Monday, July 14, 2014

Their Preparations for Revolution in the United States & Ours

by Steven Argue of the Revolutionary Tendency:
Due to the inevitable internal contradictions and growing inequalities of the capitalist system, life will continue to get worse for the vast majority of people in the United States. As the ruling capitalist class makes sure that it is the working class that pays for the crisis of this system, and not the capitalists, the current situation of relative class peace will not last.
The capitalists who own this country know that. That's why they have less and less tolerance for free speech, whistle blowers, net neutrality, protests, and independent journalism. That is also why they are also preparing in other ways like militarizing the police, carrying out mass surveillance, normalizing the mass incarceration of the poor, normalizing routine police beatings and shootings of unarmed victims, and introducing expanded forced drugging of psychiatric patients. In addition they have eliminated habeas corpus, overturned the 1965 Voting Rights Act, increased the amounts of money the capitalists can spend on buying the elections, and moved the entire accepted political "debate" far to the right.
Yet, most forms of speaking out and organizing aren't illegal yet. This is a perfect time to be building a revolutionary party that can bring the multiracial working class to power when the opportunities emerge.
Revolutionary upsurges are likely to occur suddenly at times that we don't necessarily expect it. In those situations, the propagandists of the system and its politicians will work overtime to derail all revolutionary potential, as they have done to the recent unsuccessful attempts at a revolution in Egypt. A key ingredient that has been missing in Egypt is an authentic revolutionary leadership with a program of splitting the military and bringing the working class to power. It is essential to have that revolutionary party organized and as strong as possible before these revolutionary opportunities emerge or else essential fleeting opportunities for proletarian revolution are lost.
So this is the task. Building an above ground and legal revolutionary party today that takes up transitional demands, applies the collective memory of the working class in how to win those through strikes and protests, studies the methods of how the working class has won power in the past while being aware of how to avoid past betrayals, and builds a vanguard party around those understandings to hopefully be prepared when the next pre-revolutionary conditions emerge.
An authentic revolution smashes the capitalist state, at its heart, the existing police, prisons, courts, and military. Most prisoners will be freed. Banks will be expropriated and student debts will be canceled. In the place of the capitalist state will be built a workers democracy that rapidly expropriates the holdings of the capitalist class to create an egalitarian socialist society that can easily provide everyone with things that are not guaranteed in the United States at present like a job, health care, food, clean drinking water (i.e. Detroit), a free education, and begin to slow the impending disaster of global warming.

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