Monday, September 8, 2014

Resolution in Support of the Northern California People’s Climate Rally

adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council
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Whereas on Sunday, September 21st there will be  a massive, non-violent march in New York City called by, along with thousands of local, and national environmental , union and social justice organizations across the country, and

Whereas on that same day, there will be a Northern California People’s Climate Rally at Lake Merritt Park Amphitheater, in Oakland California in solidarity with the event in NYC, and

Whereas, the United Nations Climate Summit 2014 will be held two days later on September 23rd, in NYC, representing another step towards the corporate takeover of the UN climate negotiations and the privatization of land, water and air resources under the guise of a global climate compact, and

Whereas the biosphere is in a fragile balance; the warming of the atmosphere melts the arctic ice that reflects sunlight, which means more sunlight absorbed, which means more warming, which in turn melts more ice, and on and on, so that these “feedback loops” which have already begun, approach “tipping points” where they spin out of control threatening our continued existence on this planet, and

Whereas the heads of state meeting at the UN climate talks are politicians, not scientists, and, therefore must respond to massive social pressure, even as they ignore the science.

Therefore Be it Resolved that the San Francisco Labor Council calls on its member organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to participate in the Northern California People’s Climate rally to be held on Sunday, September 21st at Oakland’s Lake Merritt Park Amphitheater to stand in solidarity with the People’s Climate Justice Summit in NYC for a world with an economy that works for people and the planet.  For a world that is safe from the ravages of climate change.  For a world with good jobs, clean air and water, peace, justice and healthy communities.

Be it Finally Resolved that the San Francisco Labor Council send copies of this resolution to its affiliates and the California Federation of Labor to encourage these bodies to support the Northern California People’s Climate Rally.

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