen Group of America’s Chattanooga operations, explained to Watson that VW Works Council was an elected organization that was mandated by German law and that it was independent from company management.
“We believe it is a question for our employees to decide,” Geanacopoulos said. “We have actually established a new policy in the company that allows us to have conversations with any labor organization that has support from our workforce. Not about collective bargaining. It’s not about union representation.”
Watson agreed that Volkswagen had been “nothing more than transformational” for the Chattanooga area.
“There is no doubt about that. Our city, our county, the surrounding counties have been incredibly impacted,” the lawmaker noted. “Mostly for the positive, but that transformation can also involve other aspects of our communities and our culture.”
In the end, Watson declined to support the tax incentives and abstained from voting. The remaining members of the committee approved the measure by a vote of 8-0.
Watch the video below from the Tennessee Legislature, broadcast March 18, 2015.

* "Evangelicals Aim to Mobilize an Army for Republicans in 2016" (2015-03-15, []
Evangelicals are very effective. In 1979, they mobilized around a divorced/re-married Hollywood actor who didn't go to church whose nutjob wife consulted Ouija Boards and fortune tellers, OVER a Southern Baptist Sunday School teacher peanut farmer from Plains. LOL

* "How to Become a Conservative in Four Embarrassing Steps" (2015-03-09) [] []

If they don't feel stupid, they should, especially intelligent people who believe the kind of propaganda that has set a majority of the people in over half of the 50 states into a fascist-like frenzy against the captive nations (New Africans, especially), the Left (socialists) and religious minorities (Muslims).

Legislate USA companies to pay foreign laborers a USA minimum wage? a political comic from Neal Adams []

THIS VIDEO WAS BANNED from YouTube after Shell and Formula 1 told Google to take it down ( So now here it is. SHARE it as widely as you can to tell Shell and Bernie Ecclestone they can't censor us, and that our campaign to Save The Arctic will only get stronger. Join us here []

[FifthWorldNews.blogspot.comDocumenting Nations and Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations. USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) [.pdf link]: "The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence." Legal mandate set by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) []: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence."

* "Pit River Tribe Rallies to Protect Medicine Lake" (2015-03-17, []

Fascism is for the benefit of the economic dictatorship, whereby entire regions have been made deserts for the purpose of enhancing the private wealth of individuals.

* "The United States of TTIP: A Big Business Constitution for Europe" (2015-03-12) [] []


Mr Failed State: Bernard-Henri Levy - One of the western creators of ISIS and Boko Haram and a buddy of fascist Ukraine President Poroshenko.

Weapons for a New World Order
* "Airbus Defence and Space announces Skynet 5 satellite move to deliver military satcom over Asia-Pacific region" (2015-03-17, []

* "Operation to 'unblock' censored blogs in Russia, China" (2015-03-12, AFP newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: The Reporters Without Borders group on Thursday launched an operation to "unblock" censored websites in 11 countries, including China, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
RSF said the project, dubbed "Operation Collateral Freedom", will be maintained "for several months."
The group has created "mirror copies" of nine websites and placed them with hosts using cloud computing services provided by Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
"The countries concerned could block these services but almost certainly will not. Blocking Amazon or Microsoft or any major cloud computing service provider would cripple the thousands of tech companies that use them every day," RSF said in a statement.
"The economic and political cost of blocking the mirror sites would therefore be too high."
[end excerpt]

* "3D Printer for Small Molecules Opens Access to Customized Chemistry" (2015-03-12) [] []

* "Design and build of synthetic DNA goes back to 'BASIC' " (2015-03-10, []

* "Democratizing synthetic biology" (2015-03-05, [] [begin excerpt]: Scientists grow, harvest, and reprogram proteins to become new drug therapeutics, environmentally friendly fuels, and vaccines. Producing proteins quickly and in large quantities has been and remains a major challenge in the field. "There's an increasing demand for cost-effective, scalable, highly yielding systems to make proteins," said Northwestern University synthetic biologist Michael Jewett. "We want to address this need, which could help lead to new targeted therapies that attack disease or enzymes that make sustainable chemicals."
An assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering in the McCormick School of Engineering, Jewett and his team have pioneered a new protein production method that is faster and cheaper than ever before, making synthetic biology research more accessible for laboratories everywhere - even in high schools. Supported by DARPA and the Army Research Office, the research is published in the March 2015 issue of Scientific Reports. Yong Chan Kwon, a postdoctoral associate in Jewett's lab, coauthored the paper. [end excerpt]

* "Optical fibres light the way for brain-like computing" (2015-03-10, []

* "Meet DARPA’s WildCat: A free-running quadruped robot that will soon reach 50 mph over rough terrain" (2013-10-04) [] []

* "Meet DARPA’s real-world Terminator, Atlas" (2013-07-12) [] []

* Million dollar personal defense Kuratas Robot [], produced by Suidobashi Heavy Industry []. Article announcing its debut (2012)[] []

#OPDeathEaters []
Republican Who Gave Daughter To Rapist Had Exorcisms Performed To Get Rid Of Scary Demons
Arkansas State Rep. Justin Harris, who "rehomed" his children to a rapist, also had "exorcisms" performed on the "possessed" children, whom he would lock in their...


Provided by Northbay MDS Committees, the Solano Peace, Justice & Freedom Coalition, and Dawnstar INC's 5th World News service.

United States of Mexico 

* "How the Cartels Were Born: What’s known as the “Mexican Drug War” was fueled by American free-market policies" (2015-03-16) [] []

Republic of El Salvador 
The are approximately 600,000 Indigenous Peoples, including the Nahua, Lenca, Pipil, and Mayan Kakawiru Chorti, living in El Salvador today, constituting 10 percent of the population. Indigenous Salvadorans are typically among the poorest and lack basic services.

* "A Journey through Indigenous Communities in El Salvador" video []

* "Newly Recognized Indigenous Rights: A Dead Letter?" (2015-03-06, []

* "1932: The Massacre in El Salvador" ( [] [begin excerpt]: During “La Matanza” anyone wearing indigenous dress or anyone simply thought to be associated with the rebellion was shot. In some cases, whole villages disappeared. Exact figures have never been known, but the death toll is estimated between 10,000 and 30,000 people. The dictatorship insisted that only 2000 were killed. For El Salvador’s indigenous population, the effects of the massacre went far beyond the immediate death toll. As it became increasingly dangerous to be identified as indio (Indian), traditional dress, language and customs largely disappeared. [end excerpt]

* "Technical problems delay El Salvador vote results" (2015-03-02, AFP newswire) []

* "Transnational Gang Transfer: El Salvador and the United States" []

Republic of Nicaragua 
* "Scientists question rush to build canal" (2015-03-04, []

Republic of Honduras
[ of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.

* "Jeffrey Payette: Skirmisher of Euromaidan" (2015-03-12) [] [begin excerpt]: The Ukraine crowns Pyatt’s résumé which includes such iconic service posts as Honduras, Pakistan, Hong Kong and India. Pyatt’s diplomatic career began in Honduras, in the year 1990, where he worked as a commercial relations officer as well as a vice consul. His appeared in Honduras when that impoverished Central American state was engulfed in a sea of change: Rafael Leonardo Callejas Romero became the country’s president.
Soon after his first term Romero was accused of abuse, electoral fraud, corruption, and other sins from America’s holy manual of democracy. The good thing for Romero was that a judge has cleared him of most charges later on. But while he ran the show Honduran economy was liberalized, packs of multinationals descended on the hapless country and as an expression of inexplicable and sudden affection for Honduras the US wrote off 430 million from the nation’s debt. In the year 1990, that’s the year when Geoffrey R. Pyatt began working in Honduras while Romero became its president, the latter opened a special account that was used as a depository of what was then classified as dirty money, payments which included funds from Texaco, a US-based oil corporation. The bad news for Romero, his US employees have fired him after the end of his term. Jeff Pyatt, the commercial liaison officer and the vice consul must have known everything, after all Romero’s entry visa was revoked under clause 212F, which stands for a person who is deemed to be detrimental to US interests but is conventionally used for chastising Third World officials with charges of corruption. [end excerpt]

South Comm commander John F Kelly presents his views on Central America. In another article by Cholusat Sur, it is claimed that the US treats JOH like a child. Sources in Spanish: (1) [], (2) [], (3) [].

As a reaction to the protest during the last days, the Honduran government had several schools militarized. The young students, meanwhile, announced that they would stop their protest for six days. Sources in Spanish: (1) [], (2) [].

The protest by young students continues in Honduras' streets. According to Cholusat Sur, two of them were hurt by police agents. Sources in Spanish: (1) [], (2) [].

Transit Police officers threaten critical journalists in Choluteca with decommissioning their driver's licenses. Source in Spanish [].

C-Libre denounces a fail assassination attempt against the journalist Hector Madrid. At the same time, the press speaker of Fusina apologized for the aggressions of Military Police agents against employees of Televicentro. Sources in Spanish (1) [], (2) [].

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 
* Letter to the People of the United States: Venezuela is not a threat Send to friend Printer-friendly version By NICOLAS MADURO & THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF VENEZUELA (2015-03-17, []

* "Venezuela Sounds Alarm after Obama Invokes International Emergency Act" (2015-03-10, [] [begin excerpt]:
Venezuelan foreign minister Delcy Rodriguez sent an alert to international solidarity groups this afternoon, indicating that recent actions taken by the US government are meant to justify "intervention," and do not correspond with international law. The warning came within 24 hours of an address made by US president Barack Obama, in which Venezuela was labeled an "unusual and extraordinary threat to [US] national security". While slapping a new set of sanctions on the South American nation, Obama declared a national emergency, invoking the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) against Venezuela. [end excerpt]

* "Obama declares Venezuela ‘extraordinary threat’ to U.S. national security" (2015-03-10, []

* "(USA) NED Official Meets with Venezuelan Opposition Figures" (2015-03-12) [] []

* "Hooded Militants Launch Molotov Attack on Bolivarian University in Tachira State" (2015-03-17, []

* "Venezuelan teen dies after being shot at anti-Maduro protest" (2015-02-25, Reuters newswire) [].
Venezuela immediately arrested a cop who killed a protester during a violent altercation. If this had happened In the U.S., the cop would still be free and there would be a Grand Jury to see if any charges would be brought. In Venezuela, the cop is in jail and the justice system has already announced that he will be put on trial.
The cop is alleged to have inadvertently killed a protester during a melee in which hooded protesters surrounded cops and attempted to take possession of police motorcycles. According to Reuter's report, the cop is alleged to have fired a rubber bullet into the ground and the bullet ricocheted up and killed the protester. The protester was a teen of only 14 years of age.

* "Venezuelan Social Movements Take to the Streets to Oppose U.S. Aggression" (2015-03-13) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
Venezuelan social movements converged in Plaza Venezuela in the center of the capital on Thursday to manifest their firm rejection of the latest round of U.S. sanctions.
Olenia Quintana, 32, of the Pioneers Encampment collective challenged what she perceives to be a clear double standard underlying the U.S president's accusations.
"If you're talking about human rights, the first thing that Obama needs to do in his country is revise all of the laws. [The United States] is the only country [in the hemisphere] with the death penalty. Here there is no death penalty."
This critique has been repeated on numerous occasions by President Nicolas Maduro who has denounced the U.S. government's human rights record vis-a-vis its own people.
On Monday, the Venezuelan leader called on Obama to defend the rights of U.S. citizens, including "Black people killed in U.S. cities every day, the thousands of people who don't have a place to sleep and die of cold on the streets of New York, Boston, or Chicago, and those detained in Guantánamo." [end excerpt]

* "U.S. sanctions against Venezuela draw objections worldwide" (2015-03-13, [] [begin excerpt]:
An appeal for support from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro got an immediate positive response.  Governments of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua, all linked to Venezuela through the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) issued  support statements denouncing Obama's announcement and especially the sanctions, as did Argentina and the People's Republic of China, a major rival of the United States in South American trade.
President Rafael Correa of Ecuador said, "It must be a bad joke, which reminds us of the darkest hours of our America, when we received [sic] invasions and dictatorships imposed by imperialism."
UNASUR (The Union of South American Nations), which includes every independent country in South America, had already moved to help Venezuela by organizing trade support to remedy some of the food scarcities which, along with inflation and dropping oil prices, are currently a source of disquiet. Also, UNASUR had assigned its Secretary General, former Colombian President Ernesto Samper, to talk to the Venezuelan government and its opponents for purposes of tension reduction. After Obama's action on Monday, UNASUR passed a resolution condemning any outside intervention in Venezuela's internal affairs. UNASUR will have a special emergency meeting on Mar. 14.
[end excerpt]

* "Maduro wins decree powers to fight ‘U.S. imperialism’ " (2015-03-15, [] [begin excerpt]: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Sunday was given the right to rule by decree for nine months, as he continued to capitalize on the backlash created by recent U.S. sanctions. In a raucous session full of chanting and blistering speeches, the National Assembly, which is controlled by the ruling party, passed the "Anti-Imperialist Enabling Law for Peace." The law, which gives Maduro the ability to bypass congress in issuing security and defense legislation through December, is expected to go into effect Monday when it's published in the official gazette.
In particular, Venezuela and other regional governments have been alarmed by the language in President Barack Obama’s March 9 executive order. The document declared a “national emergency” — a prerequisite to enacting sanctions — and called Venezuela a threat to U.S. national and foreign interests.  
On Saturday, the Union of South American Nations, or UNASUR, demanded that Washington retract the executive order because it represented a “threat” to sovereignty and to the “principal of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states.” 
Bolivian President Evo Morales, a Caracas ally, said Washington needed to apologize for the affront or face a backlash during the Summit of the Americas, which will be held next month in Panama.
Building on that idea, Maduro on Sunday said the leaders of the nine-member ALBA group of nations, which includes Cuba and Nicaragua, will be meeting in Caracas on Tuesday to form a common front against the U.S. at the summit.[end excerpt]

Federation of Brazil 
* "Landless Brazilians in GM eucalyptus protest" (2015-03-06, AFP newswire) []

* adapted from "Libya and Ukraine, same fate", (2015-03-19, text by Konstantin):
Today, 4 years ago, 19th March 2011, NATO with Gulf monarchies began to bomb prosperous socialist state of the Jamahiriya of Libya under pretext of "defend civilians". NATO actually pretends to defend "revolutionaries from bombings by Libyan air forces", this false claim never having been proved. The mainstream media and western human rights organizations created a fake reality in order to justify bloody overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, and the legitimate government of Libya. Almost 200 thousands Libyan civilians died during the NATO bombings, 34% (2 million) of the Libyan population is now in exile, African non-Arab people are targets for racism in Libya. Robberies, rapes, tortures and executions have become daily routine from first days of so called Arab spring in the Libya. And this is still going on...
The world mainstream media keeps silenttu about Libya, because "to there came democracy after victory over dictator Muammar Gaddafi at October 2011". Nobody from West (EU / USA) never dare to admit that they deliberately destroyed the country that was going to create the African Union with its own African currency and a bank.
Now in the Libya region there are 2 governments, including an ISIS state in part of territory and horror everyday, thanks to Western democracy.
Muammar Gaddafi didn't bomb our own cities, but NATO created faked evidences and bombed Libya at 2011 under pretext to defend civilians. When the new puppet regime of Libya bombed  Werfalla tribe and the city of Ben-Walid at October 2012, nobody said any word against war crimes commit by Libyan pro-Western regime.
In the spring - autumn 2014, Kiev junta regime bombed residential areas and civilian infrastructure in former East of Ukraine. Where was NATO with its wish "to defend civilians" at any country?
In the first photo you see destruction of the city Sirte, made by NATO forces, photo was made at end of October 2011. Source of 1st photo is EPA newswire.
In the second photo you see result of attack of Islamists (ISIS) on police office in the area Dahmani of the city Tripoli, photo was made at 12th March 2015. Source of second photo []


[], with the Green Charter Committee, for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "African Human Rights Body Warns the World Bank on Proposals to Reverse Decades of Advancement in Protection of Indigenous Peoples' Rights" (2015-03-12, Forest Peoples Programme) []

European Union (EU)
* "EU unveils plans for historic single energy market" (2015-02-25, AFP newswire) []

* "The European Union’s military: yet another sign of impotence" (2015-03-10) [] [begin excerpt]: First, take a look at this graph showing the financial contribution made by each NATO member state in 2013:

Clearly, the US pays the lion share and, if we add it’s European poodle (the UK), the “Anglo share” becomes even bigger.  But that is not the full story.  Let’s take the next two (and pretty much only other) relevant countries, Germany and France.  Not only is their financial contribution very small, their national armies are a total mess.
What about the rest of NATO you might ask?
They are even a more pathetic joke than France and Germany.  The only real military left over is Turkey’s which will never agree to participate to such a force and which will probably not be invited anyway (there is a reason why the Europeans never let “then Muslims” inside the EU to begin with!).  Then we are left with a few semi-decent air forces and navies, but with no real combined-arms capabilities.  Finally, all of Europe has always depended on the USA for intelligence, in particular battlefield intelligence.  So even these air forces and navies are, in reality, totally dependent on Uncle Sam. [end excerpt]
* "Germany to send 500 troops for drills in Lithuania" (2015-03-17, AFP newswire) []

What's that stench? It's GENERAL ODIERNO and his candy-coated dreams of the hell of War in Europe!
* "Top U.S. General Takes Tough Stance on Russia on Overseas Trip" (2014-11-04, []: [begin excerpt] The U.S. Army's top general took a tough stance on Russia while visiting a multinational military exercise with NATO partners on Tuesday. "It is important to show Russia and others that we're united in our training and building interoperability with each other and building strength," Gen. Raymond Odierno, chief of staff of the U.S. Army, told reporters. Odierno highlighted concerns European partners had over a recent string of flights by Russian aircraft. NATO warned last week of an "unusual level or air activity" by Russian military aircraft over European air space. So far this year, NATO forces have conducted more than 100 intercepts of Russian aircraft, about three times more than in 2013. [end excerpt]

Satire of old "Odorino" from Brain Food #11 comix, read more fun at []:

When Genocide becomes a "Sanction": "The only way the US can have any effect is to start killing Russians!" - United States Army Major-General Robert H. "Bob" Scales Jr.

* "'Start Killing Russians': Outrageous Outburst by Fox News Military Analyst" (2015-03-11, []. Robert Scales, a retired US major general and a Fox News military analyst, provided his view on the US involvement in Ukraine, describing it as a “game, set and match” situation; “the only way the US can have any effect in the region is to start killing Russians,” he stated.


Republic of France
* "Far-right Front National: from protest vote to 'first party in France'?" (2015-03-19, []

Republic of Ukraine 
* "Czech ex-leader says Russia not responsible for Ukraine crisis" (2015-03-19, []

* "Fruits of Western democracy: the destruction of utility systems" (2015-03-16) []:
In the Kiev, a large number of green reagent with hot water came in the sewer system and to the river Lybid (Swan). This reagent is used to detect water leaks in the utility systems. It remains unknown why so many hot water with green reagent came into the sewer system. The main utility lines located underground in the soil and hot water in this amount can not enter the sewage system due to rupture of the pipe.
Residents of the city of Kiev joke that so City Hall of Kiev prepares for St. Patrick's Day and that may appear Ninja Turtles from comic book on the streets of Kiev.
Kiev junta which robs and destroys Ukraine don't repair municipal utility systems and therefore accidents and leaks of various substances in the rivers of Ukraine will continue.
Source of photo, page of diggers from Kiev [].

* "Radio Liberty Fires Reporter for Video of Civilians Killed by Kiev Forces" (2015-03-15, []

* "Ukrainian Parliament passed a law imposing a 20% tax for charity" (2015-03-14) [] [].
This law was passed by the Parliament of the junta at the request of the IMF, 20% of the collected various charitable organizations and individuals of things you have to pay the failed state Ukraine, to Kiev junta pocket actually. This law came into force from past yesterday, 13th March 2015
In fact "democracy" which came to such states as Libya and Ukraine, is the "democracy" which really want to have Western regimes in own countries.

* (2015-03-17, original article [], translated [] [begin excerpt]: Yesterday, 20 year thug of "Right Sector", who back from occupied territories, tried to come into dormitory of university in the city Lviv and wounded 4 students by knife. But the behavior of the fascists in their native land of the western or central Ukraine clearly shows what kind of "habits" they have acquired. Member of the fascist organization Right sector tried to come into university dormitory in the city of Lviv. He going to chasing female students, because a fascist who raped girls in occupied territories wanted to get a girl in western Ukraine. Students who were near entry didn't allow him to come in, then fascist wounded by knife 4 students... Svetlana Dobrovolska, the spokesman for the Interior Ministry in the Lviv confirmed that the detainee was dressed in camouflage, while information that attacker is fighter from ATO ["AntiTerrorist Operation", war of Kiev junta in former East of Ukraine], she says that it is reviewing.
Meanwhile, the "Right Sector" confirmed that the detainee is ATO fighter. "The guy who wounded students truly is Ukrainian fighter of Volunteer Corps of Right Sector ", who is literally a day or two ago returned from the front - the village "Peski". There he received a concussion in the head. Now he is in a mental hospital for examination, "- said in a commentary Taras Kuziakiv, spokesman of "Right Sector in the Lviv " Then he added that such behavior they explain the fact that after returning from the East guy was mentally unstable. Suspect detained in order art. 208 (detention by authorized person) of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. Then he was sent for the tests." Photo below is shoot from the short video made near hospital, to there was drove young thug of "Right Sector". His face was covered in the video. [end excerpt]


* (2015-03-17) []:
Today employees of the Odessa oil refinery picketed the building of the Odessa regional state administration demanding to pay attention to their problems. People haven’t received their salaries since August, as the refinery was captured by the gunmen funded by oligarch Igor Kolomoysky. Employees said that they are selling their properties in order to earn some money. Children of some employees don’t even go to school, because there is no money to pay a fare. According to them, the situation in the refinery can cause an industrial disaster, because gunmen are always present there, and security and fire control systems haven’t been checked on time. [end article]
Comments include:
"But Kolomoisky does take out the oil stored there, to refine it at his other refinery and sell it. One train stealing the oil had a small explosion but it only holed one tanker wagon. Maybe they need more wagons leaking. " "This is happening all over the Western Ukraine. Miners also have not been paid for months yet the government has money to burn on arms. Hopefully there will be a real uprising in the country sooner rather than later."

* "News of Democracy: beatings and attempt to kidnap at daylight" (2015-03-18) original [], translated [], video [] [begin excerpt]: Everything happened in full view of many witnesses. Bystanders, ordinary residents of city Lutsk stood up for me and began to defend me from the attackers, shouting "What are you doing bandits? You already have done a lot of grief in the country, and beaten people right now in broad daylight!"
My kidnapping in April, 2014 and now today was done the same citizens: the organizer - fascist Pavel Danilchuk, the MP of Lutsk city council, and performer in both cases is Sergei Merchuk. These people have planned the kidnapping: Danilchuk publicly on February 19, 2014, in a Hall of Volyn Regional State Administration that he would lynch me and said that he'll personally find to lynch me.
I declare that only the intervention of ordinary residents of Lutsk preserved my life, they didn't give to these bandits inflict brutal massacre. [end excerpt]

* (2015-03-17, original article [], translated [] [begin excerpt]:
Inhabitants of Odessa, protesting against rising prices for public transport, firstly staged a rally at the intersection of the streets Preobrazenskaya and Deribasovskaya, and after would get to City Hall and stage a picket. But they were stopped by strange men in the camouflage.
Protest march gathered mainly representatives of public organization "Independent resistance" and nationwide independent trade union "Protection of labor".
At the area of the protest appeared strange young men in black and camouflage uniforms, which initially blocked the protesters way to City Hall, and after took them into the ring, trying to interfere with the march. Police has decided don't intervene and took the position of observers.
The police officers answered that they don't know who are these thugs. However, they stated that these people [thugs] have the right to block the rally. Full responsibility for the failure of the march was imposes on the police by Ischenko [leader of march].
Eugene Rezvushkin, the leader of the Odessa "AutoMaidan" , said that the protesters "rocking" the situation in the city and all they need to diverge and there is nothing here to hold a meeting. Protesters shout in answer: "Power to millions, not the millionaires!".
After that, "on the scene" appeared Sergei Gutsalyuk, odious member of party "Udar" (Klitchko) in Odessa. He said that the organizers of the march act in the interests of the Russian Federation. [end excerpt]


* "Kherson People's Republic has already appeared. On the Ukrainian hryvnia" (translated 2015-03-16, [] (original 2015-03-14, []:

The appearance of KhNRA considerable amount of the hryvnia bills appeared in money turnover in outlets (shops and markets) In Kherson having text on them: Novorossia, Kherson People's Republic.
This text is not stamped on the fake, but the real bills, moreover, on the most popular nominal: one, two and five hryvnias, respectively.
Provincial Department of the National Bank of Ukraine warned residents of Kherson region: they should not take this money.
"The unauthorized labels or stamps of any content are signs of intentional damage of banknotes. And damaged banknotes will be accepted by neither banks nor the NBU ", the head of the NBU in the Kherson region Andrey Gradil scared the citizens.
However, the damaged banknotes of the national currency are required to be taken at any bank, and absolutely for free (according to the decree 547 of NBU "On approval of determining the validity and exchange of banknotes and coins of the National Bank of Ukraine").
However, banks are doing it unwillingly, because they are not allowed to take a commission for the operation, and they should transport the damaged money to the National Bank at their own expense.

* "Carpatho-Russians demanded autonomy from Kiev" (translated 2015-03-16, [], (original 2015-03-14, []

Ukraine officially plans to destabilize the Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya, and to blame their victims!
The Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) today (March 19th) passed a law that allows the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) to carry out terrorist acts on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk republics. For this, the terrorists of the SBU will have uniforms of the armed forces of Donetsk and Lugansk republics, quote (2015-03-19, [] [begin translated excerpt]: Rada allowed the Ukrainian intelligence pretending to be terrorists.The Rada adopted the Law on the Intelligence of Ukraine, which allowed the Ukrainian intelligence to penetrate terrorist organizations. Ukrainian law allows exploration to purchase and use technical means of intelligence and special technical means to penetrate the international terrorist, criminal groups or organizations, and organizations engaged in subversive activities against Ukraine, with a view to preventing or stopping their illegal activities and to identify persons that they promote. As said Pashinskiy [Sergey Pashinskiy, MP from party Klitchko and author of law] it allow actually carry out special operations in the occupied territories. [end translated excerpt]
According to Markiyan Lubkivskiy, speaker of SBU, during a press conference, an Operation "Muraveynyk" (Anthill) is being prepared by "terrorist operatives" and by "Russian special services", quote (2015-03-19, [] [begin translated excerpt]: "...March 20 in Donetsk is to be made a special operation Muraveynyk ("Anthill") designed to violate Minsk agreements. This, in particular, according to SBU sources in the leadership of the so-called DPR", said Lubkivskiy. "A number of diversions prepared in Donetsk and Lugansk. Events be immediately picked up by Russian and separatist propaganda media to put the responsibility on the Ukrainian authorities. As conceived by the Russian special services, the next step would be undermining the situation in several major Ukrainian cities in the east", he said. "This situation has provoked a starting point for recovery separatists unilaterally combatants", warned Lubkivskiy... [end translated excerpt].

* "Just Because Russian Army Isn't There, Doesn't Mean US Won't See It" (2015-02-12, []

"True Lies": There was no coup against democracy in Ukraine (it's a Russian lie)... there are no fascists at all anywhere in Ukraine (it's Putin Propaganda)... there is no such thing as an ethnic Russian in Ukraine (they are all invaders)...
* "Putin: Russia prepared raising nuclear readiness over Crimea" (2015-03-15, AP newswire) [] [begin excerpt]:"We never thought about severing Crimea from Ukraine until the moment that these events began, the government overthrow," he said, repeating Russia's contention that Yanukovych was the victim of a coup. [end excerpt]
"Russia's Contention"? Really, that's a USA propaganda point. There was a USA-backed coup, but this act is being denied absolutely. For something equally as dismissive, read the following letter, which may seem like a parody, except, this is seriously what domestic fascists are promoting as truth:

* "Poroshenko Calls for Boycott of World Cup 2018 in Russia" (2015-03-15, []

* "New fire training of Airborne Forces of Ukraine, or why Kiev junta always lose" (2015-03-16, by Konstantin): Zhitomir city, failed state Ukraine.
We can see how instructors from NATO and Israel train army of Ukraine, these countries weren't at real war never. I don't want to offend somebody from these countries, but bombing and shelling of weak opponent and finishing wounded people is not a war.
Ukrainian servicemen learning something looks like police sweep of buildings where opponents don't resist seriously.
It is not clear how such training and a police maneuver can help in a real fight in the field.
In the second video You can see same "police" tactic for firing from position.
Perhaps the purpose of instructors from NATO is the destruction of the Ukrainian army, the destruction of the male population loyal to the fascist Kiev junta by Resistance. Only in this way can rationally explained this retarded training.
According to the records of the authors of videos, this video was filmed at Zhitomorskiy military range in March 2015. The videos show training of the 79th airborne brigade.
Videos [] [].

Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya
For more info, with maps, and news links, visit [].

What beautiful city is this? Pre-war Donetsk:

* (2015-03-14, []:
The war in Donbass has been going on for nearly a year. The UN has really become interested in problems of peaceful civilians for the first time. The delegation of representatives of more than 15 different international human rights and humanitarian organizations along with the UN representatives visited Donetsk on the 13th of March. As the guests said, the main purpose of their visit was to see everything with their own eyes. The foreign guests were offered to visit Petrovsky district of Donetsk, which has been regularly mentioned in the military summaries. According to Director of the Operational Division at the UN for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs John Ging, he was quite impressed by the scale of destruction, so he’d remember it for a long time.
After making a “tour” of the city, the delegations met with the Chairman of the DPR National Council Andrey Purgin and the DPR human rights ombudswoman Darya Morozova. Andrey Purgin and Darya Morozova told them about all the problems of Donbass.
The delegations thanked the DPR authorities for having an open dialogue and providing security. They expressed hope for further cooperation. The delegations said that the trip considerably improved their image of the plight of people in Donbass. They didn’t answer why Donbass attracted their attention only now, but assured that a helping hand given to Donbass is the first, but very serious step. However, they stressed that it is only about humanitarian aid.
On the 26th of March, the authorized representative of all those organizations, which saw the situation with their own eyes, will arrive in Donetsk. After that, they will begin systematic work on the international humanitarian aid to Donbass.

Ukrainian crisis news
(2015-03-18) []
(2015-03-17) []
(2015-03-16) []

Novorossia State-building Report
(2015-03-13) []
(2015-03-16) []
(2015-03-13) []

* (2015-03-12, []: The opinion poll conducted by the DPR center for sociological research says that the vast majority of the residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic consider Ukraine as an aggressor.
“93,5% of the polled consider Ukraine as an aggressor and agree with the opinion that combat operations in Donbass are a military aggression of Ukraine against its own citizens,” – spokeswoman of the center for sociological research Alina Kolyanova told the journalists on Friday.
“Attempts of the Ukrainian authorities to isolate Donbass by imposing transport and economic blockade have intensified anti-Ukrainian sentiments,” – she noted.
“Over 70% of the polled cannot imagine their future with Ukraine. 19,3% see the future for DPR within Ukraine but as a separate subject in the federation,” – Alina Kolyanova said.
The poll was carried out from the 19th to 23rd of February, 2015.
3217 residents of Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Snezhnoye, Khartsyzsk have been polled.

* (2015-03-15, Novorossia News) []: Since March 15, multicurrency payment system operates in Lughansk People's Republic. Shops, supermarkets, and other points of sale accept cash in hryvnas, roubles, dollars, and euros. The photo is showing “roubles payment“ (roubles and hryvnas) and “multicurrency payment“ (dollars, euros, and hryvnas)

* "The bread-baking complex was kick-started in Debaltsevo" (2015-03-19, [], video []
People are returning back to the native town, the population is now about 10 000 people, the amount is bigger than it was when the town was released.
Zaharchenko told about the situation in the town, ‘Primarily, the water and power supplies are being restored, schools and kindergartens are being repaired and the industry objects are being reconstructed. We will try to make the prices lower in order to provide normal life here’.
One of the most important tasks is to restore the bread-baking complex, and it was fulfilled very quickly. The complex started working on 8th March.
30 people are working there at the moment and 1500 loaves are backed every day from flour obtained with humanitarian aid and 2/3 is given to the population free of charge.
Moreover, dry toasts with dried plums and pastry shop is planned to be started.
* "Debaltsevo: resurrection from the ashes" (2015-03-16) []

* "Our shelter needs dry food very much" (2015-03-15, []

* "Russia’s humanitarian aid convoy heads for Donbass; The convoy consists of more than 170 vehicles carrying over 1,900 tonnes of humanitarian cargos" (2015-03-19, []
* (2015-03-14) []: Humanitarian convoy from Russia to Novorossiya in Lugansk, who brought food, building materials and materials for the planting season. Another convoy from Russia delivered humanitarian aid to Donetsk. 14. March 2015 Video: []

* Photos (2015-03-14, original article [], translated with photos []: Lugansk, Novorossiya.
People of the city of Krasny Luch received humanitarian aid from Russian-speaking residents of the EU countries. The aid was collected in Germany, Ireland and Estonia and delivered to the Lugansk People’s Republic by the “Night Wolves” Russian motorcycle club.
“Collection of humanitarian aid was carried out by the “Dobrosvet” organization, which is represented by the Russians in Estonia. The aid was collected in three countries and then combined into one convoy in Estonia. Due to the sanctions, it was not easy to carry the goods to Russia, that’s why the “Dobrosvet” asked the “Night Wolves” to help. We managed to deliver humanitarian aid with the assistance of the Russian Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation,” – representative of the Donbass department of the “Night Wolves” Alexey Vereschagin said.
The total weight of humanitarian assistance for the residents of Krasny Luch is 15 tones. The aid includes clothing, food products, bed-clothes, infant food and stationery.

* Photos (2015-03-14, original article [], translated with photos []: Lugansk, Novorossiya.
The “Night Wolves” Russian motorcycle club has delivered 3 lung ventilators, medicines and surgical dressing to the Lugansk clinical hospital today.
“We brought the last 3 ventilators of the promised 17. The ventilators were handed over from the Moscow motorcycle center by our leader Alexander “the Surgeon”. We sincerely want to help people of the Lugansk People’s Republic,” – head of the Donbass “Night Wolves” club Vitaly “the Prosecutor” said.
The “Night Wolves” motorcycle club helps Donbass on a regular basis. Therefore, the US imposed sanctions against the club.


* Photos (2015-03-14) []: Donetsk, Novorossiya. Today is a community clean-up day in Donetsk. Kids are also helping to clean up and restore the city.
* Photos (2015-03-14) []: Debaltsevo, Novorossiya. Activists of DPR “Young Republic” non-govermental organization have been helping to restore the Debaltsevo hospital for two weeks in a row. They glazed outpatient, gynecology, resuscitation, surgical and children’s departments, canteen, morgue, day patient department, household rooms of the hospital and maternity welfare center. They also cleaned up the territories adjacent to the hospital and unloaded medicines. The hospital of Debaltsevo is ready to resume its work, thanks to the volunteers.
* Photos (2015-03-14, original article [], translated with photos []: Lugansk, Novorossiya. The head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky visited the clinical oncology hospital to check the last stage of repair and restoration work. “We thank the Russian Federation. They provided us with building materials. This oncology hospital used to be one of the best hospitals in the Lugansk region. Restoration of the hospital could have failed due to a large number of destructions caused by the Ukrainian army. However, medical personnel said that they were ready to work for free in order to open their hospital again,” – Igor Plotnitsky added. According to head doctor Alexander Torba, the hospital admits 520 people. Around 400 patients are currently receiving treatment in there, most of them are people who arrived from cities and town controlled by the Ukrainian army. “Those cities do not have such hospitals and equipment, that’s why people come here,” – he said.
* (2015-03-14, original article [], translated with photos []: Donetsk, Novorossiya.  The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko along with the deputy chairman of the DPR Council of Ministers Alexander Karaman have awarded eight employees of community services with the medals of honour “For Labour Valour”.
“We appreaciate what you do. Some people may think that your work is not important, but they are grossly mistaken. We see a clean city and we have water at home. With all my heart, I congratulate you on your professional holiday. I wish you success, happiness and good health!” – Alexander Zakharchenko said.

* (2015-03-15) photos []: Donetsk, Novorossiya.
Ballroom dancing championship has been held in Donetsk today. 180 children of different cities of the Donetsk People’s Republic took part in it. All of the participants received sweet gifts.

* (2015-03-13, []:

Students of the Institute of Culture and Arts of the Lugansk University named after Taras Shevchenko and students of Donetsk universities went on tour to the Russian Federation. The organizers and initiators of the tour was the Communist Party of Russia. The members of the party absorbed all the costs.
According to students, they didn’t think that their trip would last almost two weeks instead of planned 3-4 days. They gave concerts in 4 cities instead of one. Besides, they had an opportunity to go on excursions.
“The most memorable thing for us was an excursion to the House of Writers of the Russian Federation and a private office of Lyudmila Zykina. Not everyone is allowed to visit her office. We were able to play her piano, read her personal notes and sing in the place where she had spent a lot of time. The feelings we received are incomparable,” – one of Lugansk students said.
The concerts of the Donbass students didn’t leave anyone indifferent in Russia. Students were invited to take part in a concert dedicated to the Victory Day in Tula and Taganrog, and also to go on 2-week tour to North Ossetia and South Ossetia.

* (2015-03-13, Novorossia News): Since 7th of March, a psychological service initiates its work in the town of Debaltsevo. Many residents especially children need professional help to recover their psychical equilibrium after atrocities of war.

The path of truth has never been smooth... especially in the "free world", in "democratic" Europe! - the story of Graham Phillips's fight for a charity event in support of Donbass struggle (2015-03-15) []:
Graham Phillips writes: I've spoken to management at Walkers of Whitehall. After my event was confirmed, they say pro-Ukraine activists flooded pub with threats, including death threats. My Donbass event canceled, WoW online presence removed due to fears from pro-Ukraine terrorists. Understood. I'm now working to confirm a new venue for my Donbass charity event, factoring in the proven presence of pro-Ukraine terrorists in the UK. In the circumstances, in face of threats from pro-Ukraine terrorists, I accept decision of Walkers of Whitehall, and wish them the best.

Phil Butler writes: One has to wonder what sort of pond scum punches so low below the belt? Graham Phillips was trying to set up a charity auction in London when one of the "bull horns" of po'ed (pissed off) fallen Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky dirty tricked Phillips with God knows what leverage on a bar owner in London. Anyhow... the pub where the event was to be held ran like a rabbit when the Khodorkovsky's trolls leaped... the Interpreter reported and boasted later of having disrupted the event... the audacity of these people is pretty amazing. More later... it's just crappy when fighting goes so far below the belt. Phillips is one of only a very few reporters in the world who risked life and limb to tell the dissenting view on Ukraine. The opposition, for all intents and purposes, are pencil neck trolls paid by an ousted Russian Oil Oligarch po'ed because his money pit got filled in by Vladimir Putin.

Have a look at the condition of the Donetsk Svyato-Iversky Women’s Monastery and its cemetery after the US and EU brought democracy here. The Monastery is located next to the Donetsk airport.
More photos before and after at [].


* (2015-03-14, []: The Zasyadko coal mine explosion can be a result of diversion, leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko announced today.
“A probability of a diversion is really high. Two blasts happened almost at the same time. Kind of damage at the area of the second blast allows to conclude that a detonation of explosives happened. The committee is investigating a cause of the accident and a probability of a purposeful explosion”, Zakharchenko said. The accident killed 34 people on March 4.

* (2015-03-19, []: Ukrainian army carried out an artillery attack that resulted in serious damage of the last bridge connecting the Lugansk People’s Republic and Ukraine, the LPR Emergencies Ministry told the Lugansk Information Center.
“The bridge was shelled with tanks and heavy mortars from the village of Bolotnoye, which is under control of the Ukrainian army. We are ascertaining the extent of the damage now. However, whether the bridge can be restored or not, it will become clear only in the morning,” – the LPR rescuers said.

* (2015-03-17,, translation by Novorossia News) []:
On March 17th at 8:10, an explosion of both lines of the railway track at the Yelenovka – Yujnodonbaskaya stage happened, press center of the Donetsk People’s Republic reports.
The territory is controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces. According to data of Ministry of Transport of the DPR, the explosion was committed by the UAF in order to break railway communications between the DPR and Ukraine. The stage is important for goods exchange and Donbas life support.
Yesterday Ministry of Transport of the DPR announced coming soon completion of works on restoration at the track. Today the first run had been planned.


* "DPR PM Zakharchenko: Kiev govt has destroyed Minsk agreements" (2015-03-18) []

* Flag of Novorossiya Confederation at World War II Memorial near strategic height of Saur-Mogila 03/2015, photo []
* "Yulia in War" photos []: Novorossiyas female freedom fighter Yulia Kharlamova in combat, February 2015
* "Women at War: Fightng for Novorossiya, Call-Sign 'Angel' " video [], photos []
* "Granitnoye: a child on the front line" (2015-03-18) []: Last weekend war correspondents arrived to the fighting positions of the DPR Army, to the 1st Slavyansk brigade.

* "Novorossiya: Weapons of victory" Documentary Project
Trailer for the second film, "This is Sparta! Bro." []
* "The frontlines of Novorossiya" (2015-03-10) video []
* "Clashes at Peski area" (2015-03-15/16) video: []
* "Clashes at Shirokino: Attack of the UA terr. def. battalion" []
* "Givi tells about today's assassination attempt on him" (2015-03-19) []
* "War through the eyes of journalists, with Givi at Donetsk Airport" video [], photos []

Flags of Ukrainian forces, captured by Novorossiya Armed Forces

* "Losses of foreign legions and NATO mercenaries in Donbass"
(translated 2015-03-14, [], (original, 2015-03-12, []:
Russian Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences and a member of the Academy of Military Sciences Igor Panarin counted the losses of foreign military as a result of participation in the so-called ATO, in the territory of Donbass. The document published is called: "The losses of foreign mercenaries and NATO troops in Donbass in the period from 2 May 2014 to 15 February 2015". As a result of calculations it became known that the foreign mercenary troops suffered losses of about 1,200 people killed.
The greatest losses among foreign mercenaries operating in the punitive units of Ukrainian junta were suffered by:
- Polish PMC «ASBS Othago» - 394 people (killed and wounded)
- American PMC "Greystone" - 180 people,
- American PMC "Asademi" (until 2009 known as Blackwater) - 269 people.
- Baltic sniper women lost 26 people.
- CIA - 25 people.
In addition, according to some expert data, there were about 25% of the personnel (approximately 2,200 people) of NATO troops and foreign mercenaries as a part of the encircled punitive group in Debaltsevo. This explains the diplomatic activity of the Western leaders and arrival of the leaders of France and Germany in Moscow.
We can assume the losses among NATO military and its allies (killed and wounded) in Debaltsevo pocket:
1. Soldiers of UK Airborne Service - about 20 people
2. The military forces of SOF (Special Operations Forces) of the United States - about 15 people
3. Soldiers of Foreign French Legion - 10 people.
4. Polish military -10 people
4. Soldiers from Israel -10 people.
5. Soldiers from Croatia -10 people.

* (2015-03-16, []:
Since March 15th, 34 violations of the cease-fire were recorded, Ministry of Defence of the DPR reports. The Spartak, Shirokino, Gorlovka settlements were shelled, as well as an area of Donetsk airport and near the village Pieski. Ukranian military used mortars, antiaircraft guns, handheld and automatic grenade launchers. There are no civilian and militiamen fatalities, as is reported

* "Germans are joining the fight in East Ukraine" (2015-03-18) []:
Isolated and marginalized in Germany, ethnic German repatriates from the former Soviet Union are finding a home with Donbass Army. Last summer, German national Vitali Pastuchov travelled 2,500 kilometres from his home in the town of Schweinfurt in central Germany, to the battlefield in eastern Ukraine, Pastuchov was killed by a mortar shell during the battle for the strategic town of Debaltseve on February 12, the same day a ceasefire accord was signed in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. According to an investigation by the German newspaper "Welt am Sonntag," there are more than 100 Germans who, like Pastuchov, have travelled to Ukraine to join the ranks of the Novorossiya army. Most of those combatants are also believed to be ethnic Germans, known as "Spätaussiedler," who left the former Soviet Union or Russia for Germany in recent decades. Of all the Western European countries, Germany received the most migrants from former Soviet states from 1990 onwards, including between 2 and 2.5 million Russian Germans and Spätaussiedler. Ethnic Germans automatically received German citizenship under a special acceptance process. "But a lot of them were disappointed in Germany they were made to feel like second class citizens, much in the same way that Turkish people were.

* "Serbians are in the Army of the DPR" (2015-03-18, [], with the "Russian Gonfalon" flag

"Serbians in Donbass" video interview []


In the area occupied by fascist Ukraine Armed Forces continues the oppression of Novorossians!
* "Lawlessness in the occupied territory: Random Arrests on the Streets of Slavyansk" [] (ENG SUBS)

NEVER FORGET! Children murdered by the US proxi war in Donbass (eastern Novorossiya)

* "Ukraine cops get ‘shoot-to-kill orders’ amid unrest over army hit & run killing of 8 year-old" (2015-03-17, [], photos [].
* "Western Media Ignore Tragedy in Konstantinovka" (2015-03-18) []:
On 16 of March Kiev's soldiers driving through the town at high speed lost control of their vehicle and ran into a crowd of pedestrians, hitting a woman with a baby in a stroller and killing the older girl. 8-year-old girl died on the spot. Western media are ignoring this fact. It prefer be silent instead of disseminate truth. The only way to fight this is share the facts via Social Media. Help dissemiante truth HERE [].

* "Konstantinovka residents fear that Kiev will “sweep under the carpet” the case of Pauline's death. The population is ready to block the route Donetsk – Slavic, and they call for Ukrainian troops' withdrawal from the city" (2015-03-18) []:
Residents of the city Konstantinovka in Donetsk region remained in the streets till nightfall, protesting against the actions of Ukrainian military administration and remembering Pauline, an eight-year old girl who died under the wheels of Ukrainian army armored vehicle.
The population demanded a meeting with the military commandant. The crowd gathered on the streets and pledged to block the route Donetsk - Slavyansk if Kiev remains silent and does not investigate the case of the child's death. Residents of Konstantinovka openly say that they do not trust the Ukrainian authorities. They have witnessed too much street roistering committed by the Ukrainian troops. They are tired of the fact that those responsible for the accident and other violations committed by the Ukrainian forces escape punishment. Not surprisingly they are concerned that the deadly hit of the child by an armored tractor driven by drunken security forces would remain unpunished.
Townspeople are determined not to let it go. They demand to be heard, they demand the withdrawal of the garrison of the MFU from Konstantinovka, and they believe that peace with the Ukrainian security forces would not last long . - “We do not know from whom they are here to protect us. They sit in the rear, and guzzle vodka. They say to us, 'You are not supposed to walk on the sidewalks, you are supposed to hide in the cellars ", - said an indignant rally participant. Note that the picketers today managed to get through on the phone to the commandant .
He promised to meet with them, but never arrived at the place of death of the girl. Those who wanted to act as truce, were ordered to proceed to the Department of the SSU (Security Service of Ukraine). The protesters made it clear to Ukrainian policemen, that they understand what may end this trip. As a result, they decided to walk from the Recreational Centre square, where the meeting began, to the place of eight-year old Pauline's death. On the way they decided to block the route Donetsk - Slavyansk if their demands of justice are not satisfied. More than a hundred participants from different age groups and social status took place in this protest.
People brought flowers and toys to the sidewalk , where AMV crushed the girl. The protest participants shared its coverage in social networks, they use the hashtag "I am Paulina ." People expressed outrage that during a truce in the Donbass children are still dying from Ukrainian security forces actions.

Photo (2015-03-17): Locals in Konstantinovka protest against Kiev occupants after death of 8 year Paulina

* "Drunken Ukrainian soldiers killed child in Constantinovka" (2015-03-16) []:
Amored vehicle of Ukrainian forces with drunken Ukrainian soldiers killed child in Constantinovka (Donetsk oblast). Crowd of angry locals gather at the place where child was killed by UAF vehicle.
Civilians attacked vehicles of Ukrainian forces at night, UAF van and car burning. Ukrainian forces shoot in the air as people demand to hand the murderer to them.

* (2015-03-16) photos [], video (English subtitles) []: The situation in Konstantinovka remains very tense. Residents overturn cars of the Ukrainian servicemen, break windows, burn doors of the quarters of Ukrainian army, and shout anti-junta slogans. According to reports, Ukrainian soldiers opened fire by using small arms. Furious residents are not going to give up.In the video below you can hear people shouting "Get the hell out!", "Donbass is strength!", "Donbass is Russia!"

* "Ukraine: See aftermath of violent riots in Konstantinovka following death of child" (2015-03-17) []

* (2015-03-19) "Fascist regime continue to kidnap members of last protest in the town Konstantinovka", source []:
Today in Kostantinovka unidentified men in uniform (Ukrainian fascists) kidnapped Denis Chubakha, a correspondent for the urban site Kostantinovka, editor Vkontakte group "Kostintinovka - My House." He is the author of the murder scene photos when Ukrainian lightly armored car drove onto the sidewalk and knocked down a woman with two children. Now Kiev junta kidnaps all the protesters and just steals Konstatinovka residents in the streets. Relatives and fellow journalists can not get any clear answers either from the police or other law enforcement agencies of Ukrainian invaders. As always, Western human rights organizations have turned a blind eye to human rights violations committed by the Kiev junta.

from India, Denmark, Italy...


Federation of Russia
* "VTsIOM poll shows over 90 percent of people in Crimea are positive about reunion with Russia" (2015-03-10, []
* "Reunion Day" photos (2015-03-18) []: One Year Anniversary of the Russian Spring in the former Ukraine, the democratic Referendum and the Reunion of Crimea with the Russian homeland.
In Poland, the media (TV and newspapers) says that in the Crimea, no one celebrated, and the demonstrations came to about 1,000 people...

* (2015-03-15) photos at []: Crimea is getting ready to celebrate the 1st anniversary of its reunion with Russia. 2000 children of Simferopol took part in an “It is dedicated to you, Russia!” parade on the 14th of March.
In the beginning of the parade, children accompanied by a brass band marched through the main street of the city. They wore white, blue and red gloves, carried white, blue and red balloons and shouted: “Crimea and Russia are the best! Crimea will succeed with Russia!”
Children also danced and sang. After their musical flashmob, they released balloons into the air. Everyone who came to see the parade was able to eat sweets and participate in the contest of drawings on asphalt.

Danger Russia with The 'Merica Man! - (Episode 2) []
* "Japan ex-PM: no tanks or starving citizens seen in Crimea" (2015-03-11, []

* "Cossack group to unveil bronze bust of Putin as a Roman emperor" (2015-03-19, []
* "Dmitry Medvedev unveils monument to former Russian president Boris Yeltsin" (2011-02-01, [] [begin excerpt]:
The Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, has unveiled a huge monument to former president Boris Yeltsin, the latest stage in a campaign to revive the image of the country's first post-Soviet leader.
"Yeltsin's strength helped us live through a difficult period when the foundation of Russia's statehood was being created," Medvedev said at the ceremony in Yekaterinburg, the Urals city in which Yeltsin was born and launched his political career.
The monument – a white marble obelisk imprinted with Yeltsin's image – stands 33ft (10 metres) tall and is the first major political statue to be unveiled since the Soviet Union's collapse.
"The monument expresses determination and will – the traits that were most characteristic of Boris Yeltsin," Medvedev said.
Most Russians remember Yeltsin otherwise. While he rode to the Kremlin in 1991 as the man who challenged Communist attempts to hold onto power, he is better known for the drunken antics and failed economic policies that marked his later years as president.
Until recently, the Russian leadership remained largely quiet about Yeltsin's legacy. His hand-picked successor, Vladimir Putin, has decried the 1990s as a time of chaos and built his own popularity on crafting a tough and controlled image that contrasts sharply with Yeltsin's.
State-run media have widely reported the celebrations. That may shock most Russians, with some 56% continuing to think Yeltsin did more harm than good for the country, versus 20% who remember the Yeltsin years as a good era, according to 2009 research by Russian pollster VTsIOM.
[end excerpt]

Republic of Iraq


Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
* "Arrest of American Advisors in Iraq Reveals US-ISIL Cooperation: Iranian MP" (2015-03-08, []
* "US, Israeli Advisors Arrested in Iraq’s Offensive on ISIL" (2015-03-07) []

State of Israel, occupied territories, international operations
* "Gaza floods: dispelling the myth about Israeli 'dams' " (2015-02-27, AFP newswire) []
* "Israel says doubling water supplies to Gaza" (2015-03-04, AFP newswire) []

* "Israel uses military expertise to join commercial space race" (2015-03-04, AP newswire) []

* "Why Are US Taxpayers Subsidizing Right-Wing Israeli Settlers?" (2015-03-11) [] []. The USA's act of aiding religious fundamentalists fulfill end-time doctrine is in contradiction to the enshrined "Separation of Church and State".

* "Frantic Bibi Goes Bonkers, Blames International Leftist Plot For His Sagging Poll Numbers" (2015-03-14) [] [] [begin excerpt]: In the wake of terrible polling news for Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party, Bibi is pulling out all the stops in a last-ditch effort to stave off the possibility of an embarrassing performance at the polls on Tuesday. On Friday, the Israeli Prime Minister posted to Facebook, ”Right-wing rule is in danger. Leftist elements and the media in this country and abroad have joined forces to illegitimately bring Tzipi and Bougie (his opposition) to power”. Netanyahu also made similar claims on broadcast radio, suggesting that a leftist conspiracy, funded by unnamed foreign contributors, is seeking to illegitimately influence the Israeli elections to have him ousted as Prime Minister. Netanyahu is going on the attack, after a number of polling organizations released polls showing his right-leaning Likud Party, trailing the centrist Zionist Union Party, in the run-up to the March 17 election. Netanyahu seems to recognize that he is in political jeopardy. His political stunt in the United States, where he addressed members of Congress, has created blowback for him back home. That compounded with other governing failures has Netanyahu growing more desperate.He is ratcheting up his rhetoric in the hopes of scaring Israel’s voters back into the Likud fold. He insisted in a radio interview that voters must select Likud over other right-wing parties to fight off the leftist conspiracy. On an interview with Voice of the South radio, Netanyahu stated: ”The right-wing is splitting. The right-wing must unite behind me and vote Likud.” [end excerpt]

* "Senate panel probing ‎possible Obama administration ties to anti-Netanyahu effort" (2015-03-1-5) [] []

* "Cotton Received More Than $1 Million From Israel Lobby" (2015-03-14, []
* []

Prime Minister Netenyahu (sitting at right) has adherence by State Citizens who are themselves citizens of other states, and who are themselves very influential, such as the founder in the photo, sitting at left, whose company and subsidiaries are strategic partners among all levels of USA military and clandestine security agencies.


Ansarullah Revolutionary Government of Yemen
* "Pentagon loses track of $500 million in weapons, equipment given to Yemen" (2015-03-17, []

Islamic Republic of Iran
* "Iran says ready to let in Google, other Internet firms" (2015-03-01, AFP newswire) []

People's Republic of China  
History & the Current Context []

* "Beijing welcomes Britain's move to join China-backed bank" (2015-03-13, AFP newswire) []

* "Algae.Tec Signs Agreement for Entry into Greater China" (2015-01-13) [] []

* "Chinese debating body chief warns against Western democracy" (2015-03-03, AFP newswire) []
* "China probes foreign textbooks after warning on 'Western values' " (2015-03-17, AFP newswire) []

* "China removes 'thoughts' from terror definition" (2015-02-26, AFP newswire) []

* "Tibetan woman self-immolates in China" (2015-03-09, AFP newswire) []

National Democratic Alliance of Kokang region 
* "China 'concerned' after Myanmar fighting crosses border" (2015-03-10, AFP newswire) []

Occupied State of West Papua 
Free West Papua Campaign []

From ABC Australia. Ending our pragmatic complicity in West Papua. "Why does the Australian government favour Indonesian repression over West Papuan independence?"
With Tony Abbott publicly stating that people who expose the genocide and political fraud in West Papua "are not welcome in Australia", how will Mr Abbott and the Australian government deal with the growing support across Melanesia and around the world for the truth about West Papua to be exposed?
West Papua has a legal right to self determination and independence that was fraudulently violated with the Act of free Choice in 1969.
Given their historical role and critical role in the future, how does the Australian government proceed?
"Australia doesn't have to decide between protecting its security and ending its decades-long complicity in the repression of West Papuans"
"The Australian relationship with Indonesia suffered a serious setback after East Timorese independence but it swiftly normalised - no war was fought. The potential for instability in both West Papua and Indonesia as a result of independence is real, but the support and stabilisation of both states as they transition is not beyond the capabilities of a resolute international community."
"The Australian role in East Timorese independence was undoubtedly the greatest foreign policy achievement of the Howard government. Australia's newly elected Liberal government should give heed to this historical parallel, and begin work to reverse the betrayals which Australia has so pragmatically inflicted on the West Papuan people. It could start by apologising for its historical role in arming Indonesia's repressive military, and reaffirming support for freedom of speech within Australia's borders."
Please read this article from ABC Australia. "Ending our pragmatic complicity in West Papua" (2013-10-28,] []

Australia gives Indonesia 600 million dollars of aid money every year.. It is hard earned taxpayer dollars.. Im sure you are happy to see where your money is going ?.. Very impressive photo..
But Indonesia is now putting on a public power play for all of Asia to see, for all of the world to see.. I was here talking to a Chinese businessman yesterday, he believes Indonesia's number one desire is to invade Australia.. All that military power and somewhere to use it.. This has gone far beyond 2 drug dealers.. Australia you had better stand up and start swinging, because internationally you are being perceived as a country full of weak little bitches.. And that is exactly what Indonesia is trying to do..
Photo showing Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro, from "Military-Owned Businesses Pose Unique Corruption Risks" (2012-01-26, []. Next image (2012-10-05, AFP newswire) []

research from the Committee for the Study of



* "Activists suspect cover-up after files into 1946 Georgia lynching destroyed" (2015-02-17) []

* "The Bengal Famine: How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit"
(2014-08-15) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
“I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.” - Winston Churchill
The British had a ruthless economic agenda when it came to operating in India and that did not include empathy for native citizens. Under the British Raj, India suffered countless famines. But the worst hit was Bengal. The first of these was in 1770, followed by severe ones in 1783, 1866, 1873, 1892, 1897 and lastly 1943-44. Previously, when famines had hit the country, indigenous rulers were quick with useful responses to avert major disasters. After the advent of the British, most of the famines were a consequence of monsoonal delays along with the exploitation of the country’s natural resources by the British for their own financial gain. Yet they did little to acknowledge the havoc these actions wrought. If anything, they were irritated at the inconveniences in taxing the famines brought about. [end excerpt]

* "Police Officer William Bigarani came down hard on beatniks" (2015-03-20, []
* "Beatniks’ battle with S.F. police goes national with poems" (2015-03-20, []
* "The Streets of San Francisco: Policing and the Creation of a Cosmopolitan Liberal Politics 1950 - 1972" book pgs. 41 to 43, by Christopher Lowen Agee, University of Chicago Press [].
Chapter 2: North Beach Beat: Bohemians, Patrol Officers, and Cultural Pluralism -
Wendy Murphy’s troubles began just before 2 a.m. on October 21, 1958, when the thong to her cheap rubber sandals snapped. A twenty-year-old former college student, Murphy had traveled in from Berkeley with two male companions for a night of socializing in North Beach’s bohemian entertainment scene. The trio were heading toward the Co-Existence Bagel Shop for a final drink. Undeterred by her broken shoe, Murphy ditched the footwear and pressed on.
Standing outside the Bagel Shop’s Dutch doors, Patrolman William “Bill” Bigarani monitored North Beach‘s late-night crowds. Over the previous year, the publication of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and Other Poems and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road had identified North Beach as an epicenter of the beat movement. The works rejected many of the racial, sexual, and gender mores of mainstream culture, and now each evening young people streamed into North Beach to flout these boundaries themselves. Patrolman Bigarani, a member of what he termed “the beatnik patrol,” was the young officer tasked with maintaining order over this scene. Bigarani interpreted the directive as a mandate to uphold the city’s traditional behavioral standards. In possession of those assumed powers, the officer now saw a diminutive blonde woman with bare feet coming his way. 
Bigarani stepped between Murphy and the Bagel Shop’s entrance, demanded to see the young woman’s identification, and then ordered her to return to Berkeley. Nervous, Murphy’s male companions urged their friend to retreat, but Murphy threw her arms around a pole and, according to Bigarani, protested, “No **** cop is going to intimidate Inc.” Incensed by her temerity,
Bigarani grabbed Murphy and announced that she was under arrest for vagrancy. W'hen the young officer attempted to drag Murphy to a nearby police wagon, the young woman, in the officer’s words, “fought like a tiger,” and her thrashing sent the two of them to the pavement. Bigarani eventually regained control and tagged Murphy with an additional charge of resisting arrest.
When the press learned of Bigarani’s run-in with Murphy, local newspapers wove together two law-and-order storylines that were achieving prominence at the close of the 1950s. On the one hand, journalists used the episode to draw attention to the violations of assumed community standards within beat bohemias. During the late 1950s, beat scenes were emerging in urban enclaves like
New York City’s Greenwich Village and southern California’s Venice Beach, as well as San Francisco‘s North Beach. The beat art and literary movements revolved around painting, theater, music (mostly jazz), and writing - poetry, fiction, and spoken word.
The national media’s discussions of the beats often brushed over their professional artistic work. Instead, national magazines, Hollywood films, television series, and local newspapers fixated on the beats’ social relationships inside beat bars, coffeehouses, and apartment “pads.” These mass-market depictions of bohemia created beatnik caricatures: black-clad, bereted, goateed men and similarly dressed, waifish women. The dark clothes allegedly evinced dark moods, and the ubiquitous references to the beats' “vacant stares” suggested a nihilistic rejection of work, political engagement, color-blind ideology, and family-oriental traditional gender roles. These violations of traditional
citizenship standards, some national observers believed made beats “fugitives of the great American middle class” and a threat to law and order."
The media also used the confrontation between Bigarani and Murphy to consider the justness of police discretion. At the end of the decade, the nation’s policy makers, scholars, journalists, and attorneys were slowly coming to terms with the broad prerogatives enjoyed by officers on the beat. The vagrancy law under which Bigarani arrested Murphy, for instance, was a sweeping statute
empowering officers to arrest “every person who roams from place to place without any lawful business” and “every person who wanders about the streets at late or unusual hours without any visible or lawful business.” The law allowed officers to make an arrest on the basis of their subjective interpretation of a suspect’s status. Now criminologists were realizing the degree to which urban police relied on such laws. Indeed, during the mid-1950s, conservative estimates claimed that “vagrancy-type” charges accounted for one-third of all the nation’s arrests. Coverage of North Beach police confrontations, such as the incident involving Murphy and Bigarani, illustrated to newspaper readers how autonomous police discretion served as a cornerstone of San Francisco’s traditional policing system. North Beach stories further revealed that officers used their discretion to rein in residents who did not break specific laws but had nevertheless stepped outside the city’s traditional gender, sexual, and racial mores.
North Beach beats and their defenders exploited the new recognition of discretion to reorient discussions of North Beach policing from arguments over community-wide mores toward debates about individual prerogatives.
At Murphy‘s trial, she and her lawyers emphasized the one-on-one nature of the young woman’s confrontation with Bigarani. Highlighting Bigarani’s individual sanction, Murphy testified, “I asked him what right he had to tell me to go home.” Murphy’s lawyers, meanwhile, argued that because there was no “law against going into the Bagel Shop,” Bigarani’s personal decision to arrest Murphy “as a beatnik” had violated the young woman’s rights. In their challenges to the discretion of SFPD patrol officers, beats and their supporters were discovering an opportunity to introduce culturally pluralist conceptions of citizenship.

March of 1969, Ebony Magazine was nearly put out of business. Why? They published an issue of Ebony Magazine with a Black Jesus on the cover. So many in the black community were upset to the point of threatening to cancel their subscriptions, it went as far as customers sending in pictures of the white Jesus to replace it."
The article begins on page 170 [].
A thought: The Euro-centric history imposed on us dictates that all the darker people were unable to match the Europeans and just copied the better cultures of the north... yet, we know that the African was the dominant type of person across the Red sea and western Arabian peninsula, adjacent to Somalia, Kush. So, it matters to know the truth about Jesus as a real person, for to know is to break free from falsehoods about humanity.


* "The Black Student Union at SFSU started it all" (2010-02-01) [] []

* "SPYING ON SWARTHMORE" [] [] [begin excerpt] While Swarthmore students were away on spring break late in March 1971, The Washington Post published a shocking front-page story: “Stolen Documents Describe FBI Surveillance Activities.” Before Edward Snowden exposed government spying on private citizens, there was the situation at Swarthmore. Files stolen from the FBI’s Office in Media, Pa., by burglars calling themselves the Citizens Commission to Investigate the FBI revealed that the agency had been spying on Swarthmore students and faculty members with the help of College employees as well as the Swarthmore’s borough’s chief of police, postmaster, and letter carriers.
Every African-American student was under surveillance, as were many activist students and professors. The FBI’s goal at Swarthmore and on other college campuses, a memo in the files asserted, was to “enhance the paranoia endemic in these circles” and “further serve to get the point across there is an FBI agent behind every mailbox.” [end excerpt]

Serbian father carries his 9 year old daughter, shortly after she was raped by Albanian neighbors in 1983, in Kosovo …


* "Who killed off Star Wars scientists? Did 22 British SDI Researchers really ALL Commit Suicide?" part 1 [], part 2 []


The implication of the following article is that Capitalism, once fully unleashed on the Americas during the conquest (1600s), began the process for the destruction for the current world...
* "Anthropocene: New dates proposed for the 'Age of Man' " (2015-03-11) [] []

A list of gatherings, workshops, and educational events in the greater Bay Area region

Crunch Nestle 2 Revenge of the Rabble
Friday, March 20, at 4:30am - 1:30pm
8670 Younger Creek Dr. Sacramento CA 95828
For the second time we will be returning to the Nestle pumping plant to exercise our right to use non violent civil disobedience to shut them down. We have addressed the city and told them to get Nestle on the agenda to either pay more or pack up. Nestle takes from our aquifer for pennies, bottles the water and sells it back to us for dollars. IN THE MIDDLE OF A DROUGHT. #crunchnestle

7th Open Circle ~ Connect & Collaborate on Ending Police Brutality, Systemic Racism
Sunday, March 22 at 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Omni Oakland Commons [4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, California 94609]
Potluck at 3:00 pm followed by the Open Circle at 3:45 pm. Please bring a dish or snacks to share!
Open circle will begin with report backs and announcements of upcoming actions followed by reflection and dialogue around the current state and thoughts or approaches on how to effect change.
We will end with breakout group topics and time to connect with folks with similar interests. Some great affinity groups have formed out of the breakout groups segment. Solidarity is afoot so bring your ideas!
Notes from last meeting: []

Statewide Coordinated Actions to End Solitary Confinement (SCATESC)... 
And every month on the 23rd!
Everywhere! Plan an action in your area. Post your action here.
We want to consider the idea of designating a certain date each month as Prisoner Rights Day…our supporters would gather in locations throughout California to expose CDCR’s actions and rally support efforts to secure our rights.” PBSP-SHU Short Corridor Collective Human Rights Movement, November 2013
Actions will start Monday, March 23, 2015, and will happen on the 23rd of each month.
Each locale will decide your specific locations and the time of day/night.
This date emphasizes the 23 or more hours every day that people are kept in solitary confinement in 7 x 11 foot concrete cells.
We suggest you choose a high visibility area and reach people with leaflets/information. Include Agreement to End Hostilities issued by Pelican Bay State Prison-SHU Short Corridor Hunger Strike Representatives, Statement to the Streets and All Youth Lock-ups from Youth Justice Coalition, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.
Organized, community-based pressure is a core strategy to end solitary confinement. We are holding CA statewide actions from San Diego to Eureka, including Eureka, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, Santa Cruz... We have cosponsors nationwide and internationally, and are asking for people to hold actions wherever you are.
Co-sponsors: Anti-Racist Action-LA; California Families Against Solitary Confinement (CFASC); California Prison Focus; Critical Resistance Oakland; Food Not Bombs; Global Women’s Strike; Human Rights Pen Pals; LA Laborfest; Payday Men’s Network; Peoples' Action for Rights and Community (PARC); Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS); Project: Pollinate; Santa Cruz Resistance Against Militarization (SCRAM!); Sin Barras; Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike.

(PLEASE SHARE OUR POST ON YOUR FB TO HELP GET THE WORD OUT! Show us your share and we will happily give you a "treat") []

50th Anniversary Anti-War Teach-In/SSU Social Justice Week
Wednesday, March 25, 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
This March marks the 50th anniversary of the first teach-ins on university campuses against the war in Vietnam. As the United States continues its wars of empire around the globe, the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County and Veterans for Peace Sonoma County will present a day-long series of teach-ins with Vietnam vets, war resisters, healthcare professionals and Iraq war vets. There will be history, what we've learned, what "they" have learned, what is PTSD and moral injury, poetry, stories, movies and much more. These teach-ins are held in conjunction with Sonoma State University's first Social Justice Week (3/23-27).
10:00 – 11:45 a.m. - Teach-in #1 – The Vietnam War and Beyond
Noon to 1:30 p.m. - Poetry and stories from veterans and activists
1:45 – 3:15 p.m. - PTSD, Moral Injury and the Costs of War
3:30 – 5:15 p.m. - Teach-in#2 – The Vietnam War and Beyond
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. - Post 9/11 Wars – Iraq War Veterans
The Cooperage, Room 3, Sonoma State University


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