Friday, December 21, 2012

Glossary of terms and phrases

Here are the words used during the news broadcast which may be new to you.
(update: 2016-02-22) Definitions may be updated, and words added if requested.
Many of the words are not included in the usual dictionaries because, unlike words from academic disciplines such as science and language, it is the political jargon which is censored or distorted according to security regime dictates of the era. For example, look up the definition of the word "fascism" according to publicly available dictionaries published from decade to decade.


Captive Nation
A nation encaged within a state dominated by another nation which itself is guided by a nationalist ideology against captive nations.
see: Nation

A population transmitting a cohesive self-identity with a culture, historical narrative and/or language.

New Afrikan Nation
A descriptive phrase used by millions in place of the phrase "Black" when describing the African-American as a captive nation within the USA.

An entity chartered with a transnational administration to administer a jurisdiction imposed on a region.

An adjective used relating to commonly-used phrases to note the limited descriptive nature of the phrase used. Examples:
- "So-called Christians", describing those who ignore the teachings of the Rabbi Jesus against capitalism. See: Prosperity Gospel; "Dominionists".
- "So-called Leftists", describing a phrase used to describe anybody a state-security regime views as anti-capitalist, including victims of capitalist death squads who are not "Leftist".
- "So-called Conservatives", describing those self-identifying as of a conservative nationalist political tendency yet follow the programming produced by media owned by monopolist trans-national capitalists and their fellow-travelers.

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