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August 13th, 2015, Northbay Uprising radio news

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BAOC website []
Mama Ayanna Mashama of the BAOC writes: "There are political prisoners locked up simply for their political beliefs... for their belief in LIBERATION - FREEDOM from OPPRESSION and EXPLOITATION. Some of these men and women have been held in prison for decades. What role will we play in ending this oppression and exploitation? Join us as we commemorate the Black Prison Movement efforts to expose the inhumane and unjust prison system, educate prisoners on politics and human rights, while uniting prisoners of different backgrounds."

Black August Resistance!!
Today, August 13th, is the day of memorial for the sacrifice of the following freedom fighters & POWs:
* W.L. Nolan
* Cleveland Edwards
* Alvin "Jug" Miller

We also give full honor to comrade Hugo "Yogi" Pinell, recently assassinated in the Folsom state torture center:
* "Questions raised over why inmate killed at Folsom prison was in general population despite decades of death threats" (2015-08-13, []
* "Killing of 'San Quentin Six' inmate Hugo Pinell sparks New Folsom prison riot" (2015-08-13, []

Getting ready for next Black August [], from the Black August Memorial Commemoration Committees

Each year officially since 1979 we have used the month of August to focus on the oppressive treatment of our brothers and sisters disappeared inside the state run gulags and concentration camps America calls prisons. It is during this time that we concentrate our efforts to free our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and all other captive family and friends who have been held in isolation for decade after decade beyond their original sentence. Many of these individuals are held in the sensory deprivation and mind control units called Security Housing Units (S.H.U. Program), without even the most basic of human rights." - BAOC
Black August is a month of great commemorative significance for the Afrikan peoples of the Diaspora, particularly those in the U.S. and especially the California prison isolation units, where the commemorative tradition originated. Black August, as noted by one our most dedicated New Afrikan Freedom Fighters, Mumia Abu-Jamal," is a month of divine meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice and divine justice; of repression and righteous rebellion; of individual and collective efforts to free the slaves and break the chains that bind us".
Black August originated in the concentration camps (prisons) of California in 1979 and its' roots come from the history of resistance by Black/New African/African brothers in those prisons. It's original purpose is to honor and commemorate the lives and deaths of several fallen Freedom Fighters, amongst them were Jonathan Jackson, George Jackson, W.L. Nolan, James McClain, William Christmas and Khatari Gaulden; to bring education and awareness to family members, friends, associates and communites about the conditions for the Black/New Afrikan prisoners held within those concentration camps (in particular in California) and to educate our people about and honor the history and actions of continued resistance of Black/New Afrikan/Afrikan peoples to oppression, colonization and slavery in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora, with particular emphasis on freedom fighters and historical acts of resistance."

Buy a BAOC t-shirt to help raise funds for their work! More info here [].
Black August t-shirts are here! this is how we raise funds for our Black August event. looking good front and back and in tune with today. $20.00 each. B.A.O.C. 1714 franklin st. #100-309, oakland, ca. 94612. hope to hear from you all!!!

* "Remember Black August and the people’s martyrs" (2015-07-31, by Minister of Justice Bobby M. Dixon, NABPP-PC-ANC) []

Black August Resistance @Qilombo
Aug 21 at 12:00pm to Aug 23 at 10:00pm
Qilombo, 2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, California 94612
For questions and concerns please email [shangoabiola@)]
In the spirit of solidarity with those who have and continue to struggle for justice from behind walls of the concentration camps of amerikkka, The Black August Organizing Committee, MXGM Oakland and Qilombo Oakland will be hosting a Black August conference from August 21st-23rd noon-10pm or (later each day) at Qilombo and Afrika Town Community Garden in West Oakland, CA. The conference will have political speakers, cultural solidarity performances and workshops around resisting the Prison Industrial Complex and promoting Women's health.
With Speakers, Workshops and Performers
- Day 1 Will have Keynote speakers and a dialogue about Black August History and Resistance today
- Day 2 Will have Cultural Solidarity performances promoting Black August Resistance and promoting Women's health
- Day 3 We will have Political Workshops relevant to Black August Resistance and promoting Women's Health.
"They have learned that resistance is actually possible. The holds are beginning to slip away." - George Jackson
"Each year officially since 1979 we have used the month of August to focus on the oppressive treatment of our brothers and sisters disappeared inside the state run gulags and concentration camps America calls prisons. It is during this time that we concentrate our efforts to free our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and all other captive family and friends who have been held in isolation for decade after decade beyond their original sentence. Many of these individuals are held in the sensory deprivation and mind control units called Security Housing Units (S.H.U. Program), without even the most basic of human rights." - BAOC
Black August originated in the concentration camps (prisons) of California in 1979 and its' roots come from the history of resistance by Black/New African/African brothers in those prisons. It's original purpose is to honor and commemorate the lives and deaths of several fallen Freedom Fighters, amongst them were Jonathan Jackson, George Jackson, W.L. Nolan, James McClain, William Christmas and Khatari Gaulden; to bring education and awareness to family members, friends, associates and communites about the conditions for the Black/New Afrikan prisoners held within those concentration camps (in particular in California) and to educate our people about and honor the history and actions of continued resistance of Black/New Afrikan/Afrikan peoples to oppression, colonization and slavery in the U.S. and throughout the Diaspora, with particular emphasis on freedom fighters and historical acts of resistance." - Excerpts taken from "BLACK AUGUST: THE TRUE HISTORY, CULTURE AND PRACTICE" by Mama Ayanna Mashama

The Heru Network's Black August Movie Festival
Friday, August 21
at 6:05pm - 9:00pm
Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County
467 Sebastopol Ave, Santa Rosa, California 95401
Featuring the movie "Day of the Gun" [ a story about George Jackson ] (92 min) A local Bay Area station produced a documentary about George Jackson. Some basic info, controversial views and interviews from George and people who knew him and his story. This young man's incarceration turned him into a revolutionary and a hero to the people. He and 5 others are part of the reason we commemorate Black August.
~ Aug 27th { Thursday } - What happened, Miss Simone? (101 min) Documentary about the life Nina Simone; pianist, civil rights activist, singer. Truly before her time, a legend who had a complex life.

On the late night of August 4, 2007 my beautiful, powerful, intelligent, talented, athletic, loving Son Khatari was murdered on the street of Oakland. I heard six shots burst forth in the night at least a mile away. They were the rapid fire bursts of over 100 rounds of bullets from a military made weapon aimed at two of my sons and a friend that pierced the van they were sitting in and killed Khatari while wounding the others. He instinctively put himself in the way of the bullets.For this protective act of bravery, he lost his life at the age of 25. He meant so much to so many. There was a great outpouring of love, support and commitment to work and resist the violence that takes the lives of our young people, yet I'm not sure if anyone knew what to do or where to begin.
It is the beginning of Black August and it has been over four months since the State of Black Oakland Convening and a week since I returned from the Movement for Black Lives Convening in Cleveland and I am still inspired and totally heartened by what I experienced and witnessed as part of both. Yet, while there certainly is a powerful movement in support of Black Lives and in resistance to the murder of Black Men, Women and Children by Police and Extra-judicial officers, I felt the absence of resistance to state sponsored and inter-communal violence, murders and the legacy it will leave among our people if we don't arrest it's development in the next generation.
Some would say "That's not what we're talking about here." But isn't it? If Black Lives Matter, and they absolutely do, then isn't every aspect of the resistance to our murders and the genocidal conditions and expressions against Black Lives important to bring and build mass resistance and move against?
This is the question that comes to my mind as I think about and feel the intersections in my life and our movement. The loss of one of our youth leaders to senseless violence, the historical legacy of resistance, the conditions in the prisons and lack of oversight that is part of the cause of the continued inter-communal murders of our people, the role of police agents and the military weapons in the deaths of so many of our people here and in the diaspora, the current movement(s) of resistance and what the future work of our movement looks like. I welcome your thoughts.

Gregory Lewis, a Black liberation elder and #BLM-Seattle organizer, challenges known racist Donald Trump to start walking with that talking!
"You said you would fight Black Lives Matter. Ok. You got your wish.
My name is Sensei Gregory C. Lewis and I am a founder (BEFORE Mara and Marissa joined the movement and were given the charter in Detroit) in Seattle. I joined the media committee formed by Patrisse in Ferguson, in August 2014. I also attended the national conference this past June.
I'm here to call you out. Mano y mano. No pads, no gloves, FULL-CONTACT.
Show up in Seattle, tell your security to stand down, and we can handle business right there in front of all the media.
It is my intention to see you and your comb-over incapacitated and unable to continue, let alone continue to campaign.
You have my email. Let's do this.
I need EVERYONE to call, email, tweet, fb msg, Donald Trump's people. Tell him that a Black Lives Matter movement founder in Seattle has taken up his challenge. Anytime, ANY PLACE! Tell Donald Trump to leave the security at home. No pads, no gloves, FULL-CONTACT. I'm here. I'm ready. Come see me."
* "Donald Trump: I’d rather fight #BlackLivesMatter than let them speak at my events" (2015-08-11, []

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information collected by the  
[], to end the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], and the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [].

* "Aug. 15 Rally and Symposium to call for peaceful settlement in Korea" (2015-07-23, [].
As concerned citizens, we call for the signing of a peace treaty to end the Korean War as a prerequisite first step, and urge the stakeholders and policymakers to engage in negotiations aimed at reduction of tensions that will pave a way for a lasting peace settlement in the Korean Peninsula that includes normalization of relations, nuclear disarmament and conventional arms reduction.

* "Do The Math: Global War On Terror Has Killed 4 Million Muslims Or More" (2015-08-03, []

* "Uncle Pentagon: Growing Up in the Shadow of the American War State" (2015-03-10, []

* Russia: "War In Our Time" (2015-08-01, []
* "Many in US establishment want war with Russia for economic profits: Grossman" (2015-07-09, []
* "Americans Will Fight on Home Soil if US Starts War With Russia – US Expert" (2015-08-07, []

* "Top defense contractors spend millions to get billions A suit-and-tie legion in D.C. is pressing the case for much larger defense budgets" (2015-08-05, []

* "Outsourcing the Kill Chain: Eleven Drone Contractors Revealed" (2015-08-03, []

* "Secret Meeting on the Privatization of Nuclear War. Hiroshima Day 2003: Behind closed doors at Strategic Command Headquarters" (2011-08-06, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, []

* "U.S. Movies and T.V. Shows Have U.S. Army Ratings" (2015-08-04, [] [begin excerpt]: Films show up in theaters without any notice that they have been influenced by the Army or Air Force or other branch of the military. And they carry ratings like G, PG, PG-13, or R. But the Army's until-now-secret assessments of films also give them ratings. Every rating is positive and cryptic. They include: Supports Building Resiliency, Supports Restoring Balance, Supports Maintaining our Combat Edge, Supports Adapting Our Institutions, Supports Modernizing Our Force. [end excerpt]
* "Biggest ever FOIA release from Pentagon Entertainment Liaison Offices" (2015-07-12, []
* "Whoa, Pentagon Influences TV Shows Like 'American Idol'? New Documents Show Scary Collaboration The military is everywhere in our arts and entertainment looking for a way to promote its public relations agenda" (2015-07-28, []
* "Iron Man and Transformers censored by US military for getting too close to the truth; Pentagon censors have forced movie bosses to turn villains into heroes, add army rescues, cut central characters and change sensitive settings" (2015-07-11, []
* "US Army Entertainment Liaison Office weekly reports" intro (2015-11-04, [],
- 2004-5 weekly reports (.pdf) [],
- 2005-6 weekly reports (.pdf) []
- 2010-15 weekly reports (.pdf) []
- US Air Force Entertainment Liaison Office reports from 2013 (.pdf) [], 2014 (.pdf) []
* "DHS Directive on Participation in Films and TV (and proof they are covering up their role in the entertainment industry)" (2015-03-22, []

* "New Documents Show Bush Administration Planned War in Iraq Well Before 9/11/2001" (2010-09-24, []
* "Bob Woodward Shoots Down Story That Bush Lied to Get U.S. in Iraq War, Implies Obama Troop Pullout Was Wrong Move" (2015-05-24, []. Bob Woodward is an employee of the military whose role is to be presented as a "trusted news host" for so-called conservatives, a segment of television news consumers who believe anything the military says. Those who don't trust the military as labeled as "liberals".

* Camp Casey []: Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq, camps in a Texas ditch outside the Crawford vacation home of George Bush after he refuses to meet with the Gold Star Mother. This courageous gesture turns the roadside tent into "Camp Casey," an international media event.
* "Cindy's Stand in Crawford" article archive (2005, []
* "Happy Camp Casey Day: 10 Years After" page 1 [], page 2 []. Radio show podcast commemorating Camp Casey's tenth anniversary []

* City of Hiroshima Peace Declaration (.pdf) []

* "U.S. history textbooks assert less atomic bomb victims than Hiroshima, Nagasaki estimates" (2014-08-09, [] [begin excerpt]
Most U.S. history textbooks for junior high and high school students significantly underestimate the number of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic-bomb victims in comparison to those cities’ official figures, according to a Japanese researcher.
In addition, they hardly discuss the inhumanity of nuclear weapons.
Satoshi Fujita, an assistant professor of U.S. modern history at Meiji University, carried out a study of 58 textbooks that were published in the United States between 1949 and 2010.
He selected textbooks that are regarded as “widely adopted history textbooks” by a research organization, as well as textbooks that have been frequently reprinted.
According to a 1976 document submitted to the United Nations, Hiroshima estimated the number of deaths resulting from the atomic bombing Aug. 6, 1945, at about 140,000 by the end of that year.
Nagasaki, which was leveled by an atomic bomb three days later, put the number about 70,000 in a report to the United Nations. The figure was based on a 1950 report by the city’s committee to preserve data concerning the atomic bombing of Nagasaki.
Of the 58 textbooks, 42 mentioned the death toll of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
But 35 of the textbooks gave lower figures than the official number by the city.
Only 18 textbooks referred to the number of deaths in Nagasaki. Of these, 14 gave figures that were below the city’s official death toll.
The U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, a board of experts assembled to assess the effects of U.S. bombings, reported in 1946 that victims totaled between 70,000 and 80,000 in Hiroshima and more than 35,000 in Nagasaki.
“U.S. textbooks apparently derived the numbers from the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey’s report and other sources, disregarding Japan’s official figures,” Fujita said. “(The publishers and authors) might have sought to show the damage wrought by the atomic bombings was less significant than it was in actuality.”
Fujita also found that most of the textbooks published by the early 1980s carried the U.S. government’s official view that the nuclear attacks allowed the U.S. troops to avert the invasion of Japan’s mainland and minimize American casualties, thus contributing to an early conclusion of the war.
For instance, “History of a Free People,” said in its 1954 edition, “It was predicted, however, that a million American soldiers would be killed or wounded in overcoming the fanatical resistance of Japanese armies fighting on the sacred soil of their own country.”
In the 1990s, many textbooks began to provide more detailed descriptions of the events, carrying opinions critical and objecting to the bombings, in addition to those justifying the act.
Another textbook, “The Americans,” said in its 1999 edition, “A petition drawn up by Leo Szilard, a leading physicist in the Manhattan Project, and signed by 70 other scientists argued that it would be immoral to drop an atomic bomb on Japan without fair warning.”
But in the 2000s, some textbooks returned to the more conservative editorial styles of the past, eschewing criticism of the dropping of the atomic bombs. [end excerpt]

* "Our “Merciful” Ending to the “Good War” Or How Patriotism Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry" (2015-08-04, []
* "Russia declassifies the report on the aftermath of the US nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki" (2015-08-05, Russian Historical Society) [], audio []
* "How bombing Hiroshima got the Hollywood makeover" (2014-03-09, [] [begin excerpt]: The MGM drama, The Beginning or the End emerged in 1947, after many revisions, as a Hollywood version of America’s official nuclear narrative: The bomb was clearly necessary to end the war with Japan and save American lives—and we needed to build new and bigger weapons to protect us from the Soviets. Just weeks after the Hiroshima attack in August 1945, Sam Marx, a producer at MGM, received a call from agent Tony Owen, who said his wife, actress Donna Reed, had received some fascinating letters from her high school chemistry teacher. That teacher, Dr. Edward Tomkins, who was then at the Oak Ridge nuclear site, wrote to ask if Hollywood had a feature on the atomic bomb in the works, one that would warn the world about the dangers of a nuclear arms race. He was surprised to learn they did not. But this would soon change. The script called for shots of a bombed-out Hiroshima as ghostlike ruins, with close-ups of a baby with a burned face. The underlying message reflected the regrets of many of the scientists who had worked to create the bomb: It would have been better to continue the war—even if it meant a full-scale invasion of Japan—“than release atomic energy in the world.” But then something happened, and the “message” of The Beginning or the End shifted radically. The reason for the shift was clear: General Leslie Groves, the director of the Manhattan Project who was back at the Pentagon, had secured the all-important right of script approval—along with a then-hefty $10,000 fee—and was playing an active role in reshaping the film. Unlike Groves and Truman, nearly all of the scientists impersonated in the film—even Albert Einstein—were not given script approval (although they signed releases). The Hollywoodization of the bomb had begun. Facts were suppressed, and events were completely fabricated. [end excerpt]
* "Hiroshima/Nagasaki: Atomic devastation hidden for decades" (2015-08-06, part 1 [] [begin excerpt]: Dozens of hours of film footage shot in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the fall and winter of 1945-1946 by an elite U.S. military unit was hidden for decades and almost no one could see it.  The raw footage, in striking color, languished in obscurity. As the writer Mary McCarthy observed, the atomic bombing of Japan nearly fell into “a hole in human history.”
As our nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union escalated, all that most Americans saw of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the same black-and-white images: a mushroom cloud, a panorama of emptiness, a battered building topped with the skeleton of a dome—mainly devoid of people.
Compounding the cover-up, the American military seized all of the black-and-white footage of the cities shot by the Japanese in the immediate aftermath of the bombings. They hid the film away for many years. It was known in Japan as the maboroshi, or “phantom,” film. It, too, rests in the National Archives today.
To find out how and why all of this historic footage was suppressed for so long, I tracked down the man who oversaw the handling of both the Japanese and American film. His name is Lt. Col. (Ret.) Daniel A. McGovern. He told me that high officials in the Pentagon “didn’t want those images out because, “…they showed effects on man, woman and child…. They didn’t want the general public to know what their weapons had done—at a time they were planning on more bomb tests.”
Not incidentally, those planned tests were designed to help the U.S. military build bigger and better nuclear bombs.
The secret color footage (see some of the footage below) was finally shown to the public, however limited, on June 2, 1982. The New York City  screening coincided with the high point of the antinuclear movement.
In response to an escalating arms race stoked by a new president, Ronald Reagan, who said a nuclear war with the Soviets was “winnable”—a “nuclear freeze” campaign had been organized in hundreds of cities and towns. It captured the imagination of the media and a massive anti-nuclear march in Manhattan was set for June 12.
Ten days before the June 12 march, a few dozen Americans first saw some of the historic color footage shot by the American military—but not in an American film.
It was the Japanese who put together the film, and only because of a chance meeting in New York between Herbert Sussan—who, as a young soldier, helped shoot some of the 1946 footage—and a Japanese activist.  When the activist learned of the secret film from Sussan, he lead a mass movement in Japan to raise enough money to copy 90,000 feet of it. (They also purchased a copy of the suppressed, black-and-white film shot by the Japanese newsreel team.) The film was shown at the Japan Society in Manhattan.  It was called “Prophecy.”
The footage revealed miles of devastation dotted by rubble and twisted girders, close-ups of artifacts—blackened statues, a collapsed church or school—and victims displaying their inflamed scars. Doctors in shattered hospitals bandaged horrendous-looking wounds.
On the morning of August 6, 1945, a B-29 dropped an atomic bomb over the center of Hiroshima, killing at least 70,000 civilians instantly and perhaps 50,000 more in the days and months to follow, the vast majority women and children. Three days later, the U.S. exploded another atomic bomb over Nagasaki, slightly off target, killing 40,000 immediately and dooming tens of thousands of others. Within days, Japan had surrendered, and the U.S. readied plans for occupying the defeated country—and documenting the first atomic catastrophe.
The American public knew little about conditions there beyond Japanese assertions that a mysterious affliction was attacking many of the survivors, claims that most Americans took to be propaganda. Newspaper photographs of victims were non-existent or censored. Life Magazine would later observe that for years “the world…knew only the physical facts of atomic destruction.”  Many were still dying horribly from the new ‘A-Bomb disease’—that is, the effects of radiation–or burns from the original blast. Tens of thousands of American troops occupied the two cities.  Few were urged to take precautions.
The Japanese newsreel company Nippon Eigasha was already shooting film in the two stricken cities. On October 24, 1945, a U.S. military policeman ordered a Japanese cameraman in Nagasaki to stop shooting. The U.S. General Headquarters (GHQ) confiscated his film, and the rest of the 26,000 feet of Nippon Eigasha footage. An order banned all further filming. It was at this point that Lt. Daniel McGovern took charge.
McGovern—a director and member of Hollywood’s famed First Motion Picture Unit—was one of the first Americans to arrive in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He was with the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, which was studying the effects of the air campaign against Germany and Japan.
Later, McGovern was ordered by General Douglas MacArthur to document the results of the U.S. air campaign in more than twenty Japanese cities. His crew would shoot exclusively on Kodachrome and Technicolor, rarely used at the time, even in Hollywood.
McGovern’s crew documented the physical effects of the bomb, including ghostly shadows of vaporized civilians burned into wall. Even more chilling, dozens of hospital patients were asked to display their burns, scars, and other lingering effects for the camera as a warning to the world. A Japanese doctor at the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroshima traced the hideous red scars that covered several of the patients—then took off his shirt and displayed his own cuts and burns.
The following month, in June of 1946, McGovern hauled 90,000 feet of color footage to the Pentagon and submitted it to General Orvil Anderson. Locked away and declared top secret, it did not see the light of day for more than thirty years.
Fearful that his film might get “buried,” McGovern stayed on at the Pentagon as an aide to Gen. Anderson, who was fascinated by the footage and at first had no qualms about showing it to the American people. Once the top brass screened it, however, most high-ranking officers didn’t want it widely shown.
The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) was also opposed, according to McGovern. It nixed a Warner Brothers feature film based on the footage, while paying another studio about $80,000 to help make four “training” films to show U.S. soldiers how such weapons might be used on the battlefield, and steps they’d need to take to prevent exposure to deadly radiation.
In a March 3, 1947, memo given to me by McGovern, Francis E. Rundell, a major in the Air Corps, explained that the film would be classified “secret.” This was determined “after study of subject material, especially concerning footage taken at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”
The color footage was shipped to the Wright-Patterson base in Ohio. McGovern went along after being told to put an I.D. number on the film “and not let anyone touch it—and that’s the way it stayed,” as he put it. After cataloguing it, he placed it into a vault in the top-secret area. [end excerpt]

* "How the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Severely Injured the Civilians" []
* "The Hiroshima and Nagasaki film they didn't want us to see" []

* "City on fire: By ignoring the fire damage that would result from a nuclear attack and taking into account blast damage alone, U.S. war planners were able to demand a far larger nuclear arsenal than necessary" (2004-01, []
* "New Evidence on Nuclear Weapons Effects Shows That U.S. Nuclear War Plans Underestimated Destructiveness of Nuclear Arsenal By Ignoring Firestorms" (2004-01-14, by William Burr, [] [begin excerpt]: A 1957 State Department briefing characterized nuclear blast as the "primary destruction agent." After getting briefings on nuclear war plans in 1960, top officials were concerned that nuclear strikes would produce "undesirable overkill" because the plans did not consider fire effects. According to CNO Admiral Arleigh Burke: "it is certain that there will be many firestorms and damage by neutrons beyond the area of blast damage." A few months later, the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff overrode those concerns when it declared that fires are not a "special characteristic of nuclear explosions. They may or may not occur." Physicist Harold Brode, under contract for the Defense Nuclear Agency, revisited the mass fire problem when he wrote in 1983 that a nuclear detonation "ensures a very large number of ignitions and the rapid development of a large area fire" and that "fire damage can be predicted with useful consistency." Brode developed a method to predict damage from nuclear firestorms but the Pentagon rejected this approach in the early 1990s.
* "It Is Certain There Will be Many Firestorms"; New Evidence on the Origins of Overkill" document archive (2004-01-14, edited by William Burr, []
* "U.S. Nuclear War Plans A "Hazard to Ourselves as Well as Our Enemy"; Overkill Problem Led Top Commanders to Complain About the SIOP's Destructiveness" (by William Burr, []
* "The Creation of SIOP-62: More Evidence on the Origins of Overkill" docuement archive (2004-07-13, National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 130, edited by William Burr, [] [begin excerpt]: Since it was first created in 1960, the Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP)--the U.S. plan for nuclear war--has been one of the most secret and sensitive issues in U.S. national security policy. The essence of the first SIOP was a massive nuclear strike on military and urban-industrial targets in the Soviet Union, China, and their allies. To make such an attack possible, U.S. war planners developed a complex organizational scheme involving the interaction of targeting, weapons delivery systems and their flight paths, nuclear detonations over targets, measurements of devastation, and defensive measures, among other elements, and successive SIOPs would become even more complex. Much of this information remains highly secret and may never be declassified; it is even possible that no civilian official has actually seen the SIOP (which one author suggests amounts to a stack of computer print-outs). To ensure tight secrecy, when the first SIOP was created, its architects established a special information category--Extremely Sensitive Information (ESI)--to ensure that only those with a need-to-know would have access to the documents.
The SIOP's tremendous importance-its implementation would mean the death of millions---has made it a subject of acute interest among historians and social scientists, and, to be sure, the subject of many FOIA requests. The SIOP included retaliatory and preemptive options; preemption could occur if U.S. authorities had strategic warning of a Soviet attack;
- A full nuclear SIOP strike launched on a preemptive basis would have delivered over 3200 nuclear weapons to 1060 targets in the Soviet Union, China, and allied countries in Asia and Europe;
- A full nuclear strike by SIOP forces on high alert, launched in retaliation to a Soviet strike, would have delivered 1706 nuclear weapons against a total of 725 targets in the Soviet Union, China, and allied states;
Targets would have included nuclear weapons, government and military control centers, and at least 130 cities in the Soviet Union, China, and allies; Alarmed White House scientists, Army and Navy leaders were concerned that the SIOP would deliver too many nuclear weapons to Soviet and Chinese territory and that the weapons that missed targets "will kill a lot of Russians and Chinese" and that fallout from the weapons "can be a hazard to ourselves as well as our enemy";
According to the damage expectancy criteria of SIOP-62, it would take three 80 kiloton weapons to destroy a city like Nagasaki--which the U.S. had actually bombed with a 22 kiloton weapon;
The Marine Corp commandant was concerned that the SIOP provides for the "attack of a single list of Sino-Soviet countries" and makes no "distinction" between Communist countries that were at war with the United States and those that were not; To limit or even avoid "overkill," both the Army and the Navy supported constraints on surface bursts of nuclear weapons. Both services worried about the lethal impact of downwind fallout, with the Army explicitly concerned about limiting exposure of "friendly forces and people" to radioactive fallout. By contrast, the Air Force saw no need for additional constraints.
The employment of nuclear weapons with an average explosive yield of 3.8 megatons--about 253 15 kiloton Hiroshima weapons) was among the "fixed factors" entered into the SAC computer systems. Moreover, JSTPS planners assumed "all surface bursts" which would produce large quantities of radioactive fallout.
Fred Kaplan's account of the Pentagon's initial review of the SIOP includes an especially memorable episode. During the briefings, Marine Corps commandant David Shoup (the service with the most marginal nuclear responsibilities) saw a chart that showed that the initial attack would kill tens of millions of Chinese. At the closing meeting, General Shoup asked General Power what would happen if Beijing was not fighting; was there an option to leave Chinese targets out of the attack plan? Power was reported to have said that he hoped no one would think of that "because it would really screw up the plan"--that is, the plan was supposed to be executed as a whole. Apparently Shoup then observed that "any plan that kills millions of Chinese when it isn't even their war is not a good plan. This is not the American way."

* Nuclear Freeze movement articles ( []
* "The Nuclear Freeze Movement inspired many in Grand Rapids" (2014-11-07, []
* "World Citizens for Peace turns 25" (2007, []
* "Remembering the 1982 rally against nuclear arms" (2009-06-12, []
* "Thirty Years Ago Today, at the Nuclear Freeze Rally in Central Park, We Saved Ourselves From Ourselves" (2012-06-12, [] [begin excerpt]: On June 12, 1982, 30 years ago today, perhaps as many as one million people gathered in New York City's Central Park. They demanded the removal of the "nuclear sword of Damocles," that President John F. Kennedy two decades earlier had seen poised, "hanging by the slenderest of threads," over the heads of every human being alive (and uncountable multitudes not yet born). Dr. Randall Caroline Forsberg, one of the leading organizers of the rally and the movement which became known as the "Nuclear Freeze," later received a MacArthur "genius award" for her efforts. When she died too young on October 19, 2007 -- with exquisite irony, just a couple of weeks before the death of Colonel Paul Tibbets, commander of the U.S.A.A.F. B-29 Enola Gay that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima -- the New York Times said in her obituary that more people assembled at that place, on that day, than at any other political demonstration in American history.
The June 12 gathering was the apogee of a citizen action campaign known as the "Nuclear Freeze," which took flight immediately after the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan. It was a passionate, intense, and indeed terrified response to accelerating nuclear weapons programs, an across-the-board military buildup, and infinitely irresponsible bombast from high Administration officials -- even Vice President George H.W. Bush! -- about our nation's willingness to "wage and win" something they called a "protracted nuclear war." [end excerpt]
* "Nuclear Freeze March" photo set (1982, by John Hamilton) []

* "Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament" description []:
In 1986 six hundred people marched across the United States to demonstrate their opposition to the world-wide nuclear arms race. The march took nine months from California to Washington, D.C. The marchers wrote: "we will create a non-violent focus for positive change; the imperative being that nuclear weapons are politically, socially, economically and morally unjustifiable, and that, in any number, they are unacceptable." The GPM was also a traveling intentional and communal society. GPM marchers and supporters reached their destination, Washington, D.C., on November 15, 1986.

* "NATO Uses German Soldiers to Intimidate Russia – Austrian Magazine" (2015-08-09, []
* "RD Quiz: Old Cold War or new Cold War? Russia Direct has compiled quotes from Russian and American politicians from the Cold War era and from today’s current geopolitical situation. Will you be able to guess in which era they belong?" (2015-08-07, []

* "Russia Delivers First Two RD-181 Rocket Engines Under $1Bln Contract to US" (2015-08-04, []

Updates on campaigns for for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

#JusticeForMario [] []
On July 15th, less than 30 minutes after asking for help, Mario Michael Martinez died in his cell at Alameda County’s Santa Rita Jail, suffering from an asthma attack. The failure of the Alameda County Sheriffs to respond cost him his life. Join us as we expose the hidden truth about Life in Santa Rita Jail and seek justice for Mario.


* "Downtown Fresno street blocked by Ferguson demonstrators" (2015-08-10, [] [begin excerpt]:
Said JePahl White of Faith in Community: “Our lives are in jeopardy. Our lives are in danger. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters [around the country] and we want to be inside our federal institutions making policy changes.”
Demands of the Fresno demonstrators included:
Demilitarization of local law enforcement across the country.
Use of law enforcement funds to support community-based alternatives to incarceration.
A congressional hearing to investigate the “criminalization of communities of color, racial profiling, police abuses and torture by law enforcement.” [end excerpt]

* (2015-08-13, Anti Police-Terror Project) [] []:
Last night, another Black life was stolen by the hands of law enforcement.
Within 30 minutes of the murder, APTP 1st Responders were on the scene.
While we are still following leads and talking to witnesses - a picture is emerging that counters the police narrative.
There are conflicting reports about whether or not the brother had a gun, but ACROSS the board - EVERYONE we spoke with said the brother was running AWAY from the cops and that he was shot in the BACK. And that he NEVER fired at police and there was no "confrontation" as OPD Spin Master Johanna Watson stated at the press conference.
An eye witness even said the brother was in the process of surrendering, slowing his run down, and saying "OK, OK, OK."
At that point, witnesses say he either fell or was pushed to the ground by the force of the first shot in his back and it was on the ground where he was the recipient of the remaining shots fired by OPD.
Given the rate Black people are murdered by police - it is a logical, rational decision to run AWAY from them. Some might even argue a form of self preservation.
We know that across the country - when white folks have firearms and even when they fire AT police - more often than not they are presumed mentally unstable, talked down and taken into custody ALIVE. Even the demon who walked into a Black house of worship and murdered nine people was taken in ALIVE. They even fed him Burger King on the way to jail!
But uniformly - Black people are shot first and interrogated/investigated later. This discrepancy in practice is the physical manifestation of the partial and impartial bias against Black life. It is the direct result of the devaluing of Black life by a system of white supremacy that places white life, practice and culture, and the preservation of such, above all else. It is the direct result of the daily demonization of Black men, women and children as thugs, whores, welfare queens, drug addicts and violent animals by every form of mainstream media and popular culture.
Even if he did have a gun, if he was running away and trying to surrender - with alllllll of the training WE are paying for OPD to have - was there NO other option than for them to shoot him multiple times in the back?
OPD of course will say that they were afraid for THEIR lives and we know that statement means they have the license to do whatever they choose to do to eliminate that threat - warranted or not. And society and the media will demonize this brother way beyond any of his real or imagined crimes as a way to try to convince us the only option was for this brother to die.
We summarily reject that notion and demand an immediate end to the unjust, unwarranted and rampant epidemic of the murders of Black men, women and children by law enforcement, security guards and vigilantes.
We demand that OPD and law enforcement agencies across the country employ every available tactic and strategy available to NOT kill our community members even if they have or are suspected of committing a crime.
And we demand real accountability for killer cops - not paid vacation as a celebratory prize for murder.
A Black led vigil for
Black LIFE will be held on Friday at 6:00 pm at the corner of 27th and MLK.
Black Lives Matter
Black Resistance Matters
Black Power Matters



Xicana Moratorium Day
Xicanas for Third Word Liberation: One Land One Struggle
36th Annual Xicana Moratorium Day in Oakland
Sunday, August 30th, 2015
At San Antonio Park in Oakland
5am Sunrise Ceremony
10-5pm Danza Azteca, Festival and Concert with Deuce Eclipse, Mass Bass, La Ceiba, Aguacero, and much more
Join us for another year of commemorating one of the largest historical anti war protest to come out of the Chicano movement - August 29th, 1970.
44 years later we are fighting a war at home.
The Struggle to defend Land and to fight for Dignity of our people still continues!
Join us for another year with a FREE CONCERT at the PARK.
Powerful speakers, Community Resources, Vendors, Arts, Food, Live Art, Activities for Kids, and off course live MUSIC, y mucho mas.
No Colors No Drugs No Drama
Brought to you by the youth of Coatl Necalli []

Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!

* "Today is 'Jonathan Jackson Day' " (2015-08-07, FTP Movement) []

The Spook Who Sat By The Door (FULL MOVIE & 2011 Video Interviews With Sam Greenlee)

The Newspaper is our Number One Educational Survival Program
Be a Black Rider! JOIN NOW! It is time to intensify the struggle! BLACK RIDERS - new generation Black Panthers," Out of frustration and hopelessness, the Black Riders was formed by young Black people who have reached the point of no return. We refuse to be manipulated by the racist U.S. government and its ruling elite any longer into set tripping over blue and red or any "hood" or "turf" in ameriKKKa. We no longer endorse patience and turning the other cheek. We assert the right of self-defense by whatever means necessary, and reserve the right of maximum retaliation against our racist oppressors, no matter what the odds against us are.
From here on in, if we must die anyway, we will die fighting back and we will not die alone! We intend to see that our racist oppressors also get a taste of death! We will protect the Black Community with our minds, bodies, and souls. BLACK POWER! All Power to the People! Black Riders Number One Rule”
COMMUNE PROGRAM: WE RIDE for an immediate end to POLICE BRUTALITY and MURDER of Black People. We ride because we believe we can end police brutality in our Black community by organizing Black self-defense groups dedicated to defending our Black community from racist police oppression and brutality. The 2nd amendment of the u.s constitution gives a right to bear arms. We therefore believe that all Black people should arm themselves for self-defense.
DEFENSE! We are now accepting Nation Wide recruits.
Inbox or email us if you are down
RBG 4 LIFE! ! !
There's a Black Panther born in the hood every 5 minutes!
By General T.A.C.O (Taking All capitalists Out) aka WOLVERINE SHAKUR... The Leader Of the Black Riders - NEW GENERATION BLACK PANTHER PARTY FOR SELF-DEFENSE!
"HERE'S WHAT WE DO TO UPLIFT THE BLACK COMMUNITY...We patrol the racist police with our Watch-A-Pig program, armed with video cameras and other legal weapons. We also develop survival programs because Black People are facing extermination and genocide. Some of these programs are the George Jackson Freedom School for Black Children, our Educate to Liberate Classes for Black Adults, Free Food programs for the homeless, and many, many more. Overall we push Revolution to get free from the oppressive conditions in the hood that comes from white supremacy and capitalism. Also we develop gang truces between many hoods like the Bloods and Crips in L.A to stop Black on Black violence. We push hard for Black unity! BLACK POWER! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!"
(To donate by mail, you can send cash, check, or money order payable to Lakesia Wahington P.O. Box 8297 los Angeles, Ca 90008)


* "Black Like Mao: Red China & Black Revolution" (2015-05-31, []

* "The Campaign of Terror against African Americans. The Ferguson Report One Year after Michael Brown and the Urban Rebellion" (2015-08-04, by Abayomi Azikiwe) []

* "Police State Brutality in Chicago. African Americans Lawlessly Arrested, Detained, Tortured during Secret Interrogations" (2015-08-07, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Walmart Funding Al Sharpton Exposes Why ‘Civil Rights Leader’ Would Not Mobilize For John Crawford" (2015-03-29, []

* "Black Driver Taken Off Delivery After Customer Says She Doesn’t Want Blacks at Her House" (2015-08-10, []

* Ferguson: One Year Later (photo):

* "Ferguson a year later: At Canfield Gardens" thirty photos (2015-08-101, Davey D Cook)  []
* "Ferguson a year later: Day 2" forty photos (2015-08-11, Davey D Cook), 1st report [], 2nd report [], 3rd version []
* At Ferguson, with Beechie X Keeton: "So the silent March from Canfield to St Marks has begun... Long Live The Spirit Of Micheal "Mike-Mike" Brown and all murdered by Police Terrorism! We are all still Oscar Grant!". Photos of the Michael Brown memorial vehicle [] [], Mr. Brown [], Cornell West with Mr. Brown (Father of Michael Brown) [], and with Cephus Johnson (Uncle of Oscar Grant) []. Photos of the crowd [] [] [] [] [].

* Fresno: "Black Lives Matters event in Mississippi Fresno. Hands Up Don't shoot... Who Streets our Streets...." six photos []

* Minneapolis: "Die-in and 4 minutes of silence in honor of Mike Brown at University & Snelling. The light rail is behind us honking"  [] []
* St. Louis: (2015-08-10) []: Traffic Alert: Protesters shut down ALL Lanes of Interstate 70. All lanes were blocked between Earth City Expressway/141 and the Blanchette Bridge.
* (2015-08-10) []: 10 Lanes of Highway 70 in St Louis shut down NOW

* "Man shot in Ferguson identified as black 18yo Tyrone Harris, 'friend of Michael Brown' " (2015-08-10, [] [begin excerpt]: The person shot in Ferguson by a police officer after a day of commemorating the first anniversary of Michael Brown’s death has been identified by his father as 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Jr., of St. Louis, who was “real close” to Brown, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. [end excerpt]
* "Teen Shot By Police In Ferguson Identified As Tyrone Harris, ‘Friend of Michael Brown’ " (2015-08-10, []

* Ras Ceylon (2015-08-10): Last night in ‪‎Ferguson‬ (aka ‪#MikeBrownTown)‬ where 19yr old ‪Tyrone Harris‬ was shot by police and left on the street to bleed out and remains in critical condition. Apparently he was a close friend of ‎Mike Brown‬ and after this incident the militarized pigs in ‪St. Louis County‬ then proceeded to attack protesters with chemical munitions and more... we were following all the madness on Ustream and Twitter because Facebook & Instagram shut down the Ferguson hashtag during the heat of all this... a year passes and nothing has changed... ‪#‎nojusticenopeace‬
* "Police Round Up Journalists, Professor Cornel West and Legal Observers In Ferguson" (2015-08-10, []
* "State of emergency declared in St. Louis County" (2015-08-10, []
* "Ferguson Protesters Report Police Opening Fire On Wall of Protesters" (2015-08-10, []
* (2015-07-10, []: Police shot someone last night on W. Florissant in Ferguson. Then they brought in the tanks and shot and teargassed people into the Canfield neighborhood where Mike Brown had been murdered exactly 1 year before.

* (2015-08-11, by Maile Hampton) []:
The first picture is in Ferguson last night when protests were taking place. Many unprovoked snatch and pull arrests took place with pepper spray last night. "I didn't do anything, I'm 12" -child in photo being arrested by riot cops []. In the second picture, it is the same protest but it's Oathkeepers having a friendly conversation with police out there with full arms to "protect the constitution", but in reality to help the police terrorize black folk. This is just another way the system is showing us their main goal and focus. To terrorize people who stand up for what's right, to mistreat oppressed people who are fed up with this corrupt system, and to work with and protect these right wing militias who are helping the state follow through with that terrorism. They're snatching, pepper spraying, arresting peaceful UNARMED PROTESTERS; yet siding with armed white right wing militias. The police protect the state-the military protects the state-these right wing militias, protect the state. The same state that has been oppressing us since birth.
* "The police suddenly left en masse on West Florissant in Ferguson. And then these dudes showed up" (2015-08-11) []: When you hear "outside agitators" being chastised by police, why are The Oathkeepers always exempt?

* "Heavily-armed ‘Oath Keepers’ patrol Ferguson protests" (2015-08-11, []
* "More Than 20 Arrested In Ferguson; Armed 'Oath Keepers' Walk Streets" (2015-08-11, []
* "Heavily-armed white men patrol Ferguson, ‘ready to confront authorities to defend US Constitution’ " (2015-08-11, []

* "Teen in Fall Out Boy shirt 'protecting' Ferguson cops quickly becomes meme" (2015-08-11, []
* "An interview with Lexi, 19, the Fall Out Boy-loving Ferguson Police supporter who became a meme" (2015-08-11, []

* "Ferguson: Police Draw Guns on Rosa Clemente, Talib & Others" (2014-08-20, []

* "Donald Trump On Black Lives Matter: ‘We Have To Give Power Back To The Police’ " (2015-08-02, []

* "Ben Carson Says The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement Is ‘Silly’ " (2015-08-01, []


* (Gregg L. Greer): Another meme about Tamir Rice's murderers at [].


* "RE: MY HARASSMENT BY FBI IN OAKLAND CA" (2015-07-31, Ras Ceylon):
I write this so the record can reflect the reality that those of us who truly resist injustice are subject to heightened intimidation by the state in the here and now.On July 2nd, 2015 at around 1130am I got a text from a coworker saying two FBI agents showed up to the office of the organization I work for asking for me. I was away at the time and they asked my coworker for my cell number and she gave it to them. They did not leave a card or name but added that I "wasn't in trouble." After receiving the text I immediately contacted some of my close people and spoke to a few lawyers one of whom called the local FBI office on my behalf who they said they had no information on me. Then around 12:30pm I got a call from an fbi agent asking to meet up with me so could "talk" I asked him why and what it was about and he was hesitant to say but then asked me if I had a "rap persona" to which I replied that I was involved in music. He then said there was an anonymous tip made about me claiming they were concerned that I worked with youth while having "a sheikh named Imran Hosein on my youtube page who is considered a radical cleric & with Isis going on this is something they have to look in to."
Let me pause here to point out a few things, one I neither denied or affirmed that I had a "rap persona" I replied that I was "involved with music." Secondly anyone claiming that someone is a threat for having Imran Hosein on their youtube page (which I don't) is ridiculous. Imran Hosein is a known scholar who writes books available for anyone to read and gives lectures on eschatology in which he says the so-called Islamic state is a "bogus jihad" so to tie him to Isis is ludicrous. Finally for them to be investigating me under the premise that I am an "educator with a rap persona with radical youtube connections" sounds like a huge waste of my tax money and I was upset by the whole thing but remained calm. The agent then said he didn't think the tip was true but they "had to look into it" and next asked me "who in the community would try to say that about me" and who do "I have problems with."I was flabbergasted at the audacity that he thought i would bite at that bait and immediately asked if we met, "could I have a lawyer present with me." The agent replied that "I really didn't need to" and at that point I asked for his name and he hesitated but then gave it to me and then I got his number and told him I'd call back.
Next I spoke to lawyers, close comrades and also representatives from CAIR & NLG and it was advised that I not meet with this agent as I am under no obligation to speak to them. Also it was pointed out that there is a precedent for and high probability that they fabricated the alleged "anonymous tip" in order to attempt to get information from me, which would never happen. To be a man of principle in this corrupt world is no easy task and we are constantly tested..but I digress. After an hour or so I finally called the FBI agent back and I told him that if they wanted to talk to me they would have to contact my attorney and I gave him the number. He responded by saying that they really wanted to "help me figure out "who was targeting me" to which I thanked him politely and we both hung up. As of today July 31st there has not been a call from the FBI to my lawyer or further contact and I don't anticipate there will be. Needless to say this clear case of activist intimidation, real life Islamophobia and state sanctioned harassment (coming to my place of employment, insisting on meeting face to face with no lawyer etc) of a known Hiphop artist that the agent acknowledged "does a lot of work with at-risk youth." This has been very disturbing and even the whole idea that someone confidentially informed on me as some kind of terror suspect is hella crazy.I am no stranger to oppression as I have been outspoken for human rights and actively involved with social justice and education work for more than half of my life. I have had movements that I was a part of get repressed many times before, yet in still this whole episode is extremely upsetting.
As Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. has said, "being oppressed is embarrassing" and I certainly felt that at the time this happened, having to explain to coworkers what it was all about etc. However, we will stay vigilant and I have organizational structures, legal council and street smarts enough to know that talking to agents of the state is not a good idea as there are many innocent citizens who have suffered from thinking that they these govt.officials have sincere intentions. I don't think it's a coincidence that I was recently interviewed about Malcolm X's slain grandson on a major news outlet just two days before this harassment and the positive work i do in my communities locally and globally must have got some wicked forces angry. No matter how intense the struggle gets I remain thankful to The Most High that I know that the truth will forever prevail over falsehood and I am confident in the victory of good over evil. What's the call? Free'em All!

Response To Request From Ras Ceylon - By Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. -
In response to a request from Ras Ceylon. A fellow Souljah in the struggle for self determination. To touch and/or address a previous supplied summation. In regards to contested/uncontested conditions. Being that there is no expiration date for the politics. In fact we position that although the particulars may vary and names may change. Regardless of scenario, situation, or schematics. The politics will persist and the summations shall not stale. With that said, there are those that seek solace within a system that was birth off of bloodshed. We, on the other hand welcome contradictions. Not in the manner of a masochists. For we too desire a time of tranquility and a climate of calm. However, not at the expense of attempting to compromise the contradiction. Of a proposed peace on the plantation. A sentiment in which we've bumped heads with other schools of thought. From salutations to greetings. For we feel that we must not only fight for, but even preface our greetings with freedom prior to peace. For there can be no peace on the plantation.
A shadow boxer who has never set foot in the ring. May be presumed the champ from his/her perspective. For without contested conditions cadre and community alike. Can not provide an accurate account o their respective capabilities.
More work in peace time, less work in work time. Is an old adage that acknowledges the importance of determining, distinguishing, and defining individuals. To not simply limited to that of a climate of a class peace. But in particular, that in times of turmoil. Even as a child coming up in a colonized community. I maintained a mantra that if it be the case. I'd rather catch a misdameanor with a cat. Prior to being thrust head first with a felony. Then finding out this alleged cat was actually a rat.
A characteristic of the race as well as the class contradiction. The bourgeoise as well as the petty bourgeoise possess an affordability to not be called to task for flagrant false calls that they enact and engage in. This said contradiction can and may be recognized. With a review and recognition of a great number of white privileged progressives. Whom are afforded the lane luxury to temporarily exit the expressway of White power. And walk on the wild side with the colonized. As well as that of a long toll of petty bourgeoise individuals. So detached from the dire conditions of the colonized communities. That they are unable to recognize a repercussion from a reward. A contradiction witnessed amongst other genres ....state sanctioned spokespersons, poverty pimps, and abstract artists ("conscious" and reactionary alike). Whom engage in what the Black Panther Party termed as "murder mouthing". In other words, engaging in all sorts of reactionary rhetoric while the weather is warm. However, during the storm... They're gone!...Or better yet, were never there in all senses of the term.   - Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. POCC/BPPC

* Melvin Dickson, comrade of the Oakland BPP provides "Some highlights of BPP community union and unity with the community through building real Survival Programs, Pending Revolution":

Today, August 11th, marks the 50th anniversary of the epic Watts Rebellion in Los Angeles!
Triggered by police brutality and covering one of the widest areas in the history of urban rebellions, the Watts Uprising is considered by many as the beginning of the end of 'Nonviolence' in the Black Liberation Movement and a critical inspiration for the emergence of Black revolutionary organizations like the Black Panther Party!

information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee 

* "The Burger that's eating New York" (1974-08-19, New York Magazine) [] [begin excerpt]: McDonald's hires students and part-time workers almost exclusively and limits them to three-hour shifts. The company pays them minimum wages and can therefore get away with pro-viding only the barest of fringe benefits. Health insurance is available only after one year of continuous employment, and a two-week paid vacation is given only after three years of service. As for sick pay, the throe-day annual allowance is given only if a worker is out for at least six days and submits certified proof of illness. Such largess undoubtedly accounts for the company's annual turnover rate of 300 per cent. When the new minimum wage bill was being drafted, President Nixon tried to add a provision exempting pan-time student workers from the minimum wage requirement. It became known, unofficially, as the McDonald's Minimum Wage Law. a token of appreciation from Nixon for Ray Kroc's $250,000 campaign contribution. A lint-iced variation did pass and is known as the McDonald Rule. But McDonald's practices even more subtle exploitation, keeping workers in dead-end jobs by teaching them few, if any,skills. In addition, it purposely keeps blacks and Puerto Ricans very much in evidence as signals to friends and families that this is their kind of place, an invitation also implying prices are so low they border on philanthropy. "There are poor people who couldn't afford to eat meat regularly If it weren't for McDonald's." Howard Rubenstein told me. I hope poor people know they can buy ground chuck for a lot less than the $3 to $4 per pound charged at McDonald's. [end excerpt]

* (2015-08-07, by Joan Moore) :
I became a union steward for CWA in 1976 with a pure desire to defend my co workers from the evil phony company. I was so politically naive and uninformed that I didn't even understand the difference between capitalism and socialism and didn't know how it mattered to me anyway on the job. It seemed so remote. I didn't even read the newspaper. It didn't matter. But the injustices on the job had to be addressed and I was passionate about those things, especially forced overtime, which I consider to be slavery to this day. I was soon asked to be on the Executive Board and later a Local officer. That is when my education began. I learned that all who work for and in the Labor movement are not there because the because the love labor and distrust capitalism. Some felt that the Union was a necessary evil and if only the company would change it policies and raise the pay, the union could and should be dissolved. Others had their heart in the right place, but they lacked the passion to be a reliable asset to the movement. Others, I came to believe, were actual agents of the company. Paid spy's and provocateurs. They made sure that the leftists, the real believers, were kept on the fringes or excluded. I saw some really ugly things at my union's Annual National conventions. Our San Francisco Delegation was routinely labeled as "Commie pinko faggots from San Francisco". The confederate Flag was sold as a political fundraiser and when one member of the Militant Action Caucus objected on the floor of the convention, the Southern delegates left their seats and advanced with murderous intent in their eyes. The delegate was, after all, a "Commie faggot from San Francisco" lets get her. The ConFlag sold like hotcakes after that and every penny went to the Democratic least I think it did.~~~~~~~~~~~
Another time, Jimmy Carter addressed the convention when he was president. He would answer a few questions from the floor. No doubt that both the questioned that would be asked and the delegates who would asked them, were well planned and scripted. But line to the mic wrapped around the convention hall and, near the end, stood an elected delegate from my local. Jane Margolis. She was the leader of the Militant Action Caucus. The secret service roughly dragged her from the floor of the convention as the rest of the delegations howled their approval. It made the papers the next day too, I think. She was a hero, actually. But what no one knew, and no one said at the time, is that the entire San Francisco Delegation was sequestered by the Secret Service in a hotel room across the street and were grilled about their political views. I wasn't there, but all of them denounced Sister Margolis. A few were John Wayne types and that was not surprising, but there were also those who considered themselves People of the Left, who were afraid to speak out or be associated with the MAC. The MAC won their lawsuit against the government a few years down the road and Jane Margolis donated the award to the cause.
(Joseph Hancock adds): The CWA was at one time a CIA controlled union, as was the Bricklayers Union and several others. There was (and still is) an organization run by the government, known as the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD). They gave large sums of money to the unions of the AFL-CIO to do cold war dirty work in the labor movement. The CWA was one of the leading unions of AIFLD because of their involvement in communications. It has always been largely controlled by the Democratic Party's right wing, the Social-Democrats USA. This is the group that supports Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Leadership Council. Many of the construction unions are also dominated by this group. Some of these folks refer to themselves as socialists, the kind that want a partnership with labor and management; the kind you describe in your comment: "Others, I came to believe, were actual agents of the company. Paid spy's and provocateurs. They made sure that the leftists, the real believers, were kept on the fringes or excluded". The unions helped to identify communist sympathizers for the company and the employees were fired for simply being good union people. That happened in many unions. In fact, the whole CIO was inspired and built by communists and their allies. Later, those radical, militant unions were expelled by the CIO. It's not accident that the height of union membership was in the year 1947. After that and ever since then, union membership has declined. Because the reds have been purged, there is no more labor militancy. That is why we need to focus on the labor movement to rebuild it like it was before 1947. Some good books on the subject: Labor's Untold Story, published by the United Electrical workers union, and Labor Radical, written by Len De Caux, published by Beacon Press. The best way to learn is to read the stories of the people that were there.

* "No Place for Cops in Our Unions" (2015-08-07, []: Last week, Local 2865 of the United Auto Workers passed a resolution calling on the AFL-CIO to end its affiliation with the International Union of Police Associations. This call offers a way in which workers can take up the fight against police brutality at their jobs, and put pressure on their unions to sign on to this demand.

information collected by the Committee to
To call someone a bum and treat them as a non-human is despicible. You have to be a sociopath personality to devalue other humans like that.
When Ronald Reagan was president, federal funds were cut for the group home for mentally ill adults where my mother lived and worked. You never know what hard luck has caused a person to lose their home. In the same cold and windy city of Chicago this man speaks from, my mother (and some other residents whose families weren't reached with this news) ended up with no option but to sleep on the street, in winter, for months. My mother ended up in a hospital with pneumonia and that's when my brother and I finally learned what had happened to her. PLEASE show compassion and help all people find their way back to safe homes.

Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies

* "Gov. Brown OKs nation's first ban on grand juries in police shootings" (2015-08-11, []

* "San Francisco police officers who fatally shot Alex Nieto found to be acting within department policies" (2015-08-06, []. Comment at "Justice 4 Alex Nieto, killed by SFPD on March 21, 2014":  With this, SFPD close their "homicide investigation" of themselves in the shooting of Alex Nieto, killed by Sgt. Jason Sawyer and officers Richard Schiff, Nathan Chew, and Roger Moore. After investigating their own officers, SFPD decides that there should be no administrative repercussions for the officers who killed Alex. The Police Commission will receive this pathetic report and likely follow suit in their decision to do nothing. So, like before we continue to wait on the discovery phase of the civil lawsuit to come to an end, so that we can for ourselves judge the evidence presented by both sides.

* "Cops make disgusting online ‘memorial’ mocking death of Ferguson’s Michael Brown" (2015-08-07, []. Image: Mocking "memorial" to Michael Brown from Police Officers Facebook group.

David of FIST (affiliation mentioned for identification purposes only) screen grabbed a fake account claiming to be "Michael Brown" in support of the pigs, and publicized it. Later that evening, the fake "Michael Brown" account was deleted... pigs hate sunshine.


* "NYPD Union Uses Flickr in Innovative New Push to Shame the Homeless" (2015-08-11, [] [begin excerpt]: A Flickr account operated by the union representing New York Police Department sergeants has spent the last week or so prolifically shaming the city’s most destitute residents. So far, the Sergeants Benevolent Association has posted 241 photos of homeless New Yorkers [], some alongside “funny” captions about their subjects.
The SBA initiative, incredibly, is called “Peek-a-Boo, We See You!”, according to the New York Post. One photo, of a person holding their head in their arms behind a sign that says “Hungry, Broke, Travelin’,” is captioned “disgusting.” Another, of a man sleeping on the sidewalk, reads “bed and breakfast.” A third photo is captioned “progressive agenda”—an apparent swipe at the policies of Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Post, no slouch itself when it comes to publicly embarrassing the incredibly poor for a few cheap political points, reports [] that SBA president Ed Mullins is hoping to use the initiative to critique the de Blasio administration and strike back against the trend of citizens recording the police. [end excerpt]

* "Cops Say Video Showing them Steal Marijuana and Joke About Beating Disabled Woman, Is 'Illegal' ” (2015-08-04, [], watch the "illegal" video []


* "Dear Copsuckers- The Truth About Your Stupid Fugking Meme" (2015-08-11, []


* Freeze DON'T SHOOT our dogs! []: We are going to show support to the families that have lost pets due to police shootings & also to bring awareness that this is not going to be tolerated [].

from the Committee to
[] End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers!
Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. [
[] [] [] [] [][] [] []

* "She was homeless, so cops and Child Protective Services took her kids, then imprisoned them on toxic Treasure Island" (2015-08-06, by Carol Harvey, []


articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []

* Millions of fish found dead and dying in the Pacific Northwest, symptoms of radiation poisoning, news article collection (2015-08-01, [], sea mammals [], whales [].

* "A Huge Algae Bloom Off the Pacific Coast Is Poisoning Shellfish and Sea Lions" (2015-08-10, []

* "A Rogue Climate Experiment Outrages Scientists" (2012-10-18, [] [begin excerpt]: A California businessman chartered a fishing boat in July, loaded it with 100 tons of iron dust and cruised through Pacific waters off western Canada, spewing his cargo into the sea in an ecological experiment that has outraged scientists and government officials.Marine scientists and other experts have assailed the experiment as unscientific, irresponsible and probably in violation of those agreements, which are intended to prevent tampering with ocean ecosystems under the guise of trying to fight the effects of climate change.
Though the environmental impact of the foray could well prove minimal, scientists said, it raises the specter of what they have long feared: rogue field experiments that might unintentionally put the environment at risk.
The entrepreneur, Russ George, calling it a “state-of-the-art study,” said his team scattered iron dust several hundred miles west of the islands of Haida Gwaii, in northern British Columbia, in exchange for $2.5 million from a native Canadian group.
The iron spawned the growth of enormous amounts of plankton, which Mr. George, a former fisheries and forestry worker, said might allow the project to meet one of its goals: aiding the recovery of the local salmon fishery for the native Haida.
Plankton absorbs carbon dioxide, the predominant greenhouse gas, and settles deep in the ocean when it dies, sequestering carbon. The Haida had hoped that by burying carbon, they could also sell so-called carbon offset credits to companies and make money.
Iron fertilization is contentious because it is associated with geoengineering, a set of proposed strategies for counteracting global warming through the deliberate manipulation of the environment. Many experts have argued that scientists should be researching such geoengineering techniques — like spewing compounds into the atmosphere to reflect more sunlight or using sophisticated machines to remove carbon dioxide from the air. [end excerpt]

* "EPA Accidentally Spills Millions Of Gallons Of Waste, Turning River Orange" (2015-08-06, AP Newswire) []. I find this to be a pretty apologist article, minimizing very real risks. Case in point: "Don Cooper, emergency manager in San Juan County, said people should not panic because the EPA had told the county the spill would not harm people and that the primary pollutants were iron and zinc." This was a leachate-heavy gold mine. So while they only mention these, they omit the usual "minor secondary contaminants" in this approach to mining, like cadmium, molybdenum, arsenic and cyanide. Probably because people recognize arsenic and cyanide as poisons. Here's the clincher, though. Wonder who sold them this pile gosa.
"Yet for two decades, vocal Silverton residents have torpedoed the Environmental Protection Agency’s many attempts to designate Silverton’s worst mines as Superfund sites, which would allow the agency to clean up the pollution and make any parties it deems responsible pay for it.
Though the environmental catastrophe has, if anything, worsened, Silverton residents long have argued against Superfund, saying federal intervention would sully the town’s reputation, deter mining companies and appall tourists."
* "Is Silverton ready for a cleanup? As mines continue to leach pollutants, some residents reconsider Superfund" (2015-02-14, []
* "Catastrophe on the Animas Toxic water floods river after EPA disaster at Gold King Mine in Silverton" (2015-08-06, []
* Before and after photos taken less than a week apart []:


* "Cannabis discovered in tobacco pipes found in William Shakespeare's garden; Forensic testing of 400-year-old pipes suggest playwright might have smoked more than just tobacco" (2015-08-09, []

[UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.comCurrent trends among fascists, monopolists, and their vanguards.

* "Hillary Clinton State Department Emails, Mexico Energy Reform and the Revolving Door" (2015-08-10, []
* "Hillary Clinton Pushed Mexico's Oil Privatization" (2015-08-10, []

* "Hillary Clinton sold out Honduras: Lanny Davis, corporate cash, and the real story about the death of a Latin American democracy" (2015-06-08, []
* "Hard choices: Hillary Clinton admits role in Honduran coup aftermath; Clinton’s embrace of far-right narrative on Latin America is part of electoral strategy" (2014-09-29, []
* "Hillary Clinton Implicated in Honduras Coup, Emails Reveal" (2015-07-07, []
* "Clinton & the Coup: Amid Protests in Honduras, Ex-President on Hillary’s Role in His 2009 Ouster" (2015-07-28, []

* "Texas Schools Caught Manipulating Quotes to Push Christianity on Students" (2015-08-05, []
* "Remove religious quotes from Texas school district's walls: District engaging in 'worrisome intellectual dishonesty' " (2015-08-03, [] [begin excerpt]: Mount Vernon Independent School District in Texas should remove quotations on its school walls that "unconstitutionally endorse religion," the Freedom From Religion Foundation contends in a letter sent last week.
At least seven bible quotes are posted on the walls of schools in the MVISD, among over 130 quotes put up by the district in 2011. The district has also posted the quote, "Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face," attributed to Ronald Reagan. This selection is "dubious, and, incidentally, intellectually lazy since that is not a direct quotation," wrote Staff Attorney Sam Grover.
"What possible purpose could there be for selecting that quote other than to promote the bible to students?" Grover asked. "When MVISD manipulates historical quotes by removing context and isolating lines that promote Christianity or religion in general, it violates the right of conscience of its students."
"The district cannot even fall back on the argument that these quotes have educational merit, given the many examples of misquotes, misattributions, and entirely fraudulent quotes displayed on its walls," charged Grover.
For example, the school misattributes the quote, "It is impossible to govern a nation without God and the Bible," to George Washington. "Given that the district shares its name with President Washington's estate, this is a conspicuous misattribution that should be corrected immediately," FFRF said. A nonreligious quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson is also entirely invented. [end excerpt]

Bernie Saunders, a socialist Federal Congressman, has become more popular than Hillary Clinton in the early Democrat Party primary polls for selection of a Presidential candidate.
* "Protesters drove Bernie Sanders from one Seattle stage. At his next stop, 15,000 people showed" (2015-08-08, [].
* "What’s behind Bernie Sanders’ enormous rallies" (2015-08-12, [].
Many fascist "Christian" congregations are resorting to sabotage against the rise of popularity for Socialism and support for secularism. As though out of a CIA "dirty tricks" book (the clandestine agency under Hillary Clinton during her time in office as Secretary of State), conservative African-Americans claiming to be representing the "Black Lives Matter" campaign disrupt a Bernie Saunders gathering and start accusing him and his supporters of being racist, on the eve of his campaign unveiling African-American leadership. This minor disruption at a primary campaign is given prominence by USA mainstream news media, and public discourse concerning the Bernie Saunders campaign is influenced by such prominence given to the accusations of "Racism". Here is a selection of headlines reflecting the situation, collected August 12th [].
The following articles points to the deceit used by anti-Socialists in their efforts to destroy the credibility of a popular Socialist candidate for the Democrat Party.
* "BLM Activist Who Shut Down Sanders is Radical Christian, Sarah Palin Supporter" (2015-08-09, []
* "Black Lives Matter Seattle Protestor Is A Former Tea Party Palin Supporter" (2015-08-10, []
* "In Her Own Words: The Political Beliefs of the Protester Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders" (2015-08-11, []
* "In Case You Doubted Certain #BlackLivesMatter False Leadership Wants Bernie to Fail, Read This" (2015-08-01, []
* "Questions emerge in regards to activists' connections to #BlackLivesMatter" (2015-08-10, []
* UPDATE from the official Black Lives Matter page (2015-08-10) []: SORRY OUR PAGE WAS HACKED! This is how we really feel! The #BlackLivesMatter organization did not create any petitions demanding apology from Seattle based organizers. We have not issued a public apology, neither have we made any public statements demanding an apology. In response to "The Real Black Lives Matter Wants Activists To Publicly Apologize to Bernie Sanders" (2015-08-10, []

Deceit and falsehoods are the hallmarks of a fascist "Christian" congregation...
* "Florida pastor: The national debt will end ‘immediately’ when Planned Parenthood is defunded" (2015-08-09, []

Fascist "Christian" congregations are lead by pastors who use their position to gain wealth, and justify their gain through the manipulation of the Bible to form something called the "Prosperity Gospel", which is the based on the belief that "Jesus shows His blessing through material wealth."
Meanwhile, the "Prosperity Gospel" pastors are found to not only support wars against foreign people, but to also support "turning the other cheek" to human-rights abuse in the USA, nor conduct efforts to raise the standard of living in the community where they operate (except through pitiful gestures like hand-out programs designed to gain more followers).


* "America: The Deceit About Being a ‘Republic’ versus a ‘Democracy’ " (2015-08-06, by Eric Zuesse) [] [begin excerpt]: One of my recent articles at several sites, “Jimmy Carter Is Correct That the U.S. Is No Longer a Democracy” [] generated many reader-comments (such as here) saying things like, “The US has always been a republic. There are no true democracies in the modern world.” This will be my response to all who expressed that view:
You miss the point that Carter made, and that I there documented to be true, which is no semantic issue (“democracy” versus “republic”), but which instead concerns the basic lie about what the United States of America really is now:
Is this a representative democracy, such as its Founders intended and such as it was famous and honored throughout the world for being, until at least around 1980? Or, is it instead a nation that’s ruled by a tiny elite, an aristocracy, which in this country consists of its 500 or so billionaires, who buy the politicians whom ‘we’ ‘elect’?
Is the U.S. now, basically, a fraud? Is it a dictatorship, instead of a democracy? Is it some kind of aristocracy, which controls the government here?
That’s not a semantic issue, at all. America’s first political party was called the “Democratic Republican Party,” but could as well have been called the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, because those two terms are essentially synonymous in any nation that has a large population, in which the public elect representatives to represent them, instead of directly vote on the policies that the government is to pursue — to place into its law, and to enforce by its duly authorized police or otherwise, and to adjudicate by democratically appointed judges and/or juries.
The only democracies that can exist, except for tiny ones, are representative democracies: they are republics. Republics are the only type of democratic nations that exist, practically speaking.
Where, then, does the apparently common misconception that there is a difference between the two terms arise? [end excerpt]

* "America’s Transition to the 'State Terrorist Model of Government' " (2015-08-08, []

* "Soft Power Dictatorships Versus A Soft and Hard Power Failing Imperial Democracy" (2015-08-08, []

U.S. STATE DEPT. WARNS AMERICAN TRAVELERS AGAINST A WORLD IT CLAIMS TO BE HOSTILE TO THEM. SHOULD FOREIGNERS BE WARNED AGAINST TRAVELING TO A HOSTILE U.S.? An innocent German girl, 20, who wanted to visit relatives in the U.S. after finishing secondary school, was arrested at a U.S. airport, humiliated and interrogated like a dangerous criminal and thereafter sent back to Germany. Here is her story:
* "Failed US entry: 'I felt like a Schwerverbrecherin' " (2015-08-05, machine translated []


* "America’s Flight 17: The time the United States blew up a passenger plane—and tried to cover it up" (2014-07, []

* "Big Lies" book (by Greg Guma) []: Big Lies explains how our corporate overlords, politicians and media establishment warp reality and undermine democracy. Examining high crimes throughout US history, Greg Guma has come up with a penetrating new study that deconstructs democratic illusions, the mechanics of perception management and the imperial presidency in a post-modern age of narcissism and devalued facts.
Media's handling of news has become unreliable over the years, and journalists often find it difficult to cover stories that don’t fit into the "Washington Consensus." Meanwhile corporations employ sophisticated strategies to promote the stories they want to see and prevent others from getting out. The result is perception management, an effective form of social engineering. Big Lies provides startling proof and a guide to often-used techniques.
One of the biggest untold stories of the last half century has been the growth of presidential power to an imperial level, abetted by the cult of commander-in-chief authority, a global network of military outposts, a vast intelligence apparatus, privatization and outsourcing of foreign policy, the withholding of information on spurious grounds, and a permanent state of emergency. Examining presidential lies from Polk to Bush, Big Lies demonstrates how, despite “regime change” in 2008, the process has nevertheless continued in the age of Obama.
In response, various anti-government and secession organizations are springing up across the US as state legislatures debate laws that could “nullify” federal actions. Experts claim there is no right to secede. Big Lies asks why millions of people across the country find it an attractive idea.
Available now on Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad and PC, Big Lies also digs into…
▼ the power of private military companies and the National Security Agency
▼ the cost of secret war in Afghanistan, the Congo, Yugoslavia, Mexico and other places
▼ the untold story of Enron’s predatory tactics around the world
▼ the evolution of Presidential Death Match politics since the millennium
▼ how deregulation trashed the economy and government action became the only way out
▼ radical analysis on topics like cyber-warfare and immigration


Two Party Dictatorship
* "Shadow Puppets: Outside Groups Pulling the Strings in 2016 Election; Ostensibly independent groups reported to have close ties to a candidate account for 96 percent of total outside fundraising" (2015-08-04, []
* "Trump’s Triumph: Billionaire Blowhard Exposes Fake Political System" (2015-08-07, []

State Media Watch
* "Don’t be Fooled by Mainstream Media Journalists, “Independent” Experts and the CIA" (2013-12-17, []

Provided by Northbay MDS Committees, and the 5th World News service [], including Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations. USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) [.pdf link]: "The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence." Legal mandate set by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) []: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence."

Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "A Clear and Present Danger A story about the money laundering game played at the very highest international level" (2004, []

* "How America's Empire works" (2015-08-08, []
* "Why The US Endgame for Russia Means the Death of American Democracy" (2014-09-17, by George Eliason) [] [begin excerpt]: With the beginning of the Cold War, then president Truman partially legitimized the OUN. Had Truman known the turn this would soon take, would he have done it?
According to Jonathan Levy (The Intermarium-Wilson, Madison, & East Central European Federalism), a member of the International Criminal Bar in the Hague who holds a Ph.D in political Science and has taught terrorism and diplomatic thery at Norwich University: "In 1949, CIA Director, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter in a letter to the Chairman of the Displaced Persons Committee made official a change in policy towards the OUN. He acknowledged that while the organization had collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War, its members were to be considered solely as anti-Soviets able to "find common ground with new partners." The CIA Director did warn, however, that the Bandera faction was made up of extreme nationalists. This reclassification as anti-Soviet (better known as anti-communist) paved the way for a quiet nationalist invasion of the United States."
Bandera is a term I use loosely these days. In reality there were over 2,000 groups that worked under the auspices of Bandera's ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Nations), and today in America 'Bandera' is the UCCA (Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America) . Far flung groups today in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and the greater horn of Africa have long been part of the greater ABN community. Many of these groups, because they are so many and varied, don't even recognize each other at first sight. The Muslim Brotherhood is just one example. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are two more. All of these were helped by Yaroslav Stetsko's Bandera ABN through the UCCA in America. The common bond appears when the religious veneer is stripped away. Take away the Muslim part and you are left with an ultra nationalist (fascist) politics.
The problem with the ABN, according to the CIC (Command Intelligence Center, or Army Counter Intelligence), was that it was a tool of the Bandera faction of OUN (Organization of UKrainian Nationalists). An April 1946 extract by the CIC found OUN/B or "the Bandera gang" to be nationalistic, anti-Soviet and anti-American as well as anti-Semitic and involved with criminal activity and espionage. It was noted that many former SS men were members. [end excerpt]

* "Understanding Oil Qaeda" (2015-07-30, [] [begin excerpt]: In The Al Qaeda Network: A New Framework For DefiningThe Enemy (.pdf)[], Katherine Zimmerman of the American Enterprise Institute describes the terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda. Zimmerman is seen as a leading expert on the Al Qaeda network, having testified about it to Congress and written about it for The Washington Post, the Weekly Standard, and the Huffington Post.
Al Qaeda region 2In her analysis, Zimmerman identified the geographical locations of the groups said to be within the Al Qaeda network. These locations outline an area encompassing parts of Northern Africa and all of the Middle East. This region, in which the entire Al Qaeda network is based, represents about 15% of the total land on planet earth. [end excerpt]

* "We Belong to Each Other: Resurgent Indigenous Nations" (2013-11-27, [] [begin excerpt]: There are approximately 200 recognized states within the world system today and yet there are over 5,000 Indigenous nations worldwide trapped within state borders. The term ‘nation-state’, which came into widespread use in the 1920s, is used to hide the existence of Indigenous nations within its colonial borders. In contrast to the legally invented state, Indigenous nationhood is lived and embodied on our homelands and waters. As Indigenous people with long memories, we expose and challenge state mythologies. In fact, the majority (over 70 percent) of the approximately 200 states in the world today are less than seventy years old. Indigenous nations existed long before states and will continue long after they are gone.
As political/legal creations, states imposed their will through violence and coercion. Sovereignty provides the state with an exclusive authority to forcefully intervene in all activities within its borders, especially when a nation is viewed as threatening its “territorial integrity”. Yet the state cannot survive over time unless it is granted legitimacy and support from the people within its borders. As conduits for unlimited corporate growth, states are on a constant quest for certainty and legitimacy, which makes them vulnerable. This is why more than 90 percent of all states that have ever existed have broken up. [end excerpt]

Weapons for a New World Order
* "Robotic Manufacturing System Will Build Biggest Composite Rocket Parts Ever Made" (2015-08-04, [], video []

* "Don't call them stiff: Metal organic frameworks show unexpected flexibility" (2015-07-29, American Chemical Company) []
* "Seeing molecular interactions could give boost to organic electronics" (2015-07-30, SPX Newswire) []

European racial vanguards
* "Neo-Nazis told to bring 'facemasks, sunglasses, heavy-duty belt and heavy belt buckle' to fascist march" (2015-08-11, []

"Indian Country" and the sovereign nations within the USA
[] []

* "Puerto Rico: Troubled Commonwealth or Debt Colony?" (2015-07-31, []

Regional insights for the lands of
Anahuac, Carib, and Abya Ayla ("Latin" America) 

* "Father Roy in Chile, Update on Victor Jara Case" (2015-08-06,
Forty-two years after Chilean folk singer Victor Jara was tortured and executed, charges have been announced against 10 former military officials.  A trial for the kidnapping, torture, and 44 bullet execution of Victor Jara in the Chile Stadium in Santiago is the next step.  At least three are SOA graduates.  A fourth SOA graduate, Pedro Barrientos, is facing a civil lawsuit in the United States by Victor Jara's widow and daughters as the US has failed to extradite him to Chile to face charges.
dictatorship, family members of those executed and disappeared, survivors, victims organizations and human rights groups are still fighting for justice and making some progress, step by step, in the Chilean court system towards holding accountable some of the military and secret police responsible for so many atrocities. Just days before the charges were announced in Victor Jara's case, another Chilean judge ordered the arrest of 7 other military officers for dousing two photographers documenting protests against Pinochet with gasoline and lighting them on fire.  Many of those who ordered and carried out the executions, disappearances, torture, and other crimes during the coup and dictatorship were trained at the SOA.  And yet, Chile today continues to send almost 200 soldiers every year to train at the SOA-WHINSEC.  In fact, Chile send the second highest number of students to WHINSEC of any country, second only to Colombia. This October 6-14, Father Roy is on an SOA Watch Delegation to Chile to request the Chilean government stop training its military at SOA-WHINSEC.
The delegation will be hosted by SOA Watch Latin America Coordinator Pablo Ruiz and SOA Watch Chile.  We will join with them in meeting with government officials to urge Chile to join with several other Latin American countries in saying No Mas, No More to the SOA.  The delegation will also meet with the Group of Family Members of the Politically Executed to hear about their continuing work for justice and memory as well as visit a former house of torture turned into historical memory museum.  Additionally, we will learn about the struggles in Chile today, including the powerful Chilean student movement and the Mapuche people's struggle for self-determination. Finally, the delegation will travel to Valparaiso to visit Pablo Neruda's home and meet with local organizations, and then join SOA Watch Chile and other groups for a protest at the Aguayo Military Base in Concon where the United States Southern Command has opened a military training center.
And stay tuned!  In February, SOA Watch will be traveling to Colombia for a delegation and also recruiting a small group of activists to the accompany the Colombian Ecumenical Comission for Justice and Peace on a Pilgrimage for Peace to the Cacarica River Baisin, the site of a binational Military Base on the Colombian-Panamanian border that is accessible only by foot or helicopter and the site of many human rights violations, for the 19th anniversary memorial of Operation Genesis.

Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA)

* "Correa: Leftist Governments in Latin America Face New Cold War" (2015-08-06, []

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 
[] []

* "CNN Admits to Erroneous Report on Venezuela" (2015-08-07, []
* "Venezuela opens probe into CNN reporting over false information" (2015-08-0, []

Republic of Cuba 
* "Hillary Clinton on Cuba: new tactic, same goal" (2015-08-04, []

Republic of Nicaragua 
* "Nicaragua and the Road to Contra-gate" (by Greg Guma) [] [begin excerpt]: In July 1983, only weeks after being arrested with other anti-war protesters for nonviolently blocking the gates of the GE Gatling Gun plant in Burlington – ironically, on the orders of Progressive Mayor Bernie Sanders -- I joined the first Witness for Peace delegation to Nicaragua, spent weeks meeting with leaders of the Sandinista revolution, and became a human shield against Contra attacks at the border. At the time the CIA said that $19 million a year wasn't enough to pay and arm all the Contras eager to invade. President Reagan called the small country, crippled with debt, struggling to rebuild a looted economy, a totalitarian threat to US security. UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick openly urged overthrow of the three-year-old regime.
After a stop in Managua, the national capital, the plan was to move on to Jalapa. A week before several of us arrived two US journalists had been killed a few miles away. Nicaragua and Honduras blamed each other for the crime. On the day I flew out of Miami, the Contras, many of them former supporters of the late Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, based in Honduras, announced plans for a major offensive against the Sandinista government.
Back in Managua we soon found an opportunity to confront US Ambassador Anthony Quainton. At an Embassy event, we asked for the justification of the covert US role in a Honduran-Nicaraguan war?
"We are trying to get back to the original goals of the revolution" he said. The reply sounded arrogant. Asked about the pointless violence he tried to explain that "the killing of women and children is not the policy of our government," then attempted to define the situation as "Nicaraguans fighting Nicaraguans." Witness for Peace members became enraged as he defended the Contras, claiming that they wanted to "return to democratic political institutions."
When someone said that war wouldn’t bring peace he had to agree.
In a private conversation later, Quainton did acknowledge that Reagan's characterization of the Sandinistas as "totalitarian" wasn’t constructive. He also agreed that US actions such as aid cut-offs and import sanctions were pushing Nicaragua toward the Soviets, a situation policy-makers claimed they were trying to prevent.
"But the problem of regional destabilization is at the head of the agenda," he said, "and that determines policies and makes other things less important."
In other words, it made little difference that Nicaragua had a mixed economy, open elections at the local level, or a Council of State with representatives from various parties and social groups. The country's social and economic progress, agrarian reform and literacy crusade were simply cancelled out. Why? Perhaps because the existence of a "New Nicaragua" served as a good example that raised aspirations throughout the region. Now, that was "destabilizing" to US interests.
Reagan put it more plainly. He wasn’t about to let "communists" get a foothold in Central America – even if they did hold elections. [end excerpt]

United States of Mexico 
* "Mexican activist who led search for 43 missing students found shot to death in his car" (2015-08-10, []

* "Thousands protest torture-murder of Mexican photojournalist and four women" (2015-08-06, []

* "Mexico is about to reopen its oil industry to foreign firms at a landmark auction" (2015-07-15, AFP Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: Mexico holds on Wednesday the first oil auction of a historic energy reform that reopens the industry to foreign investors, with US, European and Asian firms jostling for contracts.
Nearly 80 years after kicking foreign energy companies out of the country, the government is offering 14 blocks in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico worth an estimated $17 billion in total.
The auction is the climax of President Enrique Pena Nieto's top economic reform, which was enacted last year after a heated debate in Congress, with leftist parties warning against giving up a symbol of national sovereignty. [end excerpt]

Republic of Honduras
[ of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.

* "Indignant soul and heart" (2015-08-05, machine translated [] [begin excerpt]: An event of state corruption of more than 330 million dollars at the Institute of Social Security (IHSS), an event which is attributed the responsibility for the death of 3,000 people; situation that shocked the national and international community and deed at the end of May 2015 the "movement of the indignant" where young men, women come together to symbolize the protest through the March of the Torches whose mobilization becomes more than a million people in different parts of the country to demand the intervention of the International Commission Against Impunity (ICCI) and the impeachment of the rulers and the Public Ministry. [end excerpt]

[], with the Green Charter Committee, for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "US, UK, World Bank among aid donors complicit in Ethiopia's war on indigenous tribes" (2015-07-22, []

* "Torture and Show Trials Are Common in Neo-Colonial Libya" (2015-08-11, by Abayomi Azikiwe, []

* (2015-08-09): In February 2009, upon being elected chairman of the 53-nation African Union in Ethiopia, Gaddafi told the assembled African leaders: "I shall continue to insist that our sovereign countries work to achieve the United States of Africa." The BBC reported that Gaddafi had proposed "a single African military force, a single currency and a single passport for Africans to move freely around the continent". Other African leaders stated they would study the proposal's implications, and re-discuss it in May 2009.
The focus for developing the United States of Africa far has been on building subdivisions of Africa - the proposed East African Federation can be seen as an example of this. Former President of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, had indicated that the United States of Africa could exist from as early as 2017. The African Union, by contrast, has set itself the task of building a "united and integrated" Africa by 2025.
Gaddafi had also indicated that the proposed federation may extend as far west as the Caribbean: Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and other islands featuring a large African diaspora, may be invited to join.

European Union (EU) / NATO
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations, map [] 

* "Europe’s Big Banks Are Fueling the Continent’s Far-Right Fascists; Greece's left-wing government stood up to their creditors, only to be politically executed. Is the far right set to pick up the mantle?" (2015-08-04, []

* "Ireland and the Privatization of Water: Anti-Water Charge Campaigners’ Victory" (2015-08-05, by Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin) []

* "NATO to beat Russian propaganda with ‘facts’ " (2015-08-05, []: NATO is strongly aimed to counter a “Russian propaganda”. Meanwhile, EU has already started to “defend the truth” by: funding pro-EU NGOs and media; training “independent” journalists; influencing national media regulators (censors).
The EU has come up with a plan on how to fight Russian propaganda. It most likely will be approved at the EU summit in Brussels Thursday. European press is already reporting the details. A special body is being set up to spearhead the media war - called the East StratCom Team.-Sounds serious. It will be working in seven post-Soviet nations, including Russia. The aim - to spread European policies and values. The most important thing here: it's not about providing information, but about explaining how great the EU is. NATO wants to beat Russian propaganda with facts, saying truth will prevail. While one NATO official had to buy his nephew a cable subscription to prevent him watching RT.

* "The Origin of the ‘New Cold War’ " (2015-03-16, by Eric Zuesse) []
* "U.S. is Destroying Europe" (2015-08-07, []

* "Willy Brandt followers call for a new European approach to the crisis in Ukraine" (2015-08-05, []


Federal Republic of Germany 
* "OSCE representative warns about impact on free media of criminal investigation of journalists in Germany" (2015-08-04, []

* "German government fires prosecutor over treason charge against Internet blog" (2015-08-05, []

Republic of Serbia
The Serbian Republic (Srpska), an ally of the Republic of Serbia and a constituent government of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is facing extreme hostility from the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), a Muslim-Croat entity that also conducts hostile actions against the Republic of Serbia, and is therefore planning for a peaceful secession.
* Set of articles (2014-02-18 to 2015-08-08, []
* History of Republika Srpska []

Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
* " 'The Committee for Salvation of Ukraine' wants to take the whole Ukraine back" (2015-08-04, [], video []
* "Mykola Azarov to present ‘Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine’ in Moscow" []

* "Why Ukraine's Regions Are Pressing for Autonomy" (2015-06-04, The Office of Jean-Luc Schaffhauser MEP) []
* "Ukraine's Ethnic Romanians Seek Autonomy From Kiev Amid Eastern Conflict, Report Says" (2015-07-30, []

* "History Shows 'Yanukovych Was Right to Oppose EU Association Deal'; Instead of the promised prosperity and cheap Russian gas, Ukraine has to deal with a civil war and an economic collapse" (2015-08-09, []

* "Survivors of Torture by the Ukrainian Security Services Speak" []

* "If you cannot pay, you will be arrested" (2015-08-06, Ukrainian Prime Arseniy Yazenyuk called law enforcement authorities to open criminal cases against persistent non-payers for gas and electricity. Video []

* "City utilities of capital of Ukraine under control of Kiev junta perform their duties worse than such services in the besieged Donetsk" (2015-08-08, [], original []

* "Fruits of Western democracy in Ukraine: tensions are solved by murders" (2015-08-08) [], original [], video []

* "Ukrainian oligarchs had enough" (2015-08-05, []

* "Lawmaker from Yatsenyuk's party accused of wresting distillery from French company" (2015-08-07, [] [begin excerpt]: To foreign investors, the following scenario is all too familiar.
A Western firm buys an asset in Ukraine, makes millions of dollars of upgrades, and then loses the business in court to a local entity or erstwhile partner.
It happened this year to Zurich-based Swissport, a leading airport cargo handler, which lost its $25 million local subsidiary to Ihor Kolomoisky’s Ukraine International Airlines.
And it is happening now to France’s third biggest spirits producer, Marie Brizard – formerly Belvedere Group until July 1.
It lost its Cherkasy Distillery, where it made €5 million in upgrades and produced its famous Sobieski vodka brand. And lawmaker Georgiy Logvynsky of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s People’s Front Party is accused of involvement, a charge he denied in a written response to the Kyiv Post. [end excerpt]

* "IMF Erases Record of Facebook Intimacy With Ukraine's American Finance Minister; Hours after Polish journalist raised the propriety of IMF’s representative in Kiev being FB friends with Ukraine officials and PR agents these were erased or made private" (2015-08-04, []

* "US instructors are in Ukraine to learn how to fight Russia" (2015-08-04, []
* "USA used territory of Ukraine as training ground, regime of this country wanted to check how be work these big bags with sand or stones in fight against NAF" (2015-08-06) [], sources [] [].
* "Americans to break Ukraine apart if they fail to get Russia involved in the conflict officially" (2015-08-05, []: Kiev representatives have left the talks of the contact group for the conflict settlement in the Donbass following appropriate instructions from the United States, experts say.
"Kiev doesn't have an independent strategy in the talks. The Kiev authorities are completely dependent on the United States and partly on the EU. The EU needs to solve the Ukrainian crisis as soon as possible, as it causes critical damage to the EU. The United States does not have such problems. America, on the contrary, wants to help Ukraine to create as many problems for Russia. This is where contradictions come from. The EU is putting pressure on Kiev to implement Minsk-2, which makes it possible to stabilize the situation," President of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting, Rostislav Ishchenko, told the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Pravda.Ru reports.
At the same time, "the United States forces Kiev to suicidal provocations in a hope that they will get Russia involved in the conflict sooner or later. If they fail to do that officially, then they will break Ukraine apart to leave the scorched land for Russia," the expert said.
The Kiev government is absolutely impotent and does not decide anything. Moreover, Ukrainian top officials do not even control their own lives, the expert concluded.

* "Masters of Absurd Propaganda: US Continues to Lie About Ukrainian Crisis" (2015-08-06, []

* "OSCE observers found nonexistent Russian airborne troops in Donbass" (2015-08-05) [] [begin excerpt]: A new OSCE report on Donbas situation came into focus of Ukrainian mass media, who reported about "Russian airborne troops" spotted by OSCE observers. [end excerpt]
* "Ukraine admits there are no Russian troops in Donbass" []
* "OSCE saw no military hardware, weaponry crossing from Russia to Ukraine – mission head" (2015-08-07, []
* "More Accusations of Nonexistent Russian Aggression in Ukraine" (2015-08-10, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Donetsk Man Tells OSCE He Is 'Russian Airborne', Causes Media Buzz" (2015-08-04, []: An unidentified man in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic told OSCE that he serves in a nonexistent unit of the Russian armed forces.
A new report from the OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine's Donbass says that a man at a DPR weapons site claimed to be from the "16th airborne brigade" from Russia's Orenburg.
There is no 16th airborne brigade in the Russian armed forces, and no Russian airborne brigades are stationed in Russia's Orenburg region.
"An armed man guarding the facility at one of the sites claimed that he and those present at the site were part of the 16th airborne brigade from Orenburg, Russian Federation. They did not wear identifying insignia," the OSCE report said.
The OSCE, which strives to monitor the conflict impartially, noted down the man's statement in the monitoring mission report.
"The reliability of these statements must be checked," the Kremlin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in response to a question on the issue.
The unidentified man's claim has been circulated in Ukrainian media as an argument for the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has previously claimed that over 9,000 Russian troops are present in Ukraine, although he did not specify how they had been identified.

* Ukraine headlines, or, propaganda against Russia (2015-08-07):
Plotnitsky visited ‪‎Russia‬n army anti-aircraft unit in occupied Luhansk.
Zakharchenko declared readiness of DPR for new hostilities.
106 (+41) attacks by Russia|n forces yesterday.
Two #Ukraine soldiers killed, seven wounded in action in last 24 hours.
Russia will send 3 supply convoy to Donbas in August.
2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 7 injured on Thursday, making it 80 KIA/WIA in one full week. A chilling reminder that Minsk failed.
The ongoing Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine needs a new diplomatic approach, involving harsh political & economic sanctions on Russia.

* "Kiev court arrests senior Russian general in absentia" (2015-08-05, []

* "Russia's information soldiers pose as journalists in war against Ukraine" (2015-08-06, []
* (2015-08-07,
The American-owned, financed, and run Kyiv Post labels journalists, including a German filmmaker, with a pro-Donbass perspective as sinister "information soldiers".
11 such j̶o̶u̶r̶n̶a̶l̶i̶s̶t̶s̶ "information soldiers", all with reporting critical of the West-backed Putsch in ‪#‎Ukraine‬, have been murdered by regime forces since it seized power in 2014.
This vile propaganda should be understood for exactly what it is - a direct enticement to kill "enemy" journalists with a different perspective on the crisis in Ukraine, by declaring them combatants.
Here are the authors of this disgusting provocation [] []

* "180K+ sign petition against destruction of contraband food at Russian borders" (2015-08-05, []

* "Ukraine vows to use 'entire arsenal' against pro-Russia rebels" (2015-08-11, AFP Newswire) []

* "Donetsk envoy says OSCE shocked by Kiev’s decision not to sign treaty on weapon withdrawal" (2015-08-07, []
* "Position of Kiev resulted in the stagnation of the peace negotiations on all issues - Zakharchenko" (2015-08-07, machine translated []

* "Good morning! Meanwhile, in Kiev: democratization is in the march!" two photos (2015-08-06, []


* "This is democracy: Ukrainian businessmen hire fascist battalions to fight unarmed protesters" (2015-08-08) [], video []: Businessmen of Ukraine conduct illegal building in the Kiev. Building permits are obtained with the help of bribes. Urban public, mostly residents of nearby residential buildings that receive the most damage from the illegal building, protesting against these construction projects. People are trying to stop the construction, don't pass the technique and the machine with building materials...  Businessmen hire members of the fascist gangs to defend their interests. In this video you can see one of epizods of collision between citizens and members of "Azov", near one of the city of Kiev of illegal construction project.

* "Lviv activistis are demanding autonomy for Galicia" (2015-07-19, []

* "Ukraine's Neo-Nazi's Make an Endrun Around the Conyers-Yoho Amendment" (2015-067-19, by George Eliason) []

* "This is Ukraine Today: A Member of "Azov“ Battalion" []

* "Israeli Haaretz removes article about plans to assassinate President of Ukraine" (2015-08-04) []
* "Haaretz removes article about plans to assassinate President of Ukraine" (2015-07-30, []: Israeli newspaper Haaretz web-site published an article on July 30, 2015 9:12 a.m. confirming that Right Sector nationalists plan to assassinate Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Haaretz removed the article within an hour of its posting with the following explanation: ‘The article has been removed for breaching Haaretz editorial guidelines’.
Fortunately, screenshots have been timely made.
* "Mossad's leak: Ukrainian radicals are set to drop both Poroshenko and Yarosh" (2015-07-30, page 1 [], page 2 [], page 3 [], page 4 []: As MOSSAD sources assert, the radical grouping UNA-UNSO, split away from the Right Sector in April, 2015, is now planning physical elimination of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko. Members of the Right Sector are outraged at what they see as the sluggish and feeble conduct of Dmytro Yarosh being in constant search of compromises with the Kiev administration and only imitating revolutionary struggle on local tycoons, state officials and other enemies of the Ukrainian people. The formation of the so called operative headquarters, declared by the Right Sector leaders as means of organizing the All-Ukrainian Referendum as manifestation of mistrust to the acting power, is actually mere fiction unacceptable for many Right Sector members, as well as some organizations being part of it.
Following events in Mukacheve where Yarosh actually turned his back on many of his adherents to benefit his own interests, some Right Sector members and UNA-UNSO leaders came to the decision on planning physical elimination of the major ‘national traitor’, namely is Poroshenko. The mission is to be executed in such a way that Yarosh will bear all the responsibility and become sort of a scape-goat (in case of a failure as well). There are some faked documents with the order to eliminate Ukrainian president already available. And they have the signature of the Right Sector leader on them. In due time, the stuff will be widely spread throughout the Internet. One of the UNA-UNSO leaders Konstrantin Vinnitskiy is supervising the preparatory activities. He's known to be in close nexus with Ruslan Kamchala and his fighters from the 7th detached battalion of the Right Sector Volunteer Ukrainian Corps who joined Azov regiment due to disagreement with Yarosh. As for the execution team, it may be comprised of the fighters subordinate directly to the commander of the 5th battalion of the Right Sector Volunteer Ukrainian Corps having the call name ‘Black’. The recently elected UNA-UNSO chairman Konstantin Fushtey is personally responsible for coordination with them.

* "The regimental commander, "Azov" Biletsky speak in the European Parliament" (2015-07-29, machine translated []
* "Members of fascist gang "Azov" wave Nazi Germany flag and shouted Nazi greetings" (2015-08-05) [], video []

* "Poroshenko planted a time bomb under Ukraine with a promise of Tatar autonomy in Crimea" (2015-08-05, []
* "U.S. Tries to Stir Ethnic Division in Crimea" (2015-08-02, by Eric Zuesse) []
* Crimean Tatars face a hostile "government-in-exile" sponsored by NATO (2015-08-07, machine translated []

* "Elections in the occupied Donbass should be canceled" (2015-08-05, by Oleg Tsarev, the Chairman of Novorossia Parliament) [] [begin excerpt]: The military governor of the Ukrainian part of Donbass, Pavel Zhebrivsky proposed to cancel elections in the region.
Local elections are planned for October 25 — but, in the opinion of Mr Zhebrivsky, this is unnecessary. "Democracy here was rolled into the pavement, so we should make a crack in the pavement to make way for a healthy grain, the sprouts, and then we can hold elections," - he said.
Great logic: there was no democracy in Donbass, so the new military (i.e. occupation, calling a spade a spade) authorities will not create it, but will eliminate it completely, and are saying it directly.
Instead, they will "make the cracks in the pavement".
How the Ukrainian military leaves not even cracks, but entire pits from bombs and explosions, we know well, so here Mr. Zhebrivsky did not lie. [end excerpt]

* "Fort Russ's Dirty-Bomb False-Flag Warning was Right" (2015-08-06, []: Yesterday J. Flores of our editorial management issued a public warning regarding a possible imminent dirty bomb threat []. It turns out that these suspicions were well founded. The suspicion, according to Flores,  was based on two stories - Poroshenko's urgent calling of the war council, and a sudden western media propaganda news-cycle fixation that Novorossiya militias may use a 'dirty bomb' in the Ukraine conflict, which began over last weekend.
Today RT reported [] that the Ukrainian SBU has apprehended a ring of Uranium smugglers who had a 'Pringles' chips canister containing uranium-238 which they had intended to sell. The RT story 'strangely' combines this report with a story about the Right Sektor clashes with the Kiev Junta. This is interesting for us also, without stating it outright, we are  more free to draw the connection:
We are not unreasonable in speculating that the Right Sektor may have wanted to use a dirty bomb in the front on UAF forces, and blame the Novorossiyan side for it.  Western media was clearly establishing the narrative that Novorossiya would be responsible for it. This would have established several simultaneous goals for both the US and the Pravy Sektor.
The United States has taken an "adaptive approach", a common feature in 4th Generation Warfare and Hybrid Warfare, which allows them to shift support between the Kiev Junta and the Pravy Sektor related groups.

* "Seven Decades of Nazi Collaboration: America’s Dirty Little Ukraine Secret" (2014-03-18, []
* "Ukraine: Why Bandera Have the Largest Geo-Political Voice in EU" (2014-08-01, by George Eliason) []
* "America’s Dark History of Supporting Ukrainian Fascists and War Criminals" (2015-08-10, [] [begin excerpt]: The American support of contemporary Ukrainian fascism albeit shocking is in fact not a new political phenomenon. Documents declassified by the CIA under a FOIA request entitled The NAZI War Crimes Declassification Act show that not only was the CIA monitoring Ukrainian fascist groups during and after WWII, it was also actively aiding them and protecting them from prosecution. These and other documents can be found in the CIA’s Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room. The following documents are but a few of the many that pertain to America’s protection of war criminals the world over. [end excerpt]

* "The Ukrainian Canadian Committee: It's origin and war activity" (.pdf) [], a Masters of History Thesis by Wasyl Veryhas, former Ukrainian World Congress president [begin excerpt]: In fact, the diverse nomenclature for the Ukrainian ethnic group caused a great deal of confusion not only at the turn of the century but also at a later period (through the 1930′s). The people of the province of Galicia and Bukovina, generally called themselves “Rusyny” (Ruthenians), Galicians, Bukovinians and Austrians… the Greek Catholic Church, to which at that time the overwhelming majority of Ukrainian immigrants adhered, preferred the term “Ruthenian”…both within the Austrian and the Russian Empires where the term “Ruthenian” and “Little Russian” respectively had begun to give way to the new, but at the same time old term, “Ukrainian”(person on the borderlands), as a national designation…The paper (Ukrainian Voice) was really a pioneer in transforming the “Austrians”, Ruthenians”, “Galicians” and “Bukovinians” into Ukrainians.. It popularized the term “Ukrainian” as a replacement for “Ruthenian.” [end excerpt]

Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya
For more info, with maps, and link, visit [].

* "Gubarev: Novorossia is a project of a state of the future" (2015-08-07, []

* "Private intelligence United States: Donbass is waiting for "hot" August war breaks out again" (2015-08-06) []
* Review the military situation in the new Russia on August 8, 2015 []
* "Ukrainian part has still kept 1202 captives-Morozova" (2015-08-12, []

* "DONi and Kometa radio presented a new mutual project" (2015-08-11, []. Janus Putkonen and Russell Bonner Bentley will be hosting a radio show twice a week on Kometa Radio in Donetsk. News and interviews, cultural exchange and cool music. Thursdays and Sundays at 20:00 (8PM). [] Radio Kometa, Donetsk. Video [].

* "Ukraine is technically unable to “squelch” Russian TV broadcasts in the Lugansk People’s Republic" (2015-08-08, [], original []

* "The DPR People's Council has adopted a law 'On Amendments to the Law of 24 December 2014 № 01-INS On Local Elections' ” (2015-08-07) [] [begin excerpt]: The document’s explanatory forward explained that the measure aims to implement measures in the protocols of Minsk Accord of 12 February 2015 and the Minsk protocol of 5 September 2014, providing for the holding of local elections, taking into account the Donbass’ special status. One explicitly prohibits Ukrainian media interference in the DPR electoral process. “The [Ukrainian] media, which foments civil strife and spreads incitement to violence or deliberately false information about the situation in the DPR, are banned from participating in the electoral process,” – the document reads. [end excerpt]

* "The number of people, who support the DPR’s reunion with Russia is growing" (2015-08-07, [], original []

* "What Donbass wants is an upgraded USSR" (2015-08-10, []

* "Six volunteers of the Russian Foundation for Aid to Novorossiya, among them two citizens of Russia, have been exchanged for three Ukrainian servicemen after 105 days in Ukrainian captivity" photo (2015-08-07) []

* "Germany will finance restoration of water supply facilities in Donbass — LPR envoy" (2015-08-06, []
* The restoration of water facilities in Donbass may be financed by Germany at the expense of the reserve fund of its state budget" (2015-08-06, [], original []

* "Restoring railroad infrastructure to have positive effect on economic situation in Donbas" (2015-08-06, []

* "East Ukraine's LPR and DPR set for first football fixture" (2015-08-05, []
* "DPR vs LPR Soccor Match! Battle of the Republics!" announcement (2015-08-05) []
* "A first football match Donetsk vs. Lughansk was held today" four photos (2015-08-08, Novorossia News) []. Donetsk’s team won 4 : 1.
* "DPR beats LPR team in their first ever football game" []
* eighteen photos (2015-08-08) []: For the first time in history of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the DPR national football team played at home against the Lugansk People’s Republic, winning the match 4-1. The game was attended by 4,500 people.
* Zak Novak and friends at the game with their national flags [], fifteen more photos from Zak []
* With 'Texas' at the game, four photos []

* "Serbian MMA Fighter With Novorossiyan Flag" photo (2015-08-05) []
* "Serbian MMA fighter came out in the ring with flag of Novorossia" (2015-08-05, []

* "Deputy of DPR People’s Council from Svobodniy Donbass together with Humanitarian fund headed by Ekaterina Gubareva delivered humanitarian aid" (2015-08-05, []
* Thirty photos (2015-08-06, Zak Novak) []: At Ekaterina Gubareva Battalion Base this morning getting emergency supplies ready for families who are in dire need ! From medicine, Food, cookies, clothes , School supplies and lots of toys !! Heading out to Abakumova ! Near Stara Mihaelovka. Wrap-up [].

* This was your humanitarian aid in Donbass - giving out over 350 GBP of food in Pervomaisk - []

* "The Angel of the Donbass" (2015-08-06, []

* "SouthFront website under attack" (2015-08-08) []

* (2015-08-07) []: News from Juntabook: The facebook page "Donbass Revolution" was blocked again by facebook for publishing photos of peoples with guns and tanks... Looks like photos of peoples with guns and tanks (which are supporting Novorossiya) are violating the facebook community standards...

* Address of President of South Ossetia to the people of Occupied Odessa []
* Memorial to the victims of USA-backed aggression by the Republic of Georgia against the People of Ossetia, seventeen photos (2015-08-08) [], original []:
Seven years ago, on the night of August 8, 2008, the Georgian troops launched a massive artillery attack on the city of Tskhinval, killing hundreds of civilians of South Ossetia. The government of Georgia bears full responsibility for the lives of innocent women, elderly and children taken away by that brutal bombardment.
A commemorative event on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of tragic events in South Ossetia took place in Donetsk today. The event was initiated by Gibizov Taimuraz Tasoltanovich, the official representative of the Republic of South Ossetia in the Donetsk People’s Republic.
All those, who wanted to honor the memory of the brotherly people, gathered near the building of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Representative Office of South Ossetia at 10:00. After the commemorative speech of Gibizov, people laid flowers in memory of the victims.
Besides, a memorial service for the victims of the military aggression of the Georgian government was held in the Church of St. John the Warrior in Donetsk.
The DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deep condolences on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the five-day war in South Ossetia. We mourn together with the families and relatives of the victims.
* Official statement of the LPR head Igor Plotnitsky on the 7th anniversary of tragic events in South Ossetia [], original [].

People's Republic of Donetsk (DPR, or DNR)
* "Yesterday, August 7, was exactly a year to the day that Alexander Zakharchenko became the head of the Donetsk People's Republic" (2015-08-08, [], original []

* "The second Saturday of August will be permanent date for the Day of the Worker of Physical Culture and Sports" (2015-08-05) []

* "Today the first DPR Business Congress was assembled in Donetsk" (2015-08-07, Novorossia News) []: While opening the meeting of over 500 Republic’s businessmen, Alexander Zakharchenko, head of the DPR, said: “Today you will have a very important task. You have to prove that our Republic is able to boost in conditions of the economical blockade and а possible eruption of warfare.”  A growth of coal industry are on the agenda, as well as developments of taxes.

* "Donetsk republic supplied more than 400,000 tons of coal to Ukraine in July — ministry" (2015-08-07, []

* "Employees of the Donetsk city administration have distributed 95,000 free loaves of bread since the beginning of the campaign 'Bread to Each Home' ” (2015-08-05, [], original []

* "Lenin Komsomol Park in Donetsk, Donetsk People's Republic" six photos []

* "A festival “Donbass children are for peace and smiles” took place in Donetsk today" thirteen photos (2015-08-08) []

* "About 300 children of Makeyevka have gone on holiday to Rostov region" (2015-08-05, [] original []
* "The third group of children, who live in the most shelled areas of the Donetsk People’s Republic, arrived at the first Republican health center in the city of Snezhnoye yesterday" (2015-08-07, [], original []

* "The authorities of the city of Snezhnoye decided to name a school after a Russian journalist, who had been killed by the Ukrainian army a year ago" (2015-08-07, [], original []
* "In Telmanovo area , All Schools will Be Open On the 1st of September" (2015-08-05, by Zak Novak) []
* "Donetsk republic schools to start new education standards based on Russian curriculum" (2015-08-10, []

* "The complete works of Boris and Arkady Strugatsky have been prepared for publication by researches from the Donetsk People's Republic and some other countries" (2015-08-05) []

* "The DPR People's Council has passed a law 'On the Police' ” (2015-08-07, [], original [] [begin excerpt]: “We based 90 percent of the new law on Russian Federation usage. In contrast to Ukrainian law, the new DPR norms spell out the rights and duties of police officers in detail. Everything is specifically noted, all the powers. This way, we can ensure order in the country and protect our citizens,” – Dmitry Grishin, a member of the Committee on Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Law (Donetsk Republic faction), told the Donetsk News Agency. [end excerpt]

* "Russia to deliver humanitarian aid of 200 agricultural machines to DPR" (2015-08-06, []
* "Farmers of the Donetsk People’s Republic will receive over 200 units of agricultural machinery as humanitarian aid from Russia in the coming months" (2015-08-06, [], original []

* "DPR and South Ossetia settled the first non-cash payment" (2015-08-08, []

* "Authorities of the DPR launched the work of preparation plant in Donetsk" (2015-08-08, []

* "The site of a memorial sign, which will be placed in honor of those killed during an airstrike on Sukhodolsk a year ago, has been consecrated in the park named after Valentina Tereshkova today" six photos (2015-08-06) [], original []

* "Assistance to the citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic, who have become disabled as a result of shelling of the country by the Ukrainian forces, will be spelled out in the legislation" (2015-08-07, [], original []

* "A Typical Day in Donetsk City (Very Close Artillery)" video []

And in Occupied Donetsk:
* "People from ‪‎Melitopol‬ paid to participate in ‪‎Mariupol‬ rally - Locals refuse to participate" video []
* "Forced Mobilization in Kiev-Controlled Areas of Donbass" (2015-08-08, []
* "Donbass militia say Kiev is boosting forces in Mariupol direction" (2015-08-12, []

People's Republic of Lunghask (LPR, or LNR; Luhansk, Lugansk)
* "Lugansk People's Republic has begun building a water pipeline to eliminate problems with water supply in Krasny Luch and Antratsit" (2015-08-05, [], original []

* "The LPR head Igor Plotnitsky ordered to allocate 6 million roubles as a loan to open stores of the state-owned retail chain “Narodniy” (“People's”) in three cities of the Republic" (2015-08-08, [], original []

* "More than 2,000 houses are to be rebuilt in Luhansk republic — prime minister; Houses of World War II veterans, single mothers and pensioners would be restored in the first place" (2015-08-07, []
* "The government of the Lughansk Republic will soon begin the implementation of two national projects to restore houses completely destroyed or damaged during the hostilities" (2015-08-07, Novorossia News) []
* "Lugansk People’s Republic will soon begin implementing the two state projects aimed at restoring houses, which have been completely destroyed or damaged during the hostilities" (2015-08-07, [], original []

* "Residents of Tsentralny, LPR, are renovating their village" nine photos []: There were near 500 dwelling houses, 361 of them were damaged, as well as buildings of the village’s school, poultry factory, local administration and so on.

* "50 gifted children of the Lugansk People’s Republic went to a children’s camp in Russia’s Samara region today" four photos (2015-08-06, [] original []
* "About 100 children of workers of the coal industry went to a children’s camp “Forests” located in Antratsitovsky district today" (2015-08-07, [], original []

* "A rally “Killed childhood” took place today in front of the Lugansk school No.39, which had been damaged in shelling of the Ukrainian forces a year ago" seven photos (2015-08-05, [], original []

* "Invasion! Russian Agricultural Machinery Takes Over Fields of DPR, LPR" (2015-08-06, []

* "The guardians of the two bears, which live in the Lugansk zoo, have brought meat and fish to their animals" (2015-08-07) []

* "Residents of Tsentralny, LPR, are renovating their village" nine photos []

* "A commemorative plaque in honor of the fallen commander of the 2nd tank battalion of the LPR Defense Ministry Lieutenant-Colonel Valery Lipitsky has been placed on the building of the Leninsky district office of the LPR Ministry of the Interior in Lugansk today" four photos (2015-08-07, [], original []

occupied People's Republic of Kharkov (KPR, or KNR)
* "Kharkov. Office of the Opposition Party stormed" (2015-08-03) []

occupied People's Republic of Odessa (OPR, or ONR) / People's Republic of Bessarabia 
* Fascist militants threaten, shakedown businessmen in Odessa, two photos [], sources ( [] [] []

Attacks against the People's Republics of Novorossiya (a daily calender) 
* Photos of a child and an elder, both victims of UAF bombings (2015-08-07) []
* "Life without water" (2015-08-03, [], featuring photos and eyewitness documentation of the results of USA-backed shellings of civilian targets
* Left: #WW2 / Right: #Donbass today

* "OSCE Missions Infiltrated By Intelligence Services" (2015-08-07, []
* "Citizens of Donbass: Blood of civilians on OSCE observer's consciousness" []
* "Hundreds of people rally outside OSCE Donetsk headquarters demanding impartial monitoring" (2015-08-06, []
* "Residents of Donbas are rallying again in front of the hotel 'Park Inn by Radisson' in Donetsk where the OSCE monitors dwell" six photos (2015-08-06) []
* "This morning hundreds of people picketed the OSCE office in Donetsk, demanding unbiased monitoring of the situation in Donbass" four photos (2015-08-06, [], original [], video []
* "The OSCE mission should publish their reports on shelling in the local media, protesters said at a rally in front of the OSCE office in Donetsk today" nine photos (2015-08-06, [], original []
* "Four cars of the OSCE mission in Donetsk burned last night" (2015-08-09, []

* (2015-08-08, Support the Peoples Republic of Donetsk) based on the article at []:
MY FRIENDS, I will translate this later or you can try via Google...This shocked me... I posted it, to avoid to loose it... THIS IS A STORY AND SOME EXPLANATION...Its about 80 years old woman, Fedorovna, who is begging for money and later buying food and carrying miles from Donetsk to Shirokino... Shirokino is almost destroyed by the Ukrainian Army village, where left 8 elderly, some of them old or paralyzed people... They have no place to go and not willing to go, since they know that no ability even sustain young people... 80 years old woman brining them food and whatever she can afford our of money she begging for in Donetsk... Its burring hit there, no buses... So old woman walking with heavy bags and hiding from Ukrainian artillery in bushes or holes when shelling resumed.... She was 6 years old during WW2, however she says, that German Nazi were less cruel that Ukrainian once towards people of Novorossiya (Donetsk and Luhansk region, which boycott corrupted Ukrainian President elections and did Referendum to separate... Since than, population is outlaw and have regular punitive shelling, tanks kill and crash them, snipers... ) Anywhere its about elderly woman - hero, patriot, who is stronger that others and does everything to provide eight people, who live in holes and cellars to survive...She is turning those paralyzed people to prevent fro bed sores, washing cloths by hands and feed them by begging money on the streets... From me to explain... Pensions are very little and not everyone has it... Ukraine cut that region from pensions and child support, salaries, etc... Russian people send donation and humanitarian Aid... No World Food Program, no Doctors without borders... Entire population of rebellion region against corrupted president and his surrounding oligarchy, who came as a result of the paid by them military coup... having consequences... The order either entire region have to surrender under STRONG AND POWERFUL WAR CRIMINALS OR BE WIPED OUT OF EARTH... People's Militia is doing everything to protect population from punitive killing...

* "Ukrainian fighters violates ceasefire 45 times over past 24 hours — DPR Defense Ministry" (2015-08-04, []
* "4 populated houses in Petrovskiy district were destroyed by the shelling of UAF, administration" (2015-08-04, []

* "Ukrainian forces violate ceasefire regime 37 times over last 24 hours — DPR" (2015-08-05, [] [] []
* "Kiev forces accused of shelling Donbas again; The shellings were registered in the towns of Pervomaisk and Makeyevka" (2015-08-05, []
* "Kiev forces shell populated area of Makeyevka, one person wounded" (2015-08-05, []
* "Nazi Ukraine APU opened fire/shelling on a residential area in Makeevka, one person wounded ~ Mayor" (2015-08-05) []
* "Civilian died as a result of shelling of the Kuybishevskiy district of Donetsk" (2015-08-05, []
* (2015-08-05, Novorossia News) []: On August 5 at 7:26 pm, a very intensive explosion happened at the area of the Donetsk chemical factory. It should be mentioned that there is a radiation storage site at the factory’s territory. So the explosion could have led to damages at it followed by a possibility of leakage of radioactive elements. [] []

* "Kiev forces violate ceasefire regime 27 times over last 24 hours — DPR defense ministry" (2015-08-06, []
* "Ukrainian fighters violates ceasefire regime 4 times over past 24 hours — LPR People’s Militia" (2015-08-06, [] [] []
* "Around 30 buildings damaged in shelling by Ukrainian forces in DPR" (2015-08-06, [] []
* "Inhabited houses in DPR Spatrtak settlement catch fire after shelling by Ukrainian troops" (2015-08-06, []
* "A conflagration occurred in the Spartak settlement as a result of Ukrainian shelling" (2015-08-06, Novorossia News) []
* "Kiev security forces resumed shelling of the village of Oktyabrsky, burning house" (2015-08-06, []
* "Two civilians were killed, yet another was injured in Gorlovka after shelling by Ukrainian troops" (2015-08-06, Novorossia News) []
* "One civilian was killed in the overnight shelling of Gorlovka by the Ukrainian forces" (2015-08-06, [], original []
* "A multi-storey building suffered damage in Donetsk following a direct hit this evening" (2015-08-06, [], original []
* "Ukrainian forces have been shelling Oktyabrsky settlement in Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk for more than an hour" (2015-08-06, [], original []

* "32 violations of the ceasefire by Ukrainian fighters" (2015-08-07, []
* "Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime 32 times over the past 24 hours" (2015-08-07, [], original []
* "Two districts of Donetsk were subjected to night shelling from the side of Ukrainian fighters, City Council" (2015-08-07, []
* "OSCE reports increased ceasefire violations by Ukrainian fighters in the Donetsk People’s Republic" (2015-08-07, []
* "Ukrainian military bombarded Donetsk Republic 32 times over past 24 hours" (2015-08-07, []
* "Ukrainian military over the past 24 hours bombarded the territory of the Donetsk Republic 30 times to have fired more than 170 shells" (2015-08-07, Novorossia News) []
* LPR: "Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime six times in the last 24 hours" (2015-08-07, [], original []
* "The latest in my series of the Ukrainian destruction in Donbass - a Pervomaisk apartment block" (2015-08-07, Donbass Information) []
* "Footage from Stepanovka: A Town Heavily Destroyed by the Ukrainian Army" (2015-08-07,, video []: One who is exposed regularly to the Western mainstream media gains the impression or, in fact, the absolute knowledge, that Ukraine is defending itself from “Russian aggression.”
My visit to Donetsk and its surrounding environment made it clear, however, that actually it is the people of Donbass who are being bombarded by the Ukrainian government. Their, supposedly, own government.  Who will defend the civilians of Donbass from their own government when it bombs them while receiving international impunity and support?
This is a video took of the town of Stepanovka in the Donetsk region on my visit there on April 21-23, 2015. Many homes were destroyed and their residents were killed. Is our media not failing us by not showing us these pictures and failing to notify us on the war crimes taking place in our name by the Western-supported Kiev junta?

* "Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime 29 times over the past 24 hours" (2015-08-08, [], original []
* "Ukrainian military violate ceasefire regime in Donetsk - DPR defence ministry" (2015-08-08, []
* "UAF shelled at night village Oktyabrskiy of Donetsk, hospital 21 was damaged" (2015-08-08, [];  ( [], original []
* "7 houses damaged near Donetsk in night shelling – city administration" (2015-08-08, [] []
* "Seven houses were damaged as the Ukrainian forces shelled the village of Alexandrovka (adjacent to Petrovsky district of Donetsk) last night" (2015-08-08, [], original []
* "Ukrainian violated ceasefire regime in Donetsk – DPR defence ministry" (2015-08-08, []
* "Incident in Donetsk" (2015-08-08, []
* "Kiev’s military shelled Petrovsky and Kuybyshevsky districts of Donetsk during the night to Saturday" two photos (2015-08-08, Novorossia News) []
* "One civilian was injured in the overnight shelling of Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk" (2015-08-08, [], original []
* "Kiev’s military shelled Petrovsky and Kuybyshevsky districts of Donetsk during the night to Saturday" two photos (2015-08-08) []
* "One civilian was injured in the overnight shelling of Gorlovka by the Ukrainian forces" (2015-08-08, [], original []
* "A total of three children aged eight to thirteen years old received severe wounds on August 8 as they tried to disassemble a Ukrainian shell" photo (2015-08-08, Novorossia News) []
* "Total of 3 children in Donetsk wounded while trying to disassemble Ukrainian shell" (2015-08-08, []
* "Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime five times over the past 24 hours" (2015-08-08, [], original []

* "Gorlovka was severely shelled again by Ukrainian fighters" (2015-08-09, []
* "UAF restarted massive shelling of Gorlova, casualties among civilians" (2015-08-09, []

* "Ukraine’s military over the past 24 hours violated 18 times the ceasefire regime" (2015-08-10, []
* "Shelling of water deposit in Gorlovka 9 August 2015" (2015-08-10, []
* "Over 650 Ukraine’s shells hit Donetsk within 24 hours — DPR ministry" (2015-08-10, []

* "A village Staromihailovka was subjevted to severe shelling of Ukrainian fighters" (2015-08-11, []
* "Tension situation in the Telmatovo region" (2015-08-11, []
* "Summer community in the Yasinovataya region occurred under the shelling of UAF 10th August" (2015-08-11, []
* "Kiev forces open fire on LPR four times over past 24 hours — LPR" (2015-08-11, []

* "Over 500 shells fired by Ukrainian troops at DPR in past day — DPR defense ministry" (2015-08-12, []
* "Ukrainian forces shell Donetsk, destroy residential house" (2015-08-12, []

Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) Operations

* "Private intelligence United States: Donbass is waiting for "hot" August war breaks out again" (2015-08-06) []
* "Ghost Brigade's Eugene Wallenberg: 'Novorossiya will win' " (2015-08-05, []

* "Video how ‪NAF‬ started" []
* "The Defence of the Donbass" []
* "The first fight of partisan brigades" []
* "More than 50 dead people and killed nearly a thousand Ukrainian military: a year ago, began fighting for Ilovaysk" (2015-08-07, machine translated []

Military Report of Novorossia (
* (2015-08-04) [], video []
* (2015-08-06) []
* (2015-08-07) [], video []

Crisis News
* (2015-08-06) [] []

* "Military communique of hostilities in LPR for July 29" (2015-07-30, []

* "These are French and Serbian volunteers fighting on the part of the Donetsk People’s Republic" six photos (2015-08-07) []
* "Brazilian Volunteer for DPR: Why Do I Fight?" (2015-08-07, Realismo Politico & Fort Russ) [], video []
* "Russian Orthodox Army In Novorossiya" photo (2015-08-07) []

* "Military Humvee US did not survive the zone ATO" photo (2015-08-07, []

* "Donetsk soldiers destroyed 2 tanks, one combat vehicle of Ukrainian armed forces" (2015-08-11, []

* Footage of ‪‎DNR‬ forces trying shooting down a possible Ukraine ‪‎army‬ ‪drone‬ over center ‪‎Donezk‬ 1 hour ago. []
* (2015-08-08, Novorossia News) []: Lughansk’s militia reports that a drone like that in a photo below was shot down by Republic’s anti-aircraft forces. The drone could bear some blasts since a sound of its explosion was very intense.


Federation of Russia
* "Russia's National Debt is tiny" infographic (2015-08-07, []

* "Most Russians oppose ban on Soviet symbols - poll" (2015-08-07, []
* "Russians have positive views of Soviet symbols — pollster" (2015-08-07, []

* "The Rebirth of the Patriarch Of Moscow: Moscow Politics in Harmony with the Russian Orthodox Church?" (2015-08-08, by Dr. Filippo Romeo) [].
* "Russian Communists are turning to Christ" (2015-05-19, []. Gunnar Angeles writes: An incredibly stupid and misinformed article that has never heard of the concept of "Liberation Theology" and assumes all religious people were banned from joining the Communist party, in spite of Lenin stating otherwise. The last statement regarding Communism to be a Satanic religion, is incredibly distasteful considering Jesus ran the moneylenders out of the temple, so he probably wouldn't want them running a government, as is the case under Capitalism. Personally, I think it's important to emphasize the dialectical-materialist basis of Marxism-Leninism, but one should never alienate religious workers and peasants from joining a cause that's in their own interests.
* V.I. Lenin []: "Under no circumstances ought we to fall into the error of posing the religious question in an abstract, idealistic fashion, as an “intellectual” question unconnected with the class struggle, as is not infrequently done by the radical-democrats from among the bourgeoisie. It would be stupid to think that, in a society based on the endless oppression and coarsening of the worker masses, religious prejudices could be dispelled by purely propaganda methods. It would be bourgeois narrow-mindedness to forget that the yoke of religion that weighs upon mankind is merely a product and reflection of the economic yoke within society. No number of pamphlets and no amount of preaching can enlighten the proletariat, if it is not enlightened by its own struggle against the dark forces of capitalism. Unity in this really revolutionary struggle of the oppressed class for the creation of a paradise on earth is more important to us than unity of proletarian opinion on paradise in heaven."
* "Saint Iosif: Stalin and Religion" (2014-08-20, [] [begin excerpt]: Affirmative Action: Religions and the Church -
In the early years of the Second World War, Stalin made a historic compact with the Russian Orthodox Church. In return for support of the war effort that eventually defeated Hitler, Stalin allowed the reopening of tens of thousands of churches and the re-establishment of the church’s leadership hierarchy. (These developments are far more complex than the common argument that a morally bankrupt government sought to harness the church’s influence to counter the Nazis.) However, one condition applied: the church was to respect the ‘affirmative action’ that already applied to ethnic minorities. Stalin was the architect of the policy of fostering the languages, cultures, education, and self-government of the many ‘nations’ or ethnic groups in the USSR. This policy included religion: the Muslim sharia in the south was permitted, Buddhism in the east was fostered, and anti-Semitism was vigorously opposed, with many Jews in the government apparatus and heavy penalties for anti-Semitism. The old imperialism of the Russian church was to be a thing of past.
It is not for nothing that from this period the religious iconography of Stalin began, fuelled by rumours of a ‘mysterious retreat’ in 1941. [end excerpt]

* "Metropolitan Hilarion (Alpheus): Stalin was a monster, a spiritual freak" (2015-07-02, machine translated [], original []. "Stalin was a Communist!", the Communists say. "Stalin was a monarchist", the monarchists argue! "Stalin was a monster and a spiritual freak" claims the monsters and spiritual freaks.

* "Russian military map: The Joint Strategic Command ‘North’ " (2015-08-07, [], map []

* "Why The US Endgame for Russia Means the Death of American Democracy" (2014-09-17, by George Eliason) [] [begin excerpt]: Cold War Containment vs Annihilation -
After WWII, the US adopted a policy of containment vis a vis the socialist USSR, through diplomacy and the spread of democracy across the world. This meant gaining influence in the regions over which the Soviet Union had influence. Diplomacy was putting America's best foot forward across the world and in the Soviet Union too.
Containment also meant respecting the territorial integrity of the USSR. Ultimately it meant having enough faith in our form of democracy, with its checks and balances, that the world would want it. Domestically it meant that our government would have to trust the American people with the republic.
Due to the influence of the emigre nationalists, that attitude was all but over by 1952. The Republican Party Platform claimed to "mark the end of the negative, futile, and immoral policy of 'containment' which abandons countless human beings to a despotism and Godless terrorism which in turn enables the rulers to forge the captives into a weapon for our destruction."
By 1952, Stetsko's combined ABN emigre groups had such a large impact on US politics that the freeing of the Eastern European countries became part of the Republican Party Platform. From the 1950's onward, the combined anti-communist emigre populations began to shape the American political landscape. (See Anti-Communist Minorities in the U.S.: Political Activism of Ethnic Refugees edited by Ieva Zake.)
This party platform became the policy and later on the doctrine of annihilation of the Soviet Union, and now asserts itself as the doctrine of the annihilation of the Russian Federation. The actual wording today is that the very existence of Russia is proof of its imperialist policy. Russia itself must be destroyed. It was written by ABN leader Yaroslav Stetsko and became United States policy. [end excerpt]

* "The man who annexed Crimea - Prince Potemkin, the shadow ruler of Russia, and the secret husband of Catherine the Great" part 1 [], part 2 [], part 3 []

* "Who Are the Indigenous Peoples of Russia?" (2015-08-09) [] On August 9, International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is celebrated. In Russia there are 97 indigenous peoples (consisting of 500,000 people) of a total of about 190 peoples. Let Sputnik present you with pictures of the minor indigenous peoples of Russia.
There are 7 indigenous peoples living in Russia's Far Eastern Kamchatka Territory. Interestingly, about 2% of the population adheres to Slavic Neopaganism or to Siberian shamanism. Photo: A girl wearing traditional clothes dances at the First Fish festival at the ethnic camping ground of Kiv'in Antum in Yelizovo District of Kamchatka Territory.
Mansi are an indigenous people living in Khanty–Mansia in western Siberia. Since the 16th century when most of western Siberian territories were under the Russian rule. Photo: A young participant in an annual festival of Mansi culture performing a shaman dance with a special drum.


Russian Repression Report: Actual incidents and false stories explained
* "National Endowment for Democracy is Now Officially “Undesirable” in Russia" (2015-08-03, []

Republic of Turkey (NATO member state)
* "Turkish regime opens dirty war on Kurds, leftists" (2015-08-04, []

Arab Republic of Syria
[] [] [[[]

* "Why Syria is Winning: Advancing towards a Strategic Victory that will transform the Middle East?" (2015-08-10, by Prof. Tim Anderson) []

* "Syria in Last 24 Hours: Air Force Destroys Terrorists' Positions in Lattakia" (2015-08-08, []

* "Fake Anti-ISIL War: US-Led Coalition Wants to Topple Syrian Government; Washington is using its fight against the notorious Islamic State as a smokescreen to deal a lethal blow to Syria and its democratically elected leader President Bashar al-Assad, Western experts say" (2015-08-09, []

* "Russian Airborne Troops chief says paratroopers ready to help Syria in combating terrorism" (2015-08-04, []

* "Statement of Palestinian Groups About the War against the Syrian People" (2015-07-16, Syrian Solidarity Movement) []

* "Balkanizing Syria, Buffer Zone in Northern Syria. Redrawing the Middle East Map" (2015-07-29, by Stephen Lendman) []
* "Obama’s “Safe Zone” in Syria intended to turn it into new Libya" (2015-08-03, []
* "Turkey and U.S. Plan to Create Syria ‘Safe Zone’ Free of ISIS" (2015-07-27, [] [begin excerpt]: The plan would create what officials from both countries are calling an Islamic State-free zone controlled by relatively moderate Syrian insurgents, which the Turks say could also be a “safe zone” for displaced Syrians. [end excerpt]
* "The Red Line and the Rat Line; Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels" (2014-04-17, []

* "Washington stunned by attack on US mercenaries in Syria" (2015-08-03, []
* "US uses air power to support beleaguered Syrian allies" (2015-08-04, AFP Newswire) []

* "The Contradictions of US Sponsored Terrorism: Pentagon’s “New” Syrian Rebels to Direct U.S. Airstrikes against ISIS and Assad’s Government Forces" (2015-08-06, []

* "British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria" (2015-08-04, by Stephen Lendman) []

Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
* "The Origins of ISIS. Created by “Direct” Action of the United States Government" (2015-02-25, In this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media.Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by “direct” action. []

* "Obama Prioritizes Weakening Russia, Over Weakening ISIS" (2015-03-02, []

* "US Air Force Providing Air Transit for ISIL Leaders in Iraq" (2015-07-27, []

* "Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise of Islamic State was “a willful decision” and Defends Accuracy of 2012 Memo" (2015-08-06, [], video []

* "James Foley Allegedly Used As Token Of Allegiance By Group That Joined ISIS" (2014-08-20, []

Kurdistan in Turkey
* "Turkey Protecting ISIL to Limit Kurdistan Workers' Party - PKK Leader; According Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) leader, Turkey is protecting the Islamic State, in order to limit the PKK in the country" (2015-08-10, []

Kurdistan in Iraq
* "International military review – Iraq" (2015-08-04, []


Rojava (Western Kurdistan)


State of Israel and international operations
[] []

* "Israel Is NOT a Democracy" (2015-08-06, []
* "Israel Transformed From Democracy to an Oligarchy" (2012-05-13, []
* "Oligarchy in the Holy Land — Tiny Number of Families Dominates Israel's Economy; After America, Israel is the most unequal "rich" country in the world when it comes to wealth" (2013-12-02, []
* "Forbes Reinforces Claim That Kadima is Tool of Oligarchs; Forbes Israel reported Sunday that twelve business groups control Israel's economy" (2006-04-04, []
* According to the Bank of Israel, roughly 20 families control companies that account for half the total value of Israel’s stock market (.pdf) []
* "The Uniquely Awful Role of Sheldon Adelson in the Israeli Election; In America he's the biggest mega-donor. In Israel, he's the only one" (2014-12-17, []
* "Israel: A social report 2012" ( (.pdf) []
* "The Controversy Over Israel's Business Elite" (2010-10-07, []
* "Israel Inc's families face backlash" (2010-05-14, []
* "Israelis Rise Up Against the Oligarchs" (2013-04-25, []
* "Change for Israel as public wrath targets tycoons" (2013-05-10, Reuters Newswire) []
* "Netanyahu: Cartels and Monopolies Are Choking Competition in Israel" (2013-11-16, []
* "Committee Recommends Dismantling Some of Israel's Business Conglomerates; Economic concentration committee proposes separating large corporations from their financial holdings" (2012-02-23, []
* "In Israel, Nochi Dankner's Empire Is at Risk" (2013-01-23, []
* "Nochi Dankner's vast IDB empire, reduced to sand: Nochi Dankner built a rich empire using the 'Israeli method' of personal friendships and money borrowed from public funds" (2012-02-12, []
* "Nochi Dankner: #1140 Billionaires" profile (2011-03, []

* "Top WSJ Editor Plots with Pro-Israel Group to Thwart Iran Deal" (2015-07-31, []
* "Netanyahu Busted Covering Up Intelligence That Disagrees With His Opposition To Obama Iran Deal" (2015-08-10, []

* "Israeli general prefers Iran to nuke Tel Aviv than to allow Palestinian state" (2015-08-04, []: Israel’s sudden discovery of “Jewish terror” in a few “extreme” pockets is designed precisely to deflect attention from the religious fanaticism and violent ideologies that are foundational to the Zionist project. A case in point is Israeli army reserve Major-General Gershon Hacohen who is sympathetically profiled by The Times of Israel as “one of the most interesting figures to come out of the army in recent years.” In fact, Hacohen is a religious fanatic with alarming and dangerous views. He urges Israel to conquer every inch of historic Palestine, land “he believes God gave to the Jews.” But astonishingly, Hacohen states frankly that he would rather see Tel Aviv destroyed by an Iranian nuclear bomb than see the removal of even 100,000 settlers from the occupied West Bank and the creation of a Palestinian state.
Hacohen commanded the removal of several thousand Israeli settlers from the occupied Gaza Strip a decade ago, but now believes that the settlers should return to the besieged, overcrowded and devastated territory. “Beyond mentioning that he prefers an Iranian nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv to a two-state solution,” The Times of Israel states, Hacohen says “he would happily forgo prosperity … in exchange for the perpetuation of the status quo and that, in the future, in the face of pressure, he would be willing to grant all Palestinians the vote.” But his Jewish supremacist version of a one-state solution would offer a vote without power, for in his religious and messianic zeal Hacohen believes – hopes – that “a rise in anti-Semitism” or a rise in Zionism would bring 3 million Jews from the US to help colonize the country and “save the Jewish majority.” [end excerpt]

* "Israel Murders Father of Immolated Palestinian Baby" (2015-08-09, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "The day after 9/11, Kagan father-son duo said ‘take the war’ to Palestine" (2015-08-05, [] video [], [begin excerpt]: Here’s some radical news. A video has emerged with a montage of clips from an interview recorded the day after 9/11 featuring Donald and Frederick Kagan, two members of a leading neoconservative family. This father/son Kagan duo were advocating responding to the 9/11 attacks by invading Palestine and taking out the Palestinian Authority. Speaking of those who had attacked America, they said with assurance that we should attack Palestine. “We have to take the war to these people,” Frederick Kagan said.
Published on the new blog of Robbie Martin [], named after his upcoming documentary film, A Very Heavy Agenda, Martin writes he was “archive digging” for the film when he discovered the clip from an old radio program on WGN AM, a Chicago radio station.
Martin offers a brief forward on his blog– a run down on “insane warmongering neoconservatives”– mentions Frederick’s bother Robert Kagan is a co-founder of the Project for a New American Century, which proselytized the Iraq war by saying Israel’s war is our war, and married to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland (of “Fuck the EU” fame). Speaking of marriages, Frederick is the husband of Kim Kagan, founder of the DC neocon war spinning think tank Institute for the Study of War (most famous for the Elizabeth O’Bagy scandal, and Bill Kristol is on the board of directors – what’s not to like eh?).
[Transcript excerpt]:
Frederick Kagan: I didn’t say that we know exactly who conducted this attack. What I pointed out is that there are a few groups out there that are dedicated to conducting exactly this sort of attack and I said that we should attack those groups regardless of whether we know exactly which one specifically conducted this. But we hardly need any more evidence to know that it would be a very good idea to take Bin Laden out even if he had nothing to do with this.
Milt Rosenberg: He’s done enough already is your point.
Frederick Kagan: Exactly
Milt Rosenberg: Who else is?
Donald Kagan: And one key place is certainly the Palestinian Authority, these guys are at the center of all sorts of terrorist organizations that we’ve seen operate before.
Frederick Kagan:  And we also know furthermore where they’re located. We know that they have extensive bases in Palestine and Palestinian area. —- We have to take the war to these people, I think we should hit them immediately.
Milt Rosenberg: How? Airpower?
Frederick Kagan: No,  I would prefer to see ground forces go into Palestine and hunt out Hezbollah. I would like to see Delta Force raids,  I would like to see the panoply of covert operations —- but I would also like to see American ground forces deployed into Palestine to restore peace in that area.
Milt Rosenberg: Now wait I must ask you Don, do you mean the Palestine authority the PLO, or do you mean Hamas and Hezbollah?
Don Kagan: No I mean Arafat
Milt Rosenberg: Donald Kagan I'm beginning to get the sense that you're suggesting if we do this we need to take strong military action including land forces not only against the Taliban in Afghanistan but i would suppose at the same time against the Arafat regime and Palestinian authority
Don Kagan: absolutely

Ansar Allah Revolutionary Government of Yemen ("Houthis")

* "Yemen map of war, July 31 – August 5, 2015: The Saudi-led coalition started a land operation" (2015-08-05, []

* "Under-reporting of war deaths – or genocide?" (2015-07-31, []


Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Republic Of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 

* "Afghanistan map of war, July 28 – August 4, 2015" (2015-08-05, []

Republic of India
* "India's historic peace accord to end oldest insurgency" (2015-08-03, AFP Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday announced a peace accord with a faction of the Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), an armed rebel group in northeast India, ending the country's oldest insurgency. [end excerpt]

Towards a People's Republic of India
[] [] [] []


People's Republic of China  
History & the Current Context []

* "First Catholic bishop for three years ordained in China" (2015-08-04, AFP Newswire) []

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and Russia-China relations
* "Foreign Policy Diary 'Central Asia' - Advance of ISIS" (2015-06-16, [], video []
* "ISIS in Afghanistan: Proxy War against Iran and China" (2015-08-04, []

* "The Eurasian Corridor: Pipeline Geopolitics and the New Cold War" (2008-08-22, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) []

* "The Caspian five and the Azerbaijan factor" (2015-08-09, []

Republic of Korea (RoK) in southern Korea
DID YOU KNOW that South Korea spends the equivalent of North Korea's entire GDP on its military...

* KOREA'S MEDIEVAL LORDS, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE (2015-07-31): At Korea Inc, "the owner family considers their corporation as a personal belonging and rules it as a medieval lord." Korea's medieval lords will turn North Korea into a giant sweat shop after reunification (on South Korea's terms). Read more at "Lotte heir feud reignites concern over chaebol governance" (2015-07-31, []

* An official of the U.S. occupation in South Korea, describing how they brought democracy to the country in 1946: 'This is quite an election. First, they let Syngman Rhee's boys decide the procedure. Second, to make sure nothing slips up, they hold the election in a series of four levels, so that undesirables might be eliminated. Third, they let only family heads, or heads of ten families, vote..They put all possible opposition in jail, or drive it into the hills. Then they leave us nine days to announce and explain the election to the illiterate farmers.'
Quoted in Kolko, 'The Limits of Power,' p. 292.

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
Info collected by Juche-Buddhism Friendship Society, for Peace through Knowledge! []
All comments titled in capital letters are by Felix Abt, "A Capitalist in North Korea" [], here's some photos of him [] []

* "North Korea and Russia establish joint business council" (2015-02-24, []
* "Russian Figures Visit DPRK Missions" (2014-12-23, []
* "Strongest Girl in the World, KPRF member visits DPRK": Maryana Naumova is a Russian bodybuilder who holds the record as a 15 year old girl who has benchpressed 375lbs. She is called the Red Princess of Barbell. And is a member of the Communist Sports Club and a strong supporter of the Russian Communist Party. She recently visited the DPRK.
- Letter to Kim Jong-un Takes Russian Schoolgirl to North Korea" (2014-08-05, []
- "Travelling in a fairy tale. "Iron Girl" and Komsomol Mariana Naumova visited North Korea" (2014-06-21, machine translated [], video [], here she is being honored by Zyuganov []

* "People in Kaesong Industrial Complex': The Workers in North Korea" (2015-07-31, part 1 "People who do not work with money" [], part 2 "The Workers Representative Superior to Corporate Executive" []

* JOB OFFERS IN NORTH KOREA (2015-07-23): There's a surprising amount of jobs for aid workers on offer in North Korea (which actually needs more reforms and foreign business people to substitute aid). For those interested: []

* EDUCATIONAL TRAVEL TO NORTH KOREA (2015-07-28): I had a talk with a young group who wanted to learn about North Korea. Today they are returning from an educational trip in North Korea. The organizers carry out a series of global academic programs and seminars in a number of "contentious destinations" around the world. They share a noble philosophy: "We take no sides in any conflict. Education should be neutral, inclusive, & interactive."
Contact them if you want to join them on one of their next excursions to North Korea. Delegations For Dialogue [] [].
They write: "Between the 20th and 29th of July 2015 Delegations For Dialogue held its first ever student programme to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). A total of 11 student delegates, representing 10 different countries joined together to visit the world's most reclusive country. During the programme, the student delegates engaged in a series of discussions amongst themselves, with foreign experts and, most importantly, with the local Korean citizens themselves."

* BUSINESS WITH NORTH KOREA'S GOVERNMENT OR WITH NORTH KOREA'S BUSINESS PEOPLE? (2015-07-31): "We don't deal with North Korea's government but with companies competing for business and wanting to make a profit". From "How is North Korea changing? Let’s ask this British guy who’s been there 143 times" (2015-07-31, []

* HOW MULTILATERAL AND UNILATERAL SANCTIONS AGAINST THE DPRK ARE IMPACTING FOREIGN INVESTMENT AND BUSINESS THERE [] [begin excerpt]: When living in Pyongyang, I represented a number of multinational groups in the DPRK which all withdrew from the DPRK after it carried out nuclear and missile tests and after Western governments slapped sanctions on the DPRK, for fear of losing lucrative markets in the West. Even foreign sponsors that pledged funding for the Pyongyang Business Schools I co-founded gave up as a consequence. All twelve resident business people representing European companies founded the European Business Association, the first foreign chamber of commerce in Pyongyang before the tests. But today there are not even half as many European business people in total resident in the country any more. Meanwhile the number of Chinese and other resident Asian business people have grown substantially. [end excerpt]

* SANCTIONS CAN'T BRING LIFE TO A HALT IN NORTH KOREA []: Despite strangulating sanctions instigated by the West more and more North Korean citizens can afford bicycles prompting Pyongyang to introduce cycle lanes. We shouldn't forget though that aluminum tubes, an important component of many bikes, are dangerous items banned by the West...

* "The Socialist Street Parties of Cuba, North Korea & The Former-USSR" (2012-06, [] [begin excerpt]: On Victory Day, the citizens of Pyongyang are given a day off work to spend celebrating with their families. When I attended the festivities in 2012, my group seemed to spend a lot of time walking through parks – we passed barbecues and games of basketball, children laughing and playing, old women singing karaoke to their grandchildren over crackling 1980s hi-fi systems. At a carved pagoda in one corner of the park, the older generation danced to traditional folk music and beckoned members of our group to come and dance with them.
However, and as is often the case in North Korea, there was still that nagging voice in the back of my head: what if they’re only actors? it kept hissing at me.
Socialist Street Parties - Pyongyang 3There are many who’ll claim that tourism in North Korea is nothing more than theatre, and that visitors are surrounded from dawn to dusk by government-groomed actors put in place to give the illusion of normalcy. In fairness, there’s certainly an element of theatricality to the rigidly controlled tourism experience in this country; I encountered plenty of it during my tour of Pyongyang. There were certain people, certain conversations or interactions, which felt too uncomfortable, too forced, to seem like anything other than an illusion constructed for the benefit of foreign guests.
It’s tempting to apply that same cautionary logic to the Victory Day celebrations in North Korea… to imagine families shipped to the park in advance of our scheduled tour, purely for the benefit of giving visitors an illusion of happy people living normal lives. Right after we left they would no doubt be shipped back to the gulags – to the rice fields – to their grey world of hard labour and summary public executions.
But here’s the problem I have with that surprisingly popular theory: if you keep ordering people to have fun, there’s a danger that they will. And, if you do it to enough people, often enough to give the impression over the course of a seven-day tour that the whole country is in a permanent state of enjoyment, and then you keep that going in order to successfully cater to a year-round visitor economy… how long before the fiction starts to become reality?
Watching children laughing and playing in the park that day, I wondered if any of it really mattered to them. These were not actors, they were simply and exactly what they looked like: happy children. Happy children living in a country where life is hard, free time is limited, healthcare – although free – just isn’t really all that good; a country where food is scarce, political history is brutally rewritten, and citizens are not allowed to leave. There’s a whole lot wrong with North Korea… but, contrary to what the news would have you believe, there are nevertheless a lot of North Koreans who have a genuinely enjoyable life. [end excerpt]

* BRAVO! US CONGRESSMEN WANT TO END KOREAN WAR AND SIGN PEACE TREATY (2015-07-29): Unfortunately, opposition will be stiff to their efforts by a huge propaganda army that includes numerous embedded journalists, politicians, academics, bloggers, defectors etc. promoting the interests of the powerful military-industrial complex. Read more at "US Congressmen Propose Official End to Korean Armistice" (2015-07-28, []
* "Time to End the Korean War: Lessons from the Past" (2015-07-31, []
* "Americans have forgotten what we did to North Korea" (2015-08-03, []

* MORE ON WHY THERE WON'T BE A KOREAN PEACE TREATY ANY TIME SOON (2015-07-29): “There’s this constant need to always have an enemy – where’s the next enemy so we can keep this whole military industrial complex alive, and keep the companies that make a lot of money from this in business." From "Michael Moore film to attack US government's state of 'infinite war'" (2015-07-29, []

* THE U.S. GOVERNMENT'S 'NED' FUNDS ANTI-NORTH KOREA ACTIVISM, and ignores Saudi Barbarism. That makes sense, doesn't it? "NED Ignores Saudi Barbarism" (2015-07-15, []

* FREE AND DEMOCRATIC? (2015-08-04): It wouldn't draw my interest so much if the U.S. wasn't lecturing certain countries about what it calls non-existent freedom and democracy. Former President Jimmy Carter calls the United States an "oligarchy" with "unlimited political bribery". From "Jimmy Carter: America Is Not A Democracy Anymore" (2015-07-31, []

* ACCESS TO CAMPS: World incarceration leader U.S. bars United Nations from visiting U.S. torture camps while demanding that the U.N. be given access to North Korean camps. That makes sense, doesn't it? Read more: "UN Remains Barred From Visiting US Prisons Amid Abuse Charges; A recent visit to a federal penitentiary by President Obama has prompted the United Nations to give another shot at seeking permission to visit the U.S. prison system" (2015-07-25, []

* MALNUTRITION AND STARVATION: We are constantly reminded by Western media about malnutrition and starvation in North Korea (even though mass starvation is a thing of the past) but we learn little or nothing about this when it comes to the 'Land of Plenty'.  In a North Korea FB group Guillermo Herrera reported: "There's malnutrition and starvation in California too. My friend serves 200 people in need every week with food, and its not enough. Homeless people die on average more than once a week (52 so far this year) in the small county I live in, so how is it the DPRK is demonized when we got a very real famine here in the 'Land of Plenty'?"

* CHILD POVERTY ON THE RISE: Sharp rise of child poverty in North Korea - sorry, wrong - in America! "More kids live in poverty now than during recession: Twenty-two percent of American children were living in poverty in 2013 compared with 18 percent in 2008, according to the latest Kids Count Data Book" (2015-07-21, [], the headline was changed in order to remove the word "recession", a practice in the monopolist media of the USA so as to censor the ongoing economic crisis, the correct line is that the recession "is over" even if the article discusses how the conditions of a recession (or depression) are still evident! The original headline for the article was "Child Poverty Rises since Recession, report says".

* BRITISH HYPOCRISY: The British government and parliament regularly invite North Korean defectors. It is claimed that the purpose is to promote freedom in North Korea. And Britain has a long tradition of lecturing other nations about freedom.
However, freedom in Britain itself doesn't seem to matter much to its politicians as this example shows (and I'm not talking about WikiLeaks' Julian Assange whose freedom is restricted to a room in an embassy in London). Read more at "A Terrorism Case in Britain Ends in Acquittal, but No One Can Say Why" (2015-07-25, []

Fake articles about DPRK are about all that many people know. It's amazing how many fake articles about fake executions (by anti-aircraft cannons!) and fake "forced haircuts" are treated as real by lazy intellectuals. Am I annoyed? Yes, because how can we know about the DPRK without these fake news stories getting in the way of a smart discussion? Instead of talking about the REAL DPRK, I'm stuck "defending" the DPRK by having to explain every... single... time how something somebody knows is based on false news articles
'Now, with Kim’s son Kim Jong-un in charge, the rumor business is booming. In the past three years, we've learned that Kim 2.0 executed a Pyongyang traffic lady for sneezing (false); was voted 2012’s “sexiest man alive” (false); poisoned his aunt Kim Kyong-hui (false); assassinated his pop-singer girlfriend Hyon Song-wol for making porn (false); and oversaw the Sony Pictures hack in retaliation for the Kim Jong-un assassination spoof, The Interview (debatable).'

* "Can you believe the rumor of asylum of North Korean vice-chief of the general staff and biochemical weapons scientist?" (2015-07-17, []

* "Eric Lafforgue and David Guttenfelder's photo editing tricks" (2015-08-12, by Yi Quan), [] []:
Both David and Eric had agenda, i don't consider them as normal photographers. Especially Eric Lafforgue, he portrayed himself as an innocent photographer who had no political agenda, but he constantly sell his unnecessarily photoshopped depressed looking photographs with bullshit captions and stories for attention and money.
Most of Eric's stories are later debunked as either bullshit or lack of understanding. like the KJI inventing burger bullshit, Mickey mouse belong to China bullshit, women are not allowed to wear pants and ride bicycle bullshit etc. all those are originated from the Eric Lafforgue's article on Dailymail. And many people still believe it. that's the damage done by that shameless photographer who distorted the truth for attention and fame.
They could have just show the photographs as they are, whether its positive or negative, that doesn't matter, if they managed to captured secrets that the North Korea trying to hide from the world, good for them. let people to decide. But with all that photoshop editing tricks to give the depressed and decayed atmosphere to better sell their bullshit captions, they deserved to be exposed. Most of the time, what Eric did was to ask people to pose for his photo, of course, people posed for him friendly and then he put some stupid captions to make the people in his photos look like idiots.


* WHY WE DON'T GET THE FULL PICTURE FROM DEFECTORS []: or should we say from those defectors which are not sponsored by the U.S. NED, other governmental agencies and anti-DPRK activists. The following quote from an article titled "HORRORS OF NORTH KOREA: S. Korean women have it easy even compared with elite N. Koreans" (2015-07-18, []

* Defective "Defectors": 99% of defectors were "nobody" in the DPRK before they left, most of them had never been to Pyongyang, but celebrity defectors like to claim they were "somebody" in the DPRK, so when they go around talking bullshit for money, they are believed, and, they know nothing is going to happen to them because they have no secrets to reveal.
* (2015-07-21, Mike Bassett): Today I told a defector that defectors started the Iraq War. She only lived in North Korea for seven years and has been out for thirty. I don't even see why her perspective is relevant. But the media flocked to her for insight! I know WAY more about North Korea than her. Everything she said was complete bullshit. Somebody has done a number on her head.  "She only lived in North Korea for seven years and has been out for thirty", that's what I told her (in a very tactful way). I couldn't help it. Why were the media surrounding her after all the testimony that was given? I don't get it. Saw our friend Hyun AKA Henry Song there and I think the HRF guys. Hyun Song and I hugged like 4 times, and those guys ditched.
Cue the defector hysterics.
First of all, she was just in the US living it up in NY and DC - making more money than most so-called North Korea scholars.
Second, North Korea has never once mentioned her name.
She's full of shit if she actually said that. I'd have to see the article though (referenced in the screen-grabbed tweet) []. I can guarantee the regime doesn't give a shit about her. It's all a self-promoting performance. An irrelevant one at best, because she hasn't lived in the country since 1995, I believe.
I'm just gonna wait til the end of her agitprop tour before I write anything, but trust me, it's gonna happen. There will be a thorough 25 page analysis done by December.
Hyeonseo and her people cannot possibly expect to publish claims like this without anyone questioning them. Hope she makes a lot of money this year because she'll have no credibility left by the time the year ends.
I'm fine with defectors sharing their stories, but am tired of them going overboard with the hysterics and false claims. If not for that, I wouldn't even bother. I'd like to know who's told her that North Korea is trying to assassinate her. From what I can tell, they don't even give a shit. They'd just say that they have no clue who she is or what her problem is, and then call her a propaganda puppet for human rights warfare. And that's true.
North Korea only threatens defectors who give away state secrets or who were former Party Officials. They view defectors from her class as criminals who are somebody else's problem. They don't care what she says. They won't kill her. In all actuality, celebrity defectors help maintain the status quo, so they are probably happy about what she's doing, who knows, maybe she's working for North Korea. I often suspected Yeonmi of being a North Korean agent. Like a Manchurian candidate of sorts. Born and bred to be a damsel in distress to reinforce the status quo from the outside.
Defectors are only hurting their own cause. At the end of the day, nobody will even trust them to clean toilets because the celebrities in their ranks made them all look like liars and opportunists. Then again, maybe that's the formula for success... Celebrity defectors are prostitutes of rhetoric.
(joking) You are all cowards for not looking to Hyeonseo Lee for inspiration of American freedom []. Forget about Hyonseo Lee. There is now another, younger rising star defector who crossed a river ‘electrified with 33,000 volts of current’ to China in order ‘to buy his Mom’s Freedom.’ There will be dozens more coming out of the woodwork in the next two years.
All one need to do is search twitter and FB posts and you'll see who sponsors them. HRNK NGO's, right wing media, right wing think tanks, and right wing politicians / pundits. HRNK NGO's have basically admitted that they are weaponizing defectors to overthrow the regime. Morals of THAT goal aside - it's still illegal. No NGO, especially a USG-funded one, can work to overthrow governments without also being subject to provisions of the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act defines group activities like that as behavior akin to organized terror groups. So, in short, NGO's who work to overthrow governments are considered terrorist cells.
- [A Commentator responds]: Damsel in Distress Model.... I could imagine them going after high officials or high ranked soldiers, but civilians defectors who stretch the truth? It's unheard of. Either way, there has not been an assassination since late 1990s and in total, the number is very low over the period of the Armistice. Sounds like a gaffe, unless she is reading Joshua Stanton who points to a "campaign of assassinations" without any data.
[commenting on the 'new' defectors to replace the enbarras]: Joseph Kim, finally he is ready to roll [].
(photo showing Joseph Kim with the "Butcher of Baghdad" George Bush jr.) Joseph Kim only left in 2002 so better than Hyon Seol Lee who left in 1997... But still... What did I do when I was 12 years old?.... I'm drawing a blank... I do remember the exact year we immigrated to the US but not much about the surrounding circumstances except for some brief flashes without any definite timeline... The ghost writers must do their their money's worth...
It's like someone living through the Great Depression and writing about it in the 1950s and blaming everything on the government. Sure US government could have had better economic policies. She was also a child. And here are some relevant facts:
Both Park and Lee, the two most high profile celebrity defectors, were young when they were brought out of the country by their parents. Also it was long time ago. In Lee's case, it was about 20 years ago. Historical development is rapid, especially for small developing countries.   So, too, that a child's interpretation, if not the distant memory, is not so sharp or understanding. Even as an adult, I have trouble remember much detail about anything 20 years ago... Thus their present interpretation must be influenced by later socialization, most likely after arriving in ROK.  This socialization likely begins even before arriving, likely at the moment one decides to go to South Korea as a defector. Then likely you have much confirmatory and reinforcing experiences, beginning with the debriefing and interrogation by the NIS before Hanawon. Then you have the rest of ROK society whose perceptions are shaped by the ongoing cold war and the National Security Law... It's only a matter of time before you start getting financial support - being interviewed and giving speeches.

* A NORTH KOREAN MOSES? (2015-07-22): Another celebrity defector is emerging who says he crossed a river between North Korea and China which was ‘electrified with 33,000 volts of current’ in order ‘to buy his Mom’s Freedom.’ He adds: ‘If I’d known the Bible at that time, I would probably have thought of Moses parting the Red Sea. But I could only think of getting a bullet in the back’. Unsurprisingly, his book’s title reads: ‘Under the Same Sky: From Starvation in North Korea to Salvation in America’. Read more: "I Fled North Korea to Buy My Mom’s Freedom" (2015-06-08, []

* </sarcasm> THE HORRIBLE LIFE OF THE KIDS FROM ELITE FAMILIES (2015-07-23): The introduction to a book featuring a defector from a prosperous elite family reads: "Yeonmi Park was not dreaming of freedom when she escaped from North Korea. She didn’t even know what it meant to be free. All she knew was that she was running for her life, that if she and her family stayed behind they would die —from starvation, or disease, or even execution." So, it is now crystal clear: Spoiled young kids from elite families die from starvation, disease and execution too. Read more at [] [begin excerpt]: 21 year old Yeon-mi left North Korea at the age of 13. She grew up with her sister in an elite family in Hyesan and Pyongyang. Initially, she spoke fondly about her up-bringing, watching foreign movies and : “I had so much fun playing with my friends like go riverside and hiking and swimming or sometimes I could even play Super Mario game at our friends houses. You guys know what is Super Mario Game, right?”
Later, after Yeon-mi had joined a political activists’ group in South Korea, she told the BBC a rather different story of her childhood: one filled with fear and how eating grass was the only way she managed to survive. [end excerpt]

* "Framing North Korea" (2015-01-09, [] [begin excerpt]: After Sony was hacked and embarrassed by what was revealed, the FBI quickly determined, based on secret information only they possess and cannot share with us (for our own safety) that the DPRK was behind this evil deed. Then, Obama denounced North Korea and declared there will be consequences for threatening our freedoms and national security.
It is remarkable how fast they operated here, compared to the laboriously slow – and unfinished – process the US government took over the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, or the case of Troy Davis.
And let’s recall that North Korea has been dubbed a “black hole” by former CIA director Robert Gates, and “the longest-running intelligence failure in the history of espionage” according to ex-CIA Seoul station chief and former U.S. ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg.
A variety of computer analysts have disputed the claim that North Korea was involved in the hacking, but the Obama administration brushed it off with claims of safeguarding their “sensitive information” that allegedly proves North Korea’s guilt.
In response to the US accusations, The Korean Central News Agency of the DPRK said on December 20,
“They, without presenting any specific evidence, are asserting they can not open it to public, as it is ‘sensitive information.’ Clear evidence is needed to charge a sovereign state with a crime….We propose the U.S. side that we conduct a joint investigation into the case, given that Washington is slandering Pyongyang by spreading unfounded rumors.” A sensible request.
They add, “We have a way to prove that we have nothing to do with the case without resorting to torture as the CIA does.”
But it was beneath the dignity of civilized and freedom-loving America to even respond. The story given to us by the corporate U.S. media was clear: North Korea was responsible for the hack because the government said it was.
More than a few have noted the similarity of Obama’s story of North Korean hacking to Lyndon B. Johnson’s concocted Gulf of Tonkin incident, which led to sharply escalating the disastrous Vietnam war, and to Colin Powell’s just-so story to the United Nations Security Council about Saddam Hussein’s hidden stashes of chemical weapons, which led to the present disastrous wars in the Middle East.
While claiming to be indignant about threats to the internet, in a move that only US does not find to be utter hypocrisy, the US then proceeded to disrupt North Korea’s internet system and cell phone service.
President Obama then escalated that unjustified provocation by imposing new sanctions on North Korea, which the Treasury Department claimed was a response to that country’s “efforts to undermine U.S. cyber-security and intimidate U.S. businesses and artists exercising their right of freedom of speech.” Lost on them is that the US that is doing exactly this, to North Korea.
And meanwhile, the actual guilty party, a woman ex-employee of Sony, gets off scott free. Such is the manner the US government “protects” our internet freedoms.
“One leading cybersecurity firm, Norse Corp., said Monday it has narrowed its list of suspects to a group of six people — including at least one Sony veteran with the necessary technical background to carry out the attack, according to reports…Kurt Stammberger, senior vice president at Norse, said he used Sony’s leaked human-resources documents and cross-referenced the data with communications on hacker chat rooms and its own network of Web sensors to determine it was not North Korea behind the hack.”
“All the leads that we did turn up that had a Korean connection turned out to be dead ends,” he said. The information found by Norse points to an employee or employees terminated in a May restructuring and hackers involved in distributing pirated movies online that have been pursued by Sony, Stammberger told Bloomberg.
Obama in his last press conference of the year, did use the occasion to push for the release of this racist comedy The Interview, using this issue to divert attention from the recently released report on CIA torture and his own refusal to prosecute the US terrorists-in-chief. The US then moved to reinstall North Korea on its “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list.
Simultaneous with Obama press conference attacking the DPRK, in actual real news from Korea, unmentioned here, the South Korean government banned the United Progressive Party, the only party advocating peace, reunification, and social justice. [end excerpt]

* "N. Korea behind recent mine explosion in DMZ: Defense Ministry" (2015-08-10, []
* "Mines placed in DMZ by North maim 2 soldiers" (2015-08-11, []
* "Cold War relic: Land mine attack" (2015-08-12, William Lee): In August 4th, 2015, two land mines exploded near wire fences on the southern side of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and left two South Korean soldiers severely injured. After South Korea’s (RoK) thorough investigation concluded that the land mines were intentionally buried by North Korea (DPRK), South Korea was quickly filled with vexation. While numerous media sources are belittling North Korea for its provocative action, North Korea is yet remaining silent. Why?
It is obviously hard to judge the exact plan behind reticent North Korea at this point. Nevertheless, many experts assert that this is likely an effort by North Korean regime to divert political attention of its discontent military. Since Kim Jong-un has seized the power in 2011, North Korea has deliberately pushed for its ‘Byungjin’ policy that put heavy emphasis on economy. These concentrations on economic activities often came at the cost of military spending. Thus, many argue that these burdens put on the military could have precipitated dissatisfaction among military officials in North Korea, leading Kim regime to seek a target to divert attention.
However, this scenario fails to explain the reason behind North Korea’s tranquility. North Korea’s state-run media outlets are refusing to exculpate the state by gainsaying outside media reports.
Then what explains this phenomenon? Some argue that North Korea is simply waiting for its time. Considering its long lasted isolation from the international community, Kim has no other means to boast up its people than brining its economy to paragon and warning them of outside threats. As former gets more and more difficult, Kim could have chosen to fabricate the latter by installing bombs.
No Need to Rush -
Despite concerns surrounding this tragic occurrence, we need to remain patient, accurate, and calm. While media outlets are bursting its anger at a “troublemaker,” we need to hear from the both parties. Although this may sound unlikely, this particular incident could have been individual-led action instead of state-led initiative. If we continue to corner North Korea without any consideration to critically accommodate its interest, this is going to end up at nowhere but at a blaming game. [end article]
- [comment]: It could be the disgruntled military itself that planted the bomb, not Kim Jong Un himself or at his orders.Yes, Pyongyang's silence is puzzling. RoK's readiness to retaliate and restart the propaganda broadcast are also puzzling. Status quo remains.
Or it could be a false flag operation by US or RoK intelligence to scuttle engagement and peace overtures. Or it could be that one-off accident along the heavily fortified border which RoK/USA seizes upon for gain. Or it could be planted by some lowly and overzealous DPRK military officer. Or it could be ordered by Pyongyang general. Or it could be ordered by KJU. Who knows? [end comment]
- [comment]: Proof from RoK that the DPRK is behind the mine explosion at the DMZ, photo set [] [] [] [] [] []. RoK has world's best investigation team, no one does better job coming to conclusion on things faster than RoK. Never seen more efficient and effective nation than RoK that I think the whole world should look toward and learn from. Anything happened, must be DPRK.
If I grew up with anti-North brainwashing education like majority people in the RoK, yes, I might believe this straightaway, must be the evil North who did this, though i can't find any valid reason or motive behind this action except maybe "the evil North" is unhappy that the widow of ex-RoK president is having a friendly visit in Pyongyang right now that "the evil North" wants to show their unhappiness by her visit. It could be anyone, could be RoK army's own mistake, could be another bullied soldier taking revenge, could be a false flag to save RoK President Park's declining popularity, could be USA sabotaging the inter-Korean relationship. Currently the DMZ is the most heavily monitored and guarded place on earth. Why did RoK military claim to not see anything when they have extensive electronic equipment along the DMZ with the infra heat detectors, and video cameras, yet they produced a video still showing the explosion? RoK claims to have shrapnels with DPRK color schemes on them. I can't find a reason for the North to come all the way there, undetected, with a field full of mines to do what? Blow up a part of a fence and (coincidentally) 2 soldiers? Come on... There have been at least two well known cases where KPA soldiers have defected by going through the DMZ, and it was well known to the south Korean public because it showed how lax the security was at DMZ []. But, being only two known incidents, it is hard to figure that these two escapees are proof that DMZ security is so lax when it may also be proof that the two incidents were orchestrated. Apparently as part of countermeasures in response to the DMZ mine explosion, the RoK military decided Monday to resume psychological warfare through propaganda broadcasts via speakers installed at frontline units. Again, it does not make sense that the DPRK government "masterminded the bloody explosion of land mines in the demilitarized zone" to "inflict harm on our operational forces". Should the DPRK military waste time mulling over how to mutilate two lowly patrol soldiers? Then RoK is too ready to resume propaganda broadcasts which have nothing to do with the explosions as some sort of "countermeasure". Wouldn't such broadcasts increase the tension and danger? RoK is pressuring the DPRK to make apologies and make sure these kind of actions don't occur again if they were perpetrated by low ranked DPRK soldiers who, the theory goes, did this to show how 'loyal' they are to the regime, that they must be discouraged. [end comment]
- [Comment from Mike Bassett]: I reject that North Korea did this. It's straight out of the playbook that keeps the perpetual propaganda war going. I used to run clandestine and recon missions within those sections and I find it impossible that this could happened without RoK being behind it.
One thing is obvious - this image was taken from a recording at the exact moment the mine was detonated. So where's the rest of the tape? If they record the area at all time then there should be a recording of when and how the mine got there. Especially if the area has been patrolled regularly as it was when I was there. There were patrols 24/7/365 and we marched the same paths at least 2 times a day. So before the media starts to buy into the accusation that the DPRK committed this attack, I think they should be asking for evidence - the onus of accusation. Otherwise, journalists aren't reporting fact, they're reporting propaganda. Read more at "From the Playbook: Sabotaging inter-Korean Relations" (2015-08-10, [] [begin excerpt]: Along the DMZ where I conducted classified reconnaissance for part of my time in Area I & Dagmar North where I only assisted one defector’s crossing in all of 2001 – 2005 — who made it through the most densely packed minefield on the face of the planet –; that a KPA soldier could make it 3km to the southern side and plant an antipersonnel mine under the fence completely undetected by the cameras that are running and recording under a well-lit border 24 hours a day; and then blow up two soldiers for no reason; and that any government out there even minds sacrificing a few more lives to keep this dirty proxy war going; and that they would’ve been able to turn the sirens and lights back on without an “act of war” such as this? [end excerpt]. More about the author Mike Bassett [].

Cheon'an hitting on a naval mine itself as according to the report, USA and RoK were having military exercise in the region and Cheon'an being anti-submarine corvette sunk by "moving coffin" (that's what people call noisy DPRK submarines) does not make sense.
* "South Korean Government’s Failure to Link the Cheonan’s Sinking to North Korea: Incorrect Inference and Fabrication of Scientific Data" report abstarct ( []
* In-depth articles about the fabrication of the incident by RoK: [] [] [] [].

* "Ruling the Rhetoric on North Korea: A Pedagogical Perspective" (2013-10-02, [], an interview with USA Army Veteran and Wounded Warrior Mike Bassett, and international capitalist Felix Abt.

* "Response to BBC Panorama Documentary on North Korea" (2013-04-16, [] [begin excerpt]: Recent news surrounding the dispute between John Sweeney, the London School of Economics (LSE), and the Panorama documentary on North Korea offers us an opportunity to evaluate the different ways we as foreigners can choose to approach North Korea.
On the one hand, we can follow Mr. Sweeney’s lead and adopt the attitude of an investigative reporter in search of ever more astonishing reminders that North Korea is indeed a whole lot different from “us”—and not in the good way. The depiction of North Korea as a nation of irate soldiers, inflammatory propaganda and oppressive brainwashing is hackneyed and simplistic at best, and both irresponsible and harmful at worst.
Mr. Sweeney and his crew visited North Korea as part of a highly restricted tour that over forty thousand other foreigners take every year.  It is entirely naïve for Mr. Sweeney and his crew to assume that observations from this standard tour, specifically intended for foreign tourists, allowed them to draw meaningful conclusions about daily life in North Korea. To suggest as much, on a national stage, is extremely misleading. In an interview with the BBC, Mr. Sweeney claimed that North Korea is “more like Hitler’s Germany than other state in this world…extraordinarily scary, dark and evil.” This is a prime example of how simplistic and sensational characterizations absorb public attention away from the far more complex challenge of how to encourage productive engagement.
Criticism of Mr. Sweeney’s actions—that he placed LSE students at potential risk while also damaging LSE’s academic credibility—has been given much attention in the media and rightfully so. It should also be noted that concocting the identity of a professor and filming a documentary without permission might well have had repercussions in North Korea as well. By betraying the trust of their North Korean hosts, Mr. Sweeney and his crew unwittingly put their tour guides in personal danger. Mr. Sweeney’s claims that his actions “only deceived the government” are erroneous and betray his overly simplistic understanding of North Korea; it is false to again assume the “Government” is one cohesive unit.
For those of us who have spent years working with various North Korean ministries, bureaus, companies, institutions, committees, and universities, we understand that organizations operate with relative independence; the only group deceived would have been the tourism operator and agent with whom they arranged their tour. Should the Panorama documentary provoke negative backlash against North Korea, these tour guides may bare the brunt of the blame and the punishment. Considering the extent to which Mr. Sweeney compromised the safety of both his hosts and fellow travellers, it is disappointing that his ruse failed to reveal anything more constructive.  [end excerpt]

Republic of the Philippines 

* "New Army chief vows to crush armed communists down to 1,000" (2015-07-15, []

Towards a People's Republic of the Philippines
[] []

* "Reds claim growth under Aquino administration; 'The tactical offensives of the New People’s Army (NPA) have become bolder and more intensified' " (2015-07-26, []
* "Terrorism and Revolution: The Struggle for National Democracy and Socialism in the Philippines" (2005) []

research from the Committee for the Study of

* "College Board Caves To Conservative Pressure, Changes AP U.S. History Curriculum" (2015-07-30, []

Celebrate Red August! Towards Inter-Communal international solidarity and socialist liberation for the Welsh Nation! More info at [], and at [] [] [] [].
THE INTERNATIONAL 1831 INSURRECTION RED COMMUNE CYMRU COMMEMORATION for 2014 and there after will focus on advancing Socialist Struggle in Wales as an Intercommunal - International Platform towards common struggles as a World Movement of all Peoples of the Pitcfork and Pike, all Brothers and Sisters of the Ox, all Wretched of the Earth and of the growing Colonial Underclass of Cymru and other minority peoples and Nations of the European Union and Corporate Capitalist World Empires. In the mean time start to make plenty of Wales Socialist Flags for Commemorations, Campaigns and Red Commune 1831 - 2031! Cymru Oward Revolt Now!


* Peter Krawchuk, The Ukrainian Socialist Movement in Canada (1907-1918), writes:
The year 1915 was a year saturated with events that had a direct relationship to the Ukrainian socialist movement. An extreme economic crisis continued to rage in Canada, there was a growing army of unemployed, among them many 'foreigners', including Ukrainians. The unemployed organized mass meetings and demonstrations, and marched before the provincial parliament buildings demanding food. "Give us bread and work!' was the slogan of the day. The situation in Winnipeg became so desperate that, on May 14, 900 unemployed (mostly Ukrainians) with their wives and children began a march, carrying their hand luggage, toward the U.S. border. They hoped that the United States 'would save them from dying of starvation'. Their hopes were not realized because some were immediately arrested just as they reached the city limits and others, some 200 men, were stopped when they reached the border at Emerson. 'Robochy Narod' wrote: 'The government proclamation states that all the fugitives will now be inspected and those among them who come under the category of enemies of the Empire will be sent to Brandon to the concentration camp of war prisoners and 'Canadian citizens' will be sent to Winnipeg where they will have the right to die of starvation.'
Immediately after Canada entered the war, the government began mass arrests of 'enemy aliens', especially those who came from Austro-Hungary. The Ukrainian bishop, Mykyta Budka, contributed to this action with his 'pastoral letter' in which he called for registration with the Austrian consulate to 'defend the old Emperor' Franz Josef. The arrested were predominantly those who had not yet acquired citizenship and were formally considered 'Austrian subjects'.
1915 saw a new wave of arrests, during which members of the USDP [Ukrainian Social Democratic Party] were interned. They were placed in various concentration camps across the country: Brandon, Vernon, Lethbridge, Kapuskasing, Spirit Lake. Member of the USDP Yury Drobey, for instance, informed that there were close to 800 Ukrainian workers incarcerated at the concentration camp at Spirit Lake, Quebec.
Ukrainian workers were fired from work en masse, arrested and sent into concentration camps. In Michel and Fernie, B.C., 370 Ukrainian coal miners were fired and arrested, and 150 in Nanaimo. There were also arrests in Hillcrest.
A great blow to the USDP was the sudden arrest of their secretary of the Executive Committee, Mykola Yeremichuk. He was imprisoned in the Brandon concentration camp. Because only one member of the Executive Committee, Dmytro Kachmar, was left in Winnipeg (the organizer, Ivan Hnyda, having remained in Montreal), a temporary executive was formed to conduct the affairs of the party until such time as one could be elected. Anton Dzola was assigned the secretarial position on the temporary executive.

* "Grover Furr on Robert Conquest" [] [begin excerpt]: Here are some facts (I have checked them) concerning Conquest’s most famous book "The Great Terror":
Robert Conquest has also been identified as having worked for the IRD from when it was set up until 1956. The Information Research Department (IRD), was a section set up in 1947 (originally called the Communist Information Bureau) whose main task was to combat Communist influence throughout the world by planting stories among politicians, journalists and others in a position to influence public opinion. A 1978 story in the The Guardian alleged that Conquest’s work there was to contribute to the so-called “black history” of the Soviet Union — in other words, fake stories put out as fact and distributed among journalists and others able to influence public opinion. After he had formally left the IRD, Conquest continued to write books suggested by the IRD, with Secret Service support. His book The Great Terror, a basic anti-communist text on the subject of the power struggle that took place in the Soviet Union in 1937, was in fact a recompilation of text he had written when working for the secret services. The book was finished and published with the help of the IRD. A third of the publication run was bought by the Praeger Press, normally associated with the publication of literature originating from CIA sources. Conquest’s book was intended for presentation to “useful fools”, such as university professors and people working in the press, radio and TV. Conquest to this day remains, for anti-communist historians, one of the most important sources of material on the Soviet Union.
The article from _The Guardian_ in 1978 documents the propaganda activities of the IRD: [] and [].
In his Ph.D. dissertation, but not in the book that he wrote from it, Arch Getty pointed out: "The dominant tendency [in writing the history of the “purges”]  has been automatically to believe
anything an emigre asserted while automatically denying the truth of everything from the Stalinist side. If one wanted a balanced picture of Tsar Ivan IV, (“The Terrible”), one would not accept at face value the descriptions of the exiled Prince Kurbsky in Poland, during a period of Russo-Polish war.If one wanted a balanced picture of Mao Tse-Tung’s regime in China, one would not accept Chiang Kai-Shek’s version in the early 1950’s as essentially reliable. If one were not interested in such a view, one would. The apparent monstrosity of Stalin’s crimes and a generation of Cold War attitudes have contributed to what would be considered sloppy scholarship in any other area of inquiry."
Getty also pointed out that Conquest specialized in anticommunist propaganda masquerading as scholarship while working for British intelligence.
Sometimes, the “scholarship” had been more than simply careless. Recent investigations of British intelligence activities (following in the wake of U.S. post-Watergate revelations), suggest that Robert Conquest, author of the highly influential Great Terror, accepted payment from British intelligence agencies for consciously falsifying information  about the Soviet Union. Consequently, the works of such an individual can hardly be considered valid scholarly works by his peers in the Western academic community. [end excerpt]
* "Robert Conquest: The Anti-Stalin Porn Lover" []

* "Domenico Losurdo on Stalin" book review by Roland Boer []
* The Research Archive of Prof. Grover Furr []
* Krasnyy writes []: Khrushchev in the 22nd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union made severe changes to the ideology of the party in hopes to achieve full Communism by 1980 however in reality these changes to the CPSU marked the beginning of the end of the USSR.
The main changes to the Party line was the replacement of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat with the State of the entire Soviet people and the Vanguard Party with the Party of the entire Soviet people. Khrushchevite revisionism is quite a complicated matter but put simply the Party no longer truly represented the working classes and as a result began the process of the restoration of Capitalism and as i'm sure you all know that the abandonment of the DOP was the abandonment of true Leninism.
It's ironic to think these changes where meant to bring about full Communism by 1980 when in reality, adhering to Marxism-Leninism would have had a closer chance of achieving full Communism by 1980.
* Totalitarian reinforcement of anti-Stalinism (2015-08-05, Jacob Jugashvili) []: SBS was so scared to hear what I was saying, so in order to prevent Australian public's sterile brains from "infection" it put "correct" notes on the screen while I was talking. Video stills: [] [].

* Prof. Grover Furr writes:
Here is an article in "Sputnik" of August 9, 2015, where Per Anders Rudling, Mark Tauger, and I are quoted refuting the anticommunist and anti-Stalin lie of the "Holodmor," or deliberate famine in the Ukraine in 1932-33. Until I read this article I did not know that there is now a memorial in Washington, D.C. to the phony "Holodomor." The article has a photograph of it. Some, at least, of the truth about these anticommunist and anti-Stalin lies is beginning to get out a little.
"Holodomor Hoax: Joseph Stalin's Crime That Never Took Place" (2015-08-09, [] [begin excerpt]:
Playing into the hands of Ukrainian nationalists, a monument to the so-called Ukrainian "Holodomor," one the 20th century's most famous myths and vitriolic pieces of anti-Soviet Propaganda, has been erected in the US capital.
Remarkably, the roots of the "Holodomor" ("deliberate starvation") myth lie in the longstanding Cold War standoff between Soviet Russia and the West. After the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, infamous Nazi collaborators — members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and their paramilitary UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) units — fled into Western Europe and the United States, escaping punishment for their hideous crimes, including ruthless terror against peaceful Jewish, Ukrainian and Russian civilians.
In 1949 the CIA and the US State Department sponsored the OUN-UPA leaders' immigration to the United States, planning to use them as subversion groups and intelligence agents in the Cold War against the Soviet Russia.
One of them, Mykola Lebed was characterized as "a well-known sadist and collaborator of the Germans" by the CIA, according to Swedish-American historian Dr. Per Anders Rudling in his book "The OUN, the UPA and the Holocaust: A Study in the Manufacturing of Historical Myths." However, this fact did not prevented the CIA from recruiting the former Nazi collaborator.
"Mykola Lebed [who was responsible for the murder of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia] lived in Queens, New York, until the 1990s, totally supported by the CIA or State Department," the US expert in Soviet history Professor Grover Carr Furr of Montclair State University, narrated in an interview with Sputnik in May, 2015.
The CIA believed that Ukrainian nationalism could be used as an efficient cold war weapon.
While the Ukrainian nationalists provided Washington with valuable information about its Cold War rivals, the CIA in return was placing the nationalist veterans into positions of influence and authority, helping them to create semi-academic institutions or academic positions in existing universities.
By using these formal and informal academic networks, the Ukrainian nationalists had been disseminating anti-Russian propaganda, creating myths and re-writing history at the same time whitewashing the wartime crimes of OUN-UPA.
One of these myths was "Holodomor" that claimed that the USSR and its leader Joseph Stalin deliberately starved to death from three to seven million Ukrainians.
"In 1987 the film "Harvest of Despair" was made. It was the beginning of the 'Holodomor' movement. The film was entirely funded by Ukrainian nationalists, mainly in Canada. A Canadian scholar, Douglas Tottle, exposed the fact that the film took photographs from the 1921-22 'Volga famine' and used them to illustrate the 1932-33 famine. Tottle later wrote a book, 'Fraud, Famine, and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard,' about the phony 'Holodomor' issue," Professor Furr elaborated.
Paradoxically, supporters of the "Holodomor" myth remain silent about the fact that Russia (including the territory of modern Ukraine) had suffered from periodic devastating famines since the end of 19th century, long before Bolsheviks came to power in 1917. They also ignore the fact that there were serious famines in 1920-21, 1924, 1927 and 1928.
Interestingly enough, official Soviet Ukrainian primary sources show that the 1928-29 famine, caused by natural disaster, mainly draught, was very serious, and Ukraine received more aid from the Soviet government, than it sent to other parts of the USSR. This obviously disproves the false theory of the Ukrainian nationalists' "malicious" conspiracy against Ukrainian peasants in the Soviet Union, noted Grover Furr in his book "Blood Lies: The Evidence that Every Accusation Against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands Is False."
Remarkably, the famine of 1932-33 was the last famine that struck the Soviet Union with the exception for the famine of 1946-47 the country suffered from after the Second World War.
Although the "Holodomor" myth was never based upon credible evidence and there are enough authentic sources to prove that it is a hoax, it is simply taken for granted. Unsurprisingly, Washington  supports the myth as a part of its recent Cold War-style anti-Russian campaign. Alas, even repeated a thousand times a lie will never become the truth. [end excerpt]
* "How Many People Did Stalin Murder?" [], an online forum debate between an accredited historian and a knowledgeable researcher which shows how the false "20 million" number is still seen as valid, and how common arguments in favor of the false number are refuted. Another historian, Rubenstein, is mentioned in the online forum debate, who gives numbers of the death count that are far less than the Nazi-sympathizer Robert Conquest. Here is the source article authored by Rubenstein [].

* Collected Works of Stalin []
* Yale U. Press Digitizes Stalin’s Massive Personal Archive (2012-06-22) [], an overview of Stalin’s Personal Library [], browse the archive at []
* Stalin: “Who are the National Socialists?” (1941) []

* "A United front to the assault of capitalism" poster (1935)


* Conversation Between Stalin and Mao Zedong (16 December 1949) []

* "Two Versions of Mao's China: History Retouched as Propaganda" (2013-01-30, [], original photo essay []
* Comrade Zhou Enlai and Chairman Mao in 1935

* "China Lost 14 Million People in World War II. Why Is This Forgotten?" (2013-09-17, []

Why did dai Nippon (Japan) lose the war against the United Nations Alliance? After all, their war program included slave labor, biological weapons, and nuclear weapons for use against "the communists"...
* "Japanese court rejects wartime labourers' claims" (2002-07-09, []
* "Japan germ programme in dock" (2002-07-31, []
* "Atomic plans returned to Japan" (2002-08-03, []: Documents hidden since World War II showing Japan's plans for an atomic bomb have been returned to the country, according to a newspaper report. The widow of the Japanese scientist who had spirited the documents out of the country after the war has given them to a Tokyo research institute, the Asahi daily says.
The 23-page dossier shows the Japanese army's plans for a relatively weak atomic bomb - blueprints that were ordered destroyed just before Japan's surrender in 1945. The documents were instead secretly given to chemist Kazuo Kuroda, who then left for the United States and died there last year.
Japan surrendered six days after Nagasaki The documents, the newspaper says, could be a valuable addition to the study of Japan's wartime history. They show how far Japan got in trying to build nuclear weapons of its own before the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of people in August 1945 and forcing a surrender.
Weaker weapon -
Kuroda, who was a professor emeritus at the University of Arkansas before his death in 2001, kept the documents secret for more than half a century. His widow has sent the documents to the Riken scientific research institute just north of Tokyo where Kuroda worked as a young man, the Asahi newspaper reported. A photograph published in the newspaper shows diagrams and drawings of a bomb, together with text written by a military officer who interviewed the scientist at the head of the atomic bomb development team. But the newspaper says experts who have examined the documents do not believe the bomb would have been very powerful.

* Index to some primary documents from Heinrich Himmler collected by historian David Irving []
* "SS-1: The Unlikely Death of Heinrich Himmler" book review (2001-03-03, [] [begin excerpt]: Conspiracy theories concerning the fate of former Nazi German leaders are 10 a pfennig. Did Martin Bormann, Hitler's secretary, live to a ripe old age somewhere in South America? Are we sure it was the Führer's corpse that was burned by aides in the courtyard of the Reich Chancellory as the Red Army stormed Berlin in May 1945? And what about Himmler? Is it just possible that the scrawny middle-aged man in glasses who committed suicide at the British camp at Luneburg after capture that same month was in fact a stand-in for the feared SS Reichsführer? That Himmler himself - who as late as May 5 had claimed that he, for one, "would never commit suicide" - had somehow slipped out of the Fatherland and set out on some not-so-vainglorious quest to set up a secret Fourth Reich?
Well, maybe. Possibly. Perhaps. Anything is possible, after all, in the breathless aftermath of world war. Certain physical details of the dead man at Lüneburg do seem different from Himmler's: you can see them in the studious photos reproduced in this book. One nostril is larger than the other, whereas Himmler's were symmetrical. The corpse doesn't appear to sport a duelling scar, which means that unless the dead man was wearing make-up (popular among senior Nazis), he wasn't the son born to Anna and Dr Gebhard Himmler on October 7 1900.
The central thesis of Thomas's book - and the evidence for it is vivid - is that Himmler was attempting to set up a Fourth Reich outside the boundaries of Hitler's Germany. Quite aware that Germany had effectively lost the war as early as 1943, Thomas's Himmler set about channelling the Croesan riches amassed by the SS and pro-Nazi German finance and industry into Swiss and South American bank accounts. An FBI/OSS report of November 1944, written by Senator Harley M Kilgore and backed by the US Treasury and State departments, noted: "The German aggressors have begun to pursue the strategy which they found successful a quarter of a century ago. They are already deploying their economic wares throughout the world in preparation for a third attempt at world domination." Which, of course, appeared to happen from the 1950s, when the Federal Republic's "economic miracle" astounded the nations that had borne the brunt of the fighting against Hitler, Himmler and the rest of their vile crew.
Thomas piles up a massively detailed case suggesting that Nazi money exported to safe financial havens in the late stages of the second world war was, to a previously underplayed extent, responsible for Germany's rise to economic power in the decade following Hitler's downfall.
German business certainly appears to have gone along with him. So too did business interests in Washington, London and Zurich. If there had been some shady Allied agreement to allow Himmler to escape the wrath of the Nuremberg trials and set up shop elsewhere while pretending that he had committed suicide, then it had surely been abandoned by May 1945. Himmler, the SS and German big business may well have been in cahoots with elements in Wall Street and the City of London; Britain's royal family, with its shareholding in German companies, was also that bit too close to him (Prince Christopher Mountbatten, says Thomas, was on Himmler's staff).
[end excerpt] More information about the book by Thomas Hughs [].

* A few excerpts of the book "Project Paperclip" by Clarence G. Lasby [] [begin excerpt]: In the only expression of national opinion, a Gallup poll of December 11, 1946, the American people disapproved of the general concept of importation. The questionnaire asked: "It has been suggested that we bring over to America one thousand German scientists who used to work for the Nazis and have them work with our own scientists on scientific problems. Do you think this is a good or bad idea?" The respondents considered the proposal a "bad idea" in a ratio of about ten to seven. There was a definite correlation between their replies and educational background. Those who had the greatest amount of formal education—at least some college training—favored the plan by a substantial majority. In contrast, those with an elementary school education, or less, lined up heavily against it. There was also a split along urban-rural lines. Cities with a population over 500,000 were in favor by a great majority; farm areas and towns of under 2,500 people disapproved by a great majority. Two sections of the country—New England and the Pacific Coast—gave their strong endorsement to the program; the South, which would eventually gain the most benefit from it, registered its disapprobation by a vote of two to one.
In one of the most angry statements, Saul Padover, a former psychological warfare officer who had served in Germany in 1945, deplored the scientists' expedient willingness to serve their conqueror-masters. He had been irked by a New York Times article which stated: "What spurs them on, we are told, is the hope for an ultimate revenge on Russia." Writing in the New York PM, the high-minded liberal tabloid, he discussed the brutality of the German regime, especially against the Russians. "And now they want revenge! Now they sit in American laboratories, working on weapons that would, they hope, bring more destruction on the Russians. The Nazis haven't had enough, it would appear." After noting that the Soviet Union was also employing Nazis, he concluded that neither power would have any difficulty with them: they would obey the orders of any power, as they had for centuries.* But he censured the United States government's use of them as an example of its unjustified hysteria toward Communism, and, incidentally, for granting the Germans the satisfaction to "know their day is coming." [end excerpt]

* "How Soviet intelligence acquired the nuclear bomb" (2015-08-07, []. The article left out the huge advancement the Soviets gained from the Germans as well, having captured the Nazi atomic program intact. The first bomb used fissile material which was created from material captured from the Nazi's. The Soviets also began work before the US did, although with far less resources available. Most of what was gained through espionage was not design work, but testing data, the stuff from scientific journals which would normally have been public anyways.

* "On Israel's little-known concentration and labor camps in 1948-1955" (2014-09-29, [], and a different version,
* "On Israel’s little-known concentration and labor camps in 1948-1955" (2015-06-11, [] [begin excerpt]:
Much of the grim and murky circumstances of the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the late 1940s have gradually been exposed over time. One aspect – rarely researched or deeply discussed – is the internment of thousands of Palestinian civilians within at least 22 Zionist-run concentration and labor camps that existed from 1948 to 1955. Now more is known about the contours of this historical crime, due to the comprehensive research by renowned Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta and founding member of the Palestinian resource center BADIL Terry Rempel.
The facts are these.
The study – to be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Palestine Studies – relies on almost 500 pages of International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC) reports written during the 1948 war, that were declassified and made available to the public in 1996, and accidentally discovered by one of the authors in 1999.
Furthermore, testimonies of 22 former Palestinian civilian detainees of these camps were collected by the authors, through interviews they conducted themselves in 2002, or documented by others during different moments of time.
With these sources of information, the authors, as they put it, pieced together a clearer story of how Israel captured and imprisoned “thousands of Palestinian civilians as forced laborers,” and exploited them “to support its war-time economy.”
The establishment of concentration and labor camps occurred after the unilateral declaration of Israel’s statehood on May 1948.
Prior to that event, the number of Palestinian captives in Zionist hands were quite low, because, as the study states, “the Zionist leadership concluded early on that forcible expulsion of the civilian population was the only way to establish a Jewish state in Palestine with a large enough Jewish majority to be ‘viable’.” In other words, for the Zionist strategists, prisoners were a burden in the beginning phases of the ethnic cleansing.
Those calculations changed with the declaration of the Israeli state and the involvement of the armies of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Transjordan, after much of the ethnic cleansing had occurred. From that moment, “the Israeli forces began taking prisoners, both regular Arab soldiers (for eventual exchange), and – selectively – able-bodied Palestinian non-combatant civilians.”
The first camp was Ijlil, which was about 13 km northeast of Jaffa, on the site of the destroyed Palestinian village Ijlil al-Qibiliyya, emptied of its inhabitants in early April. Ijlil was predominately made up of tents, housing hundreds and hundreds of prisoners, categorized as POWs by the Israelis, surrounded by barbed wire fences, watchtowers, and a gate with guards.
As the Israeli conquests grew, in turn exceedingly increasing the number of prisoners, three more camps were established. These are the four “official” camps that the Israelis acknowledged and were actively visited by the ICRC.
Atlit was the second largest camp after Ijlil, it had the capacity of holding up to 2,900 prisoners, while Sarafand had the maximum capacity of 1,800, and Tel Letwinksy, near Tel Aviv, held more than 1,000.
All four camps were administered by “former British officers who had defected their ranks when British forces withdrew from Palestine in mid-May 1948,” and the camp’s guards and administrative staff were former members of the Irgun and the Stern Gang – both groups designated as terrorist organizations by the British before their departure. In total, the four “official” camps were staffed by 973 soldiers.
A fifth camp, called Umm Khalid, was established at a site of another depopulated village near the Zionist settlement of Netanya, and was even assigned an official number in the records, but never attained “official” status. It had the capacity to hold 1,500 prisoners. Unlike the other four camps, Umm Khalid would be “the fist camp established exclusively as a labor camp” and was “the first of the “recognized” camps to be shut down…by the end of 1948.”
Complementing these five “recognized” camps, were at least 17 other “unrecognized camps” that were not mentioned in official sources, but the authors discovered through multiple prisoner testimonies.
“Many of [these camps],” the authors noted, “[were] apparently improvised or ad hoc, often consisting of no more than a police station, a school, or the house of a village notable,” with holding capacities that ranged from almost 200 prisoners to tens.
Most of the camps, official and unofficial, were situated within the borders of the UN-proposed Jewish state, “although at least four [unofficial camps] – Beersheba, Julis, Bayt Daras, and Bayt Nabala – were in the UN-assigned Arab state and one was inside the Jerusalem “corpus separatum.”
“[T]he situation of civilian internees was ‘absolutely confused’ with that of POWs, and… Jewish authorities ‘treated all Arabs between the ages of 16 and 55 as combatants and locked them up as prisoners of war.’” – ICRC report, 1948.
It would not be until 1955 when most of the Palestinian civilian prisoners would finally be released.
“It is amazing to me, and many Europeans, who have seen my evidence,” Abu Sitta said, “that a forced labor camp was opened in Palestine three years after they were closed in Germany, and were run by former prisoners – there were German Jewish guards.” [end excerpt]
Civilians in a labour camp in Ramleh, July 1948. (Photo: Salman Abu Sitta, Palestine Land Society)

* "US Congress and President Obama “Officially” Recognize Donbass’: Public Law 86-90 (1959)" (2015-08-08, by George Eliason, [] [begin excerpt]: The Captive Nations Week Resolution passed by both the Senate and House of Representatives in 1959 and reissued as a Presidential Proclamation every year for the last 56 years (also known as Public Law 86-90) affirms the RECOGNITION of the “Don” (Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics are core countries of a Cossackia) as well as a future Zaporozhyian Republic (currently Zaporozhye Oblast).
Cossackia is the American geopolitical term describing the regions where Cossacks lived in the former USSR and Russia. This proclamation is still CURRENT US law and tradition.
Written by Neo-Nazi leader Stepan Bandera’s follower Lev Dobriansky under the tutelage of Yaroslav Stetsko (Bandera’s 2nd in command), Dobriansky as president of the UCCA (Ukrainian emigre lobby) included a future nation or nations GENERALLY known as Cossackia in the unanimously passed proclamation made into law.
Included in the text of the Proclamation- Public Law 86-90 is “Whereas the imperialistic policies of Communist Russia have led,, through direct and indirect aggression, to the subjugation of the national independence of Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine,… Cossackia …”
The United States of America was 1st to Recognize Independent Donbass Republics Independence.
Ukraine and Cossackia (Donbass and Zaporozhye) are listed in the proclamation as separate countries and separate peoples. Both have equal status under US law as having a right to exist. Both nations were preemptively recognized by the United States in 1959.
Why Would Stepan Bandera and the UCCA Recognize Donbass and the Cossack Peoples as Independent Nations?
Why did the nazi Banderites recognize an independent Donbass andZaporozhye? Why did the UCCA which is now driving the war in Donbas DEMAND that Cossackia be included in the proclamation at all if it was part of Ukraine?
Under the first nationalist government set up in what is now Ukraine, the nazi leader Simon Petlura signed an agreement with the Cossacks in Kuban to join his country. This is the basis for Ukrainian claims that Kuban belongs to them. The agreement was never ratified. After murdering over 50,000 people Petlura was forced into exile.
After this to punish the Cossacks, Lenin ordered Donbass under the administrative jurisdiction of Soviet Ukraine. These Cossacks are the only group listed on the Captive Nations Proclamation in Eastern Europe that did not fight for Adolf Hitler. They are the people of Donbass and Zaporozhye. [end excerpt]
* Full text Public Law 86-90 (1959) (.pdf) []
* Presidential Proclamation -- Captive Nations Week, 2015 (2015-07-17, []

* "Chinese and Soviet involvement in Vietnam" ( [] [begin excerpt]: The Gulf of Tonkin incident and US combat involvement triggered an escalation in Chinese support. This came mainly in the form of equipment and construction. In 1965 Beijing sent several thousand engineering troops across the border, to assist in building and repairing roads, railways, airstrips and critical defence infrastructure. Between 1965 and 1971 more than 320,000 Chinese troops were deployed in North Vietnam. The peak year for this was 1967, when there were around 170,000 Chinese in the DRV. Their work on military installations naturally meant that Chinese troops were susceptible to heavy American bombing; an estimated 1,000 Chinese were killed in the North in the late 1960s. Beijing also supplied Hanoi with large amounts of military equipment, including trucks, tanks and artillery.
The Soviets step in
Soviet support remained lukewarm through the 1950s and early 1960s. The USSR supplied North Vietnam with information, technical advisors and moral support – but Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev preferred to limit his backing and keep the USSR at arm’s length from the unfolding trouble in Vietnam. Khrushchev, however, was removed as leader in October 1964, shortly after the Gulf of Tonkin incident. The new Soviet premier, Aleksei Kosygin, was eager to consolidate his power and placate hardliners in the Soviet military. In November 1964 Kosygin sent a public message of support to the National Liberation Front (the NLF, or Viet Cong) and announced a visit to North Vietnam in the New Year. The Soviet leader arrived in February 1965, when he met with members of the Lao Dong Politburo and NVA commanders. They signed a defence treaty that would provide North Vietnam with both financial aid and military equipment and advisors.

* Set of article from Prof. Grover Furr []:
- "The U.S. Is Just As Guilty As Pol Pot" [], an article I wrote for The Montclarion, April 24 1998. At Pol Pot's death the U.S. media repeated the lie that he had been a Communist, while omitting completely the fact that the U.S. had financially backed him and the Khmer Rouge for 15 years, while denouncing them as "Communists" guilty of "genocide".
Other articles documenting U.S. guilt in supporting Pol Pot for years are here:
- "On the Side of Pol Pot: U.S. Supports Khmer Rouge" by Jack Colhoun (1990) [] (.pdf) []
- "The Long Secret Alliance:Uncle Sam and Pol Pot", John Pilger (1998), both from CAQ/ Covert Action Information Bulletin (.pdf) []
- "The Friends of Pol Pot" [], John Pilger's article in The Nation of May 11, 1998
- "Rouge threat to `expose US, China" []. Former Khmer Rouge leaders Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea threaten to expose US role in KR "rise to power" and US carpet-bombing of defenseless Cambodian peasants. AP report, from Hong Kong Standard, Jan. 2, 1999.
- "Pol Pot And Kissinger: On war criminality and impunity" [], Ed Herman on U.S. crimes in Indochina and U.S. support for the Khmer Rouge.
- "Pol Pot Was Not and Is Not A Communist" []

* "Still Uninvestigated After 50 Years: Did the U.S. Help Incite the 1965 Indonesia Massacre?" (2015-08-03, by Peter Dale Scott) []
* "Indonesia: The Final Solution" [] [begin excerpt]: In 1965, the Indonesian government, led by Suharto, massacred over 500,000 members of the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party). The U.S. encouraged the Indonesians to conduct the massacre and provided both diplomatic and material support throughout the killings. The exact number of dead will never be known. A U.S. State Department estimate in 1966 placed the figure at 300,000 killed to that point. Official Indonesian data released in the mid 1970s placed the number of deaths between 450,000 and 500,000 [Kolko88]. On October, 1976, Admiral Sudomo, the head of the Indonesian state security system, told a Dutch interviewer that more than 500,000 had been killed. Amnesty International quoted one source which placed the number at 700,000 and another which estimated that ``many more than one million'' had died. [end excerpt]

Photo from 1967 Battle of Milwaukee. The caption on the original photo explains the details:

* "The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement in the U.S." []
August 1968. Chicago

* []: The Berkeley Barb was launched by Max Scherr on August 13, 1965, and was one of the earliest underground newspapers to serve the civil rights, anti-war, and countercultural movements in the Sixties. For 15 years, from 1965 to 1980, the Barb was a voice for a generation looking to change the world. The Barb mixed radical politics with psychedelic art, guerrilla comics, local happenings, opinions, reviews, advice, personal ads, and frequent calls to protest. It offered its readers an unabashed alternative to the conformist mainstream press. At a nexus between Free Speech and the Sexual Revolution, the Barb trumpeted the irrepressible passions of the American counterculture. This site was created to celebrate the words and deeds of the Berkeley Barb and to share, for the first time, a digital archive of the Barb's unique record of the Sixties and Seventies. This site is dedicated to the principles of free speech, bold inquiry, and respectful dialogue. We hope to foster the positive aspects of free speech, artistic exploration and human rights movements of all kinds -- in memory of Max Scherr, in honor of the Barb's staff and contributors, and in support of everyone around the world who challenges intolerance, questions authority and strives for justice.

* "Searching for Peace in Cold War Germany" [] [begin excerpt]: In November 1982, at the height of the Reagan era, in what felt like Cold War II, Robin Lloyd and I joined a delegation organized by The Nation. Despite a prediction by Sid Lens, one fellow traveler and senior editor of The Progressive at the time, that we would never even find our destination, crossing east seemed better than watching a transvestite nightclub act. That was the entertainment choice offered by our hotel. We set out for the train carrying only some money, passports, a map and a phrase book.
An East German journalist had brought up the meeting earlier that day. "You can only see the peace movement when people assemble," he explained. The meeting was one of about 2,000 being held during a ten-day period called the annual "Peace Decade." All the events were being held in churches, institutions that had become the motor for a new movement.
In response to a renewed militarization of daily life, thousands of East Germans were gathering. Some had signed the Berliner Appeal, a letter calling for an end to military training and a peace curriculum in the schools. Others wore pacifist armbands -- even after they were banned by the state and replaced with government-circulated anti-NATO emblems.
The East German government showed open disdain for the pacifist drift of the activities, according to the journalist who gave us the tip. "In the GDR," he said, "the official meaning of peace is 'peace must be armed'." Yet after the 1979 NATO decision to deploy more than 100 Pershing missiles in West Germany, both East and West Germans saw the threat.
"People felt that war was a real possibility," explained the writer. And so, reaction in the East grew within the only autonomous organizations in the country – churches. [end excerpt]

* "Seeing Red: Disinformation in the Age of Reagan" (1981, Vanguard Press) []


Lazy intellectuals dictate that the USSR spent 40% of their GDP on the military. For comparison, the USA spends 4.5% of GDP as of 2015, the second largest percentage of GDP in the world after Saudi Arabia (the USA spends the most money over-all).
* "The Biggest Military Budgets As A Percentage Of GDP" (2015-06-25, [].
How much did the USSR spend on the military? Was it 4% GDP, or was it 40%? The USSR still had free education, homes for all, guaranteed jobs, family support... The USA could never match the USSR's social spending. So, how much was Social Spending as a percentage of USSR's GDP?  Plus GDP doesn't say anything in a society where many things are not sold. GDP is the total value of all sales in the country. That means socialist healthcare and housing isn't included with the GDP.
Because the USSR's system produced things without profit (for cheap), it was hard for capitalist agencies like to CIA to estimate how much the USSR military budget really was. If the USSR had a military like the USA ($400 for a hammer, $13 for a screw), then an estimate of 40% GDP expenditure for the military may make sense... but it wasn't a USA-style military with rapacious capitalist profit making. The USSR military made weapons without profit, so their expenditures were much, much, much less than the USA.
* "The well-publicized Soviet military build-up was a lie" (1983, [] [begin excerpt]: In 1983 testimony before the Joint Economic Committee, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) made a significant downward revision of its estimate of Soviet military spending for the period 1976-81 which went almost unreported in the press. The new estimate showed an increase of only 2% per year overall and no increase in the buying of weapons. During the same period, average annual U.S. military expenditures had a real growth rate of approximately 4% and since then have averaged 9%.
Like the bomber and missile “gaps” of the past that later proved illusory, we now find, as Senator William Proxmire said “Moscow has not been expanding its effort at the rapid rate that was once believed. It slowed its defense expansion beginning about seven years ago, a fact that the Soviets neglected to communicate and that the West failed to detect.”
The CIA is responsible for estimating Soviet military spending. Their methodology is to compute what the Soviet military would cost if built and operated in the U.S. using U.S. prices and wages! For example, to compute personnel costs, the CIA assumes a Soviet conscript’s salary to be $575 a month, which is what the U.S. Army pays a private. Actually, the Soviet conscript gets four or five rubles, about $8, a month.
Similarly, the CIA asks a U.S. corporation to compute what it would cost to build a new T-72 tank, or a new radar, or aircraft, a figure which even the CIA admits has very little to do with how much the item actually costs the Soviet government.
* "Five Myths About Russia" (2013-02-04, [] mentions in a chart that by 1992, the Russia military expenditure as a percentage of GDP was 5.5%
* "The slowdown in Soviet Defense expenditures" (1988, Yale University) (.pdf) []
* "A No-Longer-Useful Lie" (2009-01-21, [] [begin excerpt]: A truthful figure would come out too low. "Who would believe that the USSR had such a small military budget?" Abroad, the Soviet claim to strategic parity with the United States would look like a "bluff." At home, it would create the impression that "the leaders are deceiving the people under the cover of secrecy." Second, to defend the truth the Soviet government would have to disclose far more than was originally intended: "One would have to go into the differences in labor and material costs in the USSR compared with abroad and the social channels of redistribution of part of the income in the USSR, and compare the purchasing power of the ruble and dollar." [end excerpt]
* "The Soviet Union's military budget: secrets, lies and half-truths" (2008, [] [begin excerpt]: In 1986, Gorbachev’s Politburo resolved to move towards greater openness in military matters, including the defence budget. The reason given was that otherwise they could not get past Western suspicions of the "Soviet threat." That this was a genuine determination is suggested by the delays and foot-dragging that followed. The truth had to be compiled from many different government departments and accounts. There were many sources and subsidies, including some that were indirect – for example, budget and off-budget subsidies to the engineering industry. So it was unclear how thoroughly to sweep the general budget accounts for direct and indirect defence costs. There was also resistance. A coalition of resisters, led by Marshal Sergei Akhromeev, chief of the general staff, offered both strategic and commercial grounds for delay.
The strategic considerations were that the Soviet Union was trying to negotiate an arms control treaty with the United States from a position of strategic partnership, as one global superpower with another. In this context, the emerging rouble figure was going to look "too low." If the Soviet Union was not spending a figure comparable to United States’ dollar spending on defence, how could it claim strategic parity? A related issue with commercial implications was that the new figure would make Soviet military hardware look "too cheap." This information would undercut the profitable prices that Soviet exporters were currently charging to foreign purchasers of armaments. [end excerpt]

* "Behind the Call for a "NUCLEAR FREEZE" in Europe" (1982) []: The Soviet Union faces a grim paradox: the more its worldwide nuclear advantage grows, the greater is its future insecurity close to home in Europe. On March 16 President Leonid I. Brezhnev announced a unilateral moratorium on deployment of intermediate range nuclear missiles in the European part of the Soviet Union. The 75-year-old Soviet leader further pledged that some missiles now in place would be removed later this year. And that some older single warhead SS-4 and SS-5 missiles would not be replaced with the newer, more powerful, triple warheaded SS-20s. The Soviet Union is already believed to possess 300 SS-20s, two thirds of which are targeted upon key population and strategic centers in Western Europe.

* "Lies and Rigged 'Star Wars' Test Fooled the Kremlin, and Congress" (1993-08-18, [] [begin excerpt]: Officials in the "Star Wars" project rigged a crucial 1984 test and faked other data in a program of deception that misled Congress as well as the intended target, the Soviet Union, four former Reagan Administration officials said.
The deception program was designed to feed the Kremlin half-truths and lies about the project, the former Administration officials said. It helped persuade the Soviets to spend tens of billions of dollars to counter the American effort to develop a space-based shield against nuclear attack proposed by former President Ronald Reagan in 1983, they said.
But the deceptive information originally intended for consumption in the Kremlin also seeped into closed briefings that helped persuade Congress to spend more money on strategic defense, the former Reagan Administration officials said.
One military officer who described the deception program said it had overstepped its boundaries. "It wasn't designed to deceive Congress," he said. "It was used improperly."
The former officials said the deception program was approved by Caspar W. Weinberger, the Secretary of Defense from 1981 to 1987. Mr. Weinberger would not confirm or deny that he had approved the deception. But he said that Congress was not deceived and that deceiving one's enemies is natural and necessary to any major military initiative.
"You always work on deception," he said in an interview from his home in Maine. "You're always trying to practice deception. You are obviously trying to mislead your opponents and to make sure that they don't know the actual facts."
The former Administration officials cited what they said was a clear example of a rigged test that misled Congress and the Kremlin. In June 1984, they said, a fourth attempt was made to hit a target missile launched from California with an interceptor missile launched from the Pacific.
The first three tests in the series had failed. It was crucial that the fourth succeed, a scientist with the project said. "We would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in Congress if we didn't perform it successfully," he said. "It would be a catastrophe."
"We rigged the test," the scientist said. "We put a beacon with a certain frequency on the target vehicle. On the interceptor, we had a receiver." In effect, the scientist said, the target was talking to the missile, saying: "Here I am. Come get me.
"The hit looked beautiful," the scientist said, "so Congress didn't ask questions."
At the time, project officials described the test as proof that the program could clear a crucial technological hurdle, the first time a missile had ever intercepted a long-range ballistic missile in flight. [end excerpt]

March against U.S. aid to El Salvador, Washington, D.C., March 27, 1982 []:


* "Extremist Ideological Background of Croatia’s Role in the Destruction of Yugoslavia" (2015-08-06, by Vladislav B. Sotirović) []
* "The History of “Humanitarian Warfare”: NATO’s Reign of Terror in Kosovo, The Destruction of Yugoslavia" (2008-02-27, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, [] [begin excerpt]: Reagan’s NSDD 133 (1984) “Secret and Sensitive”
There is evidence that the US administration in liason with its allies took the decision in the early 1980s to destabilise and dismantle Yugoslavia.
The decision to destroy Yugoslavia as a country and carve it up into a number of small proxy states was taken by the Reagan adminstration in the early 1980s.
A “Secret Sensitive” National Security Decision Directive (NSDD 133) entitled “US Policy towards Yugoslavia.”  (Declassified) set the foreign policy framework for the destabilization of Yugoslavia’s model of market socialism and the establishment of a US sphere of influence in Southeastern Europe.
Yugoslavia was in many regards “an economic success story”. In the two decades before 1980, annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaged 6.1 percent, medical care was free, the rate of literacy was 91 percent, and life expectancy was 72 years.
While NSDD 133 was in itself a somewhat innocous document, it provided legitimacy to the free market reforms. A series of covert intelligence operations were implemented, which consisted in creating and supporting secessionist paramilitary armies, first in Bosnia then in Kosovo.
These covert operations were combined with the destabilization of the Yugoslav economy. The application of strong economic medicine under the helm of the IMF and the World Bank ultimately led to the destruction of Yugoslavia’s industrial base, the demise of the workers’ cooperative and the dramatic impoverishment of its population. [end excerpt]

* "Serbs recall victims of Operations Storm" (1995) []

* "Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11" (2015-08-08, []

* "The Routine Use of Fake Images and Video Footage by the Western Media" (2014-02-22, updated 2015-08-10, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, []:
Image from CNN Report showing “Chinese Cops” in Tibet, actually from footage of a protest movement in India, 2008.
It has become routine for the mainstream media including network TV to present fake images and footage of protest movements.
This process of manipulating the truth and presenting fake images is nothing new. When it is discovered, CNN or the BBC will invariably apologize for having used the “wrong image”, from the “wrong country” from its extensive archives.
The February 2014 anti-government riots in Venezuela  were “documented” by numerous fake images.
“Here are some brutal cops, with nice woolly caps and fur collars to guard against the 24°C Caracas weather, I assume.”

“This one is so iconic! But CNN had to admit that the graphic photo depicting a Venezuelan cop threatening a protester was actually taken in Singapore []. See Constructing the Deception of the Anti-Government “Protests” in Venezuela: A Photo Gallery, Global Research, 18 February 2014

Green Square Tripoli, 2011. Libyans are seen celebrating the victory of Rebel forces over Gaddafi in this BBC News Report []. Examine the footage: It’s not Green Square and it’s not the King Idris Flag (red, black green) of the Rebels. Its the Indian flag (orange, white and green) and the people at the rally are Indians. Perhaps you did not even notice it. And if you did notice, ”it was probably a mistake”, according to the BBC: “we’re so sorry, got it mixed up”

The Tibet 2008 Riots. Scroll down for complete report. Alleged Chinese cops in khaki uniforms are shown repressing Tibet demonstrators in China.
CNN, March 14, 2008  1′.36”

But the cops are not Chinese. They are Indian. Khaki colored uniforms were first introduced in the British cavalry in India in 1846. No khaki uniforms in China. These are the uniforms of China’s “Armed Police”.

Most people who viewed the CNN report failed to notice that these Chinese cops with khaki uniforms and mustache do not look Chinese.
I think the issue is that most viewers trust CNN. They would not –by any stretch of the imagination– accept the fact that CNN is quite deliberately falsifying the news using fake video footage.
Think Twice.
CNN has got its countries mixed up. Sloppy journalism or media fraud?
The following text written in April 2008 shows how CNN reported on the Tibet riots by using footage of a protest movement which occurred in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

* "Western Media Fabrications regarding the Tibet Riots" (2008-04-16, by Michel Chossudovsky):
On the day of the Lhasa Riots (March 14, 2008), there is evidence of media fabrication by CNN.
The videotape presented by CNN in its News Report on the 14th of March (1.00pm EST) was manipulated.
VIDEO: Tibet monks protest against Chinese rulers (CNN, March 14, 2008) []
The report presented by CNN’s Beijing Correspondent John Vause focused on the Tibet protests in Gansu province and in the Tibetan capital Lhasa.
What was shown, however, was a videotape of the Tibet protest movement in India.
Viewers were led to believe that the protests were in China and that the Indian police shown in the videotape were Chinese cops.
At the outset of the report, a few still pictures were presented followed by a videotape showing police repressing and arresting demonstrators in what appeared to be a peaceful protest:
“CNN received these photographs from Gansu province, where there is a large Tibetan population” []
[CNN Vause reports on the protest movement in Gansu province. (starts at 1'.00)]
[begin transcript] CNN received these photographs from Gansu province, where there is a large Tibetan population. [still photographs followed by video footage] According to Students for a Free Tibet, about 2,000 protestors took to the streets earlier today. They were there for about three hours. They flew the Tibetan flag and called for an independent Tibet. All of this comes after days of unrest in Tibet after monks, who were marking the 49th anniversary of a failed uprising against Chinese rule.(CNN News, 1.00pm EST, March 14, 2008)
The voice over of John Vause then shifts into reporting on violence in Lhasa. The videotape however depicts the Tibetan protest in Himashal Pradesh, India.
[JOHN VAUSE, CNN CORRESPONDENT] And what could be worrying here to Beijing is that these demonstrations are being joined by ordinary Tibetan civilians, lay Tibetans. The targets here are ethnic Chinese. We’ve been told by one Chinese woman that she was attacked by Tibetan rioters. Her injuries sent her to hospital.
Also under fire here, Chinese-owned businesses, as well as government offices, and also the security forces.
According to U.S.-based human rights groups, the three main monasteries on the outskirts of Lhasa have now been surrounded by Chinese troops, and they’ve been sealed off.
We’ve also heard over the last couple of days, according to human rights groups, that more than a dozen monks have been rounded up and arrested. And there are reports, unconfirmed, that at least two people have been killed. [end transcript]

Chinese Cops in Khaki Uniforms.
The video footage, which accompanied CNN’s John Vause’s report, had nothing to do with China. The police were not Chinese, but Indian cops in khaki uniforms from the Northeastern State of Himachal Pradesh, India.
Viewers were led to believe that demonstrations inside China were peaceful and that people were being arrested by Chinese cops.
1′.27-1′.44″ video footage of “Chinese cops” and demonstrators including Buddhist monks. Chinese cops are shown next to Tibetan monks
Are these Chinese Cops from Gansu Province or Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, as suggested by CNN’s John Vause’s Report?

Alleged Chinese cops repressing Tibet demonstrators in China , CNN, March 14, 2008  1′.36”

Alleged Chinese cops in khaki uniforms repressing Tibet demonstrators in China, CNN, March 14, 2008  1’40″

Their khaki uniforms with berets seem to bear the imprint of the British colonial period.
Khaki colored uniforms were first introduced in the British cavalry in India in 1846.
Khaki means “dust” in Hindi and Persian.
Moreover, the cops with khaki uniforms and mustache do not look Chinese.
Look carefully.
They are Indian cops.
The videotape shown on March 14 by CNN is not from China (Gansu Province or Lhasa, Tibet’s Capital). The video was taken in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India. The videotape of the Tibet protest movement in India was used in the CNN report on the Tibet protest movement within China.
In a March 13 Report by CNN, demonstrators are being arrested by Indian police in khaki uniforms during a protest march at Dehra, about 50 km from Dharamsala in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.
VIDEO; Tibet Protest movement in India, CNN, March 13, 2008 []
“Indian police arrested around 100 Tibetans on Thursday, dragging them into waiting police vans, as they tried to march to the Chinese border to press claims for independence and protest the Beijing Olympics.” (REUTERS/Abhishek Madhukar (INDIA))
Below are images from CNN’s report on March 13, on the protest movement in Himachal Pradesh, India.
Compare these images to those in the March 14 CNN report. Same cops, same uniforms, same Indian style mustache

Indian cops repressing Tibet demonstrators in Himachal Pradesh, India CNN, March 13, 2008  0′.53″

Indian cops repressing Tibet demonstrators in Himachal Pradesh, India CNN, March 13, 2008  1′.02″

Indian cops repressing Tibet demonstrators in Himachal Pradesh, India CNN, March 13, 2008, 1′.18″

Indian cops repressing Tibet demonstrators in Himachal Pradesh, India CNN, March 13, 2008  2.04″

We invite our readers to examine these two reports as well as the Transcript of the March 14 CNN program.
The CNN’s March 14 report on the Tibet Protest movement in China shows Chinese cops in khaki uniforms, yellow lapels and berets. While the videotape is not identical to that of March 13, CNN’s coverage of the events in China on March 14 used a videotape taken from the coverage of the Tibet Protest movement in India, with Indian cops in khaki uniforms.
The video footage was not provided to CNN by a third party. It was part of CNN’s videotaping of  the protest movement in Dharamsala on March 13.
The protest movement in India on March 13 was “peaceful”. It was organised by the Dalai Lama’s “government in exile”. It took place within 50 km of the headquarters of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala.
The Western media was invited in to film the event, and take pictures of Buddhist monks involved in a peaceful, nonviolent march. These are the pictures which circled the World.
So what has occurred is that CNN  has copied and pasted its own videotape of the Tibet Protest movement in India and has fabricated a Gansu Province/ Lhasa, China “peaceful” protest movement with Chinese cops in khaki British colonial style uniforms.
The Chinese never adopted the British style khaki uniform and beret.
These uniforms do not correspond to those used by the police in China. (See photograph below)

No khaki uniforms in China. These are the uniforms of China’s “Armed Police”.
Meanwhile, the images of the violent riots in Lhasa, in which a criminal mob set fire to shops, homes and schools, burning several people alive, and stabbing innocent civilians with knives were not shown on network TV in the US and Western Europe. Small segments of the riots in Lhasa were shown out of context and with a view to accusing the Chinese authorities of repressing a “peaceful protest”.(See our report on the events, see coverage of the Lhasa Riots by China’s CC-TV [])
While the videotape used is not identical, both CNN reports, however, show the same cops in khaki uniforms and the same Tibetan demonstrators in India. The footage used in support of CNN’s March 14 coverage of the protext movement in China has nothing to do with China. it happened in India.
CNN has got its countries mixed up.
Sloppy journalism or media fraud?
VIDEO: Tibet monks protest against Chinese rulers (CNN, March 14, 2008) []
VIDEO; Tibet Protest movement in India, (CNN, March 13, 2008) []

March 14, 2008 Friday
[with Don Lemon and John Vause reporting from Beijing]
LEMON: All right. So this place, we know, should be known for peace. Right? But that is not what is happening here lately.
Buddhist monks demonstrating for independence from China. Ethnic Tibetans join in, and soon — soon streets are filled with screams, with gunfire, with rioting. And so far the Chinese government has refused to allow CNN to even enter Tibet.
Our John Vause brings us what he knows. He’s in Beijing.
JOHN VAUSE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The latest information from our sources in Lhasa tell us that the streets are basically deserted, except for patrols by police cars and armored military vehicles.
We’re told fires are still burning and phone lines are still down, but electricity has been restored. And the situation there now is described as relatively calm. But these protests do appear to be spreading to the east of the country.
CNN received these photographs from Gansu province [still picture followed by live video of Indian protest], where there is a large Tibetan population. According to Students for a Free Tibet, about 2,000 protestors took to the streets earlier today. They were there for about three hours. They flew the Tibetan flag and called for an independent Tibet. All of this comes after days of unrest in Tibet after monks, who were marking the 49th anniversary of a failed uprising against Chinese rule.
And what could be worrying here to Beijing is that these demonstrations are being joined by ordinary Tibetan civilians, lay Tibetans. The targets here are ethnic Chinese. We’ve been told by one Chinese woman that she was attacked by Tibetan rioters. Her injuries sent her to hospital.
Also under fire here, Chinese-owned businesses, as well as government offices, and also the security forces.
According to U.S.-based human rights groups, the three main monasteries on the outskirts of Lhasa have now been surrounded by Chinese troops, and they’ve been sealed off.
We’ve also heard over the last couple of days, according to human rights groups, that more than a dozen monks have been rounded up and arrested. And there are reports, unconfirmed, that at least two people have been killed.
Beijing has now moved to seal off Tibet, banning foreigners and journalists from traveling there. Flights and train services have also been canceled.
John Vause, CNN, Beijing.

This is not the only example of media fabrication where video images and photographs are manipulated.
What really happened. Compare CNN’s report using a fake videotape to the coverage of the Lhasa riots on China State TV. Coverage of the Lhasa Riots by China State Television CC-TV []. Who is Telling the Truth?

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