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Human Rights abuse in Vallejo, "the City of God"

Read the "Declaration of Human Rights" [link]
All governments are beholden to a set of standards which, if broken, are called "Human Rights Violations". Often, we hear about violations of Human Rights in Iraq, Colombia, China and elsewhere... and nowhere near do we hear about similar violations happening against our own People. But it is happening systematically in Solano County, and in the City of Vallejo (the "city of God"). For more information, read .

Christian Dominionism is Fascism [link]
Human Rights abuse by agencies of the City of Vallejo is made manifold by the common discourtesy by many residents of Vallejo to not advocate for Human Rights alongside those who are abused, including (sad to say) many churches, faith and civic organizations.
During 2007, members of the "Apostolic Reformation" created a political action network, and illegally secured one of their own to the office of Vallejo's Mayor. Under his regime, human rights abuse has increased alongside poverty, and it is acknowledged by their supporters that such freedoms as "human rights" are "Satanic" except, perhaps, the freedom of push their point-of-view.
As seen by the conduct recently of Vallejo's Civilian Review Board, those who are of the dominant set will shut down any criticism of their regime. "Their" officers of law have all the power to obstruct any inquiry into history of violations of Human Rights against people not of the society in power. 
Until these goodly folk of "High Society" subordinate themselves to a higher purpose for truth and justice, nobody in any of Vallejo's higher offices will seek to uphold Human Rights.
And this problem is repeated in any tyranny across the world, so what is seen as good by the monopolized media when reporting about "people's movements" against tyranny abroad, is vilified here, at home by our neighbors, and by fascists elsewhere who care not to uphold Human Rights and the Constitution.
Many people still view the many incidents of violence by police against their neighbors to be an issue affecting only a certain "minority" or of people with a criminal history, as an issue of no consequence by the dominant set of the "good ol' boys" of the many races & cultures within the City of Vallejo.
Their works include...
* Theocracy taking hold in Vallejo: Christian Dominionism
* Privatization, Terrorism and lack of Services for the Homeless.
- Human Rights abuse against the Homeless residents in Vallejo [link]

- Vallejo's services to the Homeless are cut-back [link]

- Dignity Village [link]
* Harassment for the Lumpenproletariat (the bottom-class)
* Vallejo Police's Street-Executions of law-abiding individuals, and the systematic cover-up:

- Guy Jarreau, jr.! (d.2010-12-11) [
- Justice 4 Mario Ramiro (d.2012-09-03) [
* Vallejo's "Holy War" against medicinal cannabis, during which Vallejo city agents
illegally destroy voter registrations, threaten to kill registrants, harass practitioners, abuse elderly patients, and spend millions on unlawful "law" enforcement. [
link] The Northbay Uprising media collective members joined in with nearly ALL publicly known medicinal cannabis clinics within Vallejo during 2011-12 to 2012-12, and our community journalists were allowed to act as observer of almost all of their operations (with the kind permission of their operators). The greatest danger from the medicinal cannabis "industry" are grow-houses within residential areas whose operators modify the electrical line into "live-wire" mode. The other result was that dispensaries set the official "street-price" by which so-called "street-gangs" bought cannabis products for re-sale (like with all prescription medicines), thereby taking business in cannabis away from street-dealers and brought business to reputable dispensaries. Dr.G. observed that most of the dispensaries within Vallejo acted within the spirit of California law as concerned medicinal cannabis, but also that the Vallejo Police never went after the medicinal cannabis dispensaries controlled by known so-called "street-gangs", and instead chose to target mainly those dispensaries controlled by operators who paid the operating fee to the City of Vallejo.

2012-09-17 "Our own Civil War"
by James D. Davis [link] (Note: All opinions expressed in the "Primal Scream" column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin):

This is the first town I’ve lived in where there is a civil war between a part of the community and the police. 
A part of the community thinks it is disrespected, mistreated, and murdered by the police. 
[ ... ]
The police, on the other hand, slough off accountability. 
The mother could not see the body. The chief told her it was out of his hands. 
Whether she can see the body is the business of the coroner, not the chief. 
And the coroner? 
He’s unavailable. 
The police have not explained why officers thought it necessary to fire more than thirty times at a young man with a replica gun. 
What was so scary for the police about this encounter?
The police have not taken the statement of the mother. 
She’s welcome to come down to the station any time. 
The police have not met with the mother. 
(It’s not likely she has any useful information, but it might make her feel better to talk about it, or shout, if she chooses).
I’ve encountered this lack of government responsibility throughout my years in Vallejo. 
I was told plainly by a council member that whether or not the chief busts marijuana dispensaries, wasting police resources, is none of the member’s business; it is out of the member’s hands. 
When I tried to investigate the officer-killing of another man (Guy Jarreau, Jr.), a few years ago, I was told the police and DA were doing an investigation. 
They weren’t sure when it would be done; I was not going to be given a copy of the report anyway. 
No one was going to be given a copy. 
It was police business.
I don’t blame the complaining community.  
They are overcome with emotion, resentment, and victimhood. 
They generally lack the sophistication and maturity to deal with the government. 
I blame the police department and an incompetent council and city manager. 
They should have been on top of this; that is why we have a government. 
They are supposed to be the adults in the room, but they are helpless.
This civil war has to stop. 
It feeds on itself. 
There are ways to stop it. 
This should be at the top of the agenda for the newly created Public Safety Committee. 
Our city-manager form of government is not working. 
The council has no jurisdiction over anyone. 
The mayor stays out of it (he “prays”). 
And the city manager? 
He leaves it up to the police. 
No one is in charge.

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