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* "Independents Outnumber Both Democrats and Republicans in 44 of 50 States" (2015-03-05, []. writes: Sick and tired of the two-party system? Well, you are not alone. According to The American Values Atlas [] produced by the Public Religion Research Institute, there are only six states where self-identified Republicans or Democrats outnumber independents. Although this trend has been building for the better part of a decade, it still hasn’t translated into a viable third party … yet.

* "The council and the dispensaries" letter by James Anthony esq. to the Editor of the Vallejo Times-Herald (2015-02-27) []
* "Cannabis helps" letter by James Hinton to the Editor of the Vallejo Times-Herald (2015-03-03) []
* "Respect Vallejo’s medical needs" letter by Victoria Ashley to the Editor of the Vallejo Times-Herald (2015-03-04) []


information collected by the  

Cry with us... 2 million dead in Afghanistan (2001 to 2015), 5 million dead in Iraq (1991 to 2015), 3 million dead in Korea (1950 to 53), millions dead in Vietnam (1954 to 1975)...
* "Vietnam on the Tigris and Euphrates?" (2015-03-04, UPI newswire) []
* "Burying Vietnam, Launching Perpetual War" (2015-02-09) [] []
 'From the Vietnam War, the Pentagon and its apologists learned fundamental lessons about how to burnish, bend, and bury the truth. The results have been devastating.'

[begin excerpt]: Although a majority of Americans came to reject the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq in proportions roughly as high as in the Vietnam era, the present knee-jerk association between military service and “our freedom” inhibits thinking about Washington’s highly militarized policies in the world.  And in 2012, with congressional approval and funding, the Pentagon began institutionalizing that Vietnam “thank you” as a multi-year, multi-million-dollar “50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War.”  It’s a thank-you celebration that is slated to last 13 years until 2025, although the emphasis is on the period from Memorial Day 2015 to Veterans Day 2017.
You won’t be surprised to learn that the Pentagon’s number-one objective is “to thank and honor veterans of the Vietnam War” in “partnership” with more than 10,000 corporations and local groups which are “to sponsor hometown events to honor Vietnam veterans, their families, and those who were prisoners of war and missing in action.”  Additional goals include: “to pay tribute to the contributions made on the home front” (presumably not by peace activists) and “to highlight the advances in technology, science, and medicine related to military research conducted during the Vietnam War.” (It’s a little hard to imagine quite what that refers to though an even more effective Agent Orange defoliant or improved cluster bombs come to mind.)
The most ambitious of the “educational resources” provided on the Vietnam War Commemoration website is an “interactive timeline.”  As other historians have demonstrated, this historical cavalcade has proven to be a masterwork of disproportion, distortion, and omission.  For example, it offers just three short sentences on the “killings” at My Lai (the word “massacre” does not appear) and says that the officer who led Charlie Company into the village, Lt. William Calley, was “sentenced to life in prison” without adding that he was paroled by President Richard Nixon after just three-and-a-half years under house arrest. [end excerpt]
THE USA KILLED OVER 5 MILLION PEOPLE IN VIETNAM! Over ideology, because these people voted for sovereignty outside global monopolist capitalism, and they won!

* "Obama’s Military-Force Resolution Sets the Stage for a New Era of Imperialism; The AUMF has legitimized expanded presidential war-making" (2015-02-25, The Nation newsmagazine) []

* "Splitting the Atlantic Alliance: NATO Lies and Provocations" (2015-03-10, []
* "The New Cold War and the American Media" (2015-03-06) []

* "Benjamin Netanyahu’s Long History of Crying Wolf About Iran’s Nuclear Weapons" [] []. wrires: Bibi’s back. But little is new or improved. In 2002, he testified before Congress that Iraq was “a good choice” for American military-industrial fury (Video [], article []). And he predicted rainbows and democracy for the region once Saddam was gone. It didn’t happen. Now he’s about to re-bang the drum for Iran []. In 1996, he addressed a joint session of Congress and warned that Iran was “extremely close” to acquiring nukes and predicted “catastrophic consequences” for all of mankind. In fact, Bibi’s been predicting that Iran is 3-5 years away from nuclear weapons since ...1992 []. Still no nukes.

* "A Blackwater World Order: The privatization of America's wars swells the ranks of armies for hire across the globe" (2015-02-06) [] []. writes: Kelley Vlahos of The American Conservative examines the growing privatization of America’s wars and a new book by former Army Paratrooper and DynCorp employee Sean McFate. In “The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What they Mean for World Order,” McFate writes that “the United States has opened the Pandora’s Box of mercenarianism” and “private warriors of all stripes are coming out of the shadows to engage in for-profit warfare.” This new paradigm—which he terms “neomedievalism”—will not make the nation-state obsolete. It will instead produce overlapping allegiances among non-state actors in a multi-polar world. This makes private contractors a far more attractive—and profitable—option for countries that can't rely on a Vietnam-style draft.

* "Will Mexico’s Oil Give the U.S. Another Excuse for Covert Intervention?" (2015-03-09) []. writes: The drug war brought U.S. commandos into Mexico, but the opening of the country’s once publicly-owned energy resources to foreign investors may provide justification for the secretive American presence there to escalate—especially if the cartels are successfully painted as “narcoterrorists.”

* "Uncle Pentagon: Growing Up in the Shadow of the American War State" (2015-03-10, []

Updates on campaigns for for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

Hands Off Afrika Town Garden! 
Defend Afrikan and Indigenous Organizing! Defend Qilombo! Defend Afrika Town!
The # on the flyeris for John Simons, who had been hired by the land "owners" to keep the AfrikaTown garden area clean. The owners are Noel Yi and Mei Ling Yi - their phone number is (510) 351-9223. Pass the message that “the food gardening campaign represents the local community providing nutritional food; closing down the community garden will decrease our quality of life and is an attack on our community!” This garden is hecka fruitful... we have beets, leeks, onions, chives, collard greens, strawberries, different sorts of kales and lettuces, specific flowers for the bees, and they'd be surprised how many people come here to take home full lettuce heads and greens

* "Marcus Garvey Party @Afrika Town" photos from Jabari Sahaw []:


Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!

The Ferguson rebellions of 2014, many feel, were justified. The police there have today (and historically) many members who are members of White supremacist organizations, and who used their legal powers to dominate the New African majority of the city. Yet, across the USA, many of the dominant culture still believe that there are no White supremacists in Ferguson. "Where's the Proof"?
* "Ferguson fires city court clerk over racist emails" (2015-03-06, AP newswire) []
* "2 Ferguson police officers resign in wake of FBI investigation, racist emails" (2015-03-07, Chicago Tribune newspaper) []

A direct relationship between the Ferguson Police and a KKK organization has been corroborated.
* "TAK KKK and Police Ties Statement" (2014-11-20) video [], from Anonymous, transcript [].
* "Anonymous Claims to Have Evidence Directly Connecting Darren Wilson & Ferguson PD to KKK" (2014-11-21) [] []

The KKK members among the Ferguson Police who have played war for decades against the innocent New Africans of Ferguson never expected anyone to fight on their terms. It ain't war, it's death-squad operations targeting a captive nation, and we have seen community self-defense organizations, especially faith-based groups practicing non-violence, attacked viciously in Ferguson, without regard for human rights, through the end of 2014.
The negative scenario is that a new "Deacons for Defense" are activated that has the support of the community for the protection of the people... which is what's happening now not only in Ferguson but in the New Afrikan homeland and in the external colonies across the northern and western States, but self-defense organizations are careful, and are not hostile, and do everything to not inflame conditionis of those who are being oppressed, they protect the people.
However, this does not stop lone inviduals from doing something stupid. The following incident was by a man who claimed to have no connection to the protesters and was in a fight with another man when he shot his gun. But the Ferguson police already claim the man is connected to "the protesters".
* "2 Police Officers SHOT in Front of Ferguson Police Department!" (2015-03-11) []. Around midnight a two police officers near the Ferguson Police Department were shot according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters at the scene. Postings on social media, are saying the shots were fired from a house on a hill across from the Ferguson Police Department. Further post say police units and crime scene technicians are at the house on the hill.
* "2 police officers ambushed at protest in Ferguson released from hospital as 2 questioned in connection to shooting" (2015-03-12, []

The majority of protesters who act against human rights abuse in Ferguson are also against the shootings, and they should not be equated with the actions of a lone individual. But, be aware that many in the monopolist media are programming the dominant culture to view ALL protesters as being the same as the shooter, justifying more violence against those who speak out against their own oppression!

information collected by the Committee for

information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee 
* "Power from the People" (2015-03) [], a report from the International Monetary Fund, hardly an advocate for working people, found that the decline in unionization has contributed to a rise in inequality, and that lower unionization was associated with a rise in top income shares in advanced economies between 1980 and 2010. The report disputes claims that stronger unions and higher minimum wages trigger more unemployment.
* "Fewer Labor Unions Means More Income Inequality" (2015-02-27) [][]

* "The Demolition of Workers’ Comp: Over the past decade, states have slashed workers’ compensation benefits, denying injured workers help when they need it most and shifting the costs of workplace accidents to taxpayers" (2015-03-04) [] []

* "Fresh Market signs Fair Food agreement with CIW!" (2015-01-08) [] []
* "Immokalee workers pact with Fresh Market sets “new precedent' "(2015-02-16) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has announced that The Fresh Market, a North Carolina-based chain with 130 stores in 27 states, has joined the coalition's Fair Food Program.
The CIW is a Florida-based human rights organization of more than 4,000 tomato harvesters, - mostly Latino, Mayan Indian, and Haitian, many of them immigrants. It has been campaigning for years to win Fair Food agreements with growers, supermarket chains and fast food outlets on livable wages and humane working conditions. [end excerpt]

"Right To Work (For Less)" is a set of legislation designed to lower the quality of workplace safety and worker's rights.
* "Wisconsin's Last Stand against 'Right to Work,' March 5" (2015-03-05) [] []
* "Wisconsin, Round Two: As Unions Hesitate, ‘Right to Work’ Advances" (2015-03-05) [] []
* "Right to Work is Wrong for Wisconsin: The Wreck of the Walker Fitzgerald (pic report from 2/25/15)" [] []
* "Full Koch Press for ALEC Right-to-Work Bill in Wisconsin" (2015-03-02) [] []:
Wisconsin is governed by the 43 ALEC members who make up the leadership and GOP majority of both houses. Governor Scott Walker is an ALEC alumnus who signed 19 ALEC bills into office in his first year as governor. Those being cheated are the private-sector workers impacted by the bill and businessmen like Paul Christiansen, who is appalled that the legislature is involving itself in a private business contract. The owner of the 100-year old company H&H Industries, Christiansen told Senator Larson that he had voted Republican for most of his life "but in all my years in the business not one person came to me to say we want this done, no one even knows what it is."  To fill the void, Assembly Republicans took the unusual step of popping up a new website on “workers freedom” so right-wing radio can drive virtual people to register in favor of the bill. [end excerpt]

* "Wisconsin, Round Two: Walker Attacks Private Sector Workers" (2015-03-05) [] []

* "In a ‘Right to Work’ State, Union Grows by Fighting Racism" (2015-03-04) [] []

* "Americans Not In The Labor Force Rise To Record 92.9 Million As Participation Rate Declines Again" (2015-03-06, []
* "Employment status of the civilian population" through 2015-02, from the USA Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics []

* "New Evidence that Half of America is Broke" (2015-02-09) [] []

"Robin Hood" Tax: No Taxation for Workers!
* "Study: Financial Tax Would Pay Off Big: A serious tax on financial industry high-rollers, says a new German study, would raise far more billions than previous estimates have assumed" (2015-03-08) [] []

information collected by the Committee to

* "S.F. takes new direction on homeless camps with 1-stop aid center" (2015-01-24) [] []
* "S.F. plans to move entire homeless encampments into housing" (2015-03-06) [] []
* "Clearing S.F. homeless camps an exercise in futility" (2015-03-06) [] []
* "Secure Belongings", letter from Susan B. to the Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle (2015-03-07) []: Regarding "Homeless camps to be swept into new housing program" (March 6), the plan to have a place for all the homeless to go is a great idea. However, unless there are lockers on-site so people have some of their belongings, it won't work.
An acquaintance of mine would sleep on his backpack to try to keep it safe from theft, and still had an attempt made to steal it. He never wanted to return to shelters, choosing to find a place he felt safe from theft while sleeping rough.

[] Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies
* "Three Shootings In Vallejo: Residents of a Bay Area town wonder how one police officer could gun down three men in five months and earn a promotion" (2015-03-09 BuzzFeed News) []

* "Sacramento cops charge young Black activist with ‘lynching’ " (2015-02-26) [] []
* "Free Maile Hampton! End Police Repression of the Black Lives Matter Movement!" Statement from the ANSWER Coalition – Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (2015-02-26) [] [] [begin excerpt]: The Sacramento police have outrageously charged ANSWER Coalition activist Maile Hampton, a young Black woman, with felony “lynching.” After holding her initially on $100,000 bail, Maile is now out of jail but faces the threat of four years in prison on the charges. But we are fighting back!
We demand that all charges against Maile be immediately dropped!
We demand an end to the repression of the Black Lives Matter movement!
We demand an end to police brutality and the war against Black and brown youth!
As the famous slogan of the Black Lives Matter movement correctly stated, "The whole system is guilty." This reality holds from this case, to the cops who killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner, to the legal system and politicians who sanction this violence. This is the historical reality of the United States, a country that was built on the extreme brutality of slavery, indigenous genocide, racism, misogyny, and anti-LGBTQ bigotry. This is the country whose police today are charging a young Black woman with lynching!
Lynching is what mobs of white racists committed against thousands of Black people in the United States. They took Black people from the custody of the police with the tacit consent of the cops and state. The mobs then beat, mutilated, tortured and hanged them. This ironic plot to charge an anti-racist Black protestor with lynching screams arrogance on the part of the cops and the DA. The people see through these charges. We charge the state with lynching. We charge the state with attempting to lynch the Black Lives Matter Movement.
The police and county DA falsely claim that Maile is guilty of obstructing justice and removing a person from police custody (“lynching” under California law). In fact it is the police who are guilty of obstructing justice, in this case and historically. These charges against Maile are in reality "revenge" charges against leading activists of the Black Lives Matter movement. We in the ANSWER Coalition, along with a wide network of endorsing organizations, are mobilizing to fight back against this police repression.
The story that the police and DA present is entirely different from the facts of what actually happened. In reality, on Jan. 18, a peaceful march was disrupted by violent police who wanted to shut it down because of its political content. The police violated the protesters’ right to free speech and arrested several people. The police were the aggressors, not the activists. The police obstructed justice, not the protesters.
The state wants to repress the movement sparked by the killing of Mike Brown and the heroic uprising of the people in Ferguson, Mo. They want to repress this movement because it has swept the country, awakening the mainstream to what’s being described as the war against Black and brown youth. From the killer cops, to the school-to-prison pipeline, to the deportations, to gentrification and poverty, we are seeing the disenfranchisement of a generation. The Black Lives Matter movement was speaking about these truths. It embarrassed the state, which must deny reality and cling to cliché phrases about freedom and democracy.
While the police attempt to disrupt the movement, in part by singling out activists like Maile, we must continue the struggle. We will support our sisters and brothers in the cross hairs of the American legal system. We must continue to protest in the streets against police brutality and against all forms of racism. The movement cannot be extinguished. We invite all people to unite with us in this movement, to support Maile in her legal defense, and to join us in resistance until racism is finally eradicated.
Photo: Maile Hampton, leading chants on the megaphone

California State Security agencies (CHP, County Sheriffs, Police Departments) have been using anti-Lynch laws against activists for years, majority of who are charged were non-violent.
* * The Murrieta 5: (2014-07-04) [] [] [begin excerpt]: On July 4th a group of people supporting migration were wrongfully arrested after responding to an extremely hostile racist and reactionary flashpoint in Murrieta, CA where anti immigrant protesters had blocked buses of migrant families. All are facing charges of misdemeanor obstruction and felony lynching. [end excerpt]
* Tiffany Tran, of Occupy Oakland: "Obstructions of justice Controversial arrests of Occupy Oakland participants raise civil liberties concerns" (2012-01-13) [] []
* Sergio Ballesteros, of Occupy LA: "Lynching Charge Aimed At Occupy Activists" (2012-01-18) [] []
*  "Prosecutors aim new weapon at Occupy activists: lynching allegation" (2012-01-17, []
* "Single Mother falsley accused of endangering her children at Occupy Oakland" (2012-04-12) [] [begin excerpt]: The authorities apparently stop at nothing to intimidate and scare people from participating in a movement that they fear. Stayaway orders, bogus arrests, heavy charges for minor offenses, sham “lynching” laws, and, most recently, deploying the Child Protective Services to attack a single mother for participating in Occupy Oakland. [end excerpt]
* "Anonymous #OpBART-3 Protest - BART Still Hates Free Speech" (2011-08-31, newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: Both arrestees were charged with Trespassing, the same thing demonstrators were charged with for speaking out on the Civic Center platform during #OpBART-2, except for the one felony "lynching" charge from #OpBART-2. [end excerpt], and why they were protesting [].
*  " Prison-Themed Pride Party Ends With Arrests" (2014-06-30, [] [begin excerpt]: A protest over's prison-themed party turned violent this weekend, ending when a handful of activists were hauled to jail, according to its organizers. In a press release, Gay Shame says three protesters, Rebecca Ruiz-Lichter, Prisca Carpenter, and Sarai Robles-Mendez, remain in custody "on trumped up charges." John Viola, a legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild, was among those arrested. The National Lawyers Guild says Ruiz-Lichter, Carpenter, and Robles-Mendez are being held on felony lynching charges. (Under California law, "lynching" refers to protesters or rioters who attempt to remove an individual from police custody.) Ruiz-Lichter and Robles-Mendez's bail is set at $50,000 each; Carpenter's bail is $78,000. The S.F. Examiner reports that Carpenter also faces a felony criminal threat charge and a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge. [end excerpt]

In the State of South Carolina, lynch laws were used against specifially New African (Black) people for even minor fights at high school!
* "Using Vestige of Racism to Prosecute Young Blacks / Stranger fruit: Lynching laws" (2003-06-01) [] [] [begin excerpt]: In a bizarre twist, South Carolina has stood America's most disgraceful racial blot -- lynching -- on its head. State prosecutors are using an anti-lynching statute passed in 1951 to prosecute hundreds of mostly young blacks. Although a handful of the charges have involved brutal assaults, even murder, many more haven't. Blacks have been prosecuted for school fights, scuffles and minor assaults. Prosecutors freely use the law mostly to hammer young blacks, a grotesque distortion of the history of lynching. White mob violence against blacks was a deliberate tool used to maintain white supremacy. [end excerpt]

* "Oakland examines racial disparities, police misconduct" (2015-02-09) [] []

* "Officers suspended as video of attack on Oakland student surfaces" (2015-03-07) [] []

* "San Francisco: City workers flood City Hall to protest use of thumbprints to clock in" (2015-03-03) [] []

* "Former Fort Worth Police Chief Has Financial Ties To Body-Cam Maker" (2015-03-03) [] []

* "Seven Lessons From How Police Crushed Occupy" (2015-02-04) [] []

* "Ignore the Drumbeat of Doom, the NSA’s Call Records Program Didn’t Stop a Single Terrorist Attack" (2015-03-04) [] []

* "CIA plans major reorganization and a focus on digital espionage" (2015-03-07, The Washington Post) []

* Yasha Levine's "Surveillance Valley" [], a series that investigates big tech's for-profit surveillance operations and Silicon Valley's links to the military-industrial complex, with more articles at [] [] [].
* "Rentacops on desktops: Edward Snowden’s dismissal of Surveillance Valley is wrong, and dangerous" (2013-12-20) []
* "Surveillance Valley has put a billion bugs in a billion pockets" (2014-07-07) [] []
* "What Surveillance Valley knows about you" (2013-12-22) [] []
* "Google and encryption: why true user privacy is Google’s biggest enemy" (2014-01-27) [] []
* "Internet Privacy, Funded by Spooks: A Brief History of the BBG" (2015-03-01) []. wrires: Have you ever heard of the Broadcasting Board of Governors? Neither did Yasha Levine of Pando Daily … until he started investigating government funding of popular Internet privacy tools like Tor, CryptoCat and Open Whisper Systems. It’s got a $721 million annual budget, reports directly to Secretary of State John Kerry and manages Cold War-era CIA spinoffs and “psychological warfare” projects. Who knew?
[begin excerpt]: Then there’s the ACLU’s Christopher Soghoian. A few months ago, he had viciously attacked me and Pando for reporting on Tor’s US government funding. But just the other day, Soghoian went on Democracy Now, and in the middle of a segment criticizing the U.S. government’s runaway hacking and surveillance programs, recommended that people use a suite of encrypted text and voice apps funded by the very same intelligence-connected U.S. government apparatus he was denouncing. Specifically, Soghoian recommended apps made by Open Whisper Systems, which got $1.35 million from Radio Free Asia’s Open Technology Fund from 2013 through 2014.
He told Amy Goodman: “These are best-of-breed free applications made by top security researchers, and actually subsidized by the State Department and by the U.S. taxpayer. You can download these tools today. You can make encrypted telephone calls. You can send encrypted text messages. You can really up your game and protect your communications.”
When Goodman wondered why the U.S. government would fund privacy apps, he acknowledged that this technology is a soft-power weapon of U.S. empire but then gave a very muddled and naive answer [begin interview]:
CHRISTOPHER SOGHOIAN: "Because they’re tools of foreign policy. You know, the U.S. government isn’t this one machine with one person, you know, dictating all of its policies. You have these different agencies squabbling, sometimes doing contradictory things. The U.S. government, the State Department has spent millions of dollars over the last 10 years to fund the creation and the deployment and improvement to secure communications and secure computing tools that were intended to allow activists in China and Iran to communicate, that are intended to allow journalists to do their thing and spread news about democracy without fear of interception and surveillance by the Chinese and other governments."
AMY GOODMAN: "But maybe the U.S. government has a way to break in."
CHRISTOPHER SOGHOIAN: "Well, you know, it’s possible that they’ve discovered flaws, but, you know, they have—the U.S. government hasn’t been writing the software. They’ve been giving grants to highly respected research teams, security researchers and academics, and these tools are about the best that we have. You know, I agree. I think it’s a little bit odd that, you know, the State Department’s funding this, but these tools aren’t getting a lot of funding from other places. And so, as long as the State Department is willing to write them checks, I’m happy that the Tor Project and Whisper Systems and these other organizations are cashing them. They are creating great tools and great technology that can really improve our security. And I hope that they’ll get more money in the future." [end interview]
It’s convenient and nice to believe that one hand of the U.S. National Security State doesn’t know what the other hand is doing — especially when the livelihoods of you and your colleagues depends on it. But as the long and dark covert intelligence history of the Broadcasters Board of Governors and Radio Free Asia so clearly shows, this thinking is naive and wrong. It also shows just how effectively the U.S. National Security State brought its opposition into the fold.
You’d think that anti-surveillance activists like Chris Soghoian, Jacob Appelbaum, Cory Doctorow and Jillian York would be staunchly against outfits like BBG and Radio Free Asia, and the role they have played — and continue to play — in working with defense and corporate interests to project and impose U.S. power abroad. Instead, these radical activists have knowingly joined the club, and in doing so, have become willing pitchmen for a wing of the very same U.S. National Security State they so adamantly oppose.
[end excerpt]
* Roger Dingledine, co-founder of the Tor Network, 2004: “The United States government can’t simply run an anonymity system for everybody and then use it themselves only. Because then every time a connection came from it people would say, “Oh, it’s another CIA agent.” If those are the only people using the network.
* "Tor’s Jacob Appelbaum on taking CIA money" (2015-02-28) []
* BBG’s funding of the Tor Project — 2008 through 2013 []
* "Hall of Mirrors: Wikileaks volunteer helped build Tor, was funded by the Pentagon" (2014-07-22) [] []
* "Almost everyone involved in developing Tor was (or is) funded by the US government" (2014-07-16) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
The consumer version of Tor would be marketed to everyone and — equally important — would eventually allow anyone to run a Tor node/relay, even from their desktop computer. The idea was to create a massive crowdsourced torrent-style network made up from thousands of volunteers all across the world. At the very end of 2004, with Tor technology finally ready for deployment, the US Navy cut most of its Tor funding [], released it under an open source license and, oddly, the project was handed over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation []. In a December 2004 press release [] announcing its support for Tor, EFF curiously failed to mention that this anonymity tool was developed primarily for military and intelligence use. Instead, it focused purely on Tor’s ability to protect free speech from oppressive regimes in the Internet age.
In 2005, Wired published what might have been the first major profile of Tor technology. The article was written by Kim Zetter, and headlined: “Tor Torches Online Tracking” []. Although Zetter was a bit critical of Tor, she made it seem like the anonymity technology had been handed over by the military with no strings attached to “two Boston-based programmers” — Dingledine and Nick Mathewson, who had completely rebuilt the product and ran it independently. Dingledine and Mathewson might have been based in Boston, but they — and Tor — were hardly independent.
At the time that the Wired article went to press in 2005, both had been on the Pentagon payroll for at least three years. And they would continue to be on the federal government’s payroll for at least another seven years. In fact, in 2004, at the Wizards of OS conference in Germany, Dingledine proudly announced that he was building spy craft tech on the government payroll: “I forgot to mention earlier something that will make you look at me in a new light. I contract for the United States Government to built anonymity technology for them and deploy it. They don’t think of it as anonymity technology, although we use that term. They think of it as security technology. They need these technologies so they can research people they are interested in, so they can have anonymous tip lines, so that they can buy things from people without other countries knowing what they are buying, how much they are buying and where it is going, that sort of thing.”
In 2006, Tor research was funded was through a no-bid federal contract awarded to Dingledine’s consulting company, Moria Labs []. And starting in 2007, the Pentagon cash came directly through the Tor Project itself — thanks to the fact that Team Tor finally left EFF and registered its own independent 501(c)(3) non-profit.
While Syverson [] indicated that some of the security issues identified by this research have been addressed in recent Tor versions, the findings only added to a growing list of other research and anecdotal evidence showing Tor’s not as safe as its boosters want you to think — especially when pitted against determined intelligence agencies.
Case-in-point: In December 2013, a 20-year-old Harvard panicked overachiever named Edlo Kim learned just how little protection Tor offered for would be terrorists.
To avoid taking a final exam he wasn’t prepared for, Kim hit up on the idea of sending in a fake bomb threat. То cover his tracks, he used Tor, supposedly the best anonymity service the web had to offer. But it did little mask his identity from a determined Uncle Sam. A joint investigation, which involved the FBI, the Secret Service and local police, was able to track the fake bomb threat right back to Kim — in less than 24 hours.
As the FBI complaint explained, “Harvard University was able to determine that, in the several hours leading up to the receipt of the e-mail messages described above, ELDO KIM accessed TOR using Harvard’s wireless network.” All that Tor did was make the cops jump a few extra steps. But it wasn’t hard, nothing that a bit of manpower with full legal authority to access network records couldn’t solve. It helped that Harvard’s network logging all metadata access on the network — sorta like the NSA.
 The FBI did the same thing that same year with the online drug superstore Silkroad [], which also ran its services in the Tor cloud. Although, rookie mistakes helped FBI unmask the identity of Dred Pirate Roberts [], it is still a mystery how they were able to totally take over and control, and even copy, a server run in the Tor cloud — something that is supposed to be impossible.
Back in 2007, a Swedish hacker/researcher named Dan Egerstad showed that just by running a Tor node, he could siphon and read all the unencrypted traffic that went through his chunk of the Tor network. He was able to access logins and passwords to accounts of NGOs, companies, and the embassies of India and Iran. Egerstad thought at first that embassy staff were just being careless with their info, but quickly realized that he had actually stumbled on a hack/surveillance operation in which Tor was being used to covertly access these accounts.
[end excerpt]
* "How leading Tor developers and advocates tried to smear me after I reported their US Government ties" 92014-11-14) [] [] [begin excerpt]: Perhaps it’s somewhat understandable that salaried Tor developers like Andrea Shepard and Jacob Appelbaum went on the attack. Shepard is a libertarian (which is why she called me “statist”—a harsh epithet in her libertarian world); Appelbaum is a bit of a celebrity in the anti-surveillance community, having helped set up Wikileaks, and lately being constantly profiled as a rebel-fugitive hiding out in Berlin from his NSA pursuers. Both Appelbaum and Shepard circulate in radical anti-police state circles, and my article pointed out that they earn $100,000-plus annual salaries working for a nonprofit federal government security contractor—a nonprofit that gets at least three-quarters of its annual funding from the Pentagon, State Department, and other federal agencies. In other words, Tor anti-National Security State rebels are living off the largesse of their NatSec State nemesis.
I thought I’d seen it all when an ACLU technology celebrity took to hurling anti-Semitic smears against my reporting. Until last week. That’s when the Los Angeles Review of Books published an article by a computer researcher/privacy activist named Harry Halpin. The article purported to be a review of Julian Assange’s new book, “When Google Met Wikileaks” []—but in the middle of his review, Halpin went off on a longwinded tangent attacking me. He called me a conspiracy theorist for reporting on Tor’s government funding, and falsely accused me and PandoDaily of being funded by the CIA. Halpin later admitted that he lied about the CIA-Pando link, saying he did so in order to “prove” a larger point: that investigative journalism that follows the money—like reporting on Tor’s government financing—is nothing but useless conspiracy mongering. Halpin is the president of LEAP, a small privacy/encryption outfit that gets most of its funding from various government sources—including more than $1 million from Radio Free Asia’s “Open Technology Fund” []. This fund just happens to be a major financial backer of the Tor Network; last year alone, the Open Technology Fund gave Tor $600,000. The fund also happens to be run out of the Broadcasters Board of Governors (BBG), an old CIA spinoff [] dedicated to waging propaganda warfare against regimes hostile to US interests. The BBG—which until recently was called the International Broadcasting Bureau—has also been one of the biggest backers of Tor going back to 2007. So… Halpin attacks me for reporting on Tor’s conflicted government financing—getting money from the very entities Tor purports to protect the public from—while his privacy startup is funded by same government agency that funds Tor. And in one of the craziest twists, Halpin—who lied about my and Pando’s CIA ties—turns out to be funded by an organization that was founded by the CIA. No “one could argue” about it. It doesn’t get more absurd than this—or more unethical.
Most of the privacy activists who attacked my reporting had spent their careers moving through the same tight circle of advocacy groups, think-tanks and nonprofits—all funded by the same small network of government and corporate foundations that fund Tor: Radio Free Asia, State Department, Google, Peirre Omidyar, Ford Foundation. These were people circling the wagons and protecting themselves by smearing critical reporting on Tor’s funding.
[end excerpt]

* "CIA National Committee for Free Europe and Tor" (2011-04-16) [] []
* "Talk by Roger Dingledine of at the NSA" (2013-10, Washington post) []
* "Tor Users Get Routed" [] [begin excerpt]: Tor is known to be insecure against an adversary that can observe a user’s traffic entering and exiting the anonymity network. Quite simple and efficient techniques can correlate traffic at these separate locations by taking advantage of identifying traffic patterns. As a result, the user and his destination may be identified, completely subverting the protocol’s security goals. [end excerpt]
* "Electronic surveillance on major tor exits" (2012) []
* "Snowden’s First Move Against the NSA Was a Party in Hawaii" (2014-05-21) [] [] [begin excerpt]: In his e-mail, Snowden wrote that he personally ran one of the “major tor exits”–a 2 gbps server named “TheSignal”–and was trying to persuade some unnamed coworkers at his office to set up additional servers. He didn’t say where he worked. But he wanted to know if Sandvik could send him a stack of official Tor stickers. (In some post-leak photos of Snowden you can see the Tor sticker on the back of his laptop, next to the EFF sticker). [end excerpt]

Another example of a CIA Internet Freedom activist is LEAP [] [] whose technology powers the VPN services of RiseUp.Net, the radical anarchist tech collective that provides a free and secure communications tools by invite only, and after signing a thinly veiled anti-leftist pledge before giving you an account (view screenshot here: []).
* From 'Anarchist' to Corporatist, the journey of Justine Tunney, self described 'founder' of Occupy Wallstreet [], and her ideological 'children' [].

* "Emails showing Google’s closeness with the NSA Director really aren’t that surprising" (2014-05-13) [] []
* "The revolving door between Google and the Department of Defense" (2014-04-23) [] []
* "Google distances itself from the Pentagon, stays in bed with mercenaries and intelligence contractors" (2014-03-26) [] []
* "Oakland emails give another glimpse into the Google-Military-Surveillance Complex" (2014-03-07) [] []
* "Google’s for-profit surveillance problem" (2013-12-16) [] []

* "Twitter Handles Information Requests from 58 National Governments, but 56% are from U.S." (2015-02-12) []. writes: In its latest “Transparency Report,” Twitter details the attempts by governments around the world to access information about users. A total of 58 nations requested Twitter turn over users’ records, but the United States was far and away the world leader in trying to pry open Twitter’s accounts. Although Americans make up 22% of Twitter users, the U.S. Government submitted 56% of the requests. Overall requests were up 40% over the previous year.

* "CHAMBERLEAKS: US Chamber’s Lobbyists Solicited Firm To Investigate Opponents’ Families, Children" (2011-02-10) [] []
* "ChamberLeaks presentation details plans to Discredit, Confuse, Shame, Combat, Infiltrate, Fracture liberals" (2011-02-11) [“discredit-confuse-shame-combat-infiltrate-fracture”-liberals/?mobile=wp] []

* "Inside Chicago's legacy of police abuse: violence 'as routine as traffic lights' Ordinary Chicagoans say Homan Square facility, where suspects are interrogated and detained without legal access, fits within a broader tradition of police abuse" (2015-03-05) [] []
* " 'They looked like Isis': masked raid led to 'kidnapping' at Chicago police site; Men recall incommunicado detention in caged room ‘like a dog’ for hours; Nine victims have emerged from Homan Square despite police denials' " (2015-03-04) [] []

Five-Eyes (USA, UKGB, Australia, Australia, New Zealand) and allies: 
5-Eyes member state New Zealand’s intelligence service is little more than an arm of the NSA's operation of indiscriminate "full-take collection" of Asia-Pacific communications
* "The price of the Five Eyes club: Mass spying on friendly nations" (2015-03-05) [] []
* "Spy Agencies Used 'Giant Vacuum Cleaner' to Collect Data Across Pacific" (2015-03-05) [] []

* "In Latest Vindication of Snowden, Court Rules UK Mass Surveillance Illegal" (2015-02-06) [] []. 5-Eyes member UKGB is a public sector entity, and if their public law forbids the practice of digital copying of data, then the method is simply privatized (through Google, for example), or collected by another 5-Eyes member state and resold back to the UKGB.

* "PayPal buys cybersecurity firm, creates Israel hub" (2015-03-10, AFP newswire) []

from the Committee to
[] End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers!
Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]

* "Cruel and Inhuman: UN Slams US as Only Nation that Sentences Children to Die In Prison" (2015-03-10, []

* "This Prisoner's Note Isn't From Some Dystopian Dictatorship. It's From Texas" (2015-02-09) [] []

* "Beyond Reform: Essays Call for a Sweeping Reassessment of Incarceration" (2015-03-08) [] []

* Ashker v. Brown lawsuit update, documentary materials [] []
* "Why solitary confinement is a form of modern-day torture" (2015-03-02, by Molly Crabapple) video [], article []:
As of 2013, there were 80,000 men and women in solitary confinement in the United States, some of them as young as 14 years old. In this illustrated op-ed video, artist Molly Crabapple explains the psychological and physical trauma suffered by those forced to spend 22-24 hours a day alone — sometimes for arbitrary reasons, like reading the wrong book, or having the wrong tattoo — in a grey, concrete box. (According to the U.N. 15 days in solitary is torture.) “There is no limit to how long someone can be held in solitary confinement,” says Crabappple. “And very little evidence is needed to justify holding a person in solitary indefinitely.”

* "A death delayed: Rodney Reed now eyes exoneration, end to ‘racist’ justice" (2015-03-05) [] []

* "Despite anti-shackling law, pregnant prisoners say practice persists" (2015-03-03) [] []

* "Portugal Cut Addiction Rates in Half by Connecting Drug Users With Communities Instead of Jailing Them; Fifteen years ago, the Portuguese had one of the worst drug problems in Europe. So they decriminalized drugs, took money out of prisons, put it into holistic rehabilitation, and found that human connection is the antidote to addiction" (2015-02-12) [] []

* "California prisons have released 2,700 inmates under Prop. 47" (2015-03-06) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
But law enforcement leaders say they’ve already seen an increase in crime, and they believe it’s because of Prop. 47. Prisoners released under Prop. 47 are required to be on parole for one year unless a judge decides otherwise. Opponents of Prop. 47, including the union lobbying group the Police Officers Research Association of California, argued that the measure would result in higher crime rates as more criminals return to the streets.
In San Francisco, Suhr said burglaries are up 20 percent, larceny and theft up 40 percent, auto theft is up more than 55 percent, between 2010 and 2014. Suhr said those crimes shot up largely due to prison realignment, Gov. Jerry Brown’s program that changed sentencing, sending thousands of convicted felons to county jail or probation instead of state prison. Suhr said auto burglaries are up quite a bit this year, and he believes it’s because of the Prop. 47 release.
Last year, violent crime and property offenses in San Francisco were down overall, according to end-of-year data released by the Police Department last month.
“This situation is not unique to San Francisco,” Suhr said. “I don’t think this is something we can’t figure out, but there is a new normal for property theft we have to figure out.”
Prop. 47 scrapped felony penalties for possession of most illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin, as well as for property crimes in which the loss was $950 or less. Prior to the measure, the threshold for misdemeanor property crimes was $450. Those crimes include forgery, check fraud, petty theft, shoplifting and receiving stolen property.
“Prop. 47 was designed to ensure law enforcement agencies prioritize serious and violent offenders instead of sending people to state prison for personal drug use,” said San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón. “Cycling addicts in and out of jail is a sinkhole for taxpayer resources, and it doesn’t make us safer.”
[end excerpt]

* "Prison reform is making life inside prison worse, not better" (2015-03-06) [] []. writes: Americans account for 5% of the world’s population, but also account for one-quarter of all of the world’s prisoners. The reasons for this spike have been researched and discussed and debated. Yet, perhaps the most pressing issue—the abysmal conditions of the increasingly privatized prison system—is ignored in these discussions. Alas, a recent prison riot in Texas did little to bring the media’s attention to the shocking conditions in many prisons. And reform efforts may be exacerbating this decline by dividing prisoners into those worth saving and those unworthy of humane treatment.

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []

* "Reservoirs for East Bay water users near 38-year lows" (2015-03-10) [] []

* "Delta 'Heritage' designation sought for third time" (2015-03-03) [] []


* "Rodeo: Phillips 66 project faces additional lawsuits" (2015-03-06) [] []
* Communities for a Better Environment vs. Phillips 66 Company, Contra Costa County, et al []

Critical Comments on the Phillips 66 Rodeo and Santa Maria Refineries Expansion of Combined Production Capacity []

* "Exxon Settles $9 Billion Pollution Case in New Jersey for Far Less" (2015-02-27, New York Times) []

* "Audubon Society to hold talk on blackbird decline" (2015-03-06, Fairfield Daily Republic newspaper): The decline of the tricolored blackbird with its distinctive swatch of red and white on each wing will be the subject of a talk by University of California, Davis staff research associate Robert Meese at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Fairfield-Cordelia Library.
The state’s population of the tricolored blackbird has dramatically dropped by 64 percent since 2008, according to a survey coordinated by the UC Davis.
California is now home to just 145,000 of these birds, which are almost exclusive to this state. Years ago, the population numbered in the millions. Tricolored blackbirds historically nested in wetlands, but those have increasingly dried up and the birds have moved to farm fields, which are often harvested before the young birds leave the nest.
Environmentalists such as Meese fear that the bird will end up on the endangered species protection list if the problem continues.

* "Chevron fire exposes unsafe crude switch" []:
Chevron’s August 2012 Richmond refinery fire that injured six workers (note 1) and sent 15,124 residents to the hospital (note 2) spotlights a growing safety threat. Refining “dirtier” crude oil—in this case crude that has more sulfur—increases already serious chemical incident risks. Consider these events:
2005: The Richmond crude feedstock begins to exceed 1.25% sulfur consistently in an ongoing switch to higher sulfur crude oil. (note 3)
January 2007: A fire caused by leaving a pipe in the wrong kind of service reveals corrosion by sulfur in the crude unit. (note 4)
Mar–Jun 2008: CBE warns higher sulfur crude is increasing corrosion, flaring, and refinery-wide incident risk at Richmond. (note 5)
May 2009: Industry self-guidance warns of increased corrosion risk at refineries that switch to higher sulfur crude. (note 6)
Oct–Nov 2011: Corrosion by sulfur is found in the Richmond crude unit gas oil line that later fails in the August 2012 fire and part of this pipe is replaced (notes 7, 8), as fires that appear to have different causes occur in the Richmond lube and crude units. (notes 9, 10)
Nov 2011–Jan 2012: Workers warn that Chevron ignores widespread and accelerating corrosion following the Richmond refinery’s switch to higher sulfur crude. (note 9)
6 August 2012: Part of the corroded crude unit gas oil pipe that was left in place during Oct–Nov 2011 is found leaking. Chevron keeps running the leaking unit for hours until the pipe ruptures as its insulation is removed. The rupture spews hot gas oil that forms a vapor plume workers barely escape before it ignites in a disastrous fire. (notes 1, 7)
11 September 2012: Inspection finds that the ruptured pipe section had lost 80% of its thickness to corrosion. (note 7)
25 September 2012: Chevron admits it had reason to suspect corrosion by sulfur from its crude in the pipe that failed on 6 August. (notes 6, 11)
December 2012: Analysis confirms sulfur corroded the pipe that failed on 6 August. (note 8)
February 2013: Despite these events, Chevron still seeks permits for a project at Richmond to enable processing crude with up to 3% sulfur (note 12) — twice as much as the refinery’s current 1.5% sulfur crude feed. (note 3)
Refining dirtier crude makes an industry where government oversight has too frequently been unable to prevent catastrophic chemical spills, fires, and explosions even more dangerous. Refiners should not switch to dirtier crude feedstock when less hazardous options are available. Community and worker health and safety depend on it.
(1) Chevron 10/31/12 30-day Report to Contra Costa County.
(2) C.C. County’s count as of 8/23/12.
(3) CBE analysis of data from Chevron (4/10/08 City of Richmond PC Agenda Rpt for EIR SCH#2005072117, Att 6) and USEIA (company-level imports).
(4) Chevron 4/18/07 Final investigation report to C.C. County.
(5) CBE 3/20/08 and 6/5/08 comments on EIR SCH#2005072117.
(6) API 5/09 Recommended Practice 939-C.
(7) U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) report, 9/11/12 Richmond City Council mtg. (see city video transcript).
(8) Anamet Report #5004.7920B.
(9) California OSHA Inspection #314328980.
(10) C.C. County 11/14/11 reports for Case No. 11-11-14-01.
(11) Chevron 9/25/12 Industry alert.
(12) Chevron 5/23/11 Revised Renewal Project Application to the City of Richmond.

Sulfur in crude refined at Richmond 1995–Jul 2012 Rolling annual average of monthly data.

The plume from the Richmond refinery fire moments after ignition on 6 August 2012, seen from across the Bay in San Francisco. Photo: U.S. Chemical Safety Board evidence []. The black smoke indicates particulate matter in the plume. Uncontrolled burning of petroleum oils is known to emit hydrocarbons, particulate matter, sulfur and nitrogen compounds, and other harmful chemicals in a “toxic soup” of air pollution.

Two views of the rupture in the corroded crude unit gas oil pipe that fed the 6 August 2012 fire.
U.S. Chemical Safety Board evidence.


* "Chevron Flaring Incident" (2014-12-29) [] []

"Citizens for a Better Environment" []


Richmond Community Air Monitoring Program [].
Fenceline Raw Data Portal [] with data from a network of real-time air monitors located in the eastern San Pablo bay, marked on the map below.
Air-Quality Sensor Equipment Maintenance log [].
Philipps 66 Rodeo Refinery Fence Line Data [] and report for Januray, 2015 []


Eyes on Phillips 66 Rodeo [], What we see, smell and sense from the other side of the fence.

Refinery Odors & What You Can Do (2012) []: When you smell unusual and unpleasant odors, you should call the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Odor Hotline at: (800) 334-6367. Information about the odor will be taken, as well as your name, phone number, and address if you want to provide that information. If you are familiar with refinery odors, and think you are smelling such odors, state that in the call. By providing your name and phone number, an Air Quality Inspector will generally contact you by phone after investigating the odor; sometimes the inspectors have questions and sometimes they will report unusual activities that caused the odors.Providing your address can help investigators determine where the odors are likely to be coming from based on wind direction and where you are located.
If at least three community members call the Air District, an Air Quality Investigator will respond to the problem even on the weekends — so the more calls received, the more action will be taken. Importantly, your call is important as a record of how the Community is being impacted by odors.
When you smell odors, you can also call the refinery directly at: (510) 245-4070. Calling the refinery alerts them to the possibility of a problem, which might be identified and corrected as a result of your call. The phone number is that of the shift supervisor who will either answer the phone or respond quickly to all messages. Conoco-Phillips indicates that they investigate each call.

Bay Area Air Quality Management District District Air Monitor Sites []
The District maintains a database of air quality data collected at ambient air monitoring locations located throughout the region. Monitored pollutants include Ozone (O3), Oxides of Nitrogen (NO and NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5), hydrocarbons, elemental and organic carbon, and various hazardous air pollutant compounds.

articles recommended by the 
NO NUKES! campaign

* "Clock’s ticking: Humanity ‘2 minutes’ closer to its doomsday" (2015-01-22) [] []

* "The Democrats’ Dick Cheney" (2015-02-09, []: writes: Politico profiles Obama’s Defense Secretary-designate Ashton Carter—a believer in Cheney's 1% Doctrine who is often described as the Democrats’ “Dr. Doom.” If confirmed, Carter will take the helm of the Pentagon in the midst of growing crises—from Ukraine to the Islamic State to Yemen and the Horn of Africa. In hearings last week, Carter supported arming Ukraine. The changing of the guard at the Pentagon could portend a shift in Administration policy toward Russia. If nothing else, the coming of Carter—who holds a Ph.D. in nuclear physics—is a good sign for the nuclear weapons business. Carter is “a strong believer in a safe, secure and reliable nuclear arsenal.”

* "Break-In at Y-12: How a handful of pacifists and nuns exposed the vulnerability of America’s nuclear-weapons sites" [] []. writes: In 2012, a not-so-covert group of nuns and pacifists executed a brilliant plan to break into America’s Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility. The cadre successfully waged peace on the so-called “Fort Knox of Uranium” by spray-painting “WORK FOR PEACE NOT WAR” on the building. In the process of protesting America’s multi-billion dollar nuclear weapons modernization program, the group exposed the folly of security measures at the key weapons facility.

* "US Nuclear Facility Miscalculated Workers' Radiation Exposure" (2015-03-02, Sputnik newswire) []

articles recommended by the Committee for
Protect Earth's Sentient Life!
* "Bowing to Public Pressure, Ringling Bros. to Phase Out 'Horrific' Exploitation of Elephants by 2018" (2015-02-05) [] []

* "Meet – and Hear – the World's First Bilingual Chimps" (2015-02-05) [] []. writes: Researchers have found that a group of chimpanzees relocated from a Dutch zoo to the Scottish zoo began to grunt the word “apple” in a Scottish brogue. The scientists made recordings of the chimps’ vocalizations over three years and found that the chimps dropped their “Dutch” pronunciation in favor of that of their Scottish hosts. It’s yet more evidence of the complex language capabilities found in human beings’ primate cousins and their amazing ability to learn. When in Scotland, do as the Scots do … and say.

[UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.comCurrent trends among fascists, monopolists, and their vanguards.
* "The Rise of a ‘Democratic’ Fascism" (2015-03-08, []

* "More Evidence ‘Centrist’ Solutions Can’t Save Us" (2015-02-09) [] []. The democracy supposedly in control of government is distilled into a "middle-of-the-road" or "centrist" ideology regardless of the factions participating in either side of the two-party system, an ideology influenced by the think-tanks funded by the stake-holders in economic dictatorship.

* "Bernie Sanders: Keeping US From Becoming Oligarchy 'A Struggle We Must Win'; In speech at Brookings Institution, senator says growing wealth gap, high poverty rates, health care crisis signs of country slipping into control of small billionaire class" (2015-02-09) [] []
What I don't know is how the Brookings Institute would implement solutions to alleviate the concerns of the social contradictions and human rights abuse established by the same economic dictatorship funding the Brookings Institute, where donors have an impact on research agenda [], composed of among the economic dictators over the USA [].

* "Stock buybacks at $46 billion a month driving U.S. market" (2015-03-06) [] []
--- writes: For the time being, Congress has narrowly averted a shutdown of the DHS over the objections of a group of Congressional Republicans eager to punish President Obama for his executive orders on immigration. But GOP leadership refused to shut down the homeland security gravy train … a train pulling a lot of cars hauling a lot of cash out of the nation’s capital. The top beneficiary is IBM with $4.9 billion in DHS cash. Right behind is Integrated Coast Guard Systems with $4.8 billion. Computer Systems Corporation pulls $4.1 billion and good ol’ Lockheed Martin reaps a cool $3.9 billion.

* "Scott Walker's ISIS Gaffe Causes Explosion of Mocking Images; Internet parodies abound after the Wisconsin governor compares union members to terrorists" (2015-02-27) [] []

UC Irvine Student Government voted for a resolution to ban the display of the USA flag in their office building as a protest against the extreme human rights abuse and tyranny conducted under that flag.
* "American flag ban vetoed by student leaders at University of California at Irvine" (2015-03-09, CNN news) []
* "Nope and Glory: Students at UC Irvine implemented a ban on the American flag" (2015-03-09, []
The worst part is that the people who SUPPORT tyranny and human rights abuse have been publicizing the identities of the UC Student Government members who voted for the resolution (thereby justifying the point of the protest, eh?)

* "Biblical myth" letter by David Diamond to the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle []:
Regarding climate change denier Sen. James Inhofe, I agree with recent letter writers who have pointed out his anti-science stance. But what they didn’t mention is that the source of Inhofe’s position is not money or GOP cronyism but the Bible. Inhofe is not alone. In a 2008 study (Barna Group), only 27 percent of evangelical Christians and 36 percent of church-going Catholics believed global warming was real.
Christians who deny the scientific reality of man-made climate change because they believe God made the Earth for the exploitation of humans are betting the future of civilization on creationist myth. This is especially dangerous when such individuals hold the reins of government, like Inhofe. Many point to Islamic groups such as ISIS as a major threat to Western civilization. However, the more serious threat may come from our home-grown Christian fundamentalists.

During the 2014 midterms, AT&T and Verizon bankrolled every single one of these dreadful candidates.


* "In Florida, Officials Ban Term ‘Climate Change’ " (201-503-08, Florida Center for Investigate Reporting) []. writes: Do you wonder how will we ever stop climate change? Don't worry, political leaders at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) are on it. They came up with a novel solution to climate change that is amazingly simple. Since Republican Gov. Rick Scott took office in 2011, the state simply made climate change go away. It was like magic … poof! No one was allowed to talk about it, mention it in emails or in official reports. And Florida’s DEP, which sits on the frontlines of rising sea levels, was told to refer to the rising tide as “nuisance flooding.” Voilà! Problem solved!


* "New York Observer Stands By Journalist Who Smeared Kremlin Foes Mikhail Klikushin has written several stories for the paper, all of which fall in line with Russian government propaganda points" (2015-03-02) [] []

* "Wretched US Journalism on Ukraine" (2015-02-09) [] [] [begin excerpt]: The U.S. news media has failed the American people often in recent years by not challenging U.S. government falsehoods, as with Iraq’s WMD. But the most dangerous violation of journalistic principles has occurred in the Ukraine crisis, which has the potential of a nuclear war. With very few exceptions, the mainstream U.S. media has simply regurgitated the propaganda from the U.S. State Department and other entities favoring western Ukrainians. There has been little effort to view the worsening crisis through the eyes of ethnic Russian Ukrainians living in the east or the Russians witnessing a political and humanitarian crisis on their border. [end excerpt]


* " 'Biggest Banking Leak in History' Details Nefarious Tactics of Global Tax-Dodgers, whether revelations result in crackdown on shadow banking system and tax avoidance by the wealthy and by multinational companies remains to be seen" (2015-02-09) [] []
* "The truth, according to Google" (2015-03-04) [] [] [begin excerpt]: So how would it work? The new algorithm draws on Google's "Knowledge Vault" -- a collection of 2.8 billion facts extracted from the Internet. By checking pages against that database, and cross-referencing related facts, the research team believes the algorithm could assign each page a truth score. Pages with a high proportion of false claims would be bumped down in the search results. Google said the new algorithm is in the research stage. The scientists still need to figure out plenty of issues before it can be used, including ensuring the system appropriately deals with new facts on a topic. [end excerpt] writes: Right now a Google search spits out responses based on the number of times a website is linked, its traffic and how long visitors remain on it. But what if Google ditched those in favor of a website’s veracity? Its truthiness? Or its reputation? Google doesn’t have an app for that … yet. But they are working on an algorithm destined to consign a number of so-called “news” sites to the bottom of the list.

* "Missouri Candidate for Governor Dies of 'Apparent Suicide' " (2015-02-26) [] []

Fascism is for the benefit of the economic dictatorship, whereby entire regions have been made deserts for the purpose of enhancing the private wealth of individuals.

* " 'Rotten Core of Banking' Exposed: Global Outrage Follows HSBC Revelations 'These bankers are too big to fail and too big to jail, so they just keep engaging in illegal activity.' " (2015-02-09) [] []

* "HSBC files show how Swiss bank helped clients dodge taxes and hide millions; Data in massive cache of leaked secret bank account files lifts lid on questionable practices at subsidiary of one of world’s biggest financial institutions" (2015-02-08) [] []

The fascist's version of "fascism" is any government opposing the USA and its Strategic Allies!
* "IS, Russia, China: all fascist states" (2015-03-03, Sydney Morning Herald newspaper) [].

* "International partnership will develop first market ready sweet pepper harvesting robot" (2015-02-04) [] []

Weapons for a New World Order
* "Lockheed demos new high-power laser weapon" (2015-03-04, UPI newswire) []. Photo from Lockheed Martin showing a truck disabled by the ATHENA laser weapon system.

* Ray Guns newswire articles (up to 2015-02-18) []

The following list of articles describes a laser-induced plasma cannon used experimentally during the USA invasion of Baghdad, 2003.
* "Star Wars In Iraq: Is The U.S. using new experimental "Tactical High Energy Laser" weapons in Iraq?" (2003-08-24, Democracy Now!) [], a transcript of an interview by Patrick Dillon with Majid Al Ghezali, Dr. Saad al Falluji, and others.
* "Horrifying U.S. Secret Weapon unleashed in Baghdad" (2003-08-24) [].
* "Super-Secret Microwave Weapons May Be Used In Iraq" (2002, Cox News Service)

More about journalist Patrick Dillion, more about him at "Wartime drawings by Iraqi kids in SoHo" (2003-11-04. [], and at "The Bombing of Baghdad" (2003-03-31, [].

* "Star wars in Iraq" []:
U.S. has embarked on a "secret killing program" in Iraq which has dramatically reduced attacks on coalition troops by wiping out terrorists, but what could this secret weapon possibly be?
The program — which Woodward compares to the World War II era Manhattan Project that developed the atomic bomb — must remain secret for now or it would "get people killed," Woodward said Monday on CNN's Larry King Live.
"The top secret operations will "some day in history ... be described to people's amazement," Woodward told King.
While he would not reveal the details, Woodward said the terrorists who have been targeted were already aware of the capabilities.
"The enemy has a heads up because they've been getting wiped out and a lot of them have been killed," he said. "It's not news to them."
For the weapon to be comparable to the atomic bomb, one would speculate that it must employ some kind of exotic new technology and is potentially related to neutron bomb and electromagnetic weapons research.
As far back as 2002, a Cox News Service report entitled Super-Secret Microwave Weapons May Be Used In Iraq, speculated that the military was preparing to utilize high-powered microwave weapons that send bursts of electromagnetic energy which completely disable enemy electronic devices.
owever, Woodward's discussion of the secret weapon wiping out alleged terrorists in large numbers suggests it may be a far more barbaric device than an EMP weapon, which would more traditionally be used against standing armies rather than scattered insurgents.
One possibility is that the weapon is something similar that described to film maker Patrick Dillon by Iraqi infantryman Majid al-Ghazali - a frightening giant flame-thrower type device that instead shoots out "concentrated lightning bolts" or radiation bursts that result in vehicles and people being almost literally liquidized.
During a street battle in Baghdad on April 12 2003, Al-Ghazali describes witnessing American troops unveil an oddly configured tank which "suddenly let loose a blinding stream of what seemed like fire and lightning, engulfing a large passenger bus and three automobiles."
"Within seconds the bus had become semi-molten, sagging "like a wet rag" as he put it. He said the bus rapidly melted under this withering blast, shrinking until it was a twisted blob about the dimensions of a VW bug. As if that were not bizarre enough, al-Ghazali explicitly describes seeing numerous human bodies shriveled to the size of newborn babies. By the time local street fighting ended that day, he estimates between 500 and 600 soldiers and civilians had been cooked alive as a result of the mysterious tank-mounted device."
Al-Ghazali adds that following the battle, U.S. troops were scrupulous about burying the evidence of the weapon's deadly consequences, but that telltale signs remained which he showed to journalist Dillon.
Dillon, a battlefield medic in Vietnam, Somalia and Kosovo, stated, "I've seen a freaking smorgasbord of destruction in my life, flame-throwers, napalm, white phosphorous, thermite, you name it. I know of nothing short of an H-bomb that conceivably might cause a bus to instantly liquefy or that can flash broil a human body down to the size of an infant. God pity humanity if that thing is a preview of what's in store for the 21st century."
An interview with Majid al-Ghazali can be viewed below along with a further exploration of exotic weapons systems being employed in Iraq. Aid workers and others have backed up reports of terrifying new weapons systems being deployed that cause horrific injuries and agonizing deaths. Woodward's characterization of the victims merely as "terrorists" conceals the fact that a great number of the victims of these brutal weapons are no doubt innocent people caught up in the fighting.
[end article]

* "The Dawn of the E-Bomb" (2004-04-11, []

Provided by the Northbay MDS Committee for the Study of History and the Current Context, the Solano Peace, Justice & Freedom Coalition, the Green Charter Committee, and Dawnstar INC's 5th World News service.


Regional insights for the lands of
Anahuac, Carib, and Abya Ayla ("Latin" America) 
The president of the Inter-American Press Society (SIP) is worried about the ongoing assassinations of journalists in Latin America and that most of their cases rest in impunity. Source in Spanish (2015-03-07) [] []

Updates on the 
Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA)

United States of Mexico 
* "Mexico's Media Moguls Target Country's Bicentennial; The country's largest media corporation admits to creating the “Mexico Initiative,” a PR extravaganza that critics say is meant to strip the rebel spirit of 1810 and 1910 from this week’s celebrations" (2010-09-12) [] []
Photo: Media moguls gathered June 2010 to announce the creation of the Mexico Initiative.
* "In breakthrough, Mexican media sign crime accord" (2011-03-24) []
* "Mexico's Largest Media Corporation Behind Plan to Censor Drug War Coverage; The “Mexico Initiative” PR Campaign Returns To Distort and Sanitize News Reports" (2011-03-28) [] []
* "Mexico's Intensifying Drug War Kills Journalism. Fundacion MEPI ; Journalism Falls Victim to Mexico Narco Wars" (2012-11-16), originally at [], copied here [], and was accompanied by resources titled "Final Report: Censored Media Mexico 2011" from [], and "Comparative Resources: Journalism Falls Victim to Mexico Narco Wars", also erased from the original website. The article itself is described by the comments at [] [begin comments] A somewhat superficial analysis of how Mexican media have remained unable to cover accurately the size and causes of the violence in Mexico. With all this evidence around them, it is hard to believe American media outlets still report Mexican government figures without questioning their accuracy. In this report, there is interesting information comparing the number of crimes reported in newspapers of each state with the crime statistics from Presidency. The difference is quite substantial in some states (but in most cases, the media underreports the number of killings). The report acknowledges the "manipulation" of figures in each state, yet does not say anything about the federal government. Here is their explanation, which might be a glimpse of what we can expect in the new sexenio:"Meantime, every state ostensibly is required to give the federal government credible figures on its crime trends. But recently local and state authorities have manipulated the numbers, to make their state look safe while appealing to voters. The practice is very common, according to Mexico Evalua."
"In 2011, Torreon, Coahuila officials faked crime figures, erasing more than 100 killings from the official docket, El Siglo reported. In 2007, the government of Mexico state, which borders Mexico City, also manipulated its numbers, reducing its violent homicide rate by 60 percent, said Ramirez de Alba. The manipulation occurred when president-elect Peña Nieto was governor of that state." The report opens with the tired old figure of "more than 60,000" when a conservative estimate of the actual numbers of murders in Mexico in the past 6 years would be "more than 100,000" and probably "more than 125,000..." The article talks of the massive underreporting of murders state by state and yet never looks at the national statistics on murders reported annually by INEGI...  And never ups its estimate of murder victims past the standard "more than 60,000." I certainly think that the actual number of dead at the end of this sexenio is higher than the countable deaths reported by INEGI, but the news media (especially the news media outside of Mexico) does not even come close to reporting that tally. [end comments]
* "Major Mexican Newspaper To Stop Publishing Cartel News" (2013-03-12) [] []
* "2011 Censored Media In Mexico" report by MEPI ( 
In the last six years, the Mexican media has come under sharp attack by organized crime. Forty-one journalists were killed between 2007 and 2012, coinciding with a government crackdown against drug cartels. Most of them were murdered because of their reporting on crime, according to the Austria-based International Press Institute (IPI). The trend made Mexico the most dangerous country for the media last year.
In 2010, the Fundación MEPI began monitoring self-censorship in local media. That first study was able to quantify black news holes throughout Mexico, places where media outlets had stopped reporting on most crime related to drug cartels.
MEPI decided to launch a follow-up to the initial investigation. We monitored 14 out of 31 states in Mexico, covering 14 daily newspapers during 2011.

Republic of Honduras
[ of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.

* "Just Like Old Times in Central America: Why the U.S. needs to stop funneling money to Honduras and start treating its president like the corrupt ruler he really is" (2015-03-09, []

* "Honduras: Food crisis to peak in 2015" [!en/video/honduras-food-crisis-to-peak-in-2015] []: The food crisis is Honduras is expected to peak this year, as grain production falls to its lowest level in 80 years. Two million Hondurans will lack adequate access to food. Peasant organizations are calling on the government to declare a state of emergency and are demanding an end to evictions and an agrarian reform.

Life in Honduras is getting more expensive as prices for basic goods rise. Source in Spanish: (2015-03-07, []

Honduras is trying to bring the informal economy into the tax system, however, this will serve as a pretext to attack all lower income people who sustain themselves on small-scale agriculture sold in open markets, as well as artisans, and even street performers. Source in Spanish: (2015-03-03, []

* "Honduras Is Sold as a Libertarian Paradise -- I Went, and Discovered a Capitalist Nightmare; A glimpse into a society run for the benefit of a handful of the rich and global conglomerates" (2015-03-02) [] [
* "The Nightmare Libertarian Project to Turn This Central American Country Into Ayn Rand's Paradise And naturally, the US is pushing the efforts along" (2015-01-27) [] []

DIAMOND CAY, Honduras, Central America, listed for USD$650,000 [] []

And, self-described Libertarians speak back about the preceding articles:
* "A Libertarian Nightmare in Action: The Honduras?" (2015-03-02) [] []
* "Leftist Delusions About Honduras and Alleged Freedom Failures" (2015-02-10) [] []

On March 4, Honduras celebrated its Day of the Campesinos. It says a lot about the unbearable situation of them, when even on that day the Honduran state dared to violently evict 30 campesino families. Sources in Spanish: (2015-03-05) [] ; (2015-03-04, [] ; (2015-03-05, []. Photos showing the people organized as they are being evicted.

* "Campesino Arrests in La Paz" (2015-03-19 by Vicki Cervantes):
I just finished a conversation with Franklin Almendares, General Secretary of the campesino organization the CNTC (National Center for Rural Workers). As you may have seen in earlier news one of their communities was violently evicted on Wednesday of last week (ironically on Honduras Campesino Day) and 15 compas were arrested. All of the community's ?belongings, homes and crops were destroyed or stolen.
He wanted us to know that 9 community members remain in jail - they were only able to get the women and minors released so far and that today police arrested Samuel Vazquez, a young campesino activist and member of the CNTC La Paz Regional Secretariat for usurpation of land - the CNTC was able to bond him out a few minutes ago. Samuel is well known to many of us in Chicago as part of the CNTC radio project in La Paz. We are working on the best way to pressure for the release of the 9 who are now in the presidio in the town of Marcala. 
The CNTC is being targeted around the country because it is a national organization that has refused to give up the struggle for a just agrarian reform or to give up land recuperations. Despite the fact that they have legal status (personalidad juridica) and represent more than 400 affiliated campesino communities, the Hernandez government is working to criminalize them more than ever. Recently Almendares was at a meeting on agrarian matters convened by government ministers and including campesino organizations and he was told that they would not deal with "groups that don't respect private property" - i.e. the CNTC.
Also, a heads-up that April 17th is International Campesino Day and there will be actions and a need for solidarity.

* "Child Workers, Other Labor Violations Found in Honduras by U.S." (2015-02-27) [] []

* The police announced the eviction of a thousand families in  El Diamante. Source in Spanish: (2015-03-10, []

Several human rights organization came together in Santa Rosa de Copan on February 26 to denounce the ongoing violations of human rights particularly in the Western part of Honduras. Source in Spanish: (2015-03-03, []

Various human rights organization organized a forum in Tegucigalpa to denounce the criminalization of their work and especially the case of Gladys Lanza. Source in Spanish: (2015-03-04, []

Gladys Lanza is Honduras' most well known feminist. Since the 2009 dictatorship she has also been a strong human rights advocate. She now has a four year prison sentence hanging over her. Lanza is accused of defaming a public official Juan Carlos Reyes who is accused of sexual harassment of an employee. Lanza's organization came to the victim's defense. Women's rights activists consider the prosecution of Lanza to be an attack on the feminist movement. Feminist groups at home and abroad have launched a campaign in her defense under the slogan "We are all Gladys".
Source: TeleSur TV, Inside The Americas - The Case of Gladys Lanza [].
Petition in Spanish: (2015-02-21, archived) []

* Taiwan donated four UH-1H helicopters to Honduras, apparently for fighting drug trafficking. Source in Spanish: (2015-03-02) []

Radio HRN reports that the polygraph tests for the judicial workers will be certified by the Armed Forces... Source in Spanish: (2015-03-05, []

JOH told the press yesterday, that he wants inmate to chip stones. Source in Spanish: (2015-03-08, []

At a party gathering, JOH promised his followers to do "whatever it takes" to keep his party in power.
Source in Spanish: (2015-03-07, []

* "IMF structural adjustments: Conflict occurring now - energy industry" (2015-03-05):
Right now, members of the workers union of the national electrical energy company (Stenee) are blocking the entrance of personnel and machinery belonging to a U.S.-Honduran company called PHP Energy in el Nispero, Santa Barbara. The situation this afternoon has heightened to a level where confrontation is possible. I will keep people updated about what's going on.
PHP energy is a partnership between the oligarchs including the callejas family and at least one american investor, Mark November.  They are attempting to gain entrance to the national energy generation plant in el nispero to begin construction and all the workers are refusing to allow them in. They have been told that they will all be fired if they do not back down.
The PHP contract hands over national infrastructure to the private company that will make $5.7 million dollars a year without having to make any significant infrastructural improvements or changes. This is one symptom of a complete turn over of a national industry to private hands.
The significance of this project and incident is 100% related to the IMF loan that Honduras signed in December 2014 and more broadly, the Mesoamerican project and Plan Pueblo Panama. ThE IMF and IFIs are facilitating the privatization of all sector of the energy industry- transmission, distribution, public lighting and generation- and hanging all national infrastructure, many rivers with energy generation potential, over to private banks and companies, the majority of which are owned by the oligarchs. It's an incredibly profitable industry that the IFIs have had their eyes on it for years. The Structural adjustments of the IMF loan together with loans from the IFIs have allowed for and consolidated these major changes.
Please be alert of this situation in case military and police show up to evict the 200 employees defending what belongs to the Honduran people.

* "World Bank Admits It Ignored Its Own Rules Designed To Protect The Poor" (2015-03-05) [] [] [begin excerpt]: This conclusion, announced by the bank on Wednesday, amounts to a reversal of its previous efforts to downplay concerns raised by human rights activists and others working on behalf of the dispossessed -- people evicted from their land, sometimes in violent ways, to make way for World Bank-financed initiatives. [end excerpt]
Such as Dinant's African Palm Plantations which resulted in over 150 campesino assassinations from 2009 to the present.

* "Living with HIV/AIDS in Honduras" []:
Since HIV/AIDS was first diagnosed in Honduras, 32,000 cases have been indentified. Inside the Americas takes us to visit a shelter, whose director Sandra Zambrano has helped to save hundreds of lives. She tells us that her work is to help people who may have been expelled from their homes to learn to live with dignity and to realize that they have the same rights as anyone else. We meet Cristina, who has been living in the house for seven years while her two children live in another shelter. She speaks of the government?s failure to provide necessary medicines. Last year a bill was introduced to improve live conditions of people with the virus. The measure supports the rights of people with HIV/AIDS to adopt, to avoid discrimination, exclusion and loss of employment. If the bill is passed it will be the first measure introduced by the Libre party, created as a result of the National Resistance Front against the 2009 military coup in Honduras. All other bills have been blocked by the conservative majority in Congress, but backers feel optimistic that this bill will become law.

Garifuna nation within the Republic of Honduras
Nine Garifuna community radio stations came together in February to reaffirm their role in the defense of their culture and land. Source in Spanish: "The Council of Garifuna Community Radio reaffirms their role in the defense of their culture and territory" (2015-03-03, []

Republic of Haiti
* "With general strikes and marches, Haitians demand government by the people" (2015-03-01) [] []

* "The Former First Lady of Haiti on Health Care, Democracy and Education: An Interview with Mildred Aristide" (2015-03-04) [] []

Republic of France Overseas Department of Guadeloupe
"Court case against Charly Lendo, former deputy secretary general of the UGTG: Ruling on 3 March 2015" (2015-01-30) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
On 14 January 2015, the CICR (French acronym for the International Committee Against Repression, for the Defence of Political and Trade Union Rights) organised a powerful rally in the great hall of the Paris “Bourse du Travail” (the Labour Exchange), along with leaders of the UGTG (General Union of Workers of Guadeloupe), to demand that all charges against Charly Lendo, past deputy general secretary of the UGTG, be dropped.
Hundreds of trade union activists and leaders were in attendance. Six days later, a grand-scale rally was organised by the UGTG in front of the Point-à-Pitre courthouse. The public square was packed for five hours with workers and representatives of the island’s trade unions, chanting slogans demanding justice for Charly Lendo. Several representatives of organisations from the Caribbean -- from Haiti and from Martinique, etc. -- were also present.

Towards a Bolivarian Republic of Colombia
* "FARC demands Colombia government release classified files" (2015-03-04, AFP newswire) []


Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 
 “Sixty percent of the government’s budget actually goes to social programs and [the opposition] would rather it go to infrastructure and oil companies so that they can produce more oil and have a larger supply of oil on the world market, and have it be privately owned.”
* "Extreme Poverty in Venezuela Drops to Record Low" (2015-03-03) [] []

* "At Bronx meeting, Venezuela’s President Maduro says revolution ‘will not fall’ " (2014-09-29) [] []

* Events across the country in solidarity with Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution (2015-02-19) []. The achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution in the areas of participatory democracy, economic equality, social justice, education, and healthcare are all gains we could benefit from in the United States. It is our political responsibility to oppose US government plans to destroy Venezuela’s democracy.
* "US Solidarity Organizations Plan National Day of Action for Venezuela on March 5th" []

Hondura Solidarity Network [] STATEMENT
Against US intervention in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
The Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN), D19 / FNRP-LIBRE Party-USA-Canada
We citizens of the United States and Canada, members of the Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN) and Honduran immigrants in the US and Canada organized in collectives of LIBRE Party and the FNRP under the name Department 19 declare the following:
In commemoration of the second anniversary of the passing of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, we condemn the overt and covert media campaign against the process of social change in favor of the majority which the Venezuelan people, with much success, leads together with their leader, President Nicolas Maduro.
We remind the current administration of President Obama that US interventions in other countries have only brought pain and grief to the people in processes for self-determination, such as Iraq, Libia, Palestine, Afghanistan, Honduras, etc.
We remember and recognize that the government of Venezuela began an initiative of great importance in sustainable economic development in Latin America through the creation of Petro Caribe and the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) which benefited and continue to benefit thousands of poor people even on US soil.
We call on the people of the US, and all peoples of the world, lovers of peace who respect human rights, sovereignty and self-determination of nations, to put a stop to the interventionist policies of the US government and to unite to condemn the violent and bloody right wing that uses terror to destabilize the democratically elected government of Venezuela that with much sacrifice is leading a project to benefit the dispossessed masses of Venezuela, with a clear goal of promoting the unity of Latin America countries  and solidarity with the peoples of the world.
USA / Canada. Thursday, March 5, 2015

* "Don’t Believe Mainstream US Media Coverage of Venezuela" (2015-03-06) [] [begin excerpt]:
What neither the Times nor The Economist nor the supportive celebrities notice are the troubling double standards of criticizing Venezuela when a close U.S. ally such as Mexico suffers from far worse problems of anti-democratic corruption and violence. Salas [] pointed out the hypocrisy, saying that 43 people were killed in Venezuela last year on both sides of the divide, and still, “The New York Times blames the government for these deaths, and yet they remain silent about the 43 students that were killed in Mexico.” Additionally, Salas pointed out, although Mexico has “100,000 dead and a real humanitarian crisis,” the Times says “almost nothing, while on Venezuela they ... mock the government.”
A November 2014 editorial by the Times [] on Mexico’s 43 missing students expressed not nearly as much vitriol for that country’s clearly corrupt and discredited government as the paper reserves for Venezuela’s Maduro, whom it called “authoritarian,” “erratic” and “maniacal.”
Additionally, The Economist’s mocking of Venezuela’s economic crisis is also hypocritical because, according to Salas, in Mexico, “fifty percent of the population lives in poverty” and yet the country “is portrayed as a model for Western development and neo-liberal economics.” And while media outlets make fun of Venezuela’s toilet paper shortage [], Salas counters that in Mexico, which is a U.S. ally, huge numbers of “people don’t even have access to basic services and foods.” [end excerpt]

* "Neoliberalism, Venezuela's Student Right and the Answer from the Left" (2015-02-10) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
On Friday, January 23, the ULA erupted once again in violent student protests in which masked students temporarily set up barricades and attempted to forcibly enter several local stores. For local residents, these protests represented a bitter reminder of the “Guarimba,” the several months of violent opposition demonstrations in which rightwing students together with Colombian paramilitaries shut down major avenues with barricades and assassinated police and Chavista activists in a desperate bid to force the salida, or exit, of President Nicolás Maduro.
While the changing class composition of Venezuelan universities over previous decades represents an important structural factor behind the rise of Venezuela’s rightwing student movement, we cannot neglect the particular characteristics of neoliberal ideology, namely its seductive capacity for passing as radical or revolutionary. But first, what is neoliberalism?
Neoliberalism might be defined as “historical, class-based ideology that proposes all social, political, and ecological problems can be resolved through more direct free-market exposure, which has become an increasingly structural aspect of capitalism.”
What the Venezuelan Right is attempting to do is appropriate the historic slogans, symbols, and tactics of the Left, but strip them of all collective emancipatory content, which is replaced with bourgeois individualist demands for consumer choice. [end excerpt]

* "Maduro Unveils Further Evidence of ‘Blue Coup’ Plot" (2015-03-04) [] []

* "Joe Biden behind Venezuela Destabilization Plans, Says Maduro" (2015-02-02) [] []

* "US Embassy Bribing Venezuela Officials to Topple Government" (2015-02-03) [] [] [begin excerpt]: He repeated his accusation that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was behind the plot, saying the U.S. politician told regional leaders that the Venezuelan government would be “overthrown.” Maduro said presidents of the region had told him this directly at the recent CELAC summit in Costa Rica. [end excerpt]
* "Venezuela president claims to have captured U.S. pilot accused of 'recruiting citizens to stage a coup' ; 'Pilot' with 'Latino roots' detained in Táchira, border with Colombia, in the last few days, President Nicolas Maduro claims; 5 other U.S. nationals and 4 missionaries have been detained recently, all accused by Venezuelan government of 'espionage' and 'recruitment' " (2015-02-28, []

* "Maduro: 'US Human Rights Abusers Not Welcome in Venezuela' " (2015-03-02) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
The Venezuelan government has responded to increased pressure from Washington by revoking visa rights for former US politicians such as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, described by President Nicolas Maduro as “terrorists against the peoples of the world” on Saturday.
“I have decided on a prohibition list for people who will not be permitted visas and who can never enter Venezuela, for a set of chief US politicians who have committed human rights violations. They have bombed the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Vietnam… It is an anti-terrorist list,” declared the head of state to an impassioned crowd. [end excerpt]

Federation of Brazil 
* "Auto Strikers Stave Off Layoffs in Brazil" (2015-03-03) [] []

* "Elections in Brazil: The intervention of the section of the Fourth International and the fight for the Constituent Assembly" (2014-11-25) []

* Interview with Markus Sokol, activist of the O Trabalho current of the Workers Party (PT) in Brazil and member of the national PT leadership
pt. 1: "Class Struggle in Brazil Heats Up in Aftermath of Re-election of President Dilma Rousseff" []
pt. 2: The role and the importance of the Constituent Assembly [] [begin excerpt]: Over the last period, this question of the Constituent Assembly has gained a lot of ground within the party, even at executive level. Five years ago, only our current (O Trabalho – editors' note) was fighting for this issue. Today, it is the official position of the party, adopted in our Congress; But the adoption in Party Congress is not enough to transform it into a mass movement. The development of the election campaign, especially in the second round, and the fact that Madame the President has received a delegation, which I took part in, that informed her of the results of the popular plebiscite, results in a further step being expected. The idea has taken root. The 7.5 million votes in the popular plebiscite were obtained thanks to an impressive mobilisation of activists. There were at least 20,000 ballot boxes with tens of thousands of activists who collected votes; hundreds of local organisations, on top of the Landless Movement (MST) and of the Unified Workers' Central (CUT) that provided material resources for the vote. These comrades have gone through this experience and are still more convinced than before. [end excerpt]

[], with the Green Charter Committee, for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "The Re-Colonization of Africa" (2015-02-06) [] []

* "African Union blames US, UK, Norway for South Sudan civil war – leak" (2015-03-06) [] []

United Kingdom of Great Britain (UKGB) 
* "Top cop: Web trolls are swamping police and should be given lifetime social media bans" (2015-03-01) [] []

* "Russia Today faces inquiry over anti-western comments in Ukraine debate; Media regulator to launch investigation into views expressed during Crosstalk programme on Kremlin-backed broadcaster" (2015-03-02) [] [] [begin excerpt]: Russia Today is to be investigated by media regulator Ofcom over anti-western comments in a late-night discussion on Ukraine – its sixth ongoing inquiry into the Kremlin-backed news channel following complaints by viewers. The regulator, which threatened Russia Today, or RT, with statutory sanctions after repeated breaches of broadcasting regulations on impartiality last year, faces a new investigation over its Crosstalk programme broadcast on 23 December last year. The programme is understood to have featured a number of anti-western views in the discussion between the presenter and three studio guests, prompting one viewer to complain.
It is the sixth ongoing investigation into RT and the third to relate to its coverage of events in Ukraine. Ofcom was already investigating the channel’s 13 July programme The Truthseeker: Genocide in Ukraine [], which was broadcast on the RT channel in Europe but not in the UK, and its 18 July documentary, Ukraine’s Refugees []*.
Separately, Ofcom launched two investigations into RT’s Syria coverage, both relating to its broadcast, The Truthseeker: Media ‘Staged’ Syria Chem Attack []*, on 23 March last year (related article []).
An Ofcom spokesman said: “Ofcom has launched an investigation into whether this programme about the situation in Ukraine, which included anti-western comments, was duly impartial.”
A spokeswoman for RT said that Ofcom had assessed the channel’s coverage of the crash of MH17 “with regards to bias and has not found any problems that merited investigation, nor any breach of standards”. [end excerpt]

The Truthseeker broadcast television news is so savage, they have also broadcast the following episodes:
* (E28): "White Minority of America" (2014-04-07) []: This Thanksgiving celebrate 'far and away the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world'; Unthanksgiving Day and National Day of Mourning protests expose the real story of the first settlers; the bloodbath after the federal government 50¢/scalp offer to anyone who kills a native American; and the year whites become a minority in the US.
Seek truth from facts with Ihanktonwan First Nation hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Mexica Movement Director Olin Tezcatlipoca, Atsina tribe member Lenore Stiffarm, who suffered sexual abuse from the Catholic Church at an 'Indian boarding school', Savage Anxieties author Professor Rob Williams, and Daniel Sheehan of the Lakota Child Rescue Project.
* (E20): America's Next Colonies Part 1 []
* (E21): America's Next Colonies Part 2 []

Republic of Lithuania
* "Dalia Grybauskaite: 'Russia has invaded Lithuania"Lithuanian President urged the Baltic countries prepare to repel the aggression of the Russian Federation' " (2015-03-04) []

Republic of Greece
* "First Reactions Inside Greece to the 'Reform Program' Approved by the Eurogroup" by Dominique Ferré, distributed by The Organizer newswire, to subscribe, contact [theorganizer@)]. Note: The following article is reprinted from Issue No. 341 (March 5, 2015) of Informations Ouvrières (Labor News), the weekly newspaper of the Independent Workers Party of France (POI).:
After the publication of the list of "reforms" that the Greek government forwarded to the creditors of Greece -- and that were "validated" by them -- what is the situation?
In the Greek working class, among the layers of the population that have been hit by five years of policies of social destruction imposed by the "Memorandum," opinions are divided. Many workers who voted Syriza say -- as was the case of these construction workers interviewed by one of our Greek correspondents: "You have to give the government a bit more time. It’s not so simple; they have the entire world against them -- the European Central Bank (ECB), the IMF, the European governments. . . ."
That said, as highlighted by Stathis Kouvelakis, a member of the Central Committee of Syriza, the agreement is not a victory given that "the agreement stipulates that the Greek government will repay its creditors, and on time.” The agreement, moreover, establishes "that the country will accept to be placed under the supervision of the ‘institutions’ – the new name of the Troika[1] -- and that “the government commits itself not to take any unilateral action that could endanger the budgetary objectives set forth by the creditors."
But herein lies the problem, as Kouvelakis noted: "The restoration of labor legislation . . . as well as the rehiring of laid-off public employees, the restoration of electricity for households that had their power cut off, or the reconstitution of the ERT (public radio and television)” . . . all these commitments "have clashed with the dictates of the European Union and the Troika."
And Kouvelakis concluded: "The problem is right there. . . . You cannot break with the policies of austerity and the mechanisms of the Memorandum without confronting the European Union. . . . Any political force that seeks to take issue with, let alone go against, the dominant policy directives in relation to economic policy, must break with such directives; this is an indispensable condition"[2].
But though they may want to "give the government a bit more time," the workers are not about to give up fighting for their demands. On Thursday, February 26, the leadership of the OLME, the teachers' union, was received at the Ministry of Education, where they demanded that the thousands of laid-off teachers be rehired.
It was a face-to-face meeting between a Syriza government minister and the union president, also a member of Syriza, who, as it turns out, had also been laid off. One of our Greek correspondents commented on this meeting as follows: “The Greek unions are not about to throw in the towel.”
It is in this context that one must understand the importance of the vote that took place at the Central Committee of Syriza this past weekend.
Alexis Tsipras[3], came to the meeting to defend the terms of the agreement with the Eurogroup, and he was faced with the vote by 41% of the members of the Central Committee[4] in support of a resolution titled "We disagree with the list of measures signed with the Eurogroup" (with 55% voting against and 4% abstaining). These measures, according to the resolution, are "in total contradiction with the electoral commitments of Syriza. In the coming days, Syriza must immediately enact measures in accordance with its electoral commitments, whatever commitments it may have made to the Eurogroup."
In other words, Syriza must heed the will of the Greek people expressed in the vote of January 25, 2015.
[1] Troika: The European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Union
[2] Concerning the attitude of French President François Hollande, who some in France have called upon to come to the rescue of Greece, Stathis Kouvelakis replied: "You cannot implement a policy of austerity and vote for the anti-labor Macron Law, on the one hand, and provide political help to a country that wants to break with austerity, on the other."
[3] Alex Tsipras, member of Syriza, is the new Greek prime minister.
[4] A vote by 41% of the Central Committee means that the resolution was submitted and approved by forces in Syriza beyond those of the “Left Platform.”

Republic of Ukraine 
* "Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine" (2015-03-06) [] []
* "Falsification Revealed: Zbigniew Brzezinski Lied to US Senate About Crimea" (2015-03-08, Sputnik newswire) []
* "Russia massing sophisticated weapons in Crimea: NATO" (2015-03-09, AFP newswire) []
* " 'Thousands' of Russian troops in east Ukraine: US envoy" (2015-03-04, AFP newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: Speaking to a congressional foreign affairs committee, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland also told US lawmakers that Russia was flooding eastern Ukraine with military hardware.  "Since December, Russia has transferred hundreds of pieces of military equipment, including tanks, armored vehicles, rocket systems, heavy artillery," Nuland said.  "The Russian military has its own robust command structure in eastern Ukraine... they are funding this war, they are fueling it and commanding and controlling it."  Nuland was not able to say exactly how many Russian troops were in eastern Ukraine -- where pro-Russian rebels are battling loyalist security forces -- but estimated the number to be "in the thousands and thousands." [end excerpt]
* "NATO goes to Hollywood, ask Philip M. Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO" infographic []

Ukrainian crisis news
* (2015-03-11) []
* (2015-03-10) []
* (2015-03-09) []
* (2015-03-05) []
* (2015-03-04) []

* "Angered UAF soldiers appeal to Poroshenko about economical situation in the country" (2015-03-02) []

* "Ukraine: Russia's and Europe's Mexico? A short reflection on the Ukrainian demographic fiasco" (2015-03-05) [] [] [begin excerpt]: Apart from a huge wave towards Russia - the country where most of the white collar or educated Ukrainians can still use their experience or qualifications - there is an expected tripling of exodus numbers towards Hungary and Poland, and to a lesser extent Romania.  If one adds all of these numbers together, it is not at all outlandish to forecast that this country will, by mid 2016 to early 2017, shrink to less than 30 million. While Russia is already gasping with the burden of lower oil prices and the Ukrainian refugees at 2 million, it may see this number double.  Surrounding EU neighbours may need to forecast a similar 3 to 4 million transient Ukrainian workers that would increasingly stay or seek immigration into other countries. Any crisis of this magnitude also has a major impact on life expectancy.   During the US-celebrated shock therapy in Russia in the early 90's, Russian life expectancy dropped by 10 years.  While this may appear financially beneficial in the short term - shorter lives mean less pensions to pay out - the combination with mass emigration of the active workforce is potentially catastrophic. [end excerpt]
* "Ukraine – Europe’s Mexico?" (2007) []

A USA Citizen is overseeing the process of selling publicly-owned industries and resources of the Republic of Ukraine to foreigners for the sake of making private profit. Her "cheerleaders" call this process "anti-corruption", and while they talk of democracy, they are selling publicly-owned assets to their private friends without a vote of the people!
* "The American Woman who stands between Putin and Ukraine; Why Natalie Jaresko is as important as the country’s generals" (2015-03-05) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
Three months ago, Jaresko, 49, left the private equity firm that she co-founded in Ukraine in 2006 to join the government of Petro Poroshenko. A billionaire chocolate and confectionery magnate, he was elected president after the uprising known as the Euromaidan Revolution. At the time, Jaresko didn’t even have Ukrainian citizenship. Now, as the country’s top economic official, she’s Ukraine’s liaison to the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Tax reform is hers. So is the treasury. She must construct a national budget out of lint. “I can’t wait for the situation to be perfect,” Jaresko says.
Jaresko could see firsthand that there would be no easy path for Ukraine to follow in its transition to a market economy. Criminal posturing was the national style. All the same, she recognized the opportunities that existed in a country that was rapidly privatizing its state-owned assets. She left her diplomatic post and joined the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, an organization backed by the U.S. Agency for International Development and designed to kick-start small and midsize Ukrainian businesses.
The Ukrainian economy showed its first signs of growth only in 2000, after almost a decade of decline. Then, in 2004, came the Orange Revolution. While the country entered a new period of uncertainty, international institutional investors began to arrive. Two years later, Jaresko and three partners opened investment management firm Horizon Capital. It managed the Western NIS Enterprise Fund and eventually raised two more. When she left last December, it had roughly $600 million of Ukrainian investments under management.
Jaresko’s appointment, especially considering Horizon Capital’s ongoing relationship with USAID, provides fuel to conspiracy theorists, who depict Euromaidan as a Western plot aimed at luring Ukraine out of Russia’s sphere of influence. The new finance minister is hardly the only target for the conspiracy-minded. Jaresko joins two other foreigners in Ukraine’s cabinet: Aivaras Abromavicius, a 39-year-old Lithuanian, is the minister of economy and trade. The minister of health care, Alexander Kvitashvili, a Georgian, served in the same capacity in his home government.
Campaigning for the presidency, Poroshenko pledged to divest himself of Roshen, the confectionery that made him a billionaire. However, he continues to own a majority of Roshen, along with interests in at least 10 other companies. The dirty, open secret behind his facade of reform is that oligarchs have only gained in influence since Euromaidan. Oligarchs control media. They stock the seats of the parliament. The state—fighting Russia, fighting for its financial life—is too weak to fight its own power structure. In a recent poll conducted by the Kiev-based Research & Branding Group, a marketing consulting company, 46 percent of respondents disapproved of Poroshenko’s performance as president.
[end excerpt]

* "JXK returns to shale work in Ukraine" (2015-03-02, UPI newswire) []

* (2015-03-06) []: Ordinary corruption: Sergey Pashinskiy, MP and Head of the Supervisory Board of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom", awarded his son Anton by position of Head of Department "Spetstehnoeksport" in this state company "Ukroboronprom" which buy and sell weapon and other military staff. In February this year a new top manager of "Spetstehnoeksport" became 24-year-old Anton Pashinsky, son of Sergiy Pashinsky, the chairman Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence, and the former head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

* "Rising Star of Ukrainian Basketball Has Escaped to Russia Because of Mobilization" (2015-03-09, []

* "Ukrainian parliament passes law allowing army deserters to be shot" (2015-02-05) [] []
* Ukraine's Parliament have registered new law: from 3 to 5 years jail for criticism against Kiev government []

* "CyberBerkut Warns That Kiev is Carrying Out 'Sweep' Operation in Mariupol" (2015-03-06, [] [begin excerpt]:
Ukrainian hacking collective CyberBerkut has reported that they have obtained a series of documents from the Ministry of Information Policy in Mariupol, featuring correspondence about the need for a pro-Ukrainian social-psychological propaganda campaign, and noting that a "sweep" of the city is taking place.
According to the group, over 100 people have been arrested over the past few days.
CyberBerkut claims to have obtained correspondence belonging to Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy Minister Tatyana Popova, one of which recommends a "pilot project of military-civilian administration" in the embattled city.
"Everything began with an analysis of the information environment in Mariupol, reported to Tatyana Popova," the hackers reported. This analysis, which "reads more like a denunciation," was prepared by social psychologist Oleg Pokalchuk, who reported that the city lacks pro-Ukrainian propaganda, that the Greek community there is pro-Russian, and that the priests of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Orthodox Church are carrying out anti-Ukrainian subversive activities. Popova advised her colleagues to pay "close attention" to Pokalchuk's report.
[end excerpt]
One of the documents seized [].

* "OSCE confirms Luhansk was shelled with cluster munitions" (2015-02-04) [] []

* "Kiev Plants Explosives on Bridges to Crimea" (2015-03-05, news, translated into English) []

* "Ukrainian authorities cover up terrible crimes of their volunteer battalions: testimony of a cop" (2015-03-10, []

* "Kiev forces Broke Ceasefire 17 times since March 9, 2015"
(2015-03-10): Since March 9th 17 violations of the cease-fire by the UAF were registered. Tonight it happened 3 times: in the Donetsk airport and the village Spartak area. According to the representative of the Ministry, there were not hits on residential area.
Ukrainian military used mortars and heavy grenade launchers.
Also Ukrainian military continue to provoke Donetsk armed forces near the village Shirokino where Ukrainian snipers work.
No civilian fatalities, as is reports, as well as no militiamen losses.

* "Kiev's Anti-Terror Operation East Ukraine Farmland Now Littered with Land Mines" video (2015-03-11) []

* "Historical parallels: Germany again after 70 years build concentration camps in territory of Ukraine" [] [begin excerpt]:
You see in the photo below transit camp for internally displaced people built by company from Germany.

This camp is constructed of plastic, it is a combustible material, plastic houses are close to each other, a fire will burn the camp before the arrival of firefighters. Companies that produce these houses may lie endlessly that their plastic does not burn. This is an obvious lie, any plastic will burn, releasing hazardous substances. This camp is in a vacant lot next to an abandoned field, at the summer grass of the field could be lit, then camp be burned. Also, in the summer, because of hot weather, heated plastic begins to stink. This concentration camp stands on the ground, in case of rain, people will be forced to walk on a solid dirt.
Apparently the camp is not provided for heating in winter, people will live in the cold. The camp is supplied with electricity, but displaced people will be have electricity rarely. Since urban substations were built in the Soviet era and aren't designed for the appearance of big number of additional consumers. In Ukraine, were power outages problem with electricity will occurs in displaced people. This camp was built as a temporary, but in fact there people will live permanently. Because Kiev junta is not going to help the displaced.
[end excerpt]

Source []:
Alexander Peklushenko, the former governor of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia region, has been found dead in his home. Peklushenko was a member of the Party of Regions and the head of the party’s branch in the Zaporizhia region.

Another two members of Ukraine’s Party of Regions, Mikhail Chechetov and Stanislav Melnik, were found dead some time ago. A number of high-ranking officials committed suicides in Ukraine from January 26 to February 28. Nikolay Sergiyenko, the former first deputy head of the Ukrzheldoroga railway company who was appointed by Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov shot himself from a hunting rifle; Alexey Kolesnik, the former governor of the Kharkiv region, hanged himself in his home on January 29 without leaving a suicide note. The 57-year-old mayor of Melitopol, Sergey Valter, hanged himself on February 25 hours before a court hearing on his case. The body of Alexander Bordyuga, the deputy chief of the Melitopol police department, was found in a garage on February 26.
PS: Party of Regions has always been criticized as pro-Russian.

* (2015-03-06) [] [begin excerpt]: Representatives of the Kiev junta hypocritically said that they wanted to help the miners of the mine Zasyadko. At this coal mine happened explosion at 4th March. Below response from Donetsk republic for hypocritical statement of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Professional in the Mining answered to the clown of the policy: "Remove the blockade, give medicines pass free, other we'll resolve ourselves".
Yesterday the whole evening watching ICTV [Ukrainian private channel that supports Kiev junta]. They showed a short video there Yatsenyuk said:" We wanted to send rescuers. But Russian non-humans didn't allow". This cynicism and incompetence brought out my patience. I can't be silent more! Mr. Yatsenyuk, you know how many units PMRP (I'd explain to the layman Yatsenyuk PMRP is a paramilitary mine rescue parts) in your territory, and how many have DPR? Whom do you want to send to the rescue of the miners at the mine "Zasyadko"? You in Ukraine have one and half unmanned squads PMPR - in city Pavlograd and company "Ukrzapadugol". The DPR [Donetsk republic] have four full squads of PMRP. In the mine ["Zasyadko"] operated 15 branches of PMRP DPR!
Your hysteria is designed for amateurs. I answer you as a professional - Your country hasn't PMRP units, which could help in the rescue of the people. And then - more interesting. You - subhuman made blockade of us, and we are now very much needed medicines to save the miners. [end excerpt]

* "Ukraine Crisis: War Crimes/Atrocities committed by Ukrainian Army" [ENG] []

* "Let's help German Chancellor Angela Merkel to find the Nazis in Ukraine" []:

The following photo has been verified by an anti-Russian researcher (2014-11-27) [], who, despite his sympathies with the UAF operations against the people of Novorossiya, is willing to corroborate the fact that the photo was uploaded by a neo-Nazi volunteer in the UAF Azov Battalion [], but claims that the photo is faked(!), even though other squadron members in the photo had the same photo on their social media pages [].

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and Andrej Biletsky, both high ranking Officers of of the Azov Battalion of the UAF, are well known White Supremacists who adheres to an ideology which glorifies the fascist German conquest of Russia under Adolph Hitler during World War 2 which killed 25 million ethnic Russian civilians.

The photo was originally uploaded by a neo-Nazi is named Oleg Penya, member of the Right Sector. Here's a video, titled "Oleg Piontkivsky on the Right Sector work in Zhytomyr" (2015-03-06) []. His social media page has been archived (2014-11-27) [] and shows his participation in neo-Nazi activities, as seen in the next photo (Oleg is at right carrying megaphone), part of the Autonomous Nationalists of Zhytomyr [] (archived 2015-03-10) []:

The following photos are from the Autonomous Nationalists of Zhytomyr and show their members as volunteers for the UAF Azov Battalion, using the 'Seig Heil' salute of the neo-Nazis:
(2014-10-19) [] [] [].
Here are more photos showing the Azov Batallion

Ukraine Armed Forces (UAF) punitive battalion "Aydar" got new patches and symbols, "White Pride World Wide" patches and insignia of SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger.
* "Ukrainian soldiers of "Aydar" battalion with patches of SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger" (2015-03-04) []:
* More info about the historical fascist German SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger ( []

The number "88" on the t-shirts of Aydar Battalion members in the photo represent the phrase "Heil Hitler".

* "Photosession of an Azov batallion fighter" photos []: Slogan on his page is "Рабів до раю не пускають" - "Slavs are not admitted to the paradise". Source: []

* "Debaltseve. 'Greetengs from fascists' " video by Graham Phillips 2015-02-16 []

*  "A dog named Sevastopol" (2015-03-10, [] [begin excerpt]:
Since the Crimean peninsula was reintegrated into the Russian federation there has been a lot of writing back and forth about the legitimacy of the referendum or the right to self-determination of the Crimeans.
When you say Crimea, you say Sevastopol.  The harbor is of vital importance for the Russian navy and the facility in Tartus’s survival depends on it.
Sevastopol was founded by Catherine II of Russia in June 1783 as base for a naval squadron.
The city soon became an important Russian naval base and commercial seaport, fortresses were built  and the black sea squadron became the black sea fleet.
The first notable attack came in the Crimean war of 1853-1856 when the British, the French, the Ottomans and Sardinia lay siege to Sevastopol for 11 months. More than a hundred thousand Russian soldiers died defending the city which ultimately fell to the attackers.  The treaty of Paris from 30 march 1856 returned the city back to Russia.
During the second world warthe city was intensely bombarded during the Battle of Sevastopol which lasted 250 days. The German, Italian, Romanian and Bulgarian armies took the city in july 1942.
On may 9, 1944 the city was liberated once again and received the “hero city” title.
The cause for the controversy we see today happened in 1954 when Nikita Krushchev (General secretary of the communist party at the time) by an internal political action transferred the Crimean peninsula to the Ukraine SSR (which was within the soviet union).
When the soviet union broke up in 1991, Moscow refused to recognize the Ukrainian sovereignty over Sevastopol and the Crimean oblast.
From 1991 to 1997 there was a number of incidents, most notably on april 14, 1993 when the presidium of the Crimean parliament called for the creation of the presidential post of the Crimean republic.
Although the aspirations of the Crimeans to become independent from Ukraine were largely buried in the may 1997 treaty between Russia and Ukraine, the largely ethnic  Russian city and the peninsula had never really given up on dreaming of joining the Russian federation as an independent republic.
In reaction to the Maidan revolution and the subsequent events, the city council of Sevastopol Unilaterally declared that it wished to join the Russian federation as a federal subject on March 6, 2014.
On 11 March a joint resolution with the supreme council of Crimea was released to unite as an independent republic.
The new Kiev leadership that was not recognized by the Crimeans did in turn not recognize the Crimean independence or its right for self determination. In this vacuum, Russia played a controversial role.
While Russia had the right to have military in Sevastopol and other Crimean installations, the soldiers did not have the right to bear arms outside of their installations without  permission from Kiev.
Not sure what Kiev was up to in regards to the “insubordinate” Crimeans, Russian military assisted in securing the peninsula wearing incognito uniforms.
-After seeing what happened in Eastern-Ukraine, one can only call this the right decision-
On march 16 the Crimeans held a referendum  to choose the way forward, as an independent republic or as part of the Russian federation. (between march 11 and march 18, Crimea was an independent republic awaiting the outcome of the referendum)
With the outcome of the referendum to join the Russian federation, a treaty of adoption was signed between Russia and Crimea, effectively returning Sevastopol (and the peninsula) “home”.
[end excerpt]

* Another portion of blatant lies from Washington:
Washington (AFP) - The top US diplomat for Europe declared Tuesday that Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine were subject to a "reign of terror", blaming Russia for a conflict that has claimed thousands of lives.
"Even as Ukraine is building a peaceful, democratic, independent nation across 93 percent of its territory, Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine are suffering a reign of terror," Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
"Today Crimea remains under illegal occupation and human rights abuses are the norm, not the exception, for many at risk groups there," she said of the Black Sea peninsula annexed by Russia a year ago.
Nuland cited Crimea's minority Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians who refuse to give up their passports for Russian documents as well as gays among those at risk of persecution.
Meanwhile, in eastern Ukraine, where a ceasefire between government forces and pro-Russian separatists is largely holding, "Russia and its separatist puppets" had unleashed "unspeakable violence", Nuland said.
And at the same time they claim that Obama agreed not to send arms to Ukraine, allegedly, yielding to Merke'ls pleas.
Is USA being hypocritical again and aren't American hawks itching to escalate the conflict by fanning hysteria in regard to mythical "reign of terror" in the Crimea and Donbass?
Why don't they want to consider the FACTS: that it is the Ukrainian side that is ruining the infrastructure in Donbass and creating humanitarian catastrophe, whereas the authorities of the Republics are restoring the ruined communications and rebuilding hospitals, railway junctions, schools and kindergartens?
Stop lying, Ms Nuland, or the day will come when all the Nazi criminals will have to answer for their crimes, and their instigators as well!

Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya
For more info, with maps, and links, visit [].

* (2015-03-06) [] [begin excerpt]: Authorities of DPR redeploy all their forces including corps of engineers and military police for the renovation of municipal infrastructure, a representative of Ministry of Defence Eduard Basurin said.
Particularly military police of DPR ensured delivery of 12 humanitarian convoys into the most bombed parts of the Republic.
Yesterday the corps of engineers renovated 200 m of water supply and 3 km of power lines in Uglegorsk and Debaltsevo. Also some power and gas lines were restored near Dokuchayevsk and Andreevka.
Besides that, the corps of engineers found and defused 47 unexploded Ukrainian shells in towns of Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, and Kalinovka, said Eduard Basurin. [end excerpt]

* "DPR Activists Delivered Aid to Debaltsevo Citiezens" []:
Activists of the DPR “Young Republic” non-governmental organization brought humanitarian aid, flowers and arranged a festive concert for the residents of Debaltsevo on March 8, 2015. They delivered 1000 tulips for the women on the International Women’s Day, and also 2,5 tones of food products, clothes and daily necessities.
The cities of Donetsk and Makeyevka participated in the “Helping hand” charity organized by the “Donetsk Republic” public movement and the “Young Republic” non-governmental organization and handed over living essentials for the residents of Debaltsevo. Glazing in Debaltsevo hospital is going to finish soon, thanks to volunteers of the “Young Republic”.
“We are glad that the residents of Debaltsevo, who experienced all the horrors of war, were able to feel the support of caring people, and women of the city heard the praises and warm congratulations on the Women’s Day as before,” the head of the “Young Republic” Sergey Kondrykinsky said.

* (2015-03-07) []:
 Residents of Debaltsevo eager to get a box of cookies as possible assistance from one of the divisions of the militia. During several months of occupation of Kiev junta these people were in the basements and starved. Kiev junta didn't provide any assistance to them

* (2015-03-10) [] view photos at the link:
The Russian motorcycle club “Night Wolves” brought 3 lung ventilators and medicines for the Lugansk hospital №2. At the moment, 269 patients are in hospital, 50 of them are the fighters.
The money to purchase such expensive equipment was collected by ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation.
“We are very grateful for this help. We are also sorely in need of anaesthetic drugs. We are not able to operate on people due to lack of these drugs,” – head of the hospital department Alexander Nikonovich said.
In general, the “Night Wolves” have delivered 17 lung ventilators to the LPR so far. In December, the USA imposed sanctions against the club.
* (2015-03-07) [] view photos at the link:
A few days ago, Lothar Häupl, a volunteer from the German city of Dresden, brought over 800 kg of humanitarian aid for the residents of Donbass.
“In Germany there are many people that want to help the people of Novorossiya. I have brought medicines, food products, clothes and children’s goods,” - Lothar Häupl said.
He is reported to have transported the humanitarian aid to Novorosisya via Russia, considering it unsafe to do so via Ukraine, which has blockaded routes to Donetsk and Lugansk.
We want to express our sincere gratitude to Lothar Häupl for his support and assistance!

* (20105-03-12, []:
Ukraine doesn’t admit vans with food to the Donetsk Republic, Donetsk parliamentary speaker Andrei Purgin has announced.
“International humanitarian aid doesn’t often delivered to us. That refers to the aid from the Red Cross and ‘Médecins sans frontières’. Their supply isn’t big but that’s a supply too. Russian humanitarian aid comes through the border we control. And there's no such thing as Ukrainian humanitarian aid. Vans with food being going to us are halted including delivery from Renat Akhmetov”, Purgin said.
He also accentuated that Ukraine strengthens its transport blockade of the DPR. Conveyance of passengers do not really admitted through the contact line.

* "Destroyed Ukrainian checkpoint and military equipment near Debaltsevo" video (2015-03-02): []
* 7-year-old Nastya from Debaltsevо, 2 weeks she did not leave the air-raid shelters, fearing violent Ukrainian soldiers. But as soon as Debaltsevo been released, she got a job in the company of the defenders of Novorossia. Video [].

* "Schwarzenegger was given letters from children of the DPR by the strongest girl of the world Mariana Naumove" (2015-03-10, [], video []

10th of March, 2015. Donetsk People's Republic, Novorossiya.
Source []:
The Donetsk People’s Republic has prepared three lists on prisoner exchange with Ukraine, the DPR human rights ombudwoman Darya Morozova said at the press center of the Donetsk News Agency today. “Active preparation for prisoner exchange is underway. The DPR has prepared three lists. In the first list, there are self-defense forces – 220 people. In the second list, there are political prisoners – around 800 people. In the third list, there are civilians. As of March 7th, there are 900 of them,” – Darya Morozova said. According to Darya Morozova, she sent the first list to the Ukrainian side about 2 weeks ago. The Ukrainian side has not sent any response yet.

On March 9th Eduard Basurin, a top military official of the Donetsk People's Republic, represented to reporters files of an artillery battalion commander from #128 brigade of the UAF.
Source: ( []
Video (no Eng): []
Translated, with photos []
“As I promised to you our special teams continued collecting and analyzing the files left behind by the retreating Ukrainian military. I have recently shown to you a log book of an operative of the Sector C where fatalities of the #128, #17, and #55 UAF brigades were recorded. Now I want to show you one more file found in the Debaltsevo cauldron area too. That’s a log book of an artillery battalion commander from #128 brigade of the UAF (a military unit В 4673). That’s an authentic document, with special seals and registration stamps. The battalion’s fire weapons are recorded on its pages: 122-mm self-propelled howitzers 2C1 “Gvozdika”, as well as the positions of fire platoons in the area of the Bulavino and Olkhovatka settlements. Pay attention please, the marked sections of concentrated fire on a residential area: since 301 till 304 on eastern outskirts of the town of Yunokommunarovsk; since 501 till 504 on northern outskirts of the town of Yenakievo. As a result of these artillery hits 9 civilians in Yunokommunarovsk and Yenakievo were killed, 6 injured. So these files are some more evidence of Kiev war crimes against civilians of Donbass”, said Eduard Basurin.
He also called on the international community to make an unbiased investigation of all similar facts being based on the principle of unavoidability of punishment for war crimes.

* "Mortars and snipers of UAF keep on shelling the suburbs of Donetsk" (2015-03-10, []
* "Eduard Basurin: Sounds of explosions were heard in Donetsk last night" (2015-03-09, []
* "Basurin: UAF are shelling the airport" (2015-03-07, []
* "Givi: OSCE mission got attacked by UAF tanks at the Donetsk airport" video (2015-03-07)
* (2015-03-10, []: Since March 9th a cease-fire was broken 17 times, the press service of Ministry of Defence of the DPR reports.
Since March 9th 17 violations of the cease-fire by the UAF were registered. Tonight it happened 3 times: in the Donetsk airport and the village Spartak area. According to the representative of the Ministry, there were not hits on residential area.
Ukrainian military used mortars and heavy grenade launchers.
Also Ukrainian military continue to provoke Donetsk armed forces near the village Shirokino where Ukrainian snipers work.
No civilian fatalities, as is reports, as well as no militiamen losses.
*  (2015-03-08, []: Donetsk, March 8
The territory of the Donetsk Republic has been hit by Ukrainian armed forces 25 times on March 7, a representative of Ministry of Defence of the Republic reports.
“Shelling targets were the airport area, village Spartack, Wolwo-Center in village Piesky, ‘October’ coal mine, as well as village Shirokino near the Azov sea”, said he.
According to the NAF data, Ukrainians used their tank guns and 122-mm mortars.

* "Uncontrolled Ukrainian fascists is in occupied Slavyansk" (2015-03-10, video []: Slavyansk has been suffering from Ukrainian occupation and dwellers aspire liberating. Ukrainian Nazis who occupied the town goof on the population and they torture dwellers. People with tears on their eyes are waiting the militia and the liberation from the punitives. Just one act of fascist disorder committed by Ukrainian occupants was fixed at the video.
* "The citizen of Slavyansk states that his daughter was abducted by Ukrainian fighters"
(2015-03-10) []: Father of disappeared girl tells ‘Children went to meet their friend and they were stopped by fighters in military masks, they fixed automats at them and took their passports and telephones. Later, my daughter was put into the car and taken with them’. He has not seen her since that time.

An assassination attempt on the life of Alexey Mozgovoy, the commander of the "Prizrak" ("Ghost") Artillery Brigade took place on a highway on the outskirts of Alchevsk, LPR on March 7 at 5pm.
Three IEDs were blown up next to his car and the commander barely escaped death, sustaining only a light wound in the head. Immediately after receiving medical treatment Mozgovoy recorded a video address. He said he "forgave the people who organised it", stressing that he won't participate in a "fight of spiders in a jar", because "there are more important tasks at hand like building the new nation's legal system" which must give power to the common people in a true People's Republic. He also added that the goal he is striving for is not "LNR or DPR but a united Novorossiya". In conclusion of his speech he congratulated the women of Novorossiya, Ukraine and Russia with the International Women's Day.

* "DPR army military exercises" (2015-03-10) [eng subs] []

* "Eduard Basurin commentary about UAF military exercises in several km from Gorlovka" (2015-03-12) [eng subs] []

* "Novorossiyas Cossack National Guard / Great Don Army. The inscription on the poster 'Maidan - a disease. We will treat it' " (2015-03-05) []

* Russian-Brazilian international unit "Ernesto 'Che' Guevara", 155. Battalion of Brigade Prizrak, Novorossiya Armed Forces, (2015-03-06) photos [], video [], social media page []

* "Mariupol, French paratroopers of Unite Continentale fighting on Novorossiya's side against Western backed Ukrainian 'AZOV' battalion" (2015-03-07) photos [], video []

* "Serb soldiers as volunteers in Novorossiya" (2015-03-04) []:

* "Fighting for Novorossiya, Serbian sniper "Bogira" 27 year old female. On the right Deyan Berich, another Serbian sniper of Novorossiya Armed Forces" photo (2015-03-02) []:

* Photo (2015-03-05) []: Militiamen of United Armed Forces of Novorossiya, Chechen volunteer battalion, probably related to the Caucasus Confederation. Their main objective was to kill "Kavkaz Emirate" terrorist Isa Munayev and his battalion, which was a part of Ukraine's punitive battalions. Isa Munayev was killed with combatants of his unit and members of Pravyj Sektor on 1 February 2015 in the village of Chernukhino near Debaltsevo.

* "New color for a trophy from Debaltsevo, Novorossiyas first Humvee" photo (2015-03-04) []
* "Abandoned armor of Ukrainian forces in Debaltsevo" video []
*  " 'Ghost' brigade armored vehicles repair base" video (2015-03-07) []
* "UAF squad surrenders at Debaltsevo" (2015-02-17) []
* Photo (2015-03-05) []. After the battle of Debaltsevo, Ukrainian soldiers in Artemivsk told the American media of more than 8000 Ukrainian combatants, only one-third have survived. After the snow has melted NAF still find bodies of Ukrainian combatants near Debaltsevo.
* A fascist Ukrainian (who has been a USA clandestine agent) describes his feelings about Novorossiya Armed Forces (2015-04-15) [], note that he is of a perception that NAF is simply "the Russian Army", and shows no knowledge of the fascist Ukraine Natinal Guard attacks against Novorossiya cities which are the cause of the defensive attack by the NAF described by the author.
* Financial Times Finally Prints the Unvarnished Truth: Kiev Is the Violent Aggressor in East Ukraine (2015-02-14) []

* "UAF BMP traffic accident at the checkpoint" (2015-03-08) []
* "One of the Ukrainian "Azov" commanders lost control of his SUV, crashed into the Red Army monument in Shikorino near Mariupol and killed" photo (2015-02-14) []:


Federation of Russia
* "Putin's Extraordinary Path From Soviet Slums To The World's Stage" (2014-12-24) [] []

* "Military dominance over Russia impossible, nuclear deterrent top priority – Defense Ministry" (2015-01-30) [] []
* "Russia ready to repel any nuke strike, retaliate – missile forces command chief" (2015-03-01) [] []
* "Russia’s SMF Ready to Repel a ‘Lightning-Speed’ Nuclear Strike" (2015-03-01) [] []

Russian Rocket Launch Object 2014 28E (NORAD designation 39765), the presumed “Russian satellite killer”...
* "Mysterious Russian satellite sparks ‘orbital weapon’ speculations" (2014-11-19) [] []
May actually be a mundane spy satellite for a client government.
* "Leaks Show S Africa Spied on Itself for Details of Joint Satellite Project" (2015-02-26) [] []

* "Gazprom Space Systems to Scrub Contracts with French Satellite Providers" (2015-03-06, Sputnik newswire) []


* "Boris Nemtsov Shooting: This is How They Did It" (2015-03-12) [] [] [begin excerpt]:
When the Russian secret services decide to remove a threat, much like ours, they can do so in such a manner that you would never know they were there. In a way even the coroner wouldn’t know it was murder. They don’t resort to ham-handed public executions like this one which looks more like a Bloods V Crips drive-by than a modern day political assassination. A security system like the KGB would be expected to follow someone they wanted to hit via cell phone tracking or what not and then improvise the murder (... or ... ) they would simply break into his home while he was having dinner with Anna elsewhere and spike his prune juice with the radionuclide polonium-210 (210Po).
Details of the shooting are still scattered and in some cases, self-contradictory. There are still multiple news outlets reporting the early, misleading details that emerged within hours of the shooting, namely that a white car pulled up alongside the couple as they were walking across the bridge and someone jumped out and shot Nemtsov a number of times, then hopped back in the car and it sped off.
The story of the white car is still being reported by some to this very day in spite of the fact that the video of the hit exists and refutes that claim.
UPDATE (H/T ariadnatheo ): Anna Duritskaya refused to take a polygraph [] and she was also a mistress of another powerful man, National Guard regimental commander of Ukraine “Dnepr-1″ and the Verkhovna Rada deputy Yurii Birch [].
UPDATE 2: And… they let her go [].
“Anna Duritskaya, a Ukrainian model who was with Russian politician Boris Nemtsov when he was shot in Moscow on February 27, was released by the Russian investigative authorities on Monday…”
“.. she is in a difficult mental condition and is trying to come to her senses”
“The witness noted that she does not remember the night of Nemtsov’s killing well.”
” When the politician fell, Duritskaya ran to a snowplow driver for help and called the police.”
[end excerpt]
Really? These “professionals” left the only eye-witness to the attack without so much as a scratch?
* "Anna Duritskaya returned to Kiev and disappeared from the mediaWitness the murder of Boris Nemtsov taken out of the back door of the terminal" (2015-03-04) []
* "Lawyer: 'Anna Duritskaya constantly accompany operatives. Convince: leave Moscow unsafe' ; Vadim Prokhorov told that the model lives in an apartment a 'big family' " (2015-03-02) []
Interestingly, the Escort, or Model Companion (not a prostitute in the strictest sense) had a marvelous background [].
* "New Details and Video of Boris Nemtsov Killing" (2015-03-01) [] []
* "Three riddles case Nemtsov: the way the murderer, weapons and 'untouched clothes' " (2015-03-04) []

Using a honey-pot to take down a target is used clandestinely by people invested with economic or political power, of course:
* "Regime Change at the IMF: The Frame-Up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn" (2011-05-19) []

* "All-weather camera recorded the murder of Boris Nemtsov" video (2015-02-28) []: This is a video with all-weather camera, shoot more Moskvoretsky bridge around the clock. Up to the second it recorded crime. Low quality footage, but the cars and people silhouettes can be seen.
* Recording with the DVR, to fix the situation on the Moscow River bridge after 3 minutes after the assassination of Boris Nemtsov []

* "In the case of the murder of Nemtsov appeared 'Chechen trace' " [] [begin excerpt]: Ukrainian trace in the case of the death of Boris Nemtsov really there. That there is information that the companion prominent opposition politician, an employee escort service Durnitskaya Anna , had a close relationship with the field commander Yuri birch, commander of the destroyer battalions "Dnepr-1" and a good friend of the Dnepropetrovsk oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. "Our version" believes that "timely suicide" Alkhanov is not the most obvious way of so-called "Ukrainian trace" in the murder of Boris Nemtsov. [end excerpt]

* "Poroshenko: Boris Nemtsov Killed Over Evidence Linking Russia To Ukraine Conflict" (2015-02-28, Reuters newswire) []
* "Hinstein deputy accused of incitement to murder Nemtsov. He sues Lyudmila Narusova" (2015-03-04) []

* Putin, 2012 "Opposition is looking to turn someone into 'involuntary martyr' " []. If the translation is accurate, Vladamir Putin told an audience 3 years ago that Western interests, looking to force a regime change in Russia, would sacrifice an opposition member and try to blame it on Putin or the establishment in Moscow.

* "Neoliberal Technocrat Boris Nemtsov Martyred to Kick Off Russian Vesna March, or 'Russian Spring' " (2015-02-28) []
* According to a Jan. 2014 Poll, Boris Nemtsov Was One of the LEAST Trusted Opposition Leaders in Moscow with 1% Approval Rating [] [].
People carry portraits of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down on Friday near the Kremlin, with words reading "He fought for a free of Russia, He fought for our future!" in Moscow, Russia, March 1, 2015.

* "Dzmitry Bandarenka: Russia has entered half-disintegration phase" (2014-07-21) []: The war between Russian and Ukraine was supposed to start in 1991-1992, like in the Balkans between Serbia and Croatia. The Soviet Union was an even more artificial formation than the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. It was only due to the genius of Yeltsin that a war was avoided. Or maybe because Russia as the center of the USSR was then especially weak. Now the Balkans-2 are happening in our region.

* "The Forest Brothers" video (in Russian) (2014-07-21) []: "Dzetsyukі" group of Grodno introduced a new video for the song "Forest Brothers", directed by Anton Telezhnikov. In the role of "forest brothers" are the band members themselves. The video was shot at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border. It is dedicated to those who during the Second World War, fought with the Nazis and the Bolsheviks, and after the war were not recognized by the Soviet authorities. The song "Forest Brothers" is included in the album "Garadzenskі garmіdar." The video was made with the support of the TV channel "Belsat". Watch the video at [].


Eurasian Union (EEU) 
* "Who’s Isolated Now? Kazakhstan Announces Plans to De-Dollarize Economy" (2015-03-05) [] []

* " 'Hell awaits' Tajiks fighting in Syria: leader" (2015-03-06) []

Arab Republic of Syria
* "Syria is a battle ground for Saudi Arabia’s confrontation with Iran over regional dominance" (2013-09-04) [] []
* "US forces could have role in Syria in future" (2015-03-04, AFP newswire) []
* "'Military pressure' may be needed to oust Assad: Kerry" (2015-03-06, AFP newswire) []

* "Syria: As al-Qaeda defeats ‘moderate’ US allies, will US ally with al-Qaeda?" (2015-03-05) [] [] [begin excerpt]: President Obama’s impossibly complicated plan for dealing with ISIL involves a de facto alliance with Iran in Iraq, and training up a ‘third force,’ essentially creating a new, ‘moderate’ Free Syrian Army to attack al-Qaeda and ISIL.
Training an effective new fighting force will likely take 15 years, making it a not very practical option.
Worse, the few moderate units allied with the US in the north of Syria have been being badly defeated by the Support Front (Jabhat al-Nusra), an al-Qaeda affiliate. Just this week, remnants of the al-Hazm Group were defeated at Aleppo and they have been forced to disband. Some of their fighters appear to have gone over to al-Qaeda, taking their American-supplied T.O.W. anti-tank weaponry with them.
The US increasingly has no one with whom to ally in Syria.
Now comes the supposedly good news that the Support Front is considering severing its ties with al-Qaeda. This step seems to have been forced on it by Gulf patrons who are increasingly angry about the al-Qaeda presence.
The danger here is that the Support Front will remain al-Qaeda in all but name, running a hard line ‘emirate’ in Idlib and elsewhere.
[end excerpt]

* "Russia urges UN to offer proof on Syria chlorine case" (2015-03-06, []

* "Russia warns US-led coalition: Those who carry out strikes in Syria face blowback" (2014-09-23) [] []
* "‘Heinous crime’: Syria urges UN to sanction Israel over Damascus airstrikes" (2014-12-08) [] []

Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
* "Gaza Crisis: ISIS Vows to Help Palestinians Fight 'Barbaric Jews' " (2014-07-30) [] [begin exerpt]: The statement from ISIS seems to be a response to critics who have questioned why the group and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi aren't coming in support of the Palestinians. Replying to that, the statement said: "It is not the manner of the Islamic State to throw empty, dry and hypocritical words of condemnation and condolences like the Arab tawaghit do in the UN and Arab League." The ISIS militants instead promised that actions speak louder than words. Since the recent escalation of conflict in Gaza, Islamic State has been criticized as it was thought that it would come to assist fellow Muslims in the Hamas-controlled territory. [end excerpt]

A Kurdish officer said of ISIL, "Everything they have is American - it is all the latest equipment with the big guns, the Humvees."
ISIL crucifies Muslims, a criminal act by any standard, but moreso surprising as this act against devout Muslims is against Sharia Law itself, for the "crime of Apostasy". Crucifixion is also used against criminals, and as a public deterrent. More images at [].

The anti-Islam activities of ISIS lacks sense, unless one were to find that ISIL is under the guidance of non-Muslim security agencies...
* "The United States’ biggest 'allies' are funding ISIL" (2014-08-08, []
* "Mossad training ISIL terrorists: Putin aide" (2014-12-07, []
* "Pro-Isis hackers attack North Korean airline Facebook page" (2015-01-14, Agence France-Presse) []
* * This story has no sources, but is the source story for what is described in the headline, "Chinese hackers: Documents reveal Mossad has close ties with ISIS" (2014-09-01, []

Falsehoods, watch out!
It is claimed that Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (photo on left) is a clandestine agent named Simon Elliot (or Elliot Shimon) of the USA-allied Mossad clandestine agency (photo on right), whose role is to destabilize allies of the Islamic Republic of Iran across Arabia and Africa.

The reality is that the source for the story is a fabrication, as outlined here, at an article called "The Snowden Hoax" []. The sources for this claim was originally published at this page [] (2014-08-03,, now erased from the World Wide Web, provided in English here [], all of the sources attribute the information to the clandestine services of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the ones who originally publicized the evidence from among documents released by former NSA Agent Edward Snowden.
* "ISIL: Independent regional actor or CIA-Mossad proxy?" (2014-08-22, [] [begin excerpt]: The ISIL may in fact be a CIA-Mossad proxy force. U.S. Senator John McCain has been photographed together with ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who, according to sources traceable to Edward Snowden as uncovered by Iran’s intelligence services, is really Simon Elliot, a Jewish agent for the Zionist intelligence agency Mossad. The plan was to invade countries that constitute a threat to the Israeli entity in order to establish the biblical “Greater Israel.” [end excerpt]
* "Baghdadi 'Mossad trained' " (2014-07-15, Gulf Daily News) []
* "Snowden confirms that Al Baghdadi was trained by MOSSAD" (2014-07-11, []

The Truth:
Photographs showing al-Baghdadi meeting with John McCain:

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at their meeting on July 7, 2010, in Jerusalem

Once listed as Abu Dua (D'ua) by USA State Sececurity and Military agencies, he has the distinction of having among the largest bounties for his capture, yet, during 2009 the USA President ordered him released at the closing of USA Military Camp Bucca in Iraq.
* "ISIS Terror Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Was Released By Obama from Camp Bucca in 2009" (2014-06-12, Gateway Pundit) []


The origin for the current Global Caliphate is provided in a previously cited article [] [begin excerpt]: The ISIL has its origins in a Kurdish insurgent group, which formed after the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq and was headed by former arch terrorist Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, who swore allegiance to al-Qa’ida in 2004 to form al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI).  After al-Zarqawi’s death by a U.S. air raid in 2006, the surge in 2007 and the program of bribing Sunni tribesmen to renounce resistance against the American occupation, AQI experienced a period of decline, but rebounded after the start of the western regime change operation in Syria in 2011, when the leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, dispatched fighters for Jabhat al-Nusra while renaming his contingent in Iraq the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI).
Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan was heavily involved with arming  Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq during his tenure as head of Saudi intelligence from July 20, 2012 until his departure on April 15, 2014.  An ambassador to the U.S. for 22 years, Prince Bandar has freely employed terrorists in pursuit of U.S. and Saudi policy objectives, and even obliquely threatened Russian Prime Minister Putin with the disruption of the Sochi Winter Olympic games by extremists under Saudi control.  “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year,” Bandar reportedly said to Putin in a July 2013 meeting. [end excerpt]

* "Boko Haram purportedly pledges allegiance to ISIS" (2015-03-09, CNN news) [].
Jamā’a Ahl al-Sunnah li-Da’wa wa al-Jihād (Boko Haram), which translates as the “Congregation and People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad”, is administering a self-governing jurisdiction with a majority population of the Hausa-Fulani, and the Kanuri, nations. Boko Haram is a phrase from the Hausa language meaning “(Foreign) Knowledge is a Sin”, rejecting any information that contradicts the literal language of the Qur’an holy book of dar Ummah (Islam), including scientific rationalism, and economics. However, foreign war technology and electronics are viewed as blessings, provided, as they were, through conquest, barter, or through aid by foreigners. Their goal of self-government having been achieved, the “Congregation and People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad” are moving forward with the long-term conquest of the states outside their realm, with the main forces being ordered to continue the conquest south towards the goal of establishing a ocean port and inland energy pipeline.
* Map showing the Republic of Nigeria state jurisdictions which officially have adopted Sharia law.

* Left: (2013) Map showing an estimated region within the Republic of Nigeria's jurisdiction de-facto administered by the self-governing “Congregation and People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad”.
* Right: Demographic map showing the nations within the Republic of Nigeria's jurisdiction, with the center point of the red arrows indicating the starting base of operations from which the “(Foreign) Knowledge is a Sin” movement militias spread.


The USA / EU is using the Global Caliphate to justify an expanded military presence, and in preparation for war against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
* "Iran's role worries anti-IS coalition: US general" (2015-03-07, AFP newswire) []
* "France PM: 10,000 Europeans could be waging jihad by year-end" (2015-03-08, AFP newswire) []
* "Prague approves warplanes sale to Iraq to fight jihadists" (2015-03-09, AFP newswire) []

The SCO, which may be compared to NATO, but for the EEU, is also finding the Global Caliphate to be a threat...
* "China says IS fighters back from Syria caught in Xinjiang" (2015-03-10, AFP newswire) []

State of Israel, occupied territories, international operations
* "Israel destroys thousands of acres of crops in Palestine" (2015-03-03, []
* "Israel police destroy Bedouin agricultural crops in Negev" (2015-03-03, Ma'an News Agency) []

* PCHR Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the oPt (26 February
  - 04 March 2015) []

* "Detainees To Escalate Protests Against Ongoing Violations" (2015-03-02. IMEMC News) []

* "Warmonger", letter from Ellen B. to the Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle (2015-03-05) []: As a Jewish American, I’m angered and terrified by Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. A man who claims to speak for all Jews (and does not) lectures the United States Congress on foreign policy, advocating an approach which could very well lead the U.S. into war.
The special U.S.-Israeli relationship is actually a liability to U.S. national interests because America is seen by much of the world to be instrumental in enabling Israel’s continued oppression of the Palestinians and other violations of international law. I am among the hundreds of thousands of Jewish Americans who call for peaceful negotiations with Iran and an end to the Israeli occupation. I applaud the members of Congress who had the courage to skip Netanyahu’s speech.

* "Professor fired over anti-Israel tweets sues University of Illinois" (2015-01-30) [] []

The State of Israel is patron to the Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al Qaeda
* "Photos prove cooperation between Israel and al-Nusra" (2015-03-05, PressTV) [] [begin excerpt]: The photos obtained by Press TV show Takfiri militants from the terrorist al-Nusra Front next to Israeli soldiers. Israel is known to have been providing medical, intelligence and military support for militants fighting to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. A number of militant commanders wounded in government attacks on terrorist have reportedly been hospitalized in the occupied territories. Late last year, a UN report confirmed contact between militants in Syria and the Israeli army across the Golan cease-fire line, especially during heavy clashes between the terrorists and the Syrian troops.
The report also confirmed that militants had been taking their wounded comrades into the Israeli-occupied part of the Golan Heights for treatment. The UN also confirmed the delivery of boxes by the Israeli army to militants on the Syrian side of the ceasefire line. [end excerpt]

* "Are Israel, Jabhat al-Nusra coordinating on attacks in Syria?" (2015-01-14, [] [begin excerpt]:
Qasim added that Israel allowed the establishment of a small Syrian refugee camp on the border in the occupied Golan Heights, saying, “The camp hosts dozens of Syrian families, which was confirmed by UN reports, and Israel is providing it with the necessary humanitarian assistance. Rebel fighters — who frequently go to the Israeli zone …, some of whom have crossed the border more than three times a day — go to [this camp].”
On the transfer of Syrian wounded to the occupied Golan Heights, Qasim explained, “Any fighter or civilian with severe injuries who cannot be treated in our hospitals on the ground are immediately transferred to the Israeli part of the occupied Golan, and there, he will be transferred in a civilian ambulance accompanied by an Israeli army patrol to a hospital for treatment. Later on, the Israeli army will be contacted by the rebels to learn about the situation of the wounded there.”
[end excerpt]

* "Israel, al-Nusra cooperating against Syria: Media" (2015-01-21, PressTV) [] [begin excerpt]: Citing reports on Syrian opposition websites, the Haaretz newspaper said that the militants operating in the Golan Heights “provide ongoing intelligence information to Israel, and also receive help from the latter in the form of weapons and military training.” The Syrian army has repeatedly seized huge quantities of Israeli-made weapons and advanced military equipment from the foreign-backed militants inside the Arab state. [end excerpt]
* "Regular contact between Israel and Syrian rebels: UN report; Some members of al-Nusra and IS have been treated in Israeli hospitals" (2014-12-07, []
* "UN reveals Israeli links with Syrian rebels; Reports by UN observers in the Golan submitted to 15 members of Security Council detail regular contact between IDF officers and armed Syrian opposition figures at the border" (2014-12-07, []
* "UN Report: Israel in Regular Contact with Syrian Rebels including ISIS" (2014-12-07, International Business Times newspaper) [] [begin excerpt]:
Photo: Israeli soldiers stand near the border with Syria in the occupied Golan Heights as they prepare to evacuate a wounded Syrian.
A report submitted to the United Nations Security Council by UN observers in the Golan Heights over the past 18 months shows that Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have been in regular contact with Syrian rebels, including Islamic State (ISIS) militants.
Citing the UN report, Haaretz noted that there have been several instances detailed in the report that shows close ties between Syrian armed rebels and Israeli army.
According to the UN report, a person wounded on 15 September "was taken by armed members of the opposition across the ceasefire line, where he was transferred to a civilian ambulance escorted by an IDF vehicle."
Moreover, from 9-19 November, the "UNDOF observed at least 10 wounded persons being transferred by armed members of the opposition from the Bravo side across the ceasefire line to IDF."
As per the details released by the Israel's health ministry, so far some 1,000 Syrians have been treated in four Israeli hospitals. Besides the civilians, some are members of the secular Free Syrian Army rebel group.
Israel initially had maintained that it was treating only civilians. However, reports claimed that earlier last month members of Israel's Druze minority protested the hospitalisation of wounded Syrian fighters from the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front in Israel.
A statement issued by a group of Druze activists accused the Israeli government of supporting radical Sunni factions such as the Islamic State (ISIS).
[end excerpt]

UN report:
* [] covering the period from March to May 2014, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) detected contact between rebels and the Israeli army across the Golan cease-fire line, particularly during fierce clashes between the Syrian army and the rebels. The report also confirmed that the UN forces spotted rebels transporting 89 wounded across the cease-fire line into the Israeli occupied zone, where they were handed over 19 people who had received medical treatment in addition to two dead. The UN forces also noted that the Israeli army delivered two boxes to rebels on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights.
* Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Disengagment Observor Force for the period from 29 May to 3 September 2014 []

*  "Israeli Army Field Hospital Serving Syria" (2014-02-02, []
*  "Rockets Hit Golan Heights Following Prime Minister's Visit" (2014-02-18, []
* "Syrian Artillery Hits Golan as Netanyahu Visits Field Hospital" (2014-02-19) []
* "Syrian Rebels Thank Netanyahu for Israel's Compassion" (2014-02-23, [] [begin excerpt]: One of the leaders of the Syrian opposition forces on Friday expressed his appreciation for the compassion and care offered to victims of Syria's ongoing civil war by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people.
Speaking from Istanbul, Mohammed Badie told Israel Radio that he and other Syrian rebel leaders were deeply thankful for the goodwill fellow Syrians had experienced at the hands of Israel as they continue to struggle against the regime of Bashar Assad. Badie said that Netanyahu's public visit to the Israeli army field hospital that processes wounded Syrians crossing the border had sent an "important message" both to average Syrians and the Assad regime.
At the same time, many of the rebel groups (and there are many, some of which are warring with one another) have links to Al Qaeda and other Islamist extremists and have acted with even greater savagery against average Syrians, especially non-Muslims.
Meanwhile, Israel treats anyone and everyone who crossed the border in need of medical care. On average, some 100 Syrians are being processed each month by the IDF field hospital before being sent on to larger medical facilities in Israel for more advanced treatment.
[end excerpt]

State of Palestine 
* " 'US an enemy': Palestinian official blasts Washington over UNSC statehood veto" (2014-12-31) [] []

* "Over 280 Palestinians Kidnapped by Israeli Forces in February" (2015-03-02. IMEMC News) []

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
* "Move over Galileo! Saudi cleric says Earth doesn’t revolve around sun" (2015-02-17) [] []

Ansarullah Revolutionary Government of Yemen
* "CIA Scales Back in Yemen After Government Collapses" (2015-02-11, Washington Post) []: writes: Yemen is in freefall. Just last year Obama touted it as a “success” in his counterterrorism strategy. But now Western governments are pulling embassy staff, the Yemenis are facing a “humanitarian disaster,” and even the CIA is curtailing its effort in one of America’s favorite drone zones. Unnamed officials told the Washington Post that the Agency “pulled dozens of operatives, analysts and other staffers from Yemen,” including key senior officers. However, some operatives will remain there in an attempt to salvage an intelligence network that worked closely with the Saudis and “built an air base in Saudi Arabia for a fleet of armed drones that have carried out dozens of strikes" inside Yemen.

Republic of Sudan 
* "Repression increases against Sudanese left and progressive media" (2015-02-09) [] [] [begin excerpt]: The government has also cracked down on nongovernmental organizations and centers it considers subversive, including the National Writers' Union. Several opposition newspapers, including the Sudanese Communist Party's paper Al Midan, have seen their print runs confiscated.  In the case of Al Midan, its editor in Chief, Mrs. Madeeha Abdalla, is being prosecuted for high treason for having signed the Sudan Appeal, and may be facing the death penalty.
This sort of action by Al Bashir's government is nothing new. It was therefore surprising to learn that his foreign minister, Ali Karti, and Ibrahim Gandour, a presidential assistant, were invited to attend the annual Prayer Breakfast in Charlotte, North Carolina. (the one that led to the right wing accusing President Obama of being anti-Christian) on Thursday.  According to the Sudan Tribune, Karti, who has been linked to violent repressive actions in Sudan, was invited by two U.S. Senators, Robert Casey, D-Pa., and Roger Wicker, R-Miss., but also would be meeting with Obama administration officials. [end excerpt]

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Learn more about the Sahrawi People []

* "Saharawi women protest plunder on International Women's Day" (2015-03-09, Sahara Press Service) []
* "NUSW pays tribute to Saharawi woman role in liberation struggle" (2015-03-05, Sahara Press Service) []

* "Tifariti University signs cooperation agreements with Cantabria University" (2015-03-04) []

* "RWB condemns worrying situation on press freedom in Morocco" (2015-03-07) []

Defend the Sahrawi Political Prisoners!
* Yahya Mohamed Hafed Iaaza: "NGO calls for release of Saharawi political prisoner Mohamed Yahya Elhafed" (2015-03-01) []

* Bashir Jada: "Moroccan authorities deprive Sahrawi political prisoner of his right to treatment" (2015-03-03) []

* Ghali Bouhala: "Moroccan occupying forces abduct Saharawi activist" (2015-03-04) []

* Mbarek Daoudi: "Sahrawi political prisoner transferred to unknown destination" (2015-03-03) []

* "SADR chairs African Union ad hoc committee for peace, security and cultural development" (2015-03-06, Sahara Press Service) []

* "Sahrawi Prime Minister reaffirms Sahrawi people’s determination to continue fight to build independent State" (2015-03-01) []

* "President of Republic receives new ambassador of South Africa" (2015-03-08, Sahara Press Service) []
* "South African Ambassador to Algeria reiterates support to right of Saharawi people to self-determination" (2015-03-02) []

* "President of Republic receives new ambassador of Venezuela" (2015-03-08, Sahara Press Service) []

* "Mass protest against illegal activities by foreign companies in occupied Saharawi territories" (2015-03-05) []
* "Unemployed Saharawi graduate people organize sit-in in Boujdour" (2015-05-05) []
* "WSRW denounces oil drilling operations by Kosmos Energy offshore Western Sahara" (2015-03-04) []
* "First international conference on Western Sahara’s natural resources to be held in Melbourne" (2015-03-09, Sahara Press Service) []
* "UK law firm threatens to take legal action against government over illegal import of Saharawi products" (2015-03-05) []
* "Influential countries, regional and international organizations to boycott Crans Montana Forum (Brahim Ghali)" (2015-03-04) []
* Photo: "TOTAL, CAIRN, and KOSMOS, Stop blocking our Referendum, Enough is Enough!"


Islamic Republic of Iran
* "Too Ambitious to be True? Iran Plans to Send Humans to Space by 2016" (2015-02-27) [] []


Republic of Nepal


People's Republic of China  
* "China's wealthiest to take part in key political meetings" (2015-03-03, AFP newswire) []

* "Pension reform" (2015-01-30) [] [] [end excerpt]: Last December, the government announced a plan aimed at setting up the same pension scheme for public sector as private sector workers. The scheme was endorsed by the People's National Assembly and the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. On January 14th, the blueprint of the new system was presented ; it should come into force as of next October. What does it consist in? [end excerpt]

National Democratic Alliance of Kokang region 
* "China 'concerned' after Myanmar fighting crosses border" (2015-03-10, AFP newswire) []

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
The following speech is made by DPRK Minister for Foreign Affairs Ri Su Yong Addresses the 69th Session of UN General Assembly [] [begin excerpt]:
At the outset, allow me to extend my warm congratulations to Mongolia on assuming the presidency of the Conference on Disarmament (CD) during its 2015 session, and I assure the President of the full support and cooperation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).
The DPRK did its best to fulfill its responsibility and role on the principle of impartiality and transparency during the CD presidency in 2011, and continued to support the adoption of the resolution “Revitalizing the work of the Conference on Disarmament and taking forward multilateral disarmament negotiations” in the UN General Assembly each year.
Regrettably, overall process of the disarmament remains at a deadlock for nearly twenty years, contrary to expectations of the CD members.
In parallel, the global stockpiles of fissile materials are being steadily increased and the militarization of outer space accelerated at high speed.
Nevertheless, the CD is not yet ready to adopt Program of Work due to the absence of consensus on deciding the priority to negotiate the core issues on its agenda, rendering the work of the CD virtually paralyzed.
The reason for the CD not being revitalized lies, before anything else, in the lack of political will of some countries which are to assume the biggest responsibilities and obligations in the field of disarmament.
These countries attempt, in particular, to infringe upon the security interests of small countries while taking their own interests as absolute position against the spirit of multilateral cooperation. Such arbitrariness and double attitudes bring about negative consequences incurring an arms race far from genuine disarmament negotiations based on mutual trust among CD members.
Instead of providing security assurances to the DPRK which acceded to the NPT in 1985, the US has intensified nuclear threat against the DPRK rather than diminishing it.
The nuclear threat of the US towards the DPRK is, by no means, potential or abstract but a practical and physical matter. Strategic nuclear bombers fly non-stop from the US mainland or Guam Island to the Korean Peninsula and stage drills of dropping nuclear bombs several times every year.
Aircraft carriers and submarines loaded with nuclear missiles constantly enter the waters around and in the Korean Peninsula and take part in nuclear war exercises aimed to “occupy Pyongyang”.
The joint military exercises being staged across south Korea from March 2 are unprecedentedly provocative in nature and have especially high possibility of sparking off a war.
The hostile policy of the US towards the DPRK for over half a century, not just a couple of years, compelled the DPRK to pursue nuclear possession. The DPRK cannot but bolster its nuclear deterrent capability to cope with the ever-increasing nuclear threat of the US.
Now the DPRK has the power of deterring the US and conducting a preemptive strike as well if necessary.
The US should understand clearly that the times when the US unilaterally posed nuclear threats against the DPRK have gone for good and military threats cannot be the means of resolving issue.
[end excerpt]

* "THE PLOT TO FREE NORTH KOREA WITH SMUGGLED EPISODES OF ‘FRIENDS" (2015-03-01) [] []. The odd thing about this article is that it fails to point out that the USA dollar is used publicly, and pirated videos are available as anywhere else. The worst part is that the memory sticks are traceable, and are connected to clandestine agencies hostile to the DPRK, so anybody caught with these smuggled memory sticks will automatically be sent to prison even if they bought the contraband without knowing its origin, and this agent is entrapping "consumer dissidents" through his smuggling operations!

Occupied State of West Papua 
* [] []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* [] [] * []

* "WEST PAPUA SHOUD RE-APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP in Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG)" (2014-07-01) [] []

International Labour Organisation, 1989 Convention concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries []

NEW YORK AGREEMENT AUGUST 15 1962, archived at []:
The New York Agreement is a document brokered by the United States on behalf of the Indonesian government in 1962 to transfer sovereignty of Western New Guinea from the Netherlands to Indonesia. The document was orchestrated by the USA in secret and without consent of the peoples of western New Guinea, after the Indonesian invasion commenced in December 1961.
At the insistence of the Dutch government, the document also included a guarantee that the Papuan people would be allowed an "Act of Free Choice". In violation to Articles 15 to 18, Indonesia instead undertook a program to dismantle the Papuan education and government systems; removed personal liberties and in 1969 orchestrated a corrupt "Act of Free Choice", in which representatives were chosen by Jakarta and forced, under threat of execution, to vote for integration.
Although Indonesia had in January 1962 pledged support for a west Papuan plebiscite which it then reaffirmed in the New York Agreement; Lieut. Gen. Basuki Rahmat in December 1966 announced Indonesia did not intend to allow such a plebiscite. By 1968 refugees fleeing Indonesian maladministration from were flowing from western to eastern Papua, disappointed that even freedoms expressed in Article 22 Section 1 of the New York Agreement were not being honored.
"Indonesia will make arrangements, with the assistance and participation of the United Nation Representative and his staff, to give the people of the territory the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice. Such arrangements will include: (a) Consultations (Musyawarah) with the representative councils on procedures l and appropriate methods to be followed for ascertaining the freely expressed will of the population; (d) The eligibility of all adults, male and female, not foreign nationals, to participate in the act of self-determination to be carried out in accordance with international practice, who are resident at the time of the signing of the present Agreement and at the time of the act of self-determination, including those residents who departed after 1945 and who return to the territory to resume residence after the termination of Netherlands administration."
The New York Agreement of 1962 was followed by the Rome Agreement of 1962 [], signed by Indonesia, USA, and Nederland Kingdom, that said, among other things, "Referendum or the Act of Free Choice set for 1969 in the New York Agreement of August, 1962. To be delayed or possible cancelled. Indonesia to rule West Papua for the next twenty - five years (25) effective from the first of May, 1963." By 1969, the United Nations agreed to allow for this agreement without the participation with the Papua peoples [].

April 2, 1962
Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
I have been intimately concerned in recent weeks with the problems facing your Government in arranging an honorable solution to your dispute with Indonesia over the disposition of Netherlands New Guinea. I was disturbed by the cessation of the secret talks between your representatives and those of Indonesia. However, I am convinced that a peaceful solution is still possible provided the two parties are prepared to resume negotiations in good faith.
The Netherlands Government has made a statesmanlike effort to meet this pr problem first through the United Nations and, when that failed, through direct secret negotiations with the Indonesians. I am appreciative of the heavy responsibilities which the Dutch Government supports in protecting its citizens in New Guinea and understand why you felt it necessary to reinforce your defense establishment in that area. However, we face a danger that increasing concentrations of military forces will result in a clash which will be a prelude to active warfare in the area. Such a conflict would have adverse consequences out of all proportion to the issue at stake.
This would be a war in which neither The Netherlands nor the West could win in any real sense. Whatever the outcome of particular military encounters, the entire free world position in Asia would be seriously damaged. Only the communists would benefit from such a conflict. If the Indonesian Army were committed to all out war against The Netherlands, the moderate elements within the Army and the country would be quickly eliminated, leaving a clear field for communist intervention. If Indonesia were to succumb to communism in these circumstances, the whole non-communist position in Viet-Nam, Thailand, and Malaya would be in grave peril, and as you know these are areas in which we in the United States have heavy commitments and burdens.
The Netherlands position, as we understand it, is that you wish to withdraw from the territory of West New Guinea and that you have no objection to this territory eventually passing to the control of Indonesia. However, The Netherlands Government has committed itself to the Papuan leadership to assure those Papuans of the right to determine their future political status. The Indonesians, on the other hand, have informed us that they desire direct transfer of administration to them but they are willing to arrange for the Papuan people to express their political desires at some future time. Clearly the positions are not so far apart that reasonable men cannot find a solution.
Mr. Ellsworth Bunker, who has undertaken the task of moderator in the secret talks between The Netherlands and Indonesia, has prepared a formula which would permit The Netherlands to turn over administrative control of the territory to a UN administrator. The UN, in turn, would relinquish control to the Indonesians within a specified period. These arrangements would include provisions whereby the Papuan people would, within a certain period, be granted the right of self-determination. The UN would be involved in the preparations for the exercise of self-determination.
My Government has interested itself greatly in this matter and you can be assured that the United States is prepared to render all appropriate assistance to the United Nations when the Papuan people exercise their right of self-determination. In these circumstances and in light of our responsibilities to the free world, I strongly urge that The Netherlands Government agree to meet on the basis of the formula presented to your representative by Mr. Bunker.
We are of course pressing the Indonesian Government as strongly as we can for its agreement to further negotiations on the basis of this same formula.
I have written to you in the spirit of frankness and trust which I hope is appropriate to the relation of our countries as friends and allies. What moves me is my conviction that in our common interest the present opportunities for peaceful settlement in this painful matter must not be lost.
/s/ John F. Kennedy
His Excellency Dr. J. E. de Quay Prime Minister of the Netherlands, THE HAGUE

adapted from []:
OPERATION MANDALA was command by Major General Soeharto at year 1961. It's the first operation in West Papua because Dutch still there. Indonesia Military came and put the logos "Welcome Indonesia" but they was caught  by Papuan Indigenous and give them to Dutch Military. So Indonesia Military angry and shoot Papuan house and kill them also.

OPERATION 'TUMPAS' (Operation 'Crush') during the time of General Kartidjo and General Bintoro (1964-1968). The aim of this operation is to kill Papuan who reject Indonesia Government before Self Determination or Referendum (Act of Free Choice) at year 1969.

OPERATION 'SADAR' (Operation 'Awareness') under General Sarwo Edhie (1969). This Operastion after Referendum, so that Papuan must received Indonesia Government.

OPERATION 'WIBAWA' (Operation 'Authority') under General Acub Zainul, (1970-1974) also known as the 'open-hand policy'. It's also to killed Papuan who not received Indonesia government and they understood about Indonesia.

OPERATION 'KIKIS' (Operation 'Chipping Away') under General Imam Munandar, (1977). It was done only in Wamena region, Military came to killed, burned, bomb, etc.

OPERATION 'GALANG' (Operation 'Support') of 1981, under General Santoso, also known as the 'smiling policy'.  Only in Jayapura. This operation was held in Jayapura city because so many Papuan reject the Act of Free Choice 1969

OPERATION 'SAPU-BERSIH' (Operation 'Clean-Sweep') under Generals Santoso and Sembiring (1981 to 1984)

In February 1984, the number of people who fled to Papua New Guinea amounted to: 5,000 Peoples but the number who arrived not more then 3,000. The total number who disappeared: 2,000 Peoples. Now they so poor in refugees camp in PNG.

The Total of murders and disappearances: More then 100,000 Indigenous Papuan

research from the Committee for the Study of

* "Anarchist Women in History" [machine translation] []

Project RESISTANCE was a domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Domestic Operations Division (DOD) of the CIA. Its purpose was to collect background information on groups around the U.S. that might pose threats to CIA facilities and personnel. From 1967 to 1973, many local police departments, college campus staff members, and other independent informants collaborated with the CIA to keep track of student radical groups that opposed the U.S. government's foreign policies on Vietnam. Project RESISTANCE and its twin program, Project MERRIMAC were both coordinated by the CIA Office of Security. In addition, the twin projects were branch operations that relayed civilian information to their parent program, Operation CHAOS.
Project MERRIMAC was a domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Office of Security of the CIA. It involved information gathering procedures via infiltration and surveillance on Washington-based anti-war groups that might pose potential threats to the CIA. However, the type of data gathered also included general information on the infrastructure of targeted communities. Project MERRIMAC and its twin program, Project RESISTANCE were both coordinated by the CIA Office of Security. In addition, the twin projects were branch operations that relayed civilian information to their parent program, Operation CHAOS. The Assassination Archives and Research Center believes that Project MERRIMAC began in February 1967.
* "From Monterey Pop to Altamont: OPERATION CHAOS, The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture" by Mae Brussell, November 1976 []
* "Domestic Surveillance: The History of Operation CHAOS" by Verne Lyon from Covert Action Information Bulletin, Summer 1990 [].
* "CIA INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION ABOUT AMERICANS: CHAOS AND THE OFFICE OF SECURITY" (1976 Senate Report, Book 3) [], also see "Chaos, Merrimac, and Resistance" report []

Operation CHAOS first used CIA stations abroad to report on antiwar activities of United States citizens traveling abroad, employing methods such as physical surveillance and electronic eavesdropping, utilizing "liaison services" in maintaining such surveillance. The operations were later expanded to include 60 officers. In 1969, following the expansion, the operation began developing its own network of informants for the purposes of infiltrating various foreign antiwar groups located in foreign countries that might have ties to domestic groups. Eventually, CIA officers expanded the program to include other leftist or counter-cultural groups with no discernible connection to Vietnam, such as groups operating within the women's liberation movement.
Officially, reports were to be compiled on "illegal and subversive" contacts between United States civilian protesters and "foreign elements" which "might range from casual contacts based merely on mutual interest to closely controlled channels for party directives." At its finality, Operation CHAOS contained files on 7,200 Americans, and a computer index totaling 300,000 civilians and approximately 1,000 groups. The initial result of investigations lead DCI Richard Helms to advise then President Johnson on November 15, 1967, that the agency had uncovered "no evidence of any contact between the most prominent peace movement leaders and foreign embassies in the U.S. or abroad." Helms repeated this assessment in 1969. In total 6 reports where compiled for the White House and 34 for cabinet level officials.

* "Guerrilla Warfare in Cuba" (2015-02-11) [] [], about how Marxist guerrillas defeated State terrorism in Cuba during the 1950s.

Ideological studies: "The Revised Right of the 'Dark Enlightenment' " -
The following may seem crazy by many standards, yet, it reflects perspectives gaining popularity across the European world (EU / USA) among vanguards described as White Nationalist, and anti-monopolist, yet uses many ideas historically considered to be "Nazi".
* []
* "What is 'Communism'?" by Henry Makow (revised by []

A list of gatherings, workshops, and educational events in the greater Bay Area region

Street Zen Vigil for Peace and Justice
Tuesday, March 17th, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
777 Sonoma Ave (Federal Building), Santa Rosa

Andy Lopez Picket Line
Tuesday, March 17th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Learn what the community is working on to create justice for Andy Lopez and improve law enforcement in Sonoma County.
Sonoma County Courthouse, 575 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa

Justice for Pedie Perez Rally
March 17th, Tuesday at 5:00pm - 6:30pm
440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond
Richard 'Pedie' Perez was killed by PO Wallace Jensen a few minutes after midnight, on Sunday morning September 14, 2014.
The Oscar Grant Committee, in collaboration with the family of Pedie Perez, is holding a rally outside the Richmond City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 17, 2015.
Join us in the struggle to achieve justice for Pedie Perez.


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