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July 3rd, 2014, Northbay Uprising radio news

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On June 30, 2012 17 year old Jared Huey was killed by officers of the Vallejo Police Department, With his hands raised and crying out "No No Don't shoot! he was fired upon with AR-15 assault rifles that ripped his body into pieces.these two years have been hell for his family. having to face intimidation and harassment for speaking out against this tragedy.We had breakfast in memory of Jared on the day of his passing, Today we will protest at the VPD to let them know that we have not forgotten was a life that was stolen... Jared was a person and his life mattered! He did not deserve to die so tragically like he did on that day.

In honor of Imamu Fahiym Olugbala Ali, warrior of the Republic of New Africa [link]

"Pirate Radio Station for $55 Could Help Decentralize Big-Telecom" [link]

"Diverse Groups Fly Airship Over NSA’s Utah Data Center to Protest Illegal Spying" [link]

Black Business Association: Fascism's version of Black Power! [link]

"An Historic Victory for Target Janitors" [link]

Oakland: "School District Wants to Sell School Property to Build Apartments" [link]

"Camping Ban Abolition Resolution for the ACLU"
submitted by "Homesless United fro Friendship and Freedom (HUFF)" of Santa Cruz []:
The Santa Cruz ACLU urges immediate abolition of the current City-wide camping ban, given the fact that car-camping and ground-camping are survival necessities for several thousand poor people in Santa Cruz.
The Santa Cruz ACLU observes that SCMC 6.36 bans nighttime sleeping and laying out of bedding.  It bans putting up a protective tent against the elements with the intention of remaining overnight.  In effect it prohibits survival camping and criminalizes homelessness.  Given the fact that there is no shelter for  a large percentage of the local homeless population --to say nothing of housing--it literally requires those outside to stay awake through the night and sleep without protection from the elements.  We believe it to be unconstitutional, inhumane, costly, discriminatory,  & unworthy of a civilized community.

SFPD viciously attack prison abolition activists at SF Pride event [link]

Facebook, AT&T censor "" online journal [link]

"Casey Kasem’s life-long activism for justice ignored by corporate media; Radio legend stood up against racism and war" [link]

* "US Propaganda Accidentally Exposes Nazi Crimes in Ukraine" (2014-06-20) [link]
* Moment of Truth: “Fascism As It Is” in Ukraine, a film by Andrey Karaulov [link]

* "America's Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq" (2014-06-26) [link]
* "Tweet This! The ISIS Terrorists and Social Media" (2014-06-26) [link]
* "ISIS brags about links to US Senator John McCain" (2014-06-25) [link]
* "ISIS militants produce slick weekly magazine packed with English language Islamist propaganda designed to recruit and radicalise would-be extremists in the West" [link]
* "Terror In Iraq: Roots And Motivation" (2014-06-22) [link]
* "NATO’s Terror Hordes in Iraq a Pretext for Syria Invasion" (2014-06-13) [link]

"Backing extremist Sunni militants" (originally posted at "Why America favors ‘religious’ extremists" [link]): The most vicious and unnerving US support of religious extremists goes to the “Sunni” militants in the Middle East who the Americans have been funding in order to destabilize otherwise functional governments. During the Iraq war, the Bush administration began paying Sunni militants to work with the US in a program called “Sons of Iraq.” Then, after buying the Sunni loyalty, the Americans cut their funding to the program, proving once and for all that any encouragement or incentive to back US war programs is short-lived at best. Those same Sunni militants surely fear for their lives today, having worked with the warring US and Coalition forces. The US had barely wound down the Iraq war when it jumped on the bandwagon with France, Italy and the UK to attack the Muammar al-Gaddafi government in Libya. While Libya’s political leader was long criticized by the Americans, the plan to attack this stable nation was based upon al-Gaddafi’s decision to take further control of his own nation’s oil. Muammar al-Gaddafi was brutalized and murdered in cold blood, the images of his body in a grocery store freezer shown to the world. This is America’s legacy.

"A Call for Solidarity From Iraq" [link]

"Obama announces escalation in Iraq; ANSWER Coalition responds to President Obama’s speech on Iraq" [link]

"Protests at the White House and nationwide demand no war on Iraq; Actions across the country oppose all U.S. intervention" [link]

4 Facts you need to know about the situation in Iraq: No bombing, no intervention!
issued 2014-06-18 from "International ANSWER" peace coalition [link]:
1. The Iraq war killed millions — the politicians responsible are still walking free.From 1991 to 2003, U.S. bombing and sanctions took 1 million Iraqi lives, including 500,000 children. Between 2003-2011 the U.S. war took another 1 million Iraqi lives. 5 million were made refugees. Tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers were killed or wounded. The U.S. policymakers—the war criminals—who carried out this human atrocity are still walking free, giving speeches and raking in millions of dollars in book deals.
2. The U.S. invasion and occupation is what caused the present situation.The present civil conflict in Iraq is a result of the U.S. war and occupation, which destroyed the Iraqi government and divided the country along sectarian lines in order to conquer it. This reversed Iraq’s long history of secularism, and the coexistence and intermarrying among its diverse communities. Islamic extremist forces were practically non-existent in Iraq until the Pentagon invaded. 
3. The Iraqi people OPPOSE U.S. intervention.Huge numbers of Iraqis fought the U.S. occupation. While the sectarian Iraqi government led by Maliki has requested U.S. intervention, that is the last thing that the majority of Iraqi people want.
4. The Pentagon and Wall St. want to control Iraq, not help it.Millions of people protested Bush’s war. It was built on lies. Iraq was no threat and had no connection to the 9/11 attacks. It was a war for oil, profit and control. The same war criminals are now calling for new U.S. attacks in Iraq and escalating the war against the independent government of Syria. Don’t fall for their lies!

Peace campaign update from "Veterans for Peace (VFP)" [link]:
On Thursday, June 19th, VFP members led a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. along with anti-war groups Iraq Veterans Against War (IVAW) and Military Families Speakout (MFSO). The press conference panel included:
* Ross Caputi, Marine Corps veteran of the 2nd siege of Fallujah
* Gerry Condon, VFP Vice President
* Matt Southworth, Army veteran of the Iraq War & former VFP Board Member
* Tim Kahlor, father of medically retired Sgt. Ryan Kahlor
* Ray McGovern, Army infantryman/Intelligence officer
The conference was held to voice the veteran concern about US military intervention in Iraq. VFP chapters across the nation demonstrated their solidarity by participating in protests focused on stopping military attacks in Iraq and properly funding the Veterans Administration.
Media Coverage:
* Veterans For Peace Organizes Nationwide Protests Against War (courtesy of [link])
* Veterans Groups: No More Troops in Iraq (courtesy of [])
* President Obama sending military advisers to Iraq (courtesy of ABC affiiate - [link])
* No air strikes (Courtesy of NBC Affiliate - [link])

"Keep Calm and Trust Iraqis With Iraq", Cindy Sheehen's Soapbox interview (2014-06-22) with Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, an Iraqi-American peace-activist, speaking on the ongoing crimes of humanity perpetrated by the USA against the People of Iraq and the TRUTH of the current situation in Iraq.
* Listen to the Show []
* Dr. Dahlia's website []
* Dahlia's Facebook Page []
* "A Legitimate Rebellion Against a Brutal Dictator: Keep Calm and Trust Iraqis With Iraq" article by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi []
* Dr. Dahlia's Epic 2010 Speech "Life in Iraq under US occupation"

* Dr. Dahlia's report to the Black Congressional Caucus in Washington D.C.

Remembering the Black Panther Party, by one of the original Founders, Bobby Seale []:
Yes the original Black Panther Party believed in Black Unity, but only as a catalyst to help humanize the world. The Black Panther Party worked for self-determination and social justice for all people. The Black Panther Party’s electoral agenda was the revolutionary establishment of real economic, social, and political equality across gender and color lines, aligning the Black Panther Party with other progressive and revolutionary movements. From Cesar Chavez's Farm Workers Movement to The Peace and Freedom Party, from AIM (The American Indian Movement) to the Young Patriots, from The White Panthers to the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) from the Yippes (The Youth International Party) to The Young Lords Movement, the Black Panther Party developed very good supportive relationships with many other progressive and revolutionary organizations that lead these movements.
The Black Panther Party Chapter established in Chicago, Under the leadership of Fred Hampton and Bobby Rush, developed into a stable and strong organization that establish such coalitions.
On December 4th of 1969 in Chicago, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered in a police raid. Two days later, the police attack on the Los Angeles Black Panther party office. A four-hour shoot-out ensued between Los Angeles Police and Los Angles chapter of the Black Panther Party. This act was preceded by a telephone conversation between then-California governor Ronald Reagan and J. Edgar Hoover. Such attacks on the Black Panthers were nothing more than the fascist pig power structure's attempt to terrorize the Black Panther Party out of existence. Up to the 60's Black Panther Party offices and homes all across United States where raided under the FBI COINTELPRO-police attacks, including the assassination of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark & attack on the Los Angeles Black Panther party office. Although twenty-four Black Panther Party members lost their lives, the Black Panther Party survived attacks orchestrated by the FBI under its’ COINTELPRO operation and implement by local police departments. Yes, there are members of the Black Panther Party that are American political prisoners doing hard time on charges manufactured by the government, however in city after city many members of Black Panther Party won the majority of their political trials.
When I reflect on the history of the Black Panther Party and ask myself where we go from here, I realize the we truly need young activists who are motivated and dedicated to organizing people, raising consciousness and instilling self-respect and continuing the resistance to racism & class oppression in our community, our country and the world at large. We especially need creative activists who know the history the original Black Panther Party and who understand that Black Unity and "working coalition" politics with progressive organizations are a catalyst to help humanize this racist & oppressive world. We need truly socially conscious activists that will work toward the economic empowerment of all people. Activists across all ethnic and religious backgrounds who will work to establish civil and human rights for all, including the right to an ecologically balanced, pollution-free environment. We must create a world of decent human relationships where revolutionary humanism is grounded in democratic human rights for every person on earth. We need more creatively activists who will continue to develop import community programs that are relevant to the survival of their communities in reference to needs and issues communities face today.
Not only did the original Black Panther Party develop enduring and solid coalitions progressive and revolutionary movements, it created a series of social programs to provide needed services to all the people. Their intent was to promote "a model for an alternative, more humane social scheme." These programs, of which there came to be more than 60, were eventually referred to as Survival Programs, and were operated by Black Panther Party members under the slogan "survival pending revolution." Those were the political revolutionary objectives of our original Black Panther Party. They must now belong to the youth of today.
All Power To All The People!


Labor/Community Street Fair
80th Anniversary of the 1934 General Strike
Saturday, July 5,  11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
At Capp Street, between 15th and 16th Streets in San Francisco (half block from 16th Street BART station)
free admission
1934 General Strike established San Francisco as a union town! This is also the 100th anniversary of the San Francisco Labor Temple that was built by the San Francisco Labor Council!
- Fight for the $15 Minimum Wage!
- Fight for a Community Jobs Program!
- Fight against Displacement of our Neighborhoods!
- Show that San Francisco still has a fighting Labor and Community Movement! /
stage with local musicians, artists, dancers, performers, poets, and puppeteers
information, local vendor booths
Visit the health care booths in the parking lot of Walgreens (patronize a union store)
Sponsored by the Redstone Labor Temple Association/Patrocinado por Redstone Labor Temple Association; Co-sponsored by the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition, San Francisco Labor Council, Service Employees International Union Local 1021.
For information on booth spaces, to endorse or to volunteer, call 415-863-1927 or
part of
Smoke-Free Event Prohibido Fumar -/ - SF Health Code Article 19L
This event is assisted by SOMArts Cultural Center's Technical Services Program, which is supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

South African Metalworkers Union Speaks
Andrew Chirwa, President of NUMSA
Saturday, July 5, 7:00 P.M.
Meeting room for the ILWU 34, Ship Clerks Union
801 2nd St., SF next to AT&T Stadium
LaborFest film showing []
“Miners Shot Down”
Sunday, July 6, 2:00 P.M.
Meeting room for the ILWU 10, Longshore Union 400 N. Point St./Mason, SF
Special meeting with Andrew Chirwa, NUMSA President
“Bloody Ihursday” July 5 commemorates the police murder of maritime workers in the 1934 Big Strike which provoked the San Francisco General Strike. All U.S. West Coast ports are shutdown to honor the six labor martyrs killed during the strike.
In 2012, at the Marikana mine in South Africa, 34 striking miners were massacred by police. ILWU Local 10 sent a letter of protest to the ANC-led government. Andrew Chirwa, president of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), the largest union in that country will address workers about the massacre and the miners strike, the longest in South African history and the impending metalworkers strike.
On July 1, both the South African metalworkers union and the ILWU longshore contracts expire. NUMSA is preparing for a “full-blown strike” much like the maritime workers did in 1934. Now is the time for international labor solidarity.
Organized by the Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
Solidarity Has No Borders!
For more information: (510) 501-7080, (415) 282-1908

Advocacy for Health Rights in Public and Private Health Services
Sunday, July 6, 2014 - 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Hosted by the Institute for the Critical Study of Society []
At the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave. Oakland []The experience in Maharashtra, India -
This talk will briefly report and analyze efforts made during last some years by health activists in Maharashtra, India for fostering civil society action for promoting health rights in both Public and Private Health Service.
The talk will share the work is being done through ‘Community Based Monitoring of Public  Health Services’ an innovative project which galvanizes the villagers’ feedback and monitoring of the Public Health Services in about 1000 selected villages and how this process culminates in  a yearly Public Accountability meetings at many places in which the performance of the concerned Public Health Facility is systematically analyzed in a Public Meeting; critical questions are asked and promises for specific improvements are sought. This process of a kind of democratization of health services has resulted in greater assertion by villagers, better dialogue between doctors and staff of the concerned Public Health Facilities and has also led to improvements in these services.
The talk will then share how in case of private health care services Civil Society action has focused on the demand for enactment of the Clinical Establishment Act to regulate the private health services; demand for a role for civil society organizations in the formulation of the Bill as well as in the implementation of this Act; inclusion of the Standard Charter of Patients’ Rights in this proposed Act.
Lastly, the talk will share the move to form a broader coalition of Left and democratic organizations in Maharashtra to demand Right to Social Services (including health care) and Social Security.
Dr. Anant R. Phadke is associated with a number of organizations in the Health and Science Movement in India and is Senior Advisor of SATHI-CEHAT, a leading NGO in the Peoples’ Health Movement in India. Has contributed over 250 articles in English and Marathi and a few books on People’s Science and Health movement issues.

Union reception and art exhibit: (a Laborfest event)
A Tribute to Mexican revolutionary artist Leopoldo Méndez

July 8 (Tuesday) 6:00 - 9:00 PM
At the Mexican Museum, Fort Mason Center -2 Marina Blvd., San Francisco
Sponsored by Pacific Media Workers Guild, TNG/CWA
Leopoldo Méndez (1902-1969) was a Mexican artist known for his political and social-justice images, who played a key role in the revolutionary arts movement that flourished in Mexico City from the 1930s through the '50s. A selection of his work will be displayed and a panel discussion held on Mendez's career (starting at 7 pm)
GREAT background article at []
Admission is free but please RSVP to PMWG at (415) 298-1335;

Larry Hales Speaks On Police Brutality & The Low Wage Workers StruggleTuesday, July 8 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Workers World, 1305 Franklin St. #411, Oakland, CA
Larry Hales marches with low wage workers

Longtime progressive activist Larry Hales is a national organizer for the People’s Power Assemblies, ( and a contributing editor of Workers World newspaper ( He last spoke in Oakland on the steps of the Davidson Courthouse, when the Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition held a  civil disobedience action at Nancy O'Malley's office in 2013.
Hales spent a lot of time in Wisconsin in 2011-12, supporting the “people’s uprising” after the occupation of the state capitol in February 2011. He has been on the front lines protesting police brutality, fighting for affirmative action, supporting political prisoners and working in solidarity with women’s, LGBTQ and labor struggles.
Hales has written extensively on the above issues as well as cultural and international issues. A major focus of his organizing work has been on the education crisis in the U.S.
Internationally, Hales has been a featured speaker at various events in Africa, Bangladesh, Cuba, Jordan, and Palestine. He spoke at the International League of Peoples Struggle Conference in the Philippines a few years ago, in Venezuela in 2007 with the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York, at a conference in Libya in 2008, and at the Silver Jubilee of the Socialist Party of Bangladesh in 2010.
Refreshments will be provided, wheelchair accessible.

Connect the Dots Refinery Corridor Healing Walks Rodeo to Richmond  
Saturday, July 12 (All day)
Contact: 510 619 3279
Opening Rally in Rodeo - In the morning
*    Native American prayer by Idle No More SF Bay
*    Local speakers
The Walk  Ending Rally in Richmond - Late Afternoon
*    Process of Imagining: The future of our community
*    Art Projects
*    Picnic
Our purpose:
* Walk in prayer with each step we take on Mother Earth
* Bring people together who are concerned about the effects of the fossil fuel industry on our communities
* Learn from one another
* Bring attention to the refinery corridor in the northeast San Francisco Bay
* To walk by the refineries: Shell & Tesoro (Martinez), Valero (Benicia), Phillips 66 (Rodeo), Chevron (Richmond)
* Imagine our communities beyond fossil fuel

Forum on Local Labor Struggles 
Sunday, July 13th, 7 pm
At the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists, located at the corner of Cedar and Bonita, Berkeley.
With updates on a number of working class struggles in the Bay Area.
Speakers include
* Steve Gilbert of SEIU 1021 &
* Bill Balderston of the Oakland Education Association
sponsored by the social justice committee of the BFUU
USLAW's New Website has been launched []. Check it out!

Solano Peace, Justice, and Freedom Coalition says: Celebrate Peace and Justice with the People of Cuba! End inhumane sanctions and warfare against a people who are not our enemy!
Gathering to Celebrate 25th Year of the Pastors for Peace Caravan
Sunday, July 13, 2014, 5pm
at the Chico Peace and Justice Center
More info [], map of trip at []
Celebrate the 25th year of the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba as they pass through Chico on Sunday, July 13, 2014. They will host a "Camp Peace Potluck and Sing-Along" which will include food, storytelling and a sing-along with the folks on this year's caravan. Camp "registration" will be a donation for the Pastors for Peace Caravan. The Pastors for Peace is working for a people-to-people foreign policy.

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