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Sept. 11th, 2014, Northbay Uprising radio news

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SALUTE! Forces for Peace and Justice gather in Ferguson, Missouri [link]
** "Uncle Bobby in Ferguson, supporting the most fearless youth of our generation", by JR Valrey, The People’s Minister of Information [ link] (
** "The lessons of Ferguson, Part One: Economic inequality a root cause of unrest" by Marc H. Morial [ link] (
** "Ferguson lit the fuse", 2014-09-03 by Willi Ratcliff, publisher, "San Francisco Bayview" newspaper [ link]: On Aug. 9, police in Ferguson, St. Louis County, Missouri, murdered Michael Brown, 18, as he put his hands in the air to let his friend escape. Then the police aimed their full U.S. military-strength force at all the youth of Ferguson who dared to demand justice.
With the world watching and their hands in the air, identifying the police as the source of the violence, night after night, young people waded INTO the tear gas and stood unflinching with guns in their faces. Oscar Grant’s Uncle Bobby, Cephus Johnson, calls them the most fearless youth of our generation. And they vow not to stop until killer cop Darren Wilson is brought to justice.
In Ferguson, the poverty rate doubled in three years and the unemployment rate rocketed from less than 5 percent to over 13 percent in two years. With gentrification at a fever pitch, Black communities across the country, in the inner cities and the suburbs, are fighting for survival. Everyone’s asking, what next?
I say we use our power – with the fierce determination of the youth of Ferguson – pool our resources and put our people to work, proudly providing for their families, building and developing their own, our own, community. That’s why I founded Rising Sun Developers and Rising Sun Investments. Right now, steady, expert hands are laying the groundwork. We’ll have more to report soon.
In Ferguson, the community has fused together across age, class and even race and street tribe differences. In these photos, the Bloods and Crips make peace, and an elderly woman outside the church, packed with 4,500 mourners at Michael Brown’s funeral, leads the hundreds left outside in protest chants to support the youth.

In the words of Marcus Garvey, whose UNIA, the largest mass movement in Black history, just celebrated its 100th anniversary, “Up, you mighty race; accomplish what you will.”

Saturday, September 13th, 1-5PM          
Located at 2556 Haste St, Berkeley, CA 94704, []
Musicians, Poets and Speakers PUSH BACK AGAINST
In the last half year in the south campus area of Berkeley there have been hundreds of arrests banishments and stay away orders. The Telegraph Avenue Merchants Association has taken the landlords contributions hired a ambassador force that acts and do a lot of the work of the police. They have stopped our communication by wiping out all venues that we in the past have communicated through. They have wiped out all of the community on Telegraph Avenue. This is a rally is open to everyone to speak to overcome this repression by the police, landlords, business and corporations.

Northbay Copwatch [link]
** To alleviate public concern for militerized training for civilian law enforcement, Oakland Mayor draws Alameda Co. Sheriff scorn by forbidding Urban Shield from setting up shop in Oakland [link]
** Alameda County Sheriff's business relationship with Urban Shield and Cytel Group [link]
** Alameda Sheriff censors the media, ejecting journalist for taking photos of Urban Shield convention vendors [link]
** Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit filed for Yanira Serrano Garcia [link]
** "The Forfeiture Machine turns Cops into Robbers" video [ link]

October 2014: Month of Resistance to Mass Incarceration, Police Terror, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

If you have not done so, we call on you to endorse the Month of Resistance [link]. An important perspective on why this is such a huge issue comes from Project Censored, which today released a new study, Law Enforcement Related Deaths in the US: “Justifiable Homicides” and the Impacts on Families [ link]: "According to newspaper accounts over 1,500 people die annually in the US in law enforcement related deaths. These are all deaths in the presence of law enforcement personnel both on the street and in local jails.  Infamous cases such as Andy Lopez, Oscar Grant, and Michael Brown are only the tip of the iceberg..."
Make plans to participate in October Events [link]:
Wednesday October 1 Publication of The Call for a Month of Resistance
October 3-10 Sermons on mass incarceration in religious institutions
* October 6-12  Panels and symposiums on campuses and in neighborhoods
* October 12-18 Cultural expressions against mass incarceration
* October 13 Not One More Deportation Day
* Wednesday October 22 19th Annual Day of Protest Against Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation
* Friday October 31 National "Wear Orange" Day

Worker's Defense Committee [link]:
** "Plutocratic Fallacies in the Service of Fast-Food Exploitation" [ link]
** "Wage growth in the U.S. is stuck in the '70s" [ link]
** Fast Food workers have a right to unionize without retaliation [link]
** "'$15 Could Change Everything': Hundreds Arrested As Fast-Food Workers Strike Nationwide" [ link]
** "McDonald’s workers block streets during nationwide wage protests" [ link]

from the Committee to Free 'em All! [link]
** Agreement to End Hostilities, notes from a former SHU prisoner at Soledad [link]
** "Dr. Mutulu Shakur on Tupac: Fight for the legacy" [link]
** "Culture shock! Leaving Skeleton Bay after decades in solitary" [ link]
** "Leaving Pelican Bay SHU, I’m a pup in a brand new world" [ link]
** Status Report from Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa: "Worse than Pelican Bay" [link]

from the Committee for the Study of Fascism, domestic [link], and worldwide [link]:
** Philadelphia PD seize homes of people who can't pay legal fees [link]
** USA torture techniques include near drowning, beyond "waterboarding" with a cloth [link]
** Chicago Tribune reporter Ken Dilanian is a CIA asset [link]
** Oh, Frack You Say! The Royal Dutch Shell company says energy is best exported, and doing so makes for better national security [link]

Remember the dead of 9/11's retribution wars!
** Trillions of dollars worth of minerals recoverable in the jurisdiction of Afghanistan [link]
** Over 5 million civilians killed throughout 10 years of the Afghanistan war [ link]
** Iraq’s Shocking Human Toll [ link]
** US Sponsored Genocide Against Iraq 1990-2012. Killed 3.3 Million, Including 750,000 Children [ link]
** Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil, as deaths put at 1.2m [ link]
** Million Dead in Iraq? 6 Reasons the Media Hide the True Human Toll of War -- And Why We Let Them [ link]

** NATO's current warcrimes are comparable to the old Nazi SS, says historical figure [link]
** How Liberals are duped into thinking Fascism does not exist in Ukraine [link]

ISIS, an "Islamo-Fascist" state, was funded and trained by the USA and allies (Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc.) to destabilize the governments of Syria and Iraq, both of whom are allies of Iran. Researchers have documented the partnership between the CIA, Mossad and Turkey's national security agencies and the ISIS militias, funneling money, weapons (including chlorine gas for mass-killings) and a convoy of brand-new Toyota and Nissan trucks. The following articles provide some insights into the taboo subject of Israel's recent support for the Islamic State:
** "Jerusalem Post", Feb. 2014, documents Prime Minister's visit to "Jihadist elements" being treated at IDF hospital in Golan (just over the ridge from Syria, where jihadist death-squads have killed many civilians of national minorities like the Druze who support Syria's secular government). [ link]
** "Blowback: How Islamic State Grew Out of U.S Invasion of Iraq, Destruction of Nation" [ link]
** "Why doesn't Israel ever get attacked by ISIS and al Qaeda?" by Brandon Turbeville [external link]
** “The ISIS Crisis: Brought to you by US and Isreal”, 2014-08-31, CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX [] interview with Brandon Turbeville of “Truth on the Tracks” radio [].

** "Iraq and Syria are Burning, “Constructive Chaos” and America’s Broader Strategy to Conquer Eurasia" [ link]
** "Israel Helps ISIS with Airstrikes Against the Syrian Government" [ link]

ISIS, Turkey, and Chemical Weapons: 
Today, the USA says it will begin bombing Syria, targeting chemical weapons being used.
** "Syria airstrikes need boots on the ground, AF officer says", 2014-09-11 [ link] [ link]: U.S. special operations forces will be needed on the ground in Syria to make the expanded air war President Obama has ordered there more effective, a senior Air Force commander told USA TODAY. The spy planes flying missions over Iraq and Syria can develop a list of potential Islamic State targets, said the commander who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe what the war might look like. But it's "absolutely crucial that pilots are talking to an American on the ground" who can verify that the target is legitimate. [end excerpt]
Same thing happened last year (2013). The USA was about to conduct massive airstrikes against civilians in Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons being used against civilians... by ISIS, but blamed on the Syria government. This plan was stopped when an international investigation found that the chemical weapons were being used by USA-sponsored ISIS militia:
** "Turkish prosecutors indict Syrian rebels for seeking chemical weapons" (2013) [ link]
** "UN accuses Syrian rebels of chemical weapons use" [ link]
** "Was Turkey Behind Syrian Sarin Attack?" [ link]
** "Under-Reported UN Investigation Points to Rebel Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria"[ link]
** "On brink of Syria invasion: 1 year since Ghouta chemical attack" [ link]

Liaison group to the Solano Peace, Justice & Freedom Coalition [link]:
** Anti-war movement responds to Obama's speech on Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State [link]
** "Veterans For Peace Statement Opposing U.S. Bombing of Iraq and Syria" [link]
** USA & EU prepared for years of military intervention in northern Arabia oil fields [link]
** ‘Stop NATO!’ Anti-militarist protest gains momentum in Wales ahead of summit [link] (

Dawnstar Indigenous Nations Committee [link]:
KURDISTAN - Salute to the PKK! Protectors of the Yezidi and other nations, advancing human-rights and a community free of trans-national domination.
** "The new PKK unleashed a social revolution in Kurdistan" [link]
PKK of West Kurdistan work in solidarity with the Yezidi nation: 

Committee for the Study of History and the Current Context [link]:
Note: the following presentation of unpolitically correct information advances our studies as fearless researchers in the field. The following warrants an examination with a clear mind. 
Break free from the censorship.

“WE WERE LIED TO ABOUT 9/11” weekly radio show, part of THE SOAPBOX People's Network [link]
** Episode 1: Jenna Orkin. Listen at Youtube [link], more info [link].
** Episode 2: Mickey Huff. Listen at Youtube [link], more info [link].
** Episode 3: Erik Larson. Listen at Youtube [link], more info [link]
** Further documentation
- []
- []
- []

Remember their stories...
In September 1966, the Hunters Point Rebellion made headlines around the world when the youth of Hunters Point rose up to stop police murder and occupation. They held the Hill against the police until the governor called in the National Guard, and their tanks rumbled up and down Third Street.
** "1966 Hunters Point Rebellion: Recollections of Harold Brooks and Thomas Fleming" [ link]. Although the young “rioters” did little damage beyond breaking some windows and overturning a police car, Mayor Jack Shelley sent SFPD sharpshooters, who shot into the Bayview Opera House, where children had sought sanctuary. And Gov. Pat Brown, father of current Gov. Jerry Brown, declared martial law and called in the National Guard, who patrolled Third Street on foot and in tanks.
– Photo: The Hunters Point Bayview Spokesman, a local Black newspaper

"Workers of the world unite, the only thing you have to lose is your chains!" - Karl Marx.
As popular as it is becoming across the Americas, you may not know a thing about a Communist's ideas. Listen in to a Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox [link] Labor Day interview with Ray O. Light of the Revolutionary Organization of Labor, to talk about the links between the working-class in the United States and oppressed peoples of the world, and the censoring of 20th century history. Listen here:

"Beheadings, Bombings, and 'Western Values': Apparent United States policy",
2014-09-10 from "World Cant Wait" []:
If “brutal” enemies do the beheading, start bombing whole regions, as Henry Kissinger said on Sunday [link], and respond disproportionately, in a way that “you would not analyze in terms of a normal response.”
If authoritarian “friendly” governments do the beheading, as Saudi Arabia has done 26 times [link] since August 4, 2014 (mostly to non-Saudis and political dissidents) say and do nothing. Human Rights Watch says the U.S. maintains a “deafening silence” on human rights violations by Saudi Arabia, its key ally in the region.
National Security Advisor Susan E. Rice explained her government's take on “advancing” human rights while maintaining friendships with torturers last December [link]: “Let’s be honest: at times, as a result, we do business with governments that do not respect the rights we hold most dear. We make tough choices.”
The beheadings of two journalists from the United States by the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria were horrifying, deliberately so. The executions, for drug trafficking, inciting protest, or at the whim of a judge in Saudi Arabia's Islamic court, where there is no civil procedure, are also outrageous.
But even more outrageous are the air wars by the powerful military machines of NATO and the United States, which inevitably kill civilians, and have so far done far more damage to people.
A World to Win News Service said Monday, "The Islamists beheaded the journalist Foley for political ends and to send a political message. The U.S., like the world's imperialist and other reactionary governments, kills for the same reasons, abroad and at home. No violent act is beyond them – the only question is what, at a given moment, suits their exploitative interests and their oppressive political power."
Glenn Greenwald wrote on American fear of ISIS in The Intercept [link]: “It’s easy to understand why beheading videos provoke such intense emotion: they’re savage and horrific to watch, by design. But are they more brutal than the constant, ongoing killing of civilians [link], including children, that the U.S. and its closest allies have been continuously perpetrating? ...for instance, Pakistani teenager Tariq [Khan] attended an anti-drone meeting, and then days later, was “decapitated” by a U.S. missile — the high-tech version of beheading — and his 12 year old cousin was also killed by that drone [link]. Whether “intent” is one difference is quite debatable... but the brutality is no less. It’s true that we usually don’t see that carnage, but the fact that it’s kept from the U.S. population doesn’t mean it disappears or becomes more palatable or less savage.”
It's really key to understand that the U.S. war and occupation created the ground on which Islamic fundamentalism spread.
David Swanson, Sept. 10th, in "Warning to War Supporters" [link]: "If you want to bomb a country every time an evil group murders people in a gruesome manner, you'll have to bomb a lot of countries including our own.  ISIS draws its strength in Iraq from resentment of the Iraqi government, which bombs its own cities using U.S. weapons [link], and which beheads people [link], albeit in grainier footage with lower production values.  Allies in the region, including allies that support ISIS [link], including allies armed by the United States [ link] (some of which arms end up in the hands of ISIS [link]), themselves behead people regularly [link]. But is that worse than other types of killing?"
We will learn more tonight from President Obama about his plans for retaliation against the Islamic State in Iraq, and likely in Syria as well.  We're told he will predict that a 3 year war will dismantle ISIS.
It's already begun. Centcom tweets its videos of 131 US bombing attacks on Iraq this year [link]. Of course you don't see who gets killed. So far we know nothing specific about the use of drones, save for reports of flights and a few photos.
Nick Mottern, coordinator of, wrote today about the similarity between U.S. and Israeli use of drones:
“In its drone use against IS in the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Fallujah and other urban areas, the US will almost certainly use Israeli procedures developed for drone use over Gaza, where drones harass the population, assassinate and direct bombing by piloted aircraft.
“The use of drones now underway in Iraq and envisioned for Syria takes US drone use beyond assassination and relatively narrow use in ground support that has occurred in Afghanistan and Libya, into wide-ranging, systematic use as a key component of US war fighting against people who have no modern air defenses. This follows the lead of Israel in drone use, and is predicated on ignoring the rights to privacy of hundreds of thousands of civilians as well as their right to freedom from fear and right to life.” (Continue reading... [link])
Whether by airstrike or dronestrike, U.S. attacks on Iraq and Syria won't increase the safety of the people. But the fear-mongering continues, leading people to think that ISIS plans an attack on the U.S.  Democratic Senator Bill Nelson made these claims about ISIS in arguing for war [link]:
“This is a terrorist group the likes of which we haven’t seen before, and we better stop them now... It ought to be pretty clear when they start cutting off the heads of journalists and say they’re going to fly the black flag of ISIS over the White House that ISIS is a clear and present danger.”
The biggest danger is that people living in the U.S. will once again get bamboozled into supporting an unjust war to strengthen the U.S. empire in the name of "stopping" Islamic fundamentalism.
How is that working in Afghanistan, 13 years later?


Resolution in Support of the Northern California People’s Climate Rally [link]

Oct 4th is Anti-Drone Day of Action

VFP chapters are urged to join with activists around the world for the International Day of Action Against Drones, October 4th, which is also the first day of "Keep Space for Peace Week."  Check out the list of actions already planned on the website and join in with a local action, or plan your own.  Ideas include demonstrations outside of drone bases or manufacturers, an educational presentation, showing of a film, leafleting, or making quilt blocks for the Drones Quilt Project.  For a list of other action ideas and resources, click here.
Email Casey @ to let the national office know what you have planned!

Benicia Planning Commission
Thurs., Sept. 11, 6pm!
WHERE:  Benicia City Hall, 250 East L Street  
WHEN: This Thursday, September 11, 2014
PACKED HOUSE: Plan to arrive between 3pm and 7pm
At this hearing, our Planning Commissioners will be asking questions and making their own comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report. This is a very important part of the process. Please attend to hear what our Planning Commissioners have to say.
This will ALSO be the last PUBLIC comment hearing on Valero's Draft Environmental Impact Report. If you have not spoken before, this is your last chance - you can still speak even if you have not submitted a speaker card before. And if you were at one of the last hearings and submitted your card but they didn't get to you or you left before they could get to you, you can speak at this hearing. .
PLAN TO ATTEND.  Numbers speak!
For guidelines and suggestions on how to offer comments that are helpful to our Planning Commissioners, see RESOURCES at [].
For additional background information and resources see LEARN MORE at []
Another good source of information is The Benicia Independent [].

Exploding Oil Trains in Fremont?
Thursday, September 11,  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Fremont Senior Center, 40086 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538
The event is free, though donations will be accepted to help cover expenses. The facility is wheelchair accessible.
Concerned that the oil trains slated to run through the East Bay pose a local threat from spills and explosions and a global threat because the oil they carry will contribute to climate change, a group of south Alameda activists are hosting an educational and organizing event.
Mile-long trains of tank cars carrying oil will likely be moving through the East Bay, including Fremont -- unless we do something about it. These are the same sort of trains and tank cars that exploded in a fiery crash in Lac M├ęgantic, Quebec, in July 2013.
In response to concerns, a group of Tri-City residents is presenting this "get-informed" program. The first speaker, Jess Dervin-Ackerman from the Sierra Club, will discuss what the crude oil trains entail and why we should be concerned about them. The second speaker, Diane Bailey, a Senior Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), will explain how the spike in oil trains is connected to the U.S. energy boom and to global climate change.

Picketing for Andy Lopez at the Hall of Justice
Tuesday, Sept. 16, 9:00 a.m. to noon
Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez's on-going weekly picket to demand Justice for Andy Lopez.
600 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa
Justice for Andy Lopez Cruz! (d. 2013-10-22; Santa Rosa) [link]

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