Monday, April 15, 2013

Instructions for Homeless Self-Defense

Defend those without homes! campaign page [link]
Santa Cruz is attacking houseless people [link]

2013-04-15 "Four Flyers For Homeless Self-Defense"
by Robert Norse []:
The flyers are largely self-explanatory and suggest a number of avenues for self-defense for homeless people in Santa Cruz. Now that even the much-criticized and fractional Armory Winter Shelter program has ended. homeless people face not only police harassment during the day in parks, on the beaches, and downtown, but also at night under the city's Sleeping Ban and possibly the state code 647e. HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) meets Wednesday at the regular time to continue discussing immediate survival camp prospects, copwatch, and thugwatch.
Recent confrontations between homeless groups and individuals in groups reportedly identifying themselves as "East Siders", where the latter have assaulted, beaten, and maced the former make the need for homeless people to band together particularly important. Also important is the need to document encounters both for later community education, but also for immediate self-defense. "You're being filmed" can be an important deterent, especially if the signal is being uploaded in real time. Both against police misconduct and vigilante violence.
Community members are invited to help homeless people plan self-defensive strategies at the Sub Rosa Cafe 10 AM Wednesday April 17 at 703 Pacific.
I wrote the "Fight Vigilante and Police Violence" as well as the shorter "Get a Receipt" flyer.
The "Arm the Homeless" flyer was written by a Homes Not Jails member.
The information sheet is provided courtesy of WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project).'
Download and distribute. If you need moral support, some of us may be going out to the Homeless Lack of Services Center Wednesday around noon to help those sign up on the waiting list.
Time to Bring Back Santa Cruz--the Santa Cruz that will respect human rights for all!
See our own anti-homeless laws at [] ("Deadly Downtown Ordinances--Updated").

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