Monday, April 15, 2013

Barbarian Brotherhood (Santa Rosa)

"Santa Rosa Police Warn Of White Supremacist Gang"
2013-04-15 by Susan Kennedy from "CBS SF Bay Area" []:
Aaron Joseph Welch (Lake County Sheriff’s Office)

SANTA ROSA (KCBS) – North Bay law enforcement agencies are becoming increasingly concerned about a white supremacist gang which appears to be growing both in terms of size and territory, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department.
The Barbarian Brotherhood is believed to be most deeply rooted in Santa Rosa, thought it appears its membership has extended all over Sonoma County and now includes Lake, Mendocino, Napa and Marin Counties, as well as the state’s prison system, said Santa Rosa Police Dept. Sgt. John Cregan.
“We’ve seen with our gang crimes team a significant increase in their organization, their sophistication, and the crimes that they have been involved in,” said Cregan.
Sgt. Cregaan estimates there are 200 members of the Barbarian Brotherhood, and as the rank and file grows, he believes newer members may attempt violent, racist acts to prove their loyalty to the gang’s higher ups.
“You have older, more sophisticated individuals that are coming together as a group to commit criminal acts and because of that sophistication I think they can really be a lot more dangerous and be a lot more of a threat to the community. And that’s why we’ve particularly given this group so much focus,” said Cregan.
A handful of Barbarian Brotherhood members have been convicted over the years of drug trafficking, illegal gun possession and other crimes. Most recently, a 26-year-old Clearlake man, Aaron Joseph Welch, was sentenced to 15-years in prison in the assault and stabbing of two African American men last August at a Santa Rosa McDonald’s.
Another alleged Barbarian Brotherhood member, 32-year-old Salvatore Bordessa of Windsor, faces 16 years to life in prison if convicted in the assault.
Beacon of Truth:
This story is large on conclusions, short on facts. It seems to be aimed at vilifying whites. I am reminded of the story about the "Aryan Brotherhood" killing prosecutors in Texas - later discredited when it was shown that a former judge, his wife, and a former police officer were actually behind the killings. Can you say "propaganda?"

Artoo45 > Beacon of Truth:
No, it's vilifying white supremacist racists. Is that a problem?

Beacon of Truth > Artoo45:
The problem as I stated initially, is that this story is large on conclusions, short on facts. It is 95% speculation. For example, the sentence beginning “Sgt. Cregaan estimates…” does not lead to the discovery of any true fact. Yet I suspect that the less cognitively gifted (yourself perhaps?) is left with the impression that Sgt. Cregaan’s estimates are fact. If they were fact, it would have been so stated.
Only two individuals – hardly indicative of a crime wave - are mentioned specifically. The rest of the story is conjecture. There have been more black on white assaults (the media calls it a “game”) this month than those reported here.
Yellow journalism is alive and well in America.

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