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Feb. 18th, 2015, Geo-Political News

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Containing information on Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations, as defined by the USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) [.pdf link]: "The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence," and by the legal mandate set by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) []: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence."

European racial vanguards
Golden Dawn International [], European Knights Project [], English Asatru News [], Council of European Canadians [], Albion's People []. []

* Britain First members' comments about Auschwitz []


"Radio Free Europe" gave a voice to real Nazis and their fascist allies who survived WW2 during the Cold War. These are their kids and grandkids. The USA State Dept. is run by fascists, even Jewish and Russian fascists who saw no problem with working with Nazis!
* "How a small Finnish town is dealing with an influx of migrants" (2016-02-16, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, USA State Department) [], photo [].
* Montage describing the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) support for fascist militants and the coup against the Republic of Ukraine [].


USA Homeland's resident nations:
Nations exist alongside the Federal [], and State governance []. Demographic maps: 2000 [], 2010 [], religion []. The New Afrikan nation, the nation of Nueva Aztlan, the Boriqueno, and of the overseas territories each have their own section separately on this news page.

Sovereign nations of the "Indian Country", and of traditional lodges.
Map []; News [] []


USA Homeland's resident nations:
American Nation, including the State Sovereignty campaigns, and Dominionist Campaigns. []

* " ‘Extraordinary violence’: Hate, anti-government ‘patriot’ groups flourished in 2015 – report" (2016-02-18, []
The report is by the SCLC, located in the USA, an organization notorious for distorting and jumping to conclusions (lying) about ideologically-opposed organizations, most notoriously when it labeled the BRLP as a "separatist organization". It also simplifies the current ideological organizations' status. For example, many KKK chapters are infiltrated and directed by FBI agents and police personnel. Then again, many FBI agents and police are white supremacists who cover-up for the KKK...


* "Oregon standoff ends with last occupier surrendering" (2016-02-11, []
* "Father of Oregon occupation leaders arrested in Portland" (2016-02-11, []
* "Oregon standoff activists left booby traps in wildlife building – report" (2016-02-12, []

* "Ted Nugent Unleashes Rabid Anti-Semitic Rant Over Gun Control" (2016-02-01, []

Christians have always been on the forefront of civil and human rights campaigns in the USA. The sentiments in this photo [] are common in many counties across the USA, though, even in California. There are many White American Christian Nationalists with ties to vanguards in Europe to cause one pause for concern. The coup against the Republic of the Ukraine (2014) had public gatherings by self-described White nationalist Christian vanguards displaying, among other flags, the flag of the old Confederate States of America!



Republic of Cuba (ALBA member)

* "Prodigal Hellfire missile returns to US from Cuba" (2016-02-14, []

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (USA territory) and the Boriqueno nation

* "A New Caribbean Dictatorship: Puerto Rico’s Financial Control Authority" (2016-02-04, []: On December 9, 2015, Senator Orrin Hatch (R–UT) introduced Senate Bill 2381, the “Puerto Rico Assistance Act of 2015.” It offers minor assistance: a temporary reduction in payroll taxes and a “development fund” of $3 billion. The real purpose of this bill is the installation of a six-member Financial Control Authority, which will rule over Puerto Rico.
According to this bill, five members will be appointed by the U.S. president. The sixth will be the secretary of the U.S. Treasury, who will also serve as chairman. The chair will have two votes on all matters, and the other five members will each have one.
Absolute Budget Powers and Total Control -
This “Authority” will not be accountable to the government of Puerto Rico. It will unilaterally “re-structure the workforce of the Commonwealth government,” freeze public pensions, and ensure “the payment of debt obligations.”
It will supervise the finances of the entire commonwealth government, legislature and courts, public authorities, pension system, and all leases, union contracts and collective bargaining agreements.
It will also make “recommendations” on all the financial affairs of Puerto Rico, including all personnel salaries, firing of workers, reduction of pensions, elimination of services, and the use of “alternative service delivery mechanisms, including privatization and commercialization.”
If the governor or legislature resists any of these “recommendations,” the Authority can “take such action as it determines to be appropriate.” In other words, it can ignore the insular government, and implement any “recommendation” it wants.
Anyone — public official or otherwise — who defies or obstructs the Authority, will be guilty of “criminal misdemeanor” and subject to suspension without pay and removal from office.
Creation of Debt, With No Accountability -
The Authority can also encumber the physical infrastructure of Puerto Rico. It can issue debt — bonds, notes or other obligations — hold it in an escrow account, and lend it to Puerto Rico “at such times as it considers appropriate.” Alternatively, these funds could be used for “any other purpose that the Authority considers appropriate.”
The Authority will “grant a security interest in revenues to individuals or entities purchasing bonds, notes, or other obligations.” In other words, the physical infrastructure of Puerto Rico (highways, bridges, schools, prisons, electrical grid, water supply, public housing, prime coastal real estate) will be held as “collateral” for the debt decisions of this Authority.
The Senate bill is careful to mention that “the United States is not responsible for any principal or interest on any bond, note, or other obligation issued by the Authority.” Thus Puerto Rico — its taxpayers and its physical infrastructure  — will be solely and exclusively responsible for repayment of the Authority’s debt.
Public Prosecutor -
The Authority will also have prosecutorial powers. It is authorized to “conduct necessary investigations” into the government of Puerto Rico, empowered to hold hearings, secure government records, demand evidence, take testimony, subpoena witnesses, and administer oaths — under penalty of perjury — to all witnesses.
Anyone who fails to appear, refuses to testify, or withholds evidence, can be held in contempt of court. The result of any Authority investigation can lead to criminal and civil penalties — including, but not limited to, getting fired from your job.
Dictatorship in the Caribbean -
The governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla, recently stated that “he would accept a federal fiscal oversight body, as long as it respects Puerto Rico’s autonomy.”
The governor is confused. This Authority will be the governor, banker, judge, jury and prosecutor in Puerto Rico. It will manage the entire Puerto Rican economy, and be accountable to no one on the island. It will extend the governor an occasional “allowance,” at its own whim and discretion. It will tell the entire Puerto Rican government what to do, when to jump, and how high.
It will do nothing about Jones Act reform, Chapter 9 bankruptcy relief, privatization of the island’s public schools, or the hedge funds that will own the physical infrastructure of Puerto Rico — its schools, prisons, highways, electrical grid, and water authority. It will issue debt, spend the funds as it sees fit, and leave Puerto Rico to pay the bill.
This is where our “Commonwealth” relationship has gotten us: a dictatorship in the Caribbean, created in Washington, operated from Wall Street, all disguised as a “management assistance authority.”
As the leader of the free world, the U.S. can do better than this.

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (ALBA member)
[] []

* "Venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse" (2016-02-30, []

* "The Young Love Bernie Sanders…But Do They Love Socialist Venezuela?" (2016-02-17, []

* "Shops' electricity rationed in crisis-hit Venezuela" (2016-02-13, AFP Newswire) []

[NewAfricaPeace.blogspot.comAn overview of Africa and the Diapora, with the Green Charter Committee, towards Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "Muammar Gaddafi, the African Who Cleansed the Continent from the Humiliation of Apartheid" (2013-12-20, []

* " 'Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola Revolution': The Roots of Libya’s Chaos; As Libya votes to form a national unity government, activist Sukant Chandan speaks to Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear about how the NATO bombing – and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton – have plunged the country into chaos" (2016-02-09, []

Jurisdiction of Libya
* " ‘5 horrible years’: Libya marks 5th anniversary of Western-backed uprising to oust Gaddafi" (2016-02-17, []

European Union (EU) / NATO
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations.
Maps: Homeland and overseas territories [], global Exclusive Economic Zone []

* "Varoufakis Leads European Left to Reclaim Democracy from "Authoritarian Technocrats" ; Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 seeks to find 'common solutions to common problems,' says former Greek finance minister" (2016-02-09, []

* "Coal miners fire rockets at police during ongoing strike in Spain" photo []: Miners fire homemade rocket launchers at riot police near the Soton coal mine near Oviedo. Strikes, road blockades, and mine sit-ins continue as 8,000 mine-workers at more than 40 coal mines in northern Spain continue their protests against government plans to cut coal subsidies.


* "NATO sends warships to Aegean Sea to combat migrant trafficking" (2016-02-11, []

* "Gangland terror: Irish police advise journalists to leave homes over underworld threats" (2015-02-12, []

United Kingdom of Great Britain (UKGB) (EU Member)
Map []

* "250 evictions per day: 2015 saw record number of home repossessions" (2016-02-11, []

* "Mentally ill man driven to suicide by British govt benefit cuts, says sister" (2016-02-12, []

* "Police still abusing stop and search powers, regulator finds" (2016-02-11, []

* "Predators & prey: Women soldiers treated as ‘sexual challenge’ by Deepcut instructors" (2016-02-11, []

* "Scottish nuclear power plant’s lifespan extension ‘undermines democracy’ – Green party" (2016-02-17, []

Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
[] []

* "Ukraine’s interior minister: I could destroy foreign support for Kiev with media bombshell" (2016-02-14, []
* "Corruption Scandal May Strip Ukraine of Western Support; The resignation of Western-trained Ukrainian Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavičius is another signal for Western allies that Ukraine may not be able to root out corruption and implement the reforms" (2016-02-07, []

* "Ukraine bans KHL ice hockey TV channel for ‘national security reasons’ " (2016-02-12, []

* "Ukrainian gunmen hold Nazi-style torch rally in Odessa" (2016-02-16, DONi News Agency) [], attached video []: Members of the Nazi regiment 'Azov', held a Nazi-style torch march in the southern city of Odessa to commemorate the anniversary of the deaths of three comrade fighters.
About 200 people took part in the event, including an 'Azov' fighters and relatives of the three killed soldiers. These gunmen were reportedly killed on February 15, 2015, as Ukrainian forces clashed with DPR soldiers for control over the village of Shirokino.
The Nazis marched through the streets of Odessa, holding portraits of the three slain gunmen and torches, the Azov flag with the Wolfsangel rune of the Nazi storm divisions – and a large banner proclaiming them as “worthy descendants of glorious ancestors.”
They chanted violent, nationalist slogans including “Knife the Moskals (Russians)!”, “One language, one nation, one country,” and “Heroes don’t die, enemies die.”
According to: []

* "Raise a complaint: Odessa Governor Saakashvili vows to punish 'those' who hiked his salary" (2016-02-17, []

People's Republic of Lunghask (LPR, or LNR; Luhansk, Lugansk)
* "Open letter to The General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions Georgios Mavrikos" (2015-05-13, Party activists of communist movement in Lugansk region) []: Being the communists of Lugansk region we apply to you as to world famous avowed champion of communist ideals. We are surprised and deeply revolted from the fact that the main and powerful tool of struggle against the dawning of the world imperialism upon the rights of workers all over the world, that is headed by you and called the World Federation of Trade Unions, declares and supports the protégés of oligarchs as represented by the leaders of “Lugansk People’s Republic” and the puppet Federation of Trade Unions, that is headed by O. Akimov, who pursues totalitarian anti-national policy.
One of the most glaring example of their “achievements” is the oppression and terrible counteraction to the activity of public organization “Communists of Lugansk Region”. It is expressed in banning the leaders and Party activists to take part in public performances during mass events and appear in the Mass-media, in secret ban to perform the public activities, that are organized by the communists. The deputies from “LNR People’s Council”, who are elite from the PO “Communists of Lugansk Region,” are subjected to accusations and oppressions.
The authorities of LNR, that are supported by you, have forbidden us to organize the traditional procession dedicated to International worker’s day categorically. Until very recently we’ve accepted the situation because we didn’t want to undermine very complex sociopolitical situation in the Republic. But the last straw was the interdiction of holding the international forum of international solidarity of anti-fascism that had to take place in Lugansk on 8, May 2015 and was well planned for a long time by us and the representatives of Communists Parties from many world and European countries. Our multiple appeals and requests to the leaders of LNR have faced to incomprehension and prohibitions. As a result, if there was no help from the leader of battalion “Prizrak” Aleksey Mozgovoy (who, in spite of all prohibitions from the leaders of LNR, has helped us to organize the forum in Alchevsk town), the international conference, where more than 130 representatives of communistic and anti-fascist movement have taken part, would be just hampered. Only Fascists can be such afraid of the conducting of anti-fascist event in the capital of the young Republic! Because of this reason, we, the communists of Lugansk Region, petition to you to use all your authority in order to exert influence upon the authorities of LNR and demand to stop repressions of the communists, that have taken great part in the formation of independence of LNR.

Republic of Crimea (part of the Federation of Russia; claimed by the Republic of Ukraine)
[William Taylor] Ah, the great RT tradition of ignoring all the shady shit happening in Russia and blaming all the evils of the world on the evil Yankee imperialists. It's like the alternate reality Fox News. Shooting down that plane full of Dutch people, invading Crimea, etc. Not exactly a responsible global citizen.
[reply] Russia is evil for "invading Crimea" which is 90% ethnic Russian? While Ukraine was murdering thousands of ethnic Russians... Do you support Ukraine's death squads? Do you think Russia is evil because the Crimean Russians wanted to be protected against anti-Russian Death squads? Or is what I'm writing all falsehoods, the Ukrainian death squads were valiant in their murdering of Leftists and ethnic Russians? How many people did Russia murder in Crimea? No, really. Show me something worse than Ukraine's bombing of Donetsk. Come on and prove what an evil s#it Russia is when Ukraine is soooo humane... what Russia did in Crimea is worse than the bombings of Lungask?

Federation of Russia (EEU Member)
Map []. News: []

* " ‘We need to do everything to avert major war’ – Russian Patriarch Kirill to RT" (2016-02-15, []
* "Russian Orthodox Patriarch, Pope urge international community to seek an end to violence and terrorism" (2016-02-13, []
* "Russian Patriarch arrives in Cuba to meet Pontiff, discuss Middle East crisis" (2016-02-11, []
* "Head of Russian Orthodox Church meets Pope for first time in history" (2016-02-12, [], attached video [].

* "Russian Patriarch Kirill meets Cuba’s Fidel Castro in Havana" (2016-02-17, []
* "Cuba: Patriarch Kirill honours Cuban independence hero in Havana" []


* "East vs. West: Battle for Reforming the World Economy" (2016-01, intro [], full report (.pdf) []

* "Top Russian law enforcer proposes int’l coalition to fight ‘US dictatorship’ and currency dominance" (2016-02-12, []

* "Siemens & Russian Railways ready to tackle international projects" (2016-02-11, []

* "US 'disappointed' over Russia's corn & soybean ban" (2016-02-11, []

* "Putin meets the propaganda of the American war machine with a plan for healthy food; Countering the excesses of deregulation gone wild" (2016-02-12, Prof. Tony Hall, []

"Russophobia", a collection of articles supporting hatred against all Russians
* " ‘Novorossiya’s’ ‘Leftist’ Friends" (2015-05-30, []

Russian Repression Report: Actual incidents and false stories explained
* "Kremlin spokesman refutes allegations of planned internet control" (2016-02-11, []

* " ‘Human rights aren’t everything!’ Meduza speaks to the author of draft legislation that would ban being gay in public" (2016-01-14) (original link) []: Next week, the lower house of Russia's parliament will review the first reading of a draft law targeting the LGBT community, punishing “public expressions of non-traditional relationships.” Duma deputies want to amend Russia's Code of Administrative Offenses to take a hard line against non-heterosexual displays of affection. If the bill becomes law, gay couples caught hugging or kissing on the street, for example, could be fined. If the scene takes place at an “educational or cultural institution,” the penalty could be as severe as 15 days in jail. The legislation was drafted by deputies from Russia's Communist Party. Meduza's special correspondent Daniil Turovsky spoke with one of these men, Ivan Nikitchuk, about his plan to criminalize being gay in public.
[Meduza] What drove you to draft such a law?
[Ivan Nikitchuk] Well, tell me, are you a normal person? In my opinion, nature created man and woman to be together, and throughout the animal world, we find such couples. Even the plant world works this way: here's the pistil, and there's the stamen.
But sick and crazy people have decided their sexual problems can be solved another way. These are mental deviations—deviations from the norms of behavior, and from what nature has dictated.
With this legislation, we're not prohibiting anyone from engaging in you-know-what (a stamen in a stamen—let them do whatever they want under the sheets). But we are stopping them from displaying their demonic desires, which the West would force on us...
Sorry, guys, but this is Russia. This is our country, where we've always respected traditions, where we've always had and still have today a conscience and the concept of shame.
And all these bearded men kissing is nothing but nauseating.
[Meduza] The text of your draft law says punishment will follow displays of homosexuality in public places. How do you define “public places”? Would you include the doorway of somebody's home? What about on a balcony, where neighbors could see?
[Ivan Nikitchuk] Public places are places where you are not alone: ​​the street, the subway, and so on.
[Meduza] And how should this be policed? People are walking down the street, holding hands or kissing, and police officers come up to them and detain them?
[Ivan Nikitchuk] Naturally. That's how it should happen.
[Meduza] They'll go to prison for being in love?
[Ivan Nikitchuk] Well, if this is love... You mean a man loving another man? That's called love?
[Meduza] Is it so impossible?
[Ivan Nikitchuk] I don't think it's possible. Decent people won't accept that. Only sick, perverted people can believe that.
[Meduza] In the draft law, you indicate that homosexuals pose a serious danger to the state and society. What do you mean?
[Ivan Nikitchuk] There's a good reason why the West has poured so much money into this issue, which has invaded our minds in Russia. They're corrupting the youth, disorienting us, and plotting to weaken our birth rate. It's all part of a larger plan.
[Meduza] In the proposed law, you quote Hillary Clinton, who says “gay rights are human rights”...
[Ivan Nikitchuk] Listen, human rights aren't everything! This is getting to be absurd. There are people who like to piss on the street in public. Let's go ahead and defend their rights! We've reached the point of absurdity, when it comes to talking about human rights. This is especially true in the West. Just look at what's happening in Cologne! Take it in, folks: human rights.
[Meduza] From everything you've said, I've come to realize that you think all homosexuals are mentally ill people.
[Ivan Nikitchuk] And what about you? Are you a normal, decent person? Do you start pitching a tent in your pants every time you see another man? So you can shove it into the guy's backside? That kind of thing is okay by you?
[Meduza] I believe homosexuals are people, like everyone else.
[Ivan Nikitchuk] Well, good luck with that.
State Duma deputy Ivan Nikitchuk then hung up.

Eurasian Union (EEU) / Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
EEU Map []

* "Head of Russia-led CSTO bloc says its countries have better security than some EU states" (2016-02-12, [], photo caption: President Vladimir Putin (center) attending an official photo call before the beginning of the enlarged meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Council in the Kremlin, December 21, 2015.


* "CSTO Secretary General: Achievements of Syrian Army evidence of effectiveness of Syrian-Russian military cooperation" (2016-02-12, []


* "Russia may soon ink free trade pact with Israel" (2016-02-12, []

Republic of Turkey (NATO member state)
* "Police teargas locals protesting new gold mines in Artvin, northeast Turkey" (2016-02-17, []

* "Delegation of the Turkish opposition party Vatan visited RISS" (2015-12-25, []: From the Russian side the meeting was attended by RISS Director L. Reshetnikov, Director of the St. Petersburg Regional Information-analytical Center A. Kolesnikov, senior research fellow at the Center for Asia and the Middle East I. Svistunova, research fellow R. Enikeev.
During the meeting the two sides discussed the overall situation in the middle East, especially the situation in Syria and Iraq, U.S. influence on development of events in the region, the Kurdish issue. The meeting participants stressed the role of Russia for the stabilization of the situation in the Middle East and preservation of the territorial integrity of Syria and Turkey. They exchanged views on return of the bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey to its previous high level.
Following the meeting, the sides agreed on signing cooperation agreement between RISS and Research Center at the party «Vatan» in Istanbul.

Republic of Iraq
* "Meet 'Iraqi Rambo' Abu Azrael; this 'Angel of Death' has killed over 1,500 Islamic State terrorists" (2015-12-01, []

Arab Republic of Syria: Diplomatic and Civil News
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

* "People’s Assembly discusses performance of Agriculture Ministry" (2016-02-10, []

* "Health Minister: Syria adopted strategic plan to confront polio" (2016-02-11, []

* "Delegated by President al-Assad, al-Hilal visits Nubul and al-Zahraa towns in Aleppo" (2016-02-12, []

* "4000 aid packages from Russia to be distributed in Kassab town, Lattakia" (2016-02-11, []

* "Aid convoy arrives to Aleppo" (2016-02-11, []

* "Syrian Red Crescent medical aid convoy enters Douma" (2016-02-13, []

* "CBS: Sudden rise in USD exchange rate due to increased demand for foreign exchange in northern areas" (2016-02-10, []: The Central Bank of Syria (CBS) said that the sudden rise in the USD exchange rate against the SYP is due to the increased demand for foreign exchange in the northern areas as terrorists have fled along with their families towards the Turkish borders fleeing from the Syrian Army’s strikes targeting these areas and carrying with them large amounts of foreign exchange.
CBS said in a statement SANA received a copy that every terrorist’s family needs nearly 10000 USD to cross the Turkish borders and reach Europe. As a result of this, Part of this rise in demand moved to Damascus which is the main center for CBS intervention and for availability of foreign exchange supply, which consequently contributed to raising the exchange rate significantly.
CBS assured citizens by saying that the exchange rate will be back to acceptable levels with the continued rapid victories of the Syrian Arab Army in the northern areas and controlling the northern borders which will prevent the flow of more foreign exchange outside the country.

* " 'Thank you Russia!' - Residents of Liberated Syrian Towns; Syrian towns Nubl and al-Zahra in Northern Aleppo province had been occupied by the Free Syrian Army since July, 2012. After their liberation on the February 3rd and following improvement of their living conditions, residents are expressing their gratitude to Russia, Iran and Hezbollah" (2016-02-15, []

* "Al-Jaafari: ‘Riyadh group’ operators to blame for dialogue failure, Saudi statements are talk of amateur politicians" (2016-02-10, []
* "US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar responsible for Geneva meeting failure- Al-Jaafari" (2016-02-10, []
* "Medvedev: Putting preconditions for dialogue between Syrian Government and opposition unacceptable" (2016-02-13, []

* "Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured; Syrian Centre for Policy Research says 470,000 deaths is twice UN’s figure with ‘human development ruined’ after 45% of population is displaced" (2016-02-11, []

Arab Republic of Syria: War News
"Former ISIS Sex Slaves Form All-Female Battalion 'Sun Ladies' to Launch Massive Assault on ISIS" (2016-02-09, []

* "Latest 4 Days of News from the Syrian Battlefields ~ Command center for terrorists in Daraa annihilated, established control over villages in Lattakia provinces, security restored to strategic hills and areas in Aleppo countryside ~ [Reports, Maps, Videos]" (2016-02-10, []

* "The army destroys more positions for terrorists, including command center and wireless station in Daraa" (2016-02-10, []

* "Russia’s anti-terror operations in Syria comply with International Law- Churkin" (2016-02-10, []

* "Media Fakes: French Media Uses Russian Footage to Show “Success” of U.S. Strikes in Syria" (2016-02-09, []

* "Five fortified posts, 2 bulldozers and an oil tanker for terrorists destroyed in Daraa and Sweida" (2016-02-11, []

* "Two citizens killed, three others injured in a terrorist attack in Aleppo" (2016-02-11, []

* "US A-10s bombed city of Aleppo on Wednesday, shifted blame onto Moscow – Russian military" (2016-02-11, []

* "Assad says sees risk of Turkey, Saudi Arabia invading Syria" (2016-02-12, []

* "Russia’s PM Medvedev Warns of New War if US, Arab Troops Invade Syria; As Turkey and Saudi Arabia edge closer to sending ground forces into Syria at the behest of the United States, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has warned that an escalation of the conflict could lead to another war in the world" (2016-02-12, []
* "Russian PM warns US, Saudis against starting ‘permanent war’ with ground intervention in Syria" (2016-02-12, []

* "2 citizens injured due to terrorist mortar attack in Daraa" (2016-02-12, []

* "The Golan people reaffirm continued struggle against Israeli occupation on Open Strike anniversary" (2016-02-13, []

* "Five civilians, two of them children, killed in terrorist rocket attacks in Aleppo, Daraa, Damascus Countryside" (2016-02-13, []

* "Turkish military repeatedly shell Assad forces; Kurds confirm to RT being hit by massive attack" (2016-02-13, [], original version []

* "U.S. led alliance in Syria is scrambling following ceasefire call, gains of Syrian army" (2016-02-14, []

* "US, France urge Turkey to stop shelling Kurds in northern Syria" (2016-02-14, []
* "Damascus confirms its army targeted by Turkey shelling" (2016-02-14, []
* "Civilians reported killed in Syria as Turkey shells Kurdish position for 2nd day" (2016-02-14, []

* "Endgame: Russia Hits More Than 1,800 Targets in Syria in 7 Days; Russia steps up airstrikes as US proxies pledge to take down Assad" (2016-02-14, []

* "Turkey’s shelling of Syria amid ‘unique’ intl peace effort unacceptable – Russia’s UN envoy" (2016-02-17, []
* " 'We have proof' Turkey backs ISIS & other terrorists – Kurdish commander" (2016-02-17, []
* "Obama in wonderland? US ‘schizophrenic’ on Syria as Kurds, govt forces advance" (2016-02-17, []

The International anti-Syria Alliance, the "Free Syria Army", and allied organizations 
* "Lavrov: Russia and US agree to start military cooperation to combat terrorism in Syria" (2016-02-12, []
* " ‘Russians made peace possible’: Ex-NATO military committee chief praises Syria op" (2016-02-12, []
* " ‘Putin is winning Syria,’ declares former US ambassador to Russia in odd tweet" (2016-02-12, []

* "The Syria ceasefire plan is a sign of the decaying world order" speech at the Munich Security Council (2016-02-14, by Sen. John McCain) []
* "After the Geneva talks: Re-setting U.S. Strategy for Western Syria" (2016-02-15, by Ilan Goldenberg, Nicholas Heras, and Paul Scharre) [] [begin excerpt]: The announcement of an agreement by the United States and Russia on a possible temporary cessation of hostilities in Syria is a positive development, though we are skeptical that this deal will hold or ever even go into effect. Until there are fundamental changes on the ground there will be no major breakthroughs in the negotiating room. And unless the United States is willing to significantly increase its support for opposition groups in Syria and take more risk in confronting both Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian supporters, it is hard to see an acceptable end to this that sets conditions for destroying ISIL and other extremist groups in Syria and Iraq. At the Center for a New American Security, we have been undertaking a review of current U.S. strategy towards ISIL, in which the Syrian civil war that stretches from Dara’a to Aleppo is one of three separate but interrelated theaters. [end excerpt]

* "Anti-Assad Conspiracy: Western Fingerprints All Over Syrian Civil War; Western countries are willing to grant asylum to Syrian refugees, but are still unwilling to stop adding fuel to the fire of the Syrian civil war, Greece-based independent humanitarian journalist Fragkiska Megaloudi notes" (2015-10-03, []

* "Pentagon blames Russia for ‘human suffering’ in Syria, ‘a little bit unclear’ with proof" (2016-02-18, []

* "Petraeus says ‘by no means clear’ that Syria can be ‘put together’ again" (2016-02-12, []

* "Turkey wants ‘secure line’ created 10km inside Syria, including Azaz - deputy PM" (2016-02-17, []
* "Prospects for a Turkish incursion into Syria" (2016-02-09, [] [begin excerpt]: Ankara closely monitors the battle around Aleppo, as developments in that theater could lead to irrevocable setbacks for Turkey’s position in Syria. At the time of writing, sources on the ground reported that the Syrian Arab Army had advanced to within 10 kilometers of Tal Rifaat, the last defensive line for pro-Turkey armed opposition before the border city of Azaz. Furthermore, experience suggests that the fall of Aleppo could trigger a massive influx of refugees into Turkey, which is already hosting close to 2 million Syrians. Notably, even the regime’s march towards the northern frontier areas has led to a new surge of refugees at the Turkish border. The heightened usage of unguided munitions in Russian and Syrian airstrikes ensures high civilian casualties and contributes to greater refugee flows.
In strictly operational terms, Turkey possesses the ability to launch a limited incursion and create a small safe haven on its border. Deployed along the southeastern border areas, the Turkish 2nd Army has long been at the epicenter of Turkish defense modernization. [end excerpt]
* "Erdogan threatens Europe with new migrant wave, renews calls for no-fly zone in Syria" (2016-02-11, []
* "US Blames Putin When Erdogan Caught Weaponizing Refugees; The recently released minutes from a November meeting between Erdogan and the EU prove that the Turkish strongman is manipulating the immigrant flow into Europe for strategic ends" (2016-02-11, []

* "Lavrov: ISIS leaders and Turkish officials discussing new ways for smuggling across Syrian-Turkish borders" (2016-02-10, []

* "Saudi jets to fly missions in Syria from Turkish base" (2016-02-13, []

* "Syria rebels say get more missiles from Assad's enemies" (2016-02-12, Reuters Newswire) []

* "Dead Sea Level Falling Due to Water Use in Jordan and Syria, Study Finds; Decline has accelerated from 70 centimeters a year four decades ago to 1.2 meters over the past two decades" (2016-02-01, []. An industrialized state with a large population like that of the Arab Republic of Syria needs water. The purpose, among many, for the State of Israel to disrupt and destroy the industry and quality of life of the people within the Arab State of Syria is to monopolize the water resources (and the petroleum resources, as well).

Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
A USA-backed self-governing entity for the disruption of the Eurasian Union and other rival blocs.

* "ISIS used chemical weapons, may have more - CIA chief" (2016-02-12, []

* "Ring forging fake passports for ISIS militants busted in Moscow region, 14 suspects detained" (2016-02-18, []

* "Fears radioactive material stolen in Iraq could be used for ‘dirty bomb’ " (2016-02-17, []

[] [][] [] []

* "Dozens of guns, 20,000+ ammo seized from 2 Britons in Greece near Turkey border" (2016-02-14, []
* "Video shows how 3 Turkey-bound UK/Kurdish smugglers managed to fit 240K rounds of ammo into 2 vans" (2016-02-15, []

West Kurdistan (Rojava), within the jurisdiction of the Arab Republic of Syria
Map []. News [].

* "Rojava Kurdistan Representation Office opens in Moscow; Rojava Kurdistan Democratic Autonomous Administration Representation Office has opened in Russia’s capital city Moscow Wednesday afternoon with the participation of Russian officials and Kurdish representatives" (2016-02-10, [], attached video []: Rojava Kurdistan Democratic Autonomous Administration Representation Office has opened in Russia’s capital city Moscow Wednesday afternoon with the participation of Russian officials and Kurdish representatives.
Speaking to ANF at the opening, Rojava Foreign Relations Representative Sinam Mohamad said today was historic with regards to the worldwide recognition of the Democratic Autonomy Model implemented in Rojava for three years now. Mohamad underlined that this project which is grounded on fraternity of peoples, and global values such as equality and democracy set an example for the resolution of the conflict in Syria and the Middle East. She said opening of the representation office in Moscow constituted a major step towards strengthening their relations abroad.
Rojava Kurdistan Democratic Autonomous Administration Representative in Russian Federation, Rodi Osman said they attached importance to the participation in the opening of Russian political and official figures as well as NGOs, academics and the Kurdish society in Russia.
"Opening of this representation office is a major stage in the history of Rojava Kurdistan. We see it as a major step with regards to the recognition of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Rojava. This step serves the resolution of the problems in Syria and the Middle East.
The representation office has a multilingual signboard in Russian, Kurdish, Arabic and Assyrian, which sort of manifests the Rojava administration's approach towards peoples.
Photos [] [] [] [] [] [] []

World Jewish Diaspora and history
The culture and stories of a global nation

* "This Day in Jewish History, 1927: Alleged First Talkie, Al Jolson’s 'The Jazz Singer,' Hits World Screens; Not that most of the world could hear the music or Jolson ad-libbing, but sound caught on quickly" (2015-10-07, [] [begin excerpt]: From a Jewish point of view, “The Jazz Singer” is also amazing in its explicit depiction of a religious family, and for what it reveals about the dilemmas facing Jewish immigrants and their children during their early years in the United States.
Jolson, in real life a cantor’s son, plays Jakie Rabinowitz, the son of a fifth-generation cantor (played by Warner Oland) living on New York’s Lower East Side. When Cantor Rabinowitz learns that his 13-year-old son has been singing at a local saloon on Yom Kippur eve, he beats him, and Jakie runs away. [...]
In Samson Raphaelson’s original 1917 short story “The Day of Atonement,” the son clearly decides to give up show biz. But that wasn’t the ending Warner Brothers wanted. The message they wanted to convey was that you could have it both ways: both find success in secular society and remain true to the faith of your fathers.
The program that accompanied the premiere informed readers that the movie had the approval of none other than the Warners’ own father, an observant Jew: “The faithful portrayal of Jewish home life is largely due to the unobtrusive assistance of Mr. Benjamin Warner, father of the producers and ardent admirer of ‘the Jazz Singer.’”
Most 1927 audiences saw a silent version of “The Jazz Singer,” since at the time fewer than 100 theaters worldwide were equipped for sound. That changed quickly. By the middle of 1929 nearly every movie coming out of Hollywood was a talkie, and theaters made the necessary adaptations.
Not by coincidence, October 6, 1927, was Yom Kippur, so the evening premiere, at the Warners’ theater on Broadway, took place as the holiday was coming to a close. None of the three Warner brothers was in attendance; Sam Warner had died a day earlier, and Harry and Jack were on their way to California for the funeral. [end excerpt]

State of Israel and international operations
[[] [] [[] []

* "Israeli PM Netanyahu wants whole country surrounded with fence to protect it from ‘predators’ " (2016-02-10, []
* "Netanyahu calls Arabs 'wild beasts' while announcing Israel wall plan; Israeli prime minister says he plans to surround country with a 'security barrier' to protect against 'wild beasts' from neighbouring countries" (2016-02-10, []

Israel is a democracy that doesn't kill civilians... it just "flattens" cities
* “Should Israel Flatten Beirut to Destroy Hezbollah's Missiles? Most of Hezbollah's 100,000 missile arsenal are hidden in civilian areas. Israel should examine now the ethical and logistical consequences of its first use of extreme conventional weapons against them; Most of Hezbollah's 80,000 rockets come from Iran, Kerry reportedly says; With Iran out of the picture, Hezbollah tops Israel's threat list; Following alleged sarin attack Defense Minister: Assad used chemical weapons multiple times in Syria” (2016-02-15, by Amitai Etzioni, []:
“The 100,000 missiles Hezbollah has amassed are now Israel’s number two security threat,” an Israeli representative explained in a recent meeting in Washington, DC. Speaking under Chatham House rules (which allows one to quote what was said without revealing the speaker or the venue) he elaborated: These missiles were third on the list of top Israeli security concerns, but moved to number two after Syria was forced to give up most of its chemical weapons, which used to be second on the list. (A nuclear armed Iran was and continues to be the top concern.) The representative added that Iran is providing Hezbollah with much better guidance system for these missiles, although most of them are short range.
At a previous Herzliya conference, the Israel chief of staff revealed that most of these missiles are placed in private homes, which raise the question: If Hezbollah starts raining them down on Israel, how can these missiles be eliminated without causing massive civilian casualties?
The challenge was dramatized when a number of the participants in the Herzliya conference were invited to Base Eljakim, near Haifa, where the northern command of IDF has built a model Lebanese village.
The guests were treated to a demonstration of the way Israel plans to clear these missiles — by Israeli soldiers dashing from building to building to find them. True to the tactics of urban warfare, the IDF trainees entered the buildings through windows rather than doors, to avoid booby traps. And they were sure that once they cleared an area they still left some soldiers to hold it — because Hezbollah has built many tunnels which connect the buildings and which allow its forces to pop up in buildings that have already been cleared.
For me, a very minor event became a symbol of the whole operation. Because the IDF troops advanced in broad daylight, they needed cover, because otherwise they would make an easy target for Hezbollah snipers. They hence started their drive by throwing some smoke-producing grenades. (These grenades seemed to have changed little since 1948, when I served in the Palmach). A minor breeze came and blew the smoke away, leaving the advancing troop fully exposed.
The whole approach seemed not to make sense, on the face of it. Given the large number of missiles, to take them out one at a time, would require a very large number of Israeli troops and would very likely result in many Israeli casualties — as well as Lebanese civilians. The best face I could put on the demonstration at Eljakim was that the whole show was meant to mislead Hezbollah into believing that Israel would return to the strategy that failed during the 2006 war, at the end of which Hezbollah was successfully launching more missiles than on the first day of that war!
What else could be done? Someone in the visiting group mentioned that Israel was charged with bombing Shia neighborhoods in Beirut in order to pressure Hezbollah to stop firing missiles at Israel. However, many studies have shown that such bombing — in Tokyo and Dresden and London — do not have the expected effect, nor did it in 2006 (assuming that such bombing actually occurred).
On returning to the U.S., I asked two American military officers what other options Israel has. They both pointed to Fuel-Air Explosives [FAE]. These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of fuel which is ignited by a detonator, producing  massive explosions. The resulting rapidly expanding wave flattens all buildings within a considerable range.
Such weapons obviously would be used only after the population was given a chance to evacuate the area. Still, as we saw in Gaza, there are going to be civilian casualties. Hence, the time to raise this issue is long before Israel may be forced to use FAEs. One way this can be achieved is by inviting foreign military experts and public intellectuals, who are not known to be hostile to Israel, to participate in war games in which they would be charged with fashioning a response to massive missile attacks on Israeli high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, and air bases.
In this way, one hopes, that there be a greater understanding, if not outright acceptance, of the use of these powerful weapons, given that nothing else will do. Moreover, there is a hope (granted not a big one) that Hezbollah will be deterred from proceeding if it realizes that the response to an attack will be quite a bit stronger and more effective than visitors saw at Base Eljakim.
Amitai Etzioni is the author of "Diary of a Commando Soldier" (1952) and of "Hot Spots" and "Security First." He served in the Palmach and IDF ('46-'50). He is a University Professor and Professor of International Relations at The George Washington University and has taught at Columbia, Harvard, and Berkeley.

* "Bill Calls to Suspend Lawmakers From Knesset for Denying Israel as Jewish, Democratic State; New version of bill replaces 'unbecoming behavior' with three new criteria for suspension from Knesset to win support of the ultra-Orthodox UTJ faction" (2016-02-09, []
* "The Knesset's Latest Attempt to Disenfranchise Israeli Arabs; The bill which allows 90 MKs to suspend their fellow lawmakers from parliament is yet another attempt to impose tyranny of the majority" (2016-02-09, []
* "Despite Rightists' Concerns, Racism Clause to Remain in Bill to Suspend Israeli Arab MKs ; 'What principle do you want us to discuss?' a Zionist Union MK asked at a committee meeting discussing the bill. 'This law includes two words: Arabs, Out' " (2016-02-10, []

* "Knesset Suspends Three Israeli-Arab Lawmakers Over Visits With Families of Slain Terrorists; MKs Haneen Zoabi and Basel Ghattas were suspended for four months, and MK Jamal Zahalka was suspended for two months. 'Miserable, anti-democratic and unethical decision,' Joint Arab List says" (2016-02-08, []

* "Israeli MP says there is no Palestinian nation since there is no ‘P’ in Arabic" (2016-02-11, []
* "Palestinian Nation Doesn’t Exist, Because Arabic Doesn't Have 'P' ; 'What? Did everyone hear this? Are you an idiot?' was one lawmaker's responser" (2016-02-10, []: A Likud lawmaker was met with derision in the Knesset plenum, after saying that that there was no such thing as a Palestinian people, since Arabic doesn't have the consonant "P."
"I want to go back to history, what is our place here, about Jerusalem, about Palestine, when like we said, Arabic doesn't even have 'P,' so this loan-word also merits scrutiny," MK Anat Berko said in a Knesset address on Wednesday.
While the lawmaker was correct in saying that Arabic doesn't have a "P" sound, the word for "Palestine" in Arabic begins with the consonant "F," the same as in Hebrew, and is pronounced: "Falastin."
"What? Did everyone hear this? Are you an idiot?" Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg called out, to which Berko responded: "These are the facts. I'll send it to you, everything's alright."
MK Osama Sa'adi from the Joint Arab List left the plenum in protest after Berko's remarks.
The lawmaker's gaffe was made during a Knesset debate on the Labor's plan for separating from the Palestinians. In the debate, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Labor leader Isaac Herzog also traded barbs, with the prime minister mocking Labor for only now "waking up" to reality and recognizing that the two-state solution isn't viable.
In response, Herzog dared Netanyahu to annex the territories. "Let's see what happens then," he said.

* "Israel boycott ban: Shunning Israeli goods to become criminal offence for public bodies and student unions; Critics say move amounts to a 'gross attack on democratic freedoms' " (2016-02-14, []

State of Palestine, exile community, and occupied territories
[] [] [] [

* "Israel spent $250mn on destroying Hamas tunnels under Gaza since 2004 – report" (2016-02-13, []

Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Republic Of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 

* "Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hits all time high – UN report" (2016-02-14, []

People's Republic of China
News: [] []; Map []; History & the Current Context []

* "Beijing on massive gold buying spree" (2016-02-11, []

* "Beijing deploys 'necessary defenses' on disputed South China Sea Islands, says in line with intl law" (2016-02-17, []

Republic of Korea (RoK) in southern Korea
* "US sends extra Patriot missiles to S Korea amid rising tensions with North" (2016-02-13, []

* " ‘Kill Kim’: South Korean MP says North’s leader should be assassinated" (2016-02-13, []: A South Korean MP from the country’s ruling party has called on the president to order the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, arguing that only death would stop him from using nuclear weapons.
"Everybody will be happy if Kim Jong-un is removed," Ha Tae-keung, of the ruling Saenuri Party, said in an interview with the radio station YTN.
Ha, a former human rights activist turned lawmaker, argued that Seoul had a window of opportunity of four to five years to kill Kim before he unleashes a nuclear war.
Ha suggested that President Park Geun-hye should openly declare the intention to assassinate Kim Jong-un and seek international support for the effort, particularly from the US and Japan. He said it would be similar to what happened to late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, who was ousted from power by a US-led invasion, captured, tried and sentenced to death by an Iraqi court.
"Kim Jong-un is a criminal," Ha said. "Getting rid of a criminal is appropriate and does not violate international laws."
Ha’s incitement to kill Kim has its roots in the history of confrontation between the two Koreas. Pyongyang launched at least two failed assassination attempts on President Park’s father, the dictatorial President Park Chung-hee. One of them, in 1968, involved a 30-men commando raid on the presidential palace, the Blue House.
Soul assembled a strike against North Korean leader Kim Il-sung, Kim's late grandfather, in retaliation for the attack, but called it off at the last moment. Park’s security chief, Kim Jae-kyu, rather than the North Koreans, eventually killed the South Korean leader in 1979.
His successor, President Chun Doo-hwan, dodged death in a Northern bombing plot in 1983 due to traffic congestion, but 17 South Koreans, including cabinet ministers, were killed.
Tensions between Pyongyang and Seoul are currently at higher-than-usual levels after North Korea carried out its fourth nuclear test in December and launched a space satellite last week.

* (2016-02-14, North Korea Guide):
South Korean activist No Su-hui (centre) shouts "Long Live Reunification" in front of North Korean officials and soldiers at the DMZ before crossing the demarcation line between North and South. After crossing into South Korea, he was dragged away in a headlock. It was a very foolish move by the South - especially in full view of the cameras. An easy propaganda victory for North Korea. It seems ludicrous that South Koreans are banned from travelling to the North, especially as it claims to be a free country. Su-hui was in the DPRK and crossed back into South Korea. He had entered the North via China for a memorial service marking the 100th day since the death of Kim Jong-il and was subsequently jailed for 3 years upon his return.
[comment]: What a brave person to go back to the RoK such as he did. This person's actions show that the DPRK does not arrest anybody willy-nilly for no reason... after-all, here's a Korean man from the capitalist south, yet he was able to visit DPRK unmolested until he entered the southern regime's jurisdiction...


Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
Info collected by Juche-Buddhism Friendship Society, for Peace through Knowledge! []; News: [] [] [] [] []

* "Single-Minded Unity, Source of Inexhaustible Strength of Great Paektusan Nation" (2016-02-11, []
* "Korean working class reliably supports thriving nation building" (2016-02-12, []

* "Satellite launch bolsters nation’s status as space power" (2016-02-12, []
* "Pyongyang City Army-People Meeting Hail Successful Launch of Satellite" (2016-02-11, []
* "Army-People Meeting Hail Successful Launch of Satellite" (2016-02-09, KCNA Newswire) []
* "Successful Launch of Satellite Hailed by Provincial and City Rallies" (2016-02-10, []
* "Successful Launch of Satellite Hailed in Provinces" (2016-02-10, []
* "More Meetings Hail Successful Satellite Launch in DPRK" (2016-02-11, KCNA Newswire) []
* "DPRK's Satellite Launch Hailed by Koreans Organization in Kyrgyzstan" (2016-12-13, []

* "Contributors to Successful Launch of Kwangmyongsong-4 Arrived" (2016-02-11, KCNA Newswire) [], photos [] [] [] [] [] [] [].

* "Pak Pong Ju Makes Field Survey of Construction Site of Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 3" (2016-02-11, []: DPRK Premier Pak Pong Ju made a field survey of the construction sites of Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station No. 3 and the Hyesan-Samjiyon Broad Gauge.
Going round various places of the construction sites, the premier encouraged the builders who are all out in a high-pitched drive to glorify the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea as the congress of victors and glory.
A consultative meeting discussed the measures for pushing forward the construction to suit the winter conditions without interruption and sufficiently supplying the necessary materials.
The premier went round various places in Samjiyon County associated with the leadership exploits of the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu. At a consultative meeting he called for meticulously conducting the management and operation of the objects successfully renovated under the loving care of the party and discussed the matters arising in stepping up the preparations for photo farming.

* "DPRK Hero and Agricultural Workers Meet" (2016-02-11, [] [begin excerpt]: There took place a meeting of a DPRK hero, agricultural workers and members of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea (UAWK) at the Sosin Vegetable Cooperative Farm, Ryokpho District, Pyongyang on Sunday on significant February 8, the anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's development of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army into the regular revolutionary armed forces. [end excerpt]

* "Economic and Commercial Councillors Corps Visits Sci-Tech Complex" (2016-02-11, KCNA Newswire) []: The economic and commercial councillors corps in the DPRK visited the Sci-Tech Complex on February 11 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il.
They laid a floral basket before the picture of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il at the complex.
They looked round various places including the applied sci-tech hall and e-reading room, being briefed on the fact that the complex was built into the symbol of the Juche-oriented architectural art in the 21st century and the grand study house for the people.

* "Clean Water Alone" (2016-02-13, []: Recently scientists of the Urban Management Research Institute of the State Academy of Sciences developed an efficient process of biological treatment of sewage and applied it to the Ryongsong Sewage Works. The project was assisted by the Ministry of Urban Management, the Pyongyang Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Management Office and other related agencies and the engineers of the Ryongsong Sewage Works.
Generally speaking, biological treatment is the basic process in sewage treatment, in which the organic materials, nitrogen, phosphor and other materials are removed with the action of microorganism. Eutrophication of rivers and lakes lets floating organisms including water caltrop multiply massively which result in big drop in the clarity of the water and the volume of oxygen in the water. This causes suffocation of fishes and other living things, and do harm to the human existence. So it is one of the critical environmental problems facing humanity.
Scientists of the institute pushed ahead with the project to develop and apply an efficient process of biological treatment which makes it possible to remove organic materials and nitrogen and phosphor alike in the waste water while making the most of the existing conditions of the Ryongsong Sewage Works. Day in and day out, they made painstaking efforts seeking the clue to success.
In the course of this, section chief Ra Hong Chol, and researchers Kim Mun Hyok and Choe Nam Su successfully solved a number of scientific and technical problems in laying a new process of getting rid of nitrogen and phosphor in the sewage by remoulding the structure of the existing tank of biological reaction.
General Manager Kim Won Chol of the works says, “I’d like to pay tribute to the researchers for their efforts to prevent the Taedong River from pollution due to the sewage. In cooperation with the researchers we in the works developed a new kind of fertilizer, and it is bringing us huge profit. It is very popular with the nearby farms.”
At present the scientists and officials of the institute are pressing ahead with a project to introduce a better process of biological treatment in other sewage works and other establishments in Pyongyang, building on their experience gained at the Ryongsong Sewage Works.
Their endeavor is contributing to the effort to keep the Taedong River clean and clear all the time.

* "Catfish Production in DPRK" (2016-02-11, [], photos [] [] [] []

* "Moranbong Middle School No. 1" (2016-02-10, [], photos [] [] [] [] [] []


* "Int'l Figure Skating Festival to Be Held in DPRK" (2016-02-11, KCNA Newswire) []: The 24th Paektusan Prize International Figure Skating Festival for Celebrating the Day of the Shining Star (birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il) will be held in Pyongyang with splendour on the occasion of his 74th birth anniversary.
The festival will take place from February 15 to 17. It will bring together figure skaters of the DPRK and other countries.

* Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival press release (2016-02-09, via []: We are delighted to present this unique, magnificent and ground-breaking event taking place in the picturesque coastal city of Wonsan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) between 24th – 26th September 2016.
International tourists will be welcomed as honoured guests to the city, enjoying three days of aviation and air sports activities and entertainment. There will be thrilling aerobatic flying displays, picturesque pleasure flights, exciting skydiving opportunities, scenic mass balloon ascents and colourful model aircraft flying, arranged for the participants’ enjoyment.
In addition to aeronautical pursuits, visitors will be entertained with a wide range of cultural activities, including song and dance performances, taekwondo demonstrations and traditional Korean folk sports, to name but a few. The grand finale of the Festival will feature a mass dance in Wonsan’s central square and a glorious firework display across the harbour bay. Traditional Korean food, snacks and drink will be available over the three day event. We are also very pleased to be hosting the DPRK’s very first National Beer Festival, offering a showcase of Korean beers from across the country.
For full information about everything that is taking place during the Festival, we invite you to view the Official Website here: [].

* "Kim Jong Un sends condolences to Syrian leader" (2016-02-10, []

* "Party Delegation Leaves" (2016-02-11, []: A delegation of the Workers’ Party of Korea headed by Kim Yong Chol, secretary of its central committee, left Pyongyang to visit the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos on February 11.
* "WPK Delegation Leaves for Laos" (2016-12-13, []: A delegation of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) led by Kim Yong Chol, secretary of the WPK Central Committee, left here Thursday to visit Laos.
* "Talks between WPK and LPRP Held" (2016-02-13, KCNA Newswire) []: There took place talks between delegations of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party in Vientiane on February 11.
Present there from the WPK side were the members of the WPK delegation led by Kim Yong Chol, secretary of its Central Committee, and the DPRK ambassador to Laos, and from the LPRP side were Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune, secretary of its Central Committee and chairman of its Commission for Propaganda and Training Affairs, and others concerned.
At the talks the delegations exchanged the successes and experiences gained in the struggle for carrying out the joint cause and discussed the issue for further developing the relations between the two parties and other issues of common interest.
That day the Central Committee of the LPRP gave a reception in honor of the WPK delegation.
* "LPRP Sends Gift to Kim Jong Un" (2016-02-13, KCNA Newswire) []
* "LPRP Promises Better Relations with WPK" (2016-02-13, KCNA Newswire) []: The delegation of the Workers’ Party of Korea led by Kim Yong Chol, secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK, on a visit to Laos met and had a talk on February 11 with Bounnhang Vorachith, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP), at the building of the Party Central Committee.
Bounnhang  Vorachith  said  it  is  a  vivid  expression  of  support  for  the  LPRP  that  supreme  leader Kim Jong Un sent a congratulatory delegation as regards the successful 10th Congress of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and the election of the general secretary of the Party Central Committee.
It is a fruition of the energetic leadership of Kim Jong Un that the WPK has made steady progress in bolstering up capabilities for self-defence and stepping up economic construction and the improvement of the people’s living standard, he added.
He wished Kim Jong Un good health and big success in the work for leading the building of a thriving socialist nation, expressing his will to eternally boost the friendly and cooperative relations between the two parties and countries.

* "Reception Given by Russian Ambassador" (2016-02-11, []: Alexander Matsegora, Russian ambassador to the DPRK, gave a reception at the Taedonggang Diplomatic Club on February 11 on the occasion of the day of diplomatic officials of Russia.
Present there on invitation were Kung Sok Ung, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, and other officials concerned and diplomatic envoys of foreign countries in the DPRK and staff members of their embassies.
Staff members of the Russian embassy were present.

* "Greetings to Iranian President" (2016-02-12, []
* "Iranian Ambassador Gives Reception" (2016-02-13, []

* "Kim Jong Un's Work Published in Britain" (2016-02-13, []: Marshal Kim Jong Un's work "Let Us Step Up the Building of a Thriving Country by Applying Kim Jong Il's Patriotism" was brought out in pamphlet by the New Communist Party of Britain [] on Feb. 4.
The work published on July 26, Juche 101 (2012) deals with the essence of leader Kim Jong Il's patriotism and his sacred career characterized by loving care for the country and people.
It also indicates the important matters arising in applying Kim Jong Il's patriotism.

* "Pressure from abroad led to Kaesong’s closure" (2016-02-12, []
* "South Korean official backtracks on claim Kaesong funded nukes; Hong Yong-pyo had previously said 70 percent of North Korean wages were being used to develop nuclear weapons" (2016-02-15, UPI Newswire) []

* "Magma mayhem: S. Korean experts fear N. Korean nuclear tests could trigger volcanic eruption" (2016-02-17, []

* "What the U.S. Seeks in Erasing Tok Islets from Korean Map" (2016-02-13, by Pae Kum Hui, []: It was disclosed that the U.S. embassy in Seoul erased Tok Islets from the Korean map and posted on its website the map which marked the East Sea of Korea as the "Sea of Japan".
The U.S. behavior is a serious infringement upon the sovereignty of the Korean nation and an unpardonable crime.
Yankees' behavior is triggering off surging resentment of every Korean. The U.S. embassy's use of such map was not a simple mistake nor it was prompted by ignorance. This was a premeditated trick to support Japan in its claim to Tok Islets and assertion for "Sea of Japan".
By supporting and encouraging Japan in its ambition for territorial expansion the U.S. seeks to use Japan as a shock force in carrying out its scenario for occupying the whole of the Korean Peninsula and, furthermore, dominating the world.
It is quite obvious that the U.S. will make no scruple of dictating the south Korean puppet forces to hand over Tok Islets to Japan.
The U.S. is, however, grossly mistaken. The Korean Peninsula is no longer a distress-torn land in the past when outside forces could invade as they pleased. The Korean nation is no longer a weak nation who accepted the sorrow over statelessness as its fate.
The DPRK will never pardon the group of gangsters to grab the inviolable territory of Korea.

* "Illegal photo, off-limits shop in North Korea" (2016-02-18, by [], photo []:


Photos from (
* Kaesong, North Korea (2016-01-03) []
* Turkeys on the farm. Near Anju, South Pyongan Province (2016-01-06) []
* "A South Korean Hyundai van spotted in Kaesong. The license plate is very different from the usual North Korean plate in Kaesong" (2016-01-10) []
* Kaesong Town (2016-01-19) []
* Rural residential area near Chongiu, North Pyongan Province (2016-01-22) []

* "City planning being done in the Pyongyang Architectural Institute. It's evening, in winter and the office lights are at a minimal to conserve electricity. All computers have their own UPS battery backup" (2016-01-22) []
* North Korean intranet (2016-01-22) []
* Somewhere near Tongrim, North Pyongan Province (2016-01-26) []
* Sariwon, South Hwangae Province (2016-01-28) []
* Village in Kujang, North Pyongan Province (2016-02-08) []

* (2016-01-10, I've noticed that Pyongyang citizens are generally more stylish than their counterparts in other towns but that seems to be slowly changing. Now, fashion trends seem to be spreading out to the other towns and into rural areas. This album is all about what North Koreans wear. Watch the 2014 Fashion Show video here: []


* (2016-02-14, by Xavier Vowles):


Occupied State of West Papua 
More info at []

* "New Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu will support West Papua" (2016-02-11, []
* "Prime Minister of Vanuatu pays tribute to West Papuan leader at United Nations" (2014-09-30, []

* "Indonesia spying on West Papua supporters overseas" (2016-02-11) [], referring to a monopolist media report [].

* "Benny Wenda condemns Indonesia’s plans for West Papua" (2016-02-03, []
* "Indonesian military expedition disembarks in occupied West Papua sent to 'map the natural resources and human resources in West Papua' " (2016-02-11, []: West Papuan students held a demonstration on Tuesday 9th February against this expedition of 1200 Indonesian personnel which shows more evidence of Indonesia's increasing militarism in occupied West Papua.
In response to the expedition, West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda says
"We West Papuans are not resources to be mapped and exploited by the Indonesian government. Our natural resources themselves belong to the West Papuan people and the Indonesian government has no right to map or exploit them either. West Papua belongs to the people of West Papua, not Indonesia.
"This so called expedition is merely showing that the Indonesian government is not interested in the well being of the West Papuan people but only interested in counting up their profits and counting up how they can continue to profit from the ongoing occupation of the West Papuan people and our ancestral lands."

* "West Papuan man reportedly tortured, tied up and stripped naked" (2016-02-11, ) []: We have just recieved an unconfirmed report that this man in occupied West Papua was tortured, tied up and stripped naked in the Timika area of West Papua. An Indonesian police officer can be seen kicking him and another holding his neck with wire.
There is currently no confirmation on who the person in the photo is or why or when he was targeted but what is does show is more evidence of West Papuans being brutalised by the Indonesian authorities in occupied West Papua. We have cropped the lower half of the photo as this person was stripped naked.
West Papua is a Melanesian nation just 250km North of Australia and is occupied by Indonesia with an ongoing genocide of over 500,000 West Papuans.
We will continue to find out more information about this brutal incident. For more information about occupied West Papua, including what you can do to help, please visit [].

* "House wants more action on Papua separatism issue" (2016-02-11, []


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