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Sept. 3rd/10th, 2015, Northbay Uprising radio news

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A list of gatherings, workshops, and educational events in the greater Bay Area region

Picket Whole Foods -
Stop Anti-Black Violence
Thursday, 9/10, 5-7pm
230 Bay Place, Oakland
On Thursday Sept. 4th a Black man who was attempting to make a purchase with his EBT, was beaten and bloodied by armed security guards at the Lake Merritt Whole Foods. This man was left unconscious in a large pool of his own blood out front of the store, while employees called for more back-up rather than sending for paramedics.
This inhumane beating adds to the national narrative around a crisis of anti-Black violence. Currently, every 28hrs a black person is murdered by police, vigilantes, or security guards.*
This latest brutality is also in context of many ongoing discriminatory practices and anti-Black policies engaged by Whole Foods:
**Whole Foods materially supported the state violence in Baltimore**
During the Baltimore protests, Whole Foods distributed free water bottles to the National Guard and created a photo opportunity, rather than providing any food/water donations to the Baltimore children left hungry by the forced school closures.
**Whole Foods depends on Prison Labor**
WF uses exploitative prison labor in Colorado to supply products to their stores nationally.
*Whole Foods has a poor labor record**
WF is known for their union-busting and anti-worker labor practices.
*Whole Foods was a significant gentrifying force in Oakland*
WF only opens locations in areas that meet their median income standards. The Lake Merritt location was an exception to this policy; in 2007 this store was opened based on a projected rise in income. Meaning WF both fostered and depended on the gentrification of this area in particular.
On Thursday Spet 10th, we are calling for a picket at Whole Foods with the following demands:
1. Disarm all security guards at the store
2. Compensate for the pain, suffering, and humiliation of the attack victim
3.Issue a public apology
4. Suspend all managers on duty that night, as well as the employees who called for more backup rather than calling the paramedics.
5. Provide discounts and giveaways for EBT customers, in solidarity with the working families being displaced from the area.
6. Require on-going staff training on how anti-Black racism functions within customer service
Please turn out with SIGNS and BANNERS for a two-hour picket line out front of the Whole Foods. This violence against our community has to stop!! And we will not support a business that promotes these acts of brutality!!
~This event is being hosted by members of black.seed and the Anti-Police Terror Project~
*This statistic comes from Malcolm X Grassroots Project annual report, Operation Ghetto Storm.

Vigil for Peace and Diplomacy
Pinole Administration Building (next to Post Office) on Pear Street, Pinole,, CA 94564
Thursday, September 10th, 6:00 PM

* 15th Annual "9/11 Film Festival"
Thursday, Sept. 10, 1 to 10 PM
Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Ave, Oakland
$15 at the Door.
If you cannot attend in person consider live-streaming.  Go to no lies radio for more info.
- Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kevin Barrett. Are most of the famous "radical Muslim terror" events - including 9/11, Madrid, Bali, London, and now Paris - false flags? That is what many leading intellectuals believe. Is the purpose to maintain the myth of 9/11?
- Featured Speaker: David Chandler, who became a 9/11 truth hero when he forced NIST to admit that WTC 7 fell at free fall for over 2 seconds. He will be applying the scientific method to the events at the Pentagon on 9/11.
- Barbara Honegger, Ken Jenkins, Robbie Martin
- Project Censored: Peter Phillips & Mickey Huff
- "Behind the Smoke Curtain"
- Preview: The Pentagon Plane Puzzle"
- "Premiere: A Very Heavy Agenda"
- "Exposing the CIA"
- "Firefighter Erik Lawyer"

Join the Stop Urban Shield RALLY on Friday, Sept. 11 at 4pm at the Alameda County Sheriff's Office (1401 Lakeside Dr., Oakland) to say NO! to Urban Shield anywhere in Alameda County!
As a weapons & warfare technology expo that includes police trainings and war game competitions across the country, Urban Shield deepens police militarization in our neighborhoods, which results in disproportionate harassment and violence against poor, Black, Latino, Arab-Muslim, indigenous, immigrant and trans & gender-non-conforming communities. Despite this reality, Alameda County is hosting Urban Shield from September 11-14 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, with trainings happening across the Bay Area.
Last year, Stop Urban Shield and broader community organizations and members built upon Oakland’s rich history of organizing against policing and for self-determination by forcing the City of Oakland to stop hosting Urban Shield. This was a hugely significant victory for our city and demonstrated the power of our collective grassroots organizing. We previously pressured the Marriott Hotel to not host Urban Shield, but our focus has always been the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office because of its role in coordinating Urban Shield. We must continue to raise our voices to say: No to Urban Shield anywhere in Alameda County!
Stopping Urban Shield would be a major victory against this growing trend of militarization in cities everywhere, from Oakland to Ferguson to Baltimore. Join us in resisting violence against our communities and in fighting for genuine visions of justice, safety and self-determination.

* Tax the Rich Rally Celebrates its 4th Anniversary -
On Monday, September 14, 5-6pm near the top of Solano the East Bay Tax The Rich Rally  will be celebrating  its fourth year birthday. Four years ago, to protest the extraordinary and unjustified inequality that most Americans experience,  we  decided to have a one day rally. The idea was first suggested by Evelyn Glaubman, who although she had not been a political activist, has been repelled by the unjust practices of big corporations and the federal government, particularly toward racial minorities and low income Americans generally.  In response to the favorable public reaction we received that day, we agreed to continue our rallies once every week.  One of our  political posters captures our indignation - "THE RICH HAVE LOOPHOLES. WE GET POTHOLES."
Still, for good reason we are proud of our achievements.  Among our accomplishments is the important role we played persuading the public to vote for Prop. 30,  which is a tax law that raises millions of dollars for the -K-12 public schools.
Collaborating with other organizations, our most recent victory has been persuading the Berkeley City Council to adopt a minimum wage law.  But the law is not good enough. So we are now mobilizing  the public along with other groups to persuade the Berkeley City Council to pass a much better ordinance. Between campaigns we do what we can to keep the public informed and to involve others in political activity.
Our Tax the Rich group is unusual--it is a musical political movement.  We have been successful in attracting talented and well known musicians to perform people's music every week.  Among the musicians are Hali Hammer, Bonnie Larkhart, and Nancy Schimmel.
Not least, we have built a solid social community.  We enjoy each other's company, and many friendships have been built over the years.  In fact, we have proven that political engagement is not only  serious activity. It can be a hellava lot of fun as well.
CONTACT East Bay Tax the Rich Rally coordinator Harry Brill [510-559-3138] [harry.brill@)]

* "Flood Wall Street West-- Mass March & Action to Shut Down Climate Profiteers"
Monday September 28, 8am to 11am, more info at []

Thursday, October 22, 7:30 PM
DAVID TALBOT: The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles and the Rise of America' Secret Government
- Hosted by Quincy McCoy.
First Congregational Church, 2345 Channing Way, Berkeley
Here is an explosive portrait of Allen Dulles, the man who transformed the CIA into a powerful, secretive and ruthless organization that changed world history and dragged America from democracy into this national security state. It is our greatest untold story: the United States' rise to complete world dominance under the guise of Allen Dulles, the longest-serving director of the CIA.
Drawing on revelatory new materials-including recently discovered US government documents, US and European intelligence sources, the personal correspondence and private journals of Dulles's wife and mistress, plus exclusive interviews with the children of prominent CIA officials, David Talbot reveals the dark underside of one of America's most influential figures. Dulles's decade as director of the CIA, which he covertly used to further his own public and private agendas, was a horrific time in American politics. Deeming himself above the law, Dulles manipulated and subverted U.S. presidents in pursuit of his own interests and those of the wealthy elite he counted as friends and clients--colluding with Nazi-controlled cartels, German war criminals and Mafiosi in the process. Targeting foreign leaders for assassination and overthrowing nationalist governments not in accord with his political aims, Dulles went on to employ the same tactics in the U.S., Talbot contends, including persuasive new evidence concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
DAVID TALBOT, is the founder and former CEO of, and was senior editor at Mother Jones magazine, plus features editor at the San Francisco Examiner. He has written for the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Time and other major publications. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, and the national bestseller Season of the Witch.
Advance tickets: $12 : T: 800-838-3006 or Pegasus (3 sites), Moe's, Walden Pond Bookstore, Diesel a Bookstore, Mrs. Dalloway's, S.F. - Modern Times. $15 door

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information collected by the  
[]to end the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW)[], and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [].

International Day of Peace, 21 September - the United Nations

* "A Twenty-First Century Peace Charter: The Need for a New Peace and Solidarity Vision" (2015-06-29, by Harry Targ) []

* "Declaring 'Power In Numbers', People Rally Nationwide for Peace with Iran; 200 demonstrations sweep country in national day of action to support nuclear deal and say no to war" (2015-08-26, []
* "San Jose says "no" to war with Iran" (2015-08-31, []

* "Barak’s tales of Israel's near war with Iran conceal the real story" (2015-08-28, []

* "U.S. Drops Fleas With Bubonic Plague on North Korea" (2015-09-06, [] [begin excerpt]: This happened some 63 years ago, but as the U.S. government has never stopped lying about it, and it's generally known only outside the United States, I'm going to treat it as news.
It is well documented that the United States dropped on China and North Korea insects and feathers carrying anthrax, cholera, encephalitis, and bubonic plague. This was supposed to be a secret at the time, and the Chinese response of mass vaccinations and insect eradication probably contributed to the project's general failure (hundreds were killed, but not millions). But members of the U.S. military taken prisoner by the Chinese confessed to what they had been a part of, and confessed publicly when they got back to the United States.
Some of them had felt guilty to begin with. Some had been shocked at China's decent treatment of prisoners after U.S. depictions of the Chinese as savages. For whatever reasons, they confessed, and their confessions were highly credible, were borne out by independent scientific reviews, and have stood the test of time."What does it matter now?" I can imagine people from only one corner of the earth asking.
I reply that it matters that we know the evils of war and try to stop the new ones. U.S. cluster bombs in Yemen, U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, U.S. guns in Syria, U.S. white phosphorus and Napalm and depleted uranium used in recent years, U.S. torture in prison camps, U.S. nuclear arsenals being expanded, U.S. coups empowering monsters in Ukraine and Honduras, U.S. lies about Iranian nukes, and indeed U.S. antagonization of North Korea as part of that never-yet-ended war -- all of these things can be best confronted by people aware of a centuries-long pattern of lying. [end excerpt]

* "Veterans For Peace Calls upon U.S. to Reduce Military Tensions in Korea" (2015-08-26, []. Veterans For Peace, a major peace organization of veterans in the U.S., welcomed the  announcement on Tuesday, August 25th, of an inter-Korean agreement to de-escalate the current military tensions in Korea.

* "Golden Rule Enjoys Fair Winds!" (2015-09-04, []
* "Ed Asner Praises the Golden Rule Peace Boat" (2015-09-04, []

* "Critical moment approaches in anti-war struggle in Japan" (2015-09-03, []
* "ANSWER solidarity statement to "Bring Down Abe!" protest in Japan" (2015-09-02, []

* "New Coalition Calls for the End of the U.S.-Saudi Alliance; Condemns Saudi's Domestic Repression and Civilian Deaths in Yemen" (2015-09-02, []

* "Refugee crisis: How neocons destabilized Europe" (2015-09-07, by Robert Parry, Consortium News) []

* "NYT Claims U.S. Abides by Cluster Bomb Treaty: The Exact Opposite of Reality" (2015-09-03, []

* "US Leads World in Credulous Reports of ‘Lagging Behind’ Russia" (2015-09-1, []

* "Part of the Imperialist West’s Line of March: Hushing Up—and Profiting from—Saudi Aggressions, while Warmongering against Russia" (2015-08-29, by Stephen Gowans) []

* "Response to Amnesty International's Biased & Selective Reporting on Ukraine" (2015-08-30, by Steven Argue) [] [begin excerpt]: The far-right Ukrainian government has been carrying out ethnic cleansing of its oppressed Russian speaking population since the U.S. sponsored coup brought that government to power in February, 2014. At the heart of this genocidal operation have been 10,000 armed Nazis of the Right Sector who are central to the Ukrainian National Guard, a military branch set-up after the coup to integrate Nazis into the Ukrainian armed forces. The use of Ukrainian Nazis became necessary for the Ukrainian government because many regular rank and file soldiers were refusing to carry out a war against the Russian speaking civilian population. German intelligence, speaking to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAZ) newspaper in February, 2015 estimated the death toll of this war to be 50,000 people, with FAZ citing its source as stating:  “Germany’s special services estimate the probable number of deceased Ukrainian servicemen and civilians at up to 50,000 people. This figure is about 10 times higher than official data [of the Kiev government]. Official figures are clearly too low and not credible.”
Most of these deaths are civilians as the Ukrainian government has routinely shelled civilian neighborhoods. As a result, well over half a million refugees have fled to Russia from Donetsk and Lugansk. Very few refugees flee the other direction towards the far right Russian hating government in Kiev. The direction refugees flee in a war says a lot about the direction in which they feel safest. Those being driven from their homes by Washington and Kiev's war are going to Russia.
In Crimea, the Nazi terrorists of the Right Sector have not been allowed to operate nor have other agents of U.S. imperialism and the Kiev government. This is a good thing that has kept Crimea in peace. It should be remembered that Russia is under U.S. and EU imperialist economic blockade (an act of war). In addition, the foreign forces of Kiev with U.S. imperialist backing are attempting to destabilize Russia, especially in Crimea. To the extent that Russia is defending itself, Russia has every right to defend itself from foreign provocations. [end excerpt]
Addendum from the author: The following is a response to a person who calls me a fascist on Indybay. Every attempt by me to respond to this libel is deleted by moderator[s] at Indybay. []

* "Inside the Most Expensive Nuclear Bomb Ever Made Could America's latest atomic weapon ignite a new arms race?" (2015-09-01, []

* "An American In Syria" (2015-08-30, by John Mesler) []

This is how vast the refugee camp of Syrians in Jordan now is with 1.5 million Syrians in a population of 6 million now refugees, photo []. The US NATO funded terrorist training camps that Senator McCain likes to visit are also in Jordan and Turkey. Vast civilian refugee camps and desperate people dying at sea are the fruit of heartless US NATO global domination policies. STOP NATO! Disband it! Make war illegal! Arrest war criminals and false flag perpetrators! “Syria Solidarity Movement Against Destabilization & War” playlist in Social Justice in the Heart of Berkeley YouTube Channel [].

* "Is the U.S. Ready for an Endless War Against the Islamic State?" (2015-08-27, []

* "Civilian deaths claimed in 71 US-led airstrikes on Isis; Spokesman for US central command says many of the allegations of fatalities have been dismissed or cannot be verified" (2015-09-03, []

* "As Obama's War in Iraq and Syria rumbles on, are Intel Books getting cooked? Reports from inside the intelligence community indicate that what military assessments find and what the public is being told may be two very different things" (2015-08-26, []
* "Military may have skewed IS analysis: report" (2015-08-26, AFP Newswire) []
* "Pentagon probing alleged distorting of war intelligence" (2015-08-26, AP Newswire) []

* "Al Qaeda: The Database" (2005-11-20) []
* "Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS" (2015-08-31, []

* "Declassified CIA documents reveal how disastrous America’s post-9/11 plans really were; Failures and poor planning characterised the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions" (2015-08-27, [] [begin excerpt]: The US championed the imposition of sanctions on Iraq in the 1990s, strictly enforcing UN Security Council Resolution 687, which forbade “the sale or supply… of commodities or products other than medicine and health supplies” – including “foodstuffs”. These measures were intended to force disarmament, including the termination of biological and chemical weapons programmes, and to force agreement on recognition of the sovereignty of Kuwait.
The impact of the blanket restrictions on Iraqi exports and financial transactions was devastating – especially on the poor. Initial estimates in The Lancet in 1995 suggested 500,000 children alone died from malnutrition and disease as a direct result of the sanctions over the course of five years. When Madeleine Albright, the Secretary of State, was interviewed on the television programme 60 Minutes and asked about the fact that more children had died in Iraq as a result of sanctions than in Hiroshima in 1945, she replied nervelessly: “I think it is a very hard choice.” Nevertheless, she went on, “We think the price is worth it.”
US insistence to reshape Iraq was made law in 1998, when President Bill Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act, making it the formal “policy of the United States to support efforts to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and to promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime”. Clinton also announced that millions of dollars were being made available for “the Iraqi democratic opposition”, with the express aim of enabling the dissonant voices opposed to Saddam to “unify [and to] work together more effectively”. So when George W Bush asked for clarification about Iraq when he became President, he was assessing the long-standing commitment of the US to intervene in the internal affairs of another sovereign state – whose leader was not as co-operative or as malleable as Washington would have liked.
Then again, opening cans of worms seemed not to worry many of those taking decisions in the weeks and months after 9/11. Despite there being no evidence to link the hijackers to Iraq, attention was focused on a major invasion and on regime change. The question was simple, as planning notes for a meeting between Donald Rumsfeld and General Tommy Franks, the chief of Central Command, make clear: “How [to] start?”
Three possible triggers were envisaged – all of which could justify military action. Perhaps Saddam “moves against the Kurds in [the] north?” wondered Rumsfeld in November 2001; maybe a “connection to Sept 11 attack or to anthrax attacks” (following mailings to several media outlets and to two US senators in September 2001); or what if there were a “dispute over WMD inspections?” This seemed a promising line – as revealed by the comment that follows: “Start now thinking about inspection demands.”
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Jose Bustani, was ousted in a special closed session, pushed out for being uncooperative and unhelpful. Statements issued by weapons inspectors, meanwhile, were ignored. In January 2003, it was declared that “we have to date found no evidence that Iraq has revived its nuclear weapons programme since the 1990s” – which chimed with an update the same day by the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission that although inspectors occasionally faced incidents of harassment, “Iraq has on the whole co-operated rather well so far” with the demands of inspectors.
This was rubbished by Colin Powell when he addressed the UN on 5 February 2003, and claimed that “every statement I make today… is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence.” They were nothing of the sort: trailers that were described as mobile biological weapons facilities “hidden in large groves of palm trees and… moved every one to four weeks to avoid detection” turned out to be weather balloons – just as the Iraqis had said they were. There was no nuclear weapons programme, just as the Iraqis had said. No support had been given to al-Qaeda or terrorists, either – as documents and audio tapes from Baghdad reveal: in fact, Saddam Hussein had reined in all those suspected or implicated in terrorism, in order to avoid punitive action.
It was not just the decision to invade Iraq that was spectacular for its idiocy; so too was the execution of the invasion plan. It was naively assumed that removing Saddam would turn Iraq into a land of milk and honey. There was no need to worry, insisted Paul Wolfowitz, the former president of the World Bank, who was then serving as Deputy Secretary of Defence, eight days after the invasion began in 2003. “We’re dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction, and relatively soon.” Oil revenues, he breezily predicted, would bring in $50bn to $100bn over the next “two or three years”.
Expectations for the involvement in Iraq were as foolish as they had been in Afghanistan, where it was assumed there would be “no military involvement after the Taliban were defeated”. In Iraq, 270,000 troops would be needed to start with, according to plans drawn up by US Central Command; but three and a half years later, there would be no need for more than 5,000 ground troops. This all looked plausible when presented on PowerPoint slides to those who saw what they wanted to see. These were to be light wars, quick strikes that would enable a new balance to be established across a pivotal region of Asia – all to the advantage of the West. [end excerpt]
* "Governor George W. Bush during 2000 Election Campaign: 'Taliban in Afghanistan! I Thought you were talking about some Rock Group' " (2000-07-12, []

* " 'U.S. Considered Using Nukes Against Afghanistan After 9/11' ; An aide to former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder says the Bush administration 'really played through all possibilities' " (2015-08-29, []

* "Since 9-11 America's Insane Foreign Policy -- Continued Under Obama -- Has Killed a Million and Created ISIS" (2014-09-10, []

* "Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The US-led Coalition’s Human Rights Record in Iraq" (2015-09-03, by Harmeet Sooden) []
* "Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq" (2011-04-19, []
* "Dick Cheney’s savage revisionist history: inside his disturbing campaign to twist the facts of Iraq" (2015-09-05, [] [begin excerpt]: During his book promotion this week, he adamantly defended the war in Iraq, claiming that it was not only warranted, but a complete victory until Obama messed it all up. On Wednesday, Juan Williams of Fox News asked him, “Well, if people say, ‘Dick Cheney was wrong about Iraq, why should they listen to you on Iran?’”
Like a perfect sociopath, without an iota of self-doubt, Cheney replied, “Because I was right about Iraq. Our objective was to take down Saddam Hussein. We did it. The world’s a much better place without him.”
Cheney ignores that small bit about weapons of mass destruction, which, as in modern Iran, was the real instigator of the invasion of Iraq. He now concludes that the elimination of the evil tyrant Saddam Hussein and the freeing of the Iraqi people was the real goal.
Surely it was not 9/11, which Hussein had nothing to do with, or because he suddenly realized how evil the dictator was (America has nothing against dictators, as long as they’re good for business). It is also quite clear today that Cheney and the Bush administration largely manufactured the WMD intelligence. A former CIA intelligence briefer under the Bush administration, Michael Morell, has basically admitted that the administration “gave a false presentation of what [he] said to them” to encourage invasion. It has even been revealed that two “highly-placed human sources at the very top of Saddam’s regime” said that the dictator did not have active WMDs, and both were conveniently ignored by the warmongering administration.
Maybe, just maybe, it was that $34 million exit package that Cheney got when he left his CEO position at Halliburton to become an honorable public servant. Halliburton received around $40 billion in government contracts in the decade after 2003, many of those without bidding. Three years after the Iraqi invasion, its stock had risen by about 300 percent.
There was an estimated 31-60 billion dollars worth of contractor fraud and waste in Iraq war, and a large part of that came from Halliburton, now known as KBR. As Adam Weinstein reported for Mother Jones, KBR cost “at least $193 million in pay for unnecessary personnel, and maybe as much as $300 million,” which includes $100 million of government-furnished property that cannot be accounted for. KBR has also been blamed for the electrocution and death of 12 soldiers, because of poor wiring jobs at army bases.
In a country where leaders were held accountable, Cheney would currently be in a prison cell. Luckily for the former vice-president, we live in a country where the corrupt revolving door is everywhere and political bribery is the name of the game. Iraq was really a perfect capitalist war, and Cheney was doing what any good capitalist would. This is what many call crony-capitalism — when private industry infiltrates the government (or donates millions to political campaigns) and then uses it to their advantage — but really, it’s just plain old capitalism, and private industry has always been in cahoots with the state to some degree (today more than ever). The Bush administration invaded Iraq with the intent of privatization and ended up making millions for private industry. It’s just like when Wall Street executives from Goldman Sachs or Citibank become financial regulators, bail out big banks and then return to their banks after concluding their honorable duty. If gaining control of the government helps the profit motive, you can be sure private industry will attempt to do it. [end excerpt]
* "As Iran Deal Nabs Necessary Votes, 'War Criminal' Cheney Shouted Down in DC; CODEPINK protester interrupted the 'notable war criminal' by shouting: 'We want peace!' " (2015-09-08, []

* "Breaking the Depleted Uranium Ceiling" (2015-09-01, [], an article about the UKGB being ruled by war criminals both in the political realm and in the economic realm, despite the general public opinion being that the war in Iraq was illegal.

* "Australia: Tony Abbott’s “Nazi” Problem" (2015-09-04, by Dr. Binoy Kampmark) []

* "U.S. Has Now Retrospectively Joined Fascist Side in WW II" (2015-09-04, []
* "U.S. Among Only 3 Countries at U.N. Officially Backing Nazism & Holocaust-Denial; Israel Parts Company from Them; Germany Abstains" (2014-011-24, []

Updates on campaigns for for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

A new formation has started in the bay area....a multi racial, multi generational group of organizations, individuals and families coming together to dismantle police terror. No longer on just the defense reacting to every attocity by the pigs. We also going on the offensive. Come to the General meetings every third thursday at eastside arts alliance to find out what we talking about and how to get down


Justice for Yuvette Henderson! []
In February, Emeryville police killed Yuvette Henderson, a 38-year old Black woman and mother of two after she was assaulted at the Home Depot. It was clear from the different sizes of the bullet holes that multiple weapons, including an AR-15 assault rifle, had been fired at her.
It has been more than 6 months and not one official police report on Yuvette's killing has been made public. The Alameda coroner is unnecessarily withholding the autopsy results of Yuvette's death, which is key to the family's ongoing fight for answers and accountability.
Demand that the  Emeryville City Council directs the coroner to release Yuvette's autopsy report to her family. Visit [] for more info

We at Justice4AlexNieto honor the life of Frankie Rivera, Native-American Mission homeboy, friend, and healer, who passed away in days before. Frankie blessed our gatherings many times on the hill, raising our spirits with chants and also humor. Often, when he led our circle, I would be reminded of the long history of armed brutality against natives of these hills. RIP Frankie Rivera You were much loved and respected. Thank you for all that you did for us.
Justice 4 Alex Nieto, killed by SFPD on March 21, 2014 []


* "The Economy of the Future-Economic Democracy" (2015-09-05, [] [begin excerpt]: Building Wealth in Workers through Worker Cooperatives
To create wealth among workers, worker ownership through worker cooperatives or worker self-directed enterprises need to be encouraged. This idea has been part of the economy of the United States since its founding, hidden behind the myth of individualism. In fact cooperatives are in the DNA of the United States.  Worker ownership is not only a challenge to capitalism but also a challenge to traditional state-based socialism.
Political economist Richard Wolf writes, worker ownership moves us toward economic democracy by replacing “hierarchical, top-down capitalist enterprises run by major shareholders and the boards of directors they select with a democratic enterprise directed by all its workers.” This approach also builds wealth in workers and their communities, as well as political power.
There is an explosion of worker cooperatives. Gar Alperovitz notes there are “10,000 worker-owned companies in the United States . . . 2,000 [public utilities]. Twenty-five percent of American electricity is owned by co-ops and city-owned governments.
The cooperative economy is the beginning of a transition to a people-powered economy. Multiple fronts of the movement for social, economic, racial and environmental justice should push for this transition because it affects all of these areas of injustice. Kali Akuno describes the intimate connection between capitalism and oppression and a path out through autonomous projects. Existing worker cooperatives “serve as a laboratory for reinventing our economy and many overlapping social movements are combining forces in the experiment.” [end excerpt]


* Brown Berets De SacrAztlán fundraiser [] []


Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!

* "Until We Win: Black Labor and Liberation in the Disposable Era" (2015-09-04, []

* "The Black Panthers were fighting for the same rights as Black Lives Matter" (2015-08-26, []

General T.A.C.O would like to announce the drafting in of Black Riders - new National Field Marshall - Eric Sheppard! []
For donations contact us at /

Huey P Newton Gun Club (2015-03-19, []

2015-06-22 Protest in Charleston


* "Ferguson protester who threw back tear gas cannister in iconic photo is charged" (2015-08-26, []


* "Black Man Found With Cut Throat and Missing Ear in Texas Woods, Cops Rule His Death an ‘Accidental Overdose‘ " (2014-02-07, []

* "World Federation of Trade Unions Condemns Barbaric Acts of Racism in the United States" (2015-07-24, []

* Editorial cartoon by Darrin Bell []: A lot of people aren't clear on the "Black Lives Matter" concept. See more cartoons at []
* "Fox News says Black Lives Matter incites violence. Critics said the same of MLK" (2015-09-02, []
* "5 Things To Tell Anyone Who Blames Black Lives Matter For Violence Against Cops; The argument that the Black Lives Matter movement is driving individuals to kill cops is ridiculous" (2015-09-03, []
Articles being shared about assaults against police include the following [] [], which do not share any connection to "Black Lives Matter".
* "Texas Sheriff and DA Blame Black Lives Matter Movement for Death of Deputy" (2015-08-31, [], read his statement about All Lives Matter [].
* "Black activists call for lynching and hanging of white people and cops" (2015-08-28, []

* (2015-09-01) []: My brother who lives in Florida has been away visiting our mother. This is what happened to his house while he was gone. My brother is a veteran who lives with pain daily because of the severe injuries he sustained in service to our country. I'm stunned and saddened he now has to suffer another kind of pain on top of that. You are my friends and you know me--I am slow, extremely slow, to anger. I am angry. I post this because it's important to know this is going on. And it happens to people you know.


"Well, they all look the same to us..."
* Sherman Lea Jr. (2015-08-26, ‏@ShermanLeaJr): Serious media mistake puts people's lives in danger. I am not Vester Lee Flanagan [].

* "#BlackLivesMatter disrupts Clinton rally to demand she cut ties with prison industrial complex" (2015-08-27, []

* Petition: "Remove the painting in the Baker County Courthouse depicting the Ku Klux Klan and other divisive imagery" (2015-06) []:

A mural in the Baker County, Florida Courthouse shows horse-backed, hooded members of the Ku Klux Klan as a part of the "Baker County historical perspective.” It stands larger than life as the first thing you see in the county's halls of justice. It even has its own “sign in” book, which includes supportive statements for the KKK.  We want it removed.
There are depictions of blacks as naked and aboriginal with spears (imagery that never existed in Baker County), as well as demeaning stereotyped images of the Native American.  Most notoriously, there is the scene of the three hooded Klansmen on horseback. Even the artist’s own description of the scene shows his denial of the true horror inflicted by the KKK:
"Lawlessness among ex-slaves and troublesome whites was the rule of the day. No relief was given by the carpetbag and scalawag government or by the Union troops. The result was the emergence of secret societies claiming to bring law and order to the county. One of these groups was the Ku Klux Klan, an organization that sometimes took vigilante justice to extremes but was sometimes the only control the county knew over those outside the law. The Klan faded from view at the end of Reconstruction. It had minor come-backs in the 1920’s and mid 1950’s. Since then it has become the subject of legend rather than a cause of fear.”
Legend? No. Horror? Yes.
This mural is not a historic relic -- it was only painted in 2001.  It only stands to fuel an "us" versus "them" story of whites versus non-whites in Baker County.  A story locals say still exists.  It's time to remove it.
Baker County has a history of violence against blacks. On October 5, 1920, four black men were jailed as possible witnesses or suspects in the death of a prominent young white farmer named John Harvey. Instead of lawfulness and justice, the Klan and what was described as 50 white men overtook the jail and seized the men from their cells, dragging their bodies across the county, then shooting and lynching them.  And then there is the story of J.E. Fraser, a reported Grand Wizard from Baker County, who threatened that if a "fellow sells his house to a n-----," they will spread the word and that "boy better just get out of the state."
The “Baxter Rebellion” is also heavily featured. According to the artist himself, it started in blacks boarded a train headed back home to Baker County. The whites "fingered their long bladed knives hoping for an opportunity to use them” resenting the blacks traveling by train. A black traveler was eventually taunted and a white man, "slashed his throat, almost decapitating him.” Then, "The violence mounted, becoming an orgy of blood as by-stander blacks and some members of the Macon team were indiscrimately (sic) slashed.” The violence didn’t stop on the train and the county erupted in violence with those who helped blacks on one side and those who didn't on the other. Even the Deputy was killed by the white mob while trying to restore the rule of law, and “there was not an unbroken bone in his body when it was dragged from beneath the building.”  When it came time for the trial of the men responsible, the (pro-white) Altman-Dowling-Harvey clans, "surround(ed) the courthouse on the day of the trial. All were armed." No jury would convict out of fear.
This mural helps keep that mentality alive, which is entirely inappropriate in a courthouse. It is a hallmark of the past that contains many emotionally damaging, harmful and insulting images. Here are a few other parts of the mural:
A young black child amongst Union soldiers next to injured Confederate whites, depicting the “us” versus “them";
The Confederate Battle Flag waves opposite the American flag as soldiers fight;
A prominent woodpecker next to the KKK which was notoriously adopted by white supremacist groups;
The Camellia flower, which is the official flower of the Klan;
The Story of the Baxter Rebellion, which entails the gory slaughter of black men on a train, resulting lawlessness and an inability to get a conviction of the murderers because of intimidation by whites including armed family members standing on the courthouse lawn during trial;
Many burned and burning houses;
A man making alcohol from a still;
and more either illegal or separatist images.
This one-sided, insensitive history and lawlessness should not be condoned or memorialized in the very halls of justice which are supposed to hold all men equally accountable. The great people of Baker County are not honored by this mural. They are not lawless. And even their own judges and citizens have asked for this painting to be removed in the past.  It is time.

* "African American Jobless Rate Remains High" (2015-09-07, by Abayomi Azikiwe) []

* "Students' return to school is marred by renewed segregation across US; Experts say a ‘substantial majority’ of black and Latino students attend schools segregated by race and poverty, which are linked to poorer education" (2015-09-07, []

* "Investigation the last word on Katrina: Treachery at Bush’s FEMA pays handsomely; How the Botchees Made Out Like Bandits" (2015-08-28, []
* "George W. Bush visits disaster zone, 10 years after Katrina" (2015-08-28, AP Newswire) []



information collected by the Committee to Defend Public Education!

* "Underlining Strikers' Point, Court Fines Washington for Underfunding Schools" (2015-08-24, []

* "College accreditation group should be replaced, task force says" (2015-08-28, []

information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee 

* "Farmworker rebellion spreads along almost the entire Pacific coast" (2015-08-31, []

* "When Unions and Civil Rights Activists Worked Together; Campaigners for racial justice and worker rights have often stood shoulder to shoulder" (2015-09-02, []

* "Why some activists want Netflix held to a higher labor standard" (2015-09-04, [] [begin excerpt]: Netflix was lauded last month when it became the first American company to offer unlimited paid time off for new moms and dads.
That praise has since been replaced by protest.
Women’s rights groups, labor organizers, reproductive rights activists and even some of Netflix’s own employees have lambasted the online streaming giant for offering that coverage only to certain employees.
[end excerpt]

* "Valley Mountain Regional Center workers rally to fight for fair pay, fair treatment" (2015-09-08, 1021 NewsWire): SEIU 1021 members at Valley Mountain Regional Center held lunch-hour banner actions at their worksites in Modesto (pictured, top), San Andreas (center), and Stockton (bottom) last week to stand together and call out unfair treatment by management and demand change.
Next Monday (Sept. 14) they'll be at the agency's Board of Directors meeting to say the same thing.
Local 1021 has already filed numerous charges that are pending with the NLRB, charging VMRC management with: illegally emailing members a proposal in violation of the collective bargaining process, retaliating against members for engaging in protected union activity, and taking members' pay without cause or explanation in at least 62 instances.

* "Verizon Workers Launch ‘Militant Mondays’ " (2015-08-25, []. CWA Local 2108 in Maryland is holding “Militant Mondays,” where members wear camouflage, until their contract with Verizon is settled. Photo: CWA Local 2108.

* "Verizon continues to demand givebacks from workers" (2015-09-03, []


* Anti-Unionism in higher education: Adjunct professors as a disposable labor pool []

* "Google Express Workers Choose Teamsters Representation; More than 150 Warehouse and Shipping Employees Gain Strong Voice on the Job" (2015-08-24, []

* "Ohio Unions Upstage Koch Brothers with Big Protest" (2015-08-27, []

* "1,100 union workers to strike at nuclear weapons plant" (2015-08-29, []

* "Labor Day Brought To You Thanks To the Heroic Struggles of Railroad Workers" (2015-09-05, by Steven Argue) []
* "Grassroots of the Class War: Short updates on three victories at the grassroots in the class war" (2015-07-24, []:
“We won the Meniz wage-theft fight!! After months of making trouble for the Meniz Company (and their client, CWD) in every way we could think of, we have finally forced the bosses to pay Jose, in full. He got his money this afternoon.
“This win belongs to everyone who came to the demand actions, sat in the planning meetings, marched on the condo management offices, made a righteous racket to wake up condo residents at 7:30am on a Sunday, and would have come out for more if the bosses hadn’t caved and paid up today.
“We really had to earn this one. Jose had to earn it twice. But as he said today, it was worth it. I don’t know about you all, but I really enjoyed every minute of it. So, let’s revel in it, have a party, and then get ready to make more trouble.”
Video here [].
(Holyoke, MA) Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School workers have organized with the IWW []; The following was read by several workers at the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, 05/11, as a means of publicly informing the board and administration of our forming a union [] (2015-05-16):
“Whereas, we come to you today as an intergenerational community that has chosen to collectively act upon its longstanding concern about the disconnect between the principles of Paulo Freire and the practices of the social justice charter school we have come to love that bears his name. And as such, we appreciate this opportunity to be heard, because as Freire said, “Any situation in which some men prevent others from engaging in the process of inquiry is one of violence;… to alienate humans from their own decision making is to change them into objects.”

The Hot & Crusty Campaign is an example of independent organizing to fight for better terms and conditions of employment. The mostly immigrant workers at Hot & Crusty won a historic contract through 11 months of intense organizing and almost two months on the picket line, demonstrating that real changes are possible when workers decide to fight together in the workplace. These workers organized outside the structures of traditional labor unions and were backed by a variety of community organizations, including Laundry Workers Center. The Hot & Crusty Workers Association has been a source of inspiration for other fast food campaigns.
For a more detailed timeline, see the NY Times documentary on Hot & Crusty ("Occupy Bakery") [].


* "Mapping Displacement and Gentrification in the San Francisco Bay Area" (2015-08-30, by Urban Displacement Project) []

* "Richmond’s renters protections take a sinister turn" (2015-08-31, by Lynda Carson) []
* "7,000 signatures collected to repeal Richmond’s renters protections" (2015-09-03 by Lynda Carson) []
* "BIG money stole Richmond’s renters protections" (2015-09-05 by Lynda Carson) []
* "A peak at CAA the nonprofit that stole Richmond’s renters protections" (2015-09-07, by Lynda Carson) []

* "CAA petition puts brakes on Richmond rent control" (2015-09-03, []
* "Call to action: Oppose just-cause eviction in San Mateo" (2015-09-05, []

* "Eviction Resistance: The Story of Leonard Spears; Learn the story of eviction resister Leonard Spears, and how he decided to stay in his home despite his foreclosure" (2013-06-19, []

* "Third March for Rent Control in Mountain View" (2015-08-29, by Ruth Robertson) []


information collected by the Committee to
* "Nearly 1 million left homeless in 9 years in L.A., report says" (2015-08-25, []
* "13,000 fall into homelessness every month in L.A. County, report says" (2015-08-25, []

The Freedom Sleepers []
* "The Freedom Sleepers Demand Repeal of Camping Ban" (2015-08-14, []

* "City Manager Martín Bernal rejects Freedom Sleeper's compromise and plans to continue ticketing homeless; Emergency services for homeless people in Santa Cruz have been eliminated at the Homeless Services Center. Police continue to issue sleeping tickets" (2015-09-08, The Freedom Sleepers):
Local activists in Santa Cruz, California announce a protest that will take place this coming Tuesday, September 8, starting at 5pm in front of Santa Cruz City Hall. Santa Cruz has a law in place which bans camping within the city limits, but is used most often to harass and displace houseless people of the community who have nowhere to sleep but outdoors.
The Freedom Sleepers call on the community to join them in defending the rights of the homeless by sleeping out at Santa Cruz City Hall the night of the City Council meeting. City officials are seeking to drive the weekly sleep-outs away from City Hall. The sleepers will announce that they will move the sleep out away from City Hall if the city manager agrees to make the ticketing and arrest of the homeless for camping and sleeping related infractions the police departments lowest priority. City Manager Martín Bernal rejected the Freedom Sleeper's compromise and plans to continue ticketing homeless
On Tuesday, September 1, 2015 The Santa Cruz Police wrote 15 citations  for being in "the park" at City Hall, arrested two Freedom Sleepers for being in the park after hours and issued one 24 hour stay away order. Police also erected spot lights around the east side of City Hall and blocked off parking.
The Freedom Sleepers feel that the ban is cruel and unusual, in keeping with the recent Justice Department the 2015 statement of interest on the 2009 case of Bell v. City of Boise. The Justice Department stated, that it “should be uncontroversial that punishing conduct that is a universal and unavoidable consequence of being human violates the Eighth Amendment … Sleeping is a life-sustaining activity—i.e., it must occur at some time in some place. If a person literally has nowhere else to go, then enforcement of the anti-camping ordinance against that person criminalizes her for being homeless.”
The 2-15 Grand Jury Report claims that Santa Cruz county has 3,500 unhoused community members. That number is not conclusive, having bee  counted over a period of 4 hours in one day by a group of volunteer researchers. There are not nearly enough shelter beds in the county to  house all the unhoused people here, therefore to criminalize people for sleeping outdoors is to criminalize them for engaging in a survival  activity for which they have no legal alternative. For this reason, we the group of activists known as the Freedom Sleepers are engaging in  civil disobedience, defying the camping ban in order to draw attention  to its cruel, unusual, and inhumane character. We and the homeless community present at the protest have been harassed by police, prevented from sleeping by enormous lights rented by the police department, ticketed, and arrested.

* "City Rejects Homeless Compromise; HUFF to meet 11 AM 9-9 at Sub Rosa" (2015-09-08, HUFF): HUFF will be meeting as usual--hopefully out of the hot sun--at 703 Pacific with perhaps some cold coffee (does any one have any ice?). Up for discussion: Freedom SleepOut #9 and #10 Next Week; Invisible Blue Boxes on Pacific Avenue; Report from the Monthly Monterey Sitting Ban Protest, & Campaign Zero in Santa Cruz--the Black Lives Matter suggestions for police reform.

* "At City Council and Under the Stars, Challenge the Crackdown at Freedom SleepOut #9" (2015-09-07, by Robert Norse) [] [begin excerpt]: THREATS FOLLOWED BY HARASSMENT -
City staff through Councilmember Micah Posner previously made vague complaints of "litter", "feces" and "piss" and "harassing comments" at prior protests. Freedom Sleepers asked for specifics and that the Council bathrooms be opened at night. Neither was done. Instead Posner relayed an "assurance" from the SCPD that the protesters would be dealt with.
In the afternoon of Tuesday September 1st, police officials set up a "no parking" zone all around City Hall, making sidewalk sleepers more vulnerable to noise and harassment from passing vehicles. It also made loading and unloading more problematic (Keith McHenry got a ticket for parking briefly to unload literature and cooking tables).
Repeating a "sleep deprivation" strategy they had employed in 2010 to crush a similar protest against the Sleeping Ban, They also set up three loud generators powering 30 foot high intense klieg lights at City Hall such as those used on Pacific Avenue during the New Years and Halloween holidays for crowd control
Ironically, the "no parking" zones around the Sleep-Out ironically allowed protest signs and sleepers to be seen more clearly by supportive passersby. The bright lights also allowed easier clean-up.
Police followed up these preparations with four separate raids on homeless and housed folks trying to sleep through the night. Around 11:30 PM, they descended in force, and began citing many people in the "closed" City Courtyard area without providing them a chance to walk off the property. They ticketed those on access ways and those reading agendas.
Two were arrested and jailed for declining to sign the "park closed" tickets. They asked to be taken to a magistrate or magistrate's clerk to challenge the whole business of claiming that being at City Hall at night awake with a protest sign sas a crime. Instead they were jailed and told at the jail they might not be allowed a hearing for 72 hours. [end excerpt]
* "City Hall Sleepout #8" (2015-09-07, by Alex Darocy) []
* "City escalates effort against camping-ban protestors, event attracts variety of supporters" (2015-09-02, by Zav Hershfield) []
* "Crackdown from Police against the Freedom Sleepers" (2015-09-01) []
* "City Hall Sleepout #7", with nineteen photos (2015-09-01 by Alex Darocy) []
* "Freedom Sleepers Back To Bed Down at City Hall in 8th SleepOut" (2015-08-30, by Robert Norse) []
* "Freedom Sleepers civil-disobedience campout" (2015-08-27, ‎Brent Adams):
Here is a list of charges for the "Freedom Sleepers" civil-disobedience weekly homeless-activist protest-camp at city hall.
Despite my analysis that the homeless protest-camp strategy doesn't work to change legislation in Santa Cruz, I've been impressed at the sheer tenacity of the movement. As an act of civil-disobedience, one might be interested in how many people are being charged with crimes. We haven't yet seen a tally, so I've done my own.
These numbers were culled from Indybay reports and are very likely incomplete data. Citation numbers are known to be higher but an accurate count was never done:
July 4, 22 officers, +8 citations
July 19, 12 officers, 2 citations
July 26, 0 due to Tannery missing person’s
August 2, ?
August 12, 10 officers, 7 citations, 1 arrest, 2 stay away orders
August 18, 13 officers, +2 citations
August 25, 14 officers, +2 citations, 2 arrests

* "Repression in Santa Cruz" (2015-08-27, by Robert Norse):
Some HUFF activists have successfully pressed former Santa Cruz City Attorney John Barisone for exemption from some provisions of the Downtown Ordinance for disabled people.
Specifically "Push Back" Pat Colby has secured verbal (but not written) assurance that she will not be hassled under the hourly "Move Along" law. This unique burdensome ordinance (MC 5.43.020(2) has the effect if not the intention of discouraging and burdening vendors, performers, panhandlers,and political tablers by requiring them to move 100' every hour (to one of the increasingly few "legal" spots) and not to return for 24 hours. Fines for violation are more than $300 and the ordinance has never been challenged beyond the trial court level.
In Santa Cruz, there's been no acknowledgment of the needs of disabled folks around MC 6.36 (the Camping Ordinance which includes broad Sleeping, Blanket, and Camping bans).  Fines of $157 and Stay-Away orders are regularly levied against homeless people with no consideration of their possible disabled status. To make matters worse, even the sketchy protection given by the "dismiss if on waiting lists of shelters" provisions of MC 6.36.055 have become inapplicable.
Giving private agencies like the Paul Lee Loft and River St. Shelter broad power to pick and choose who they'll spare from the punishment of the Sleeping Ban has itself been a discriminatory problem. I have been unsuccessful in getting clear data from the City Attorney's office as to how many homeless people are still ending up punished and prosecuted in spite of the obvious shelter deficiency.
However recently, in search of federal and state money, the Homeless (Lack of)Services Center has completely closed down all broader services to the general homeless population including meals, laundry, showers, and bathrooms. Those without a "pathway to housing" may not be able to get on the River St. Shelter waiting list, and the Paul Lee list no longer exists. Hence the whole homeless population of 1500-2000 in the City face the ticketing whim of cops and rangers urged on by right-wing bigots in the Santa Cruz Neighbors, Marlin Granlund's Public Works Parking Dept., the Downtown Association, Take Back Santa Cruz, and other homeless-aphobic groups public and private.
The federal government has recently weighed legally--noting sleeping bans in cities with inadequate shelter are cruel and unusual punishments in the Bell v. Boise case. This has tongues wagging, but no lawyers writing briefs here yet.
Meanwhile Freedom Sleepers, the group now planning its 8th challenge to the Sleeping Ban with a mass sleep-out on the City Hall grounds on September 1st, continues to face considerable police harassment.
Police removed two key Freedom Sleeper activists in handcuffs charging them with felony "conspiracy" and "vandalism" charges, punishable by years in prison. Their "crime", unrelated to the Freedom Sleeper protests, is satirizing and exposing the City's illegal constriction of public free expression space downtown through its demeaning and unconstitutional "blue boxes". After city officials illegally reduced the number of boxes, someone added additional blue marks creating more boxes on the sidewalk designated "free speech zones" where artists, activists, and street folks generally are allowed to socialize, rest, and table. This apparently was done without concealment under the video surveillance of numerous cameras on Pacific Avenue.
City officials had earlier violated MC 5.43.005 (c) and (d) by proceeding to create new smaller "allowed" areas without City Council Resolution. Police harassed, then arrested artists who used the older areas sandblasted away by the city officials. See "Unpermitted Blue Boxes Appear Overnight on Pacific Avenue" at [].
The officials however were not taken into custody and required to pay $5000 bail to get out.  Keith McHenry goes to his initial hearing August 31 at 8:15 AM where Food Not Bombs will be serving a meal. Freedom Sleepers will return to City Hall grounds for their 8th sleepout on the evening of September 1st .
Meanwhile we're still awaiting some movement from the local ACLU to take legal action on behalf of homeless people here (or at least those who are disabled), regarding the right to sleep - not anywhere and everywhere, but somewhere. And to defend McHenry and others being punished for exposing the City's crackdown on street performers.

* "CPRA request about SCPD psyops tactics against Freedom Sleepers" (2015-09-02, by "Gorilla Advocate" Dr. John Colby): Dear Ms. Lehr, U.S. AG Lynch and California AG Kamala Harris:
Please note the Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) is now using Klieg lights and more aggressive military style operations to crush the Freedom Sleepers protest at the Santa Cruz City Hall. Relevant:
- []
- []
- []
I believe the use of klieg lights and aggressive ticketing/arrests of the Freedom sleepers violates their Eighth Amendment rights. Ionically these Eighth Amendment rights are what the Freedom Sleepers are protesting to restore. Also this use of lighting to break up a protest brings to question its potentially damaging effects on (disabled) people — especially disabled individuals like veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) — and their service animals. More than ten percent of homeless people in Santa Cruz are (disabled) veterans.
Pursuant to the California Public Records Act (CPRA), I ask for the following:
- the SCPD’s most current policy on the deployment of lighting and sound devices against groups of individuals.
- written guidelines about health and safety for all lighting and sound devices which the SCPD deployed against groups of people at the City Hall in 2010 and now against the Freedom Sleepers.
- written guarantees/warrantees regarding the health and safety effects of SCPD deployed light and sound devices at the Santa Cruz City Hall.
- all correspondence maintained by the City of Santa Cruz — including electronic content — from April 1, 2015 to today, September 2, 2015 about using light and sound devices against the Freedom Sleeper protest at Santa Cruz City Hall.
I am willing to pay a fee up to $5 for this request. If the cost will exceed that please contact me first. If these records are available electronically I ask they be made available to me electronically via email.
I ask you to waive all fees because the City of Santa Cruz together with the Homeless Services Center bankrupted me to retaliate for my advocacy for disabled homeless people. The City and the SCPD have allowed Take Back Santa Cruz terrorists and Mission Gardens Apartments hate criminals to threaten (my life), harass and stalk me without sanction. The City of Santa Cruz has attacked my disabilities; it has aided and abetted others doing the same.
I also ask that you ensure that the City of Santa Cruz does not retaliate against me and those associated with me for my CPRA requests, whether it be through a City agency (like the SCPD) or a City contractor (like The John Stewart Company and the Homeless Services Center).
I appreciate you fulfilling your legal obligations.
Sincerely yours, [signed] John E. Colby, Ph.D.

* "ACLU Sues Laguna Beach Over Treatment of Homeless People" (2015-08-20, [] [begin excerpt]: In 2008, the ACLU SoCal challenged a Laguna Beach ordinance that allowed police to ticket homeless individuals who had no other place to sleep. That case was quickly settled, with the city agreeing to repeal sections of the ordinance that prohibited sleeping or camping in public places. Following that lawsuit, a shelter was established.
However, after the end of the settlement period, Laguna Beach officials reinstated the old prohibitions and police resumed ticketing homeless individuals, the vast majority of whom have mental or physical disabilities and often have difficulty accessing the shelter. The current lawsuit challenges the city’s new strategy.  [end excerpt]
Read the lawsuit (.pdf) []


* five photos (2015-09-05) []: Today in Vallejo I spent from 10-11am and 1-2pm with a billboard, flowers, a rattle and a bell seeking to preserve a friendly vibe at our Farmers' Market. Many others were there for the same purpose, all concerned at the fierce shouting in recent months from a group of 11 African American men whose gold-fringed purple garments proclaim 'Israel United in Christ.' The market occupies two blocks on the main street, Georgia Street, running from Sonoma Boulevard to Marin Street, which is blocked off on either side during the market, and ending just before Sacramento Street. The noise issue they create must be addressed asap, since it breaks the market rules and is having a negative effect on shoppers and visitors. A free speech zone needs to be away from the center. You can read their views at The spiked arm band of one of the shouters was a noticeable feature.
I placed plumbago and lavender on the ground in front of them, which produced the comment 'That's WITCHCRAFT!' Long live free speech, but let's keep it at the margins of our market, not at the center. I remember groups on the Davis campus going in for shouting matches BURN iN HELL, but they were short-lived,fortunately.
(photo caption) []: I chatted to this friendly market trader, who was accosted by them a week or so ago. What are you, they asked. I'm an Askenazi Jew, she replied. NO you're NOT, they responded.
* "Religious group draws ire from downtown Vallejo citizens" (2015-09-05, [] [begin excerpt]: Wearing distinctive purple garments and black military boots, a group of about 10 men marched down Marin Street during Saturday’s Vallejo Farmers Market.
Setting up near the intersection of Marin and Georgia streets, the men — calling themselves Israel United in Christ — began to read the Bible and shout inflammatory language.
The Israel United in Christ members called for African Americans to disassociate themselves from all people who are not part of the 12 tribes of Israel, which includes black, Hispanic, and people claiming Native-American heritage, according to the group.
The group has visited the Vallejo Farmers Market for months, setting up in different locations around the weekly gathering, shouting and utilizing a ram’s horn to bring attention to their message.
At one point, local medical cannabis activist Jessica Brown, who is black, attempted to ask a question of the group. The “teacher” of the group chastised Brown for wearing jeans, because it’s “men’s clothing.” When she raised her voice in protest, the representative said that she — as a black woman — should not get loud or contend against black males.
The group has generated complaints from downtown businesses and Farmers Market patrons.
“We have received complaints from merchants (about the religious group),” said Erin Bakke, executive coordinator of Central Core Restoration Corporation, which administers the Property and Business Improvement District downtown. “We’re working with the city attorney, law enforcement, the Farmers Market for a workable solution,” she added.
Bakke said the goal is to establish a free speech area in the market to allow the religious group and anyone else to express their views in a safe environment.
“We really are concerned with people’s right to free speech,” she said.
Bakke said several petitions — put together by merchants — have already begun circulating asking for the CCRC and Farmers Market to find a resolution regarding a free speech area.
Jessica Millender, regional manager for the Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association, said the market is a public gathering place in which people are allowed to express themselves.
Vallejo police said they also have received complaints from the public every Saturday for the past month regarding the loud group.
Bicycle patrol officers have been stationed near the group, but no arrests or physical violence have been reported. [end excerpt]
* "Bubble and Fairy Dust Love-In at the Vallejo Farmers Market" event page (2015-09-12):
Let's spread our message of love and community at the Vallejo Farmers Market! Bring your bubbles to blow and/or glitter (aka fairy dust) to sprinkle around the area where hate is being so angrily propagated. We've had enough hate and divisiveness, what Vallejo and the world need now is love! We'll also invite the Farmers Market musicians to sing songs of love, peace, and understanding; so bring your song suggestions too. It's going to be an outpouring of community love like you've never seen! Starts at 10:00 am. Come for as long as you can…whether for 30 minutes or 3 hours. Come as you are or wear your favorite whimsical costume. Hope to see you there! Oh and invite your friends and neighbors too. Although we are having fun with this action, it is important to know that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the Hebrew Israelites--the men in the purple shirts and robes--as a hate group. You can read more here [], video []. Women are looked upon as subservient and should be in the kitchen and raising babies. Someone in their group was yelling that women not in their sect should be raped. This was heard, it's not imagined.

Community Fascism in itty-bitty Santa Cruz:
* "Alex and Jeff "Freedom Painters" Go to Court Hearing" (by Robert Norse) []

* "Defending Public Space - More on why driving artists off of Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz is a crime" (2015-08-30, by Keith McHenry) []
* "Court Hearing for Food Not Bombs Cofounder, Arrested for Spray Painting Blue Squares in SC" (2015-08-30, by Earth First!) []

* "OPEN CITY for Performers and Artists: A Brief Period with no Rules!" (2015-08-31, by Brent Adams) []

Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies

Either the victim had a gun or he didn't. If he had a 'gun-like object', that means he didn't have a gun.
* (2015-09-03, CBS47 Fresno) []: Update on the officer involved shooting: Fresno Police say the suspect pulled a gun-like object out of his pocket and two officers shot him multiple times. The suspect is listed in critical condition according. Siblings of the suspect say he is a 40-year-old man with bipolar/schizophrenia.

* two photos (2015-03-01) []: This kid was attacked by killer cop Huston Sensabaugh and survived. This madness must stop now. Your kid might be next! Stockton, stand up!
* "Stockton Police Officer Houston Sensabaugh Attacks Mentally Disabled Man With K9" (2015-03-26, Stockton Free Press) []: Houston Sensabaugh is the Stockton Police officer who shot and killed both Gary Allen Hawkins, and Eduardo De Las Nieves. These two men were killed a mere six months apart, and Houston Sensabaugh used the same reason for killing both men, "They tried to run me over with a car". Houston Sensabaugh is a liar, and needs to be in prison for murder. James Smith is an 18 year old resident of Stockton CA. His mother, Theresa Smith is a regular in church, and has been known to attend anti-police brutality protests in Stockton for as far back as a year before this incident. The victim, James Smith, has also been present at police accountability demonstrations prior to this incident. In this video you will see how Joe Silva says that Sensabaugh made this arrest, "by the book". Last April, 2014, Stockton Police Officer Brian Breckenridge gave us a great example of what "by the book" means; actually mocking a citizen at a bus stop with the fabricated story, "you said 'stop, police, help' ". This is what the Stockton Police Department is really about. Enslaving the poorest communities with violence, false charges, and even death. They swore to protect our rights; yet they attack our brothers, sisters, friends, family, and neighbors if they engage in first amendment activities that question any of their ethics. All charges were dropped against James Smith. No body was ever identified as flagging down Officer Houston Sensabaugh and saying "stop police help". This was a targeted attack; an act of terror aimed and quelling future protests.
* "Stockton Police Officer Houston Sensabaugh (Constitutional/Civil Rights Violation Caught On Video)" (2015-01-07, Stockton Free Press) []: Here you can witness first hand Stockton Police Officer Houston Sensabaugh as he attempts to violate this citizen's first amendment right to film the police. It also looks as though Houston Sensabaugh assaults this young women in an attempt to infringe upon her constitutional right to freedom of press. Listen as he proclaims himself to be famous, an obvious display that he has delusional feelings of grandeur and superiority. Furthermore when this woman mentions the words "law suit", Sensabaugh laughs it off telling her to "get in line". We perceive this as a further extension of Sensabaugh's self perception's of grandeur, and that he feels that he can do as he wants with no regard to the constitution in which he has taken an oath to uphold. This is what a domestic terrorist looks like. Sensabaugh is guilty of treason, and should be treated as so in a federal court of law. This is the man who Murdered Gary Hawkins, Edwardo De Las Nieves, and shot the innocent passenger who was riding with De Las Nieves. These shooting took place a mere six months apart, and in both incidents Houston used the same story..... "They tried to run over me".
* "Officer Sensabaugh – Stockton, CA" (2013, []
* "Stockton PD's multiple killler: Houston Sensabaugh" (2014-12-19, California's Deadliest Cops) []: Officer Houston Sensabaugh Is responsible for the deaths of multiple citizens. In August of 2012 Houston shot and killed Edwardo De La Nieves, and also opened fire on Edwardo's female passenger, hospitalizing her. She was innocent and did not deserve to be shot. Houston said he had to open fire because De La Nieves was going to "back over him with his vehicle".
6 months later, in February of 2013, Houston would use the same reason to open fire (with SJ Sheriff Deputy Nicholas Tariol) through the driver and passenger side windows of a vehicle occupied by Stockton citizen Gary Hawkins.
In October of 2014, during an anti-police brutality Protest, Houston would arrest a young man who suffers from a severe, and clearly visible, physical disability. Prior to this demonstration, Houston used intimidation tactics on the same young man, when he caught him walking alone. He told the young man that he would stop harassing him, when the protests stopped. The young man was released from jail the same day, with extreme bruising to his extremities, as Houston purposly put hand cuffs extremly tight on this young mans wrists.
November 2014, Houston deployed his K-9 on a mentally disabled man whom has also participated in a number of demonstrations against police brutality. The K-9 attack lasted about one full minute. Witnesses who were trying to inform officers (who likely already knew) that the young man was mentally disabled, were arrested for "obstructing justice".
There is an array of other citizens all claiming to have been mistreated by this monster, and we as a community can not stand to have a man with a "Jeffery Dahmer" mentality patrolling our streets. Chief Jones refuses to reprimand any officers whom work beneath him.
demand that Houston Sensabaugh be terminated from the Stockton Police Department Immediately. Help protect our constitutional rights.
Flier for 2015-01-27 protest [].

* "Texas Sheriff Says You Have To Obey the Police Because Their ‘Authority Comes From God’ " (2015-09-03, [] [begin excerpt]: A Texas sheriff recently lashed out at critics, saying that citizens have a moral obligation to “obey the police” because their “authority comes from God.” Randy Meeks is the Hunt County sheriff, and he believes he is doing “God’s work.” Meeks recently published a guest editorial in the local Herald-Banner. In it, he cited Bible verses that he claims argue that any one the government puts in charge of you must be obeyed. The article was run in print only, but photographed by our friend Brett Sanders.  Meeks asked rhetorically, “What has our country come to? When will we wake up to the fact that a country established ‘under God’ is now a Godless nation. People evidently don’t want law and order. They want to kill, threaten and to harm the very officers who are in place to protect them.” Hoping to deal the final blow to his critics, he cited Paul’s letter to the Romans, saying: “Guess where that authority comes from to law enforcement? It comes from God,” Meeks wrote. “Read Romans 13:1 in the Bible. And while you are at it, you folks in Ferguson, Baltimore, Arlington and here, take a Gander at Romans 13:2.” The sheriff added that anyone who criticizes the police is defying God, and that this is merely “the ignorance of some people.” He urged officers to “hang in there” while Godless citizens criticize them for punching pregnant women in the belly. [end excerpt]
* "Texas Sheriff: Cops Get Their Authority from God" (2015-09-03, [] [begin excerpt]: Just days after a Hunt County grand jury cleared one of his deputies in the beating of then pregnant Deanna Robinson [], Sheriff Meeks strung a few sentences together in a print only edition letter to the Herald Banner, titled “Can no longer be silent about what country allows.”
Meeks still can’t comprehend why anyone would be outraged when they see, with their own eyes, a deputy repeatedly punch a pregnant woman in the back while her unborn child is pinned against a kitchen counter []. Meeks conveys his distaste for the international spotlight that has recently been shined on his department by claiming that criminals are innocent until proven guilty, while his deputies are guilty until proven innocent.
In case you don’t have that verse committed to memory, it reads:  
1: "Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God."
2: "Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves."
We all know Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao Zedong were just doing God’s work, and their dissidents are burning in a fiery pit.  I much prefer Thomas Jefferson’s motto, “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”
Meeks closes out his letter by hilariously thanking the local defense attorneys (except one… and her assistant… and her investigator.)  And he also thanks the local media, local television stations and other news outlets for being professional–“not all of you were, but for the most part you did your job professionally and with integrity.” [end excerpt]
* Article compilation showing Hunts County Sheriffs engaging in extreme human rights abuse and cover-ups []
* "Can no longer be silent about what country allows" (Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks):
When I first became Sheriff in 2009, I told my wife that I know that I am not going to please everyone, but that I am going to do the best job that I can. I have stuck by that principle since then, and I will continue to work by that principle.
Due to recent events, I can no longer be silent concerning what our country allows. It is amazing to me that the criminals who break Into our homes and steal from us, those who sell drugs to our children, those who abuse innocent and defenseless children, those who rape our wives and daughters, those who commit cold-blooded murders are all innocent until proven guilty.
Yet, law enforcement officers are found guilty as soon as it "appears" that the officer has done some-thing wrong. Way before the whole incident can be reviewed and the TRUTH obtained, that officer is found guilty and nobody cares what the facts are. This, folks, is a travesty!
Do officers make mistakes? Absolutely! Are them some bad officers? Yes, a few slip through the cracks, but not many ... which leads me to the point of my letter. What has our country come to? When will we wake up to the fact that a country established "under God" is now a Godless nation. People evidently don't want law and order. They want to kill, threaten and to harm the very officers who are in place to protect them.
Guess where that authority comes from to law enforcement? It comes from God. Read Romans 13:1 in the Bible. And, while you are at it, you folks in Ferguson, Baltimore, Arlington and here, take a gander at Romans 13:2.
I want to thank three different groups concerning recent events. It is going to seem odd that I would thank two of them, but here goes.
First, I want to thank the local defense attorneys (with the exception of one, her assistant and her investigator) who chose to not go against your local officials. You chose loyalty and integrity over making a buck.
Second, I want to thank the local media, local television stations and other news outlets for being professional. Not all of you were, but for the most part you did your jobs professionally and with integrity.
Third, I want to thank all the many men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day. Our local officers, including myself, received threats against us as well as our families because of a 30-second clip! We have received calls from all over the world telling us how horrible we are.
Yet, we are still answering calls for service; we are still putting that unform on and going to work; and we are still protecting those who threaten us, abuse us, and hate us. Why? Because that's our job!
I salute the men and women of law enforcement. I have never been more proud of you than I am right now. Hang in there! Continue to do your job to the best of your ability, no matter the circumstances and the ignorance of some people. 

NORTHBAY COPWATCHDomestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 
* "CIA Chief: We'll spy on you through your dishwasher" (2012-03-12, [] [begin excerpt]: MORE AND MORE personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them.
Earlier this month, Petraeus mused about the emergence of an “Internet of Things” — that is, wired devices — at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm. “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus enthused, “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”
All those new online devices are a treasure trove of data if you’re a “person of interest” to the spy community. Once upon a time, spies had to place a bug in your chandelier to hear your conversation. With the rise of the “smart home,” you’d be sending tagged, geolocated data that a spy agency can intercept in real time when you use the lighting app on your phone to adjust your living room’s ambiance.
“Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters — all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” Petraeus said, “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.”
“Proud parents document the arrival and growth of their future CIA officer in all forms of social media that the world can access for decades to come,” Petraeus observed. “Moreover, we have to figure out how to create the digital footprint for new identities for some officers.”
It’s hard to argue with that. Online cache is not a spy’s friend. But Petraeus has an inadvertent pal in Facebook.
Why? With the arrival of Timeline, Facebook made it super-easy to backdate your online history. Barack Obama, for instance, hasn’t been on Facebook since his birth in 1961. Creating new identities for CIA non-official cover operatives has arguably never been easier. Thank Zuck, spies. Thank Zuck. [end excerpt]

Windows Ten is programmed to ensure a device is permanently online, a process which overruns a device's memories [], but provides an excellent surveillance platform unified by a pervasive program with one "key". Windows 10 OS screen-shots:

* Mozilla Firefox homepage screen-grab (2015-05-04)


NORTHBAY COPWATCHFive-Eyes, and other transnational partners
* "U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression" (2015-08-30, [] [begin excerpt]: Political commentator John Miranda recently stated that police brutality is directly linked to the training some officers receive in Israel.
“As for the increase in police brutality within the United States, I think this definitely can be pointed towards the Israeli training that the Department of Homeland Security is giving all of American police officers.
Some police officers are actually being flown to Israel for the training, not all of them but some, and then those that are flown to Israel, they come back home and they train the head officers in the training that they’ve gotten in Israel.
All these incidents, it is not just happening to African Americans. Police are literally being brutal with all Americans.”
At least 300 high-ranking U.S. sheriffs and police from all over the country, as well as FBI and US Customs and Border Protection agents, have traveled to Israel to learn first-hand the most efficient means of subduing populations.  The purported reason is counterterrorism, but protests and crowd control methods are commonly discussed.
Police are not learning from the Israeli criminal law sector that deals with Jewish residents.  U.S. police are learning from Israel’s military justice system, which controls Palestinians through paramilitary and counterinsurgency tactics.  Residents of Gaza and the West Bank live in what is essentially a giant prison camp, where oppression and brutality from the IDF is a way of life.  The use of excessive or deadly force for crowd control is rarely questioned.
Three organizations are responsible for sending U.S. cops to Israel for training—the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.  The ADL insulted victims of police brutality last month when it honored the St. Louis Police Department (SLPD) just days ahead of the anniversary of Michael Brown’s killing.  The SLPD was the first department to enroll in ADL’s training program.
The St. Louis Chapter of Jewish Voices for Peace issued a scathing statement in response: “We have cringed as the ADL positions itself locally as a champion of racial profiling legislation while sending US police – including former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch – to train on population control in Israel, an apartheid police state with more than 60 years of sophisticated expertise in racial profiling, mass incarceration, settler colonialism, and ethnic cleansing targeting the non-Jewish indigenous Palestinian people.”
This occupation-style policing has made its way to U.S. cities and towns and has become standard operating procedure at any protest of government.  Also, the very same equipment used by Israeli military for crowd control—tear gas grenades, triple chaser gas canisters, and stun grenades—were used at demonstrations in Ferguson, Oakland and Anaheim.  The LRAD (long-range acoustic device) was also used by both Ferguson police and Israeli military forces.
Rashid Khalidi, the Edward Said professor of modern Arab studies at Columbia University, notes how militarized U.S. police reflect the training that is received in Israel and spread throughout the ranks.
“If American police and sheriffs consider they’re in occupation of neighborhoods like Ferguson and East Harlem, this training is extremely appropriate – they’re learning how to suppress a people, deny their rights and use force to hold down a subject population.”
To complement this Israeli military training that ramped up in the mid-2000s, the Pentagon and Homeland Security started the 1033 program which funneled billions of dollars of military-grade equipment to local law enforcement.  MRAPS and military weapons have become all too familiar on American streets. [end excerpt]

from the Committee to
[] End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers!
Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]. [
[] [] [] [] [][] [] []

* "Private Prisons Threaten To Sue States Unless They Get More Inmates For Free Labor" (2015-06-24, []

* "Study: More People of Color Sentenced to Private Prisons Than Whites" (2014-02-21, []

* "Beyond Innocence: US Political Prisoners and the Fight Against Mass Incarceration" (2015-07-24, []

* "With New Report, Prison Officials Commit to Reducing Their Use of Solitary Confinement" (2015-09-08, [] [begin excerpt]: The report highlights the solitary population totals received from 34 jurisdictions, representing 73 per cent of the more than 1.5 million individuals incarcerated in state and federal prisons alone (not including local jails).
The report found that 66,000 individuals were held in secure housing in U.S. prisons, which includes administrative segregation, disciplinary segregation and protective custody.   Using these numbers, the authors extrapolated that in all prisons across the United States, 80,000 to 100,000 individuals were held in solitary in the fall of 2014.
However, the actual number of individuals in solitary in the U.S. is likely much higher, since the study was solely restricted to prisons and did not include people being held in jail, juvenile facilities, or immigration and military detention.
Studies about solitary that are often cited are more than a decade old and often underestimate the reality, with numbers ranging from anywhere between 25,000 and 80,000.  For example, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s pegged the number of individuals in solitary at 25,000 in his recent concurrence in Davis v. Ayala, where he notably criticized the practice of solitary.
The study found practices of administrative segregation varied significantly across the country, but found that in many jurisdictions, individuals spent 23 hours per day in their cells and were often locked up 24 hours per day on weekends.  In general, the amount of time allowed outside of cell ranged from three to seven hours per week.
The size of cells of the jurisdictions surveyed ranged from 45 to 128 square feet and sometimes two people were locked in the same cell. Reading materials were limited in most jurisdictions, either by total number of items or by cubic foot.  For example, individuals in segregation in the District of Columbia are only allowed one book. The report found that a few jurisdictions located in hot, humid climates, including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas, do not even have air conditioning in their solitary confinement units.
In several jurisdictions, individuals were only permitted one phone call and social visit per month. In virtually all jurisdictions, individuals could lose programs, visits, phone calls and possessions as sanctions for misbehaviour.
In most jurisdictions, administrative segregation had no fixed endpoint. The report found that only two states – Colorado and Georgia – impose any time limit on solitary confinement. In a substantial number of jurisdictions, people remained in segregation for more than three years, while many jurisdictions don’t even track the number of continuous days that individuals are held in solitary.
The study found that Black and Hispanic individuals were over-represented in administrative segregation. [end excerpt]

* "California Prison Hunger Strikes Sparked Solitary Reforms, Internal Documents Show" (2015-09-02, []
* "California agrees to move thousands of inmates out of solitary confinement" (2015-09-01, []
* "Time-In-Cell: The ASCA-Liman 2014 National Survey of Administrative Segregation in Prison" (.pdf) []

* "Outrage Follows Death of Young Black Man, Jailed for Stealing $5 of Snacks; Jamycheal Mitchell's family said they believed he starved to death after refusing meals and medication at the jail" (2015-08-28, []

* "The other death sentence: Deliberate indifference at Corcoran SHU" (2015-08-28, by Kambui Nantambu Jamaa and Joka Heshima Jinsai, []

* "San Quentin State Prison confirms case of Legionnaires' disease" (2015-08-28, []

* (2015-09-04, #Justice4MajorTillery) [thewrongfulconviction@)]:
Major Tillery Stood Up for Mumia!
The Prison Retaliated and Threw Major Tillery in the Hole for Six Months!
Now, After Protests, the Prison Backed Down!
Major Tillery Returned to General Population!
"Major is in the hole, not because of drugs, but because of something prison administrators hate and fear among all things: prisoner unity, prisoner solidarity." -Mumia Abu-Jamal. Read [] or Listen [] to Mumia tell this story: “Messing with Major".
Major George Tillery is a Pennsylvania lifer, turning 65 on September 5, who confronted SCI Mahanoy Superintendent John Kerestes over Mumia Abu-Jamal's deteriorating health. Weeks before Mumia went into diabetic shock, elder Tillery told the Mahanoy superintendent to get Mumia to the hospital, stating, "Mumia is dying." Prison authorities retaliated against Major Tillery--repeatedly ransacked his cell and denied him medical treatment for seeking medical assistance for Mumia and other prisoners. Tillery was transferred to SCI Frackville, and then falsely charged with drug possession for receiving a letter with a drug concealed under the stamp. (Stamps are taken off mail at this institution before being given to inmates.) Major Tillery was disciplined and given six months in "the hole" (RHU)--solitary confinement without phone calls, commissary or medical attention.
On September 1, after international protest and demands were made to Pa Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel and SCI Frackville Superintendent Brenda Tritt, Major Tillery was moved back into general population at SCI Frackville. Tillery spent four months in horrific and life-threatening conditions in the hole for his act of solidarity with Mumia and other prisoners, challenging the pervasive medical neglect and mistreatment in prison.
In a call to attorney Rachel Wolkenstein, Major Tillery thanked all those who showed their support and protested this retaliation. He told Superintendent Tritt that he wanted full exoneration of these false charges. The Prison will use this misconduct record against him in the future to send him back to the hole. He asked for continued action.
Call prison officials and demand that:
Major Tillery be exonerated for this set-up charge of drug possession and the misconduct be removed from his record.
Major Tillery be transferred back to SCI Mahanoy or to another facility in eastern Pennsylvania to remain near his family.
Major Tillery be given medical treatment for his severe skin ailment.
Dept. Of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel           (717) 728-4109
Superintendent Brenda Tritt, SCI Frackville           (570) 874-4516

Write to
Major Tiller AM 9786
SCI Frackville
1111 Altamont Blvd.
Frackville, Pa. 17931

For More Information, Go To: Justice4MajorTillery/blogspot
Kamilah Iddeen (Major Tillery’s daughter) (717) 379-9009,
Nancy Lockhart (843) 412-2035,
Rachel Wolkenstein, Esq. (917) 689-4009,

* "Two more arrests at Community Sleepout event in front of Santa Cruz city hall" (2015-08-26, Newswire) []
* "SCPD celebrates their big arrest in keeping downtown safe!" (2015-08-26, Newswire) []
* "Vandalism Arrest" (2015-08-26, []
* (Keep Santa Cruz Weird) []: Abbi Samuels and Keith McHenry of Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs were arrested last night at their homeless protest camp and are being charged with felony vandalism. Let's talk about the removal of street performance areas; that is what this couple seemingly was attempting to address when engaged in this caper of theirs. The story of constantly reducing performance/vending areas downtown has been on-going for the past +20 years. You may recall that The Great Morgani stopped playing downtown because of this very issue. The city came up with the "painted box" plan and then Morgani returned to the praises of all of Santa Cruz. THEN, the city recently has secretly been reducing the areas where performers could play. Abbi and Keith stepped up and painted areas where players could perform. It isn't the worst thing a person has done, and if you think about it, it's a little cool to take such initiative. We say "Keep Santa Cruz Weird and drop the charges."
* "Unpermitted Blue Boxes Appear Overnight on Pacific Avenue" (2015-08-24, by Bradley Allen) []

* "Whistleblowers file $100 million suit against NSA, FBI, Claim They Faced Retaliation for Reporting Waste" (2015-09-01, []

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []. Science []

* "Groups Fight to Save Rare, Mink-like Carnivore in California, Oregon" (2015-09-04, by Center for Biological Diversity) []


* "Certified Redwood Forests and Public Trust Resources" (2015-09-05, by Tomas DiFiore) [] [begin excerpt]: The importance of fog, and fog drip to regrowth of the forest within the range of coastal influence is not discussed in Chapter, of MRC's draft HCP. What management options (silvicultural prescriptions over the duration of the HCP) would achieve a positive increased input to forest hydrology, redwood ecology, and overstory interception? This would have been a much more useful discussion in THPs Section under CEQA “Alternatives Considered.” How is the role of fog (including fog drip as throughfall, stemflow, infiltration) to redwood ecology enhanced by silvicultural proposals over the term of the HCP? Industrialized cut-over watershed studies do not suffice for supportive documentation in MRC forest restoration management under it's Option A Planning Documents. MRC's draft HCP only address the impacts of silvicultural prescription on forest hydrology in terms of the soil water balance and swales, landslides, mass movement, soil pipes, flow, pore size, saturation, and peak flows. [end excerpt]

* "Coho vs. Pinot On the Russian River, grape growing and fish don't always mix" (2015-09-02, []
* "Dog dies on Russian River, tests positive for toxic algae" (2015-09-03, []

* "Analysis: 1 Million California Students Attend School in 1-Mile Impact Zone for Derailing Oil Trains Fiery Derailments, Spills Increasing Dramatically Nationwide With Surge in Oil-by-rail Traffic" (2015-09-02, []

* "Fracking caused Canadian quake" (2015-08-26, AFP Newswire) []

SAN PABLO BAY EPA: Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life

* Petition: "Dollar Stores: Phase out toxic chemicals found in your products and stop exposing your customers, their children, and your employees to unnecessary risks" []

SAN PABLO BAY EPASave The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.

* "New Study Reveals Yet More Risks to Bees from Controversial Pesticides; 'The evidence of harm is clear,' says environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth" (2015-8-27, []

* "Pesticides Killing Bees: Study Shows What 'Everybody's Suspected" (2015-08-30, by Coco McPherson, Rolling Stone) []

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* "Denmark Just Produced 140% of its Electricity Needs with Renewable Wind Power" (2015-07-16, []

Save Our Seeds! Fight back the California Seeds Law AB-2470!
– AB-2470 makes it illegal for a farmer to sell, trade, exchange or barter their seeds more 3 miles from their farm or garden
– AB-2470 redefines “neighbor” as not to exceed 3 miles from one another
– AB-2470 makes illegal community seed exchanges, swap meets, and seed libraries due to the 3 mile restriction
– AB-2470 makes it illegal for a farmer to share their seeds to a friend 3 miles down the road
– AB-2470 unfairly creates competition and threatens the disruption of organic, heirloom seeds, favoring genetically modified (GMO) seeds
– AB-2470 gives the Secretary of Food & Agriculture full authority to dictate what can and cannot be grown in California counties and cities
– AB-2470 provides that any ordinance adopted by a county or municipality after January 1, 2015 that would restrict the production of GMO crops is subject to a veto by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)
– AB-2470 limits the rights of local governments from making decisions for the health and safety of it’s citizens and constitutes a state preemption of local control
– AB-2470 redefines “person” to include “corporations”


* "Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana" (2014-12-16, []

* "Legalize a life changing medicine for my son" petition to the Indiana State House []

articles recommended by the Committee for
Protect Earth's Sentient Life!

* "More rare chimps than expected found in unprotected landscape; USC study reveals that hundreds of eastern chimpanzees inhabit a region of rapidly shrinking forest fragments in Uganda" (2015-08-25, []

* "Baby gorillas to be honored in ancient Rwandan naming ceremony" (2015-09-04, []

* "Japan arrests 'Flipper' trainer as dolphin hunt starts" (2015-09-01, AFP Newswire) []

ANIMAL RIGHTS: Save the Whales!
* "Dead Whale Found Floating in Oakland Estuary" (2015-08-26, []

[UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.comDocumenting the process of fascism and for whom it benefits.

It isn't funny to know that BANNED somebody for posting the following photo, as documented at (2015-08-28) []:


* "Michael Hudson’s New Book: Wall Street Parasites Have Devoured Their Hosts — Your Retirement Plan and the U.S. Economy" (2015-08-31, []

* "Fed Up With Being Shut Out of Federal Reserve, Activists Descend on Summit; 'For the past 45 years the Federal Reserve has set policy that privileges the voices and needs of corporate elites rather than those of America's working families' " (2015-08-28, []

* "0.001% of American Population Manipulate the Country: US Former Senior Official" (2015-08-30, People's Daily, China) []: Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, claims that U.S. is run by 400 people with a combined wealth of trillions of dollars who control government decision-making from the backstage, in an interview with Radio Baltkom.
400 people, that is, 0.001 percent of American population, Wilkerson stresses.
It is great inequality, says the former official.
Wilkerson, a renown critic of US foreign policy, says that US foreign policy has induced catastrophic results, particularly in the Middle East.
2013 US invasion of Iraqi disrupted the balance of power maintained for over 50 years in the Persian Gulf.

* "Matt Taibbi: Eric Holder Back to Wall Street-Tied Law Firm After Years of Refusing to Jail Bankers" (2015-07-08, []

The following was the platform of President Franklin Roosevelt (1933 to 1945). Sounds decent.

* "High Drug Prices Are Killing Americans" (2015-08-31, by Bernie Sanders) []

* "Nation with Crumbling Bridges and Roads Excited to Build Giant Wall" (2015-08-31, []

 * " 'Sting' Videos Of Planned Parenthood Are Totally Manipulated, Forensic Analysis Finds Even the supposedly unedited "full" footage is misleadingly altered, experts say" (2015-08-27, []
* "Growing List Of Planned Parenthood Investigations Hyped By Conservative Media Clears Organization Of Any Wrongdoing" (2015-08-24, []
* "Planned Parenthood’s Own Experts Find “No Evidence of Audio Manipulation” in Eight Shocking Videos" (2015-08-27, []
* "Troy Newman: God Sent Planned Parenthood Videos To End Legal Abortion" (2015-08-27, []

* "Reich and the myth of a moral capitalism" (2015-09-06, [] [begin excerpt]: In a Sept. 5 blog, former Secretary of Labor and liberal commentator Robert Reich, asks, “What Happened to the Moral Center of American Capitalism?” It’s not satire.
Reich writes: “We’ve witnessed over the past two decades in the United States a steady decline in the willingness of people in leading positions in the private sector—on Wall Street and in large corporations especially—to maintain minimum standards of public morality. … CEOs of large corporations now earn 300 times the wages of average workers. Wall Street moguls take home hundreds of millions or more. Both groups have rigged the economic game to their benefit while pushing downward the wages of average working people.”
The vast and ever-widening inequality in the U.S. and capitalist world as a whole is, of course, undeniable. Reich’s answer is to harken back to an earlier, supposedly more “moral” period of capitalism:
“By contrast, in the first three decades after World War II—partly because America went through that terrible war and, before that, the Great Depression—there was a sense in the business community and on Wall Street of a degree of accountability to the nation,” he writes. “It wasn’t talked about as social responsibility, because it was assumed to be a bedrock of how people with great economic power should behave.
“CEOs did not earn more than 40 times what the typical worker earned. Profitable firms did not lay off large numbers of workers. Consumers, workers, and the community were all considered stakeholders of almost equal entitlement.”
It’s pretty hard to cram so many illusions as well as factual errors into so few words.
The Great Depression of the 1930s was the most catastrophic of the recurrent economic crashes that are a built-in feature of the capitalist system. During the Great Depression, when the unemployment rate topped 25 percent and millions of people were made homeless by banker evictions, most capitalists opposed unemployment benefits, social security or any kind of government relief, as well as the right of workers to form unions.
It was the massive labor organizing wave starting with general strikes in 1934 that prompted the Roosevelt government to make concessions in the form of social programs, and won for millions of workers the power to negotiate for better wages, benefits and conditions.
By 1950, 35 percent of workers were unionized, one of the major factors in the improvement of living standards in the post-World War II period, a fact which Reich omits. Another major factor was U.S. domination of the world market in the aftermath of the war.
While the war had indeed been terrible for the tens of millions around the world who were killed, maimed and starved, and the hundreds of millions displaced, it had been a bonanza for U. S. corporations and banks. Big business reaped immense profits from supplying the most powerful war machine ever created and vastly expanded their productive capacities. In addition, the mainland of the U.S. suffered no damage to its home front. By the war’s end, the U.S. was producing more than 50 percent of total world output.
Out of its super-profits gained from domination of the world market and exploitation of the colonized and neo-colonized world, U.S. capitalists were able to make economic concessions to the working class. At the same time the government was successfully moving to weaken the unions by purging communists and other militants, and passing anti-union laws like the Taft-Hartley Act.
It was this highly unusual combination of factors, rather than some new-found “morality” among the capitalists, that led to the 1945-75 period being one of significant improvements in living standards for millions of workers.
Contrary to Reich’s assertion, "Profitable firms” did indeed “lay off large numbers of workers” innumerable times between 1945 and 1975, particularly but not exclusively in times of economic contraction. It’s surprising that someone who was formerly in charge of the federal Labor Department could make such a ludicrous claim.
For the first two decades of Reich’s imaginary “good old days,” segregation—in law and/or in fact—prevailed across the country. Until the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, both won through hard struggle by the Black Freedom Movement, African Americans were denied the right to vote in many states, and continue to be denied equality down to the present.
The idea that “consumers, workers and the community were all considered stakeholders of almost equal entitlement” by the capitalist ruling class and its government at any time in U.S. history is an unintentionally comic touch.
And in Reich’s three “moral” decades, that same ruling class and government waged genocidal wars in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, engineered murderous coups in Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Brazil, Indonesia, Greece, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay, supported the apartheid regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe), armed the Portuguese fascists in their colonial wars in Africa, invaded and blockaded Cuba, played the key role in Israel’s dispossession of the Palestinian people, built the most deadly arsenal ever assembled and repeatedly threatened nuclear war, etc., etc.
Robert Reich is a critic of the excesses of capitalism while at the same time a defender of the capitalist system. To resolve this dilemma, he is compelled to locate a time in history when capitalism functioned in a just fashion. [end excerpt]

* "The Generation Gap, or, Things Baby-Boomers say to let young people know they suck!" []
* Read the replies to the following at [] and at []

* A brief example of the extreme hostility to working-class people by self-described "conservatives":

[comment] No we want you to get a job and pay rent your an adult act like one
[response] What you wrote is proof of the stereotype of the old fart who claims things today are EXACTLY like they were back then... "people just have to "work hard" to achieve the same success"? Then you make up excuses when the real world doesn't measure up to what you expected. Your ideology of supporting cuts to social programs and public education have ruined our future. Take personal responsibility for your harmful actions to the rest of us, step forward to rebuild our nation, or back off and go the way of the dinosaur.

"Ben Carson is running for president to ‘eliminate dependency on government.’ But he doesn’t mention that he grew up in public schools, got public housing and food stamps, got free glasses from a government program, was helped by Affirmative Action, and got Pell Grants for college."
— Occupy Democrats on Monday, May 4th, 2015 in a Facebook meme
* "Does Ben Carson want to 'eliminate dependency on government' despite benefiting from welfare?" (2015-05-11, []
* "Welfare Recipient Ben Carson Deserved His Welfare But Nobody Else Deserves Theirs" (2015-05-23, []
* "Ben Carson So Glad His Welfare Mom Wasn’t Dependent On Government" (2014-05-23, []
* "Ben Carson’s outrageous Planned Parenthood hypocrisy — has performed research on aborted fetal brain tissue Carson told Fox News that fetuses were human at 17 weeks -- the same age as those he performed research on" (2015-08-13, []


* "Nationwide Poll: Majority of Republicans Have Nakedly Racist Worldview—Trump Has Found the Way to Unleash It" (2015-09-01, []
* "Is Donald Trump a Fascist?" (2015-09-02, []
* "Will Trump Rebrand GOP As White Nationalist Party?" (2015-08-24, [].
* "White Supremacist Groups Unite to Host ‘Make America White Again’ Trump Rally" (2015-09-01, []
* "Trumpism Is All About Racism, Xenophobia and Coded White Privilege" (2015-09-03, []
* "Make America White Again" (2015-08-29, []
* "Donald Trump kept book of Hitler speeches on his nightstand, ex-wife claims" (2015-08-28, []. Unless you are an academic scholar of the Third Reich I understand why you would own an anthology by Hitler, but we all know Trump is no intellectual or academic.
* "How Jewish Values Help Ivanka Trump Stay Classy" (2015-08-11, []
* "Trump Hosts Televangelists Who Fleece Their Flocks; Donald Trump, who meets next month with a group of televangelists, has strong ties to the prosperity-promising prophets of the quick buck—because of course he does" (2015-08-30, []
* "On Rightwing Christians: Have you noticed something odd about this Ashley Madison scandal?" (2015-08-27, [] [begin excerpt]: Since the Ashley Madison scandal broke, I have noticed a distinct lack of condemnation from you rightwing christians.
Where are all the youtube hate videos against the subscribers practicing adultery?
Where are the droves of protesters picketing like Planned Parenthood?
It's pretty clear where Jesus stands with cheating on your spouse. In case you missed the Commandment of "Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's wife", Jesus laid it out in Mathew 5:27-30.
Lust > Cheat > Hell. Pretty straightforward. There were other things He directly condemned, like divorce. Yet, He was most clear on His biggest pet peeve: excess wealth.
Yet those are three things that today's rightwing Christian doesn't care about. Massive greed? That's called "prosperity gospel" now.  he parable of Lazarus? They root for the rich guy in hell. Divorce? Adultery? Child Molestation? whoopsey-daisies. No big whoop.
But gays and abortions? That's where they burst arteries! Two issues Jesus said NOTHING about. Both of those things existed during His time. If they are the epitome of evil, you'd think they'd at least warrant a mention. But nothing. So what about actual sins that are specifically mentioned and given no leeway at all in the Bible?  Meh. In fact, on Mike Huckabee's old cheesy talk show five years ago he featured Ashley Madison's CEO to tell "his side" of the story. Yes, Mike disagreed with what Ashley Madison was doing but then added "I could be wrong". Seriously, go to 11: 43 of this video []. That's what he said.
There is no ambiguity in the Bible about adultery. And yet, while the Bible says nothing about abortion, here is Huckabee defending Paraguay's awful decision to force an 11-year old raped by her stepfather to bear a child. Here is a man who said he would not be against using federal troops to stop women from getting abortions []! Here is a man calling for mass arrests over gay marriage. This is the same guy who convulsed with anger over gays being allowed to be happy.
In fact, Santorum, Huckabee, Cruz, et. al have said nothing about the AshleyMadison scandal or a word of condemnation to their millions of subscribers. Maybe they are worried about alienating some supporters, but that means their virulent rants on nonissues become even more meaningless.  It's almost like they are full of something.... [end excerpt]

* "Central America: What do Mitt Romney and El Salvadoran death squads have in common?"  (2012-08-27, []

* "The Michigan GOP's War on 'A People's History' ; Howard Zinn's work is an instruction manual for challenging injustice - which is why it terrifies corporate elites" (2015-09-03, []

* "'All Lives Matter' march draws more than 20,000 to Birmingham" (2015-08-29, [] [begin excerpt]:
Led by conservative activist and talk show host Glenn Beck, more than 20,000 people chanting "All Lives Matter" marched the historic civil rights route from Kelly Ingram Park to Birmingham City Hall this morning.
"It's about taking our church out in the streets," Beck said. He said marchers came from as far away as China, Dubai and the Netherlands.
Some Birmingham police officers said the crowd could have been as large as 25,000 to 30,000. It may have been the largest march in Birmingham since the civil rights marches of 1963.
The march was part of Beck's "Never Again is Now" campaign to raise awareness and funds to aid persecuted Christians in the Middle East.
More than 10,000 of Beck's fans registered, at $12 each, to attend a "Restoring Unity" rally at the BJCC Legacy Arena today at noon. Beck and Lowe were among the speakers. Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight made an appearance, leading the crowd in the pledge of allegiance. Voight portrays Alabama football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant in the movie "Woodlawn," which was filmed in Birmingham last year and will be shown at the arena tonight at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12.
The Rev. Wiley Drake, a Southern Baptist pastor from Buena Park, Calif., and chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, took part in the march and said Baptists should stand with Beck, a Mormon, to fight for the moral direction of the nation.
"I consider him to be a brother in Christ," Drake said. "I don't agree with Glenn Beck's religion, but I'm a Baptist and he probably doesn't agree with my religion. We've got to get beyond denominations and being divided."
Paul Jablonowski, 46, who works for the U.S. Department of Defense in Huntsville, brought a shofar, the ram's horn used to signal the start of the Jewish High Holy Days.
He blew the trumpet from the top steps of the BJCC Legacy Arena as the crowd arrived. "I believe it does something in the spirit," Jablonowski said. "It invites the Lord to do his work." [end excerpt]

“You must pay a lot of taxes…. We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes,” - Leona Helmsley, an icon of the 1980s “greed is good” philosophy, as documented in "This Day in Jewish History, 1989 // New York's 'Queen of Mean' Is Convicted" (2015-08-30, []

* "After Katrina, Disgraced Former FEMA Director Continued Disaster Aid. It Didn't Go Well" (2015-08-28, []

USA FASCISMMilitary State
* "The critical law of armed conflict academy as an Islamist Fifth Column" (2015-09-01, William C. Bradford) (.pdf) []
* "Academics Who Criticize War on Terror Are ‘Lawful Targets,’ West Point Professor Says" (2015-08-31, []
* "West Point professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror; US military academy official William Bradford argues that attacks on scholars’ home offices and media outlets – along with Islamic holy sites – are legitimate" (2015-08-29, []
* "Fascism From West Point" (2015-08-31, [] [begin excerpt]: The author makes clear that his motivation is hatred of Islam. He includes the false myth of origins of Western Asian violence toward the United States lying in antiquity rather than in blowback. He includes the lie, now popular on all sides, of Iran pursuing nuclear weapons.
He announces, after the recent U.S. losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, that U.S. armies always win. Then he admits that the U.S. is losing but says this is because of insufficient support for the wars and for making the wars about an “economic system, culture, values, morals, and laws.
The key weapon in this war, he says, is information. U.S. crimes are not the problem; the problem, he writes, is any information distributed about U.S. crimes — which information is only damaging because the United States is the pinnacle of support for the rule of law. It wouldn’t matter if you spread news about crimes by some more lawless nation. But when you share news about crimes by the United States it hurts the U.S. cause which is upholding the rule of law and leading the world to lawfulness. The United States is the all-time world champion of the rule of law, we’re told, in a 95-page screed that never mentions the Kellogg-Briand Pact and only belatedly brings up the United Nations Charter in order to pretend that it permits all U.S. wars.
The treasonous antiwar lawyers number 40, and the author hints that he has them on a list. Though whether this is a real list like Obama’s kill list or something more like McCarthy’s is not clear. I lean toward the latter, primarily because the list of offenses run through to fill up 95 pages includes such an array that few if any lawyers have been engaged in all of them. The offenses range from the most modest questioning of particular atrocities to prosecuting Bush and Cheney in court. Nobody doing the latter has any voice in U.S. corporate media, and a blacklist for Congress or for the U.S. Institute of “Peace” would hardly be needed if created.
The 40 unnamed treasonous scholars are, in this treatise, given the acronym CLOACA, which in good fascist form of course means a sewer or an orifice for excreting feces or urine. Their supposed crimes include:
- failing to concede that violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict by Muslims permit the waiving of those laws for the U.S. government;
- interpreting the supposed standards of “distinction” and “proportionality,” which the author admits are totally open to interpretation, to mean something the author doesn’t like;
- opposing lawless imprisonment and torture;
- opposing murder by drone;
- supporting the supposed duty to warn people before you kill them;
- counting dead bodies (which is too “macabre” even though the U.S. is supposedly devoted to “minimizing civilian casualties” not to mention Western scientific superiority);
- upholding laws; pointing out facts, laws, or counterproductive results;
- filing suits in court;
- or criticizing war advocates.
The heart of the matter seems to be this: opposing war amounts to supporting war by an enemy. And, nonetheless, among the reasons offered to explain CLOACA joining the enemy are “anti-militarism,” and “pernicious pacifism.” So actual opposition to war drives people to oppose war, which amounts to supporting war for the enemy. I think I’ve got it.
The prescriptions to heal this illness center on waging total war. The author proposes both dropping nuclear bombs and capturing hearts and minds. No doubt as part of his leading support for lawfulness, he demands that there be no restraint on U.S. warmaking against Muslims. That means no limit in time or place, a rewriting of any laws of war by the U.S. military, and no trust in the “marketplace of ideas.” The U.S. must use PSYOPS, must impose loyalty oaths, must fire disloyal scholars from their jobs, must prosecute them for “material support of terrorism” and for treason, and must proceed to murder them in any time and place.
[end excerpt]

* "AF Space Command Scholars program aims to develop space, cyber experts" (2015-09-08, AFNS) []

USA FASCISMTwo Party Dictatorship

* "Foreigners could hack US elections, experts say" (2015-08-31, []

Of course, it could never happen here...
* "India’s Antitrust Commission Accuses Google Of Rigging Its Search Results" (2015-08-31, []

USA FASCISMState Media Watch
* "How to Cut Through the Bullshit and Read the News Like a Defense Analyst" (2015-06-12, []

USA State media is produced for the benefit of the establishment.
* "Today, NPR made Sanders an least for NPR listeners" (2015-09-02, []

Why would USA State media censor Bernie Sanders?
* "Bernie Sanders Calls Out 18 Corrupt CEOs For Stealing Trillions, Outsourcing Jobs, and Evading Taxes" (2015-08-08, []

* "Rules of Production" (2009-12 by Jonathan Cook) (.pdf) []. The existence of dissident writers in the liberal media usefully persuades readers that their newspaper of choice is genuinely liberal and tolerant, and that it offers a platform even to those who subscribe to heterodox opinion.
* "It’s All About the Money" (2008-11, by Jonathan Cook) (.pdf) []. The author writes: When I rang up the news desk in London, the editor would start by asking where else the story had been published. If I said it was an exclusive, his interest would wilt. Even though he knew I had a lot of experience, he did not want to take a chance on a story no one else had reported.

* "NYT Not “Descending” Into Propaganda" (2015-09-03, [] [begin excerpt]: The New York Times says in an article today that, although the US won’t join the majority of the world by signing the treaty banning cluster bombs, it has “abided by its provisions”.
Glenn Greenwald published an article in response documenting that, in fact, the US “continually violates all” of the provisions of the cluster bomb treaty, “systematically and as a matter of policy doing exactly that which the treaty expressly bans.”
Many journalists, such as Robert Parry, methodically note the propaganda of the self-proclaimed “paper of record”, but some fall into the trap of thinking that NYT has only recently started “becoming” a propaganda rag, or has been “descending” into propaganda for the last ten or twenty years. The cases are endless, and have led one of the West’s leading media analysts, Chomsky, to conclude and show, time and again, that “[t]he New York Times is pure propaganda.”
Little wonder then that, as US theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss points out, although Chomsky has been named in “at least several surveys as the top public intellectual in the world” and “one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century”, he is “marginalized in US media” like the NYT.  He was interviewed by NYT once in 2015, but the interview was excluded from the hard copy of the paper published only in its blog (  Before that, the last time Chomsky was quoted in the Times was “in the 1970s”. [end excerpt]

* "Why isn’t Fox News classified as a hate group?" (2015-09-02, []

USA State propaganda pervades the monopolist media:
* "1975 Video: CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinfo" (2015-01-14, [], video at []
* "Cultural Imperialism and Perception Management: How Hollywood Hides US War Crimes" (2015-09-02, []
* “Propaganda and Disinformation: How the CIA Manufactures History" (1989, by Victor Marchetti) []
* "The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know" (2015-08-38, by Prof. James F. Tracy, [] [begin excerpt]: The CIA conducted a “formal training program” during the 1950s for the sole purpose of instructing its agents to function as newsmen. “Intelligence officers were ‘taught to make noises like reporters,’ explained a high CIA official, and were then placed in major news organizations with help from management. These were the guys who went through the ranks and were told ‘You’re going to he a journalist,’” the CIA official said.” The Agency’s preference, however, was to engage journalists who were already established in the industry. The two most prominent US newsweeklies, Time and Newsweek, kept close ties with the CIA. “Agency files contain written agreements with former foreign correspondents and stringers for both the weekly newsmagazines,” according to Carl Bernstein. “Allen Dulles often interceded with his good friend, the late Henry Luce, founder of Time and Life magazines, who readily allowed certain members of his staff to work for the Agency and agreed to provide jobs and credentials for other CIA operatives who lacked journalistic experience.”
Shortly after the appearance of journalist Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” series in the San Jose Mercury News chronicling the Agency’s involvement in drug trafficking, the CIA’s public affairs division embarked on a campaign to counter what it termed “a genuine public relations crisis for the Agency.” Webb was merely reporting to a large audience what had already been well documented by scholars such as Alfred McCoy and Peter Dale Scott, and the 1989 Kerry Committee Report on Iran-Contra—that the CIA had long been involved in the illegal transnational drug trade. Such findings were upheld in 1999 in a study by the CIA inspector general. Nevertheless, beginning shortly after Webb’s series ran, “CIA media spokesmen would remind reporters seeking comment that this series represented no real news,” a CIA internal organ noted, “in that similar charges were made in the 1980s and were investigated by the Congress and were found to be without substance. Reporters were encouraged to read the “Dark Alliance’ series closely and with a critical eye to what allegations could actually be backed with evidence.” (.pdf) [] [end excerpt]


Provided by Northbay MDS Committees, and the 5th World News service [], including Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations. USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) [.pdf link]: "The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence." Legal mandate set by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) []: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence."

Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "Looting Made Easy: the $2 Trillion Buyback Binge" (2015-08-28, [] [begin excerpt]: Corporations are taking the retirement savings of elderly public employees and using them to inflate their stock prices so wealthy CEOs and their shareholders can enrich themselves at the expense of their companies. And it’s all completely legal. Under current financial regulations, corporate bosses are free to repurchase their own company’s shares, push stock prices into the stratosphere, skim off a generous bonuses for themselves in the form of executive compensation, and leave their companies drowning in red ink.
Even worse, a sizable portion of the money devoted to stock buybacks is coming from  “massively underfunded public pension” funds that retired workers depend on for their survival. According to Brian Reynolds, Chief Market Strategist at New Albion Partners [], “Pension funds have to make 7.5%,” so they are putting their money “in these levered credit funds that mimic Long-Term Capital Management in the 1990s.” Those funds, in turn, “buy enormous amounts of corporate bonds from companies which put cash onto company balance sheets…and they use it to jack their stock price up, either through buybacks or mergers and acquisitions…It’s just a daisy chain of financial engineering and it’s probably going to intensify in coming years.”
The amount money that’s being funneled into buybacks is simply staggering. According to Dave Dayen at the Intercept []: “Last year, companies spent $553 billion to repurchase outstanding shares, just short of the record $589.1 billion in 2007. Large companies like Apple, General Motors, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Microsoft and more have engaged in buybacks in recent years.
Returning profits to shareholders through buybacks and dividends accounted for 95 percent of all earnings in 2014. As a result, each additional dollar of corporate earnings now translates to under 10 cents of reinvestment, according to a study by J.W. Mason of the Roosevelt Institute.”
This explains why business investment (Capex) is at record lows.  It’s because the bulk of earnings is being recycled into buybacks, over $2.3 trillion dollars since 2009 to be precise. And it’s all connected to the Fed’s zero rate policy.  Zero rates have created an environment in which corporations no longer look for ways to grow their businesses, expand operations, hire more employees or improve productivity.  Instead, they look for the quick fix, that is, load up on debt, buy more shares, goose the stock price, and walk away with a bundle. [end excerpt]

* "The Great Wealth Transfer to the London Elite" (2015-09-02, []

* "Central banks step in to prop up global financial bubble" (2015-08-31, []

* "Defining a Market Bubble: 5 U.S. Stocks Worth $1.88 Trillion and One of Them Can’t Figure Out How to Make Money" (2015-08-27, []

* "JPMorgan Hires 4-Star General Notorious For Extrajudicial Killings In Iraq" (2015-08-27, by Claire Bernish) []

* "Big Tobacco TTIP discussion documents censored by EU" (2015-08-28, []
* "Cover Up? TTIP Negotiators Outed for Secret Talks With Big Tobacco About [Redacted]; Forced by freedom of information request, officials release documents scrubbed of all content and names" (2015-08-28, []

* "How the US and the WTO Crushed India’s Subsidies for Solar Energy" (2015-08-28, []

When tens of millions die from preventable diseases such as Malaria and cholera but the profit motive deems their lives expendable. Oh well, that's 584,000 in one year alone [].


* "Paris march: TV wide shots reveal a different perspective on world leaders at largest demonstration in France’s history" (2015-01-12, [] [begin excerpt]: Yesterday it was observed that nine of the countries represented by leaders and dignitaries in the march for press freedom are themselves in the bottom third of the World Press Freedom Index [], compiled by Reporters Without Borders. [end excerpt]
* " ‘JE SUIS HYPOCRITE': Enemies of Press Freedom Hijack ‘Charlie’ in Paris" (2015-01-12, []
* "Student Exposes Hypocritical World Leaders At Free Speech March In Paris" (2015-01-12, []
* "Chomsky: Paris attacks show hypocrisy of West's outrage" (2015-01-20, []
* " 'Circus of Hypocrisy': Jeremy Scahill on How World Leaders at Paris March Oppose Press Freedom" (2015-01-12, []
* Two graphics showing individual 'world leaders' and how they attack freedom of the press [] []
* "Charlie Hebdo case reveals evidently Western double standards on freedom of expression" (2015-01-14, [], an Islamic persepctive on the double standards of hate speech against Muslims versus hate speech against Jews.
* "Charlie Hebdo: Female world leaders AIRBRUSHED out of Paris march picture for Jewish newspaper; German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other female leaders were removed from the historic image published in Israel's ultra conservative paper The Announcer" (2015-01-14, []


WORLD FASCISM WATCH: Weapons for a New World Order
* "Boeing introduces portable laser weapon capable of destroying drones" (2015-08-28, UPI Newswire) []

* "Intel putting $50 mn into quantum computing research" (2015-09-03, AFP Newswire) []

Global Anarchist vanguards & autonomous zones
[[] [] [] []

* "Are you sure that it’s Syndicalism we’re discussing here?" (2015-06-15, []

European racial vanguards
* "Neo-Nazi Arsonists: Officials Concerned by Growing Far-Right Networks" (2015-09-02, []

* "Renaissance" (2015-04-12, intro 1 [], intro 2 []. Watch the video (.mp4) [], screen-grabs from the video:


Map []

* "Canada's 'Victims of Communism' Debacle" (2015-08-27, []

USA Homeland's resident nations
Nations exist alongside the Federal [], and State governance []. Demographic maps: 2000 [], 2010 [], religion []. The New Afrikan nation, the nation of Nueva Aztlan, the Boriqueno, and of the overseas territories each have their own section separately on this news page.

American Nation, including the State Sovereignty campaigns []

* "Supremacist convicted of killing 3 at Kansas Jewish sites" (2015-08-31, AP Newswire) [] [] [begin excerpt]: The man who admitted killing three people at two suburban Kansas City Jewish sites gave jurors a Nazi salute Monday after they convicted him of murder and other charges for the shootings, which he said would allow him to "die a martyr." It took the jury of seven men and five women just over two hours to find Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. guilty of one count of capital murder, three counts of attempted murder and assault and weapons charges. After the verdict was announced, Miller, 74, of Aurora, Missouri, said: "The fat lady just sang" and he raised his right arm in the Nazi salute. During the prosecution's closing, District Attorney Steve Howe cited a "mountain of evidence" against Miller, who was charged in the April 2014 shootings at two Jewish sites in Overland Park, Kansas. Although he admitted to killing the three people, he had pleaded not guilty, saying it was his duty to stop what he believed was genocide against the white race. None of the victims was Jewish. "You have the power in your hands to inspire the world," he said. "You can become a man or woman your forefathers will be proud of for your bravery." Miller is a Vietnam War veteran who founded the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in his native North Carolina and later the White Patriot Party. He also ran for the U.S. House in 2006 and the U.S. Senate in 2010 in Missouri, each time espousing a white-power platform. [end excerpt]

* "The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know" (2015-08-38, by Prof. James F. Tracy, [] [begin excerpt]: Days before the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City DCI William Colby confided to his friend, Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp his personal concerns over the Militia and Patriot movement within the United States, then surging in popularity due to the use of the alternative media of that era–books, periodicals, cassette tapes, and radio broadcasts. “I watched as the Anti-War movement rendered it impossible for this country to conduct or win the Vietnam War,” Colby remarked. “I tell you, dear friend, that the Militia and Patriot movement in which, as an attorney, you have become one of the centerpieces, is far more significant and far more dangerous for American than the Anti-War movement ever was, if it is not intelligently dealt with. And I really mean this.” - from "The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror" book page 367 (1998, by David Hoffman, Feral House)

* "Louisiana detective refusing to resign after photo of him at KKK rally last year surfaces" (2015-09-02, []
* "Cop Tries To Explain Why He Was At A KKK Rally Giving A Nazi Salute, Doesn’t Go Down Well" (2015-09-04, []

* "GoFundMe Takes Down Donation Page For Kim Harris After It Raises Nearly A Million Dollars" (2015-09-04, Fox News) []. The imposition of Sharia, theocratic or religious law is against the freedoms secured by the secular state. To those who wish to establish religious tyranny, anything "secular" is regarded as "communist" and equal to the "100 million deaths under Stalin".


* "Jascha Manny attempts re-match in Olympia, WA" (2015-09-05, [], flier []. Video of the march []
* "About 100 demonstrate against Nazis, police in downtown Olympia" (2015-09-05, []

USA Homeland's resident nations
Sovereign nations of the "Indian Country", and of traditional lodges.
Map [], News [] []

* "Neo-Nazis Trying to Take Over North Dakota Town Sent Running by Native American and Anti-Fascist Activists" (2013-09-23, []

* "Fighting for Native Student’s Right to Wear Eagle Feather at Graduation" (2015-06-02, []

* "History Professor Denies Native Genocide: Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled From Course" (2015-09-06, [] [begin excerpt]: A Cal State Sacramento University Professor who allegedly told his United States History class he did not like the term ‘genocide’ in relation to Native Americans in history, told a Native American student who disagreed with him that she was disenrolled and expelled from his course.
The account is according to Native University student, Chiitaanibah Johnson (Navajo/Maidu) a 19 year old sophomore student at Cal State Sacramento University.
“The whole thing started on Wednesday,” Johnson told ICTMN. “He was talking about Native America and he said the word genocide. He paused and said ‘I don't like to use that word because I think it is too strong for what happened’ and ‘Genocide implies that it was on purpose and most native people were wiped out by European diseases.”
Johnson, who was offended, did not at first respond to the professor’s comments.
“I wrote it down. I was enraged for what I felt were obvious reasons. I didn't say anything (on Wednesday) because I knew that if I didn't have anything specific to back it up in terms of tangible or solid evidence that he would not take my comments into consideration,” she said.
On Friday, Johnson presented her research to the professor after his discussion on the Iroquois Confederacy and the Portuguese expeditions.
“He made it a point to say indigenous people were not peaceful. I was upset for obvious reasons. he'd mentioned how the French and the Dutch were allies and made it a point to say native people were killing each other before white settlers arrived.”
Johnson says that she understands that there were native conflicts before settlers arrived, but when the professor talked about the bravery of Portuguese expeditions without emphasis on the slave trade she again grew upset.
“On Friday, I raised my hand and I said, ‘I understand why we're talking about the Portuguese people because it explains how they got to America. but I do not think it is fair to talk about Portuguese people as if they were only poor and brave.  They became rich by raping and enslaving the indigenous lands and people that they "discovered," says Johnson.
Johnson says that when she asked why the Professor did not talk about any sort of Iroquoian technological advances or spirituality and then asked about her Professors stance on genocide, The Professor grew volatile and rolled his eyes several times.
“I told him, ‘you said genocide implies the purposeful extermination of people and that they were mostly wiped out by European diseases.” I said, "that is not a true statement."
“He said, ‘Genocide is not what happened.’ I stood up and started reading from an article by the United Nations that said: Genocide is the deliberate killing of another people, a sterilization of people and/or a kidnapping of their children,” and he said, ‘That is enough.’
I said, ‘no. you have to tell the truth.’
He said, ‘if you want to come talk to me after class, now is not the time, you are hijacking my class.”
After a bit more discussion which Johnson says became heated, the Professor dismissed the class. Additionally, other students defended the professor.
“He said, ‘you know what class? I am so sorry to everybody that this is happening. Please everyone come back on Wednesday have a good weekend.’
After the class was dismissed, Johnson said she was expelled from the course by her professor.
“He said, ‘I do not appreciate this in my classroom.’ He began shaking his finger at me and said, 'I don't appreciate you making me sound like a racist and a bigot in my classroom. You have hijacked my lesson, taken everything out of context and I don't care what kind of scholarship you have, or what kind of affiliation you have with the University, you will be disenrolled and expelled from this classroom.”
“Within 10 minutes of me asking these questions and trying to read pieces from the article - he shut me down. He wasn't listening. He excused everyone out of the room and told me I was expelled from the class,” says Johnson.
Since being told she was expelled from the course on Friday, Johnson says she feels overwhelmed by the close-mindedness and injustice of her situation. She also was disappointed that no students came to her defense.
“I had zero support from anybody in the classroom,” says Johnson. “All of the research I had done was very traumatizing - to read about babies being slammed into rocks being held from their ankles, to hear of people being lit on fire while they were still alive, to hear of them being disemboweled, and having their arms and hands chopped off .”
“I know these things are true. I have been told about them personally from my great grand parents and grandparents and my mother who was in boarding school.”
“To be kicked out of the classroom so quickly, I was floored and I thought are you kidding me? This was the third day of class, and already you're going to completely expel me? I didn't call him names, I did not say he was racist I did not use foul language - yes I raised my voice because he raised his voice at me and was talking over me and wouldn't let me say anything. I felt like I had my feet completely kicked out from under me. I felt like I approached the situation in a way that a student of the University level is supposed to approach a disagreement with the professor.” [end excerpt]

Regional insights for the lands ofAnahuac, Carib, and Abya Ayla ("Latin" America) 
"When the Eagle of the North flies with the Condor of the South, The Spirit of the Land, She will Reawaken". English language news [] [] [] [] [] [[], Spanish language news []

* "Sao Paulo Forum: 25 years later…" (2015-09-01, [] [begin excerpt]: At the beginning of August the Sao Paulo Forum, the multi variegated assembly of the Latin American left, met in Mexico City. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since 1990, when this significant forum was founded by a small group of parties and movements. At that time, there was only one left party in government and power, across the entire continent, the Communist Party of Cuba. Today, 25 years later, parties belonging to the forum form part of the governments in more than 10 countries. Moreover, the regular meetings held by the continental left to discuss and develop common strategies have led to significant progress in the direction of major social and political transformations. The situation is not, however, a bed of roses. The counter-offensive of the continental right and the United States is ever present and increasingly insidious. Thus, without detracting in any way from the many positive achievements obtained so far that have significantly changed the material conditions of life of millions of people, it seems useful here to seek to identify some problematic areas for the immediate future.
Low intensity Coup -
The counter-offensive assumes different forms, voices and players according to the differing conditions and cultural features of the different countries, but there is a common thread running through the whole continent. In Greece the former finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, has said that the banks have replaced the tanks. Something similar is at work here where the present strategy appears far more sophisticated and refined in relation to the more overtly brutal methods of the past .
The repressive days of civic-military dictatorships imposed by bloody coups and maintained by terror, now seem distant. The new brain child of the Washington “think tanks” is the strategy of “Golpes Blandos”, the ” low intensity coup “, which has been evident in recent years in both Honduras and Paraguay (where the institutional coups succeeded), as well as in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador (where they failed). Although no doubt provisional and subject to recursive modification “in progress”, this policy is still operative, as we have seen in recent months.
Today, to paraphrase an expression dear to the left in the old times, the right-wing has adopted an incremental utilization of a “combination of forms of struggle”. Contemporary fire power is made up of an assemblage of financial capital (vulture funds against Argentina, speculation and manipulation on the currency in Venezuela, etc.), diplomatic pressure, strengthening of the military presence under the pretext of the “war on drugs” and “narco-terrorism” ( Mexico and Colombia), operations of “psychological warfare”, articulated with selective assassinations of political and social leaders (Venezuela, El Salvador), with the use of common crime (El Salvador) and paramilitary groups (Honduras, Venezuela) to strike terror, street mobilization (Brazil, Ecuador), economic sabotage and hoarding of essential goods to provoke discontent in the population (Venezuela), claims for autonomy (Bolivia), and attempts of institutional fractures.
Tribunals versus government -
The “low intensity coup” also has a legal office, with almost the entire judiciary still dominated by the usual “big powers” actively onside, overtly or covertly according to the specific scenarios (El Salvador, Brazil). In El Salvador, for example, the erstwhile judges of the Constitutional Division of the Supreme Court of Justice are trying to strangle the government financially, by declaring unconstitutional the issuance of Treasury bills to cover social policies. At the same time they have solemnly defended the “freedom of expression” of a dozen soldiers arrested because they wanted to march heavily armed on parliament to demand a salary increase.
The so called “fight against corruption” has also been transformed into another instance of the courts working at the service of the political and economic right, with the added irony of Washington dispensing lessons of “transparency and morality”. The case of Brazil is the most obvious, but not the only one. Progressive governments are accused of corruption, often without a shred of evidence, thanks to the operations of spectacular mediatic trials, conducted in parallel to the real courts, which celebrate premature convictions and thus prepare the terrain for the attacks of the judiciary. This is not to deny cases of corruption in the left (which must be prosecuted and condemned in the strongest terms), but to warn against naivety about the instrumental use that is made of such a sensitive issue.
Memory is short, and so corruption becomes a problem of today, and not as it is a physiological issue, a structural feature of the capitalist scene. Past corruption vanishes, as do the perverse intrigues and complex ties linking economic, political and judicial power that characterized, among others, the years of the neo-liberal orgy and of the assault on diligence, with the privatization of public enterprises. Pinochet’s Chile is only the most brazen case, where a dozen oligarchic families further enriched in the shadows of the dictatorship, are still unpunished thanks to the “pact of transition” to democracy.
Colombia: a never-ending conflict -
The Latin American left is deeply concerned about the conflict in Colombia, which has been going on for over half a century. Despite hopes of the ongoing dialogue between the government and the FARC-Ep guerrillas (and its possible extension to the other guerrilla group ELN), the picture emerging from this social and armed conflict is dramatic. Colombia has about six and a half million internally displaced people due to land theft, carried out by murders, threats and pressures of different kinds. The data of the Fiscalía (State Prosecutor), a state institution, show at least fifty thousand detainees desaparecidos, almost the double of those that we know to be victims of the Argentine dictatorship.
Risultati immagini per conflitto colombiano
There are almost half a million exiles and more than 9,000 t political prisoners. There have been more than 5,500 extra-judicial executions carried out by the Armed Forces from 2002 to today (over only 10 years). They concern innocent civilians killed and then passed off as guerrillas to demonstrate the effectiveness of the military action. We know them as falsos positivos, and is one of the types of forced disappearance. [end excerpt]

"There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the militarization of domestic security is bad for human rights and has little impact on crime and violence in the long term. So what keeps attracting Latin American governments to adopt these "iron fist" policies?"
* []

United States of Mexico 
* "Murder of journalist Ruben Espinosa in Mexico City sparks outrage" (2015-08-30, []

* "Army's role questioned in missing Mexican students case" (2015-09-07, AFP newswire) []

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias - Liberación del Pueblo (FAR-LP)
* Press Statement (Communique) Number 6 []
previous statements:
* Number 1 in Spanish (.pdf) []
* Number 2 in Spanish (.pdf) []
* Number 3 machine translated []
* Number 4 not available
* Number 5 machine translated []

Central America, an "Economic Sacrifice Zone"
* "A Call For Peace in Central America" (2015-09-15,
To: Consulate of Guatemala and Honduras -
Our countries can no longer stand the violence that has plagued our elderly, women, youth and men. This is not about a political ideology, it's about humanity, our identity and the right to live to the fullest and in peace in the country where we were born. Therefore we are proposing a national and regional peace dialogue in all sectors, groups, organizations and communities to become peacemakers.
We are a group of concerned Central American residents in Los Angeles, California, that we are aware of the serious socio-political, economic, ideological and cultural crises in our countries, that have lead to the uncontrolled violence, which has the extreme poverty as the main underlying cause, in which the majority of the people suffers due to inequality, injustice, lack of work, education, health and housing.
Brothers and sisters of the famous Northern Triangle of Central America (NTCA): El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, as well as other people of Mesoamerica, that have join us in this journey through life and survival, let's get united and struggle for peace.   Unfortunately violence is reduced to homicides, which are deplorable, but violence is more complex. El Salvador and Honduras are disputing the record for most deaths, between 85 and 110 people, including the homicide rate per 100,000 people and by department in both countries. This has to stop!

Therefore we stand and declare with all the love of our families and communities, for dignity and social peace, without violence of any type or form, where no one infringes pain, intimidation, rape, robbery, abduction, removal or death to a fellow citizen, nor impose oppressive forms, prison or forced exile by governments and their policies of repression.
* Homies Unidos youth conference (archived 2015-09-05) []

* "According to Casa Alianza 300,000 Hondurans have left the country by violence and insecurity" (2015-08-30,  [], machine translated []. According to new data by Casa Alianza, some 300'000 Hondurans have been displaced by violence. At the same time, 13'000 have been deported back to Honduras from the US and Mexico.

* "Honduras and Guatemala unify efforts to combat organized crime" (2015-08-31, original [], machine translated []. The Armed Forces of Honduras and Guatemala met to discuss future collaboration in fighting organized crime.

"Authorities in Guatemala have captured two suspects linked to an alleged criminal network run by a powerful political family from Honduras, the most recent development in a case indicative of the convoluted relationship between organized crime and politics in Central America."
* []

* [] "Top law enforcement officials from seven Central American countries met with the US Attorney General to discuss rising violence, drug-trafficking, and organized crime, underscoring how seriously the US now views security concerns in the region."

* "Central American 'Springs' Foregone" (2015-08-26, [] [begin excerpt]: Democracy in the region has continuously been deemed a threat by Washington, so much so that state terror has been used to crush it.
The United States has waged a war on democracy in Central America for decades.
Today, the international media is portraying the recent wave of anti-corruption, pro-democracy protests in Guatemala and Honduras as part of a Central American spring. This so-called spring is fighting against structural corruption, violence and impunity that is largely due to U.S. meddling in these countries. It is instructive to look back at how Washington responded to similar democratic movements in the past and how that has shaped the current democratic crises the region is facing.
What is known as the first Guatemala spring occurred after a popular uprising forced U.S.-backed dictator Jorge Ubico from power July 1, 1944. What followed was the country’s decade-long flirtation with democracy between 1944-1954. During this decade, Presidents Juan Jose Arevalo and Jacobo Arbenz Guzman initiated social democratic reforms, which included adopting a new constitution and passing progressive labor and land reforms, much to the chagrin of local elites and foreign capitalist interests, like the U.S.-based United Fruit Company.
These democratic reforms proved unpalatable for Washington. Largely at the behest of the United Fruit Company, which looked to suffer huge profit losses as a result, in 1954 the CIA planned and executed a coup against President Arbenz. What followed was a succession of brutal military regimes and a 36-year internal conflict that started in 1960 and left over 200,000, mostly Indigenous Guatemalans killed, and tens of thousands tortured and disappeared.
In neighboring Honduras, Washington was instrumental in the rise of the death squad Battalion 316. A 1995 Baltimore Sun exposé revealed that it was trained by the CIA, along with Argentine counterinsurgency experts. At the time, the U.S.-backed military junta ruling Argentina launched a “dirty war” against its own population, which used its own death squads to murder, torture and disappear tens of thousands of its civilians. The Washington-backed Honduras death squad, aided and abetted at the time by U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte, abducted, murdered and tortured students, trade unionists, journalists, college professors and other social movement actors who were deemed subversives. Their crimes? They organized for labor rights, affordable education, and freedom for political prisoners. [end excerpt]
Photo: A wall displaying Honduran victims of forced disappearance in the office of COFADEH.

In the Name of the People : El Salvador's Civil War 1985 DOCUMENTARY []

Republic of Guatemala
* "Cheers Erupt As Guatemala Paves Way to Arrest School of the Americas-Trained President Perez Molina; 'Now that Guatemala has kicked open the door, set an example for the world, this trail of blood can be followed wherever it leads, including back to Washington,' says journalist Nairn" (2015-09-02, []
* "Guatemalan president resigns after judge orders him to face corruption charges" (2015-09-03, []
* "President Otto Perez Resigns" (2015-09-03,, original [], machine translated []

The Honduran elite won't like what it's happening across the border in Guatemala.
* []
* []

Republic of El Salvador (ALBA Affiliate)


Republic of Honduras
[ of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.

* Communique from the press conference organizied by CNTC, CDM (Centro de Derechos de Mujeres), and Red Nacional de Defensoras de Derechos Humanos, concerning the spate of attacks against campesino communities (2015-09-01) []
* "Emergency Donations for Campesino Communities" (2015-09-01, by Victoria Cervantes, Coordinator in North America for the Honduras Solidarity Network):
The most extensive national campesino organization in Honduras, the CNTC (National Center for Rural Workers) is requesting urgent donations to help them provide food, shelter and other emergency aid to two communities recently devastated by violent evictions in the Departments of Yoro and La Paz. I have been in communication with the General Secretary of the CNTC, Franklin Almendares who asked for our help as the CNTC's limited resources are stretched past their limits with the number of evictions, arrests and detentions of CNTC members across the country.
The dire situation in La Paz has been highlighted by COFADEH and by C-Libre (links below). 16 campesinos and campesinas from the CNTC group, Juan Almendares (named after the famous human rights activist in Honduras, Dr. Almendares) have been imprisoned for more than 40 days. The community of 20 families was violently evicted from their land after 6 years of cultivation on July 16, 2015. One of the jailed campesinas, Emirita Lopez, miscarried after 20 days in jail and is having health problems. With all the families unable to work the land and so many of the adults in jail, their situation is extremely precarious.
On August 20th, 40 families belong to the CNTC group "2 de Abril" in Sulaco, Yoro were violently displaced from their land by Honduran military troops and all their houses, belongings and cultivated fields were destroyed. The families were literally left with only what they held in their hands on the side of the road. The 40 families had lived on and cultivated the land for 10 years. Photos of the eviction were published by Canal 6 News in Honduras (link below)
As some of you may know, La Voz de los de Abajo, a founding member of the HSN, has worked with the CNTC for 16 years. The CNTC has more than 400 member groups, each with multiple cooperatives, in 14 of the 18 provinces in Honduras. Since its founding in 1985 it has always been under attack by the oligarchy and has suffered evictions, attacks, threats and assassinations, but since Juan Orlando Hernandez came to power the CNTC has become a target for annihilation through both the judicial system and outright violence because of its stubborn activism and defense of the right of campesinos and campesinas to the land.
DONATE NOW! any amount will be welcome: $10, $50, $100 or more!
Donations for this event can be made via Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ), the fiscal sponsor for the Honduras Solidarity Network:
Online: []
Check: Make check payable to "HSN/AfGJ" and put CNTC in memo line and mail to:
Alliance for Global Justice225 E. 26th Street, Suite 1, Tucson, AZ 85713

Recent reports from COFADEH and photos about the attacks on the CNTC and the La Paz community.
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* Channel 6 report on the eviction in Yoro []

* "The Honduran Coup’s Ugly Aftermath: As Secretary of State in 2009, Hillary Clinton helped a right-wing coup in Honduras remove an elected left-of-center president, setting back the cause of democracy and enabling corrupt and drug-tainted forces to tighten their grip on the poverty-stricken country" (2015-08-25, by Jonathan Marshall) []

* "Employees of U.S.-Owned Sweatshop Companies Protest Corruption and Privatization of Social Security Institute" (2015-09-04, []

* (2015-09-07, Honduras Solidarity Network HSN):
Updates from Honduras - Karen, Greg, anyone else. (10 min)

Ongoing protests of the indignados movement – there are three sectors now (Karen)
·      Still weekly protests
·      More radical sectors are facing repression
·      Sept 1 and 2 – roadblocks all over country specifically in Zacate Grande, Colon, El Progreso, Villanueva – all were repressed by state forces.
·      Related or not, three deaths of folks involved in road blocks and indignados movement – All in the Aguan Valley, one in Bonito Oriental, another is the son of a member of MUCA, and another from the campesino movement from MOCRA.
·      Lucy: There is resistance against the LIBRE party inside the indignados movement – important to question what the role of the U.S. is in the developing of this movement particularly in looking at whats going on in Guatemala. The same phenomenon is happening with D19 with the indignados movement. Xiomara just wrote a letter to the Oposición Indignada calling them out on their position.

Students – Ongoing occupations of university (Karen)
·      AfGJ delegation helped students surrounded by police to leave the university
·      Oscar Montecinos – detained but now free. Criminalized for being a leader in highschool movement.

InterAmerican Commission and Court Visit – Week of August 21/22 (Karen)
·      Visited two Garifuna communities (and other places) – Triunfo de la Cruz & Punta Piedra
·      Doing follow up on 6 cases with the Honduran state.

Chabelo’s case (Greg): Trial could be from September 28th to October 9th – Trujillo
·      Concerning that police and individuals in casual clothing showed up in a few communities looking for Chabelo.
·      Campesinos are organizing a protest for the 1st day of the trial.
·      Vicki and others will be in Honduras for the trial. Do we want to put together a working group to discuss the trial. Greg will convene a phone call to discuss the trial, how to do campaigns to support the trial, budget for moving Chabelo to and from the court, and form a temporary working group.

Somolagua, San Juan, Santa Barbara (Gloria and Jeanette): Request from COPINH was to visit the community.
·      Land reclamation process since April, a leader murdered in May in the same community.
·      15 armed actors showed up to the community – money was stolen, crops and houses were burned.
·      Witness for Peace team is writing a report about their visit and testimonies that were taken.

CNTC Evictions
·      13 or 16 people are still in jail from movement in La Paz even after 2 months of it happening.
·      Another eviction in Yoro
·      Check out appeal for more info. More attacks against CNTC since JOH took power.

Announcement from Facusse about donating land in Zacate Grande (Lucy): Is his inheritance trying to make the Facusse family look good?

Conaprev denounces that the Honduran prisons, built for 8000 inmates, currently hold almost 16'000.
* []
As Congress approved yesterday partially the so-called "Ley Picapiedra", La Prensa reports on forced and not so forced work in Honduran prisons.
* []

A new study by the UNDP finds that 62% of Honduran youths live in poverty.
* []

The head of Urology at the University Hospital in Tegucigalpa thinks that the Honduran health system has collapsed.
* []

Criterio raises doubts about the nature of the high fuel price in Honduras.
* []

El Heraldo published a series of articles on child labor in Honduras.
* []
* []
* []

Investigations of the MP found out that the Gutierrez still holds authorizing signatures for Astropharma bank accounts, even though they claimed to have cut connections with the firm back in 2009.
* []

PAC president Salvador Nasrralla claims that the JOH government spends some six millions Lempiras daily for promoting itself, or, at the current exchange rate for Lempiras to USA Dollars, it calculates to about $100 million annually.
* []

CEPR's Alexander Main published his thoughts on the letter by US members of Congress calling on the Obama administration to stop funding Honduras' security forces.
JOH also reacted to the letter, denouncing one's more "those Hondurans who go the the US and Europe to paint a bad picture of the country."
* []
* []
JOH accuses the protesting workers of the maquilas of creating instability and chaos.
* []

The Inter-American Court on Human Rights is currently holding its 53rd extraordinary session in Honduras. The Honduran government takes this opportunity to present itself in a good life.
* []
The IACtHR will hold its next extraordinary session in Honduras from August 24 to 29.
* []

The Honduran case at the International Criminal Case is still open.
* []

The reaction to the letter by members of the USA congress calling for an end to funding of Honduras' security forces
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []

As mentioned before, Cholusat Sur published documents showing that money from the INE was used for JOH's presidential campagin.
Nevertheless, the Anti-Corruption Council (CNA) says that they haven't looked in that direction and they won't as there don't exist any official accusations.
Meanwhile at the IHSS case, there are still new lines of investigations and accusations.
* []
* []
* []
* []

According to a new document published by Cholusat Sur, JOH Hilda Hernandez, Oscar Alvarez and JJ Rendon received millions from the National Statistics Institute (INE) for the presidential campaign in 2013.
* []
* []
* []

JOH's wife lives large at the expense of the people, with a mansion in Miami, and a rather large shoe collection
* []
* []
* []

The wife of Congress' president Mauricio Oliva, Rina de Oliva, received a $15'000 check from the Taiwanese embassy without having the authorization to accept the money.
* []

During the arrests of the Valle Valle brothers in October 2014, a safe had been seized. Journalist David Romero that it contained a list of names of politicians receiving money by drug traffickers as well as a substantial amount of money. Nevertheless, the responsible prosecutor denied its existence back then. Now the safe has appeared again but without containing nor list nor money.
* []

Yesterday the Social Protection Bill came into force. Radio Progreso explains why the bill was mostly greeted with protests by civil society: the privatization of medical care.
* []

The recently approved Social Security Bill has already been contested by the labor unions. Now Libre congressman Rasel Tom? presented a motion to repeal it. According to Criterio, the Junta Interventora at the IHSS is partly to blame for the changes made to the bill.
* []
* []

According to UNAH's Violence Observatory, 936 students (primary, secondary, university) have been murdered in Honduras between 2010 and 2014.
* []

Pasos de Animal Grande reports on the ongoing criminalization campaign of the student movement.
* []

Pasos de Animal Grande continues reporting on the denigrating attacks on student leaders.
* []

Oscar David Montecinos has been released. He was released a few hours ago and charges were dropped to a misdemeanour (I think that's what the charge would be in English). They set his initial hearing for next Monday, August 17th. Yesterday the trial against the 16 year old student leader Oscar David Montecinos took place. According to Oscar David he can walk as a free teenager thanks to pressure by Honduran human rights organization, but the criminalization of the student movement continues.
* []
For those interested in what happened in Oscar Montecinos trial yesterday, here in an article written by Cofadeh in Spanish.
* []
Although I don't entirely understand what occurred since Oscar is a minor and the process is different but the article outlines the processes in which Oscar's father can help deal with any problems that arise with the school's director in the future, etc. Most importantly, Oscar is not in-prisoned but the article makes it clear of the ongoing criminalization of students in Honduras.

C-Libre denounces the role of the former soldier Roger Aguilar Flores in the criminalization of various student leaders.
* []

Student leaders at the UNAH denounces being harassed by the private security forces of the institution.
* []

More students have seen their charges dropped; sadly this doesn't mean that the criminalization campaign against them has ceased. The university authorities at UNAH broke in the headquarter of the Broad Student Movement MAU and confiscated material.
* []

A judge decided to drop the charges against 12 students at the UNAH in the Sula Valley.
The 16 year old student Oscar David Montecinos was released from police custody, nevertheless, he still faces a reconciliation hearing. Cofadeh has accompanied his case and has some more details on it.
* []
* []
* []

UNAH's dean Julieta Castellanos denigrates Sociology professors for apparently accompanying the student protests.
* []

The LGTBI activist and human rights defender Waldina Lizeth Flores receives threats and is being persecuted and harassed. Pasos de Animal Grand dedicates a longer article to the difficult situation of the LGTBI movement in Honduras in general.
* []
* []

HispanTV reported again from the protests taking place every Friday in Honduras.
* []
* []

Rene Jovel Martinez, head of the Xatruch III forces, accuses several members of the Agrarian Platform of having promoted the recent protests in Colon; he even goes so far as claiming they shot at installations of the Infantry Battalion in Rio Claro, Trujillo.
* []

The rain didn't stop Hondurans from taking to the streets once more yesterday evening.
* []

On the evening of August 28th, the streets of Honduras were lit up again by the light of torches as thousands marched to demand the resignation of JOH and the installation of a CICIH. The protestors also met with the president of the Honduran Private Business Council (COHEP). Maybe, as in Guatemala with Jorge Briz of the Cacif, business soon is also calling for the resignation of the president in Honduras.
* []
* []

Honduras saw a day of protest again. Hondurans took to the streets in various city. State security forces answered with violent evictions and detentions.
* []
* []
* []
* []

* "Honduras: 3000 Employees of a Maquila in Villanueva Block the Highway Denouncing Violations to their Labor Rights" (2015-09-01,, original [], translated: The protest action is undertaken by women and men employed in the industrial park Zip Buffalo, protesting against the implementation of the Framework for Social Protection Law, which will take effect on September 4.One worker said he decided to protest because they have had enough of government repression led by Juan Hernandez, specifically because they are taking away their labor rights.
Police arrived early with orders to evict.Workers reported that the personnel director now officially informed them that once the legislation comes into force their contributions to the Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS) they will suffer increases, affecting their income.Also, they must contribute part of their salaries to a special account that will be used to pay their benefits.The taking of the Highway is preventing vehicular traffic in this productive area, located in northern Honduras, although the presence of police and military are already seeing that certainly an eviction could come at anytime.The blockage of roads in Honduras are already part of everyday life as its population has been demanding through this strategy the installation of the International Commission Against Impunity in Honduras (Cicih).On Tuesday there were road closures in the north, west and south. In the municipality of El Progreso, Yoro, repression by the police and military resulted in violent act
 ion in which they assaulted at least five journalists and arrested 14 demonstrators.

* (2015-09-01, Greg McCain): There are currently protests and roadblocks all across Honduras. In Tocoa there were 15 arrests who are charged with "public disorder". 3 were released. The remaining 12 are being processed with the Prosecutors office. The road block at the Tocoa river was evicted violently with teargas and live bullets being fired by both police and military. There was at least one injury, a young man with a lesson to his forearm from being hit with a police baton. He is currently under arrest and the people from the Human Rights Observatory of the Aguan are working to get him medical attention.
* (2015-09-02, Karen Spring): Some of you may have heard of the many road blocks occurring throughout Honduras. Yesterday, there were road blocks in Tocoa, El Progreso, and Zacate Grande (and I may be missing others). The violent evictions in Tocoa and El Progreso were repressed by police and many people were beaten up and arrested including various journalists. One journalist, Dunia Montoya and wife of LIBRE Congressman had her shoulder dislocated.
Today, the blockades continue. A few hours ago, the police moved in to violently evict a large group of maquila workers in La Lima (northern Honduras) who had blocked off the road to Puerto Cortes (the port). There are also occupations of buildings in El Paraiso and Choluteca (both in southern Honduras). A lot of groups of folks part of the indignados movement are putting pressure on the government. There is definitely excitement in the winds coming from Guatemala.
Here is a communique from the Plataforma Agraria regarding the arrests and repression in Tocoa, Colon, original [], machine translated [].

The protests haven't calmed down. Yesterday maquila workers also joined by taking an important street in northern Honduras.
The armed forces and the police reacted with a violent eviction that left various wo/men wounded.
This Friday, the protests will take place before the Supreme Court.
* []
* []
* []
* []

Yesterday the National Strike took place; maybe because it hasn't moved the great masses, the protesters renamed it a trial for a real national strike taking place in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, protests took place in various Honduran cities. Defensores en Linea and others denounce acts of violence against the protesters.
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []

* "National day of Action - Honduras" (2015-08-26, Karen Spring):
Today, the indignados movement organized a national day of action or Paro Nacional.
A few roads were occupied for a short period of time but by smaller groups of people. I don't think they had the participated that they hoped for when organizing the day of action. JOH sent in police and military to evict different occupations early in the morning. A collaboration of people from the FNRP and the indignados participated.
Below is the translation of a short reflection by Teguc-based artist, photographer, and organizer, Luis Mendez. He reflects on his facebook page about the difficulties of the National day of action advocating that the strike incorporate demands and participation of various sectors of Honduran society and movements as the only way to take down JOH.

The indignados (indignants) took a first step, an advancement to what can be or should be a great, extended, urgent, and necessary national strike for the installation of the CICIH, the immediate resignation of the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General, and the impeachment of JOH; and all the corrupt people of his misgovernment.
A national strike that integrates the demands of the indignad@s movement, the demands of the social and popular movement in specific topics of the neoliberal policies of JOH, demands of each sector and territory, a stop or overturn of hundreds of mining and hydroelectric concessions, territorial plunder, ZEDEs amongst other demands. Despite the contradictions and incredulity, the strike was carried out for a few hours in different parts of Tegucigalpa and other cities in the country. However, JOH and his repressive forces found that the only thing to do was to repress the people that were peacefully protesting.
We say that the strike was a good first exercise of defiance and outrage, of sovereignty, dignity, of love for our country, in order to learn important lessons, the main one of all ? the one that gives us strength and a light at the end of the tunnel: ONLY ORGANIZED AS THE HONDURAN PEOPLE
CAN WE ADVANCE TO A GREAT, NATIONAL STRIKE, and this happens with organization, with the participation of all organized people and people that aren't organized; Organizations and movements of the indignados of the 18 departments of the country and the 19th department with or without the grassroots but indignad@s y in the permanent, popular defiance, organizations of the popular and social movement, the labor movement, the working class, feminist movement, teachers, teachers federations, student movement, National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP), left organizations and movement, Sexual Diversity [movement], Agrarian campesino platform, Platform of Popular and Social Movements, indigenous movement, Garifuna people, campesin@s, artists, academics, Grassroots collectives and other organizations and movement of the indignados, indignados forum [Mesas de indignados], Platform of Indignados, student forum of the indignados, and all the outraged people before the politics of pillage of JOH with his only purpose.

In an interview with Telesur, Karen Spring offers her analysis of the protests in Honduras.
The protesters have announce a nation-wide strike for today.
FUSINA reacted with a press release, stating that the state security forces will guarantee order and the freedom of movement.
* []
* []
* []
* []

CESPAD has published it's newest analysis of the situation in Honduras, focusing on the protests.
Luis Mendez also wrote down his thoughts on how the protests have to develop to be successful.
Pasos de Animal Grande denounces the both the infiltration of the protest marches as well as the growing trend of corporate media to profile, mostly young, protestors and denigrate them on national TV.
One of the young protest leaders has been murdered on Monday.
* []
* []
* []
* []

And also for the second time, a hunger strike started in Tegucigalpa, again demanding the installation of a CICIH. Ligia Ramos, a medic who attended the participants of the first hunger strike, has received death threats.
* []
* []

Last Friday's protest ended in some unrest. Nevertheless, the movement distanced itself from it, saying that these were caused by infiltrators. The main press still used this to denigrate the protestors.
* []
* []
* []

This Friday's protest again headed to the house of JOH. El Libertador claims that he fled the house and was transported of by helicopter after he had been informed that the protestors would come to his residence.
* []

New protests surged in San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortes yesterday.
* []

Some protestors decided to end this Friday's march at the residence of JOH. Radio Progreso reports on the protests which continue even after the end of the hunger strike.
* []
* []
* []

ConexiHon summarizes what came out of one month of student protests.
* []

* "Honduras' People are Demanding International Support to end Corruption and Impunity in Their Country. Support Them in Their Demands for a UN-backed Commission Against Impunity, and in Strengthening Their Democracy" (2015-06-28, ENCA – The Environmental Network for Central America – UK):
In the last few weeks Honduras' people have been taking to the streets in the biggest popular demonstrations since 2009's military coup. The “Antorchas” – also known as “Indignados” – movement is demanding an end to the corruption rife in the country. Honduran journalists have revealed that hundreds of millions of dollars were embezzled from the Honduran Health System, and supported the election campaign of president Juan Orlando Hernández's National Party. At least 3,000 have died and many more are suffering from lack of health care as a result. It is known that this is only one part of the corruption and theft of state money within the country. The movement has brought together all sectors of the population to demand the president's resignation, and demand an independent International Commission against Impunity in Honduras (“CICIH” in its Spanish initials) to root out all the country's corruption.
The CICIH would be based on the unique “CICIG” in Guatemala – a UN-backed project initiated in 2007 to investigate and bring to justice similar corruption in that country. Recently the CICIG has made international headlines with the resignation of Guatemala's ex Vice-President, amid ongoing protests in the country. The realisation of a Honduran CICIH requires international support, and we are writing to demand that the USA, Canada & European powers pressure Juan Orlando's government to make the CICIH a reality.
This mass popular movement expresses the true democratic and peaceful will of the Honduran people, and will strengthen democracy in the country. Honduras' democracy has been under threat since the 2009 military coup, which put the National Party in power. The elections that have been held since have been full of marked irregularities, and denounced by international observers. The country's state, police and judicial system has collapsed under the weight of corruption, and the government has responded by militarising the country, repressing civil society organisations within it. As a result the country has become known as the “Murder, Repression and Corruption Capital of Latin America”.
Despite this, the government has proven friendly to international business interests, and the USA, Canada and European countries have provided increasing economic and military support to the government. The Honduran people are not advantaging from this support – the support is only propping up their corrupt and repressive government while it steals from state institutions. Now that the people are finding their voice, it is the Western powers' responsibility to recognise this, and stop supporting the corrupt National Party and Juan Orlando's government. We are also writing to demand that the USA, Canada & European powers cease economic and military relationships with the government of Juan Orlando Hernández and the National Party, and to reconsider the impact this support has in such a repressive and corrupt country as Honduras.
On Friday 26th June 2015 the Antorchas/ Indignados movement staged the largest demonstration seen in the capital, Tegucigalpa, since 2009, with estimates of up to 400,000 people present. They have been staging mass demonstrations every Friday in the capital for the last month, which have steadily drawn more people. Similar demonstrations are being held in other cities around the country. The Tegucigalpa demonstrations have become centred around a hunger strike near the Presidential House. The strike started on Monday 22nd June 2015 with 3 individuals – Ariel Varela, Miguel Briceño and Luis Banegas. A week later on the 28th these 3 were still continuing the strike, and have been joined by further strikers, despite assaults from members of the police and military. They are demanding the resignation of Juan Orlando, and for the establishment of a Honduran CICIH. They have stated they will die if this does not materialise. This is both a national call for the Honduran government to recognise their demands, and an international call for UN member-states to push for this process.
The lives of the Honduran Hunger Strikers, the realisation of an end to corruption and repression, and the awakening of true democracy in Honduras, rely on our action now, in this moment.
We demand a UN-backed International Commission against Impunity in Honduras (CICIH), and for an end to international support for the corrupt and repressive government of Juan Orlando Hernández's National Party.
English language news on this issue is thin on the ground. A recent UK Guardian Newspaper article covers some of the issues addressed here:
More info can be found on ENCA (the Environmental Network for Central America)'s website, which is currently promoting this issue with on the ground reporting:

Below is the English translation of Monday's editorial by Radio Progreso and ERICSJ on JOH's dialogue and the visit to Honduras by the General Secretary of the OAS.
* "Where are we headed with the dialogue?" (2015-07-10, Radio Progreso and ERIC-SJ), Original [], translated (translators notes in parentheses):
The presence of the General Secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, has provided strong backing to the official strategy of Juan Orlando Hernandez for a national dialogue which was itself a response to the phenomena of the torchlight marches (the name given to the massive protests held after dark with torches, Las Antorchas). It is worthwhile to remember that the grand national dialogue would never have been called by Juan Orlando Hernandez without the phenomena of the indignant  which mobilized thousands of people every week to rub the government's nose in its own direct responsibility for the scandalous acts of corruption in the Social Security Institute and other State entities.
Juan Orlando Hernandez called for his grand national dialogue because of this pressure, but without taking into account the indignant opposition. Furthermore, the grand national dialogue is proposed as a strategy in the face of the indignant avalanche in the same way that officialism drives and finances the parallel "blue marches" (Blue Marches, marches convened by the government, blue is the color of the ruling National Party) and in the same way it pushes the crusade to receive the international community's recognition, that is to say, recognition by the United States government, the European governments and the multilateral organisms such as the UN and OAS.
In this sense, the government called for the grand national dialogue not to resolve nor to respond to the demands of an indignant society but rather as part of a strategy to defend itself from it, to weaken it, and to recuperate strength to continue its authoritarian, self-interested and radical neoliberal project.
The government of Juan Orlando Hern?ndez pursues its grand national dialogue but its attitude and its options continue to be intact as always. Even though it has recognized that other forces exist besides those which it has convened and that it is willing to dialogue on other proposals distinct from its plan, in its actions it continues to open doors for indiscriminate mining exploitation, approving privatization laws such as that for Social Security, and it continues to offer territory for the Charter (Model) Cities.
As we have already said: no one can negate dialogue in a human, political and institutional society so deteriorated as is the Honduran society. But this dialogue cannot be led by the current government because it is an actor with the highest levels of distrust within the present conjuncture of indignation. If the multilateral entities such as the OAS and UN come to legitimize a dialogue that is only a political strategy for the government to defend itself from the indignant population (the name used by the protest movement against corruption and impunity, los indignados), they contribute to putting patches on problems without finding a solution and it postpones finding the true path for coming out of the Honduran crisis.
Dialogue, yes, but with the CICI (International Commission Against Impunity, Spanish acronym) and the resignation of the Attorney General and his assistant as part of it. Dialogue, yes, but one in which the government does not control the process. Dialogue, yes, but with equality in its conditions for the diverse actors in the conflict. Dialogue, yes, but with agreements that are implemented and verified by an entity that is completely independent of the current government.

Pasos de Animal Grande launched an urgent action for Jorge Fernando Jimenez Reyes, a human rights defender at CODEH.
* []

With a series of articles, Defensores en Linea shows how forced disappearances is not a thing of the past in Honduras. Rodolfo Cortes Calderon comments on the MP's decision to look into the forced disappearances cases of the 80s.
* "The Copan Entrance, no man's land, where the young people go away in silence" (2015-08-31,, original [], machine translated []
* "In August more cases of forced disappearance is recorded" (2015-08-31,, original [], machine translated []
* "Where are you ?: The missing left us all and all" (2015-08-31,, original [], machine tranlsated []
* "Memory: Carrying the faces of the victims of state violence" (2015-09-01,, machine translated []
* "MISSING AND POLITICAL KILLINGS" (2015-08-31,, original [], machine translated []

The MP announced yesterday that it will reopen cases of forced disappearances from the 80s conducted by the police and the armed forces.
* []
* []

On September 18, 1997, the environmental activist Carlos Alfonso Escaleras Mej?a was murdered in Honduras. Now, years later, Honduras agreed to comply with recommendations emitted by the IACHR, i.e. accepting its guilt and to thoroughly investigate his death and what led to it.
* []
* []

Cofadeh commemorated the forcefully disappeared in Honduras last Friday in its monthly protest.


Copinh denounces that the community Somolagua, Santa B?rbara has suffered from "direct aggression and violence". It's a community where campesinxs are in the process of regaining their land.
* []

Pasos de Animal Grande outlines to what lengths the Honduran authorities go to criminalize and harass campesinxs.
* []

* "Police beat grandmother struggle for land" (2015-08-27,, original [], machine translated []. Defensores en Linea spoke with the 74 year old campesina Maria Melesia Hernandez who was hit and detained by the police last month in Marcala, La Paz. On the same occasion, more campesinas have been criminalized for their struggle to access their land.
* "Peasant women criminalized for the struggle for access to land" (2015-08-27,, original [], machine tranlsated []
* "Police torture peasant children" (2015-08-27,, original [], machine translated []. Cofadeh also recorded testimonies by minor campesinos who were tortured by the police.

Defensores en Linea denounces that the campesina Maria Emerita Lopez lost her baby after having been incarcerated for 22 days. She had been detained and hit by state forces during the violent eviction in Marcala, La Paz.
The Agrarian Platform of the Aguan Valley emitted a press release after the repression against Monday's protests.
* []
* []

* "El COPINH denuncia la agresion directa y violenta realizada el dia de ayer contra la comunidad de Somolagua, San Juan Ceguaca" (2015-09-02):
LERTA!! -El COPINH denuncia la agresi?n directa y violenta realizada el d?a de ayer contra la comunidad de Somolagua, San Juan Ceguaca en el departamento de Santa B?rbara, que forman parte de nuestra organizaci?n, la misma fue perpetrada por los hermanos Rios, a quienes desde hace mucho venimos denunciando por hostigadores, testaferros de pol?ticos y de funcionarios p?blicos que sin escr?pulos siguen ligados a la corrupci?n, al sicariato y al poder para garantizar privilegios e impunidad.
> Nuestros compa?eros y compa?eras de Somolagua, mantienen un proceso de recuperaci?n de tierra desde hace 5 meses en dicho lugar y el d?a de ayer en horas de la tarde fueron invadidos por un grupo de individuos armados, quienes sin mediar palabras y amenazando y haciendo disparos obligaron a los compa?eros a salir del predio en recuperaci?n. Posteriormente estos sicarios, obedeciendo ?rdenes superiores y acobijados por la injusticia, procedieron a quemar cultivos y bienes de nuestros compa?eros.
> El COPINH, en este caso denuncia la negligencia del INA que con su complicidad no resuelve la demanda justa de las y los compa?eros, como tambi?n denunciamos al Ministerio P?blico y dem?s autoridades que han permitido que los asesinos del compa?ero Mois?s Duron, ultimado el 20 de mayo pasado, anden libre y tranquilamente, lo que alienta a mas impunidad y agresiones contra el COPINH.
> Exigimos justicia y resoluci?n pronta y en beneficio de las familias ind?genas y campesinas miembras del COPINH y manifestamos nuestra disposici?n de continuar en esta causa hist?rica de los pueblos y en las acciones de recuperaci?n y reafirmaci?n territorial.
> Aprovechamos como organizaci?n y Pueblo Lenca, para solidarizarnos con las obreras y obreros de la maquila en B?falo, Villanueva, Cort?s, y con los periodistas de Radio Progreso que tambi?n el d?a de ayer sufrieron una violenta represi?n de parte del gobierno dictador de Juan Orlando Hern?ndez, como parte de la pol?tica permanente que se aplica en Honduras y a su vez exhortamos a seguir luchando contra la ley marco del seguros social, contra la corrupci?n y la impunidad; el pueblo de Guatemala es una inspiraci?n para el caminar del pueblo indignado, Otto P?rez Molina, ex presidente de Guatemala ha sucumbido, JOH tambi?n debe de renunciar y ser enjuiciado igual que los dem?s que han saqueado el erario p?blico y violentan sin l?mite los derechos del pueblo hondure?o.
> Dado en Intibuc?, Honduras a los 03 d?as de septiembre del 2015.
> ?Con la fuerza ancestral de Iselaca, Lempira, Mota y Etempica, se levantan nuestras voces llenas de vida, justicia, libertad, dignidad y paz!

La comunidad de San Juan, ubicada en el municipio de Ceguaca, Santa B?rbara, est? integrada por veinticinco familias asociadas al COPINH quienes a partir del 28 de abril han comenzado la recuperaci?n de 82 manzanas de tierra de las que fueron despojadas por los hermanos R?os con ayuda del en su momento diputado, Mario P?rez.
> Historia del despojo.
> En el a?o de 1972 veinticinco familias de sintierras ocuparon 82 manzanas de tierra que pertenecieron a sus ancestros y ancestras, quienes fueron despojados de territorio en a?os anteriores.
> Posterior a este asentamiento las familias lograron la obtenci?n del t?tulo comunitario sobre el territorio y se organizaron dentro de la empresa cooperativa "Jardines del Valle" asociada a la Uni?n Nacional de Campesinos (UNC), esta ten?a la funci?n de fomentar la producci?n agr?cola y ganadera de la comunidad.
> En los a?os noventas, el se?or Miguel ?ngel R?os, se asocia a la empresa participando de manera activa, sin embargo aprovech?ndose de la confianza y buena fe de la comunidad crea normativas perjudiciales para la comunidad mediante las cuales decomis? la tierra de las familias. Con el paso del tiempo este hombre obtuvo de esta forma grandes extensiones de tierra comunitaria.
> Ante la oposici?n de personas de la comunidad, este hombre, apoyado de sus hermanos y el ex-diputado nacionalista Mario P?rez (actual Secretario del Congreso Nacional) emprendi? acciones de intimidaci?n y amenazas de muerte en contra de cualquiera que intentara recuperar las tierras.
> Ante esta situaci?n, la comunidad no se ha quedado quieta y desde hace 6 a?os han levantado una lucha en recuperaci?n de sus posesiones tom?ndose la tierra, sin embargo han sido desalojados de manera violenta. En el a?o 2012 realizaron un nuevo intento por entrar a la tierra en el a?o, manteni?ndose por 8 d?as, pero fueron desalojados a disparos por el se?or Mario P?rez protector de los intereses de la familia R?os.
> En la actualidad, los hermanos R?os; Florencio, Miguel, Sa?l y Arselio siguen en estas tierras bajo la protecci?n de personas con influencia pol?tica. Con la ayuda de la polic?a militar y sicarios han mantenido amenazados a las personas de las comunidades que para subsistir han tenido que rentar tierras de otras personas para trabajar.
> Hechos recientes.
> El d?a 28 de abril, en horas del mediod?a las familias, acompa?adas de compa?eros y compa?eras del COPINH, comenzaron la recuperaci?n de sus tierras, meti?ndose en los terrenos cercados y levantando champas y banderas. Ante esta acci?n de la comunidad, los hermanos R?os dispararon a la poblaci?n y a la personas de COPINH, en este hecho no resultaron v?ctimas, sin embargo sigue la amenaza. En esta misma acci?n la compa?era Liliam L?pez, miembra de la coordinaci?n del COPINH fue amenazada a muerte con un arma de fuego, luego de un episodio de insultos a su persona y a la organizaci?n.
> Hasta los momentos las 25 familias con gran decisi?n se mantienen en la toma para recuperar su territorio, sin embargo las amenazas de muerte y agresiones por parte de los terratenientes son latentes.

Coming November, the still unpunished murder of five campesinos in El Tumbador has its sad fifth anniversary.
Defensores en Linea visited Isabel "Chabelo" Morales after his release.
The secretary general of the campesino movement CNTC, Franklin Almendares, denounces the ongoing repression against and criminalization of the campesinxs.
* []
* []
* []

Cofadeh commemorates Margarita Murillo, campesina leader, who was murdered one year ago.
Defensores en Linea reports on glacial pace progress in the investigations of campesinx murders.
Meanwhile, a group of campesinxs has been evicted form land in La Paz by 'terratenientes', but the land supposedly belongs to the government. The 14 campesinxs (11 men, 3 women) are now in jail.
* []
* []
* []

Cofadeh traveled to the Bajo Aguan and met with several campesinx movement and equipped them with technical material to improve their work as human right defenders.
* []

Libre congressman Rafael Alegria met with General Attorney Oscar Chinchilla and demanding from him that he looks into the actions of his public prosecutors in regard to the campesinos. In the last 5 years, more than 5000 of them have faced charges.
* []

* "Chabelo: An Update, and an Editorial in Tiempo" (2015-09-03, Greg McCain) [] []:
First, here is an update on Chabelo. This passed weekend, a suspicious group of 6 men came to Guadalupe Carney asking around for Chabelo. Four of them where dressed in police uniforms and two in plain clothes. All of them were armed. They arrived in a double cabin unmarked pickup. One of the residents, Memo (name changed for his protection) reported that one of them stated that he was the "jefe" in Trujillo, but Memo knew that he wasn't the police chief because he knows who the "jefe" is. He also first gave one name and then changed it later when Memo asked him what his name was again, this last time saying it was Garcia. He claimed to be a friend of Chabelo's and gave a good description of him and of Dona Moncha, Chabelo's mom. He asked Memo where Chabelo lived and also if he had his phone number, both of which Memo said no to and then pointed in a direction opposite of where Chabelo's house is and said "I think he lives over there up in the hills."
Memo gave a description of what "Garcia" looked like to Chabelo, but Chabelo didn't recognize it as being any police that he knows. Memo also said that while he was in Selin, a small village near GC, earlier today, someone told him that 6 men with the same description had been there on Sunday as well asking about Chabelo. Later it was learned that the day before, on Saturday, these same 6 had been in Nueva Marinones, another small village near GC, asking for Chabelo. Also, a call was made to Omar, Chabelo's lawyer, who said that there would be no good/legal reason for them to be looking for Chabelo.
It is obvious that these guys are not from Trujillo since they seemed to not know exactly where to look. It is not for sure that they are police, but could be and from somewhere outside of the department of Col?n.
The community of Guadalupe Carney is on high alert and on the look out for any suspicious people or activity.
Chabelo's retrial is September 28th - Oct 9th in Trujillo.

CHABELO (2015-08-30, by Pedro Serrano Garcia) []:
The news spread like lightning. Chabelo has been released! After about six years imprisoned in the prison of La Ceiba, now Chabelo can live with his family and interact with his friends. He will be able to make a normal life like any peaceful Honduran. Everybody was celebrating, in the community, in the farmers' organizations that have supported him, among Christians and those in solidarity. There was even a great Eucharistic celebration by several priests to thank God for the healthy development: Chabelo is now free.
I visited Chabelo several times in prison. I was struck by the nobility of his behavior, his acceptance and affection with which he treated those he spoke with, the appreciation of any small favor that they did. Chabelo is a good representative of the wonderful people of Honduras, cheerful,friendly, openly talkative, peaceful, humble, family oriented, hard worker and faithful.
Chabelo is a humble farmer who lives with his wife and children in the community of Guadalupe Carney, in the Aguan. He supported his family with his work in addition to volunteering with community services in the Catholic parish to the capacity that he could in. Chabelo, like many farmers, is a good citizen and a simple believer. He liked to help others, both in society and in the prison.
Chabelo lives in the Aguan where the class struggle between impoverished peasants and rich landowners, who are enriched by taking land that should be in the hands of small and patient farmers has increasingly intensified the social conflict. Now, more than 100 pacifist peasant leaders have been killed, allegedly by the private guards of prominent landowners.While the government, corrupt and vilely transgressing the common good, acts unjustly on the part of the usurping landowners, sending police and military to control and override the peaceful demands of the suffering peasants and frightened population.
(As a result of) one of the protests by local residents, they arrested the innocent Chabelo and wrongly blamed him for the accident suffered by an agent. To no avail, the sincere and well argued defense of the attorneys and the testimonies of locals and even the mediation of Christian communities such as ERIC-Jesuits and popular marches for Chabelo's innocence, the government?s biased law enforcement authorities all outrageously supported the landowners. And Chabelo, like Jesus Christ, was the scapegoat. The innocent victim who paid for an alleged crime he did not commit.
The unjust imprisonment suffered by Chabelo for more than half a dozen years, represents the cry of anguish of the people demanding of the authorities: Enough! Enough of corruption and impunity, looting of institutions like the IHSS, political and criminal murders of impoverished peasants, breach of labor laws, the expulsion of humble Hondurans to the risks of undocumented migration ...!
The Honduran people with their constant marches for dignity and their hunger strikes demanding reforms, agrarian in the countryside and business in the city, so that the majority of workers can have a good quality of life. There are much needed reforms in education, in health institutions, in public safety, in the electoral system, in the progress of democracy and more.
Chabelo, friend, God grant that the institutions of justice declare your innocence. God grant the release of all innocent prisoners withoutsentence. God grant that your release starts the process of emancipation of the Honduran working majority from exploitation and oppression that they suffer at the hands of the rich oligarchy which is supported by corrupt rulers and judges as part of imperial domination.

Pasos de Animal Grande has some more details on the criminalization of journalist Julio Ernesto Alvarado - a case in which the Honduran state ignores a special protective measure by the IACHR and forbids a journalist to do its work.
* []

At the end of August, different community media organizations and projects met in San Salvador to discuss the political, economic and social situation in which they have to work.
* []

The Supreme Court turned down a application for amparo by journalist Julio Ernesto Alvarado. He is accused of defamation and isn't allowed to exercise his profession for another 16 months.
* []

Samuel Antonio Vasquez, a social communicator linked to Via Campesina, was detained during covering a forced eviction of campesinxs in Marcala, La Paz. Other journalists, trying to report on the case, are being blocked.
* []

Elizabeth Z?niga, journalist and professor at the CURLP, is continuously being intimidated and criminalized.
* []

In the above mentioned protests, five journalist covering it also suffered attacks from state forces.
* []
* []

Defensores en Linea spoke with journalist Felix Molina on the situation of their profession in Honduras. The Association of Communitarian Media in Honduras (AMCH) denounces the recent repression against journalists covering the protests.
* []
* []

The two journalists Gabriel Hernandez and Leonel Garcia denounce the mayor of Nacaome and a public defender for violations against the freedom of expression.
* []

A group of journalists protested yesterday outside the Casa Presidencial against the criminalization of their colleague David Ellner Romero. They also denounce, that during the protests their profiles were taken by two men.
* []
* []
* []

During the coup d'etat, Channel 36 was temporarily closed down and has since then tried to bring before court those responsible. Now they denounce that since 2011, the Supreme Court magistrate V?ctor Lozano has failed to present a verdict.
* []

The Constitutional Chamber rejected one of the three applications for amparo presented by journalist David Ellner Romero.
The correspondent of Hispan TV, Marvin Dassaev Aguilar Moncada, denounces a information blockade at the Casa Presidencial.
The mayor of La Paz, Gilma Ondina Castillo, used public funds to bring journalist Gilberto G?lvez before court in a private matter.
* []
* []
* []
* []

20 months have passed since the murder of journalist Carlos Arge?al without the authorities showing any interest to find his murders.
Elizabeth Z?niga, journalist and university lecturer at the CURLP, denounces a malicious damage of her car - the same thing happened to her colleague Hector Martinez Moti?o, who was murdered two months ago.
Meanwhile, UNDP's Edo Stork defends the work of journalists.
* []
* []
* []
* []

PEN International wrote an open letter to the Honduran authorities demanding that they protect the journalist and student leader Cesario Padilla. Their demand is joined by three Honduran organizations.
* []
* []

Gilda Carolina Silvestrucci Rivera, Telesur correspondent in Honduras, recently suffered cyber attacks.
* []

COFADEH denounces that the National Police withdrew the security measures for journalist Esdras Amado Lopez, even though they had been ordered by the IACHR.
The protection could be well needed as both L?pez but also David Ellner Romero are the aim of a up-scaled denigration campaign by the National Party.
* []
* []
* []

The trial against journalist David Romero Ellner continued with hundreds of police officers and soldiers surrounding the court.
Reporters without Borders cites JOH among the "heads of state and governments who publicly refer to journalists in a contemptuous, insulting, defamatory or racist manner, violating the principle of freedom of information..."
Pasos de Animal Grande writes on the difficult situation of journalists in central Honduras.
* []
* [,48116.html]
* []

The Honduran branch of Interpol, the National Anti-Extortion Force and the Anti-Kidnapping Force are now all part of the newly created Bureau of Police Investigation (DPI).
* []

According to Proceso Digital, the Military Police will be present in all 18 departments already in the middle of September.
* []

The Constitutional Chamber nominated a judge to look into the decision by JOH to withdraw protection from the former head of police, Ramon Antonio Sabilla.
* []

The former head of police, Ramon Sabillon, had his police protection withdrawn by order of his successor Felix Villanueva. This has raised some questions.
* []
* []

Former police commissioner Maria Luisa Borjas hasn't much good to say about the director of the National Police Force, Felix Villanueva, and the Security Minister, Julian Pacheco.
* []

The National Police's press speaker announced changes to the police hierarchy.
* []
* []

The Security Secretariat presented its plans to reform the National Police Force to representatives of the Alliance for Peace and Justice (APJ).
* []

Radio Progreso fears that the discussed changes to the penal code attack freedom of expression on social media.
* []

Congress' president Mauricio Oliva talks to Proceso Digital about the CICIH, threats by drug traffickers and how he had to get congresswo/men out of the country due to insecurity.
* []

The National Auxiliary Nurses Association may start a strike next week. Honduras has been heavily hit by chikungunya this year. There are already 64'000 cases, as well as 33'000 Dengue cases.
* []
* []

State authorities continue to harass the health workers who published the pictures showing new-borns in cardboard boxes.
* []

Radio Progreso reports on the week-long protest by Honduras' nurses.
* []

Yaneth Almendares, president of the National Assistant Nurses Association, told Cholusat Sur that the government still owns them, i.e. nurses, some 50 million Lempiras, a sum that the government isn't even disputing.
* []

The intervention at the SANAA raised anger, as their only conclusion so far is that the debts towards its former employees can't be paid. What is more, the want to negotiate directly with every individual employee and circumvent the labor union.
* []

The head of the cab drivers' association Ataxish, Oscar Castillo, was murdered yesterday.
* []
* []

* "Honduras: Union leader receives retaliatory death threat" (2015-08-10, [] []

Liberal congressman Marco Antonio Andino died on Monday due to an illness.
* []

Eight municipalities in Choluteca spoke out against mining in a popular consultation.
* []

TeleSUR published an article on the nefarious consequences of Canadian mining in Central America.
* []
Radio Progreso launched the counter-project Madre Tierra to JOH's 'Honduras is ready for mining' As part of this campaign, they published a booklet with ten reasons to resist mining projects.
* []
* []

Radio Progreso spoke with mining expert Pedro Landa about the recently held summit in Honduras.
* []

After this week's mining summit in Honduras, ConexiHon presents an overview of the sector and highlights some recent human rights violations cause by it.
* []

On the occasion of the mining summit in San Pedro Sula, protests against this sector have risen again.
In one press release, several civil society networks call for not only the derogation of the Mining Law, but the also notorious Bill for the Promotion of Development and the Reconversion of Public Debt.
* []
* []
* []
* []

Proceso Digital (!) reported on a protest by COPINH against the mining summit beginning today in San Pedro Sula.
* []

Resistance is forming in Arizona, Atlantida against planned hydroelectric projects.
* []

The inhabitants of Las Delicias, La Ceiba, protest against the energy rationing by ENEE.
* []

A team by Radio Progreso traveled to the South of Honduras to visit the communities which would be affected by the installation of the first ZEDE.
* []

The Nomination Committee for the Supreme Court election has been sworn in.
The Military Police raided the house of the lawyer Julio Barahona, member of the Judiciary Council. Apparently, the Military Police was informed that armed men frequently moved in and out of the house.
* []
* []

The Coalition against Impunity held a press conference August 27th in which it denounced various irregularities regarding the participation of civil society in the Supreme Court election process.
* Coalition against Impunity denunciation about Supreme Court corruption, in Spanish (.pdf) (2015-08-27) [] (2015-08-28) [].
* "CSJ choice: Evangelical Fellowship Government and seek to manipulate civil society assembly" (, original [], machine translated []
* "They want to impose the pastor Alberto Solorzano before Nominating Board" (2015-08-25,, original [], machine tranlsated []
* "The Commission urges Honduras to ensure transparency and civilian oversight in the process of judicial appointments to the Supreme Court" (2015-08-27) original [], machine translated []. The IACHR published a press release calling out to the Honduran government to guarantee a transparent process overseen by civil society.
* "Honduras: Election of judges to the Supreme Court is being manipulated by the ruling party, says Ana Pineda" (2015-08-27, original [], machine translated []. The former human rights minister, Ana Pineda, also claims that the election process is manipulated by the National Party.
* "Steamroller to evangelicals, human rights defenders are removed from assembly to election nominating board" (2015-08-28, original [], machine translated []. As a response to various irregularities, a lot of civil society organization withdrew for the process.
* "FREE Deputy complaint are offering 10 million lempiras to vote for judges" (2015-08-29,, original [], machine translated []. Bartolo Fuentes, LIBRE Congressman from Yoro, has denounced that he was offered a 10 million Lempira bribe (US$454, 545) to vote for certain judges in the election for the Supreme Court. He said that many LIBRE members of congress are under heavy pressure to except the bribes. Bartolo further states that there are only 3 votes needed from either the LIBRE or the PAC party to confirm the National Party chosen candidates for Supreme Court judges. Jari Dixon, another LIBRE Congressperson has confirmed that there will be no votes from LIBRE members.

El Libertador informs that Reinaldo Antonio Hernandez Sorto, JOH's nephew, has been nominated as a candidate for becoming a Supreme Court Judge.
Libre has announced that they won't participate in the Supreme Court election.
Criterio just published a great article explaining the procedure of the election.
* []
* []
* []

Criterio reports on some irregularities in the Supreme Court judges election; apparently most of the chosen candidates belong to the Fatherland and Justice front, which represents the National Party.
* []
* []
* []

The international delegation looking into the Supreme Court election concluded with a press conference. They expressed their worries about missing transparency and recommended a more important role for civil society.
* []

Lawyers of the group Defenders of Rule of Law demanded from the MP to investigate the members of the Judiciary Council.
* []
* []

The journalist Esdras Amado Lopez claimed in his news program that members of the Liberal and National Party as well as PAC have already decided on the new president of the Supreme Court: Ethel Deras, who had previously also worked at the law firm of JOH's wife, Ana Garcia.
The two judges, who recently denounced the lack of judicial independence, are now both receiving threats.
* []
* []

Tolupan nation within the Republic of Honduras
A group of 5 Tolupanes and two Lencas who participated at the hunger strike attempted to meet with OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro, and were made to wait the whole day without a chance to meet him. They wanted to denounce the death threats they received and the impossibility to return home.
* []
* []
* []

* The communities of the tribe San Francisco de Locomapa Yoro continue their resistance (2015-06)

Garifuna nation within the Republic of Honduras
The indigenous Garifuna organization OFRANEH writes on the recent visit of a Inter-American Court on Human Rights Delegation to Triunfo de la Cruz and Punta Piedra
* []

Radio Progreso reports on the planned on-site visit by the IACtHR in the Garifuna communities Triunfo de la Cruz and Punta Piedra.
* []

This is a pretty big deal for both communities and OFRANEH who have been working on these cases for over 10 years in defense of their cultural integrity and land rights. The Court is expected to rule on both cases very soon and both cases will set an extremely important precedent for the Garifuna and also indigenous communities in the region. An article (in Spanish) by OFRANEH about the visit can be found here [].

* "Black US Farmers, Honduran Afro-Indigenous Share Food Sovereignty Prize" (2015-09-01):
In this moment when it is vital to assert that Black lives matter, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance honors Black and Afro-Indigenous farmers, fishermen, and stewards of ancestral lands and water. We especially commemorate them as a vital part of our food and agriculture system: growers and workers who are creating food sovereignty, meaning a world with healthy, ecologically produced food, and democratic control over food systems.
In 2015, the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance's two prize winners are:  the Federation of Southern Cooperatives in the U.S., and the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras. The prizes will be presented in Des Moines on October 14, 2015.
The Federation of Southern Cooperatives strengthens a vital piece of food sovereignty:  helping keep lands in the hands of family farmers, in this case primarily African-American farmers. The Federation was born in 1967 out of the civil rights movement. Its members are farmers in 10 Southern states, approximately 90 percent of them African-American, but also Native American, Latino, and White.
The Federation's work is today more important than ever, given that African-American-owned farms in the US have fallen from 14 percent to 1 percent in fewer than 100 years. To help keep farms Black- and family-owned, the Federation promotes land-based cooperatives; provides training in sustainable agriculture and forestry, management, and marketing; and speaks truth to power in local courthouses, state legislatures, and the halls of the U.S. Congress.
Ben Burkett, farmer, Mississippi Association of Cooperatives director and National Family Farm Coalition board president, said, "Our view is local production for local consumption. It's just supporting mankind as family farmers. Everything we're about is food sovereignty, the right of every individual on earth to wholesome food, clean water, air and land, and the self-determination of a community to grow and eat what they want. We just recognize the natural flow of life. It's what we've always done."
The grassroots organization OFRANEH was created in 1979 to protect the economic, social, and cultural rights of 46 Garifuna communities along the Atlantic coast of Honduras. At once Afro-descendent and indigenous, the Garifuna people are connected to both the land and the sea, and sustain themselves through farming and fishing. Land grabs for agrofuels (African palm plantations), tourist-resort development, and narco-trafficking seriously threaten their way of life, as do rising sea levels and the increased frequency and severity of storms due to climate change. The Garifuna, who have already survived slavery and colonialism, are now defending and strengthening their land security and their sustainable, small-scale farming and fishing. OFRANEH brings together communities to meet these challenges head-on through direct-action community organizing, national and international legal action, promotion of Garifuna culture, and movement-building. In its work, OFRANEH especially prioritizes the leadership development of women and youth.
Miriam Miranda, Coordinator: "Our liberation starts because we can plant what we eat. This is food sovereignty. There is a big job to do in Honduras and everywhere, because people have to know that they need to produce to bring the autonomy and the sovereignty of our peoples. If we continue to consume [only], it doesn't matter how much we shout and protest. We need to become producers. It's about touching the pocketbook, the surest way to overcome our enemies. It's also about recovering and reaffirming our connections to the soil, to our communities, to our land."
The Food Sovereignty Prize will be awarded on the evening of October 14 in Des Moines, Iowa. The Food Sovereignty Prize challenges the view that simply producing more food through industrial agriculture and aquaculture will end hunger or reduce suffering. The world currently produces more than enough food, but unbalanced access to wealth means the inadequate access to food. Real solutions protect the rights to land, seeds and water of family farmers and indigenous communities worldwide and promote sustainable agriculture through agroecology. The communities around the world who struggle to grow their food and take care of their land have long known that destructive political, economic, and social policies, as well as militarization.
The USFSA represents a network of food producers and labor, environmental, faith-based, social justice and anti-hunger advocacy organizations. Additional supporters of the 2015 Food Sovereignty Prize include Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-Des Moines chapter and the Small Planet Fund.
For event updates and background on food sovereignty and the prize winners, visit []. Also, visit the Food Sovereignty Prize on Facebook ( and join the conversation on Twitter (#foodsovprize).

Republic of Cuba (ALBA member)
* "New Cuban Cooperatives" (2015-05-0, by Dave Lippman) []: Cuba is decentralizing its economy, offloading state enterprises to private enterprise, but more importantly, to cooperatives, in the hope that these will become the locus of socialism and a driver of the economy. We visited ten of them in January.

* "Cuba’s Low Level of Internet Use: Not a Policy of Restricting the Flow of Information" (2015-08-22, []. If you want to find examples of governments restricting the flow of information on the internet for political purposes, look to the United States and its allies, and not to the low-level of internet use in Cuba, which, notwithstanding press reports to the contrary, is a consequence of Cuba’s comparatively low-level of economic development, not communist ‘totalitarianism.’

* "Cuba's 6th Party Congress and the Lineamientos (Guidelines) For Structural Change In Cuba" (2011-05-17, [], bulletin from the Embassy of Cuba (.pdf) []


* "Crowdfunding campaign aims to raise funds to create Libertarian Social Center in Cuba" (2015-09-03) machine translated []

Republic of Haiti
* "The Clinton Plan for Haiti" (2015-09-05, []
* "Plan Lanmó – the Death Plan: The Clintons, foreign aid and NGOs in Haiti" (2015-08-26, by Charlie Hinton, []

Puerto Rico (USA state) and the Boriqueno nation
* "Puerto Rico’s Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief and End to Austerity" (2015-08-31, []
* " 'Fighting for Their People,' Puerto Rico's Faith Leaders Condemn Austerity; The call goes beyond debt relief: 'We call for economies to serve people, not for people to serve economies' " (2015-08-31, []

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (ALBA member)
[] []

* "Maduro, Putin discuss ways to stabilize oil market" (2015-09-03, AFP Newswire) []
* "Venezuela announces $5-bn Chinese loan for oil sector" (2015-09-02, AFP Newswire) []

* "Against the Grain: Women Workers Build Socialist Housing Complex in Venezuela" (2015-08-25, [], original at []: In Santa Teresa del Tuy, in the Venezuelan state of Miranda, a group of women maintain a socialist construction workers’ company. They are the operators, the machinists, the assemblers and overseers. They build walls, stairs, courtyards, landings, and whole floors of the 3200 homes that make up the government funded housing complex; the Bicentennial City El Triplex.
“They said we couldn’t do it, that it was men’s work,” says Daneysa. But their motive is a strong one; to create housing for everyone. A few miles from the Bicentennial City, they organized and proposed a project called “Heroines of the Homeland” which will provide homes for 680 women and their families. They presented this project and secured 7 hectares in donated land.

* "The Infiltration of Colombian Paramilitaries into Venezuela" (2015-08-26, []

* "Venezuelan gov’t launches anti-smuggling campaign" (2015-08-25, []

Republic of Peru
* "Peru: Indigenous Seize 11 Oil Wells Demanding Spill Clean Up" (2015-09-02, []

[], with the Green Charter Committee, for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "Libya's Tripoli authorities to join Geneva peace talks" (2015-09-02, AFP Newswire) []

* "Canada’s Insidious Role in the US-NATO War on Libya: 'Boots on the Ground' " (2015-09-02, []

* "How Ghanaian Artist Azizaa Is Challenging Christianity's Grip On Ghana; 'How can anyone of African descent be worshiping the same tool used to uselessly murder their ancestors?' " (2015-09-02, [] [begin excerpt]: According to a 2012 Gallup International survey about religiosity and atheism, Ghana is one of the most religious countries in the world. At first glance, there is some evidence for this: when you land in Accra, you’ll notice churches everywhere you go. If you look even closer, you’ll see Mormon missionaries on their bikes throughout the country.
But are Ghanaians very religious or are they a very spiritual people invaded by highly organized, predatory religious structures? A quick Google search will give you countless links to Methodist, Apostolic, Pentecostal, Latter Day Saints (Mormons), and many other churches, many of them based in America or funded by Americans. If you do a search for pastors in Ghana, every single result on the first page is a link to list of the richest pastors. Where that information comes from is not as clear as what it expresses: Christianity is big business in Ghana. Going to church means many things to many people, but one fundamental aspect of the majority of Sunday masses in Ghana is people with very little income giving away a substantial amount of their salary to their pastors.
What's also disturbing about churches and missionaries spreading their gospel in Ghana is that Christianity fundamentally rejects any other religious customs. For Ghanaians, that means any spiritual practices which preceded colonizers—spiritual practices that are often misunderstood and grouped into the animist and polytheist boxes. Given the big role that religion plays in Ghana, this rejection creates a cycle of self-hatred that arises from the conflict of adoring a foreign deity that demands the rejection of elements of local culture and tradition.
"They took away our spirituality and gave us religion; they banned us from gathering under a tree by the fireside and herded us into churches."—Wanlov [end excerpt]

European Union (EU) / NATO
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations. Maps: Homeland and overseas territories [], global Exclusive Economic Zone [] 

The coloniality of power, the extraterritoriality of colonies and their extra-constitutional legal status as such should not be constructed into fate. Europe is being constructed with its (post)colonial and post-Cold War heritage unreflected. Thus, Asia [and Africa] is part of Europe – and vice versa, but the relationship is presented as forever asymmetrical in Europe’s favour. Rada Iveković, “Translating Borders; Limits of nationalism, transnationalism, translationalism”

By representing the “new colonies” as sources of profit, corporatist thinking defines a form of necropolitics, interested in “maintaining the state of permanent war” due to the profitability of the contracts for reconstruction, the use of private militias or the extraction of natural resources. Achille Mbembe, Necropolitics, Public Culture 15(1): 11–40, Duke University Press, 2003

* "Anti-NATO struggle in Slovakia" (2015-09-01) machine translated []:
As news portal informs us Hlavne Spravy, another US convoy going in the middle of September to pass through the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Many people in Slovakia consider this simple act of provoking Russia, and not eager to be part of this challenge. Still, after all they have have to take migrants from East and Africa, whose states were destroyed by NATO's war. But this is not enough: now they still need to get involved in another conflict with NATO Rossiey.Chto still need to be done for the joy of the United States and the EU Eastern Europeans?
The Initiative Group of Slovak youth: "Youth Front Left," "Hart's 2015", "The Communists of Slovakia" It is going to organize a blockade of the American convoy. Their activity in facebook has already gathered more than 1,000 participants. Preparations for the event are in full swing: already held a meeting on August 22 which discussed the passage of NATO troops through the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and possible counter this. Past NATO convoy met a rebuff anti-NATO shares in the Czech Republic. Now the map of Eastern Europe supplemented by activists from Slovakia.
The event organizers told us that also plan to hold a peace march on September 3rd, which will be posvschen Bandera victims in Czechoslovakia. The crimes against the people of Czechoslovakia Bandera continued after the war, so there is a monument dedicated to the victims of Bandera 45-48 years.
I would like to wish good luck to Czechs and Slovaks in their struggle for peace and against NATO.

* "Ukraine War: Open Disagreement between the US and the EU" (2015-08-31, by Eric Zuesse) []

* "NATO activates six command units on eastern flank with Russia" (2015-09-01, AFP Newswire) []

* "NATO opens training centre in Georgia amid Russia tensions" (2015-08-27, AFP Newswire) []

* "EU declares information war on Russia; Task force will start trying to win hearts and minds in eastern partnership countries next month" (2015-08-27, []

* "TV series about Russian occupation of Norway sparks furor" (2015-08-28, []. Although neither a member state or affiliate of the EU, the Kingdom of Norway is beholden to the dictates of NATO strategic planners.

* "Hungary’s Recipe for Asylum Seekers: 'European Christianity is Threatened, Militarization of the Refugee Issue in full Swing' " (2015-09-05, by Dr. Binoy Kampmark) []
* "U.S. Drops Bombs; EU Gets Refugees & Blame. This Is Insane" (2015-09-07, by Eric Zuesse) []
* " 'Destabilization of Africa and the Middle East Prompts Millions to Flee': Mass Migration Deaths Caused by US Foreign Policy" (2015-09-01, by Abayomi Azikiwe) []
* "Refugee crisis shames imperialist Europe Union" (2015-08-28) []
* "Why the Refugee Crisis?" (2015-08-31, by Stephen Lendman) []
* "Casualties of ‘Fortress Europe’: Refugees dead on land and sea" (2015-08-31, []
* "More children are being washed up on shore", four photos [], yes, graphic photos of dead children washing up on the shore. This is the photo set that changed the hearts and minds of millions.
* "EU Charter Gives Cops Greater Powers" (1997-11-10, The Militant) []
* "SIS II takes ominous shape; SIS set to become the EU's "Big Brother" database; EU security and intelligence agencies to have access to all SIS data" (2002-04, []
* "Building Fortress Europe: Increased integration of EU asylum and immigration policy" (2002-09, []
* "Fortress Europe: The Billion Dollar Machine That Keeps Migrants at Bay" (2015-06-18, []
* "EU steps up police and military operations against refugees after special summit" (2015-08-24, []
Why? Justifying the arguments of the security regime for more security...
* " 'Just wait…' Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe" (2015-09-06, [], further "evidence" []

* "Fortress Europe: How the EU Turns Its Back on Refugees" (2013-10-09, []
* "Fortress Europe Syrian refugees’ difficult road to peace" (Wegener Media B.V.) []
* "Fortress Europe: Syrian refugee shame exposed" (2013-12-13, []
* "The refugee challenge: can you break into Fortress Europe?"  interactive infographic (2014-01-14, []
* "The Human Cost of Fortress Europe: Human Rights violations against Migrants and Refugees at Europe’s borders" (2014-05, (.pdf)[]

* "Death by Policy: The Fatal Realities of 'Fortress Europe' " (, more than 10000 Deaths as of 2008 [], more than 15181 Deaths as of 2013 [].
- List of 15551 documented refugee deaths through Fortress Europe (2011-06-16) (.pdf) []
- "The deadly consequences of Fortress Europe" power-point presentation (.ppt) []
* "Incidents where immigrants have died while trying to enter Europe (2002-12 to 2010-11)" ( []
* Map of Fortress Europe and refugee deaths (2006) []

* "EU Presidency Conclusions at the Seville European Council 21/22 June" (2002, []. Tony Bunyan, Statewatch editor, comments: "We should all be ashamed of what has been agreed in our names by the EU Prime Ministers and Ministers in Seville. The swathe of measures being put in place means the EU is heading for a situation where people fleeing poverty and persecution are to be expelled, repatriated, deported, back to where they have come from regardless of the circumstances. The rationale of EU governments is that they must respond to the demands of the far-right - the racists and the fascists - by what they call "triangulation", that is to say by adopting far-right policies to try and exclude them from national parliaments. Such a policy of appeasement has an appalling historical precedent"

Foreign workers are let to permeate “fortress Europe” and are kept in “illegality” so that their labor can be under-paid and precarious.

* (2015-09-03, [], flier []: Solidarity action in Derry today at Free Derry Corner prior to today's rally against European governments' refusal to open their borders! Smash Fortress Europe - No one is illegal! Rally takes place at Guildhall Square at 5pm. Remember that at the end of the 1960's one of the biggest refugee movements in Europe in a decade started as thousands of people fled loyalist pogroms in the north. By 1971 over 4,000 had fled across the border, by 1972 it was 10,000.


United Kingdom of Great Britain (UKGB) (EU Member)
* "Purge of Corbyn voters unmasks Labour" (2015-08-27, []

* "British police admit to training ‘abusive’ UAE officers" (2015-09-04, []

* "RISE: Scotland's new left alliance to launch" (2015-08-24, []


Republic of Latvia (EU Member)
* "Two US Predator Drones Deployed To Latvia" (2015-08-31, AFP Newswire) []

Republic of Greece (EU Member)
* "CP of Greece, “SYRIZA Mark 2” and the new attempt to deceive the people" (2015-08-27, []

* "Whitewashing the IMF’s Destructive Role in Greece" (2015-08-31, []

Republic of Serbia
* " 'We Have the Right to Live': NATO’s War on Yugoslavia and the Expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo" (2015-08-31, by Gregory Elich) []

Republic of Albania / Republic of Kosovo


Republic of Moldova
* " ‘Today everything changes’: Huge protest in Moldova demands new government, president, constitution" (2015-09-06, []

Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
* "Poll: Ukrainian government fully supported by 0% of population" (2015-08-26, []

* "Ukraine's former ruling party hit by spate of apparent suicides; Four members of Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions have died within weeks as investigations into old regime officials mount up" (2015-03-23, []

* "$1.8 bln IMF Ukraine Bailout Funds Discovered in Kolomoyskyi's Cyprus Kitty (personal bank account)" (2015-08-29, []

* "Kiev Chief of Staff: Intelligence reports have 90% margin of error" (2015-09-02, original [] translated []

* "Ukraine names Russia as ‘military adversary’ in official defense doctrine" (2015-09-02, []

* "NATO kicks off naval drills in Black Sea with Ukraine" (2015-08-31, []
* "US trains in Black Sea with Ukraine's depleted navy" (2015-09-02, AFP newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: The United States is co-hosting drills in the Black Sea with what is left of Ukraine's devastated navy, which lost about two thirds of its sailors and ships after Russia seized Crimea last year. Ukraine's naval force was eviscerated when Russia seized the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea in March 2014. Moscow snatched much of the fleet moored in strategic ports, and convinced thousands of sailors to jump ship.
US Vice Admiral James Foggo III, who helped launch the international training mission, said on Wednesday that the Ukrainian navy dropped from about 17,000 to 5,000 sailors.
Other nations involved in the Sea Breeze exercise include Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, and Britain. [end excerpt]

* "Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show" (2014-02-28, []

* "The Ukraine Crisis: What you're not being told" (2014-03-18) []
* "The New Ukraine" three part series (2015-08-27) [], including part 1 "Old hate in the new Ukraine: Neo-Nazification in progress", part 2 "What about those Jews? Ukrainian neo-Nazism and the culture offensive", and part 3 "Ukrainian neo-Nazism: The European Parliament and summer camps".

* "Integration of extreme-right battalions into Ukraine policing and military" (2015-08-28, []

* "White supremacist Texas Rangers to train Ukraine junta’s police" (2015-09-02, []

* "Dutch KLM airline bans antiwar Ukrainian pianist from in-flight entertainment" (2015-08-27, WQXR Radio) []

* "Response to Amnesty International's Biased & Selective Reporting on Ukraine" (2015-08-30, by Steven Argue) []

* "Bria Blessing for Ukraine" fundraiser event page (2015-08-15) [], raising money in the USA for the war effort against the People of Novorossiya

* "Neo-Nazi Riots in Kiev, Call for Resumption of “Unlimited Bombing Campaign” against Donbass" (2015-08-31, by Eric Zuesse) []
* "Ukraine Rightists Kill Police; Putin Blamed" (2015-09-01, []
* "Right wing, anti-decentralization protest in Kyiv kills one policeman, injures dozens more" (2015-08-31, []
* "Pro-Bandera Nazi activists are storming the Ukrainian Parliament" (2015-08-31, []
* "Ukraine Nazi Attack Police at Ukraine Parliament Rada with Grenades" (2015-08-31) []
* "Multiple injuries in Kiev as grenade explodes during protest against constitutional law" (2015-08-31, [], video (.mp4) []. The article is accompanied by four videos, in the following order:
- []
- []
- []
- []
* "Grenade near Rada thrown by Sich battalion fighter on leave" (2015-08-31, []

The following article is from USA State media, and censors knowledge of neo-Nazis, fascism, or the fact that the Azov Battalion was not only terrorizing the Parliament of the Republic of Ukraine, but they're demanding unrestricted war against the People of Novorossiya and the refugees.
* "Ukraine's parliament shows cracks over devolving powers" (2015-09-01, AP Newswire) []

Redmenace Martin writes: "Where NATO goes... We've seen this before throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Divide and conquer, arm and support several factions, set them at each others throats, stir and repeat. Welcome to the club of failed states Ukraine. Obviously the empire didn't like to vote in the RADA today to follow through on the Minsk agreements, US corporations are not ready to give up on their dreams of exploiting the Donbass so send in some provocateurs and there you go, the RADA will get the message. Get ready for the next wave of refugees Europe. Victoria Nuland is baking more cookies..."
More from on online news site []: "At least 10 police have been injured as a grenade exploded during clashes in front of the parliament in the Ukrainian capital. Crowds of protesters came to oppose amendments to the constitution that would provide for decentralization of the country."

* " ‘Victoria Nuland may be passing out virtual cookies outside Kiev’ " (2015-08-31, []

* "Military Training for Young Children at Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazi Summer Camp”. Recruitment of Ukraine’s “Child Soldiers” Financed by US “Nonlethal” Military Aid?" (2015-08-30, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, []

* "Chechen Jihadis Leave Syria, Join the Fight in Ukraine; A battalion of fighters from the Caucasus is deployed on Kiev’s side in the Ukraine war" (2015-09-04, []

* " ‘Right Sector’ destroys memorial plaque in Kyiv to murdered journalist Oles Buzina" (2015-08-26, []

* "The pogrom of Korson, Ukraine, Feb. 20, 21 2014" (2014-08-14, by the Ukrainian Committee for Human Rights) []: During the night of 20 to 21 February 2014, activists of Euromaidan stopped buses near the town of Korsun-Schewtschenkowskiy in which several hundred opponents of Euromaidan were returning from Kiev to Crimea. The armed men took over the buses and burned them down. To all people located therein, approximately 350 people, including women and young people, waited cruel beatings and harassment.

* "Who slipped? How fake report on ‘Russian soldier deaths’ in Ukraine set MSM on fire" (2015-08-27, [], video (.mp4) []

How USA/EU narrative flows, or, “Is THAT  the best you can do?”
The following is based on the work of a “Citizen Journalist” employed by a clandestine agency, but, while his work concerning the MH-17 passanger jet is hailed as among the best analysis yet done, one can find reading the first few paragraphs how this writer uses speculatory (and contradicting) claims by authorities as legitimate expressions of what the official views are in his attempt to “prove” that the MH-17 being shot down by the Russians. The use of speculative comments as his “proof” is then passed by fellow agents and posted on “independent” news and research networks, and, believe or not, the author has been pushed increasingly by these agents as trustworthy, the author has even been given fame, but if he’s wrong, it is claimed that “he is only an individual”, yet his being made famous on purpose is to disguise how desperate the USA/EU is in pushing forward their narrative that “Russia did it” in order to set the stage for their planned war.
* "What’s a Bellingcat Anyway?" (2015-05-25, []
* "SU-25, MH17 and the Problems with Keeping a Story Straight" (2015-01-10, []
* "Photography Experts Slam British Blogger's MH17 Crash Report as Fake" (2015-06-05, [] Computer expert and founder of FotoForensic Dr. Neal ‪#‎Krawetz‬ said his company had nothing to do with a report produced by British investigative group Bellingcat that earlier accused Russia’s Ministry of Defense of falsifying satellite images released after the MH17 crash.
* "Twitter Users Find Ukrainian Buk-M1 System After Kiev Denies Existence" (2015-06-07, []


* "Energoatom lawsuit against Ukrainian activists is the latest attempt to stifle public debate over an ageing nuclear energy fleet" (2015-08-28, []

Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya
For more info, with maps, and link, visit [].

* "Marxism and the war in Donbas" (2015-08-28, []

* "Facebook removed two posts of DONi because they 'don't follow the standards' " (2015-08-25, []

* "War Crimes in Gorlovka - The Anna Tuv Story" (2015-09-03, [], video []

Attacks against the People's Republics of Novorossiya 
* "Donbass residents rally as Ukraine regime prepares new military assault" (2015-08-24, Workers World) []

* "Fresh Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk on Aug 27, 2015" (2015-08-27, []

Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) Operations
* Ghost Brigade, twelve photos (2015-08-30, Commitee for a Nazi-Free Donbass) []

* "A universal soldier who cares for life: The story of a young woman who joined the Donetsk insurgency" (2015-09-01, []

Federation of Russia (EEU Member)
* "US imperialism and the new race to the Arctic" (2015-09-02, [] [begin excerpt]: In May-June, NATO held one of its largest military exercises of the year in the Arctic. It lasted for 14 days and was clearly directed against Russia. (See: NATO begins anti-Russian air drill in Arctic []). More than 4,000 soldiers and over 100 planes participated in the “Arctic Challenge” exercise. In response, the Kremlin mobilized its forces in the region for unannounced military exercises. In July, Moscow published a revised military doctrine for the navy. The most important change was a higher weighting of the Arctic in Russia’s naval strategy. In August, Russia held military exercises on the Arctic’s Taimyr Peninsula, in the far north of Siberia. More than 1,000 soldiers and 50 special vehicles participated in the manoeuvres. A representative of the navy insisted that the exercises had a purely defensive character. [end excerpt]
* "Fortress Russia" map (2014-05, []

* "President Xi Jinping greets Russian President Vladimir Putin" []

* "Russia accepted over 1million Ukrainian refugees forced out of homes by Donbass war" (2015-08-28, []

* "ESA Chief Warns Not to Politicize Partnership With Russian Space Program" (2015-08-27, []

* "Russian government announces sweeping policy to commemorate repressions of Soviet era" (2015-08-27, []

Eurasian Union (EEU) / Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
EEU Map []

* "US is Losing Footing in Central Asia" (2015-07-31, []

* "Global Gladio: NATO Terror Network Reaches into Asia; NATO terror network implicated in Bangkok blasts, appears to have been running Uyghur terrorists through Asia, into Turkey and onward to fight NATO's proxy war in Syria" (2015-09-04, Tony Cartalucci) []

Republic of Kyrgyzstan (EEU Member) 
* "Kyrgyzstan hails 'historic' China-financed power line" (2015-08-28, AFP Newswire) []

Republic of Kazakhstan (EEU Member) 
* "134,000 saiga antelope dead in two weeks. What is the probable cause?" (2015-06-12, []
* "60,000 Antelopes Died in 4 Days — And No One Knows Why" (2015-09-02, []
* "Kazakhstan launches 500,000 hectares reserve to protect Saiga antelopes" (2012-12-08, []
* "Critically endangered saiga antelope vital for preservation of world’s largest grasslands" ( []


Republic of Turkey (NATO member state)

* "Murderer state will account! Account workers will ask the killer!" (2015-07-24, Black Red Istanbul) machine tranlsated []

* "Police raid Teachers Union in Ankara, Turkey" (2015-07-27, []

International Call to Action for Suruc Massacre -
- Karakok Autonome (FdA) []: In 20 July 2015, (at least 32) people, some of our anarchist comrades, who went to Suruc for reconstruction of Kobane were killed by the attack of an ISIS suicide bomber. Turkish Republic still continues to support ISIS underhand. We will maintain our fight with all our strength to block all their paths.
- Black Rose Anarchist Federation []
- Initiative of Solidarity for Rojava (Greece) []
- Revolutionary Anarchist Action []: Our sadness will be our anger, Kobanê will reconstructure. Yesterday, nearly three hundred people set off from different cities, with the call of Federation of Socialist Youth Associations; in order to rebuilt Kobanê, which was tried to be looted by the ISIS. Today, arriving Suruç (Pîrsus), just before leaving for Kobane, these young people made a press release in front of the Amara Culture Center in Suruç (Pîrsus). At the end of the press release, a bomb exploding in the middle of the crowd, silenced many hearts which had been beating with the hope of reconstruction.
According to the information for now, 31 people died and hundreds are wounded in the explosion.
After this explosion today, we hear the names of the fallen ones, from the hospitals of Suruç (Pîrsus). The ones who set off from many different cities, the ones with great hopes in their hearts, are now the fallen ones, on the target of the murderers. The people who are going out to the streets in order to call them to account fort he fallen ones, who are waiting in front of the hospitals; are threatened with TOMA and the police who arrived Amara Cultural Center, sooner than the ambulance. In Mersin, in Sert, in İstanbul... The people who go out to the streets are wanted to be massacred by murderer state,by the collaborators of the murderers.
The ones who has massacred numerous lives, starting from the first day of the Kobanê Resistance, are now trying to discourage us by murdering our siblings.
We are trying to reconstruct a new life against the ISIS, against the state collaborating with ISIS, against the war politics of the state which never end. Whatever it costs, we are going to put on our sorrow, as our rage, we are going to reconstruct Kobanê and recreate a life on this looted geography!
(Today, two of our anarchist friends named Alper Sapan from Anarchy Initiative Eskişehir and Evrim Deniz Erol from Urfa were murdered in the attack.)

Flier front [], back []

* "Turquía: Protestas tras el atentado en Suruç + comunicado de DAF" with fifty-three photos (2015-07-22, []

Video. Barrio de Gazi, Estambul‬, ‪Turquía. 20.07.15: Militantes del YDGH‬ y del ‪MLKP‬ se enfrentan a la policía tras las protestas contra el ataque suicida en Suruç. []

Video. Estambul‬, ‪Turquía. 20.07.15: represión durante la manifestación en repulsa por el ataque suicida. []

Video. Estambul, Turquía. 21.07.05: Evento en conmemorativo. (.mp4) []

* "In response to the call for international solidarity of anarchists by 'Anarchist Initiative' " (2015-07-27) original with forty-nine photos []
* "Dublin protest against Suruc massacre outside Turkish embassy" (2015-07-24, [], video []
* three photos from Palestine / Israel:

* "Eskişehir: Anarchists arrested in commemoration action for their comrades who were killed in Suruç last week" (2015-07-26, [], three photos []
* "Eskisehir: Anarchists are still held in custody and one more arrestee" (2015-07-28, []

* "Building autonomy in Turkey and Kurdistan: an interview with Revolutionary Anarchist Action" (2015-08-27, []

* "For the victory of the resistance of the turkish and kurdish popular movements" (2015-08-24, []

Arab Republic of Syria
[] [] [[[] []

* Constitution of the Syrian Arabic Republic []
* "Syria says nearly 90% of voters approve new constitution amid bloodshed" (2012-02-27, [] [begin excerpt]: Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar also told a press conference that turnout reached 57.4 percent of eligible voters, with 89.4 percent of the 8.376 million who cast their ballots in Sunday’s referendum saying “yes” to the new constitution. “There has been a large turnout despite threats made by armed terrorist groups in some regions,” the minister said, using a term employed by the authorities for rebels. [end excerpt]

* "Putin: People flee from Syria because of ISIS, not Assad regime" (2015-09-04, []

* "Syria’s Counter-Attack against the Terrorists. 'ISIS Fighters Move Close to Damascus' " (2015-09-04, []

* "ISIS attacks Mare’a town in Aleppo province with chemical weapons" (2015-09-01, []
* "Moscow: Reports about the use of chemical weapons by ISIS in Syria, Iraq" (2015-09-03, []

* "The Forgotten Genocide, a film on the Syriac genocide at Damascus Opera House" (2015-08-30, []

* "The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the ‘Do Something’ Lie" (2015-09-05, []
* "Stephen Harper Promotes War in Syria as a “Solution to the Refugee Crisis”: Canadian Government Is to Blame for the Death of Aylan Kudri" (2015-09-06, []
* "The Guardian: 'bomb Assad and save the refugees' " (2015-09-04, []
* "It didn’t take them long to prove us right…" (2015-09-05, [] [begin excerpt]: If there was any doubt about what constitutes at least part of the agenda behind the shameless media exploitation of the refugee crisis, it’s been entirely eliminated in the hours since our first piece on this was published. Since then we have had BBC revelations that UK ministers are arguing for “military action in Syria”, followed by Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian (“Aylan Kurdi: this one small life has shown us the way to tackle the refugee crisis”) echoing the anonymous editorial we quoted in our previous piece.
After a few paras of rather perfunctory sentiment about little Aylan Kurdi and the wider human tragedy he embodies, Freedland delivers the kicker []. “Action for refugees means not only a welcome when they arrive, but also a remedy for the problem that made them leave. The people now running from Syria have concluded that it is literally uninhabitable: it is a place where no one can live. They have come to that conclusion slowly, after four years of murderous violence. To make them think again would require action a thousand miles away from the level of the district council, an international effort to stop not just the killers of Isis but also Bashar al-Assad’s barrel bombs. That might mean the creation of safe havens and no-fly zones. More trenchant voices say the bombs won’t stop until anti-Assad rebels can fire back with anti-aircraft weaponry…."
So, there we have it. The agenda. Delivered soft, and oblique, but even clearer than before. In order to save the refugees we need more war, not less. We have to get rid of Assad. We have to arm the “rebels” with “anti-aircraft weaponry.” (which “rebels” does Freedland mean? Al Nusra? Al Qaeda? ISIS? Is he seriously advocating giving any of these lunatics surface to air missiles?).
It’s official. Orwell was right. War really is peace. [end excerpt]
* " ‘White Helmets': New Breed of Mercenaries and Propagandists, Disguised as ‘Humanitarians’ in Syria" (2015-09-01, []

* "Decoding the current war in Syria: The WikiLeaks Files" (2015-08-31, [] [begin excerpt]: US ally Turkey joined the supposed war against ISIS in Syria with airstrikes and by allowing US to use its airbase in Icirlik along the Syria-Turkey border. That “Turkey’s intelligence agency helped supply arms to parts of Syria under Islamist rebel control in late 2013 and early 2014” clarifies Turkey’s aims. While appearing to launch attacks on ISIS, Turkey simultaneously targeted PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in Iraq, the parent-wing of the PYD (Democratic Union Party in Syria) consisting of Syrian Kurds, who have been the main opposition to ISIS on-ground, thereby alienating “America’s most important military ally in the Syrian war.” In fact, Turkey’s airstrikes have disproportionately targeted PKK rather than the ISS. And the US is not innocent here either. US intelligence is used by Turkish warplanes to bomb Kurdish villages where the PKK has a strong presence, killing many civilians in the process. [end excerpt]

* "New Syrian Force: U.S. Abject Failure Or Secret Aid To ISIS" (2015-08-26, by George Koplan) []

* "Boomerang effect: a letter from Syria" []: The hundred of thousands of people that are coming to Europe (BBC say that around one million expected) are the results of the devastation provoked by the neo-colonial policies implemented by the Euroatlantic Axis in North Africa and the Middle East. I got this message from a Syrian guy that still is living in Syria [begin letter]: "Dear Miquel, I am Syrian, I lived in this shit and still I live here. But the biggest lie I have ever heard in this crisis is the so called "moderate Syrian opposition". The "revolutionaries" are Islamic and terrorists. By the way, I don't pro Assad, but I had to choose him for only one reason which is I don't want to be beheaded, burnt alive or stoned to death for having sex. [end letter]

* "Israeli, Jordanian Officers Killed among Tens of Other Al-Nusra Commanders in Airstrike in Southern Syria" (2015-08-29, []

* "CIA, US special forces launch drone campaign in Syria: media" (2015-09-01, AFP Newswire) []

* "No secret in Russian-Syrian military technical cooperation — Russian Foreign Ministry; Cooperation with Damascus in its fight against the threat of terrorism is Russia's official position" (2015-09-03, []
* Social media photos from Russian soldiers in Syria (2015-09-05, []
* "Russia’s involvement in Syria might be ramping up" (2015-09-02, []
* "Russia Embarks on Expansion of its Military Presence in Syria" (2015-09-04, []
* "In Syria, Putin Calls Obama’s Bluff, Russia Joins War Against the “Islamic State” (ISIS)" (2015-09-03, by Eric Zuesse) []
* "False Reports of Russian Military Intervention in Syria" (2015-09-04, by Stephen Lendman) []
* "US State Dept. nervous about ‘press reports’ of Russian military in Syria" (2015-09-06, []
* "Russian Marines Arrive in Syria to Train and Protect Their Regional Assets" (2015-09-06, []
* "Russian Marines Arrive to Help Defeat ISIS" (2015-09-06, []

* "No MiG-31s for Damascus: Russia Denies Sending Interceptors to Syria" (2015-08-22, []
* "Russian jets in Syrian skies: Russia has begun its military intervention in Syria, deploying an aerial contingent to a permanent Syrian base, in order to launch attacks against ISIS and Islamist rebels; US stays silent" (2015-08-31, []
* "Are Russians Sending Military Support To Syria? Potential For Conflict With NATO?" (2015-08-31, Brandon Turbeville) []
* " 'No Russian jets sent to Syria' - military source on 'expeditionary force' report" (2015-09-01, []

* "US- Israeli Attempted “Color Revolution” in Lebanon?" (2015-08-26, by Stephen Lendman) []
* "Color Revolution 2.0 in Lebanon: From Piles of Trash to Piles of Rubble" (2015-09-05, []

* "Communists form guerrilla group in Lebanon to fight back against ISIS" (2015-09-05, []
* "Lebanese communists gear up to fight ISIS: 'We are sons of this land and won't leave it' " []
* Dr. Khaled Hadadah / Lebanese Communist Party []


* "Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS" (2015-08-31, []
* "Washington Intends to 'Use' Al Qaeda to 'Take Out' Syria" (2015-09-02, []
* "Former CIA Boss and 4-Star General: U.S. Should Arm Al Qaeda" (2015-09-01, []
* "Confirmed: US to "Use" Al Qaeda to Take Syria; What has been reported on since 2007 is now confirmed by senior US military leadership. The US created and now plans to openly use Al Qaeda to overthrow the nation of Syria" (2015-09-02, []

Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
* "Pentagon Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps; No airstrikes against 60 camps producing 1,000 fighters monthly" (2015-08-28, []

* "Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq" (2015-06-03, []
* "Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIL) that Obama Does Not Want You to Know About" (2014-11-19, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) []
* "The Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence" (2015-03-08, by Prof. Tim Anderson) []


* "Mehmet Ali Dogan: Communes, Counter-Hegemony, and the Kurdish Fight for the Middle Eastern Patria Grande" (2015-08-19, []

Kurdistan in Iraq
* "Report: Israel Imports Three-quarters of Its Oil From Iraq's Kurds; More than a third of Iraqi Kurdistan's oil exports between May and August have gone to Israel, the Financial Times reports" (2015-08-24, []

* "Kurds pledge oil company payments to boost output" (2015-08-27, UPI Newswire) []

Rojava (Western Kurdistan)

* "Syrian Kurdistan takes a different route to the Arab Spring – a first hand experience- audio" (2014-10-22) []

* "Statement For Rojava" (2015-08-17, Neither East Nor West-New York City) []

* "Why are Anarchists and Libertarians divided over Rojava?" (2015-07-29, Haringey Solidarity Group and Kurdistan Anarchists Forum) []

State of Israel and international operations
[] []

* "Meretz Is All That Remains of the Israeli Left - and Is More Relevant Than Ever; Don't scorn the 'purists,' the 'refined' and the 'not pragmatic,' who are the salt of the earth, and without whom we are left only with the clods" (2015-07-31, [] [begin excerpt]: The nationalist right lives in cognitive dissonance, or maybe cuckoo-nitive dissonance. On the one hand, it has managed in 30 years of rule to eliminate every remnant of the left in Israel. On the other hand, the left still horrifies them, controlling the court system and higher education, the media and the culture – and they’re the ones who are afraid. [end excerpt]

* "The Hebrew State Is Disappearing, the Jewish State Is Taking Over" (2015-08-11, [] [begin excerpt]: After World War II, I participated in many demonstrations against the British, who were ruling this area at the time. All those demonstrations used the slogan, “Free immigration! A Hebrew state!” I can’t remember a single demonstration at which people shouted, “Free immigration! A Jewish state!”
Back then, “Jewish state” sounded like a paradox to us. Everything pertaining to the Jewish community in the Land of Israel was “Hebrew.” Everything pertaining to Jewish communities in the Diaspora was “Jewish.” There was Hebrew agriculture, a Hebrew underground, the first Hebrew city. There was Jewish religion, a Jewish Diaspora, Jewish immigration.
One can leaf through any newspaper published here before the state’s establishment: The term “Jewish” as applied to things created in this land was virtually nonexistent. The spoken language had adopted this distinction long before the small group of writers and artists who took it to extremes had arisen. This group, which Avraham Shlonsky derogatorily termed “the Canaanites,” claimed we had no connection with the Jews at all; rather, we were an old-new “Hebrew” nation that had leapfrogged over 2,000 years in the history of the Jewish Diaspora.
If so, how did it happen that the declaration of the state’s establishment in 1948 spoke of a “Jewish state”? To understand this, it’s necessary to go back to the reality of those days. In the eyes of the British, there were two peoples in this land: Arab and Jewish. Thus the UN resolution on partition decreed the establishment of an Arab state and a Jewish state. The Declaration of Independence was based on this resolution, and therefore declared the establishment of “a Jewish state ... the State of Israel.”
If so, how did it happen that the declaration of the state’s establishment in 1948 spoke of a “Jewish state”? To understand this, it’s necessary to go back to the reality of those days. In the eyes of the British, there were two peoples in this land: Arab and Jewish. Thus the UN resolution on partition decreed the establishment of an Arab state and a Jewish state. The Declaration of Independence was based on this resolution, and therefore declared the establishment of “a Jewish state ... the State of Israel.”
David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, thought the same. Otherwise, it would never have entered his head to exempt yeshiva students from army service, which he viewed as sacred. The exemption of a few hundred students was, for him, a good way to solve his coalition problems.
For the same reason, he allowed the establishment of the state religious school system. “The old man” liquidated the school system affiliated with the left-wing workers’ movement because he saw it as a danger to the state’s sovereignty. But he permitted the state religious system because he was convinced religion was dying and didn’t constitute a threat.
The religious kibbutz movement was also a withered limb, the stepchild of the secular agricultural settlement movements. And the ultra-Orthodox, somewhere out on the fringes, merited at most a tolerant smile; they aroused nothing but pity.
But the Mizrahi rabbis, who hailed from the Middle East and North Africa, fell captive to the fanatic Ashkenazi rabbis of the non-Hasidic “Lithuanian” sect. They adopted the Lithuanians’ clothing and became more extreme in their turn.
High fertility rates in the religious and ultra-Orthodox communities gradually changed the demographic picture. And instead of shrinking, as Ben-Gurion had hoped, the religious and ultra-Orthodox school systems grew by leaps and bounds.
The dramatic turning point, however, was the Six-Day War of 1967. The stunning victory by the secular Israel Defense Forces turned into a religious celebration; “The Western Wall is in our hands” became the battle cry of the religious fanatics.
The religious Jewish public, which until then had been humble and demeaned, suddenly became aggressive and demanding. The National Religious Party, which until then had been the most moderate party in the government, changed its spots and switched to the side of radical nationalism. Its youth, products of the state religious school system and the Bnei Akiva youth movement, gave birth to the extremist settlements.
Recently, we have witnessed a new phenomenon. In the past, a yawning chasm of hatred divided the national religious youth from their ultra-Orthodox counterparts. Now they have begun hooking up. The national religious are becoming more religiously ultra-Orthodox, while the ultra-Orthodox are becoming more nationalistically fanatic.
The recent atrocities perpetrated by national religious “hilltop youth” and ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students are the writing on the wall (literally). The settlement youth, together with disturbed people who have returned to religion, are imbued with incomparably greater zeal than the youth of the “Tel Aviv bubble” and the rest of the secular public.
History has many examples of countries in which hardy people from the periphery took over a center that had gone soft. The frontier folk are used to war, while the centrists create culture.
This danger is now hovering over Israel. The settlers are neither “wild weeds” nor youth from the margins. They constitute an extreme and immediate threat to everything that has been built in this country in recent generations. The Hebrew state is disappearing, and in its place, the Jewish state is taking over. [end excerpt]

* "Publish it not! How Israel controls the way the international ‘liberal’ media portray its illegal and vicious occupation of Palestine and why the media allow them to get away with it" (2011-03, by Jonathan Cook, a freelance journalist based in Nazareth, Israel) (.pdf) [] [begin excerpt]: What surprised me more were the obstacles to getting stories into print about the worst excesses of the occupation. Was it that such incidents hinted – a little too much, as far as my editors were concerned – at the racist nature of the Jewish state in its dealings with Palestinians generally?
A report about the suspected use by Israel of a new experimental type of tear gas against schoolchildren near Bethlehem – and earlier in Gaza – was rejected.
Eyewitness testimony I had collected from respected French doctors working in local hospitals who believed the gas was causing the children nerve damage – a suspicion shared by a leading international human rights organization – was dismissed as “inadequate.”
The foreign editor also told me he was concerned that no other journalists had reported the story – leading me to wonder for the first time in my career whether newspapers were actually interested in exclusives. I also remember vividly arguing with the foreign desk about another story I offered on a new section of the wall Israel was starting to build in Jerusalem, on the sensitive site of the Mount of Olives, in time for Easter 2004.
It would block a famous procession that had been held for hundreds of years by Christian pilgrims every Palm Sunday, following the route Jesus took on a donkey from the Biblical town of Bethany into Jerusalem. I was flabbergasted when an editor told me that it was of no interest.
“Readers are tired of stories about the wall,” she said, apparently ignoring the fact that the story also raised troubling concerns about the protection of religious freedoms and Christian tradition in the Holy Land.
The most disturbing moment professionally, however, followed my investigation into the death of a United Nations worker, and British citizen, Iain Hook, in Jenin refugee camp at the hands of an Israeli sniper in 2002. As the only journalist to have actually gone to the UN compound in Jenin in the immediate aftermath of his death, I was able to piece together what had happened, speak to Palestinian witnesses and later got access to details of a suppressed UN report into the killing.
Israel claimed that the sniper who shot Hook in the back believed the UN official was really a Palestinian militant holding a grenade, rather than a mobile phone, and that he was about to throw it at Israeli troops.
My investigation, however, showed that the sniper’s account had to be a lie. From his position on the top floor of a small apartment block overlooking the compound, the sniper could not have misidentified through his telescopic sights either the distinctive red-haired Hook or the phone. In any case, Hook would not have been able to throw anything from out of the compound because it was surrounded by a high concrete wall and a chainmail fence right up to the metal awning that covered the entire site. If Hook had thrown a grenade, it would have bounced right back at him – as the sniper, who had been positioned in the apartment for several hours, must have known.
When I offered the investigation to the Guardian’s foreign editor, he sounded worried. Again I was told, as if in admonition, that no other media had covered the story. But it seemed to me that this time even the foreign editor realized he was offering excuses rather than reasons for not publishing. As I argued my case, he agreed to publish a small article looking at the diplomatic fall-out from Hook’s killing, and the mounting pressure on the UN. He had bought me off. [end excerpt]
* "Israel Admits An Israeli Soldier Shot and Killed a UN Official in the Jenin Refugee Camp: From the Hospital in Jenin; We Are Joined By An Irish Peace Activist Who Was Also Shot in the Leg" (2002-11-25, []
* "Jenin riddle: Why did an Israeli soldier shoot a British official in the back?" (2002-12-07, []

* "Israel hopes ‘lost tribes’ can boost Jewish numbers; Facing Palestinian majority, Israeli officials seek way to loosen legal definition of ‘Jew’ so millions more can qualify for immigration" (2015-09-06, []

* "The Doctrine of ‘Superior People’: The Bond between Israel and World Zionism" (2015-09-05, by Prof. James Petras) [] [begin excerpt]: What motivates American Jews, who have been raised and educated in the US to serve Israel?
After all, these are individuals who have prospered, achieved high status and occupy the highest positions of prestige and responsibility. Why would they parrot the policies of Israel and follow the dictates of Israeli leaders (a foreign regime), serving its violent colonial, racist agenda?
There are numerous historical and personal factors that can and should be taken into account to understand this phenomenon.
In this essay I am going to focus on one – the ideology that ‘Jews are a superior people’. The notion that Jews, either through some genetic, biologic, cultural, historical, familial and/or upbringing, have special qualities allowing them to achieve at a uniquely higher level than the ‘inferior’ non-Jews.
We will proceed by sketching the main outline of the Jewish supremacist ideology and then advance our critique.
Exponents of Jewish Supremacism (JS) frequently cite the prestigious awards, worldly successes and high honors, which, they emphasize, have been disproportionately achieved by Jews.
The argument goes: While Jews represent less than 0.2% of the world population, they have produced 24% of the US Nobel prize winners; over 30% of Ivy League professors and students; and the majority of major US film, stage and TV producers.
They cite the ‘disproportionate number’ of scientists, leading doctors, lawyers and billionaires.
Jewish supremacists never miss a chance to cite the ‘Jewish background’ of any highly accomplished contemporary public figures in the entertainment, publication, financial fields or any other sectors of life in the US.
Historically, highly talented individuals of Jewish origin succeeded by renouncing the constraints of everyday Jewish life, rabbinical overseers and Jewish institutions. Most contemporary prestigious scientists, including the frequently cited Nobel Prize winners, have little or nothing to do with Judaism! And their contributions have everything to do with the highly secular, integrated culture in which they prospered intellectually – despite expressions of crude anti-Semitism in the larger society.
Secondly, Jewish Supremacists persist in claiming ‘racial credit’ for the achievements of individuals who have publicly renounced, denounced and distanced themselves from Judaism and have dismissed any notion of Israel as their spiritual homeland. Their universal prestige has prevented them from being labeled, apostate or ‘self-hating’. Albert Einstein, often cited by the Supremacists as the supreme example of ‘Jewish genius’, denounced Israel’s war crimes and showed disdain for any tribal identity. In their era, Marx and Trotsky, like the vast majority of emancipated European Jews, given the chance, became engaged in universalistic organizations, attacking the entire notion that Jews were a ‘special people’ chosen by divine authority (or by the latter-day Zionists).
The disastrous US war against Iraq was largely organized, promoted and justified by a disproportionate percentage of US Jews (Zionists), including leading Neocon policymakers in the Bush and Obama administration – Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, David Frum, Shulsky, Levey, Cohen, Rahm Emanuel etc… They continue to push for war against Iran and should be seen as the ‘godfathers’ of the tragedies of Iraq, Syria and Libya where millions have fled.
On the cultural front, the finest Jewish writers, artists, musicians, scientists have emerged outside of Israel. A few may have immigrated to the Jewish state, but many other intellectuals and artists of note have chosen to leave Israel, repelled by the racist, intolerant and repressive apartheid state and society promoted by Jewish Supremacists.
The root problem is not genetic, it is collective political dementia: a demented ideology that claims a chosen elite can forever dominate and exploit the majority of American people. The time will come when the accumulated disasters will force the American [Jewish] people to push back, unmasking the elite and rejecting its supremacist doctrines. Let us hope that they will act with passion guided by reason. [end excerpt]

* "Jewish High Court demands Pope Francis apologise for recognising Palestinian state" (2015-08-31, [], referring to a non-State religious court.

* "EU and Iran Demand a “Nuclear Free Middle East” as AIPAC-Funded Congress Supports “Nuclear-Armed Israel” a Global Weapons Supplier" (2015-08-28, [] [begin excerpt]: Under pressure from AIPAC, the Zionist Lobby in Washington, the White House is reported to be intending to increase its military aid to Israel to unprecedented levels i.e. to $3.5 billion a year for each of the next ten years.   The U.S. also announced a $1.88 billion gift to Israel of bombs and  precision guided weapons including BLU-113, 5000-pound penetrating bombs for use on buried targets – such as Iran’s atomic energy research sites. However, unlike Israel, Iran has no nuclear weapons and subscribes to the entire Middle East being designated a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (NWFZ) as wanted by the EU.
Israel will also apparently be offered the new F-35, fifth generation American strike fighter aircraft in order to maintain Qualitative Military Edge, or QME – an incredible policy enacted into law by a heavily AIPAC-influenced  U.S. congress, in 2008, that requires all US presidents to ensure that Israel possesses a ‘qualitative military edge’.
Rarely if ever mentioned, however, is the apparently secret, federal gag order in force in the U.S. that prohibits informed debate regarding Israel’s nuclear program and that it is apparently an offence for any federal employee to mention the Israeli arsenal of nuclear warheads, in the Iran deal debate. Doing so could end in being summarily fired and possibly imprisoned!  (*see link below).   It is a matter of conjecture as to the precise reasons for such an unprecedented, clandestine, draconian gagging order and as to which country specifically benefits from it, given that it has no bearing on U S national security. [end excerpt]

* "Israeli nukes are finally newsworthy– as US gov’t both releases and gags info" (2015-08-26, by Phil Weiss and Grant F. Smith, [] [begin excerpt]: Last week the State Department released historical documents (.pdf) [] that detail Nixon-era attempts to get Israel to join the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. The documents show that Israel was trying to skirt American demands re its nuclear program, and the U.S. was going in on the hypocrisy. It was leaving Israeli actions up to the Israelis’ “conscience,” according to this report to President Nixon from national security adviser Henry Kissinger in 1969. [end excerpt]

* "15% of West Bank settlers are American, study reveals" (2015-08-28, []

* "Israeli Crimes against Humanity: Palestinian Mother Dies from Israeli Settler Inflicted Immolation" (2015-09-07, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Confiscating lives, one hectare at a time; The expansion of Israel’s ‘separation barrier’ is targeting Christian-Palestinian communities in the West Bank" (2015-08-26, []

* "Demostrators March against Israeli Takeover of Umm al-Hiran" (2015-08-27, []
* "Better to be a dog than Bedouin in Israel" (2015-08-24, []
* "Israeli court says Arab village must make way for Jewish town; Palestinian minority fears decision will revive legislation to drive tens of thousands of Bedouin off their lands in Negev" (2015-05-15, []

* "Israel begins Drilling For Oil At Third Syrian Golan Heights exploration site" (2015-08-31, []

* "Israeli minister says IDF should have fired on unarmed Palestinian protesters for humiliating a soldier" (2015-08-30, []

* "US Court: Palestinians Must Pay $10m to Americans Killed in Israel" (2015-08-26, []

State of Palestine, exile community, and occupied territories
[] [] []

* "PFLP urges broader popular mobilization to support striking Palestinian prisoners" (2015-09-06, []

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & GCC Council member states
* "16 Things That Could Get You Executed In Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia has beheaded 100 people this year. Some of the crimes wouldn't even get you jail time in the U.S." (2015-06-18, []

Ansar Allah Revolutionary Government of Yemen ("Houthis")

* "War without mercy on Yemen: the Saudi-US Massacres continue" (2015-08-26, Al-Masira) [],
video 1 [],
video 2 [],
video 3 []

* "Saudi Coalition Bombs Yemen Water Bottling Plant, Killing Dozens of Civilians; As onslaught enters sixth month, death toll soars past 4,300" (2015-08-31, []

* "As Yemen assault continues, US announces billion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia" (2015-09-05, []

* "Total War in Yemen Totally Ignored by Western Media" (2015-08-27, by Tony Cartalucci, []

* "US & Saudi Arabia War Crimes Keep Killing Yemenis" (2015-08-30, []

* "Whose War in Yemen? Saudi Arabia wreaks havoc on its poorest neighbor—with U.S. help" (2015-08-27, []

* "Watchdog Group: New Evidence US Cluster Bombs Used in Yemen Human Rights Watch says civilians among casualties from widely-banned weapons" (2015-08-28, []

* "4,500 killed in Yemen in 150 Days of Saudi-led bombing" (2015-08-24, []

Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Republic Of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 

* "Afghan officials blame NATO after 11 police officers killed in airstrike" (2015-09-08, []


People's Republic of China  
History & the Current Context []

* Full text of Chinese president's speech at commemoration of 70th anniversary of war victory []

* "Western Leaders Snub China’s World War II Victory Day Commemoration" (2015-09-04, by Stephen Lendman) []
* "China's Understated Victory Parade vs. a Libelous, Criminal Western Media" (2015-09-03, []
* "Communist Party takes star role in China's war parade" (2015-09-02, AFP Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: The undoubted star of China's giant military parade marking 70 years since Japan's World War II defeat -- and countless television shows on the conflict -- will be the ruling Communist Party, celebrating a victory historians say was largely won by others.
It will all be overseen by President Xi Jinping -- head of the People's Liberation Army, the ruling party and the government -- in what commentators say is an effort to bend history to bolster the Party's legitimacy. Tokyo launched a full-scale invasion of China in 1937 and, according to Beijing, the eight bitter years of fighting left 35 million civilians and soldiers dead or injured. [end excerpt]

* "Washington’s Financial Currency War on China: The Eclipsing of the US Dollar by the Yuan" (2015-08-30, Strategic Culture Foundation) []
* "Collapse that never happened: China bounces back, discrediting Western analysts" (2015-07-26, []
* "Differing Views on China’s 'Faltering Economy', Growing Faster than 'Stagnating Western Economies' " (2015-09-01, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Taiwan politician Lien meets Xi, defying Taipei" (2015-09-01, AFP Newswire) []

What map correctly shows the entire jurisdiction?
* Official map including the martime territories [], outline [], on PR China passport []
* Maps showing the Exclusive Economic Zone of the People's Republic of China [] []
* South China Sea jurisdictional map (2013-01, The American Journal of International Law) []
* "China's Actual EEZ vs. Nine-Dash Line" map (2013-11) []
* "New China map includes South China Sea islands" (2014-06-25, []

11-dash line of 1947, 9-dash line of 1950, 10-dash line of 2013 []
* Commentaries on the USA State Dept. Study on the "Nine-dash Line" [] []
* "China may be trying to hide its submarines in the South China Sea" (2015-06-22, []

* "Philippines to submit 300-year-old map to UN to debunk China's 9-dash line claim" (2015-06-07, []
* "LEAKED: China's INVASION and Take over to Taiwan, Senkaku, Russia, Thailand, Korea Timeline" (2014-09-08, []

* "PetroVietnam opposes China’s oil exploration plan in Vietnam waters" (2013-09-09, []

* "Did Mao Really Kill Millions in the Great Leap Forward?" (2006-09-21, by Joseph Ball, []
* "Famine Politics in Maoist China and the Soviet Union" (by Felix Wemheuer, []

*  "Sites of horror: Mao's Great Famine", a response to Frank Dikötter by Felix Wemheuer []: [begin excerpt]:
Mao 's Great Famine: The History of China 's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962, by Frank Dikötter. London: Bloomsbury, 2010. xvi + 420 pp. £25.00 (hardcover).
For many elderly peasants living in Central China and Sichuan Province, the famine of the Great Leap Forward (1958-61) was the most devastating experience in their lifetime. The greatest famine in Chinese history caused between 15 and 45 million deaths.1 In recent years, several important books written by Chinese scholars have been published in Hong Kong on this topic.2 Frank Dikötter' s recent contribution is Mao 's Great Famine, the longest and most detailed English-language account of this tragic event. Dikötter's book is aimed at situating the famine as the "most deadly mass killing" in human history, since at least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death. In contrast to other Western scholars, Dikötter managed to gain access to eleven provincial archives. This is a significant achievement, given that the archival system in China is highly restricted. Remarkably, about 80 per cent of his footnotes are based on these archival documents.
However, if one is familiar with the research3 and expects a brand new interpretation of the famine, one will be disappointed. Dikötter's account reads like a long list of atrocities committed by Mao's régime against the Chinese people and bears the hallmarks of having been written in furious outrage. The polemic and emotional language of the book is clearly targeted at the general reader. The main arguments in the first part of the book on élite politics are reminiscent of Jasper Becker's popular monograph: the "madman" Mao Zedong mined the country during the Great Leap and ignored the famine because of dogmatism, selfishness and stupidity. The famine resulted in the collapse of the economy, agriculture and moral values. Offering more original insights are the chapters "Destruction", "Survival", "The Vulnerable" and "Ways of Dying", in which Dikötter reveals in great detail how people suffered, died or struggled to survive. Moreover, instead of seeing China as a disciplined, unitary Communist society, he believes that the famine created disintegration, "leaving people to resort to whatever means were available to survive" (p. xiv). Dikötter argues that people died mainly of hunger and not epidemics, as in many other previous famines (p. 275). While the famine is usually dated between 1959 and 1961, Dikötter argues that mass starvation had already begun in 1958 and that it lasted until 1962 in some parts of the country. Mao 's Great Famine also brings international relations and urban society into the debate. Furthermore, he shows that the Great Leap created a huge underclass of migrant workers who suffered under terrible working conditions. He writes that, in some cities, "human markets" (renshi shichang XM-^W) appeared, where day laborers offered their services in order to survive (p. 233). Some Chinese scholars have shown in local case studies that the establishment of the people's communes resulted in massive damage to peasant houses;5 Dikötter goes even further, and claims that the Great Leap was in effect the "greatest demolition of property in human history" (p. xi).
Generalization of Local Examples -
Like other Western scholars, Dikötter had no access to the provincial archives of Henan and Anhui, which suffered most after Sichuan. Documents from Hunan, Gansu, Guangdong and Yunnan Provinces often serve as examples. Importantly, Dikötter is aware that even classified documents from provincial archives cannot present the "truth" and "we have little alternative but to view everyday life through the prism of the state" (p. 342). In "An Essay on the Sources", he claims to have read the sources "against the grain" and treated them carefully - it is quite remarkable that the publisher allowed him to include this essay on the sources, since most US university presses tend to "ban" methodological chapters from their academic publications. [end excerpt]

When somebody mentions the Chines Communist Party and human rights, we should always take into context what China was like before the Peoples Republic of China.
During the capitalist government called the Republic of China (1912–49) and earlier Chinese governments, women were legally bought and sold into slavery under the guise of domestic servants. These women were known as Mui Tsai. The lives of Mui Tsai were recorded by American feminist Agnes Smedley and published in the book Portraits of Chinese Women in Revolution.
In May 1950 the Peoples Republic of China under Mao Zedong enacted the New Marriage Law to tackle the sale of women into slavery. This outlawed marriage by proxy and made marriage legal so long as both partners consent. The New Marriage Law raised the legal age of marriage to 20 for men and 18 for women. This was an essential part of countryside land reform as women could no longer legally be sold.
The official slogan was "Men and women are equal; everyone is worth his (or her) salt".
For more information of life in China, please go to this link to Proletarian TV: []

Manchu China in 1912.

 Japanese Empire in 1938


This is a map in the back of my English-Chinese multilingual Bible [], printed by the "Three Self Church", the state organization that administrates all of China's Protestant churches. This Bible refers to this area as "Palestine", but every Bible with maps I've ever seen printed in the United States have called it "Israel".

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and Russia-China relations

* "Western Sanctions on Russia, Russia-China Cooperation: A Tectonic Shift of the Global Economy?" (2015-08-31, by Peter Koenig and The Saker) []
* "Dollar As World’s Reserve Currency Threatened" (2015-09-03, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Russia, China Discuss Joint Development of Mobile Satellite Communications" (2015-08-31, []

* "Five Chinese naval ships spotted in Bering Sea: Pentagon" (2015-09-02, AFP Newswire) []

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
* "Myanmar and mysterious soft coup attempt" (2015-09-04, part 1 [], part 2 []

Democratic Alliance of Nationalities in the Kokang region of Myanmar (Myanmar National Democratic Alliance)

* "Myanmar Parliament Approves Third Extension of Martial Law in Kokang" (2015-08-18, []
* "No election in Wa, Mong La regions" (2015-08-07, [] [begin excerpt]: The election is expected to go ahead in the Kokang region, despite fighting that erupted in February. The ethnic Kokang Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) has said that it was prepared to stop fighting for the duration of the election. [end excerpt]
* "President rejects KNU pleas for inclusive deal" (2015-08-04, [] [begin excerpt]: President U Thein Sein has rejected a last-minute appeal from the Karen National Union to allow armed groups fighting in Kokang to sign the nationwide ceasefire agreement. A KNU team led by General Saw Mutu Say Poe made the plea during a meeting with the president in Nay Pyi Taw, three days before a crucial round of peace talks are scheduled to begin in Yangon. The government is refusing to allow the three armed groups fighting in the Kokang region – the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA), the Arakan Army (AA), and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) – and another three groups from signing the deal. [end excerpt]

* "Kokang, Ta’ang, and Arakan Armies: Position Statement on Cold-blooded Offensives by the Burma Army" (2015-03-01, []:
Position statement by the MNDAA, TNLA, and AA, March 1, 2015
1. Using fighter planes, tanks and armored cars, Myanmar Tatmadaw (Army) has launched offensives against our ethnic armed resistance organizations in Kokang, Ta’ang etc. regions, which are regions of the indigenous nationalities in Northern Shan State, as if it were against a foreign aggression.
2. Due to increased tempo of armed conflicts between the two sides in the civil war, the majority of the ethnic nationality peoples of Kokang, Kachin, Shan, Ta’ang, Lahu, Lisu, Myanmar etc. have to bear the scourge of war more than ever. In areas where battles take place, Myanmar Tatmadaw troops are committing all kinds of human rights violations such as the burning down the ethnic peoples’ hearths and homes, confiscating their properties, killing the innocent civilians, raping their daughters etc.
3. We the ethnic armed resistance organizations reside and operate in our own areas and regions, in the struggle for our national political rights and in defense of our own peoples. We have never gone into Myanmar’s areas and regions for expansion and hostility. As Myanmar Tatmadaw is sending in more troops continually into our ethnic areas and regions, and launching ferocious military offensives, our ethnic forces are mutually assisting one another and fighting in order to stoutly defend against the bullying and domination by Myanmar forces.
4. Our ethnic resistance forces are participating actively in the NCCT negotiating team and endeavouring for the realization of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). Though our organizations individually had called repeatedly for negotiation to reduce and cease armed clashes between the two sides, Tatmadaw had not accepted the calls, and continued to divide the ethnic organizations, by various means, and one-sidedly stood for the position laid down by the Myanmar military leaders.
5. For that reason, in Myanmar things are headed toward a situation where the fire of civil is bound to burn more fiercely. We jointly issue our position statement to declare that due to power madness and chauvinism of the Myanmar military leaders, Myanmar Tatmadaw, led by Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, shall bear all the evil consequences of the civil war. Moreover, Operation Commander Lt. Gen. Aung Than Htut, the main director of the military operations, shall be held directly responsible for all the crimes and human rights violations that take place during military operations, in Northern Shan State.
Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army
Palaung State Liberation Front
Arakan Army

Ta'ang (Palaung) State Liberation Front and the Ta'ang National Liberation Army (TNLA)

* "Ta’ang (Palaung) Leader Tar Aik Bong: ‘Without Proper Political Solutions, There Will Be No Lasting Peace’ " (2014-11-11, []
* " ‘We Are Not Rebels… We Fight for Democracy’: Ta’ang (TNLA) Soldiers" (2015-07-13, [] [begin excerpt]: Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the armed wing of Palaung State Liberation Front (PSLF), is one of the ethnic resistance armed organisations that vows not to lay down arms until there is a guarantee of political negotiations. Burma Link spoke with two TNLA soldiers, Mai and Mai Main, who were sent by their leaders to study human rights and politics in Mae Sot, so that they could go back to Ta’ang land and educate other soldiers. These two soldiers studied in Mae Sot for a year, and believed it is their responsibility to go back to Burma to educate others and safeguard their people’s rights. In this interview, they share their story on how and why they became involved with the TNLA and why the Ta’ang people so strongly support their army. Mai and Mai Main, aged 23 and 26, are now back in the battle fields of northern Shan State. [end excerpt]

* "Ta’ang Groups: 2,000 Villagers Flee to the Jungle as Burma Army Employs Jetfighters" (2015-02-04, []:
Joint statement by the Ta’ang Students and Youths Union (TSYU) and Ta’ang Women Organization (TWO) on battles that have been taking place in Mogoke and Mokeik areas from February 2 to 3, 2015.
A synopsis of the statement (Dated February 4, 2015)
1. Attacks by Myanmar Tatmadaw (Burma Army) on TNLA troops, engaged in destroying opium fields, during February 2 and 3, wounded seriously 2 students and 3 villagers and caused 2000 villagers from 5 Ta’ang, one Chinese and one Lisu villages to flee and take refuge in Mogoke Town and nearby jungles.
2. As entire villages have to flee and schools have to be closed, at a time when exams for promotion are only a few days away, education of the children is affected. As the attacks targeted the civilians also, the Myanmar government must take action to stop attacks on civilians, immediately.
3. As Myanmar Tatmadaw employed over 1,000 troops from units based at Mogoke, Momeik and the foothill of Mandalay Hill, 2 helicopter gunships and one jet fighter, both sides suffer many dead and wounded.
4. The use of war helicopters, heavy weapons and excessive number of troops in the civil war would easily maim and kill the civilian populations, it is a failure to abide by the Geneva Conventions, and we strongly protest it.
5. While President Thein Sein is declaring for signing the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) on February 12, Union Day, as the launching of such massive offensives is detrimental to the signing of NCA, the TWO and TSYU absolutely protest and condemn it.
Demands: We call on the government –
To immediately and unconditionally halt massive military offensives;
To immediately cease bombardment and rocketing by the use of war helicopters and jets in the civil war;
To regard narcotic problem as a national issue and resolve all problems relating to narcotic drugs together with the people;
To take mainly the responsibility for resolving all the problems relating to war refugees and impairment to education.
[signed] Executive Committees, TSYU & TWO
1. DD Po-kyein (TWO) 09-6718218
2. Lway Po Kyein Kee (TWO) 09-252325799
3. Mai Myo Aung (TSYU) 09-91051695
4. Mai Thein Zaw (TSYU) 09-47214717

Arakan Army

* Arakan Army photos (2013-04-10, []
* "Arakan Army basic military training concludes in KIO controlled area" (2013-04-10, []

Republic of Korea (RoK) in southern Korea
* "S. Korea asks journalists to stop describing loudspeakers as ‘propaganda’; Journalists criticize South Korean governments interference in work, highlight definition of 'propaganda' " (2015-08-25, []

Park Geun-Hye seems very confused and disoriented. Her father after all, fought in the Japanese Imperial Army, whose defeat is being celebrated during Victory Day.
* "President Xi Jinping greets S. Korean President Park Geun-hye" []


Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
Info collected by Juche-Buddhism Friendship Society, for Peace through Knowledge! [], []

* "President Xi Jinping greets Choe Ryong Hae, representative from DPRK" []

* "China to open high-speed rail link to North Korean border" (2015-08-31, []

* "Russian Company To Power Up Hermit Kingdom By New Year's Eve" (2015-09-03, []

* "Kim Jong Un receives Cuban First Vice-President" (2015-09-08):
First Secretary of the Workers Party of Korea, Kim Jong Un, received Cuba´s First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who is on an official visit to North Korea to mark the 55 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
During the meeting, the two leaders spoke of the excellent bilateral relations, as well as the current situation in Asia and Latin America.
The Korean leader sent his regards to Cuban Revolution historical leader Fidel Castro and President Raul Castro.
After the meeting, Kim Jong Un invited the Cuban delegation to enjoy a concert in its honor.
Diaz-Canel was accompanied by Foreign Relation Deputy Minister Rogelio Sierra and Cuban Ambassador to North Korea Hermin Ferras
Photos [] [] [].

* "Ceremony for naming park after Kim Il-sung held in Damascus" (2015-09-01, []


* "Struggle is the enemy, weed is the remedy: The truth about marijuana in North Korea" (2013-01-17, []


* "Surfin’ DMZ! Recce to discover North Korea’s best beaches; Could a new surf expedition, run in conjunction with the North Korea tourist board, help introduce the sport to the country?" (2015-09-09, []

* "Is N. Korean airline world's worst? It may be the quirkiest" (2015-09-02, AP Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: Air Koryo is the only carrier to have been awarded just one star in rankings released recently by the UK-based SkyTrax consultancy agency. More than 180 airlines are included in the five-star ranking system, which is widely considered the global benchmark of airline standards. At the same time, being the flag-carrier of a nation shunned by much of the West cannot be good for an airline's image. Air Koryo's only regular international destinations are Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang in China and the Russian port of Vladivostok.
"I'm not sure that I've ever seen or heard any references to Air Koryo being unsafe, only that its service is terrible," Patrick Smith, an airline pilot and author of the Ask The Pilot blog, said in an email to The Associated Press before the latest ratings came out. Smith noted that Air Koryo's fleet is mainly Russian TU-204s and AN-148s, which may not be as comfortable or efficient as their American or European-built counterparts, but are not unsound.
The only known fatal accident it suffered was in 1983 when the airline was still named CAAK, according to Harro Ranter, founder and director of the Aviation Safety Network, a private, independent foundation that has compiled detailed descriptions of over 10,700 incidents, hijackings and accidents going back to the 1950s.
Ranter cautioned that 32 years without a fatal accident does not necessarily mean an airline is safe.
"A big factor in the safety of an airline is the country's ability to conduct proper safety oversight, the level of implementation of international aviation standards and regulations," he said in an email to the AP. "It's very hard to rank airlines based on safety. The worldwide level of air safety has improved significantly over the years, so any comparison on the number of accidents or fatalities is impossible."
Still, he noted North Korea scored above the world average on most aspects in an audit of the level of implementation of international aviation standards and regulations conducted by the International Civil Aviation Organization in 2008, the most recent data available.
"If these results are still valid, there is no reason to assume that Air Koryo would be unsafe," he said. [end excerpt]

* "North Korea Out of the Dark: The Story of the Pyongyang Business School" (2012-12-23, by Felix Abt) []

Jean H. Lee opened AP's news bureau in Pyongyang in 2012 and run it for a few years.
According to Lee [] debit cards were introduced in North Korea in 2011, but I got mine already in 2007. As CEO of a pharma company in Pyongyang, I decided in early 2009 to equip all our pharmacies with card reading devices.
I'm a little surprised that she wouldn't know better. Or was she working in an ivory tower?
This is was my North Korean debit card [].

RoK's leaders do not have the budget to take control over millions of new citizens... and they only want a slave-state with absolute private control over the economy. Basically, RoK wants the DPRK to become the Philippines, just as bad as what defectors claim about the DPRK, but without the social programs... Why would anyone want a USA-backed regime change after what was seen in Iraq and Libya? Or Honduras, Ukraine, Haiti? Does anyone actually believe USA-backed regime change makes people's lives better?

* "North Korea Remembers Libya, So No Iranian-Style Deal" (2015-09-02, []. Joe T. writes: And he should add to this op-ed the fact that Saddam allowed inspectors in to his country, they found no evidence of an active WMD program, and yet we bombed them anyway -- using information from the inspectors to help identify the most appropriate targets... Its unfair for the author to only blame Obama for taking out Qaddafi, as Bush undermined the use of inspectors in the future as well by not accepting their findings. It was absolutely a bipartisan fuck-up, if there ever was one... Only a fool would give up their nuclear deterrent and/or allow inspectors into their country in this climate, and say what you will about them, the leadership of the DPRK are NOT fools...

* "Kim Jong Un praises ‘landmark’ accord with S. Korea, talks unity & trust" (2015-08-28, []

* "N. Korea warns Seoul over twisting peace deal; drone crosses border" (2015-09-02, AFP Newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: North Korea on Wednesday accused the South of misrepresenting their agreement to defuse tensions and warned the hard-won deal was being undermined by claims Pyongyang had made an apology for border landmine blasts. [end excerpt]

* "South Korea vows to make North pay 'harsh military price' for landmine blasts at border; Seoul to resume propaganda broadcasts into communist North Korea after United Nations investigators blame Pyongyang for planting landmines that maimed two soldiers from South" (2015-08-10, []. Journalists claim that calling their reporting of Korea "lies" is a far stretch. But wouldn't a journalist include a link to the investigation finding if there was one? And doesn't every investigation require a formally published finding? Not even a link to the investigation team determination in this article. Did they even put it on paper, or did they just have a huddle and point North? From the article, "The investigation determined that the devices were recently emplaced, and ruled out the possibility that these were legacy landmines which had drifted from their original placements," it said in a statement.

* "South Korea: North placed DMZ mines that maimed troops" (2015-08-10, [] [begin excerpt]: More than a million mines are believed to have been planted along the inter-Korean border, including those which were air-dropped in great numbers in the 1960s at the height of a Cold War confrontation with the North. [end excerpt]
those are all U.S. landmines planted by the U.S. It was always common knowledge, and well publicized, that the U.S. planted over 1 million landmines along the DMZ. Even the U.S. openly admitted it prior to this incident but obviously is staying silent now. Most experts and observers already know this. This is not classified material.
The U.S. was the main party that refused to sign the international accord banning the use of landmines and specifically cited Korea as the reason why they still need to use landmines. The DPRK on the other hand has no interest in using landmines because unlike the U.S., it has no desire to keep the country divided.
the interesting thing is I remember Aljazeera, BBC, AP, and other news cites previously mentioned "over 1 million U.S. landmines" in Korea related articles prior to this incident for years but that Aljazeera would now leave that out is disappointing.

* "Only the doubts remain surrounding the news on North Korea: Asylum, Purges, Hacking incident and DMZ landmine blast" (2015-08-28, []

* "Claims N. Korean scientist defected to Finland fabricated; Yonhap journalist says claim was falsified by North Korea human rights activists" (2015-08-27, nknews.or) [] [begin excerpt]: Claims a North Korean biochemical weapons expert carrying gigabytes of “information on human experiments” defected to Finland in June were fabricated, a South Korean journalist has admitted.
Lee Bong-suk, the Yonhap News Agency reporter who initially broke the story, told respected Finnish daily the Helsingin Sanomat that his article was based on false information, provided to him by an unspecified North Korea-focused human rights organization.
“Lee has now reported that according to the South Korean National Intelligence Service, the defection did not take a place,” the Helsingin Sanomat said, which previously tried to confirm the story with Finnish authorities after the Yonhap article emerged.
Lee previously wrote that the biochemicals expert, who was alleged to be 47 years old and surnamed Lee, was preparing to speak to the European Parliament about the human experiments he had documented evidence on.
When Yonhap’s story emerged it consequently triggered a wave of re-reporting and discussion among North Korea watchers. That, in turn, led to increased suspicions among Finnish foreign ministry, immigration and even South Korean embassy officials, according to the Helsingin Sanomat.
And it was only after the Helsinki-based newspaper attempted to double-check the story that the Yonhap journalist admitted on Wednesday that it was based on false information. [end excerpt]

* "N. Korean biochemical expert flees to Finland: source" (2015-07-02, []
* (2015-08-28, Mike Bassett‎): I'm offering cash for information on the human rights group that was behind the bioweapons expert lie, and/or proof supporting whoever planted the land mine. Thanks for your assistance.
[reply] The biochemical weapons scientist lie was a repackaged of old lie published 11 years ago on Radio Free Asia (RFA) Korea. Last month, RFA published a story almost the same as an old article published in 2004. The original article on the RFA version says the scientist is arrested in China, but somehow in Yonhup version, the scientist made his way to Finland.
The interesting part is that RFA says the scientist was arrested in China, but somehow for whatever reason Yonhup didn't copy exactly the same story as RFA, probably because RFA wasn't creative enough, they just repackaged an old story published on 2004 on their website. So Yonhup made some change and say the scientist made his way to Finland through Philippines. I guess they didn't expect there would be people try to verify the source. And some journalists in South Korea even sent email to European parliament. Another interesting thing is the timing. It was when the publics in South Korea pressuring the government to question US about the anthrax incident, then out of sudden, this north Korea biochemical scientists drew people attention away from anthrax leak in US base.
- A biochemical scientist who brought documents out of DPRK and arrested in China (2015-06-11, Radio Free Asia) [], machine translated [].
- A biochemical scientist story (2004-03-03, Radio Free Asia) []
- A Gas chamber article comparing DPRK with Nazi (2004-02-04, Radio Free Asia) []
[Update] Mike, about the first link above, previously there was date stated in the article, it was 2015-07-03. but now the date is gone. seems they removed the date so now it looks like the screenshot here []. you can check other articles on RFA, all have dates except this article talking about North Korean bioweapons scientists escaping North Korea with documents to prove the bioweapon being tests on living human beings in NK got arrested in China. whether RFA reposted an old article on 2004 as a "news" or it was indeed an article published on 2015-07-03 but somehow the date got removed later on, either way, it's strange. There was date last month. they removed the date later on for whatever reason i don't know.
It's the second link about a similar story, this article says the NK bioweapon scientist made his way to South Korea and shared the stories how he witnessed bioweapons being test on human beings in NK. take note on the date on the screenshot here [], it's 2004.
[Update] There's a missing date on the article listed above at []. The URL for the article, like the other URLs, is embedded with the publication date. The article with the missing date has a URL that shows it was published 2004-02-06. This shows the RFA was "upcycling" an old news article by giving it a new date. The cached copy of the page shows it was re-published with a 2015 date in June [].
That means the story of bio scientist escaping NK with evidence is indeed a repackage of an old article 11 years ago. Yonhap sourced an article 11 years ago by changing a little bit of details, like 15 gigabyte of evidence, made his way to Finland and will be giving testimony in European parliament etc, made it sound more convincing to the audience. Who would have doubt a serious media like Yonhap to be so unprofessional on such a serious matter without verifying the source.
Again i find the timing of this news very interesting, it came out when the anthrax incident was going viral in South Korea. Then this NK bio scientist drew everyone's attention and people forget and never question the government why the anthrax was shipped to US base in South Korea.
* "North Korea's 'Human Experiments' to be Revealed by Biochemical Expert who Fled to Finland: Report" (2015-07-03, []
* "North Korean defector flees to Finland 'with evidence of chemical testing on humans' " (2015-07-03, []
* "North Korean defects with data on 'chemical warfare tests on humans' " (2015-07-03, []
* "Biological weapons expert reportedly flees North Korea with gigabytes of data on human experiments" (2015-07-03, []
* "Is biological weapons expert about to lift the lid on human tests in North Korea?" (2015-07-03, []

* "Kim Jong Un Tours Pesticide Facility Capable of Producing Biological Weapons: A 38 North Special Report" (2015-07-09, []
* "Did North Korea Really Publish Pictures of a Biological Weapons Facility?" (2015-07-09, []

A Hongkong TV programme producer was denounced by NK NGO for saying DPRK is well developed in a press conference introducing TVB's (largest TV station in Hongkong) latest TV programme featuring DPRK. NK NGO even sent complaint letter to TVB and ask them to stop showing the programme, Despite the complaint and threatenings from NK NGO, TVB still decided to show the programme as scheduled on Monday which is today. The untranslated article is here []

* "The Telegraph’s Korea low" (2015-09-08, []: “NORTH KOREA ‘tests engines ahead of possible rocket launch’,” shrieked the Daily Telegraph on 20 August, the quote marks implying that such a claim had been made somewhere in the paper’s cited source, “38 North, the respected website operated by the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies”.
It certainly made for a more eye-catching claim than the one the academics chose to headline their own study: "No sign of launch preparations.” 38 North concluded: "Recent commercial satellite imagery of the Sohae Satellite Launching Station shows no discernable activity at the launch pad and gantry tower that would indicate preparations for an upcoming launch.” It qualified its evidence of recent engine testing at the site by pointing out that it was “not related to a possible upcoming launch”.
The report was under the byline of Julian Ryall, a Telegraph correspondent based in Tokyo, 700 miles from North Korea’s borders. He has some form when it comes to dubious claims about the country.
Firing offence -
(photo) Hyon Song-wol of “Excellent Horse-Like Lady” fame was missing, presumed dead by the Telegraph, but its rumours of the singer’s demise were exaggerated.
Back in August 2013, Ryall reported that North Korean pop star Hyon Song-wol – an ex-girlfriend of Kim Jong-un better known in the West as “excellent horse-like lady” due to a (perhaps deliberately) clunky translation – had been one of 12 musicians executed by firing squad for making mucky videos. The tale first appeared in the Chosun Ilbo, a popular South Korean daily with a ravenous appetite for dodgy stories on the Kim regime. Typically informed either by unnamed spooks in Seoul looking to wind up the Norks or – even better – “sources in China” (as was the case with that of Ms Hyon’s execution), the Chosun’s NK coverage is the most entertaining but untrustworthy that can be found in the South.
Ryall simply reworded the Chosun piece on Ms Hyon for the Telegraph the very same day, helpfully adding that the singer was “luckier than Kim Chol, vice minister of the army, who was executed with a mortar round in October 2012”. Kim Chol was killed, though not by mortar round. But Ryall was right about one thing: Ms Hyon does remain luckier. So much luckier, in fact, that she is alive and well, and has been back on the stage since May 2014. Her temporary disappearance can be put down to the more prosaic matter of maternity leave.
The Chosun one -
The cancellation of Kim Jong-un’s visit to Second World War commemorations in Russia, meanwhile, was blamed by Ryall on Vladimir Putin’s refusal to provide him with “special treatment” (1 May 2015); by 4 May, special treatment had been upgraded to “surface-to-air missile systems”. The source for these stories? The Chosun for the first, and “a Hong Kong television report” for the second.
Charmingly, the process works in the other direction too. In September 2014 the Chosun, along with many other papers around the world, recycled a story from the Daily Mirror that Kim Jong-un was “hooked on Emmental”. The story was filed by Jeremy Armstrong, the Mirror’s North-East correspondent. No, not North-East Asia, but “an area from Berwick, down to North Yorkshire and across to Barrow”.

* "Why some N. Korean defectors’ stories fall apart; From cash incentives to NIS backing, it doesn’t always pay to tell the truth" (2015-09-04, []
* "Why defectors change their stories: As familiarity with North Korean daily life grows, incentive to sensationalize also increases" (2015-01-21, [], written by [] []. This article is authored by another defector and has been removed by the source website. Mike Bassett writes: "NK News is behaving just like KCNA. You can't just go around redacting articles that people don't like, or that eventually some person you depend on for your survival doesn't like something said in it. Journalism should be about the truth. And that article had very important information in it. It is to date the only article in which another defector publicly called her a liar. And after NK News attended the Salzburg conference, they deleted this article, perhaps because they are now part of the human rights propaganda war!"
Making it clear, he adds, "I don't have a clue about NK News rationale for their history of revisionism, but I know the one story on the planet written by a defector criticizing Yeonmi Park was conveniently and suspiciously redacted after NK News attended the Salzburg Conference."

* "Defector-turned-activist admits changing story, says may quit Experts say admission damages Shin’s credibility, but not that of all defectors" (2015-01-19, []
* The "final posting" of Shin Dong-hyuk to his page in response to being discovered as a liar (2015-01-17) []

Other articles removed from the website include the following:
* "Kim Jong Il’s Grandson is Living With a Libyan Revolutionary" (2012-10-18, []. Article was removed waaay back in 2013, for no reason. Kim Jong Il's grandson actually said this (from the article): Meanwhile, reflecting on his uncle Kim Jong Un, he candidly reveals “I don’t know how he became a dictator”. Videos attached to the article [] [].
* "Yonhap labels North Korean TV fan page official" [] (page erased) documents the embarrassing journalism standards at Yonhap. More about the scandal, at "Live from Pyongyang, it’s KCTV on Facebook … or maybe not" (2013-06-10, []
* "Insane Korean stunt fighting is way better than Hollywood" (2012-11-07, [], attached videos [] [] []
* This article [], now erased, was simply a re-post of the following article: "N. Korean college praises merits of electronic banking system" (2015-01-31, []
* "UN says DPRK not cooperating with human rights investigation UN received "a polite but negative response" from the North Korean government" (2013-07-07, [], attached video []
* "Jailed in North Korea – one year on" (2012-07-31, [] [begin excerpt]: NK News: It has been said that businessmen visiting the DPRK have more freedom than regular tourists, was this the case for you?
Willem van dervan der Bijl: I don’t know for sure, but I think because they are in need of attracting foreign business, they may be  a little less rigid. As I said, I was always accompanied by   local friends, I never had “real” minders. My friends, in fact, were my minders, but because of our relationship, it didn’t work as the state had wanted it to work. During my last stay, I found out for the first time, the two/three people from my branch office also wrote, individually, pages full of the things we had done during the day. These reports were written twice, one copy for the secret police and one for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
NK News: Can you tell us a little about some of the places you went to outside of Pyongyang?
Willem van der Bijl: Besides Nampo, Mount Myohyang, Mount Paektu, Wonsan, Kaesong and Pyongson City, I don’t remember the names of all the small villages we visited on our search for joint ventures. My favourite place to go was Mount Myohyang in the North. We stayed there in a local hotel in the village which was not so strictly supervised by the secret police because there were (almost) never any foreigners. Besides that, we were able to visit the mountains together (always with a girl from the hotel) but she was not really listening in, so we were able to talk about all kind of things without any control. [end excerpt]

* "Pastor: Young N. Korean defectors can bridge the gap; Many refugees become Christians, despite seeing similarities in religion, North Korean ideology" (2015-09-03, []

* "Joseph Kim: The family I lost in North Korea. And the family I gained" (2013-06, TEDGlobal 2013) []. He says "Over a million North Koreans died of starvation in that time"
Recent research suggests the likely number of excess deaths between 1993 and 2000 was about 330,000. Read "A Reassessment of Mortality in North Korea, 1993-2008" (2011-03-28, Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau) (.pdf) []

* "The Interview with Priest Choi Jae-Young: 'Wi-Fi is usable everywhere in Pyeong-Yang' " (2015-09-04, [] [begin excerpt]: Mun: I see. Now Let's buckle down to today's topic. As you might have heard, there has been an arrest case of a Korean-Canadian Priest Lim Hyun-Soo by North Korean authority, on which, recently has been hold to the press conference. Any details of the affair?
Choi: As reported, Priest Lim had hold the press conference at Bongsu Church where he confessed his sin. And I've come to know the crime he had committed through the press interview.
Tracing back to the past, Priest Lim has visited North Korea more than 110 times to assist North Korea and participated as well in health and welfare enterprises. And what he has done must be appreciated. However, unfortunately, his ministry has only done based on a rather religiously conservative point of view. The thing is that he did not consider North Korea as the independent partner for national reconciliation and gave lectures based on that conservative point of view. And I guess North Korean government has posed them problem.
Mun: Then, Has he done missionary work in North Korea?
Choi: During his lectures or his sermons, the large quantities of offensive mentions on North Korea Society, on topics such as its system, regime or the leader have been reported. Therefore, his visit was banned by North Korean government 2 or 3 years ago and several official warnings were given to him. But he obstinately went against it, which developed into a problem. [end excerpt]

* DON’T TAKE NOTES IN NORTH KOREA OR YOU WILL BE EXECUTED! (2015-09-01 note by Felix Abt): Trash for cash & fame - North Korea book author Suki Kim: "I was risking execution if caught taking notes” (in North Korea). Read more at "Writer Risks Life Reporting From Inside North Korea" (2015-09-01, []. I lived much longer than her in North Korea, took notes all the time, and should have been executed numerous times if we were to believe her. A Capitalist in North Korea []. Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) []
- Reuben Teo: My wife helped me take notes while we were in the DPRK last year. We're still here and well.
- Aram Pan: I've got notes, photos and videos. I'm still around
- Emil Truszkowski: Dear Aram, you are in danger. Burn everything. Don't risk your life so much for us.
- Jae Beom Kim: Another idiot promoted by media. Hundreds thousands of smart people who have good idea on North Korea rarely get media attention.
- Tim Hidori Johnson: Clearly the KWP hacked his account when he brought his computer to the DPRK, executed him, and is impersonating him so as to spread their vile propaganda. Don't be fooled!
- Wes Man: A little critical short on details. How did she get the gig as an American English teacher? I tried that route and was turned down flat. No Americans, you are all dangerous CIA assets, etc etc.....How did she do it? Are they accepting American english teachers now? Hope they do in fact listen in and archive my lessons, no problem, so that they might actually learn something. I promise i'll sing Johnny Cash songs every night all night long and accompany myself on guitar until whoever's listening's to the bug ears and nose start bleeding. I'm up for the gig and I'll even promise not to write a book and get paid for it, so where do i sign up? //////////// Would be "shot" -- that's rich. #TheyShootEnglishTeachersDontThey ? Kept data on USB stick? Oi she lucked out. - run axcrypt next time.
- Jon Doe: First of all, she lied to the DPRK government as to why she was there. Second, as far as I know it's not a crime in the DPRK to keep a personal diary or to even write down your personal thoughts. I smell a lot of bullshit with this one.
- Peter Twigg: You just have to laugh at some of the crazy reports about the DPRK. It is widely reported that you can't take photos in the country, but when I went there I took more photos than I have ever done on any foreign trip before. I also had three English speaking news channels in my hotel room and, best of all, even my English electrical plugs fitted the sockets in the room, so I could recharge the laptop that I was supposed not to be able to take into the country either! I knew the English football scores as the final results came in live on TV. Isolated? Cut off from the rest of the world? You only have to be there for 24 hours to realise that it is a vastly different place for how some people in the West like to portray it.
- Lorenzo Ramírez: "DON’T TAKE NOTES IN NORTH KOREA OR YOU WILL BE EXECUTED!" So, I must executed 5 times in my journey XDDD
- Mike Bassett: A trash for cash ajjuma "risked her life" taking notes at PUST, sabotaging DPRK's critical thinking academy in the name of countering idealogical indoctrination? Am I missing something? It is ironic that she named her book after a song about idealogical indoctrination, while doing her best to sabotage one of the only critical thinking programs in the country. She's a complete moron and is to be globally shunned, not praised.
- Adam Hyde: I read about her and also her book (online for free). The book itself was so-so at best as it really didn't give any new insight into the DPRK rather it was mainly her experience, her connection to Korea as a Korean American and her opinions. I have very little respect for her as she betrayed her co-workers and supervisors as she agreed in a written contract not to write about her experiences or slam the regime. As Felix Abt said above, it was trash for cash (and fame). I am glad that her book didn't do well. There is nothing wrong in my opinion with talking or writing about your experiences HOWEVER if you sign a contract in which you agree not to and risk putting your colleagues in danger and/or ruining this program for others in the future, then you're scum. Sorry for the harsh words, but that is how I feel about her. If they didn't execute Kenneth Bae for spreading religious doctrine, they aren't going to execute her for basically regurgitating what the outside already knows about the DPRK and the Elite knows that we know. Again, there wasn't much new information about the regime in her book. I guess if you knew absolutely nothing about the DPRK, it would have been useful material. Like I said, I read it and other than her personal views and experience there is nothing new. She talks about loyalty to the Kims, a bit of the history of Korea, the social-conditioning in NK, the elite, power outages and all the other information that has been available to us for many years. There was nothing breaking or useful and it wasn't even interesting in terms of entertainment.

Ash Chetri's debating skills lack merit, but show how willfully ignorant people will debate in circles when presented with valid perspectives...
- Ash Chetri: I think perhaps this is a bit misleading, she was in danger of being executed because she posed as an English teacher - not because she was taking notes. Although, both are equally concerning to me. I don't think she's done anything wrong here, maybe the story has put the emphasis on the wrong angle.
- Yi Quan: Are you kidding me? done nothing wrong? Being English teach in DPRK is not dangerous at all, in fact there are many volunteers teaching in PUST right now. She said she was in danger perhaps because she was faking from the beginning till the end. She has betrayed her students, the principal who had so much trust on her, as well as her colleagues who were really there to teach. she has shown how selfish and shameless a person can be for money and fame.
- Ash Chetri: Only if you're looking into it as a North Korean would. In the real world, she's done nothing wrong. You even presume she was faking it... That says it all.
- Yi Quan: Ash Chetri, if you got a job in any government agency faking your identity and try to get information out for whatever reason you might give, you are consider a spy. nothing wrong? you gotta be kidding me
- Ash Chetri: A crime worthy of execution? Again, we all know full well from our perspective that she isn't in espionage, let's not be intellectually dishonest here. She is writing to report on human rights abuses in North Korea, which should be encouraged not criticised.
- Yi Quan: Execution is what she said, any proof? more like a pr stunt to attract public attention to sell her rubbish book. just like another celebrity defector YeonMi Park claiming Kim Jong Un hates her, which i doubt if KJU even know such a person exist.
and pls be intellectually honest here, spies do get executed in any country. and of course, i hope her dishonesty faking as English teacher fooling everyone and sabotaging of the newly set up PUST which is to bring engagement, should be encouraged, not criticized.
- Ash Chetri: I wouldn't worry about that. It's inconceivable that this relatively small situation would jeopardise the existence of PUST. While the rest of the country starts their rolling blackouts, only a handful of important sites including PUST have their electricity still on. It's a sign of the University's importance to the state - they need Western education to educate their elites, just like how Kim Jong Un was educated. You ask for proof, yet you hurl words such as 'fake' and 'pr stunt'... Okay.
- Yi Quan: Of course you would't worry about that, because you don't give a damn about the country and people living there. That's how massive anti-DPRK propaganda worked, creating countless useful idiots that continue to support the sanction and embargo on a sovereignty nation and further isolating the nation, not knowing that might be the biggest human right violation. Well, if you have no proof to back your claim, it's nothing more than trolling and shouldn't be taken seriously.
- Ash Chetri: Can we have a mature debate, or are you going to act childish like this all the way through?
- Yi Quan: show me your mature with proof to back your claim. Or at least show similar example of execution on American citizen caught spying in the country before.
- Ash Chetri: I don't know why you're asking this, the proof is in the testimony of the girl who just spent 6 months in the country teaching the country's elites. Apart from Felix who spent 7 years there, you should be wise not to quickly dismiss it as 'pr stunt'. And just because I'm pointing out that political execution is wrong in North Korea, doesn't mean I support it in America. That's what you would call a false dichotomy.
- Yi Quan: Nothing to prove she will get executed, and you are using that as a fact to form your argument. Is that your logic?
- Ash Chetri: I give up with you.
- Yi Quan: Oh that's so mature of you.

Meanwhile in capitalism...
they probably haven't been to the Philippines back in 2010 that country was the most dangerous nation to be in as a journalist and it's a "vibrant democracy" according to the west.

* "North Korea video shows two on trial for watching American films" (2015-09-04, []. Nine months of labor training is quite different than the current defector narrative of people getting summarily executed, and three generations of five families closest to them being downgraded a Songbun for this violation. It is entirely plausible to me that this could be fake footage. I've seen the NIS fake some more advanced stuff than film. Feel free to point out anything fake about the video. I'm obviously watching this story very closely because it's been all the rave amongst human rights fanatics. They're so excited about it they forgot this years narrative, brought courtesy of Hyeon-seo Lee who claims that way back in 1990, she saw public executions for the same offense. The irony is that half of Hyesan probably had DVD's thanks to human rights groups and missionaries. Score one for the blood on their hands.
I find it hysterically funny that the HRNK's are all so excited to see North Korea that they're spreading this video like wildfire despite the fact that it completely contradicts their "2015 Propaganda Line" purported by Hyeon-seo Lee who's entire message is that crime in North Korea is now more ruthless than ever despite her not living there for 25 years and having no clue what she's talking about. HRNK's should consider their propaganda line before they get too exited and start posting stuff all over the place that wholly exposes their lies.
Even more twisted than that, is the fact that they host 1/2 million dollar dinners about how there are starving and homeless people in NK - less than a block away from the starving and homeless people in DC! This pic [] showing a homeless encampment was taken on GWU property, under a bridge near the Kennedy Center for Performing arts, just this morning.  And they say their advocacy is humanitarian, not political! Lmao

* "Crossing the Line" documentary [] about a USA Army soldier who defected to DPRK

As long ago as 1989, A representative for the DPRK promised relaxed oversight, allowing "foreign investors [to] operate casinos, nightclubs or Japanese lounges" [], ("Western decadence hits N. Korea", 1990-06-09, by Oh Kwee Ngor, Japan Economic Journal)

* "Street stalls show shifting face of North Korean economy" (2015-09-01, AP Newswire) []

* Cigarettes available in the DPRK include famous USA brands, two photo [] []. Expat (foreigner residing in the DPRK) writes:
- Yes u can find it easily- they used to have many at Pyongyang shop and in some restaurants in the city. They are expensive though. Local brands are cheaper. Koreans smoke local cigarettes but u can find camel, Marlboro easily. It's not a big news that...people post really strange photos from North Korea...  The very same brand i checked, camel, was cheaper inDPRK than in Italy! just 2 Euros or 280 won, cheap stuff. We don't have those in most of stores in Bosnia, and we are Capitalist, democratic country.
[Why doesn't the DPRK produce local marijuana cigarettes?]
- Weed in DPRK is actually looked down upon as an outdated tradition. It's something older people, farmers, and people who live in the mountains smoke. So the younger generation kinda looks down on it like a old past time. Similar to how we look down to old fashioned Morse code and rotary phones compared to our newer touch screen phones.

One of gas station in Pyongyang - This one is located in Munsudong district. The gas stations always opens 24 hours a day, and the waitresses are women, even in the night shifts

Democratic Republic of Laos
DPR LAO 2015


Towards a People's Republic of the Philippines
[] []

* "Jose Maria Sison on 2016 Presidential Elections" (2015-09-05, []

Bangsamoro (including MNLF; MILF; ARMM)
* "Bangsamoro Republik? Philippine Separatists Seize Territory (map)" (2013-09-18, []
* "A peace agreement in Mindanao: A fragile peace, a long-running insurgency may at last be coming to an end" (2014-02-01, []

Republic of Indonesia
* "The Act of Killing": New Film Shows U.S.-Backed Indonesian Death Squad Leaders Re-enacting Massacres" (2013-07-19, [], watch the video []

Commonwealth of Australia
Map []


Occupied State of West Papua 
More info at [], [], []

* "NO - We are not Indonesian. YES - We are West Papuan" statement from West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda on Indonesian independence day as not including West Papua (2015-08-07) [], []
* "Reinscription of West Papua as a Colonised State and People" legal statement ( []

* Print Free West Papua leaflets and other materials (, intro [], materials [], most are in (.pdf) format

* "For West Papuans, Indonesian independence day 2015 was a day of bloodshed" (2015-08-19, []. Benny Wenda has written this statement as a condolence message after the deaths of 54 people in the Oksibil plane crash in West Papua, and the murder of West Papuan man Fredi Wenda by the Indonesian military. Both happened on 16th August (Indonesian Independence Day) which West Papuans refused to participate in. Read the comments at [].

* (2015-08-28, Free West Papua Campaign) []:
News from ABC Australia []. Relative of Nobel peace prize nominee Benny Wenda was tortured and stabbed to death by the Indonesian security forces on Indonesian independence day. Fredi Wenda was murdered by Indonesian soldiers to send a message to West Papuan leaders.
The Indonesian government regularly tortures and murders the family members of West Papuan leaders to try and intimidate them. The Indonesian government always lies to the world about what they do in West Papua.
Benny Wenda []: "I know that the Indonesian military is targeting my family to target me. 2 weeks ago I made a statement saying that we West Papuans will not celebrate Indonesian Independence Day because we are not Indonesian. The Indonesian military want to show me: I can make a statement about not celebrating Indonesian Independence day but my family, they can kill any time. That is what they do. Neither I nor my people will be terrorized into submission by Indonesian state brutality against us."

* Watch this short documentary from Al Jazeera about how the Indonesian government kidnapped and tortured the daughter of West Papuan leader Edison Waromi. The Indonesian government injected Edison Waromi's daughter in the forehead with unknown substances.

* "We will never forget Martinus Yohahme" (2015-08-28, Free West Papua Campaign) []: Almost exactly 1 year ago today, on 26th August 2014, West Papuan leader Martinus Yohame was found tied up in a sack at sea after being kidnapped, tortured and shot dead by the Indonesian special forces.
Despite calls by Amnesty International and many others all around the world, there was no proper investigation into his murder and there has been no justice ever since.
His only "crime" was to state that he refused the visit of the Indonesian President to West Papua. Just for this he was tortured, murdered and dumped at sea.
* "Benny Wenda’s Statement on murder of Papuan leader Martinus Yohame" (2014-09-01, [] [begin excerpt]: Martinus Yohame was a true freedom fighter of the West Papuan people who died not for himself but for the whole nation. He will be missed by us all.
Martinus was the Chairman of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) in Sorong and always mobilised the Papuan people to resist Indonesian State oppression.
On 20th August 2014, he gave a press conference, declaring that the people of West Papua refused the Indonesian president (who was arriving near the Sorong Region).
Martinus always called publicly for a Free West Papua and strongly condemned Indonesia’s destruction of our natural environment.
Just for making such comments, Martinus was kidnapped by suspected members of the Indonesian security forces the next day.
His body was found on 25th August, floating in the sea after he was tied up and shot several times, with his face smashed in.
How can the Indonesian government claim to be a democracy when they commit such evil brutality against peaceful activists?
When I hear about the murders of more and more of my people, I am always full of sadness and grief.
How can they do this to human beings? [end excerpt]

* (2015-08-04, Free West Papua Campaign) []:
A map of the more than 1000 languages in West Papua and Papua New Guinea, the most linguistically diverse place in the world. There are 851 languages in Papua New Guinea and 276 in West Papua but new research shows that 30 more languages in West Papua are threatened and 5 have more been "killed" by the Indonesian language. This is systematically being imposed. A new article [] by West Papuan media TabloidJubi says that "Indonesian (language) is used to build nationalism" and that due to the millions of Indonesian "transmigrants" in West Papua, Papuans are learning the Javanese language before their own. Handro Yonathan Lekitoo, an Anthropology Lecturer in West Papua says "If people have not felt the language as an identity, the language itself forgotten. People no longer have her identity as Papuans. The Papua nation is endangered. The language indicates the nation. No language means no nation," he said. Lekitto says, this threat is very serious and that local schools need to teach Papuan children in the local language.  Engelbertus Surabut, chairman of the Regional Indigenous Council Lapago said the extinction of languages is increasing evidence of the extinction of the Papuans. Papuans are increasingly clear as to what their future without regional language will be. "The stories of the civilization of Papuan lives will be lost. Gone is the future of Papua, the Papuan people need awareness using local languages". The destruction of Papuan language and identity is just one of the ways in which the Indonesian government is systematically trying to wipe out West Papuan nationhood and continue its brutal and illegal occupation of the country.


* "Culture of West Papua: Papuan Woman" photo (2015-08-27, Free West Papua Campaign) []: In West Papua we want to be free people. Man and women, old and young, from the beaches to the mounatins we all want to be free people. Free West Papua!!

* Free West Papua poem written by Jilame, a West Papuan activist (2015-07-27) []

* Comments from Apner Hegemur, of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) in Fakfak []. Original article []: "Whenever ministers from Jakarta come to West Papua our people see and feel that Indonesian has colonised us. Look at the TV or Media Print, they are always with their guards and their security forces armed with equipment, as if Papuans are criminals. They did not come to hear feedback from our aspiration but rather to show their military strength. If Jakarta wants to know our aspirations they should ask the Indonesian police who served in Papua to say what really happened in Papua. They always hear every sound and voice of the people of Papua. Both through the action of the demonstration and their own gunfire the Indonesian police in West Papua are always at odds with their conscience as human beings."
* photo (2015-08-14) []: This statue of an Indonesian soldier being carried by tiny West Papuans was made by the Indonesian government and still stands in West Papua as a permanent reminder of the slavery and oppression our people are living under. West Papua is a COLONY of Indonesia which was ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED in the 1960s and we will NEVER FORGET the oppression and brutality of the Indonesian regime that still continues to this day. Please help us to break the chains of slavery in West Papua, tear down Indonesia's colonial rule and be free people once again.

* "Indonesian police and plain clothes intelligence intimidate West Papuan people again today and arrest the KNPB chairman for Merouke" (2015-08-03, KNPBNews) []

* "Summary of events in West Papua for June (to July 7) 2015" (2015-07-07, News from Australia West Papua Association []

* "Hundreds more Indonesian soldiers sent to West Papua on Sunday 15th August" (2015-08-17, Free West Papua Campaign) []

* "These people are among the 11 West Papuans who were shot by the Indonesian police in Tolikara last Friday" photo (2015-07-26, Free West Papua Campaign) []: They shot another 15 year old West Papuan boy dead on the same day. At least 5 of the 11 people still alive are still awaiting medical treatment after more than a week of having police bullets still inside them. They were shot after a religious dispute which the Indonesian police immediately tried to stop by opening fire on the West Papuans present. Indonesia's illegal occupation of West Papua criminalises Papuan life and over half a million Papuans have been killed since Indonesia invaded in 1963. This genocide will only be stopped when West Papua is finally free an independent.

* "40 West Papuans in Fakfak have been arrested and are still behind these Indonesian prison bars, all just for peacefully supporting The United Liberation Movement for West Papua - ULMWP", photo (2015-07-13, Free West Papua Campaign) []

* "West Papua police get massive boost of firearms, vehicles" (2015-07-08, [], comments from Free West Papua Campaign and supporters []

New article from Australia. Please read. West Papuans face ignorance, corruption and racism from Jakarta. Indonesia claims there is "still a lot more land" in West Papua they can take and give to more Javanese transmigrants. Indonesia to divide West Papua into small provinces "for security reasons, to guard this 'huge area' against 'foreign intervention".
* "The stories we never hear from Papua" (2015-06, intro [], part 1 [], part 2 [], part 3 [], part 4 [], part 5 [], part 6 [], part 7 []

* "If you are a journalist please go to West Papua and see if the military and intelligence will allow you to investigate and report freely" (2015-05-11, Free West Papua Campaign) []
* "Indonesian press are reporting that foreign media will not have free and open access to West Papua. Conditions will apply. Journalists to be told what they are not allowed to report on" (2015-05-11) [] [begin excerpt]: Journalists will not be allowed to write things that "contain slander or vilify-disfigure the Indonesian government"  TNI indonesian military likely to have final say on which journalists are allowed to report. [end excerpt]
* "After international pressure, today the Indonesian President has claimed that all foreign journalists are now free to report in West Papua without travel restrictions" (2015-05-10, Free West Papua Campaign) []
* "Indonesia releases five West Papuan political prisoners as president pledges reforms" (2015-05-10, []
* "Indonesia frees prisoners and lifts media curbs in Papua" (2015-05-09, []

* "We are sorry to report the death of another West Papuan freedom fighter: Tony Kobak" (2015-05-10) []

* "Papua attacks must end - Amnesty" (2015-05-09, []
* "Indonesia told to end attacks on freedom of expression in Papua" (2015-05-08, []

* "Indonesian police send letter threatening to charge people with treason for their action on May 1st to reject the illegal Indonesian annexation of West Papua" (2015-05-08, KNPB News) []


* Free West Papua Campaign-Papua New Guinea to hold a Freedom March in Port Moresby, Sept. 3rd, flier []
* []: PNG and all of Melanesia will not be fully free until West Papua is free. We are ONE PEOPLE, ONE SOUL and we will keep up this struggle until West Papua is finally liberated!
Download a high-resolution version of this image for a rally banner, (.pdf) []


* "West Papuans tortured, killed and dumped at sea, citizens' tribunal hears; Witnesses to the 'Biak massacre' in 1998 tell of alleged atrocities by Indonesian security forces" (2013-12-13, []
For more information, please visit []
* "We never forget the Biak Massacre" (2015-07-06, Free West Papua Campaign) []
* "Justice for Biak. Commemoration of the Biak Massacre being held in Melbourne" (2015-07-06) []
* "Free West Papua activists protested in front of the Indonesian Consulate in Darwin, Australia" (2015-07-22, Free West Papua Campaign) []

* "Australian Foreign Minister speaks to Free West Papua activists on Anniversary of 'Act of Free Choice' " (2015-08-02, []

* Indonesia to use economic warfare against any government hosting West Papua freedom campaigners (2015-05-11) []

* "Indonesian Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives, Fadli Zon calls the international movement for truth and justice in West Papua a "virus" and wants British Prime minister David Cameron to "dissolve" the offices of the Free West Papua campaign in the UK" (2015-07-28, Free West Papua Campaign) [], Indonesian-language article [].
* Statement by British Ambassador Mark Canning, re: the opening of Free West Papua office in Oxford (2013) []
* "Oxford office of Free West Papua group prompts diplomacy row" (2013-05-08, []
* photo (2011-11, Free West Papua Campaign):

* "British PM Cameron’s visit must bring benefits to RI: Lawmaker" (2015-07-27, []
* David Cameron and West Papua, photo (2015-07-26, Free West Papua Campaign) []: Tomorrow British Prime Minister David Cameron will go to Indonesia and meet the Indonesian President.
We hope he will not forget that in 2009, just months before he became British Prime Minister; David Cameron met with West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda and showed support for West Papuan self-determination.
He said the situation in West Papua was "terrible" and described Benny and other Free West Papua Campaign members as "lovely people". Why did David Cameron then travel to Indonesia in 2013 to sell Hawk Jets to the Indonesian government when it was Hawk Jets which bombed Benny Wenda's village in the 1970s?
We hope that when David Cameron goes to Indonesia, he will remember his words and remember the genocide in West Papua.
We hope he will show the support he said he would in 2009 and help the Free West Papua struggle. West Papuans were full of hope that he would support us in 2009 and we hope he will not turn his back on us now.
For more information, please visit [].

* "News from Jakarta. Indonesian president Widodo alleged to have said that West Papua will have a referendum on independence" (2015-07-27,  Free West Papua Campaign) []. Indonesian-language articles on the situation [] [] []

* "A new hopeful chapter in West Papua’s 50-year freedom struggle" (2015-08-25, [] [begin excerpt]: The United Liberation Movement for West Papua - ULMWP's decision to focus on the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) was important for external and internal reasons. Internally, the intermediate objective of securing membership in the MSG immediately became a vehicle for collective action — glue that bonded the newly formed organization together
Public records reveal that the Indonesian government invested $20 million to derail the ULMWP’s campaign.
Relentless unarmed resistance inside West Papua and unprecedented solidarity outside the country — in West Papua’s Melanesian neighbors — has turned West Papua’s long-running struggle for freedom into a cause célèbre in the Pacific.
On June 26, the MSG finally brought West Papua back to the Melanesian family. As Benny Wenda said, “With the region firmly behind us we will now take our message to the world.” [end excerpt]

* (2015-08-11) []: News from the Solomon Islands. Pacific Islands Forum sub-committee recommends to the Pacific islands leaders that,
- a fact finding ministerial group from the Pacific Islands Forum goes to West Papua,
- West Papua be included on the UN Decolonisation List, and
- sanctions be imposed against Indonesian companies and government enterprises found to be committing human rights abuses.
Documents obtained by PACNEWS reveal the Sub-Committee decided to act after an ‘increasing groundswell of support in the region for the people of West Papua'
Read more at "Forum leaders to talk West Papua" (2015-08-08, PACNews) []
* (2015-08-08) original article [], translated [] [begin excerpt]: The Pacific Islands Forum has been urged by it's own Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism (SSCR) to make West Papua a priority issue on the leaders meeting agenda next month. [end excerpt]

* "Letter of condolence after the death of former Vanuatu Prime Minister, Edward Natapei" (2015-07-29, []

* "Vanuatu’s PM breaks silence over West Papua and MSG move on Jakarta" (2015-07-07, []

* "West Papua wins Melanesian Spearhead Group breakthrough" (2015-07-04, []
* photo (2015-07-04, Free West Papua Campaign) []: People of Melanesia standing up for the rights of the people of West Papua. Vice-secretary of the Solomon Islands Solidarity for West Papua Ms Lily Chekana leading the peaceful rally for West Papua in Solomon Island calling upon MSG leaders to bring West Papua back into the Melanesia family. West Papua has a legal right to self determination and de-colonisation. Free West Papua!!

* Statement from West Papuan Political Prisoner Filep Karm about the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) (2015-07-02) []

* "Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare supports West Papua and rejects Indonesia's application to the Melanesian Spearhead Group" (2015-07-01, Free West Papua Campaign) []
* "Melanesians Record Their Big History in Honiara" (2015-06-27, []

* "West Papua could follow same path as the FLNKS: academic" (2015-06-28, []

* "Regarding Indonesian President’s visit to PNG: Melanesian solidarity can resist Indonesian pressure" (2015-05-09, [], meme []

* (2015-05-09, [] [begin excerpt]: After a long struggle of the Free West Papua organization, the summit of Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG Summit) held in the Solomon Islands on June 5, 2015 has the potential to be a milestone in with West Papua becoming a second East Timor. [end excerpt]

* "West Papua rally: Port Moresby governor defies PM and raises independence flag" (2013-12-01, []
* "Reinscription of West Papua as a Colonised State and People" (2013, by Powes Parkop) []
"The foundation of Indonesia's claim to rule in West Papua is based on fraud and lies", Powes Parkop, Master of Law, Governor of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. "We will not be silent any more" 1st Dec, 2013.
"The Melanesians of West Papua as a State and a People have never freely exercised their right to self-determination according to international law, according to the Charter of the United Nations and Specific Resolutions of the General Assembly on Decolonisation, including Resolution 1514 and 1541 of the Declaration of the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples"
"This will become a global movement that is unstoppable"

* "The Day of Broken Promise" worldwide rally of solidarity with West Papua [], official event page [], international list of actions as of August 11th [], photo set [] (individual photos not archived).
Events in solidarity across the world:
- International Court of Justice at The Hague, Netherlands []
- Australia [], at Canberra [], at Perth [] photo []
- Solomon Island [], statement by the MP for West Makira []
- London (England) []
- France []
- Spain, at Seville []
- California, at Los Angeles []
- Washington DC []

West Papua Solidarity, worldwide!
* Poland []
* Ghana [] [begin excerpt]: An MP in Akronpong, Ghana signs a Free West Papua petition calling upon the Ghanaian government to restore its support for West Papua that was given in 1969. [end excerpt]
* Free West Papua Campaign Ghana presents-Freedom tour for West Papua []
* Cowley Road Carnival (UKGB), photo [], article []
* Australia: Punks for West Papua benefit show (2015-07-01) []
* photo (2015-08-25) []: Free West Papua Campaign (Nederland) met with Dutch Sculptor E. Pietersen who has recently made 2 Free West Papua sculptures at the Gemeente Museum in the Hague. Video [], more information [].

* "Examining Apartheid and Slavery in Indonesian Occupied West Papua" (2015-08-18, Free West Papua Campaign) [], photos []. The article cites the following sources:
- "West Papua Information Kit" ( []
- "In this jungle unnoticed executions find hundreds of Papuans place" machine translated [], original []
- []
- Benny Wenda biography []
- "Indonesian Human Rights Abuses in West Papua: Application of the Law of Genocide to the History of Indonesian Control" (.pdf) []

* "Genocide and political fraud in West Papua, Melanesia" excerpts from the report of Asian Human rights commision (2015-07-15) []. Read the full report here (.pdf) []

* "West Papuans in Manokwari holding a mass rally in the 1960s before the country was illegally occupied by Indonesia" photo (2015-07-25) []: 43 years ago today, the Indonesian government was forcing 1,026 hand picked West Papuans at gunpoint to vote for joining Indonesia on behalf of almost 1 million West Papuans. Indonesia calls this "vote" the "Act of Free Choice" but we call it the Act of NO Choice and demand a real independence referendum for all West Papuans as promised to us by the United Nations. Australian journalist Hugh Lunn as well as West Papuan elders describe the situation on this video: [].
* "Ahmad Zainuddin, a member of the House of Representatives, claims that West Papuan people voted to join Indonesia with the 1969 Act of free choice" (2015-07-30, Free West Papua Campaign) []
* "Indonesia's 1969 Takeover of West Papua was Not by 'Free Choice' " ( []. Free West Papua Campaign writes: Officially declassified documents from the USA National security archive proves that Indonesia's claim to sovereignty over West Papua is based on fraud, violence and lies. U.S. officials understood at the outset that Indonesia would never allow a meaningful act of self-determination to take place. [begin excerpt]: The Archive's postings include a confidential February 1968 cable from U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Marshall Green []. Following a conversation with Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik about the situation in West Irian, Green concluded that conditions in the territory are "far from satisfactory and deteriorating." A subsequent cable [] reported that Indonesia is "belatedly and almost desperately seeking to develop support among the peoples of West Irian" for the "Act of Free Choice."
A consular trip to West Irian in early 1968 [] observed that "the Indonesian government directs its main efforts" in the territory to "maintaining existing political facilities and suppressing political dissent." Because of neglect, corruption and repression at the hands of Indonesian authorities, Western observers agreed almost unanimously that "Indonesia could not win an open election" and that the vast majority of West Irian's inhabitants favored independence.
In July of 1968 the UN-appointed Ambassador Fernando Ortiz Sanz arrived in Jakarta as the Secretary General's Special Representative for assisting Indonesia with the West Irian plebiscite, as called for by the 1962 New York Agreement.
A confidential cable from the U.S. Embassy to the State Department [] outlined the stakes in the upcoming "Act of Free Choice." While cautioning that the U.S. government "should not become directly involved in this issue," Ambassador Green worried that Ortiz Sanz or other UN members might "hold out for free and direct elections" in West Irian, frustrating Indonesia's intention to retain the territory at all costs. Consequently, U.S. and other Western officials worried about the need to meet with Ortiz Sanz [] to "make him aware of political realities." In a confidential October 1968 Airgram [] the U.S. Embassy reported with relief that Ortiz now "concedes that it would be inconceivable from the point of view of the interest of the U.N., as well as the GOI, that a result other than the continuance of West Irian within Indonesian sovereignty should emerge."
The Indonesian government firmly rejected the possibility of a one-person, one-vote plebiscite in West Irian, insisting instead on a series of local 'consultations' with just over 1,000 hand selected tribal leaders (out of an estimated population of 800,000), conducted in July 1969 with between 6,000-10,000 Indonesian troops spread throughout the territory. As the U.S. Embassy put it in a July 1969 telegram []: "The Act of Free Choice (AFC) in West Irian is unfolding like a Greek tragedy, the conclusion preordained. The main protagonist, the GOI, cannot and will not permit any resolution other than the continued inclusion of West Irian in Indonesia. Dissident activity is likely to increase but the Indonesian armed forces will be able to contain and, if necessary, suppress it."
Ambassador Frank Galbraith noted on July 9, 1969 [] that past abuses had stimulated intense anti-Indonesian and pro-independence sentiment at all levels of Irian society, suggesting that "possibly 85 to 90%" of the population "are in sympathy with the Free Papua cause." Moreover, Galbraith observed, recent Indonesian military operations, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds, possibly thousands of civilians, "had stimulated fears and rumours of intended genocide among the Irianese."
President Nixon and national security adviser Henry Kissinger visited Jakarta in July 1969 while the "Act of Free Choice" was underway. Improving relations with Indonesia's authoritarian regime was clearly uppermost in the mind of Kissinger, who characterized Suharto as a "moderate military man … committed to progress and reform." [end excerpt]

* West Papua patriots raising the flag, photo (2015-07-09, Free West Papua Campaign) []
* photo [], caption: The rebel group Free Papua Movement or the Organisasi Papua Merdeka (OPM), train somewhere deep in the jungle between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Photo: Andreas Stahl


* "Isolated" is a surf film following 5 world class surfers searching for undiscovered waves in West Papua. When they find out about the genocide and illegal occupation, they are determined to Take Action and expose the atrocities. For more information about Isolated, please visit their website []. Big thanks to all the team at Isolated for making this great surf film showing the world the truth about what is happening in West Papua. Surfers can also find out how they can help West Papua by visiting Surfers for West Papua [].


* (2015-08-04) []: Bob Marley's music is actually banned in West Papua to this day.
West Papuans have been forced to cut off their Dreadlocks.
But support from musicians and people in the music industry around the world is growing & growing.
Just yesterday, the mighty Junior Marvin, Bob Marley's guitarist, and frontman of Junior Marvin's Wailers joined in solidarity in London.
We'd like to say a massive Thank you to him and to all the musicians out there who are speaking up, rising up and joining the movement for a FREE WEST PAPUA. Rize of the Morning Star

"Free West Papua (One People, One Soul)", brand new song from world famous PNG musician George Telek! Listen here ( [], featuring vocals by Leah Rumwaropen and produced by Wantok Musik. George writes,
"Share this song everywhere! Papua New Guinea is the twin nation of West Papua and all our PNG wantoks are rising up to stand up for West Papua's freedom! Big thanks to everyone! Free West Papua!"

* "Free West Papua song at the Pacific Games Closing Ceremony-Sorong to Samarai" (2015-07-18, Free West Papua Campaign):
We are delighted that PNG musician Airileke and others played his song "Sorong to Samarai" at the Closing Ceremony of the PNG2015 Pacific Games a few hours ago, featuring West Papuan and PNG rhythms and showing the spirit of freedom and solidarity.
Watch the rest of the Closing Ceremony Live here: []
Big thanks to Airileke, all supporters and everyone at the Pacific games!
More information at [].

* []: Internationally renowned South African reggae star, Lucky Dube was shot dead in 2007. A vocal supporter of the anti-apartheid movement, in West Papua today his music is a source of inspiration for so many people, fighting for freedom from the Indonesian military regime. His song 'Prisoner' can be heard at demonstrations across West Papua almost every week, with thousands marching on the streets & demanding a stop to the oppression, racism and killing. []
Happy Birthday birthday Lucky Dube! We will always remember you and your incredible commitment for freedom, equality and respect for all. You have inspired so many West Papuans and other Melanesians with your incredible music.
Join us in celebrating the life of this reggae legend by listening to this awesome track 'FREE WEST PAPUA' recorded by 2 of his band members; Thuthukani Cele & Sista Phumi Maduna with Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Benny Wenda for the people of WEST PAPUA.
Free West Papua song here [].
Rest in peace Lucky Dube and may you be blessed, our people will never forget you, you are always in our hearts

* photo (2015-08-04) []: West Papuans gather to give their deep condolences after the death of Mr Edward Natapei, former Prime Minister of Vanuatu who was a hero for the West Papuan struggle. Thank you so much for all you have one for West Papua Mr Natapei, you will always continue to inspire us to struggle on, "May you Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory."
Article [].


Kingdom of Hawai‘i / Occupied State of the Hawaiian Islands
[] []

* "Kanaka Maoli to Feds: ‘Get Out of Our House! Go Home!’; Interior Department receives a resounding "no" to federal recognition of Native Hawaiians" (2014-06-24, [] [begin excerpt]: To help the U.S. Department of the Interior understand how some Native Hawaiians view federal recognition, DeMont R. D. Conner offered this analogy: Your car is stolen. The person who stole the car later apologizes and offers you a bicycle.
The only proper response to such an offer, said Connor, is to insist that the stolen property be returned to its rightful owner.
“Go back and tell your boss, ‘Give ’em back da car!'” he told a panel of Interior officials as the audience that packed the Hawaii State Capitol Monday morning erupted into laughter and hearty applause. Connor’s point was that the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 was a theft. [end excerpt]

* "Allegations of War Crimes Against New Zealand Citizen in Hawai‘i" (2015-07-29, [], accompanied by the video "Academic places spotlight on Hawai'ian sovereignty" []

* "Hawai‘i’s History, International Law and Global Support with Aloha" (2015-08-17, On August 5, 2015, a panel was on Hawai‘i’s history and international law was held at the Wailuku Civic Center, Island of Maui. The panel was moderated by Kale Gumapac and the panelist included Professor Kaleikoa Ka‘eo, University of Hawai‘i Maui College, Dr. Keanu Sai, University of Hawai‘i Windward Community College, Kaho‘okahi Kanuha, teacher at Punanaleo o Kona, and Dexter Ka‘iama, attorney at law. The organizer of the event was Ku‘uipo Naone.
1 [],
2 [],
3 []

* "Denationalization through Americanization" (2015-07-24, []

* Pictorial Gallery #10, Hawai'i Nei ( []:
The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness

Kanaka Maoli… this is our Ancestral Lands!!

Tent Towns filled with Kanaka Maoli… the Indigenous People of Hawai’i Nei


While the Hawai'ian People's flag was introduced around the year 2000, it is based on the original flag of the Hawai'ian nation, according to "Hawaiian National Coat of Arms" ( [] [begin excerpt]: The triangular flag at the fess point, was an ancient flag of the Hawaiian chiefs which was raised at sea, above the sail of their canoes, and the sail at that time being of a peculiar construction, it presented a very beautiful appearance. It was also placed in a leaning position, across two spears in front of the King's house, to indicate both tabu and protection. The name of the flag was Puela and name of the cross on which it lies Alia. [end excerpt]
* "The Hawaiian National Flag and Royal Flag" ( []
* "Native Hawaiian Flag 2001" []
* " 'Original' flag raises debate" (2001-02-12, []

The following is from a self-described sovereignty project [] [], started by a retired USA Army Officer who specialized in psychological operations [].
* "Kingdom of Hawaii Kanaka Maoli call to action for 'peaceful revolution' " ( [] [begin excerpt]: Below is updated information regarding the formal re-instatement of the Hawaiian Nation including the Polynesian Kingdom of Ato’oi, Moku o Kaua’i, “the island that was never conquered” [].
This office serves Na Kanaka Maoli and supports their re-instatement at any and all heads of government that they see fit including the restoration and activation of the Kingdom of Hawaii Consitution. “Ua Mau Ke Ea o Ka Aina i Ka Pono!” The Freedom, the Life of the Land is preserved in righteousness!”
Photo: Hawaii Marshall [].
What does that mean? In part it means that the Kingdom of Hawaii is now free of its oppressors… free from US Occupation according to United States Congressional Law 103-150 [] and many others. Hawaii is and has been and shall remain free in the way of International Law.
As of January 1st, 2012, with the planting of the People’s Flag atop Mauna Kea [], it was proclaimed by Kawika Kala’kau’a, representing both the United States of America and the Kingdom of Hawai’i, that the formal re-instatement of the Kingdom of Hawaii is official according to Ke Akua.
The United States occupation has ended. Now the Kanaka Maoli are in charge and hereby called to action and office. Occupy ‘I’olani Palace according to the Kingdom of Hawaii Constitution.
You have a King and two banners of sovereignty until the people choose a new one. You have a Lawful Hawaiian Government complete with its Executive, Legistlative and Executive Branches. You have highly trained, dedicated and fiercely capable Kanaka Maoli and Kingdom of Hawaii militia known as Na Koa Huna Kupua.
Local, State, National and International Law support and protect the fact that Hawaii was and is its own nation. “It is up to the people to be self-governing.” United States Public Law 103-150 as well as unanimous decision by Legistators of the State of Hawaii uphold the right of Kingdom of Hawaiian citizens (Kanaka Maoli, Nationals, and those born here) as being “free of police harassment” and no longer under the jurisdiction of the United States. [end excerpt]

* "Defend Hawaii Design “HALEKOA” (House of the Warrior)" ( []


research from the Committee for the Study of

* (2015-08-24, Archaeology Magazine): In West Virginia, archaeologists have recovered evidence of the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain, which pitted more than 10,000 union coal miners against thousands of law enforcement officers and coal company guards and remains the country’s largest civil conflict besides the Civil War. Photo [], article [].

* "The Jewish mogul who made black lives matter; Film recalls Julius Rosenwald, who built 5,300 schools for children in the 1900s Deep South" (2015-07-22, JTA) []
* "Aviva Kempner brings to screen the legacy of Julius Rosenwald" (2015-09-04, [] [begin excerpt]: In the early 20th century, Julius Rosenwald was busy funding 5,300 public schools across the segregated South to teach African American students. A co-owner of Sears, Roebuck & Co., he led many philanthropic endeavors, including helping found the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.
Rosenwald should especially be credited with his prophetic vision that something could be done to level the playing field for African American children. From 1915 to 1932, more than 660,000 children were taught at a Rosenwald School.
Filmmaker Aviva Kempner had a vision of her own: to spread the word about Rosenwald’s generous good deeds. She tells his story in her feature-length documentary, “Rosenwald,” a hit at the recent Jewish Film Festival. [end excerpt]

Here is a reference for the (disputed) quote [].

* "On race, arrests, marijuana and ‘the new Jim Crow’ " (2014-08-28, [] [begin excerpt]: Let’s remember that racism was one of the primary factors leading to the prohibition of marijuana. Harry Anslinger, the man leading the charge for cannabis prohibition in the late 1930s, said this: “Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, jazz musicians, and entertainers. Their satanic music is driven by marijuana, and marijuana smoking by white women makes them want to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and others. It is a drug that causes insanity, criminality, and death—the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”
Whew. Racist much? We still find this completely false attitude about marijuana causing violence today. According to the autopsy, Michael Brown had marijuana in his system when he was shot and killed in Ferguson, Mo. Many pundits and bloggers have used this information as a reason to suggest that the presence of weed in his system made Brown more prone to violence. Any pot smoker will tell you that marijuana and violence don’t go together. Hell, weed and violence don’t even like each other. Yet the myth that pot causes violence endures.
Maybe I am tripping, but it seems to me that legalizing marijuana would help end racism, or at least the racial disparities in our prison system. Putting someone in jail for marijuana makes no sense and is a waste of resources. Giving law enforcement an excuse to profile and go after people of color (e.g., New York City’s “stop-and-frisk” policy) is not a good idea.
Listen: 61 percent of the people in jail for drug offenses are black or Hispanic, even though all races use and sell drugs at about the same rate. I bet that if the New York Police Department was to stop and frisk all of the stockbrokers on Wall Street, they would run out of room in the jailhouse.[end excerpt]
* "Arresting Blacks for Marijuana in California: Possession Arrests in 25 Cities, 2006-08" (.pdf) [].
* "Billions of dollars wasted on racially biased arrests" (2013-06, []

Interviewed in 1992 by journalist Dan Baum, author of Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure, full quote in “Truth, Lies, and Audiotape” by Dan Baum (2012), collected in The Moment: Wild, Poignant, Life-changing Stories (Harper Perennial, 2012, ed. Larry Smith)



Tom Stevens, 35, was the leader, spokesman, and public personification of the White Panther Party. Stevens had served time in San Quentin Prison following a 1974 shootout between the White Panthers and the San Francisco Police. The Panthers claimed they were defending themselves against a violent, unconstitutional police raid on their home. The White Panthers believed very strongly in asserting their Constitutional rights. A feature of White Panther street fairs was a huge banner on which was written the entire Bill of Rights.

Abu Gary writes: The Bay Area WPP organizers Tom & Terry Phillips were members of MDM (Movement for a Democratic Military). They met Detroit Annie from the original Michigan WPP at Provo Park in Berkeley, and were inspired to start the Bay Area WPP.
We would drive down early in the am to the wholesale market near Army St and buy pre-ordered food for our Food Conspiracy; we delivered low-markup food to hundreds of folks around the Bay Area. We did and do believe in self-defense.
The SFPD used a credit card to break into the WPP Haight Ashbury commune without a warrant and started to charge up the home's stairs. Tom & Terry fired warning shots above the cop's heads; there was NO SHOOTOUT, and no one was hurt

* "Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971" (2015-03-30, []

* "What Happened to Nina Simone? A new documentary explores the High Priestess of Soul’s inimitable voice in song and activism" (2015-06-26, [] [begin exceprt]: For Simone, who lived next door to Malcolm X in Mt. Vernon, New York, and whose first interaction with Martin Luther King, Jr. involved a heated declaration that her activism was on the “by any means necessary” part of the scale, the tune bore none of the turn-the-other-cheek wholesomeness of other protest songs. “Mississippi Goddam” was also an upshot of Simone’s time spent in the care of intellectual co-conspirators like Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin, and Stokely Carmichael.  Dick Gregory, the comedian, erstwhile presidential candidate, and activist, appears onscreen to doff his cap. “If you look at all the suffering black folks went through, not one black man would dare say ‘Mississippi Goddam.’ We all wanted to say it. She said it.”
In other words, Simone’s brand of activism was like no one else’s. [end excerpt]

* "Noam Chomsky: Reagan Was an ‘Extreme Racist’ Who Re-Enslaved African Americans; The famed scholar blames the drug war for subjugating African Americans" (2014-12-11, []

* "Dangerous Redefinition of ‘Terrorism’ " (2015-09-03, [] [begin excerpt]: The classic definition of terrorism is the intentional killing of civilians to make a political point, as in planting bombs near the finish line of a marathon or crashing commercial jetliners into buildings filled with office workers. Yet, the mainstream U.S. media has broadened the definition to include killing U.S. soldiers or allied troops even those operating in foreign lands.
For instance, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman on Wednesday cited as a supposed example of “Iran’s terrorism” the bombing of the Marine base in Beirut in 1983, “believed to be the handiwork of Iran’s cat’s paw, Hezbollah.” And Friedman is hardly alone in citing the Marine bombing in 1983 as “terrorism” along with Iran’s support for Shiite militias who fought the American occupying army in Iraq last decade.
And, the 1983 case is especially significant because it is a go-to emotional argument in accusing Iran of having “American blood on its hands” and thus unworthy of any normal diplomatic relations. However, when examining the real history behind the Marine barracks bombing, a much more complex and nuanced story unfolds with blame to be apportioned to all sides.
The immediate context for the tragedy was Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the multi-sided civil war raging among Lebanese factions. Israeli invaders reached the Lebanese capital of Beirut in a matter of days as part of a campaign to crush the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Then, after more fighting and protracted negotiations, Israel forced the P.L.O. to leave Lebanon, departing for Tunisia. But the P.L.O. left behind women and children in refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila, where Israeli officers allowed Israeli-supported Christian militia forces to massacre more than 700 and possibly thousands of Palestinian and Shiite civilians, one of the most shocking atrocities of the war.
Into this chaos, President Ronald Reagan dispatched a force of Marines as peacekeepers, but they gradually were pulled into the fighting on the side of Israel and its militia allies.
National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane, who often represented Israel’s interests in the upper echelons of the Reagan administration, convinced the President to authorize the USS New Jersey to fire long-distance shells into Muslim villages, killing civilians and convincing Shiite militants that the United States had joined the conflict.
On Oct. 23, 1983, Shiite militants struck back, sending a suicide truck bomber through U.S. security positions, demolishing the high-rise Marine barracks in Beirut and killing 241 American servicemen. Reagan soon repositioned the surviving U.S. forces offshore.
Though the U.S. news media immediately labeled the Marine barracks bombing an act of “terrorism,” Reagan administration insiders knew better, recognizing that McFarlane’s “mission creep” had made the U.S. troops vulnerable to retaliation.
“When the shells started falling on the Shiites, they assumed the American ‘referee’ had taken sides,” Gen. Colin Powell wrote in his memoir, My American Journey. In other words, Powell, who was then military adviser to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, recognized that the actions of the U.S. military had altered the status of the Marines in the eyes of the Shiites.
Reagan’s redeployment of the Marines offshore also didn’t end U.S. intervention in Lebanon. The tit-for-tat violence in Beirut continued. CIA Director William Casey ordered secret counterterrorism operations against Islamic radicals and dispatched veteran CIA officer William Buckley. But on March 14, 1984, Buckley was spirited off the streets of Beirut to face torture and death.
In 1985, Casey targeted Hezbollah leader Sheikh Fadlallah in an operation that included hiring operatives who detonated a car bomb outside the Beirut apartment building where Fadlallah lived.
As described by Bob Woodward in Veil, “the car exploded, killing 80 people and wounding 200, leaving devastation, fires and collapsed buildings. Anyone who had happened to be in the immediate neighborhood was killed, hurt or terrorized, but Fadlallah escaped without injury. His followers strung a huge ‘Made in the USA’ banner in front of a building that had been blown out.”
In other words, the U.S. government dove into the bloody swamp of terrorism even as it was condemning other parties of engaging in terrorism. But the moral morass that was Lebanon, circa 1982-85, is not what Friedman and other U.S. propagandists describe when they smear Iran as some particularly evil force. Nor does Friedman operate with an objective definition of terrorism.
[end excerpt]

Apparently the well being of a population is not measured by life expectancy, infant mortality rates, social programs, access to healthcare or job security. According to modern fascists, the well being of a population can only be measured by the height of buildings that only 1% of the population can afford to live in.

Only the life-style of the successful capitalists are used to show that capitalism works, unlike what is shown in comparison, which is usually the worst of socialism. Otherwise the benchmark of progress under capitalism would be an overcrowded prison in Mexico or the Philippines.
* Photo []: There are an estimated 68,000 children in Philippine adult prisons throughout one year, with some as young as 9. Most are illegally detained in prison for trivial offences and many are held on mere suspicion with long delays in the justice process. The cells are overcrowded with prisoners having to stand while others sleep on the concrete floor and diseases are spread quickly. Children are weak and malnourished with their daily food allowance being only P33 (approx 30p) while they endure intense heat, lack of ventilation and little exercise or recreation. Having to lean or squat on the floor 24hours a day brings depression, despair and causes mental and physical breakdown combined with the fear of bullying and beatings by guards and inmates. In this environment, youngsters are at the most vulnerable, as sexual abuse by the guards and other prisoners is common place.

More proof that capitalism doesn't work, from the Philippines:
* "Metro Manila has world’s highest homeless population" (2014-05-06, []
* "Homeless Filipino Children Caged, Hidden From Pope" (2015-01-15, []
* "15 million Philippine kids hungry" (2014-10-28, []


Soviet poster suggesting the United States holds up world peace. Text: "The people of the world are waiting!"

Originally, in the USA, anti-Communism was a fringe ideology popular among fascists and their corporate sponsors. After the coup of 1944 in the USA against the "Leftist" Vice-President Henry Wallace, the corporations who helped create Nazi Germany and other fascist states unleashed anti-communist propaganda backed by Federal and state resources, re-imposing Jim Crow laws, dismantling worker's protections, and sponsoring the revival of White Power over the southern States.
Even with all this, anti-Communism as an ideology in the USA was still considered to be "fringe" in the 1950s, as documented in many articles like the one at this link [] [begin excerpt]: As it turned out, Communism proved to be much more terrible than all but a tiny number realized. And yet, for years America's intellectual and cultural elite routinely vilified staunch anti-Communists as McCarthyites, political Neanderthals, reactionaries, bigots, and so forth. The view of Communism and anti-Communism that prevailed among liberal, supposedly "enlightened" Americans during the 1930s and 1940s was perhaps best summed up by Arnold Forster, for many years a top official of the mis-named Anti-Defamation League. In his revealing memoir, Square One (p. 171), Forster wrote: 'The civilized world was more revolted by McCarthyism than by Communism." [Also quoted in a review in the Nov.-Dec. 1993 Journal, p. 42.] [end excerpt]

You know Trotsky spread rumors that Lenin and Sverdlov were behind the death of the Romanov royal family, when actually it was carried out by the Ural Soviets. A Russian Chief investigator confirmed in 2011, that there's no evidence Lenin or Sverdlov gave specific orders for their death. Not that I care over the spilled blood of aristocrats, but the notion that someone high ranking of Jewish descent, Yakov Yurovsky also had a Jewish background, but his authority was extremely limited, was behind the death of the Romanovs has fueled a lot of Anti-Semitism among Czarist White Guard revanchists. For Trotsky to even suggest this is quite opportunistic of him.

* "The 1926 British General Strike" book by Harpal Brar [begin excerpt]:
Not withstanding the supine TUC leadership, the strike was gaining momentum and strength, and the government's attempts to break it through the use of blacklegs were proving futile.
As to the international support of the General Strike, the Soviet trade unions were the first on the scene. The All-union Central Council of Trade Unions (AUCCTU), in addition to sending stirring messages of support, issued instructions to its members to support British workers on vessels in Soviet ports and urged crews of Soviet ships trading with Britain to give active support.
Further, the Soviet trade unions remitted 250,000 roublesto the TUC on 5 May, and, two days later, on 7 May, the AUCCTU sent to the General Council 2m roubled (about £100,000) collected by the Soviet proletariat, only to be informed on 9 May of the General Council's decision to refuse acceptance of this assistance.
The TUC were extremely eager not to upset the British bourgeoisie and went out of the way to show their loyalty to British imperialism by turning down the Soviet assistance.
On 8 May, the British Worker stated: "The report in the foreign press yesterday that an offer had been made by the Russian Trade Unions was confirmed this morning by a definite contribution being offered to the General Council. The Council has informed the Russian Trade Unions, in a courteous communication, that they are unable to accept the offer and the cheque has been returned."
Quite correctly, the Communist Party (CPGB), in the Workers' Bulletin of 10 May, stated that "The refusal of Russian Workers' help is a blow at the wives and children of British workers and a wanton insult to the Russian workers."
In spite of government attempts at blocking foreign aid, such aid di dfind its way from many parts of the world - the biggest contribution coming from the Soviet trade unions, who subscribed £1m for the Miners' Relief Fund, raised through a voluntary levy of Soviet workers. Unlike the General Council, the miners gratefully accepted the fraternal aid from their Soviet comrades.

Soviet scientist Leonid Kupriyanovich, who pioneered very early mobile phone technology

*  (2015-09-05, Mila Kaziyeva):
When we lived in the USSR, we have had a childhood even though we weren't rich, we had an amazing education, education and discipline. Us in schools were taught to respect the senior and to assist and protect junior. We had a mandatory school programme and form, the guys from school graduates out already with serious plans for the future, where will come and where.
And then all the peoples of the were tight group and hospitable, no visa doesn't need, got a ticket and went. No one with each other, don't fight, so many people didn't kill like now, and all had or their houses or apartments which none of of realtors could not take from the lonely people заманив them into a trap.
And now, what's going on? It's some kind of a nightmare. Yes I understand what it was and a lot of negative, but it's still in the memory of the only thing left to do good, and most of all people, fraternal and friendly peoples do not kill each other, and vice versa handing a helping hand.
I myself from tashkent and when there in April 1966, the worst thing happened all the peoples of the um, earthquakes, from all over the USSR came to the rescue and helped to restore the city. Please tell me who will help now Ukraine rise from the ruins, why the peaceful population must suffer? Or what was in chechnya? Why do people have to kill friendly peoples? For What? Who will answer all these questions?

* "Soviet Ukraine in 1988" set of sixty photos [], only use the numbered links (1 to 33) beneath the photos to view the set. Showcasing the lives of "ordinary Citizens" engaged in commerce, religious worship, and family activities. Eye-opening for those who believe the USSR was a tyranny which imprisoned Jews and Christians, or had only breadlines and no markets, or that people were generally miserable.

* "The Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union, 1923–1939" book description ( []: The Soviet Union was the first of Europe's multiethnic states to confront the rising tide of nationalism by systematically promoting the national consciousness of its ethnic minorities and establishing for them many of the institutional forms characteristic of the modern nation-state. In the 1920s, the Bolshevik government, seeking to defuse nationalist sentiment, created tens of thousands of national territories. It trained new national leaders, established national languages, and financed the production of national-language cultural products.
This was a massive and fascinating historical experiment in governing a multiethnic state. Terry Martin provides a comprehensive survey and interpretation, based on newly available archival sources, of the Soviet management of the nationalities question. He traces the conflicts and tensions created by the geographic definition of national territories, the establishment of dozens of official national languages, and the world's first mass "affirmative action" programs.
Martin examines the contradictions inherent in the Soviet nationality policy, which sought simultaneously to foster the growth of national consciousness among its minority populations while dictating the exact content of their cultures; to sponsor national liberation movements in neighboring countries, while eliminating all foreign influence on the Soviet Union's many diaspora nationalities. Martin explores the political logic of Stalin's policies as he responded to a perceived threat to Soviet unity in the 1930s by re-establishing the Russians as the state's leading nationality and deporting numerous "enemy nations." [end excerpt]
* Author's Preface to a collection of articles published on the National Question in 1920 (written 1953) [], articles by J.V. Stalin in chronological order []
* "Marxism and the National Question" (1913-05, by J.V. Stalin) []
* "The October Revolution and the National Question" (1918-11-06, by J.V. Stalin) []
* The Government's Policy on the National Question (1919-01-31) []
* The Policy of the Soviet Government on the National Question in Russia (1920-10-10) []
* "The Immediate task of the Party in the National Question" (1921-02-10, Tenth Congress of the Communist Part of Russia) []
* "The Question of the Union of the Independent National Republics" (1922-11-18, by J.V. Stalin) []
* Fourth Conference of the Central Committee of the R.C.P.(B.) with Responsible Workers of the National Republics and Regions (1923-06-09) []
* "The National Question Once Again" (1925-06-30, by J.V. Stalin) []
* "Revolution in China and Tasks of the Comintern" (1927-05-24, by J.V. Stalin) []
* "The National Question and Leninism" (1929-03-18, by J.V. Stalin) []

* "Stalin 'planned to send a million troops to stop Hitler if Britain and France agreed pact'; Stalin was 'prepared to move more than a million Soviet troops to the German border to deter Hitler's aggression just before the Second World War' " (2008-10-18, []


Neo-reactionary studies:
* "The EU was HITLER'S idea and it proves Germany WON the Second World War, claims new book; The 'fascist' EU was inspired and designed by the NAZIS and is proof Hitler won the Second World War, an outrageous new book is claiming" (2015-08, []

* "Documents on the History of European Integration: Continental plans for European Union 1939 - 1945" book (edited by Walter Lipgens) []:

[pages 55, 56]

[page 56, 57]
Record of discussion at Goring's headquarters, 19 June 1940 20 June 1940

[page 57, 58, 59]

[page 111, 112, 113, 114]

[page 122]
Von Blucher, the German Minister at Helsinki, reported in a telegram of 16 March 1943 that the principles' expounded by Goebbels to foreign journalists on the 13th had aroused lively interest.
According to local press, Reich Minister Goebbels on 13 March announced to foreign journalists following principles for a reconstituted Europe:
(1) Severe measures in occupied territories, forced on Germany by war conditions, would apply only for the duration. New Europe would not be held together by compulsion but achieved on a voluntary basis. No dictatorship over individual European countries.
(2) Individuality of nations would not be suppressed.
(3) AU European countries would be grouped under protection of strong powers to prevent outside interference.
(4) No European country will be compelled to adopt a particular regime. If countries wish to preserve traditional democracy that is their own affair.

[page 122, 123]
Joachim von Ribbentrop
21 March 1943
Subject: European Confederation
I am of the opinion that, as already proposed to the Leader in my previous minutes, we should at the earliest possible date, as soon as we have scored a significant military success, proclaim the European Confederation in quite a specific form. As a foundation ceremony I would envisage inviting all the Heads of State concerned, together with their Governments, to a safe meeting-place such as Salzburg or Vienna, where they would solemnly sign the instrument bringing the Confederation into being. The States immediately concerned would be Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Spain(?). If the Leader should intend to create independent states in the parts of Europe occupied by us, these would be added to the list. In my opinion only a specific measure of this kind would produce the success we are aiming at. The establishment of a European Confederation would have the following Political advantages:
(1) It would dispel the fear of our friends and allies that they might all be placed under German Gauleiters as soon as peace is concluded.
(2) Neutrals would be reassured that they would not be incorporated into Germany at the end of the war.
(3) Italy would be relieved of the fear that powerful Germany might wish to drive her into a corner.'

[pages 126 to 127]:
Foundation of the European Confederation -
The Governments of the German Reich, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Croatia and Spain have resolved to form a European Confederation.
For this purpose the Heads of State of [ ... ] and the Heads of Government of  [ ... ] have met at on [ ... ].  The instrument establishing the European Confederation, which was signed by the plenipotentiaries of the above-mentioned European Governments, includes the following provisions.
(1) In order to give tangible expression to the common destiny of European peoples and to ensure that wars never again break out among them, the States here represented have for all time established a European Confederation.
(2) The members of the Confederation are sovereign states and guarantee one anther's freedom and political independence. The organization of their internal affairs is a matter for the sovereign decision of each of them.
(3) The member nations of the Confederation will jointly defend the interests of Europe in every direction and protect the European continent against external enemies.
(4) The States of the Confederation will conclude an alliance for the defence of Europe, the plans for which will be drawn up in due course.
(5) The European economy will be organized by the member States on the basis of a uniform plan arrived at by mutual agreement. Customs barriers among them will be progressively abolished.
(6) While preserving their national character, the States united in the Confederation will conduct intensive cultural exchanges with one another.
(7) The European States which are not founder members of the Confederation are solemnly invited to join it.
(8) All details of the organization of the European Confederation shall be laid down in a Confederal Act, which will form the subject of consultation after the war by all the Governments converned. [end document]
* "Europe: Handbook of Politics, Culture and European Economics" book (1943) []

The author of the following set of webpages censors the act of certain monopolist corporations in funding and sustaining fascism and Nazi Germany, and the author relies on falsehoods concerning the USSR to show that Nazis were "better" despite the fact that the fascist European Union under Hitler killed tens of millions of civilians in the USSR.... yet, the website is a treasure of truth concerning the multi-national world alliance built by the government of Adolf Hitler, which gives insight into the consolidation of fascism world-wide after the end of World War 2, when fascist vanguards were employed by the USA State Dept. and War Dept., and employed by the same corporations who funded the rise of fascism.
* "Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind", page 1 [], page 2 [], page 3 [], page 4 [], page 5 [], page 6 [], page 7 [], page 8 [], page 9 [], page 10 [], page 11 [], page 12 [].

The multi-national alliance under the direction of the fascist European Union came about after the incorporation of the entire World Empires into the EU jurisdiction, including that of France and of The Netherlands (in Indonesia). An official patch on France's soldiers volunteering for the fascist EU invasion of the USSR had the slogan "One Flag, One Empire", this during the years that Nazi Germany had it's military occupy large areas of the France homeland (1940 to 1944).
 * "The European Volunteer Movement in World War II" ( [] [begin excerpt]: The European Movement takes Shape -
In 1943, the European Volunteer Movement which had been individually developing in the Legions and the Waffen-SS was finally amalgamated and consecrated within the ranks of the Waffen-SS. The spiritual citadel of the "Movement" now became the SS Officers' School at Bad Toelz in Bavaria, which in 1943 established its first "class' (or "inspection") exclusively for West European Volunteers. Previously the volunteers had received no specialized treatment but were treated like Germans. Now all of that changed and a sense of European unity with respect for all nationalities and cultures was openly fostered. Within the next two years, SS-JS Toelz would produce more than 1000 highly motivated European officers from 12 different countries exclusive of Germany.
Bad Toelz was considered the premier officers' training school in World War II and in addition to a thorough training program that featured live ammunition in most field exercises, it offered well-rounded athletic, cultural and educational opportunities. The great opera, musical and theatrical troops of central Europe made frequent visits while the athletic facilities were unsurpassed in Europe. Twelve different coaches, each one either an Olympic or world class champion in his field, supervised a vast sports program that even included golf and tennis. In the academic arena, freedom of speech was not only permitted but encouraged and the writings of such disparate souls as Marx, Hitler, Jefferson and Churchill were openly discussed and debated.
(Image: postcard used with Waffen SS French Legion stamp)
What Bad Toelz produced was literally a "Renaissance man" who was also a top-notch military officer, In early 1945, the staff and students were mobilized into the newly authorized 38th SS Division "Nibelungen," and one of the great ironies of the war took place: a mostly German division was officered by non-German Europeans (the officer cadets) instead of the other way around. Once in action against the Americans in southern Bavaria, the Scandinavians, Lowlanders and Frenchmen found themselves opposing an enemy whom they thought could only have existed on the Eastern Front. Like all of the Waffen-SS units to serve in the west in 1945, "Nibelungen" was soon victimized by numerous "war crimes." Entire companies and battalions were bludgeoned and shot to death after going into U.S. captivity. To date this grisly story has only been revealed in bits and pieces and has-naturally enough-been largely suppressed by the Allied side. However, it is interesting to note that some former members of the Waffen-SS consider it likely that more of their comrades were killed in American captivity than on the battlefield itself!
1944-45: A European Army at War -
The year 1944 opened with the Flemish SS Storm Brigade "Langemarck" fighting a savage retrograde action near Zhitomir in southern Ukraine. Simultaneously the Scandinavian "Nordland" Division and Dutch "Nederland" Brigade were desperately trying to stem a massive Red Army offensive in the Leningrad sector, and the European "Wiking" Division and Belgian Brigade "Wallonien" were going into the "sack" west of Cherkassy. The breakout from the Cherkassy Pocket on the southern Eastern Front was a true epic of heroism: a sacrificial struggle that bound troops of different nationalities firmly together. In the post-war years the survivors have held annual rememberence meetings so that to this day "Cherkassy" remains a living symbol of the European Voluntary Movement.
The spring of 1944 saw the three Baltic SS Divisions fighting with steadfast courage on the eastern boundaries of their countries. In Lithuania, the nucleus for a new SS Division began taking shape under the guidance of former Lithuanian Army generals, but the country was overrun by the communists before the project could be brought to fruition. Against the Anzio beachhead in Italy, the first combat ready Italian SS battalion grimly held its ground against all American breakout attempts. All over Europe, manpower was being voluntarily mobilized into the Waffen-SS to participate in what many people saw as the forthcoming, decisive struggle for the freedom of the continent.
The summer of 1944 saw the "battle of the European SS" on the Narva Front in Estonia. Here, nationals from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Flanders, Holland and Estonia shared the trenches and fought shoulder-to-shoulder to throw the Bolsheviks back off "Orphanage Hill" and "Grenadier Hill." Leon Degrelle personally led a battalion from his "Wallonien" Division in a brilliant defensive action near Tartu on the west shore of Lake Peipus. Near Brody in Ukraine, the 14th Ukranian SS Division fought a life-or-death battle to escape from a Soviet encirclement; only about one-fourth of the Division survived the fighting, but they had acquitted themselves well.
As the year went on, more and more foreign volunteer divisions were formed. This meant that flexible leadership was needed to handle the different cultural distinctions and surprisingly, the Waffen-SS was equal to the task. Although organized religion was kept separate from the Waffen-SS, volunteers from devout Catholic, Moslem, Greek Catholic and Orthodox countries were given total freedom to practice their religions with their own clergy. For morale purposes, ethnic cultural activities were actively encouraged. It was quite a contrast to the way some minority groups were treated in the Allied armies at the time.
Some of the foreign SS divisions composed of Russian and Moslem volunteers had to be disbanded, since the time and personnel needed to develop these units were lacking. By the autumn of 1944 the Waffen-SS European volunteer tally sheet contained the following elements: 2 Dutch brigades, 2 Belgian brigades, 1 French brigade and 1 Italian brigade, (all being transformed into divisions), 2 Croat Moslem divisions, 1 Albanian Moslem division, 2 Hungarian divisions with 2 more in the works that never panned out, 2 Scandinavian/German divisions, 2 Latvian divisions, 1 Estonian division, 2 Russian divisions (both of which would later be transferred to the Vlasov Liberation Army), 1 Ukranian division, 1 Italian/German division, 1 Hungarian/German division, 1 Balkan/German division, 1 Serbian division, numerous ethnic brigades from the Soviet Union, and small detachments of Spaniards, Britons, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Arabs and Indians. The foreign SS units were all suitably supplied with national badges, insignia and unit distinctions. And while there were many volunteers from such neutral countries as Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland they could not be openly designated as such so as not to offend their respective governments.
* "Our Mother, Europe" postcard (1942), exhibiting the unity of the fascist European Union, with a post mark that reads "European France, Paris". The EU is represented by a mother hen roosting her happy brood away from a trap which the lone, discontented "bad" chick is walking into expecting other to follow, representing the British Empire.

* "List by nation and unit" []: It is estimated that anywhere from 400,000 to 1,000,000 non-German volunteers and conscripts served in the Waffen SS (the SS Army of Germany), while millions more volunteered for service as various auxiliaries of the Axis war effort.
Plus the many Arab volunteers of the Waffen SS 'Free Arabia' legion ('Freies Arabien'), whose members countries of origin ranged from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq, plus quite a few obscure others (like Senussi and Tuaregs and various desert Arab tribes and peoples).
In the closing days of the war, about 100 Arab soldiers under Major Schacht, in the 25th Parachute Regiment of the 9th Parachute Division, would even fight in defense of Berlin, right at its doorstep with their German comrades. Major Schacht wrote of their enormous courage, praising his Arab men for saving his life on numerous occasions.
The Russian people contributed greatly to the Axis cause as well. Modern research indicates that up to 1,500,000 Russian citizens volunteered. Almost 300,000 of those were found in combat units, while the rest were various auxiliaries and police formations.
Germany also had many Axis partners who fought beside its courageous soldiers. Countries like: Italy, Japan, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Finland ('co-belligerent'), Serbia, San Marino, Iraq, Albania and Thailand (who became a formal ally of Japan on 1-25-42).
Many Axis allies were to be found in occupied or liberated countries as well. Countries like Norway (under Vidkun Quisling's regime), Russia (under General Vlassov and others), Denmark, Ukraine, Greece, Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia... the list goes on and on.
There were also large numbers of supporters in unlikely places like America and Britain. The American Bund party rallies were so large they looked like they were held in Germany! And of course, many countries of South America were friends to the Axis countries. [end excerpt]
* "US volunteers in the Waffen-SS" ( [] []
* map (1945-01-02)

Posters published during the Fascist European Union's invasion of the USSR

* (1941-07-19)

* Victory: (1) The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia []; (2) The Realm of Germany

* (1) Hungary; (2) Spain: "Blue Division: On the roads of Russia, Spain fights with valor"

* "Victoria para Europe (Victory for Europe)" booklet (1941-10-03) []
 * (1) "Victory: The Grand European Crusade"; (2)  "Under your flag, the LVF fights for Europe"
* stamp, "Expeditionary Corps of the Legion of French Volunteers against Bolshevism"

* Ukraine: (1) "The 22nd of June, 1941, started the Liberation from the Soviet Terror. Help to establish a New Order in Europe"; (2) "Meet future with confidence"

The poster celebrates the collaboration of forces from Romania, Lithuania, Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium), Cossacks, Norway, Slovakia, Finland and Hungary

* "The Walloons fight for the Liberty of Europe" []

More posters for the Wallonia Free Legion: [] [] [] []
* Stamps for Léon Degrelle and the Walloon Legion []
* "Hitler, born at Versailles" by Wallonia Free Legion founder Léon Degrelle []


* "Why isn't separatism or regionalism more dominant in the politics of Bretagne?" (2013-07-05, [] [begin excerpt]: The growing Breton nationalist movement sided actively with Nazi Germany, especially after the German occupation of France and the promulgation of the Vichy government in June 1940.  Breton nationalists received financial support from Vichy during the Nazi occupation, which meant that much of the Breton nationalist agenda was discredited in the decades following World War II.  The Parti National Breton (National Breton Party), which had formed in the 1930s as a separatist movement based on the model of Ireland’s Sinn Fein, was disbanded in 1944, and many of its leaders were tried and convicted as collaborators, further marginalizing the cause of Breton regionalism. [end ecerpt]
* Map of Breton's linguistic density (2010) []
* "Origin of the 'Gwenn-ha-Du', the modern Breton flag" ( []
* "1944 Falling collaborationist movements Breton" (2015-08-22, [], machine translated:
Breiz atao da Lazo mad! "Breiz atao, good to kill! "Was the slogan of the Breton resistance fighters during the liberation of Britain in August 1944, referring to the Breton nationalist newspaper breiz atao (UK Time). During the German occupation, in fact, a large part of the Breton separatist political movement fell into active support for Nazism.
We can trace the roots of the contemporary Breton movement (the term Emsav, which means "movement" Breton, appears only after the Second World War) with the creation in September 1918 of Breton Regionalist Union rather right , which publishes a magazine called breiz atao (UK Time). The Breton flag, the "Gwenn-ha-du" (white and black), created in 1925, will become the main symbol of the Breton movement.
In the 1930s, the movement experienced a split between the Federalists anticlerical left, organized the Federalist League of Brittany and the Breton nationalist National Party. GNP is already marked from the beginning by the antidémocratisme and head of idolatry as in most of the extreme right organizations, but also and especially by anti-Semitism, which greatly influence his miserable path. It then relaunch party review breiz atao.

Fascist drift -
These two movements register new members after the destruction bomb in Rennes in 1932, the statue of Anne of Brittany kneeling before the king of France, bang Célestin Lainé, the fascist leader of the separatist splinter group Gwenn- ha-Du, which is already linked with the Nazi party, but also with the Irish Republican Army.
While the Federalist League dissolves in mid 1930, GNP, meanwhile, like different movements of national minorities in France, succumbs to the lure of fascism, whose successes impress the small middle Breton militant. Spurred Olier Mordrel, GNP said in 1936 its support to the German Reich. That year, he and his friends publish the doctrinal review Stur (rudder), which, over the numbers, does not hide its support for Nazi theses, with the active participation of Laine.
At the Party Congress in 1937, the most moderate wing that refuses the Nazi corner of GNP, around Raymond Delaporte, is excluded. Mordrel Lainé and so have plenty of space to transform the GNP openly fascist party. GNP signed anti-Semitic slogans appear on the walls, for which Lainé will be sentenced to several months in prison in June 1938. The party supported the invasion of Austria by Nazi Germany. With the approach of war, censorship is restored in France and many of GNP activists were arrested while Mordrel with François Debeauvais hastily flee Germany in 1939. The same year, GNP autodissout.
Despite its limited edition breiz atao was read by thirty correspondents in the German Reich, interested in "race" Celtic and sensitive to nationalist theses developed by the magazine, so Mordrel Debeauvais and found the support of dignitaries Reich.
In 1940, in France in disarray, the two Breton leaders manage to open a special internment camp for prisoners of war Breton nationalists. We are witnessing spontaneous conversions nationalism among the Breton prisoners, motivated by the possibility of repatriation. About 600 prisoners were freed from German camps from July to December 1940 and, on their return, under pressure to push for GNP. In reality, only some of the freed men put themselves under the command of Célestin Lainé (then leader of the movement to create a Breton army, Lu Brezhon), others are eager to return home and be forgotten .
Breton separatists are grouped in a castle in Pontivy in 1940, sparking indeed hostility from the local population (they are finally expelled 24 July 1940) and launching the foundations of their organization, which they call the Council Breton national, for the establishment of a Breton government with a program in 18 points. They also decide to create a weekly, The Breton Hour, with a circulation until the end of the Occupation, will reach about 30,000 copies.

The move to collaboration -
Three months after its launch, the CNB is still not able to recruit heavily in the population. In October 1940, Mordrel decides to raise the GNP which he takes the lead. The CNB turns into a kind of "Senate of the party." The choice of collaboration with the Nazis seems to be a consensus in the party ranks and Debeauvais Mordrel but disagree on the question of an agreement with Vichy. Mordrel rejects and hardens the political orientation of the party in a more Nazi sense, separatist and pro-German.
While in October 1940, with the Montoire interview, sealed the agreement between the French State and the Reich, Olier Mordrel more Nazi than the Nazis themselves, openly criticized the policy of collaboration, putting in Germans warn about the sincerity of France. By disturbing its moderate wing, there is more unanimity within the party and was forced to resign. It's the least stirring Delaporte returning to replace him until the end of the war.
Mordrel, is informed of a possible arrest by the French police, who hopes to make it disappear. He fled to Paris and goes into hiding. For the GNP, time is no longer a decidedly anti-French separatism, but the outstretched hand policy towards Vichy. The Nazis, for their part, even after the policy of alliance with France of Petain remain sympathetic with the autonomist movements may weaken French nationalism and national unity.
In September 1941, thanks to the Nazi protection, Mordrel can get in Britain. After Mordrel back in Britain and throughout its history GNP is therefore still torn between new trends and Delaporte Catholic Mordrel Lainé and fascists.
The numbers of GNP is estimated at 3,000 members - the real figure is unknown, its archives have been burned before liberation. Many accessions are actually motivated by the hope of releasing a parent or a close prisoner in Germany. Nevertheless, one can actually count on an active core of 300-400 militants, little more or a few easily identifiable, which facilitates the work for the Resistance who seeks to run its local leaders. As often on the extreme right, the sociological composition of the organization is familiar with large families in which all members adhere to the party.
Activism is essentially in the sale of the newspaper The Breton Hour, which is then one of the few newspapers counter (articles consist of a pro-Nazi faithful reproduction of information on the course of the war), sometimes leafleting and in the recruitment of new members. While many political parties are banned, GNP storefront. It is often regarded with suspicion by the public or even with great hostility particularly in Carhaix, Morlaix Guingamp or traditionally red - parades of GNP, are sometimes simply attacked.

The choice of weapons -
Many activists are indicators Nazi forces and confirmed cases of accusations abound, particularly in the pro-Nazi trend. For example, the Ferns section sends the Nazis a list of Freemasons and Jews in the city. An information service exists within the party, responsible for flushing out resistant or listeners of the English radio. The party also has a militia created in 1941: the Bagadou Stourm ("combat troops"), mainly to oversee the youth of the party and counter poaching attempts Célestin Lainé, which has its own special service.
Gradually, the youth organization takes the appearance of a paramilitary formation, with armed militia iron bars. It organizes events where can scroll a hundred men, obeying the orders given by their leader in Breton, under black cross flags with a triskell [1]. But the German presence becoming increasingly tough, these parades collaborationist insupportent the population in Landivisiau, August 7, 1943, pavers and stones batter the Bagadou Stourm.

Der Bretonische Waffenverband der SS -
From 1943, the wind begins to turn. The resistance groups and guerrillas engaillardissent multiply actions against GNP, spreading concern in the collaborationist ranks. Many activists of the extremist wing, the most active, are slaughtered. The December 12, 1943, it was the turn of Father Perrot, well-known character of Breton nationalism, being killed shot in the head. Resignations multiply. It is in this context of attacks and the start of open warfare between the GNP and the Resistance that fits the creation of the Perrot Formation, late December 1943.
Fully under the command of Laine, the Training Perrot (Perrot Bezen), which has about 80 militiamen, paid, with uniforms of the Waffen SS, armed with revolvers by the Nazis. It is integrated to the security service as the SS Bretonische Waffenverband. Delaporte, leader of the GNP, later forbids dual membership in Bagadou Stourm and Perrot Formation. Activists hardliners, mostly young people, who wish to do battle with the Resistance frontally, leaving to join Bagadou Laine, who has in the meantime revived the magazine breiz atao, this time totally pro-Nazi (only a few numbers of this new version appear).
Totally submitted to the occupation forces, the task of Perrot Formation consists mainly of local Nazi guards and surveillance. As at the Perrot Formation evolves into retaliation missions directed against the bush, and after the Allied landing, resistant to dozens of killings.
The militiamen of the Perrot Formation, in addition to well know the terrain, can rely on the extensive network offered by the GNP. The Perrot Formation, which also commits many acts of torture, has left behind one of the most atrocious pages of the history of Britain.
While the German defeat is no longer any doubt, the Perrot Formation, plagued by desertions, hardly has about thirty members and chooses a pitiful retreat to Germany, assassinating briefly on his way political prisoners that falls to hand. Célestin Lainé deserted in turn, betraying his companions. He went into exile in Ireland, like other Breton nationalists condemned to death in France. Mordrel, the other leader of the pro-Nazi anti-Semitic trend, went into exile in Brazil, and will return to Britain in 1971 in favor of a pardon.

Breiz atao, ball of Brittany -
GNP was far from being a mass party. Unfortunately, the other side of the barricade, the anti-fascist camp was also minority. Many were resistant to the Communist Party and organized a priori left side of the Breton cultural heritage. The Breton-political space seemed so fully occupied by the GNP.
This contributed, as of course the ignoble action of Perrot Formation, to discredit and cast aspersions on the whole Breton movement in the years after the war, facilitating the work of the French state in its destruction of the Breton language, a defender of the Breton language is seen as a traitor, a "breiz atao". This has fortunately changed and many are now left organizations active in the Emsav, the Breton movement [2].
Today, we can note the reappearance of the term breiz atao term that should have remained permanently in the dustbin of history, to designate a website of ultradroite ("daily of the Breton National State") established in 2000, in the ideological straight line from breiz atao Nazi. The creator of this site, Boris Le Lay was convicted several times in France for volksverhetzung and fled ... in Japan, not in Germany as its predecessors miserable.
[1] A cross outcome of prehistoric Celtic art which has the advantage of vaguely resemble
a swastika
[2] The current left-libertarian union SLB combines in the same struggle, proletarian
internationalism and defense of the Breton language and culture,

* "Bezen Perrot: The Breton nationalist unit of the SS, 1943-5" (Daniel Leach, University of Melbourne, E-Keltoi) (.pdf) [ ]
 * Brittanny, from "Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind" []:
[Image: Flag of 'Bagadoù Stourm']
One of the least known nationalities of the sea of Waffen-SS volunteers were men from Brittany, a place many people know next to nothing about and some have never even heard of. Brittany is a region in the north-west of France with almost four and a half million people as of 2010. It is the traditional homeland of the Breton people and is recognized by the Celtic League as one of the six Celtic nations on earth. In the era of WWII, much like today, a segement of their population wanted independence from France.
'...only a few weeks after the conquest of France, the Nazi leaders have announced that henceforth Brittany will be independent....' --The Cairns post, August 22, 1940
The Bretons who volunteered to fight for the Waffen-SS were officially called the 'Bretonische Waffenverband der SS'. These brave patriots suffered casualties and even fatalities fighting the Allies on the Western Front. Of the men who did survive the war, many of them would never see their beloved Brittany again. A life of exile forced upon them by the vengeful Allies (many of them were sentenced to death in absentia). At least two men were murdered judicially in July 1946: André Geffroy and Léon Jasson.
The men of Brittany whom fought for the Axis cause did so for a handful of reasons and fulfilled a variety of duties. Some served with the German intelligence organization the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), some as anti-terrorist forces in France, some with the Légion des Volontaires Français (Marcel Bibé fought on the Eastern Front and was captured by the communists, another was Yves Le Négaret, who served with the LVF in Russia before joining the Bezen Perrot).
The Bretonische Waffenverband der SS have been called 'the smallest fighting army in the world'. The were certainly one of the most unique amongst the many volunteers to the Axis cause. Loyal to their Celtic origins, a Breton unit even used the bagpipes as a wake-up call! The unit flag was a black cross on a white background. Reportedly 'a section of sheet stained with the blood of Fr. Yann-Vari Perrot was later attached to the flag'.
[Image: Flag of 'Bezen Perrot'.]

The Bezen Perrot was a Breton militant group during the German occupation of France. It was named after Abbé Perrot, a priest and Breton language defender, who was viciously murdered by the 'French Resistance' in 1943. The Bezen Perrot was headed by Célestin Lainé and Alan Heusaff. These patriotic Bretons fought in German uniforms and under German command, known as the 'Bretonische Waffenverband der SS'.
It was envisioned by German strategists that in the event of an Allied invasion Breton nationalists would form a first line of defense and other troops could then be parachuted into Brittany.
In the end this never came about as the rapid American advance from Normandy into Brittany forced the Breton nationalists to retreat along with their German allies. In Tübingen (in Baden-Württemberg) many of them were provided with false papers by Leo Weisgerber. After the war many of the Bezen Perrot's members, including Lainé, Heusaff and the nationalist poet Fant Rozec, fled to the Republic of Ireland.

[Above: The only known group photo of the men of the 'Bretonische Waffenverband der SS', early 1945. Source: Bezen Perrot archives.]
[Above: Another shot, early 1945. Source: Bezen Perrot archives.]

Yann Goulet (August 20, 1914 – August 22, 1999) was a sculptor, Breton nationalist and war-time ally with Germany. He led the 'Breton Bagadou Stourm militia'. Later in WWII he joined the combat section of Bagadou Stourm, a group of Breton nationalist stormtroopers allied with the Germans. He also worked with the pro-National Socialist nationalist newspaper 'L'Heure Bretonne'. In 1941, in Paris, he became head of Bagadou Stourm and the youth organizations of the 'Parti National Breton'.
After the occupation of France by the Allies, Goulet fled with his wife and children to Ireland. Like so many patriots opposed to Allied tyranny he was sentenced to death as a 'collaborationist' by a French court in absentia. He became an Irish citizenship in 1952 and worked as an art professor.

[Above: Yann Goulet.]

[Above: The 'Bagadoù Stourm' (Storm Detachment) salute their flag.]

Théophile Jeusset (April 25, 1910 - ? 1968) was a Breton nationalist writer and fascist political activist. It is said that Jeusset adopted a militant Breton nationalism in his youth. He is credited with forming the fascist inspired 'Breiz da Zont movement' and its political wing, the 'Parti nationaliste intégral Breton' (Breton Integral Nationalist Party). The party remained small and unproductive however and Jeusset soon joined with fellow nationalists Gwilherm Berthou and Célestin Lainé to found 'Kentoc'h Mervel' (Sooner Death). Lainé desired a more action-oriented group however, and soon created the 'Gwenn ha du'. Gwenn ha du soon performed its first act, blowing up a bronze sculpture. Jeusset and five other nationalists were arrested and detained.
Jeusset wrote in 1931: 'It is due to our particular resistance to the conquest of sovereign French territory by the corrupting ideas which emanate more or less from the Jews - 'freemasonry', 'secularism' - etc, that the Bretons were decimated during the last world war: over 200,000 of them. It is easy to invoke military explanations for this carnage, but that does not alter the fact the actual organizer of troop dispositions was the Jew Abrahami, born... in the ghetto of Constantinople.'
Jeusset was also associated with Olier Mordrel who founded the Breton National Party which was inspired by the German National Socialist party.
In 1941 Jeusset created the 'Breton Social-National Workers' Movement', but it soon fell short of his expectations and he later joined Lainé's 'Bezen Perrot militia', which was affiliated with the SS.
Théophile Jeusset was captured after the war and sentenced to forced labor for life.
In 1965 he published an autobiographical memoir entitled: 'A Contre-courant' (Against the Current).

[Above & below: The 'Parti nationaliste intégral Breton' (PNB).]

Célestin Lainé (1908–1983) was a Breton nationalist and German ally before and during WWII. His dream was to establish a distinct Breton army to work with the Germans against the French state. He is quoted as saying:
'We will continue the tradition of those who, throughout the centuries, have struggled, arms in hand, to affirm our national rights.'
With Yann Goulet he participated in the creation of the 'Bagadou Stourm' (Stormtroopers). He also set up a unit of volunteers that he was personally in charge of called the 'Lu Brezhon' (Service Spécial). This paramilitary unit was in charge of the maintenance of order within the Breton National Party.
On the September 11, 1943 Lainé and Colonel Hartmut Pulmer (chief of the Sicherheitsdienst at Rennes) signed the foundation convention of a new force to be called 'Bezen Kadoudal', named after the Breton rebel Georges Cadoudal. However, in 1944 it took the new name 'Bezen Perrot' (Perrot Militia), the name in refereance to Abbé Perrot, a parish priest and staunch defender of the Breton language who had recently been murdered by the French Resistance.
In 1943, the Bezen Perrot functioned as an auxiliary police force for the Germans fighting against terrorist groups. The soldiers of Bezen Perrot enrolled in the Sicherheitsdienst and even wore German uniforms.
Breton volunteers who worked with the Germans were ordered to evacuate France during the Allied occupation. They setup in Tübingen (in Baden-Württemberg) and regrouped. The following days were that of chaos, death and total war.
When the war finally ended many would stay behind in Germany with false identities, assisted by Leo Weisgerber (a Lorraine-born German linguist who also specialized in Celtic linguistics). Lainé himself fled to Ireland.
Like so many freedom fighters who joined the Axis cause in hopes of freeing their lands from tyrannical rule, Célestin Lainé was sentenced to death in absentia.

[Above: SS-Untersturmführer Célestin Lainé, taken from his military photo ID, early 1945. Source: Bezen Perrot archives]

* "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" confront a New York Times propagandist (2015-09-06) [], concerning the absolute evidence showing that the fall of the Twin Towers on Sept. 11th, 2001, was NOT caused by hijacked passenger jets. The truth is signifigant as this tradgedy was used by "the Neo-cons" to execute a war by the USA against the Republic of Iraq, Afganistan, and other regions of the Earth, leading to millions of dead people.

* "9/11 Truth and the Sound of Silence in Academia: 'Critical Perspectives on 9/11 are Systematically Excluded from Universities' " (2014-02-21, by Adnan Zuberi and Lars Schall) [], video []
* "The 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center (WTC): Unspoken Financial Bonanza" (2004-03-12, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky) []

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