Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tuesday, July 28th, NBMDS Meeting Agenda

Northbay MDS meeting agenda (work in progress)
for Tuesday, July 28th, 2015
Voting members and organizations are asked to provide agenda topics no later than Monday evening.
Individual members are encouraged to take action, to sign petitions and make donations.

Action Items:

1) That Northbay MDS moves to hold two online meetings a month.

2) That Northbay MDS sign the following petition:
Gentrification Alert: Humanist Hall Under Attack! The Humanist Hall ( has been serving the local activist communities for many years. It's worth defending. Not that a petition is likely to accomplish that, but it's a start....and a situation to keep an eye on!
Petition []: Humanist Hall should NOT be considered a nuisance property! The City of Oakland has declared that Humanist Hall is a nuisance property. However, we petitioners believe Humanist Hall is a valuable family, community, and cultural resource for the under-served communities of Oakland. We love to see Humanist Hall fulfill its mission of supporting diverse minorities and activists! Please do not let our beloved Hall be a victim of gentrification!

Information Items:

1) Oaktown Native Plant Nursery [510-387-9744] [] is holding a summer sale for drought resistant native pollinator plants, through August 15 (open Thursday, Friday and Saturday). List of sale items (25% off): Eriogonum nudum - naked stem buckwheat; Eriogonum grande v. rubescens - pink flower buckwheat; Eriogonum fasciculatum  - California buckwheat; Lupinus albifrons v. albifrons - silver bush lupine; Drymocallis glandulosa - sticky cinquefoil.

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