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Interview with...
Brother Akabundu of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party [], to celebrate
May 23rd, 12 noon to 5pm, followed by commemoration gathering at 6pm
at the Eastbay Arts Alliance, 2377 International Blvd., in Oakland
This year's theme: "African Lives Matter!"
More information about African Liberation Day []
African Liberation Day, also known as ALD, was founded in 1958 by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on the occasion of the First Conference of Independent States held in Accra, Ghana and attended by eight independent African states. The 15th of April was declared "African Freedom Day," to mark each year the onward progress of the liberation movement, and to symbolize the determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign domination and exploitation.

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* "Overcome fear with Love" (2015-05-16) []

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information collected by the  
[], to end the USA's endless wars, in harmony with Principle 1 & 6 of International Law [], and the 5 protocols of the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) [].

* "Militarizing Ourselves Toward a New Dark Age" (2015-05-14, []

* "Occupy Beale AFB: 16 arrested for protesting drones in April" (2015-05-11,
Last month we had the largest group yet risking arrest at Beale AFB to protest the illegal and barbaric U.S. drone assassination program.  Well known activists, Kathy Kelley and Brian Terrell,  joined us in our direct action.  Special thanks for those who traveled long distances (Iowa, Chicago, Paso Robles, Eureka, and Salinas) to be there. After being detained, cited and released we all met in a Marysville home for eloquent presentations by both Brian and Kathy.  Kathy also spoke of her recent prison experience for protesting drone warfare.
You can hear Kathy and Brian's inspiring words and watch our beautiful action here, 24 minute video by Mauro Oliveira []
Photos by Guari Delgado: On April 28, sixteen Peace activists are arrested while blocking gate at Beale AFB

Arrestees, with legal observer after release.

* "16 Arrested at Beale AFB Tuesday, April 28, including Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Veterans and Clergy" from [] and []:
Sixteen people – including military veterans, clergy, and a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee-- were arrested early Tuesday morning as they walked past the main gate onto Beale Air Force Base, where Global Hawk Drones are operated. Several protesters were in tears as the names and ages of children killed by U.S. drones were read aloud.
After being arrested, protesters were cited and released. They will be arraigned in U.S. Federal Court on misdemeanor trespassing charges. Among those arrested was Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kathy Kelly from Chicago, who just finished three months in prison for attempting to deliver a loaf of bread and a letter to the base commander of a drone base in Kentucky asking him to stop piloting lethal drone flights over Afghanistan from within the base. Those arrested at Beale AFB Tuesday also attempted to deliver a letter to Col. Douglas J. Lee, Commander, 9th Reconnaissance Wing asking him to stop drone killings. Beale AFB provides surveillance drones for U.S. killer drones. Civilians, including hundreds of children, have been killed by U.S. drones, including two – an American and Italian – in a strike made public by Pres. Obama just last week.  The letter – which Air Police accepted as they made the arrests – said in part: "Our purpose in delivering this letter is to urge you and other military and civilian leaders to end your participation in the U.S. drone warfare program and begin to work for peace. Drone have become the preferred weapons to conduct war...but these drone strikes have led to the death of hundreds of innocent civilians in countries where we are not at war, including Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia."
The Sacramento chapter of Veterans for Peace, which is active with the Beale demonstrations, recently helped produce the first-ever anti-drone television commercials appearing on CNN and other cable news networks in several cities surrounding U.S. air bases, including Beale. The spots implore military drone operations personnel to not obey an "immoral order" and to "refuse to fly."
The spots can be found [] and [].

* "The American Military Uncontained: Chaos Spread, Casualties Inflicted, Missions Unaccomplished" (2015-05-14, by William Astore) []

* "Jeb Bush Gets Schooled By College Student for 'Spouting War Rhetoric'; 'Your brother created ISIS,' declared 19-year-old Ivy Ziedrich" (2015-05-14, []
Former Florida governor and potential Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who has been clumsily defending his brother's widely-discredited decision to invade Iraq in 2003, on Wednesday was schooled by a university student for "spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars."
During one of his much-publicized town hall meetings in Reno, Nevada, 19-year-old Ivy Ziedrich gave Bush a history lesson that was caught on video.
"It was when 30,000 individuals who were part of the Iraqi military were forced out—they had no employment, they had no income, and they were left with access to all of the same arms and weapons," she said. "Your brother created ISIS."
Seemingly unsure of how to respond, Bush replied in a dismissive tone: "All right, is that a question."
Ziedrich's response: "You don't need to be pedantic to me, sir."
"Why are you saying that ISIS was created by us not having a presence in the Middle East when it's pointless wars where we send young American men to die for the idea of American exceptionalism?" she demanded. "Why are you spouting nationalist rhetoric to get us involved in more wars?" [end excerpt]
* "Jeb Bush: I would have authorized Iraq War" (2015-05-13, []
* "Did Jeb Bush just commit a War Crime in Justifying the Iraq War?" (2015-05-13, []

* "Military Contractors behind new pressure group targeting Presidential candidates" (2015-05-16, []
* "APPS: Military Industrial Complex Targeting 2016 Presidential Candidates" (2015-05-14,] article [], video []

* "Former U.S. Government Official: U.S. Is ALREADY at War with China and Russia" (2015-05-13, []
* "Reagan Official: Nuclear War Is Our Likely Future" (2015-05-13, []
* "World War III will start with Pentagon bombing of RT" (2015-05-16, []

Updates on campaigns for for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

* "Baltimore United for Change takes root" (2015-05-13, []

* "MOVE sole survivor: Didn't happen over neighbor complaints" (2015-05-13, [] [begin excerpt]: For MOVE member Ramona Africa — the sole surviving member of the catastrophic residential bombing of the MOVE compound on May 13, 1985 — the focus of the group has remained steadfast over the past three decades: the release of her family members, the MOVE 9 and Mumia Abu–Jamal.
“From the moment I was released from Muncy State Prison on May 13, 1992, I made the three-hour drive back to Philadelphia,” Africa said. “From that day on, it’s been a whirlwind of putting out information to educate people and correct people’s perceptions, because the government tried to convince people that what happened on May 13, 1985, was because of neighbor complaints.
“This government never cared about neighbors complaining about each other, and they particularly never cared when Black neighbors complained about each other, so to say it happened over neighbor complaints is absolutely ridiculous.” [end excerpt]

The bombing of MOVE 30 years ago. The community shown from the air after Philadelphia police dropped a bomb in an urban neighborhood.


* "The Empire Lies: How to Fight Western Propaganda" (2015-05-16) []

* "Why Occupy? Challenging Oligarchic Rule" (2015-05-15, []

Reform versus Revolutions: The following provides insight into the ideas provided by the best of reformists, who seeks appeasement for those engaging in People's war against the established New Jim Crow and the replacement of our internal security agencies with more appropriate mechanisms for public safety.
* "A State of Emergency for Police Reform; Shaping a more just system of justice" (2015-05-05, by Marc H. Morial, National Urban League) [] [begin excerpt]: In light of the most recent deaths, and our nation’s desperate need for solutions during this state of emergency that calls for action, and an action plan, I want to reintroduce the National Urban League’s 10-Point Justice Plan for police reform and accountability calling for widespread use of body cameras and dashboard cameras; the implementation of a 21st Century community policing model; the review and revision of police use of deadly force policies and the comprehensive retraining of all police officers.
The other points of the plan support a comprehensive review and strengthening of police hiring standards; the appointment of special prosecutors to Investigate police misconduct; mandatory, uniform FBI reporting and an audit of lethal force incidents involving all law enforcement; the creation and audit of a national database of citizen complaints against police; the revision of national police accreditation system for mandatory use by law enforcement to be eligible for federal funds; and a nationwide comprehensive anti-racial profiling law. [end excerpt]

Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!

* "Hundreds Defend ‘Afrika Town’ Community Garden" (2015-04-13, by Rasheed Shabazz, [] [begin excerpt]: Over 300 community members in support of a community garden in West Oakland recently participated in a performance event to protect the garden from destruction.
The “Afrika Town” Garden sits on a lot on San Pablo Ave., at 23rd and Brush streets in West Oakland, just blocks from the Uptown district in downtown Oakland.
A year ago, the vacant lot reeked of urine and was littered with trash and syringes. Today, more than a dozen garden beds filled with fruits and vegetables provide fresh food to anyone who asks within an impoverished food desert.
On April 3, a day billed as ‘Liberation Day,’ the Afrika Town garden lot featured live poetry and musical performances, a “Know Your Rights” workshop by Oakland’s Copwatch, and a children’s jumper. Hundreds attended throughout the day in solidarity with the vision for an Afrika Town in Oakland.
Last fall, volunteers at Qilombo–a social center adjacent to the lot–cleaned up the lot and collaborated with Planting Justice and college students to plant vegetables to feed the community. [end excerpt]

* "The Outrage of Jailing Atlanta Black Educators" (2015-04-20, by Kitty Kelly Epstein) [] [begin excerpt]:
The jailing of eight Black Atlanta educators is an outrage matched only by the racist tests they were forced to give and the racist conditions in which many of their students are forced to live.
Five facts to consider when drawing conclusions about these educators:
1. The standardized testing process that these and other U.S. teachers are forced to participate in was created by a member of the Eugenics movement, Lewis Terman, who first used it to track Black and Latino and immigrant children into low-track classes in Oakland (1920).
Who is going to jail for continuing to give tests that produce exactly the same results Terman created them to produce?
2. There have been accusations and investigations for test cheating in cities across the country. In no other city were the teachers mostly Black.
In none of those cities was anyone sent to jail.
3. U.S. education policy encourages shutting down schools based on their test scores. Since test scores are correlated with family wealth, the schools shut down are almost always in Black and Latino neighborhoods, leaving the neighborhood without a school and the families with transportation problems for their children.
Who is going to jail for that?
4. The racial wealth gap between the median White family and the median Black family is 20 to 1. Who’s going to jail for the mortgage crisis, the redlining, the biased employment practices, and the residuals of slavery, which produced that number?
5. Across the South 38,000 Black teachers lost their jobs with the beginning of desegregation because the white school districts would not allow Black teachers to teach their children, and the Educational Testing Service assisted with this outrage by offering to use the practice of testing teachers.
Anyone get jail time for that? We know the answer.
Do I think teachers should change test papers? No. We should stop giving these expensive, biased, harmful tests.

* "Searing Testimonies in Favor of Black Control of the Police" (2015-04-20) []: Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report says the black community must take power and control over police, especially in light of the case of Freddie Gray, who died from injuries while in police custody.
* "FBI’s warning of white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten" (2015-05-12, []
* "White and Black and Blue: In 49 of 50 Cities, Cops Whiter Than The Communities They 'Serve' " (2015-05-06, []
* "As with Mike Brown, conservatives feel the need to lie about the life and death of Freddie Gray" (2015-04-29, []
* "A complete takedown of the lies spread by the Baltimore PD and Washington Post on Freddie Gray" (2015-04-30, [] [begin excerpt]: One conservative reporter is claiming that Gray severed his spine jumping from a three-story window eluding police and then running full force into a wall. Except even the Baltimore police have claimed they simply spotted him on the street. See the following link [].
Other conservatives literally doctored a lead paint exposure settlement that Gray and his sister received and claimed that it was for a severe spinal injury he received in a car accident [].
Perhaps no lie being told, though, is more disturbing than the one the Baltimore police are leaking to/through the Washington Post—that Gray injured himself in the van. It is irresponsible for the Washington Post to advance this lie, and it's corrupt for the Baltimore police to be leaking it to advance a false narrative to protect them []. [end excerpt]
* "Police Van Carrying Freddie Gray Made Previously Undisclosed Stop: Report" (2015-04-30, []

* "No charges in Madison, Wisconsin police killing of unarmed youth" (2015-05-13, [] [begin excerpt]: Dane County, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne announced Tuesday afternoon that he would not bring criminal charges against the Madison, Wisconsin, police officer who shot and killed unarmed 19-year-old Tony Robinson, Jr. on March 6 of this year. Nervously dabbing sweat from his face during his 30-minute statement, the DA told reporters that he had concluded that Matt Kenny used a “lawful amount of force” when he ended Robinson’s life. The killing of Robinson sparked walkouts and protests by thousands of students and workers in the state capital. Kenny, who had previously shot and killed a mentally disturbed white man in 2007, was placed on paid administrative leave. To prove his bona fides, Ozanne began the speech by referring to the fact that, like Tony Robinson, he is biracial, and that his African-American mother participated in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. He also drew attention to the fact that he is the first non-white DA in the history of the state. He then launched into an official account of the moments before Robinson’s killing. According to Ozanne, Kenny and other officers were responding to 911 calls reporting that Robinson had assaulted one of his friends and was assaulting pedestrians and disrupting traffic. The young man was apparently having a negative reaction to hallucinogenic mushrooms that he had ingested a short time before. As Kenny arrived on the scene Robinson had already returned to his friend’s apartment. Ozanne reported that Kenny then entered the second floor flat through a door that had already been broken open by Robinson after he heard a disturbance. According to Ozanne, the officer announced himself, after which Robinson allegedly rushed the officer, hitting him in the face with his fist, knocking him back against the stairwell wall. As he retreated backward down the stairwell the officer opened fire seven times, emptying his gun into the unarmed Robinson, hitting him seven times. Robinson was pronounced dead at the hospital with bullet wounds in his head, torso, and right arm. The family’s attorney, John Loevy, questioned the DA’s accounting of the event, highlighting video evidence that reportedly shows the police officer firing the seventh and final shot which killed Robinson from outside the house. Loevy also stated that Kenny was warned by dispatchers not to pursue Robinson and unnecessarily escalated the situation. [end excerpt]


* "Oakland Hip Hop Artist Young Gully Speaks to Youth’s Experiences" (2015-05-12, by Jaron Epstein, [] [begin excerpt]: Oakland is internationally recognized for supporting humanitarian causes and opposing police brutality. The city continues to be on the forefront through hip hop artists who are influenced by the area’s rich political history and the often conflicted relationship between young people and Oakland Police Department.
Going back to the period when African Americans began the great migration from the South, Oakland was known as a city that went out of its way to recruit white police officers from southern state, which seemed to ensure that OPD would have a hostile attitude toward the communities they policed.
Young Gully is one rapper who speaks to these issues. After the killing of Oscar Grant by BART police, he began working on an album called The Oscar Grant Project.
This album was a collaboration between Young Gully and journalist/photographer Pendarvis Harshaw, who mc’s the album, providing commentary and insight into the conversations taking place on the album for the listeners.
This album manages to cut through the obstacles that can make people hesitate to open up to what may be considered a political message. It really poses the question of what makes one political?
Is it your opposition to attacks on your community and loved ones?
One of the songs on the album titled “Stereotype” deals a heavy question about the images created in American society of Black people.
“They tell us that we the ones not using our conscience,” he sings. “They views are preposterous. I guess every Black man fits the shoes of a convict. We all ignorant with nothing to say. I guess I’m just another outspoken brotha up in the way.” [end excerpt]

information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee 

* "Postal Workers, customers to hold nationwide protests May 14" (2015-05-13, []

information collected by the Committee to
* "Vallejo Planning Commission declines to support homeless day center permit" (2015-05-19, []

* "Meet the outsider who accidentally solved chronic homelessness" (2015-05-06, []

* "Fairfield police unit dedicated to aiding the homeless" (2015-05-16, The Vacaville Reporter newspaper) [] [begin excerpt]:  officers assigned to the department’s Homeless Intervention Team believe in offering a hand-up to help these clients out of their situations. “It’s like links on a chain. You keep adding them on,” said Officer Joe Uchishiba, of the various resources they pose. “Sooner or later, it clicks.”
Sgt. Dan Marshall, the senior half of the unit, agreed. “Our goal is not to arrest people, to cause trouble in their lives. Our goal is long-term, to get people off the streets and plugged into services,” he explained. “It’s really more about creating change within the community. We try to get them while they’re still there, so we can make contact. It’s better than just leaving a notice.”
A notice is a flyer stating that an encampment has been found and likely will be removed within 72 hours. The owners are given time to move their belongings and if they can’t, the property goes to a special outdoor storage area until it can be returned.
Encampment cleanups are conducted every week by public works crews.
The effort, the officers pointed out, is a community one and without all their partnerships, little would get done. Resources come from everywhere, including the city’s public works crew, Marshall said. Among the others lending a hand: Community Action North Bay, Mission Solano, The Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, the county’s Health and Social Services folks, Nazareth, myriad churches, Kings of Auto, A&R Project Transitional Living, Heather House and Althea House. [end excerpt]

* "Mayor Ed Lee has knack for raking in big-bucks donations" (2015-05-15, []

Community Fascism in Vallejo, the "City of God"
Ol' Ryan "What a Mess" Messano is at it again, this time knowingly lying about a number of points in this screed against responsible cannabis dispensaries, as part of his concerted effort alongside allied real estate moguls and Vallejo City Council members to re-create Vallejo into a money-making venture through cultural cleansing!
* "Don’t be naïve on marijuana" (2015-05-15, by Ryan Messano) []
* "The right stand on marijuana" (2015-02-25, by Ryan Messano) []
* "Reward jump start duplicity" (2015-05-15, by Jeff Carlson) [] [begin excerpt]: Here’s a question for Vallejo voters, particularly if you are among the 14,000 who voted for Measure C in 2011 to help fill the gaping hole in our city budgets by taxing medical marijuana dispensaries at 10 percent of gross sales on top of normal sales tax. How should voters respond when politicians tell us one thing as candidates and then say and do something completely different once they are in office? The Jump Start candidates, who have backed the mayor’s wasteful and futile moralistic crusade against responsible taxpaying businesses, were all asked to take a position on Measure C during the campaign.
On Oct. 3, 2013 they appeared at a candidates forum seeking the backing of the local Democratic party. Their public statements at the time stand in stark contrast to the actions they have taken since the election. Quotes from the forum give the tenor of the Jump Start political promises made to voters when asked about Measure C.
Pippin Dew-Costa declared her support: “It’s important for the success of this Measure to make sure that there’s consistency in the policy of the regulation of these dispensaries.” Jesus Malgapo stated unequivocally: “You know, we allow dispensaries to operate in Vallejo,” and “We take the money that is coming in now to help the city ...” Rozzana Verder-Aliga sounded very concerned with making sure the playing field is level and seeing that the city collects all the revenue mandated by voters. “We want to know if they are really paying their taxes — who is paying and who is not paying. I know that the sales of medical marijuana is substantial so the tax should also be substantial and that would help ... our deficits.” She went on to suggest devoting city staff to collecting Measure C taxes “just like we’re collecting water bills, right?”
That all sounds great, doesn’t it? Sounds like voters would finally get what they voted for in 2011 if we just put these people in office.
Wrong. Once the election was over, they got in line behind our mayor, who seems to believe that his personal moral belief system should trump the collective voice of 14,000 voters who went to the polls and approved Measure C by more than 3-1. The council majority has continued to resist any effort to make the minor code adjustments needed to direct the location and operation of these businesses or to set up a coherent collection system for Measure C taxes.
In spite of that failure, the city was still collecting $750,000 annually until these same duplicitous politicians voted with the mayor to refuse to accept all dispensary tax revenue. Instead they have voted to pay hundreds of thousands to consultants to advise the city how best to shut down long-established responsible taxpaying businesses and incur the inevitable litigation costs. Following the leadership of our mayor, the Jump Start council members have managed to take what should have been a powerful engine for economic growth in our community and turned it into one more fiscal nightmare.
The council admits that under its policy of no regulation the number of dispensaries has burgeoned to some 44. (Funny how they can find them when they want us to pay good money to shut them down, but not to collect taxes.) So where is all that predicted crime associated with dispensaries and all those nuisance complaints, other than the fact that they exist and some disapprove? These are not like the smoke shops in terms of past problems with loitering, crime, and free access to minors. These are highly regulated businesses with security guards watching the area and tightly controlled access.
The council speaks solemnly about two or four as the appropriate number and everyone nods as though that is perfectly reasonable. It’s ridiculous. If there are 44 dispensaries operating now, it tells you something about the market and what it will support. If there are bad actors they will fall by the wayside because people will gravitate to the good ones, just like any other business. I understand that many of my peers who came of age under prohibition with all the relentless drug war propaganda are not yet comfortable with cannabis use, but we need to get over it. We freely issue alcohol permits all over town and the social costs of alcohol use are many orders of magnitude greater, and the benefits and tax revenue far less than marijuana.
Total legalization is clearly coming soon to California, as the council openly acknowledges. The locales that have been prepared in states where legalization has already occurred have seen a major influx of tax dollars. To shut down well established dispensaries run by experienced and responsible managers at this juncture is breathtakingly foolish, especially when you told voters who trusted you with their vote that you would do something completely different.
The mayor’s objections, which I feel are moral, are silly and transient while our city’s financial problems are most definitely neither. The Jump Start members on the council simply cannot be the best and brightest Vallejo has to offer, or they would know better than to follow this leader. I’ve been talking recalls in the recent past hoping to help the council regain some perspective. While always an option of last resort for voters when representative democracy breaks down, special elections cost money and the city can ill afford it.
There is a matter of principle here, surely. How can we conduct civic affairs democratically if candidates can intentionally misrepresent their positions during campaigns without paying a political price? I have to admit some of my outrage also stems from injured pride, since I like to think of myself as politically savvy and I actually voted for one of these people. But beyond all that, from a simple cost/benefit perspective a special election looks like a real bargain compared to the outrageously expensive course the mayor and his followers have charted for us.
The question now becomes: Can we afford to wait until the terms of politicians who broke faith with voters expires before we act to change leadership? I am reluctantly coming to conclude we cannot. If Vallejo is to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of this debacle, then let’s make sure we take this opportunity to sweep out the crony network and the fiscal insanity once and for all.
If you know people qualified to serve on council with the skill set and intestinal fortitude needed to take on this mess, encourage them to consider running for office. When recall petitions begin circulating help spread the word and get involved. Vallejo is overdue for a renaissance and it’s time the politicians who stand in the way receive the reward from the voters that they so richly deserve. 

[] Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies

* "Obama’s paramilitary police" (2015-05-19, []
* "Police Killings Challenge U.S. 'Exceptionalism' " (2015-05-06, []

* "Justice for Nephi" (2015-05-09) [], donate here []: On Thursday May 7, 2015 at 4:35pm. My boyfriend and father of my unborn child was murdered by the police in Cerritos because of being "suspicious". The police had no right to take his life or anyones life because of "suspicion". Nephi was a loving boyfriend, brother, friend and soon to be father. Please help us give him a proper burial. Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated!

Domestic Security Agencies and private-sector partners 
* "The Dark Road from the Clipper Chip to PRISM Reveals 'Crypto Wars' Never Ended" (2013-11-10, []

* "FBI Spied 'Beyond Its Authority' on Keystone XL Opponents; New investigation reveals agency's actions amounted to 'substantial non-compliance' with its own rules" (2015-05-12, []

* "Garland Shooting Event Revised – Shining a Spotlight on FBI’s Role Before Attack" (2015-05-17, []

* "Does Wall Street Call the Shots at the FBI?" (2015-05-11, []
Also, recall that the FBI's INFRAGARD program essentially unites private-sector security
agencies in the employment of the top domestic corporations, and shares their resources directly with the FBI to target detrimental influences on the market, like boycott organizers, ecology defenders, and even activist researchers (don't we all know!).
If there were the day that fascism is evident, like ol' Henry Wallace (VP for Franklin Roosevelt) warned us about, the direct application of private power to supersede democracy, we are living in it!

* "Many of the NSA's loudest defenders have financial ties to NSA contractors" (2015-05-12, []. writes: The pro-spying talking heads that populate media “debates” on various Congressional bills that will impact NSA surveillance are… wait for it… former intelligence or military professionals who work for firms with lucrative contracts with the NSA! Indefatigable Lee Fang of The Intercept has compiled a staggering roster of self-interested national security shills who live the “Life of Riley” inside the Beltway Bubble.

* "Global Internet Activists Give Thumbs Down to Facebook’s" (2015-05-12, []

* "Here's The $2 Billion Facility Where The NSA Stores And Analyzes Your Communications" (2013-06-07, [] [begin excerpt]: The Utah Data Center is located on Camp Williams, a training facility for the Utah National Guard. The top-of-the-line tech will be used to analyze foreign and domestic communications — obtained from Americas major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) — in an effort to detect terrorist activity [end excerpt]
* Utah Data Center homepage []


from the Committee to
[] End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers!
** Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]

* "Angola inmate argues that three decades in solitary is unconstitutional punishment" (2015-05-11, []

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []


Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life

* "Politics of Poison: American Chemistry Council lied about lobbying role on flame retardants, consultant says; Trade group has long said it had nothing to do with a successful campaign to defend the use of the potentially toxic chemicals" (2015-05-13, [] writes: Here’s a shocker: The American Chemistry Council []—led by corporate chemists like ExxonMobil, Chevron, Dow Chemical and DuPont—created a sinister lobbying group that worked to block regulations of ineffective and toxic flame retardants at the state level. Although they denied being behind the cynically-named “Citizens for Fire Safety,” a consultant to the group has blown the whistle on the bogus front.

The following article, from the Wall Street Journal newspaper, serves as propaganda in favor of its advertisers with claims that are proven to be false, citing sources for these claims who are equally beholden to the same advertisers.
* "Chipotle vs. Science: Health-food advertising depends on the eagerness of the customer to be fooled" (2015-05-01, []:
Pepsi announced this week that it would no longer use the artificial sweetener aspartame, which will no doubt lead to “aspartame-free” being prominently placed on packaging where Coke shoppers can notice it. Not that Pepsi will say that aspartame is bad for you. There are product disparagement laws in many states, plus Pepsi itself fed aspartame to its customers for years. In fact, to its credit, Pepsi this week cited “decades of studies” finding no health risk and admitted it was simply surrendering to a prejudice of customers who’ve been listening to faux food-safety campaigners on the make.
On the make describes perfectly Chipotle Mexican Grill: In announcing this week plans to stop using genetically modified ingredients, the fast-food chain couldn’t say GMO-free food was safer and healthier. Instead, the company was at pains to suggest with delightful vagueness an unconcrete promise. “They say these ingredients are safe,” Chipotle founder Steve Ells told CNN “but I think we all know we’d rather have food that doesn’t contain them.”
Not a week before its own aspartame announcement, Pepsi’s CEO Indra Nooyi, during an earnings call, went off on the public ignorance that such marketing both fosters and exploits, noting that millennials think “real sugar” is a health food, and that “organic, non-GMO products” are the epitome of nutrition “even if they are high-salt, high-sugar, high-fat.”
Heartening too has been the press reaction to Chipotle. Mother Jones pointed out that “GMOs are totally safe,” while pronounced the company’s position “some anti-Science pandering bull-expletive.” An L.A. Times op-ed by two scientists stated, “More than two decades of research indicate that GMOs are not only safe for humans and the environment, but also contribute to global sustainability and poverty alleviation.” [end excerpt]

* "Monsanto Sued for Deliberate Falsification to Conceal that Glyphosate (Roundup) is Harmful to Humans and Animals; Class Action Lawsuit Will Help Break Monsanto for Making False Claims" (2015-05-19, by Christina Sarich) []

* "Monsanto knew of glyphosate / cancer link 35 years ago" (2015-04-08, []
* "Brazil’s Public Prosecutor Wants To Ban Monsanto’s Chemicals Following recent glyphosate-cancer link" (2015-05-14, []
* "Bermuda Suspends Glyphosate-Ridden Roundup Indefinitely" (2015-05-13, []

Save The Birds [link]! and the Bees [link]!
A campaign to preserve and expand the habitat and populations of pollinators in the San Pablo Bay Area.


The Campaign to Save the Bees asks that you call and persist in asking local stores to stop selling pesticides containing neonicotinoids.
* "Extreme Bee Losses Highlight Urgent Need to Restrict Pesticides to Protect Pollinators" (2015-05-13, []
* " 'Years Ago, This Was Unheard Of': Dire Trend Persists With Huge Bee Die-Off; US beekeepers lost 40 percent of pollinator population in last year" (2015-05-14, []

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* "Self-reported" (2015-05-16, by Steve Mullany of Nipomo) []:
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is asking for PG&E to study its own earthquake safety status at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and submit a report to the NRC. This seems very much like a federal version of the California Public Utilities Commission requiring PG&E to study and report on its own gas utility line safety, does it not? Why do regulators require the entities they regulate to study and report on themselves? Entities, PG&E in this case, that have clear incentives to underreport hazards that could threaten their operation.

[UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.comCurrent trends among fascists, monopolists, and their vanguards.

* "Time to stand up" (2015-05-18, by Joseph Feller) []:
First, I would like to personally thank our U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson for his courageous vote against SHAFTA, the Southern Hemisphere Asian Free Trade Agreement. For all of those who are unaware, SHAFTA is the new free trade agreement promulgated with bipartisan support which will strip the United States of many of our labor, environmental and legal protections from foreign corporations. Because of the negative connotation of the acronym, the powers that be have renamed it Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP.
Rep. Thompson should be lauded for his stand. Sen. Barbara Boxer of California is one of the leading fighters against SHAFTA in the United States Senate, along with Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown. After winning a procedural fight on Tuesday in the Senate, opponents of SHAFTA lost a vote on Thursday which will allow debate of the agreement. Republicans along with 14 turncoat Democrats advanced the bill for Fast Track approval.
We have seen the economic devastation of NAFTA and CAFTA which were passed in previous administrations. Under these programs real wages in the United States have declined dramatically. And environmental protections have been gutted. Who can forget the Canadian company that sued California over enforcing our banning of MTBE, the gasoline additive, which was leaking into our water supplies.
SHAFTA has been entirely negotiated in secrecy from U.S. citizens and our own Congress. Not only that, the terms will remain secret for six years after ratification. Our current Congress is not allowed to bring cameras into the room that houses copies of this agreement and are not allowed to take notes or even discuss the elements of the agreement with any of their constituents. President Obama (along with Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) and Majority Leader John Boehner (R) is trying to get Fast Track approval which will require the Congress to do an up or down vote in 30 days without any U.S. citizen even being able to see the agreements.
Based on all of the other trade agreements of the last 20 years, there is little doubt that this agreement will allow foreign corporations to gut our constitution, laws, regulations and protections. It will be devastating to the middle class and further gut our manufacturing base. It will only help large conglomerates that are headquartered overseas which will continue the flight of American corporations to tax havens and to take advantage of these extra legal protections offshore.
I am proud of the Democrats who have the courage to stand up against foreign money lobbyists and oppose this plan. Unfortunately, no Republican in the Senate has had such courage. I would implore all of the dittoheads, climate deniers, Tea Party members (who grace this opinion page from time to time with conspiracy theories on the president’s efforts to undermine the Constitution) to stand up to their side of the aisle and write their various representatives to oppose this usurpation of our liberties.
SHAFTA is a true elite bipartisan effort to undermine our Constitution. I cannot believe that these conspiracy theorists who believe the worst of our president, and profess an undying love of our Constitution, can sit idly by when a real threat to our liberty and prosperity arises.

* "The Five-Step Process to Privatize Everything" (2015-05-04, []
* "Marco Rubio Wants to Make Neocons Cool Again; Meet the Bush-era the hawks who have shaped the presidential hopeful's foreign policy views" (2015-05-13, []. writes: While everyone was busy bemoaning the inevitability of The Next Bush In Line, Rubio has quietly become the newest darling of the Neocons. The irony is that Rubio is capitalizing on Jeb’s fumbling and bumbling of his brother George Bush’s Middle East Misadventure [], but it was those same Neocons who rode Bush right into Iraq. Basically, they use GOP candidates like Edgar Bergen used Charlie McCarthy []. And if Rubio fails? They’ve got their bases covered with Jeb [].

* "Oil Billionaire Attempts to Silence University Quake Researchers" (2015-05-18, []

How is it that politicians and corporate partisans seem to act the same when lying or deflecting difficult questions? They learn how to do it at seminars like what is seen at this link: []

* "With Billions for Back-Door Slush Fund, Military Dodges Austerity in House Budget; 'Will we see defense spending with no real limits in sight while we have limits on domestic spending for education and health care and infrastructure?' " (2015-05-15, []

* "RACIALLY DIVIDED DIVERSITY SNAPSHOT; DIVERSE DISTRICTS, BROKEN SYSTEM; LIVING TOGETHER, LEARNING APART; Is desegregation dead? San Francisco gives parents a say in where their children go to school — and that is leading to less diversity" (2015-05, []

The Republican Party (one of the two State parties) is preparing to destroy all public services, and in preparation is issuing directives to it's propagandists to begin legitimizing this goal through the connection of "progressive" public services with the worst of society. Part of the end result is the abolishment of critical and historical studies in higher education, to be replaced by only vocational studies (and sports), and the replacement of public schooling with profit-driven publicly funded schools which serve only the shareholders and not the students.
* "Progressive leadership doomed Baltimore" (2015-05-12, by Gary Smith) []
* "What's wrong with higher education?" (2015-05-16, by Julie Ponzi, Red/Blue State syndicated column) [] [begin excerpt]: Americans have been led to believe that they must have higher education in order to get a good job. It isn't true. But this misbegotten belief has become a self-fulfilling prophecy with disastrous consequences for the middle class.
The desire for education is emblematic of the American longing to rise. But today's progressives hold that because higher education often can result in good economic outcomes, increasing access to it must be an imperative.
As is often the case, progressives haven't thought through the unintended consequences or asked the right questions.
What if an unqualified increase in access to higher education turned out to diminish its essential goodness?
What if pushing higher education on people who lacked the ability or inclination actually impeded their quest to rise? And what if the quality of education suffered as a result?
That's exactly what has happened over the past 60 years or so. Usually when demand increases, supply increases with it and prices drop. Not so with higher education, which receives billions in federal and state subsidies every year, keeping prices high.
But as we have increased demand for degrees - or, in truth, the jobs people think a college degree will confer - what we have actually done is create a market that cannot possibly deliver what it promises.
The truth is that a university education isn't just another commodity. The benefits of a college degree aren't always material. In fact, the American view of college-as-job-training only emerged after World War II. Prior to that, universities taught relatively few students for a narrow set of careers.
Americans today aren't really demanding higher education. They're demanding credentials for a job. But colleges and universities have sold degrees that don't deliver on their promise. Consumers are waking up to the reality that we have cheapened the value of the product, even as we continue to demand a higher price for it.
College costs have skyrocketed beyond the limits of any rational cost-benefit analysis for most people. Is higher education on this model really the sustainable or worthy development progressives would have us believe?
Joel Mathis ( is associate editor for Philadelphia Magazine. Julie Ponzi is a fellow at The Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy.

* "How Banks Did More Damage To Baltimore Than Rioters" (2015-05-12, []

* "New World Order Martial Law Scenario? U.S. Government Pathological Lies Concerning 'Jade Helm 15 Military Operation' " (2015-05-14, by Joachim Hagopian) []

* "The Feudalism of Facebook: New Pay-to-Play News Feed as Indy Media Killer" (2015-05-15, []

The USA Military has been given trillions to murder millions across the world, yet it was having no money to reinforce levees that protect New Africans in New Orleans that contributed to the mass death in August 30th, 2005 and Hurricane Katrina.
* "U.S. found liable for Hurricane Katrina flooding" (2015-05-02, []

* "The Price Of Dissent: Abby Martin Gets Graphic Rape Threats From Chris Kyle Fans" (2015-05-08, [], photo of domestic terrorist  Michael Vincent Trautman:
Journalist Abby Martin has never been afraid to speak her mind, no matter how controversial the topic. What she didn’t expect was that her choice of T-shirt would result in her address and other personal information being leaked online and provoke a storm of death and rape threats.
It wasn’t the first time she’d spoken out against the overwhelming popularity of “American Sniper,” or the way the cult of personality surrounding the film’s inspiration, deceased U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, supports America’s military-industrial complex, so the intense reaction to a recent social media post was unexpected. A week after Martin shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing a “Fuck Chris Kyle” T-shirt, a military veteran leaked her home address and other personal information to the Internet, sharing it on popular forums for current or former snipers.
In January, she spoke on “Breaking the Set” to journalist Rania Khalek about “American Sniper,” calling the film “patriot porn” and a “celebration of psychopathy.” Although she received backlash then, it was only after being doxed for a T-shirt that Martin faced credible threats to her life.
Martin revealed to MintPress that through multiple, credible reports, she was able to trace the leak of her personal information to posts made on several sniper and veteran Internet forums. The author of the posts was a man named Michael Vincent Trautman [].
In the “About” section of his profile, Trautman wrote []: “What have you or I done for our fellow man? As to do for your fellow man is to do for God as he is within us all. I truly hate nobody, yes as a flawed sinful man I dislike certain others but I still love them and seek to forgive them and desire to be forgiven by them.”
However, contrary to Trautman’s stated philosophy, a search of publicly available Internet records shows a troubling history of violent threats.
On his Facebook, Trautman has “liked” many veterans-related Facebook pages, as well as hyperbolically patriotic pages such as “If you’re not for us, then get the hell out” [] and “My guns protect me” []
“The fact that he posted my address and phone number on a bunch of veterans and sniper forums was a clear incitement for violence and harm on me and my family,” Martin told MintPress.
Gender plays an obvious role in the severity of the threats against Martin.
In July 2014, Jesse Ventura, the former governor and Navy SEAL, won a lawsuit against Kyle’s estate []. Kyle invented a fictional fistfight between the pair in his book and repeated the story in a subsequent appearance on Fox News.
“I’m sure that he got his own share of threats, but what he didn’t get was people saying they want to rape him,” she said, comparing the reaction to Ventura’s lawsuit to the social media users who threatened to mutilate Martin’s genitals.
“Those are the threats that men don’t get, but with women all of them revert to this base level misogyny — where men on public Facebook and Instagram accounts are saying, ‘We’re going to put on our raping shoes and find this bitch,’” quoted Martin.
Electronic Intifada journalist Rania Khalek also received rape and death threats after she published unflattering quotations [] from Kyle’s book, “American Sniper.” And Khalek documented how viewing the film based on the book inspired Twitter users to make racist threats against Arabs and Muslims.
Martin told MintPress that her boyfriend is an Iraq War veteran, who is now a peace activist.
“It’s disgusting when people try to tell me that I don’t know what veterans do, but I actually know about veterans who respect life and who have turned against what they know was wrong in Iraq,” she said. “I don’t have any respect for people who are just brainwashed pawns who don’t see their role. And yes, they are pawns but wars wouldn’t happen if people wouldn’t fight them.” [end excerpt]

* "Republicans unlikely to fund needle exchanges as HIV spreads" (2015-05-16, []

Provided by Northbay MDS Committees, and the 5th World News service [], including Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations. USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) [.pdf link]: "The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence." Legal mandate set by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) []: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence."

Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "The Dark Side of Development", writes: A new study by the Oakland Institute highlights a terrible set of unintended consequences stemming from international “aid investments” in Ethiopia. The aid is being used to resettle as many as 1.5 million people and replace their homes with industrialized farming, to open up the nation to corporate investment and to produce “beneficial trickle-down effects.” Additionally, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists collected stories from 21 countries showing that World Bank-funded projects have displaced an estimated 3.4 million people over the last decade and “financed governments and companies accused of human rights violations such as rape, murder, and torture.”
* "The Dark Side of Development: Displacement, Eviction in World Bank Projects and Ethiopia" (2015-05-13, []
* "Ethiopians Break their Silence against Government Repression and Forced Displacement" (2015-04-14, intro [], full report [,%20Breaking%20the%20Silence_0.pdf]

* "CHINA'S IMPACT LOOMS LARGE AS US DEBATES ITS OWN TRADE DEALS" (2015-05-20, AP newswire) [] [begin excerpt]: If the U.S. doesn't write the rules of international trade, President Barack Obama warns, China will. "They'll write those rules in a way that gives Chinese workers and Chinese businesses the upper hand, and locks American-made goods out," the president said in Oregon this month.
As a result, China's impact, both current and potential, is partly shaping the U.S. debate over whether Congress should grant Obama greater trade-negotiation authority. Under such authority, lawmakers could still set parameters for trade deals, but once an agreement was negotiated they could only approve or reject it, not change it.
Obama is seeking the "fast-track" authority to complete a Trans-Pacific trade deal with 11 other countries along the Pacific rim, many of whom are also negotiating separate trade pacts with China. [end excerpt]

* "WTO Blocks Country of Origin Labels on Meat; Country of origin labels on meat will have to be revised or dropped after World Trade ruling" (2015-05-18, AP newswire) []

* "Wall Street Titans Who Crashed Global Economy in 2008 Go Big for TPP; As billionaire class and financial elites push corporate-friendly pact, new data shows empty promises and 'job-killing' reality of previous agreements" (2015-05-06, []
* "Senate Passes Obama's TPP Fast-Track Trade Proposal" (2015-05-14, [] [begin excerpt]: Two days ago there was some rejoicing and much surprise when the "Warren-faction" of Senate liberals turned against Obama, and failed to vote for a fast-track approval of the TPP. That surprise lasted for about 48 hours when moments ago, in a 65-33 vote, the Senate finally advanced a measure allowing Obama to expedite approval of trade agreements. [end excerpt]
* "TPP Vote in the Senate: Big Defeat For Obama’s Fascist 'Trade” Deal' " (2015-05-13) []: The Senate just voted down fast-track authority for the tyrannical Trans Pacific Partnership deal []. This is great news. Specifically, many have noted that the treaty is so bad that – if Americans knew what’s in it – they’d demand that Congress reject it. No wonder it has been classified as a national security secret, so that people can’t see it’s language … until 4 years AFTER it’s passed []. The only chance Obama had was to rush it through before anyone has the chance to hear about it. And that failed. Score one for Americans.
Postscript: While the TPP is falsely called a “trade agreement,” only 5 out of 29 of TPP’s chapters haveanything to do with trade []. And conservatives point out that even the 5 chapters on trade do not promotefree trade. Bloomberg calls TPP a “corporatist power grab”, “as democratic and transparent as a one-party state,” and shrouded in “Big Brother-like secrecy” [].
* "Democrats’ Cave-In on TPP and TTIP. Good-Bye Democracy" (2015-05-14, by Eric Zuesse, []
* "Here’s How Your Senators Voted, in the Key Senate Vote to End American Democracy" (2015-05-15, by Eric Zuesse, []
* "TPP and TTIP “Free Market” “Trade” Deals Approved by US Senate: How America’s “News” Media Killed America’s Democracy" (2015-05-15, by Eric Zuesse) []

* "Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a 'Black Issue' " (2015-05-12, by Ajamu Baraka, [] [begin excerpt]:
If concluded, the TPP will continue the process of concentrating economic power in the hands of U.S. based transnational corporations and financial institutions. And while the 1% who have no allegiance to any national territory or state will grow richer, the agreement will pit workers in the U.S. — especially Black and Brown workers — into cut-throat competition with exploited workers, this time in Asia, who will be paid slave wages to produce for the U.S. and European markets – this agreement producing increased exports from the U.S. is a blatant lie.
That is why for African Americans as the group that objectively has suffered more than any other group domestically as a result of the turn toward neoliberal globalization in the 1970s and the economic crisis in 2008, we should reject all neoliberal proposals, be it in the form of Obama’s phony urban “promise zones” to trade agreements. Opposition to neoliberal trade agreements, like broad opposition to neoliberal capitalism in general must be embraced as fundamental for our resistance movement and survival as a people.
However, our rejection of the TPP must not be based just on the negative consequence it will have on African American workers but on our movements’ historic commitment to justice and solidarity with the oppressed and exploited, not only in the U.S. but throughout the world.
It is the principles of social justice, self-determination for peoples’ and nations, authentic democracy and people-centered human rights that privileges dignity for the individual and the collective that must continue to inform our oppositional politics and vision for the future, and not loyalty to any individual. [end excerpt]

Canada, Quebec, & the federation of First Nations
* "Canada's complicity in the Saudi-Yemen war" (2015-05-13, []

"Indian Country" and the sovereign nations within the USA
[] []

* "Presidential candidtae likens Native Americans to Jihadists" (2015-05-14, []

Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA)

Republic of Cuba 
* "African-Americans Connect With Cuba; Island is world-renowned for organic city gardens" (2015-04-18, []
Photo: President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and a delegation from the White House attended the recent Summit of the Americas in Panama.

United States of Mexico 
* "Mexican Auto Workers Fired for Protesting Sexual Harassment" (2015-05-12, []

* "La Generacio Aguas Blancas: Organizaciones clandestinas armadas mexicanas" book (2013, by Jorge Lofredo, [], containing interviews and context in Spanish about the following revolutionary People's armies:
- Partido Democratico Popular Revolucionario-Ejercito Popular Revolucionario
- Ejercito Revolucionario del Pueblo Insurgente (ERPI)
- Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias del Pueblo
- Comite Clandestino de los Pobres-Comando Justiciero 28 de Junio
- Movimiento Revolucionario Lucio Cabanas Barrientos
- Tendencia Democratica Revolucionaria-Ejercito del Pueblo
- Coordinacion Revolucionaria

(2015-05, Partido Democrático Popular Revolucionario-Ejército Popular Revolucionario)

* Communication to the Mexican Republic (2015-05-05) [] [begin excerpt]: Many winds of discontent against the regime and unpopular government, one of them is expressed in different calls against the current electoral process, putting at the center of the discussion on To vote or not to vote? 
Given the current regime and the particular situation that we Mexicans is necessary to reflect on the essence of voting or not voting in the framework of a bourgeois democracy, which is nothing other than the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. 
Historical experience teaches us that vote legitimizes the current regime, which is responsible for the material conditions of existence of poverty in which people live; vote to legitimize current conditions there is more unemployment and precarious accept that there wages. 
The exploited every six years found that voting legitimizes and endorses the annulment of constitutional and inalienable human rights as the right to work, education and life. You know that voting is legitimize state terrorism against the people, accept and applaud the murders, forced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, torture, repression, harassment and hunger on the people as terrorist policy.  [end excerpt]

* "CIVIL MONITORING COMMITTEE AND SEARCH FOR THE LOCATION AND PRESENTATION OF OUR LIFE PARTNERS Edmundo Reyes Amaya and Gabriel Alberto Cruz Sánchez" (2015-04-21, Revolutionary Popular Democratic Party-Popular Revolutionary Army) machine translation [] [begin excerpt]: On the requested information on the detention and forced disappearance of our colleagues in two public communications, we sent the following response: 
Needless to say, after an appropriate process of investigation and verification of information on schedules and physical spaces in which they moved and were our companions Edmundo Reyes Amaya and Gabriel Alberto Cruz Sánchez before his arrest disappearance on May 25, 2007, in the City of Oaxaca, today we can clarify and confirm what happened prior to his arrest and disappearance. 
The information we send to them is what allows us our status as clandestine revolutionary fighters, it should be noted that our political activism goes under this circumstance, forced by the repressive nature of the regime. We ask for your understanding that no data we can not disclose, as a precise description of the infrastructure they occupied places where they worked and colleagues who were beside Gabriel and Edmundo, hours before his arrest and disappearance by repressive forces regime. [end excerpt]

Republic of El Salvador 
* "Canadian mining companies banned in three Salvadorian municipalities" (2015-05-11, []

Republic of Colombia
* "Reflections on Colombia's 'Narco-Paramilitary State' " (2015-05-14, [] [begin excerpt]: In his contribution to the recent report put together by the Historical Commission of the Colombian Armed Conflict and Its Victims (Feb. 2015), one of Colombia's bravest voices, Father Javier Giraldo, S.J., gives his take on "The Origins of The Armed Conflict, its Persistence and its Impacts." Read it here [].
Father Giraldo explains that the single biggest factor behind the armed conflict in Colombia is land and its unequal distribution. As he relates, though there have been various initiatives on the part of the Colombian government to redistribute land, these efforts have been a complete failure, with currently 4.2% of the land in Colombia in the hands of 67.6% of the population, while 46.5% of all land is in the hands of a mere .4% of the population. This unequal distribution of land, furthermore, has resulted in Colombia becoming one of the most unequal societies on earth with a Gini coefficient of 885.
While the foregoing may not come as too much of a surprise, what might is Father Giraldo's observation that the U.S. has contributed to the root cause of the conflict by siding for many decades with the small percent of the Colombia population that owns most of Colombia's land.
He relates that the U.S. -- through various means, including through the DEA and CIA -- have supported both the right-wing paramilitaries as well as drug cartels aligned with these paramilitaries in order to foster the unequal distribution of land in Colombia.
These conclusions are supported by a recent study of Amnesty International (AI) which evaluates Colombia's land restitution process. The salient conclusions of this AI Report are as follows []:
* "Almost six million people have been forcibly displaced since 1985, most of them as a consequence of Colombia's internal armed conflict - that is nearly 13% of country's population - and means Colombia has one of the highest forced displacement levels in the world."
* "It is estimated that some eight million hectares of land have been acquired illegally, equating to 14% of Colombia's territory."
* "The majority of those forcibly displaced have been peasant farmers, Indigenous People and Afro-descendant communities, and their lands are often of economic and political interest to the parties to the conflict."
*"Most forced displacement has been carried out by paramilitaries and the [U.S.-backed] security forces, either acting alone or in collusion with each other."
*"Land claimants, human rights defenders and state officials involved in the land restitution process have been threatened and killed, mostly by paramilitaries."
*"Forty-five percent of forcibly displaced households are headed by women, . . . [and] [f]orcibly displaced women are at far greater risk of being sexually abused, raped or forced into prostitution."
*"Since 2012, the Victims and Land Restitution Law (Law 1448) has sought to help return illegally acquired land to some of its rightful occupants. However, only a tiny percentage of the millions of hectares stolen has been returned."
*"Impunity is rife. The majority of those suspected of having criminal responsibility for forced displacement and related human rights abuses have never been brought to justice. This impunity has encouraged further forced displacements."
*"Very few land restitution cases have tackled land occupation by large national or international companies [many of these U.S. companies] or others who may have been responsible for the forced displacement and dispossession of the claimant. Instead the process has focused on the easy, small-scale cases."
Read the full report, titied "Colombia - A Land Title Is Not Enough" (2014-11, Amnesty International) here []
[end excerpt]

Towards a Bolivarian Republic of Colombia
* "15 years of the Bolivarian Movement" (2015-04-29, Bolivarian Movement for the New Colombia) machine translation []

* "The Straw in the Neighbor's Eye" (2015-05-12, by Timoleon Jimenez Commander of the General Staff of the FARC-EP) machine translation []

* "NO MORE GLYPHOSATE" (2015-04-30, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) machine translation [] [begin excerpt]: In our conception of new drug policy, based on a human rights approach, which has largely been welcomed in the Partial Agreement on the fourth item discussed in the Bureau of Havana, the scheme is not eradication but replacing voluntary accompanied by integrated development projects for communities are the main protagonists of the processes.
Under this and other deeper considerations, the FARC put on the table the environmental concern and publicly said that although we agreed with the government in regard to "Getting the country is free of illicit crops," we differed in that for this purpose could not get in any way or at any cost, without looking at consequences. Therefore we include the environmental element, besides talking treatment with a focus on respect for human rights, demilitarization and removal of repressive and punitive treatment of the weakest links in the chain are farmers and rural population linked to crops, and consumers.
Our formulation in the Bureau was "Making preventing deterioration of the environment, the territory is free from illicit crops" and the relevant qualification linked with this approach reads as follows: "The FARC-EP consider developing the general guidelines of the new drug policy to proceed with the immediate suspension of aerial spraying with glyphosate, or any other chemical, and full reparation for victims. [end excerpt]

* "When, the Constituent Assembly?" machine translation (2015-05-07, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) []
* "THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STATE, NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE PEACE RECOGNITION" (2015-04-28, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) machine translation []
* "CLARIFY THE TRUTH AND COMMITMENT NOT TO REPEAT" (2015-05-03, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) machine translation []
* THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE HISTORICAL COMMISSION" (2015-05-04, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) machine translation []
* "ON VICTIMS OF CONFLICT AND OUTSTANDING COMMITMENTS " (2015-05-06, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) machine translation []
* "WITH DIRTY WAR NOT HAVE PEACE " (2015-05-07, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) machine translation []
* JOINT COMMUNIQUE NO. 54 (2015-05-08, Delegation of Peace, FARC-EP) []: Today delegations from the national government and the FARC-EP completed the cycle 36 of talks in which we work intensively on three fronts.
- Define the roadmap for the implementation of demining pilot project, supported by Norwegian People's Aid organization, APN, agreed and announced on 7 March 2015. It also established the technical and logistical development for the implementation of the activities in each phase.
- In the framework of the Technical Subcommittee of the end of the conflict, we move into the work methodology and analysis of concepts for the study of the ceasefire and bilateral and final hostilities, after hearing international experts in the three previous cycles.
- In parallel, we continue to build agreements on item 5 of the agenda "Victims".
We thank the governments of Cuba and Norway, guarantor countries of the process; and Chile and Venezuela, facilitating countries; for their support and collaboration.
The cycle 37 of talks will begin on May 21.

* "JUSTICE AND TRUTH" (2015-05-01, ELN) [] [begin excerpt]:
Very little has been heard about the protests that have occurred in recent days against extradition, for reduction of sentences and welfare of people who are behind bars in prison sites suffer syndicated poor and condemned who are in strike hunger. Do not forget that in prisons human beings who have been deprived of their liberty because they are considered antisocial, ie they are not liked by the Company and are also considered civic leaders, popular, union, indigenous, Afro rot, which bravely they have denounced the crimes and atrocities committed daily against our people by those who hold power and our lives are created. Popular leaders of any progressive sector are invisible heroes bravely since by censure injustice and violence in which we are mired the oligarchy, the bourgeoisie, capitalism or whatever you call, they have been confined to the official dungeons. Worthy but subject to neglect and disinterest of the society for which they sacrifice everything.
The "heroes" of the armed forces, which disappear from destitute peasants or to cafeteria workers on the Plaza de Bolivar, raped and murdered peasant girls in Arauca and in many other parts of the country; Protect them, now they do not want to be condemned for over 5 years for killing and disposing in false positives, undesirable unemployed or poor peasants, these same people whom it is addressed the so called Transitional Justice. We can characterize it as a para-state, with authoritarian character and mood of political, economic and military legal control.
Recall that the prison crisis currently facing the country at an economic, political and social model that makes marginality to the vast majority who make up this country, to this is added the invisibility that the big mass media must face a fact which demonstrates the profound nature of a repressive state, which threaten freedom of expression, opinion and thought of those who challenge and fight.
The Bill, which prioritizes the prison privatization and actually works with many prison activities, such as private public attention (APP). 11 new prisons, for now Tulua, Buga and Espinal with extended Aguadas with 300 seats for a total of 15,000 more seats for allegedly lowering the 55% that are currently overcrowding arise. Filling the jails is the policy of the State. [end excerpt]

* MESSAGE TO INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS PROPOSALS FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT (2015-05-08, ELN Central Committee) [] [begin excerpt]: For most of the twentieth century and the first two decades of the century, the hegemony of power of the ruling class and the concentration of wealth has been preached in the war. The dispossession of 8 million hectares more by the exile of more than 7 million farmers would not have achieved by other means than violence. Therefore several researchers have claimed that there is no displacement in Colombia because there is war; but there is war there is displacement.
Governments have the need to open the strategic territories precisely in times of economic crisis for foreign capital extractive (mining and energy) and transnational agribusiness, this implies that the communities give up their control over those territories and the state offers " investor security "for transnational capital. This is a central piece in the puzzle of capitalist modernization that promotes the Colombian oligarchy and this is the central motivation of the state to enter a peace process with the guerrillas.
Furthermore, it is important to note that Colombia has been converted by the Pentagon in the main military power in Latin America, in order to attack other countries that establish popular-democratic governments and uphold the dignity and sovereignty of peoples. Given the recent announcements of a possible imperialist military aggression against Venezuela, it is clear that Colombia plays as the spearhead. The Colombian conflict has spilled over national borders and oligarchic governments are a threat to regional stability. Therefore, peace in Colombia contributes to the continental peace.
Peace is not the absence of conflict because the conflict is inherent in every society and in all human relationships; what matters is that conflicts are addressed in dialogue and not violently. Historically, in Colombia the custom of the ruling class has been to resort to the use of force and weapons to resolve conflicts, to resort to violence to maintain their political hegemony and accumulation model. Therefore, we question the very concept of "post-conflict". [end excerpt]


Towards a People's Republic of the Andes (Peru, Ecuador)

* Defend Chairman Gonzalo's life! (2011-08, PCP-CC, reproduced by the Peru People's Movement) []
* "Long Live the 22nd Anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's speech!", joint statement (2014-12-03, Peru People's Movement (Committee for Reorganizing) – PPM (CR) ) []

* "ON THE 35 ANNIVERSARY OF THE PEOPLE'S WAR IN PERU" (2015-05-20, PCP-CC) [], machine translation []
* "LONG LIVE THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE BEGINNING OF THE ARMED STRUGGLE IN PERU!" (2015-05-20, PCE-SR) machine translation [] [], original [].
* "35 years into the armed struggle of 1980" (2015-05-17, Solidarity Collective) machine translation []

* "INTERNATIONAL MESSAGE TO THE EXPLOITED AND OPPRESSED" (2015-05-01, PCP - Committee Base Mantaro Rojo) machine translated []
* "MAY 17 OPENING DAY OF OUR EMANCIPATION" (2015-05-17, PCP - Mantaro Committee Red Base) machine translated []

* "WE ARE THE INITIATORS" (1980-04-19, PCP, First Military School) []
I. We Are Entering the Strategic Offensive of the World Revolution.
II. Our People Begin to Seize Power Through Armed Struggle
III. The Party Develops Itself Through Armed Struggle.
IV. We Begin to Develop the Militarization of the Party Through Actions and Apply the Plan of Initiation.
V. We Arm Ourselves in Theory and Practice to Launch the People’s War.
VI. We Are the Initiators.

* "THE DEEPER THE CLASS CONTRADICTIONS, WILL DEEPEN OUR TRANSFORMATION" (2015-04-28, Revolutionary Armed Forces - People's Army Tupacamarista) machine translation [], original []

[], with the Green Charter Committee, for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "Are the US and the EU Sponsoring Terrorism in Burundi?" (2015-05-15, by Gearóid Ó Colmáin) []

European Union (EU) / NATO
Documenting economic and political trends across the EU jurisdictions, and international operations 

* "Cringeworthy moment: Nato foreign ministers sing 'We are the World' after day of talks about Ukraine and Libya" (2015-05-14, []

* "The European Union Plans War to Keep Europe White" (2015-05-13, by Glenn Ford, []
* "EU considers military attacks on targets in Libya to stop migrant boats" (2015-50-10, []

* "NGO Finds Link Between Neo-Nazism in Eastern Europe and NATO Expansion" (2015-05-14, []
* "Growth of Nazism in Europe is 'Obvious Threat' – Kremlin Chief of Staff" (2015-05-03, []

The ISIS Sector of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO)

* "Ukraine as Obama’s Vietnam" (2015-05-16, by a Russian) [] [begin excerpt]: Initially the whole American “Ukrainian project” was aimed, first, at occupying the Crimea, squeezing-out the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Space center from there.
However, the reunification of the peninsular with Russia has spoiled the game of Washington and simultaneously scared them when they saw that Moscow, all of a sudden, has obtained back its role of a global power.
From then new American plans were written while knelt down, and in haste, the White House took a course for isolation of Russia and its economic suffocation. Within the framework of this task, the States had to draw into the pursued by them anti-Russia policy as many countries as it was possible and, above all, to ruin the relations between Russia and Germany, France and other states of the EU.
Actually, the war in Donbass was unleashed in order to achieve this target, and in order to show to the whole world the bloody image of a Russian imperialism and revanchism, to scare the Europeans with this, to push them for strengthening the North-Atlantic solidarity.
Besides, they hoped Russia and its regular troops would be immediately involved into the military actions what would allow them not only to demonize our country in every way but also to make us suffer great losses in people and finance.
In short, they decided to organize a new Afghanistan for us, which used to play its role in the collapse of the USSR, or something like Vietnam – à la the USA.
But for a successful implementation of these “great” ideas, they definitely needed our regular troops to be in the territory of Donbass and participate in the military actions. Based on the experience with the Crimea, the Americans did not even doubt everything would be like this.
However, Russian troops did not appear in Donbass. The Americans were so greatly disappointed that at first they did not believe that, and Brzezinski, who has lost his last wits, continued to call upon Ukrainians to fight against Russian tanks in the streets of Kiev and Kharkov turning these two capitals into “Stalingrad”.
In the result, the Americans had to be content with unsupported accusations against Russia, fake pictures, which “proved” the presence of the Russian Armed Forces in the territory of Ukraine, and such false flag operations as the downing of the Malaysian “Boeing”.
These not very convincing proofs caused more and more questions to the USA themselves. Thus, the head of the French military intelligence General Christophe Gomart accused the USA in deliberate disinformation. When speaking at the National Assembly of France he said that Russia had never prepared any military invasion of Ukraine and that the American intelligence presented a false information.
To add, the sponsors of Minsk Agreements, France and Germany, have recently directly accused Kiev in derailing the peaceful process. The majority of the EU support the normalization of relations with Russia and the cancellation of the sanctions.
The attempts of the American advisors to add some more “drive” into Ukrainian events led to nothing. When Kalashnikov and Buzina were shot, in Europe they started to think more of Nazism and terrorism, which is growing in Ukraine, and less of the Russian imperialism. [end excerpt]

* "Berlusconi and Poroshenko about the Victory Parade in Russia: what is victory for one is defeat for the other" (2015-05-13) []: Ukraine is supported by whole world, claimed the president of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko in his speech at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev confined to the 70th anniversary of the Victory.
"One of the manifestations of support became widespread international boycott of today parade on the Red Square in Moscow", - edition "Ukrainian Truth" quoted his words.
At the same time former President Silvio Berlusconi has diametrically opposed views. According to his opinion, the lack of European leaders at the Victory Parade in Moscow shows only the total failure of the western countries political line.
"Leaders of China, India and other Asian countries, who sits now next to the head of the Russian state on that tribune on Red Square, is the evidence of the failure of Western policy, but it is not the evidence of the isolation of Russia." - Berlusconi said, in an open letter, which was published in the Italian newspaper "Corriera della Sera".
The politician also emphasized on the fact that the sanctions brought nothing but losses to the European and Italian business.
* "Anti-Russia sanctions create uncertainty for Italy’s business, says ambassador" (2015-05-15, []

* "Battlefield: Black Sea" (2015-05-14, []

* "Cyprus joint resolution condemning the persecutions of militants from Turkey" (2015-05-13) []: As social and political collectives and parties of Cyprus condemn the ​ ​ arrests of militants from Turkey in a series of European countries under ​ ​ the pretext of “fight against terrorism” and without any substantial ​ ​ charges against them.
The militants from Turkey are essentially being persecuted for their ideas and their social and political actions both in Turkey and in the countries they live. They are political refugees that were forced to leave Turkey due to their struggles, many of them after imprisonment and tortures or under the threat of being imprisoned. Under the leadership of the German and French governments, European Union implements suppressive policies against political refugees, aiming at terrorizing and penalizing their struggles, embellishing the authoritarian and oppressive Turkish regime. We declare our solidarity and our full support to the militants from Turkey who fought against the atrocious regime of their country and to those who are struggling and resisting worldwide!

United Kingdom of Great Britain (UKGB) 
* "New report: UK most unequal country in the EU" (2015-05-19, []

* "Liverpool votes to ditch England as Merseysiders say let's join 'New Scotland' ; ECHO poll launched after thousands flock to sign petition calling on North to secede from England" (2015-05-14, []

* "Anti-austerity protesters take to UK streets after Tory election victory" (2015-05-09, []
* "Protesters and police face off at Downing Street gates as hundreds rally against new Tory government" (2015-05-09, []

Republic of Croatia
* "Croatian President Pays Tribute to Pro-Nazi Collaborators" (2015-05-15, []

* "Croatian Nazi Ustashe songs during gathering as well as fascist priest giving prayers" (2015-05-19, []


Republic of Macedonia (EU associate state)
* "Macedonia: Thousands rally in support of Prime Minister Gruevski" []

* "Macedonia terrorist raid may be linked to country’s support of Russia – Lavrov" (2015-05-16, []

* "Macedonian media: Turkish Stream will be a reality" (2015-05-17, []

Republic of Serbia
* "Serbia ready to join Moscow-led Turkish Stream gas project — foreign minister" (2015-05-15, []

* "Russia will provide Serbia with necessary assistance on Kosovo issue — Russian FM" (2015-05-15, []

Fascist Republic of Ukraine (EU / NATO associate state)
* "In Ukraine, Corruption Concerns Linger a Year After a Revolution" (2015-05-19, []
* "Kiev fails to meet one third of criteria for visa-free regime with EU — ambassador" (2015-05-18, []
* "Ukrainian Crisis Brings Death and Destruction Back to Europe – Lawmaker" (2015-05-19, []

* Text of fascist Ukraine death squad flier directing the public to identify "terrorists", photo (2015-05-18) []

* "The protesters in front of the Parliament building in Kiev went on hunger strike" (2015-05-19, []
* "Residents of Kiev picketed the US embassy calling for an end to the US interference in Ukraine" photos (2015-05-13) [], videos []
* "KIEV awakes" sixteen photos (2015-05-16) []
* "The movement of "law? YES!" rallies against foreign interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine" (2015-04-14, machine translated []
* "Anti-government rally is underway in Kiev; Ukrainian official media are silent" (2015-05-16, []

* "Ballet Dancers and Opera Singers Protest Conscription to Ukrainian Army" (2015-05-17, []

* "1000s of Ukrainians protest rising prices of utilities" (2015-05-17, []
* "Kiev Meeting against Poroshenko and Yatsenuk" (2015-05-14, [], video []: May 14th, near Verchovna Rada Ukrainians held meeting against the growth of prices on utility bills. The extemporaneous scaffold showed the deputies what they can expect after an another utilities price rising.The activists expressed their attitude to the Ukrainian government in the form of the huge barrel with the word «gunpowder» («poroch» in Ukrainian – allusion to «Poroshenko») and the symbolic cell with the rabbit Seniya – such a transparent hint on the President and the Prime Minister.

* (2015-05-16) two photos []: A rally calling to resignation of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko is being held in Kiev. About 6 000 of its participants carry Ukrainian flags and chant "Order or down with you!", "Down with the crazy authorities!" Ukrainian actor and journalist Yuriy Kot posted pictures of the manifestation on his Facebook page. Ukrainian official media prefer to ignore the rally of protest.

* "Radical militants tied to "Azov" and OPG (mafias) "Right Sector" prepared for another coup in Ukraine against the Junta" (2015-05-17) []

* "The head of the Federal Migration Service told Putin about the number of Ukrainian dodgers in Russia" (2015-05-06) [], original ( [] [begin excerpt]: From 2.5 million Ukrainians in Russia 550,000 shy away from involvement in the fighting in the Donbass. He told the head of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, only from the south-east of Ukraine came to 970 thousand people.
"Just from the Ukraine we have now is 2.5 million people. And 550,000 people - citizens of Ukraine, which, apparently, are hiding in Russia to take part in the fighting on the territory of Ukraine. 970,000 - are the citizens who came to us in droves to the emergency areas of the southeast. Of these, more than 500 thousand have a temporary residence permit and a temporary shelter that allows them to work in Russia, we do not require authorization documents "- quoted by the Kremlin website Romodanovsky. [end excerpt]

* "Ukrainian conscripts revolt at the Lvov base with American instructors" (2015-05-18, translated by Kristina Rus) []
* "Angry Ukrainian Conscripts in Lviv Threaten Revolt" (2015-05-18, []

If you love the Ukraine's new fascist government, then know what you stand with:
1) Who drove 500 miles East?
2) Who banned Russian language?
3) Who has openly fascist Nazis in their government and military?
4) Who has blockaded the East?
5) Who did 1.4 million refugees flee from?
6) Who passed laws commemorating WW2 Nazi collaborators?
7) Who indiscriminately bombed civilian women, children and elderly people for the past year, killing 7,000 innocent people?
8) Who has lied on hundreds of occasions, yet still gets quoted by he US media, who incidentally have never sent real investigate reporters into the war zone?
9) Who cut off all life long hard earned pensions to 8 million ethnic Russian citizens?
10) Who incorporated fascist openly pro-Nazi battalions into their military?
11) Who has said Russia invaded 25 times yet has never produced a single cell phone image to prove such assertions?
12) Who lied to the mothers of dead soldiers and told them that their sons deserted so that they didn't have to pay compensation to the mothers?
13) Who declared themselves victorious on 3 occasions after losing 3 major battles?
14) Who lied about the 1,000 soldiers killed at Iloviask last summer- including 300 in one 24 hour period?
15) Who shot their own people from the Hotel Ukraine?
16) Who burned 45 people alive in the Odessa Trade Union building?
17) Who shot unarmed people on the streets of Mariupol?
18) Who released fake audio less than 30 minutes after MH-17 was shot down?
19) Who has been given a free pass on the investigation of MH-17, of which they are a potential suspect?
20) Who bombed and killed 12 women and men at the Luhansk Municipal building?
21) Who has failed to investigate any of the above mentioned atrocities?
22) Who has given the pro-Nazi Right Sector Bandera supporters a commemorative holiday?
23) Who has Human Right watch cited for atrocities?
24) Who killed 25 patients in their hospital beds in Krasny Liman (covered up by US media)?
25) Who were the descendants of the brutal, murderous Galician SS from West Ukraine?
26) Who has the US given a complete free pass on all the above to?
The answer is the Kiev regime. You know it, I know it.... many US citizens are just too much in denial to admit it to themselves. It is happening and you sat by while your country did the wrong thing. And for that there is a price to pay also. Being a true patriot requires pointing out when your country is being lied to. Waving a flag means nothing if you aren't fighting for the truth.

* "Poroshenko: control over border with Russia is important to regain" (2015-05-17, [].
This is all he cares about. This is the main goal of the US and EU in 'implementation in full' of "Minsk." Why? Because if this happens, the DPR and LPR will cease to exist. You have no border, you have no country. It will just be Ukraine and Russia. This is why "Minsk" will NEVER be a good thing for Donbass. They won that border with their blood last summer and it's wrong to have to give it up because their victory is inconvenient for the US and EU plans. If Kiev gets the border, nothing in "Minsk" will matter, because they will then repeal any 'new' or 'special' laws and put up that Great Wall. This should never be allowed to happen.

* "LC militias just broke - an officer of the 'Alpha' " (2015-05-19, machine translated []
* "LC from Kiev require the immediate release of the captured soldiers under the Happiness of the People's Militia" (2015-05-18, machine translated []: LC from Kiev require the immediate release of the two soldiers of the People's Militia, security forces captured earlier Kiev near the city of happiness. On this day LuganskInformTsentru first deputy commander of the militia Sergey Kozlov
"In accordance with the sixth paragraph of the Ukrainian president signed the Minsk accords and avoid escalation of the situation in the region, demand the immediate return of our comrades and Alexander Alexandrov Yevgeny Yerofeyev," he said.
"Continued abuse of our comrades will not remain without consequences" said Kozlov.
Soldiers of the People's Militia, "know firsthand the methods used to extract relevant SBU readings, after which many of our comrades have become permanently disabled," - said the first deputy commander.
Kozlov said that the People's Militia LC "has always tried to emphasize humanely treat all captured in the territory of the People's Republic of Lugansk representatives of the enemy."
"I would like to emphasize that we are talking not only about the soldiers of the Ukrainian army, but also the participants of the Ukrainian penal battalions, of which there is enough foreigners. All of them provided immediate help, after which they returned to their homes", he said.
Recall that on the eve of Kozlov reported that on May 16, "about 13.00 by clicking the line of demarcation - the Seversky Donets River - in the area east of the village Happiness sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the enemy attacked the observation post separate reconnaissance battalion of the People's Militia." During the ensuing fight, two fighters of the People's Militia, Yerofeyev Evgeny and Alexander A. Alexandrov, were injured and taken prisoner Ukrainian saboteurs. For their release, "the leadership of the Republic, together with the command of the People's Militia decided to establish a group to negotiate the exchange of military data."
At the same time the command of the People's Militia does not rule out that "for the purpose of further provocations," the prisoners might be tortured. [end article]
* "Kiev security forces captured in the territory of the LC two fighters of the People's Militia" (2015-05-17, machine translated [], three photos []
* "How the Media Spins Story of Russian Soldiers In Ukraine" (2015-05-15, []
* "Ukraine says it will prosecute captured Russian soldiers for terrorist acts" (2015-05-18, [] [begin excerpt]: As Kiev sought to reap maximum propaganda capital from the latest incident, Ukrainian chief of staff Viktor Muzhenko told journalists that a Ukrainian soldier had carried one of the wounded Russian officers on his shoulders "while small arms and mortar fire" had continued around him. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said in Brussels the prisoners had been targeted by their own side. "Russian officers tried to kill their own people as soon as they understood they were caught by the Ukrainian military," Klimkin told reporters. TASS news agency later quoted Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov as saying the two prisoners had served in the Russian armed forces but were no longer Russian soldiers on May 17, the day they were captured. Nalivaychenko said the captured soldiers had been part of a group which had carried out acts "with a terrorist aim with guns in their hands against our citizens". [end excerpt]

* "Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the face of the EU" (2015-05-18) []
* "Ukraine’s Descent into Fascism and How the West Turns a Blind Eye" (2015-05-15, []
* "Vladimir Putin calls Ukraine fascist and country’s new law helps make his case" (2015-05-14, [], that is, according to how the Law of the Republic of Ukrainine concerning association with historically fascist organizations, the government itself is actually guilty of being fascist for its promotion of groups who were openly part of Adolph Hitler's military and who participated in the mass killing of Jews and Poles!
* "Putin says Ukraine being overrun by fascists - and he may be right; Kiev has now handed the Kremlin "evidence" for Putin’s claim that Russia is facing off against fascists" (2015-05-16, by former employee of the US State Department Josh Cohen, []
* "Cohen: Kyiv showed that in Ukraine Russia is opposed fascism" (2015-05-16, []

* "US judge to consult Ukraine’s constitutional commission" (2015-05-18, []

What is more corrupt than foreign domination over national resources and politics?
* "Ukraine’s anti-corruption agency could be led by US citizen" (2014-12-26, []

* "Avakov awarded daggers American police" (2015-05-16) []:
Two police officers from California received medals and certificates of appreciation to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Awards handed him Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.
American police have been awarded "for close cooperation with law enforcement agencies of Ukraine in training professional instructors for the new Ukrainian police."

Victoria Nuland is the USA Federal Diplomat who provided $5 billion for the overthrow the constitutionally elected administrators of the Republic of Ukraine, to be replaced by a fascist government with administrators who are dual citizens with the State of Israel. Her husband is Robert Kagan, also a dual citizen with the USA, who is among the more publicized advocates for total war using the USA military against governments deemed hostile to the interest of the State of Israel. His role is employed in an advisory role for USA Presidents and politicians.
* "America's Dangerous Aversion to Conflict; The U.S. increasingly yearns to escape the harsh realities of war, but as recent events make clear, raw force remains a key element in international politics" (2014-09-05, by Robert Kagan, [] [begin excerpt]: This lesson won't be lost on others who wield increasing power in other parts of the world and who, like Vladimir Putin's autocratic Russia and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's fanatical Islamic State, have grievances of their own. In the 1930s, when things began to go bad, they went very bad very quickly. Japan's invasion of Manchuria in 1931 exposed the hollow shell that was the League of Nations—a lesson acted upon by Hitler and Mussolini in the four years that followed. Then Germany's military successes in Europe emboldened Japan to make its move in East Asia on the not unreasonable assumption that Britain and the U.S. would be too distracted and overstretched to respond. The successive assaults of the illiberal aggressors, and the successive failures of the liberal powers, thus led to a cascade of disasters.
The wise men and women of our own time insist that this history is irrelevant. They tell us, when they are not announcing America's irrevocable decline, that our adversaries are too weak to pose a real threat, even as they pile victory upon victory. Russia is a declining power, they argue. But then, Russia has been declining for 400 years. Can declining powers not wreak havoc? Does it help us to know that, in retrospect, Japan lacked the wealth and power to win the war it started in 1941? [end excerpt]
* "No problem– Obama’s State Dep’t spokesperson is married to Romney’s neocon foreign policy adviser" (2011-10-12, [] [begin excerpt]:  Last week, Mitt Romney announced a foreign policy team that includes Robert Kagan, a neocon who pushed for the Iraq war.
But Kagan is married to Victoria Nuland, who is a spokesperson for the State Department. Laurie Bennett notes the strangeness of this conjunction []: "Victoria Nuland’s role as spokesperson for the State Department, deemed strange by some who remember her tenure as principal deputy national security adviser to then Vice President Dick Cheney, has become stranger yet. Her husband, Robert Kagan, has joined Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign as a foreign policy adviser. Kagan, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, also advised the McCain campaign in 2008."
Kagan pushed the Iraq war to George Bush as a battle to help Israel. He and his neocon friends wrote [], “If we do not move against Saddam Hussein and his regime, the damage our Israeli friends and we have suffered until now may someday appear but a prelude to much greater horrors… Israel’s fight against terrorism is our fight. Israel’s victory is an important part of our victory.” [end excerpt]

* "Media: Kiev flooded with illegal weapons, situation spiraling out of control" (2015-05-19, []

* "Only 0.06% Ukrainian school-leavers demonstrate excellent command of Ukrainian" (2015-05-15, []

* "Kiev Has More Political Prisoners Than Nazis in First Two Years" (2015-05-15, []

* "Russian human rights activist says has proof of Kiev’s extrajudicial killings of militias"(2015-05-15, []

Who broke the peace agreement between the Republic of Ukraine and the Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya?
* "Lughansk People’s Republic is skeptical about the idea of the United States’ joining the negotiating process on the settlement in Donbass" (2015-05-17) []
* "Vladislav Breeg: Ukraine has not implemented a single provision of the Minsk Agreement" (2015-05-19, []
* "Kiev Heads Closer to Resuming Full-Scale War on Donbass" (2015-05-16, by Stephen Lendman) []
* "Italian Foreign Ministry advises Kiev to grant autonomy to the Donbass region of Ukraine" (2015-05-14) []
* "Russian official says Ukraine's eastern regions may opt for Crimean pathway; A member of Russian parliament's upper house said Kiev will have to treat Donbas as a special region and take account of the losses it has suffered during the military operation if it wants to keep it" (2015-05-14, []
* "Former PM: Ukrainian authorities destroy Donbas as they don’t consider it their region" (2015-05-25, []

* "Poroshenko Snubs Minsk Accords, Vows to Fight 'Till Last Drop of Blood' " (2015-05-14, []
* "Ukraine is 'Bulletproof Vest' of Europe - PM Yatsenyuk" (2015-05-13, []
* "Mr Yatsenyuk, when will you stop the genocide in Donbass" (2015-05-14, Frédéric Saillot interviewed Ukrainian Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk for Eurasie Express Agency) [], video []:
Saillot: Mr Yatsenyuk, when will you stop the genocide in Donbass?
Yatsenyuk: When Putin pulls back and implements the Minsk Deals and stops the violation of international law. And when Russia is brought to justice.
Saillot: You already killed from six to ten thousand people. Will you continue?
Yatsenyuk: That’s awful, when President Putin conducting his far right nationalistic policy killed innocent Ukrainians, illegally annexed Crimea, invaded Donetsk and Lugansk…
Saillot: YOU kill innocent Ukrainians! You killed from six up to ten thousand civilian people.
Then Saillot tried to keep on communicating with the Prime-Minister, but Yatsenyuk diverted his attention to the questions of other journalists.
On May 13 Ukrainian Prime-Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk visited Paris, where he held talks with French authorities.
* "Yatsenyuk Plays Up Russian Threat, Fails to Deny Kiev's Genocide in Donbass" (2015-05-15, []

* "Ukraine appoints US senator McCain presidential aide" (2015-05-13, AFP newswire) []
* "McCain appointed to Ukraine reform advisory team headed by fugitive Georgian ex-leader" (2015-05-14, []
* "McCain's Anti-Putin Agenda in Ukraine Knocked Out by US Red Tape" (2015-05-15, []

* "Ukrainian Parliament Passes Bill to Allow Foreigners to Serve in Military" (2015-05-12, []

* "Video Footage shows large Column of US Military Vehicles heading towards ‪‎Lugansk" [], preparing to attack the Lugansk People's Republic in Novorossiya!

* "Ukrainian authorities hoisted solemnly the flag of European Union in Slavyansk" (2015-05-16, []

* "In the first quarter of Ukraine's GDP fell by 17.6%" (2015-05-15, machine translated []

* "Foreigners Now Control Some 2 Million Hectares of Land in Ukraine" (2015-05-13, []
* "Who Owns Agricultural Land in Ukraine?" (2015-05-08, []
* "Ukraine crisis seen softening political ground for foreign farm land sales" (2015-02-27, []
* "The World Bank and the IMF Open up Ukraine to Western Interests" (2014-07-28, intro [], press release [], full report [].
* "The Corporate Takeover of Ukrainian Agriculture: New Fact Sheet Details Western Agribusiness Interests in Ukraine" (2014-12-10, intro [], press release [], full report [].

* "Ukrainian government approves privatization of more than 300 state-owned enterprises" (2015-05-15, []

* "IMF demands will make most Ukrainians homeless - Finance Minister of Ukraine" (2015-05-14,, translated by Kristina Rus) []

* "Kiev Demands Russia Pay $350 Billion for Destruction Its Own Aggression Caused in Donbass" (2015-05-13, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Ukrainian nuclear waste stored in open air 200km from warzone" (2015-05-13, []

* "Mass forcible evacuation of residents in the settlements controlled by Kiev forces" (2015-05-17, []

* "The Ukrainian army will get 152mm shells in a few weeks" photos (2015-05-11) []

* "Great Wall of Ukraine: Kiev to Spend $200 Mln to Wall Off Russia" (2015-05-15, []

* "OSCE says Kiev significantly restricts movement of civilians in eastern Ukraine" (2015-05-13, []

* "War crimes of Ukraine's military: torture and inhumane treatment" []: Based on the information collected by the the Foundation for the Study of Democracy in Donbass, a clear conclusion can be drawn that most of the torture victims are not members of the Donetsk or Lugansk People’s Republics’ self-defense forces, but civilians. A ‘reason’ for arrest and torture of civilians by the Ukrainian side can be as simple as involvement in anti-Euromaidan rallies.

* " ‘No people there, only terrorists’: Pro-Kiev governor eyes cutting road transport with rebel areas" (2015-05-11, []. Read about the terrorists in the Novorossiya section following this section for the Republic of Ukraine. There you will see photos and scenes of social life of the "terrorist" areas. What terrifies me is that everybody who lives in Ukraine knows that regular people live in the Novorossiya region, and these fascist politicians simply say what they agree should say in order to justify tens of thousands of dead civilians!

* "Origins of Hate: Pre-Maidan Textbook Teaches Youth to Hate 'Subhumans' " (2015-05-06, [] [begin excerpt]: Anyone looking to get a better understanding of the origins of the radical ethnic nationalism and openly neo-Nazi views of elements of Ukraine's youth need look no further than a Ukrainian language textbook for grade school students from 2011.
The state-approved textbook, entitled 'Ukrainian Language', and oriented toward grade 11 students studying the Ukrainian language, has recently been rediscovered by Russian and Ukrainian social media users over its radical, hateful language. It is worth quoting here in full:
"We are all the children of Ukraine. Ukraine is our mother. One cannot choose one's mother, honest people at least. But the Little Russians, having been born Ukrainians, have rejected their own mother; they pledge allegiance to their stepmother [meaning Russia] and serve her like a mother. There are people among us born this way, people among us living this way, and demanding respect unto themselves. Such 'children of Ukraine' do not skip a beat when they betray their mother –Ukraine. They have no sense of shame for such heinous behavior; they do not have the moral quality of responsibility to their ancestors or their descendants; they do not feel remorse for their disgraceful behavior before the whole Ukrainian nation.
Only in form do these creatures belong to the human community, but in their essence they are degenerates and sub-humans (even if they have a higher education, academic degrees and titles). Ukrainian prisons long for many of them, long and cannot wait to welcome them. But do not worry jails; wait, and your time will come. You will yet open your doors and see the Ukrainophobes, and while hold them, not as guests, but to shut them in forever. And then Ukrainian society will be cleansed from this garbage, this unbearable filth and shame."
Attributed to an Ivan Belebeha, this example of poisonous hate speech is hidden away in an a seemingly innocuous subsection of the text entitled 'The Development of Coherent Speech: Transforming Text In Accordance With the Circumstances'.
With a spattering of Ukrainian and Russian commentators slamming the text back when it first came out in 2011, its recent rediscovery has the potential for even more resonance than before, given the events of the past year and the open, unchecked rise of radical nationalism, intolerance and neo-Nazi rhetoric in post-Maidan Ukraine. [end excerpt]

* "How ‪WW2‬ veterans are honored in the "new ‪Ukraine‬" for the "crime" of wearing St George ribbon on ‪Victory‬ Day even in ‎Lvov‬ in Western Ukraine" photos (2015-05-13) [], video [], propaganda vilifying the symbols of veterans [].
* "May 9th - Kiev people defend veterans with Stalin portrait" (2015-05-14) []
* 'Happy Birthday' is the song for honoring fallen soldiers, thinks President Poreshenko [], video []


* "Ukraine is establishing itself as a police state: residence of the editor of Odessa-based Timer website is being searched by Security Service" (2015-05-14, [] [begin excerpt]: Workers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) are carrying out searches in the residences of Odessa-based internet resource “Timer”. SSU accuses the journalists in pro-Russian propaganda: “Particularly, on the pages of the given resource in the course of 2014 the materials had been published that substantiated historical roots of the term “Novorossiya”, its right for existence and the historical necessity of the Russian World project”. In other words, the journalists are being persecuted for their political convictions, which is characteristic for a police state. Ukraine claims to be a democracy, but in reality the regime is swiftly approaching the standards of a totalitarian tyranny.
* "Ukrainian journalists demand explanations from Security Service of Ukraine in regard to search in residences of “Timer” website workers" (2015-04-14, []

* "Forced out of Ukraine: Local journalists showing their true colors" (2015-05-06, []

* (2015-05-14) []: I want to inform you that my close colleague and friend Linda Oliver, co-founder of IOUCO, from Scotland has been blocked and banned in facebook. She can be contacted in the following e-mail [lindatcct@)]. We will miss your always sharp analysis and your commitment with the truth Linda.

* (2014-10-16) photo []:
In Nikolayev, the appointees of the Kiev authorities, began to put pressure on the management of large chain stores, urging the labeling of products, made in Russia. To please the inspectors one of the stores sported labels showing a burning Kremlin tower with the ominous words "Made in Russia".
Due to the fact that this initiative has not been enacted into law yet, this requirement is being touted as good advice and a strong recommendation, but with a hint of the consequences. The implications for the retailers can be quite extensive:
- Problems with the renewal of retail licence
- Surprise inspections from the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights, Occupational Safety and fire inspectors
Of course, the labeling was immediately done.

* "Enforcing the Ukraine ‘Group Think’ " (2015-05-19, [] [begin excerpt]: It may be fitting that the U.S.-funded Radio Liberty would be the latest media outlet to join in the bashing of an American academic who dares to disagree with U.S. policies on Ukraine, which have included supporting a 2014 coup that ousted the elected president and installing a new regime in which neo-Nazis play a prominent role. After all, Radio Liberty has a history of cuddling up to Nazis. On May 6, a Radio Liberty pundit named Carl Schreck joined the Official Washington herd in demeaning Russian scholar Stephen Cohen as “a Putin apologist” who, Schreck said, was once “widely seen as one of the preeminent scholars in the generation of Sovietologists who rose to prominence in the 1970s, [but] Cohen these days is routinely derided as Putin’s ‘toady’ and ‘useful idiot.’” In that sense, Schreck’s reliance on vitriol rather than reason was typical of the “group think” prevalent across the U.S. mainstream media. But Radio Liberty does have a special history regarding Ukraine, including the use of Nazi sympathizers during the ramping up of the Cold War propaganda by Ronald Reagan’s administration in the 1980s. These RL propaganda broadcasts provoked outrage from some Jewish organizations, such as B’nai B’rith, and individuals including conservative academic Richard Pipes, prompting an internal review. According to a memo dated May 4, 1984, and written by James Critchlow, a research officer at the Board of International Broadcasting, which managed Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, one RL broadcast in particular was viewed as “defending Ukrainians who fought in the ranks of the SS.” But anyone who detects this reality can expect to confront insults from the mainstream U.S. media and U.S. government propagandists. Professor Cohen, 76, has borne the brunt of these ad hominem attacks. “Much as Russia scholars prefer consensus, even orthodoxy, to dissent, most journalists, one of them tells us, are ‘devoted to group-think’ and ‘see the world through a set of standard templates,’” wrote Cohen. “For them to break with ‘standard templates’ requires not only introspection but retrospection, which also is not a characteristic of either profession.” Nor is it characteristic of U.S.-taxpayer-funded Radio Liberty, which has gone from promoting the views of Nazi sympathizers in the 1980s to pushing the propaganda of a new Ukrainian government that cozies up to modern-day neo-Nazis. [end excerpt]

The Rise of Novorossiya
May 8 at 7:06am ·
In ‪#‎Ukraine‬, there is Fascism. Any idiot knows that. “Glory to Ukraine!” - “Glory to Heroes!” was originally a greeting that 14th Ukrainian SS Division used instead of Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil! 14th SS "Galicia" in Lvov in 1943. Led by German SS Police officers - monsters -. All Ukrainians were volunteers . Trawniki Men - 6000 auxiliaries in 2 SS Battalions. Key personnel at every death camp & locale of the Final Solution. Galician SS Police - 5 complete regiments & 22 separate battalions formed from 80,000 volunteers: Volynia & Babi Yar. German Quisling Unit, Nachtigall Battalion - recruited from OUN-B 5 months before Barbarossa and led by Shukhevych. Shukhevych - "Distinguished" German Nazi officer and Intelligence agent from 1938. Mass Murderer. Slava Heroes. Ukraine 1941,rounded-up Jews are marched to forcible labor, while Poroshenko's Banderite "heroes" have a smoke break . Ukr nationalist: "The Russian nation has no right to exist." Bandera regime celebrates the end of WWII in the Nazi Right Sector colors, thus creating a "black hole" out of UKR. Poroshenko congratulated Nazi UPA veterans with "the victory" in WWII. Nazi Ukr leader and oligarch trying his best in inverting and spinning the defeat of Nazism in WWII by the Red Army . The Bandera regime in Kiev decided to cover the head of the WWII Soviet Motherland monument in blood . How does it feel in Poland when Poroshenko, who glorifies genocidal UPA, visits Poland and is hugged by Polish leaders?Poles' Animosity Toward ‪#‎Russia‬ Leads Them to Forget About ‪#‎WWII‬ Liberation . Bandera regime's symbol of a black-and-red (sic) "poppy" for WWII and their cause is, really, no poppy at all. It is a sign of black hole. 6.850.000 Ukrainians died in WWII. By Nazi violence supported by the "Heroes of the Nation". By fighting to liberate Ukraine from the Nazis. .70 years after WWII, only in Donetsk and Lugansk can be V-Day celebrated with true dignity and honor in former Ukr . Saur-Mogila, 8 May 2015 .On ‪#‎VictoryDay‬ We Say THANKYOU To All Heroes Of The Red Army For Defeating The Nazis

* "The Big Lie Behind Ukraine's Communism-Free Future" (2015-05-16, [] [begin excerpt]: On Friday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko officially signed a series of laws outlawing communism, while simultaneously recognizing the veterans of the Nazi collaborationist Ukrainian Insurgent Army as fighters for the independence of Ukraine. The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, Western Ukrainian territorial militia which actively collaborated with Nazi Germany even before the onset of the Second World War, were known for their genocidal policies in areas under their control during the war. UPA has been documented as having been involved in the massacre of up to 120,000 ethnic Poles in Volyn and Galicia, as well as the murder of tens of thousands of Jews, Russians, and 'Russophile' Ukrainians.
Given post-Maidan Kiev's attempts to rewrite the history of OUN-UPA as an Allied force in the fight against Nazi Germany, Poroshenko's signing of the bill glorifying the group has also provided authorities with the legal mandate to make challenging such a claim punishable by law. This was confirmed by Poroshenko's press service, which noted in its commentary on the passage of the decommunization laws that the president also intends to introduce a bill to Ukraine's parliament aimed at further "toughening the standards of liability" for challenging the memorialization of Ukrainian fighters for independence.
Recently commenting on the law glorifying OUN-UPA in an article published by the Jerusalem Post, journalist Josh Cohen has stated that "in addition to the moral problem of forbidding the criticism of Holocaust perpetrators, the law hinders Ukraine's European ambitions –and validates Russian President Vladimir Putin's claims that the country is overrun by neo-Nazis." Pointing out that the ideological descendants of the OUN-UPA played a crucial role in the Maidan coup, Cohen also notes that now, unfortunately, many of the country's top posts, ministries, and institutions are overrun by radical ultranationalists.
"The Allied Armies and UPA shoulder to shoulder. The new history of Ukraine." Pictured: 'Number of Ukrainians in the Armies of the Allies' [Circled: Ukrainian Insurgent Army – 100,000]

* "Hijacking History: Ukraine Erasing USSR's Contribution to Victory in WWII" (2015-04-28, []
* "Ukrainian Memorial Project Presents USSR-Free Version of WWII" (2015-05-01, []

* "Orwell Blushes: Ukraine POW Recalls 'Wonderful' Nazi Death Camp on TV Show" (2015-05-14, []

* "Honors for Ukrainian nationalists anger their victims – in Poland" (2015-05-11, []
* "Poland Forgets Victory Over Nazism for Sake of Friendship With Ukraine" (2015-05-13, []

* "Nazism of Ukraine’s US-Backed Government Is Hidden by Western ‘News’ Media" (2015-05-13, by Eric Zuesse) []

* "Anti-Social Networking: Ukrainian Users Removed by FB for Inciting Hatred" (2015-05-15, []

Petro Poroshenko, the ukrainian President, asked Mark Zuckerberg if he would open a Facebook-Office in Ukraine. Also Mark Zuckerberg was asked, why posts and profiles by ukrainian users were blocked.
On his Q&A session Mark Zuckerberg answered these questions.
The social network's founder said he had "done some research" prior to answering, and he was adamant the takedowns were not politically motivated.
He also denied there was any Russian involvement in the moderation of the Ukrainian posts. In fact, there is no such thing as a "Russian Facebook office" mentioned in some of the complaints. Posts from both Russia and Ukraine are moderated in Ireland.
* "Enraged Ukrainian Facebook Users Declare War on Mark Zuckerberg" (2015-05-16, []
Among the webpages taken down was the anti-facist "TruthfromUkraine", the situation and the reasons why at [], among the reasons being the re-postings of photographs of a Nazi couple in a prominent fascist militia [] []

* "Ukraine‬: ‪Nazi‬-Extremist Vita Zaverukha who had shelled civilian houses in ‪#‎Donbas‬ for fun was arrested on suspicion of complicity in the shooting of police in Kiev" (2015-05-12) []: The court arrested the 19 y.o.accomplice of suspected offenders who killed police officers in an attack on a petrol station in Kiev. It is reported by the Municipal Prosecution Office. These days the young people in masks, at gunpoint, made armed attack on a petrol station in Kiev. Attackers wounded officer was taken from the gas station and offices of about 800 hryvnia ($ 37). When law enforcement officers tried to detain criminals, the shooting started. As a result, two policemen were killed, three others were hospitalized with injuries. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov attacked volunteer battalions served in the Ukrainian fascists Video: Zaverukha shelling village civilians in Shirokino []. Comment from a reader: "What's going on, she was a ATO heroine from Aidar... She was so famous on euromaidan and in french magazine... How such a patriot would be arrested only for killing some militia officers?!"

* Canada: "Swastika, flag found on burnt car in Park-Extension" (2015-05-12, [] [begin excerpt]: The vehicle had a [Russian] flag on the roof and two ribbons on the door handles. The ribbons are believed to represent Russia. A similar ribbon was worn to celebrate victory over the Nazis in the second world war and the 70th anniversary of that date was last weekend. [end excerpt]


Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya
For more info, with maps, and link, visit [].

* "The Donetsk and Lughansk republics have proposed amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution and the draft law on local elections in Donbas" (2015-05-13, Novorossia News) []
* "Official statement of the representatives of the DPR and LPR in regard to the mode of the municipal elections" (2015-05-12) []
* "Republic of Donbass published its version of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine" (2015-05-13, [] [begin excerpt]: Today, the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics published a list of proposed amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. The amendments cover six main articles of the document.
There is a proposed supplement to Article 17 or 18, “Ukraine will not join any military bloc or alliance, it will be neutral, and will not take part in military action outside its territory”.
It proposed to make the law on the special status of the Donbass permanent (instead of the current temporary status of three years only).
It made eight amendments to Article 139, in particular, to create a separate autonomous Donbass region, with its own election commission.
The DPR and LPR could form people’s militia, with powers defined in separate legislation. Local officials would appoint and direct the militia.
Local authorities would create and abolish courts, regulate their activities, and appoint and dismiss judges and procurators.
The authorities of Donbass would monitor regional natural resources, oversee construction, tourism, transport, culture (including construction and protection of monuments, obelisks, and memorials), and education (mandating use of the Russian language).
Ukraine, for its part, would set aside a part of its annual budget to finance the development in the DPR and LPR, promote coöperation between regions, fix adequate sources of financing, and introduce a special economic régime. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine would have the duty to contribute to the socioeconomic and cultural development of the Donbass.
* " 'We have a separate State': Comments on the recent statements by DPR representatives about the Republic agreeing to join Ukraine autonomously" (2015-05-15) machine translated []

* "Donbass Nationalism" (2014-05-30, by Leonid Savin) []

* "Donbass will make use of the experience of South Tyrol in economic development – Italian expert" (2015-05-13, []
* "Donbas useful experience of South Tyrol in the construction of the economy - Italian expert" (2015-05-11, machine translated []: People's Republic of Donbass in the development of the economy will benefit from experience of the Italian Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano - South Tyrol, said today the Italian expert on free economic zones Andrea Villotti.
"We are ready to share with you the experience of economic development of South Tyrol, as we tried it with the cost planning autonomy strong economy - said an expert at the International Forum" Donbass: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow "in Donetsk. - It was hard, people looked at us as enemies. We have worked, we were the poorest and become the richest. "
"I see that the truth for you, given that you built this year, and we will help you - added Villotti. - South Tyrol is just a model, you need to develop your model, your decision based on your position and opportunities, we are ready to cooperate with you (DNI and LC) in the field of high technologies and invest in this area. "

* "An aid to the people of Donbass: 'Whoever wants to can do with postpaid' " (2015-05-21, machine translated []

* "Yesterday, the 26th Russian humanitarian convoy also brought 8 tonnes of humanitarian aid handed over by the Russian children for the Donbass children" four photos (2015-05-15) []
* (2015-05-14, Novorossia News) [], video []: A part of the today's Russian humanitarian aid for Donbas is fire-fighting equipment: accumulators, tyres, spares and so on.“While firefighting against “war” fires, our vehicles often were shelled, so they were sometimes injured, sometimes failed. Now, with this help, we would be more effective in our job,” a representative of the LPR Emergencies Ministry said.
* "Russia Sends 26th Humanitarian Aid Convoy to Crisis-Hit Donbass" (2015-05-14, []
* "New Russian Humanitarian Aid convoy has arrived Donbass today" seventeen photos (2015-05-14) []

* "Chechnya delivers 150 tons of humanitarian aid to Novoazovsk district and frontal towns" (20105-05-15,, translated by Kristina Rus) [], video []

* "Swiss humanitarian convoy arrives in Donbass" (2015-05-15, []
* "The first humanitarian convoy arrived from Switzerland to the territory of the DNI" (2015-05-15 ) [], original ( machine translated []
* "A 15-truck Swiss convoy has delivered about 300 tonnes of chemicals to clean drinking water in the city of Donetsk" two photos (2015-05-15) []: The water treatment chemicals – mainly aluminium sulphate — will provide 3.5 million people on both sides of the contact line with clean drinking water, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.
The convoy is allegedly the largest to have crossed the line of contact between Kiev-led forces and Donetsk militia since an armed conflict broke out in April 2014.
"A 15-truck convoy organized by Swiss Humanitarian Aid reached the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine today. After a journey of several hours from Dnepropetrovsk through areas on both sides of the contact line, the convoy delivered approximately 300 tonnes of chemicals to the Donetsk water company," the statement, published Friday, reads.

* "Humanitarian aid for children of Donbass from France" (2015-05-18, [], video []: Emmanuel Le Roy is the representative of the organization Aid to Children of Donbass told that their private fund was established in September 2014 and the aid is provided for their own means.Many volunteers help, and they managed to collected medicines for the children trauma center of Donetsk.‘However, it would be impossible to deliver aid without help of Russian authorities’ Emmanuel pointed out. The organization visited Donbass the firs time, they were in Donetsk, Makeevka, Sahanka, Saur-Tomb and they saw destroyed infrastructure, ill children their own eyes, and they promised to help further.

* "Cultural exchange between Germany and Donbass" (2015-05-14, []
* "Cultural exchange in Germany and Donbass need for sustainable development in Europe - German politician" (2015-05-11, machine translated []
* "Tobias Pfennig from Germany celebrated the Day of the Republic in Donetsk" (2015-05-15, []

* "Support for Novorossiya From Novi Sad (Serbia)" photo (2015-05-15) []

* "Novorossia is the center of the holy battle of the good and evil" (2015-05-16, [], video []: 3rd antifascist convention was held in Donetsk yesterday. Citizens of Novorossia, Russia, France, Brazil, Armenia, Germany and America took part in it. Two volunteers from America spoke with reports in the section Historic experience of the struggle with fascism, the tutor of which was Miroslav Rudenko. "Only people of Novorossia can crush fascism and liberated the entire world", Zak concluded his report with these words. Rassel Bantli another volunteer from America expressed his opinion that Donbass and Ukraine can be united, however, with one stipulation, all the Nazis have to be demolished.

* photo []: On the Victory Day, May 9th, climbers of the Donetsk People’s Republic, including representatives of the “Vostok” brigade, “Kalmius” brigade and the Don Cossacks, conquered Mount Elbrus (5,642 m).

* "Donetsk: A Defiant and Besieged City" (2015-05-18, []
This following article from a year ago reflects the beginning of statehood for the Union of People's Republics.
* "The Popular Uprising in East Ukraine. Rebellion against the First Neo-Fascist Regime in Post-War Europe" (2014-05-17, []

Military and humanitarian map of Novorossia and the south of Ukraine for May 9, 2015

"Fights in Donbass" news reports
* (2015-05-12) []
* (2015-05-13) []
* (2015-05-14) []
* (2015-05-15) []

"Ukraine Crisis News" videos
* (2015-05-12) []
* (2015-05-14) []
* (2015-05-15) []
* (2015-05-18) []

"Summary of hostilities in Novorossia"
* May, 15 []
* May, 14 []
* May, 13 []
* May, 12 []
* May, 11 []
* May, 8-10 []
* May, 6 []
* May, 4 []
* May, 2-3 []
* April, 11-12 []
* April, 10 []
 Someone has made a video [] with commentary and lots of good footage out of this excellent article by Nina Kouprianova entitled "Beyond Left and Right, Beyond Red and White: Framing the Liberation War in Donbass" []

* "Сhris Harrison, a musician from the USA, dedicated a new song to the heroes of Novorossiya" (2015-05-15, [].
* "Hills of Debaltsevo: Song for the Heros of Novorossiya" by Chris Harrison []: This song is my dedication to the brave men and women of Novorossiya who gave their lives fighting against the Kiev regime and the resurgence of fascism in Europe. I spent the last year watching the war on the internet and knew that the narrative put forth by the US and EU governments and complicit media. Chris is thew author of the well-known "Inna's Song", dedicated to Inna Kukuruza, killed in the Ukrainian air raid on Lugansk in June of 2014.

* "True Love In Novorossiya" painting (2015-05-13, NewRussiaPress) []


People's Republic of Donetsk (DPR, or DNR)
* Alekander Zakharchenko sums up one year since independence vote in Donetsk, excerpts [], (2015-05-15, machine translated [], video []

* "A universal identity card will replace the passport with trident to the citizens of the DPR" (2015-05-17, []

* " DNR Parliament passed a law on countering terrorism"(2015-05-19) [], original ( machine translated []

* "DNI authorities temporarily restricted level of gasoline prices" (2015-05-18, []

* The U.S. “Veterans Today” online journal interviewed Andrey Purgin, the Chairman of the DPR National Council [], intro by the publishers []

* "DPR deputies must not work for the sake of privileges"(2015-05-15) [], original ( machine translated []

* "Is Finland on Course to Recognize Donetsk People's Republic?" (2015-05-12, []

* "Donetsk People’s Republic has recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia" (2012-05-12) [], original ( machine translated []
* "Donetsk People’s Republic recognized South Ossetia’s and Abkhazia's independence on May 11" (Novorossia News) []: Speaker of South Ossetia’s parliament Anatoly Bibilov said that recognizing South Ossetia’s independence by the DPR is a response to South Ossetia’s recognizing DPR last summer. "Recognizing is another step towards further development of mutual relations between the republics; our relations are approaching a new level, and the basis for that was opening of diplomatic representations in DPR and South Ossetia," he said. The republics will sign "an intergovernmental agreement and inter-ministerial agreements," he said. "We plan offering mutual assistance, including military assistance, as we sign a respective agreement". Video (no English subtitles) []

Support Donbass War Journalism and Humanitarian Aid!
Fund News Quality Camera for Documentary work and English language news coverage [] []

* "Third Congress of Antifascists is being held in Donetsk" (2015-05-14, [], program []

* "Exhibition of children's artwork "The World I Need" opened in Donetsk" three photos []. Here one can see the art works in academic style created by the senior students as well as their graphic pieces, and the drawings of the junior students. The exhibition was organized by the teaching staff of the school with support of the Ministry of Culture of the DPR and Political Movement ""The Donetsk Republic".

* "The International mini-football tournament has taken place in the Donetsk People’s Republic for the first time" photos (2015-05-12) [], original ( machine translated [], [begin excerpt]: Eight teams from Germany, Russia (the Ingush Republic), South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics took part in it. Among the players of the German team was Martin Dolzer, German politician (Die Linke) and member of the Hamburg Parliament. The final game was held in a sports hall of the Donetsk city children’s and youth sports school No. 5 today. [end excerpt]

* "All houses damaged by the Ukrainian army will be restored after the war" (2015-05-16, []
* "Kiev’s military operation in Donetsk region has damaged over 9,500 facilities, inflicting a total damage of over 2 billion hryvnia (about $100 million)" (2015-05-15) []

* "DNR 'Berkut' Police in Donetsk" four photos (2015-05-17) []

* "DPR parliament adopts law on formation of armed forces" (2015-05-16, []: Lawmakers of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) on Friday passed a law on defence that provides for the formation of the republic’s armed forces, the Donetsk News Agency said.
"Defence of the state is impossible without that law. Previously, we had only self-defence forces. Now, under the law, armed units will enjoy the status of the armed forces," Dmitry Perepelkin, a deputy chairman of the parliament’s committee for security and defence and a bill’s author, said.
He said the law was based on Russia’s and Kazakstan’s legislation. The law provides for call-up liability and contract service.
"The law clearly defines the notion of a state of war. It is declared in case of armed aggression against the DPR by another state or a group of states, and in case of DPR’s fulfillment of international treaties. This law is meant to say we are not going to attack anyone," Perepelkin said. "Out doctrine is defensive."
Apart from that, the republic will form military police.
"Another novelty is the instruction language - Russian and Ukrainian. We committed to paper bilingualism, which is a democratic approach," he said, adding that the law will come into force after being signed by the DPR head.

The following photo is provided by an independent militia and is not representative of the official DPR security forces policies or police methods.
* "Cleansing Novorossiya from poison and parasitism!" photo (2015-05-16) []
These illicit operations are always internationally networked, and, yes, the USA and Israel's clandestine agencies use illicit operations to raise money for clandestine war against not only the targeted nation, but also to destroy that nation's culture.

Attacks against the People's Republic of Donetsk (a daily calender)
War in Ukraine: Bilochka (Slavyansk)The war in Slavyansk took many lives and destroyed numerous buildings: homes, schools, hospitals. Among them was Primary School No. 14 "Bilochka" []

* "A filling station in Gorlovka, damaged by the last Ukrainian shelling on May 12" video []

* "Ukrainian troopers have shelled the DPR settlements 41 times, also with using of heavy armaments" (2015-05-13, Novorossia News) []
* "First Shelling of Donetsk Airport Reported in Three Days" (2015-05-13, []
* "In Gorlovka, buildings of two schools and a pre-school sustained injures as a result of a night Ukrainian shelling" (2015-05-13, Novorossia News) []
* "Two schools in Donbas damaged during artillery attack" (2015-05-13, []
* "Tragedy for family from Gorlovka" (2015-05-13, [], video []: Horrible catastrophe happened with the Konoplyovs. As a result of shelling committed by Ukrainian artillery, three children from one family died: Kirill, Dasha and Nastya. Their mother Lyubov Konoplyova is telling about the details of that horrible evening. Their father Denis Konoplyov is repairing house. You can see at the photos destroyed bath where children died.

* "Donetsk says provocations follow Poroshenko’s pledge to recapture airport" (2015-05-14, []
* "Ukrainian army has violated the ceasefire regime 43 times over the past 24 hours" (2015-05-14) []
* "Two civilians are killed, three injured by US-back troopers" (2015-05-14, Novorossia News) []
* "I tour by Commander Sergei through Vostok positions in Peski front line. some shelling & gunfire" (2015-05-14) []
* "Ukrainian sabotage/reconnaissance groups have become more active along the entire front-line" two photos (2015-05-14, []: Combat engineers of the DPR have already deactivated a lot of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on the outskirts of Makeevka. The Pro-Kiev occupiers are actively using IEDs through-out the front-lines.First of all, this unethical tactic is very dangerous for the residents which live in these areas, as IEDs kill, maim and injury indiscriminately.This just goes to show that Kiev's sabotage-reconnaissance teams don't really care about the peaceful citizens which have to live in those areas, but that they prefer to create terror among the population and attack random innocent targets instead of the Novorossian Armed Forces. It seems that they are learning from the American experience in the middle-east.

* "The DPR Ministry of Defense has registered 26 shellings on the republic’s territory by Ukrainian troopers over the past day" (2015-05-15) []
* "Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime 26 times in the past 24 hours" (2015-05-15) [], original ( machine translated []
* "Four civilians were killed by the sabotage groups of the Ukrainian forces yesterday" (2015-05-15) []
* "Three persons are killed, two wounded in Debaltsevo as a result of an attack of the Ukrainian raiding party" (2015-05-15) []
* "OSCE: The Activities of Neo-Nazi volunteer battalions near the village of Shirokino in the embattled Donbas area, hampers the conclusion of an agreement on a local ceasefire" (2015-05-15) []
* "The Sakhanka village is regularly being shelled by Ukrainian troops" nine photos []: Almost every single day after 5 p.m. There are mo militia positions in the village.
* "Consequences of Ukrainian attacks in Sahanke" nineteen photos [], original ( machine translated []: The village of Sakhanka is shelled on a regular basis. Ukrainian forces fire mortars and heavy artillery on it from the Mariupol direction. It is necessary to note that there are no the DPR positions in Sakhanka. On the 14th of May, 2015, representatives of the OSCE and the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the ceasefire inspected the village. In particular, they observed fresh craters caused by 120-mm mortar rounds.

* "MoD of the DPR registers movement of Ukrainian military equipment in the direction of Donetsk" (2015-05-16, []
* "The situation in Donetsk People’s Republic continues to remain tense; Residential house destroyed by fire in Shirokino; Militants fired 110 shells per day at Shirokino" (2015-05-16) [], ( machine translated [] []
* "The DPR military have registered 17 shellings over the past day" (2015-05-16) []
* "Mosque hit by Ukrainian fire" [], "Mosque in ‪‎Donetsk‬ was hit by shell from UAF" []
* "Ukrainian crisis news - video digest" (2015-05-16, [] [begin excerpt]: Ukrainian troops have deployed field storage depots with total capacity up to 2,000 tons of munitions along the line of engagement with the DPR. Moreover, DPR reconnaissance has reported movement of Uragan and Grad multiple rocket launch systems, infantry combat vehicles, self-propelled artillery units towards the engagement line, Therefore Kiev continues to concentrate heavy weapons and munitions in the zone of conflict. More provocations from Ukrainian troops are being reported around Donetsk airport after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced plans to seize Donetsk airport, Eduard Basurin, Defence Ministry spokesman said on Thursday. "Following Poroshenko’s pronouncements, provocations have become more frequent, shelling of Gorlovka resumed after a lull since February. Poroshenko’s words are meant to continue escalation," Basurin stated. On May 11, Poroshenko announced plans to take Donetsk airport back under Kiev’s control. There is a question: has he ever heard about Minsk agreements? [end excerpt]

* "The militias of the Donetsk Republic have registered 27 shellings by the Ukrainian troopers over the past day" (2015-05-17, Novorossia News) []
* "Kiev continues to build up the transport blockade of Donbass, and vehicles may use only three check points" (2015-05-17, Novorossia News) []
* "A reconnaissance of the DPR have registered evidences of forcible evacuation of inhabitants at the territory occupied by Ukrainian troops" (2015-05-17, Novorossia News) []: Eduard Basurin, a deputy commander of DPR militia, reports on May 17, “The Azov, Pravy Sector, Dnepr, National Guards units are seizing civilians’ property,” he said. “A reconnaissance of the DPR registered forcible evacuation of inhabitants of the whole streets (the Mariinka settlement) and the whole settlements (like Peredovoye). That territory is being occupied by military units including foreign military men.” Also Ukrainian troopers are being allocated at public buildings including schools and pre-schools, Basurin added. “Posture of Ukrainian forces is at schools, pre-schools, and other public buildings. It concerns staff and artillery weapons of the prohibited calibers with ammunition both,” the Donetsk News Agency quoted an army spokesman as saying. Besides, new evidences of redeployment of heavy armaments and Ukrainian troopers towards the contact line. “We know about redeployment of Grad and Uragan missile rocket launch systems (up to 15 units) from the town of Kramatorsk; tanks and howitzers (up to 20 units) from the town of Pavlograd,” he noted. [end article]
* "Ukrainian soldiers proudly display things they looted from the homes of residents in the occupied village of Peski" photo (2015-05-17) []
* "Donetsk Daily News" (2015-05-17) [] FLASH—About an hour ago, Ukrainian forces started heavy bombardment of Donetsk and outskirts, according to multiple local reports.

* "Ukrainian troopers violated the cease-fire regime 20 times over the previous 24 hours" (2015-05-18, Novorossia News) []
* "Mine clearance in Debaltsevo is underway. Sappers work in the fields" six photos (2015-05-19) []
* "DNI militia caught OSCE staff spying" (2015-05-19, original [], machine translated: In Shirokino special militia caught several staff members of the monitoring mission of the OSCE  installing listening devices and transmitters. This was told by the army soldier DNI Maxim SHishov with the call sign "Darkness." "Yes, they were caught, but the details are not allowed to say" - he said, responding to a reporter's question. He also said that in the village Shirokino continuing fierce fighting. "Shirokino - yes! There are wild battles. Last night, the OSCE finally noticed in Shirokino burning houses. Today to noon we dislodged residue of "Donbass" batallion, then they decided to return with the "Azov" battalion and three tanks. Less than an hour ago their last tank, "Donbass", retreated again. "Azov" less fortunate. Today, apparently, they came back to fight and to take away the wounded ... "- said the soldier "Darkness".

People's Republic of Lughask (LPR, or LNR; Luhansk, Lugansk)
* "Lugansk People’s Republic exports up to 3 ths tons of coal to Russia daily" (2015-05-14, []

* "Chronicles of the blockade: Kiev junta closed for civil motor transport the last border crossing checkpoint on the border with Lugansk People Republic" (2015-05-15) []
* "Ukraine cuts off food supply to self-proclaimed Luhansk republic" (2015-05-12, []
* "The Kiev government has started a blockade on humanitarian aid on its way to the Lugansk People's Republic" photos (2015-05-12) []

* "SBU HAD TRIED TO RECRUIT AGENTS IN THE DONBAS RESIDENTS - THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED" (2015-05-15, machine translated [], video []: Sergey and Alexey Gapich Efremenko fled Svatovo (occupied Ukrainian punitive army). They wanted to join the ranks of the militia to "knock out" a hometown occupiers. However, when crossing the checkpoint in the village were detained fighters -Luganskoy Ukrainian Battalion "Black Hundred", which allegedly belongs to the SBU. This service and recruited them. These, so to speak, the SBU agents had to join the ranks of the People's Militia and send data about the locations of military and technology. But instead, they surrendered surrendered Luhansk law enforcement agencies.

* " 'Night Wolves' went to motocross for the Republic", nine photos and article [], article (2015-05-16, machine translated []

* "A sports contest Spartakiada devoted to the Victory has begun in the Lughansk city" eight photos (2015-05-16, Novorossia News ) []: Participants came together from the whole republic. A contest programme includes arm wrestling, weight sport, volleyball, indoor soccer, track and field events, tug of war, grenade throwing.
* "The first republican Olympics "Ready for Labour and Defence LC" began in Lugansk" sixteen photos [], original ( machine translated []

* "Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime twice in the last 24 hours" (2015-05-18) [], original ( machine translated []

occupied People's Republic of Kharkov
* "Interview representative of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Kharkov Anto Guryanova" (2015-04-23) []
* "The separatists will capture Kharkov in May" (2015-03-20, []
* "Is Kharkiv Province Another Enclave of Separatists?" (2015-03-10, Eurasia Daily Monitor) []
* "Kharkov experts gather in Russia to discuss a creation of Kharkov Republic days before the terrorist attack" (2015-02-25, translated by Kristina Rus []

* "Clashes in Ukraine's Kharkov after protesters proclaim region's independence" (2014-04-10, []

occupied People's Republic of Odessa (OPR) / People's Republic of Bessarabia
* "In Odessa, the organizer disappeared "People are happy to Bessarabia" Dmitry Shishman" (2015-05-16, machine translated []: According to several media reports in Odessa scheduled meetings of the "People's Parliament of Bessarabia"
During the meeting, the participants were going to submit a bill on the cultural autonomy of Bessarabia, as well as to announce the creation of the so-called "People's Republic of Bessarabia." A source in the SBU said that "the police will make every effort to ensure that the event did not take place."
One of the organizers of the "People's Parliament" Vera Shevchenko told the publication Ukraina.Ru that her colleague Dmitry Shishman in the morning do not get in touch.
"His relatives claim that he was gone," - said Shevchenko.
Recall "People's glad Bessarabia" was established on April 6 in Odessa, in the framework of the founding conference of representatives of national minorities Bessarabian region. [end article]
* "Vera Shevchenko, leader of People’s Council of Bessarabia, abducted by USS (Security Service of Ukraine)" (2015-05-19, []

* "Antimaidan‬ in ‪‎Odessa" (2015-05-17) []

* "Odessans are reconstructing the improvised memorial to the victims of the Odessa Massacre of May 2, 2014" photos (2015-05-13) []
* "Antimaidan in Odessa: 'Get out of Odessa, Bandera's Devils!' " (2015-05-12) [],
video []


occupied People's Republic of Transcarpathia
* "Will Carpathian Sich Kill Hungarian Activists?" (2015-05-12, []

* (2014-03-17) translated at []:
Open Letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation
Most Honourable President of the Russian Federation!
We appeal to you… the President of a Great Country… a country that has traditional ties with our country, which wasn’t and isn’t unmoved by our colonial subjugation by the Ukraine, which wishes for our recovery, stability, and unity. We always appreciated the very high level of civilisational values ​​(education, science, employment, stability, and social benefits for Rusins) that the fraternal Russian people brought to Podkarpatskaya Rus starting in autumn 1944, which deteriorated and rotted under Ukraine rule over the past 22 years.
An illegal seizure of power by Galician nationalists in Zakarpatya Oblast motivates us to issue this urgent appeal to you. At present, the menace of lawless Galician nationalism hangs over Podkarpatskaya Rus, the farthest Western outpost of the Russian World. On 29 January 2014, the pro-Galician neo-Nazi Balogh pressured the Deputies of the Zakarpatya Oblast Soviet to overturn the legitimate government in the region. The official Ukrainian government and the Constitution of Ukraine ceased to exist in Podkarpatskaya Rus with this vote on 29 January 2014, which means that the timeless autonomous status of the region came back into force. It’s clear that outsiders seized power in our region, under the guise of “integrating democratic European values ​​and reforms”. This began a humanitarian catastrophe for the Rusin people, indeed, for everyone living in Podkarpatskaya Rus, at the hands of Galician neo-Nazis and their local collaborators. Officially, the junta and its law enforcement agencies are subject to a so-called Zakarpatya People’s Rada, which is unconstitutional. It’s possible that a massive new persecution of Rusins will begin, as it did 100 years ago in 1914 in the Austrian death camps of Terezín and Talerhof, in 1939 in the Dumen camp near Rakhova. Today, Clan Balogh and its Galician stooges seized control of the energy transportation systems owned by the Russian Federation and the Ukraine throughout Podkarpatskaya Rus.
In this situation, the People’s Government of Podkarpatskaya Rus and all the Rusin people ask the President of the Russian Federation, in the spirit of fraternal agreements with the Ukraine, (which is almost a nonentity today because of its destruction by Galician neo-Nazis), to undertake a peacekeeping operation for a brief period, to allow the resumption of the pre-Soviet Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. The Ukrainian SSR renamed us Transcarpathian Ukraine on 26 November 1944. The results of the 1 December 1991 referendum show that our people desire the political restoration of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. We appeal to you, Mr President. We base our appeal on the decisions of the 2nd European National Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins from 25 October 2008, the Act of Recreating the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, the election of the national government of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and the decisions of the First World Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins on 25 April 2009 in Pardubice in Czechia.
The last international legal act of the will of our people in the USSR/Ukrainian SSR… legal under the “Law of the Ukrainian SSR on national and local referendums” passed in 1991… was a local referendum/plebiscite in Podkarpatskaya Rus held on 1 December 1991. That was 22 years ago, but this referendum and its results remain a legitimate and legal expression of the will of the people of Podkarpatskaya Rus. A majority of the people (76.8 percent) supported the legal stipulation, “Zakarpatya is a special self-governing territory, as a subject under international law not included in other territorial-administrative units”, that is, autonomy within the Ukraine. Today, those in the Rusin lands don’t want to part of a Ukraine where Galician neo-Nazi rioters threaten Rusins with ethnic cleansing.
We, Rusins, and all other residents of Podkarpatskaya Rus, have grounds under international law to appeal to you, Mr President, for the recognition of the restoration of the statehood of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and to call upon you to mount a peacekeeping operation to neutralise Galician neo-Nazism in Podkarpatskaya Rus. The successful resolution of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis clearly showed Russia’s peacekeeping ability in world affairs. We believe that a peacekeeping operation of the Russian Federation in the Ukraine would be successful and in the best interests of the country.
With respect,
Pyotr Getsko
Prime Minister of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, Coordinator of the Rusin Network

Pyotr Getsko appealed to Russian communities in the Ukraine
The Rusin Network appeals to all Russian and pro-Russian associations and organizations in the Ukraine… let’s coöperate, otherwise the vicious neo-Nazis will crush us one by one. To start, we must nurture resistance to any manifestation of Galician fascism in any form, whether it’s physical, or in the media, or within the family, or in the work collective, or amongst our neighbours, or out on the streets. The time for passive indifference is over; we need to become active participants. We need to create a network of resistance and coördinate it; that’s the only way that we can keep the contagion from spreading across the Ukraine like a metastasising cancer.
17 March 2014
Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya

Moldovan Republic of Pridnestrovie (Transnistria, Trans-Dniestr, Transdniestria, or Transdnieper)


Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) Operations
* "Victory parade of Novorossiya's Prizrak brigade in Alchevsk, May 9, 2015" []

Commander "GIVI" In Donetsk [] [] []

* "THE COMMANDER OF THE SLAVYANOSERBSKIY GARRISON: 'WE WILL HOLD ON. IT COULDN’T BE OTHERWISE' " (2015-05-18) [], original ( machine translated [] [begin intro] Every day, reports come in of the Kiev forces firing on settlements in Slavyanoserbskiy district of the Lugansk People's Republic. Denis Moskalenko, commander of the 7th Territorial Defence Battalion of the LPR people’s militia and Slavyanoserbskiy garrison commander, told the Lugansk Information Center about the current situation on the contact line. [end intro] Read the interview at the link.

* "On guard for Novorossiya" photo showing Cossak Regiment members (2015-05-15) []

Kolovrat Division []
* "Rafael in hospital. Plans for the future" []: Brazilian volunteer in Donbass tells about his combat experience, his wounds, rehabilitation period and plans for the future.
* "NAF Militiamen visited their wounded comrade in a hospital in Donetsk" photos (2015-05-14) []
* "Our comrade Rafael surrounded by Donbass children" photo (2015-05-12) []: Lovely to see! The children are our future and we must do what we can to protect them.
* "Donbas Dispatch #12: Q&A with Team Vikernes" []: Rafael Lusvarghi (Brazil), Guillaume Lenormand (France) and Dima (Brazil) sit down and answer some of the most commonly asked questions from the internet.

* []: These are the little green men sent by Putin to occupy the Donbass. From USA (left), Brazil and (i think) Barcelona smile emoticon Some of them were injured in the battle against the NATO backed maidanite battalions. The picture was taken yesterday 2015/05/05 in Donetsk during a militar parade organized by the DPR army. Those volunteers came to fight against the maidan regime imposed by Washington after a bloody coup against the Ukrainian constitutional framework.
This guy on the left is Serbian-American his name is Zack Novkovic i think. He fought in Bosnia with Serbian chetnik forces. You can see him in this video []

* "The militia Texas: Odessa will be our city! The Novorossia’s Army is going" (2015-05-16) [], video []: Texas has been already for 6 month here in Donetsk. He could not remain indifferent when the tragedy in Odessa happened. He felt that it was his duty to come here to struggle with Nazis and liberate Odessa.

* "Volunteer From United States In Novorossiyan Army" photo (2015-05-14, New Russia Press) []
* "Another American Novorossiya supporter!" photo (2015-05-12, by "Patrick from Texas") []

Team Vikernes []

Donbas Dispatch #8: Team Vikernes shopping at Donetsk airport []
Donbas Dispatch #12: Q&A with Team Vikernes []

* "Slavic brotherhood in Novorossiya - against American imperialism!" photo (2015-05-15) []

* "Novorossian warriors destroy a Ukrainian battle-tank which was violating the ceasefire in Shirokino" (Filmed by pro-Kiev side, 16.05.2015) []
Tank of Ukrainian "AZOV" battalion gets hit near Shirokino and Mariupol, Donetsk People's Republic (2015-05-16,

* "NAF burning captured flag of NATO puppets" two photos (2015-05-14) []


Photo: The flag of the Eurasian movement in Donetsk today (Victory Day)!
Started by political philosopher Alexander Dugin, they are online at [] [].
What is Eurasian Movement? Wikipedia USA says, "It is a traditionalist-communist party, founded on a system of bolshevik values elaborated by the traditional Eurasian confessions – Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism."
Wikipedia USA is meant to be confusing when it comes to Eurasia political movements which are against USA interests. Notice that Wikipedia USA says Eurasian Movement is communist first. This is meant to confuse us in the USA, as we are raised in society to believe all communists are mass-murderers... so Eurasian Movement must be like the Nazis (or something).
In reality, the Eurasia Movement seeks to identify the traditions and political process which unites the people, based on "communist" cultural values of openess and solidarity between cultures.
Our contact in the EU says, "They are not communist. They are anti-materialist. I would see them first and foremost as Traditionalist. In the West, Dugin and Eurasianists are usually described as fascists or Russian nationalists. But the fourth political theory goes beyond liberalism, communism and fascism."
Another contact added, "it must stop lécher the lies spread by your government authorities. They are absolutely not "Communists" Even Less Judaica, Buddhist or Islamic, or... They claim to be rather a National Trend Bolshevik-and are orthodox religious denomination and depend on the Orthodox Church of patriarchy of Moscow. They are however very anti Americans and very anti-Zionism. This is fully understands, following the bellicose attitude of the government of Zionist-American Gangsters of the junta which took power in Kiev in March in March 2014! They are primarily for a powerful Europe and totally independent of the dictatorship economic and military imperialist North American Gansters LED by the Monsanto and his militia blackcwater. This Europe would also include Russia. Then I would conclude by a masterly " us go home!!!" To understand better. please see: []

* "Maoism is too Modern for me" by Alexander Dugin:
I defend the plurality of civilizations, the absence of the universal (Western) pattern of social development. I strongly oppose any kind of xenophobia and nationalism as the bourgeois artificial and essentially Modern construction.
I am not communist nor Marxist because I refuse the materialism of any kind and deny the progress. So much more correct to describe my views as Fourth Political Theory and traditionalism.
Mao was right affirming that socialism should be not exclusively proletarian but also peasant and based on the ethnic traditions. It is closer to the truth than universalist industrial internationalist version represented by trotskyism. But I think that sacred part in Maoism was missed or underdeveloped. Its links with Confucianism and Taoism were weak. Maoism is too Modern for me. For China it would be best solution to preserve the socialism and political domination of national-communist party (as today) but develop more sacred tradition – Confucianismand Taoism. It is rather significant that ideas of Heidegger are attentively explored now by hundreds of Chinese scientists. I think Fourth Political Theory could fit to contemporary China best of all.

Federation of Russia
* "Moscow's Victory Day Parade: A New World Order on Full Display" (2015-05-11, by Gilbert Doctorow) [] [begin excerpt]: One of the benefits of the live and continuous broadcasting of the 70th Anniversary Victory Day Celebrations in Moscow via Vesti 24 and Pervy Kanal/RT was that we would-be commentators seated at home in Brussels, New York or wherever could follow the events without intermediation of professional reporters advising on what we should make of it all, without cuts and selective editing from central studios. Not only can we draw our own conclusions, but we can see with perfect clarity what was picked up by our mainstream media from a cornucopia of messages to suit their preconceived ideas. And it would be naïve to deny that the Kremlin surely intended to present a variety of images of Russia, even mutually contradictory images, to draw the greatest possible attention to itself.
For the world at large, it was a reminder of Russia’s decisive role in the defeat of Nazi Germany and also a demonstration of its growing military might now that the Bear is Back. Moreover, by the central role accorded throughout the day to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was ever at Vladimir Putin’s side, and by the announcement of various major Russian-Chinese commercial agreements, the fruits of Russia’s pivot to the East and its new independence from the Atlantic Community were underscored for all to see.
Vladimir Putin’s short speech opening the parade was itself rich in nuances. Notwithstanding the celebratory mood, he saw fit to castigate US foreign policy for its pursuit of a unipolar world and military block mentality that denies equal security for all. This was the raisin taken from the cake by the Financial Times coverage: “Putin takes swipe at US in parade speech.” By contrast both the BBC and Euronews reports on the parade highlighted the Russian President’s bouquet in the speech to the wartime Allies who were not present at the parade - the U.K., France and the USA – expressing gratitude for their contribution to the common cause of defeating Nazism.
What came next in the celebrations was entirely different and marks the age of Putin. I have in mind the so-called “Regiment of Immortals,” the march of perhaps 500,000 ordinary Russians through Red Square, each carrying photographs of their “family heroes,” their parents, grandparents, great grandparents who fought in the Great Patriotic War and died in battle or who otherwise did not live to see this 70th anniversary celebration. This march was repeated all across Russia with reports that as many as 4 million people took part.
A BBC reporter in Moscow shared with viewers some very relevant information to appreciate what Vladimir Putin was tapping into. She cited a recent poll of Russians asking them to name the most important day in the calendar to them. Twenty-six percent said it is their birthday. Forty-two percent said it is 9 May.
The impact of the ‘regiment of immortals’ procession was such that even the normally dry-eyed UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, who took part in the Moscow proceedings, commented to reporters that what he first supposed was a mass demonstration against the government was to his surprise, a vast wave of support for the Kremlin leadership. He congratulated Vladimir Putin for earning this high regard of his people. No wonder the Obama administration took such pains to keep the Allies from coming to the ceremony.
During the day, press releases on the Russian-Chinese commercial deals that were being concluded ever since the arrival of President Xi Jinping in Moscow the day before gave substance to the featured position given to the Chinese leader in the constant company of Putin all day long. The most important of the announcements concerns the New Silk Road, which Beijing now will run in a Northern route passing through Russia as opposed to the expected Southern route bypassing Russia. This is a change of thinking and of politics that puts Europe on notice. Germany especially has been looking to the Silk Road as a boon to the enormous goods traffic between the world’s two largest export nations, Germany and China. Now that route, with all the opportunities for investment and participation, passes through Moscow, not Teheran. [end excerpt]

* "Crimea will be supplied with water" (2015-05-15, []

* "Kerry's Sochi visit: Not yet a new reset" (2015-05-14, []

* "US Wants to Change Regime in Russia to Snatch Arctic Resources - US Expert" (2015-05-10, []

* "Russian Battle Robots Pass Military Trials" (2015-05-14, []

* "What if Putin is Telling the Truth?" (2015-05-15, [] [begin excerpt]: Putin stated bluntly that in his view the West would only be content in having a Russia weak, suffering and begging from the West, something clearly the Russian character is not disposed to. Then a short way into his remarks, the Russian President stated for the first time publicly something that Russian intelligence has known for almost two decades but kept silent until now, most probably in hopes of an era of better normalized Russia-US relations. Putin stated that the terror in Chechnya and in the Russian Caucasus in the early 1990’s was actively backed by the CIA and western Intelligence services to deliberately weaken Russia. He noted that the Russian FSB foreign intelligence had documentation of the US covert role without giving details. What Putin, an intelligence professional of the highest order, only hinted at in his remarks, I have documented in detail from non-Russian sources. The report has enormous implications to reveal to the world the long-standing hidden agenda of influential circles in Washington to destroy Russia as a functioning sovereign state, an agenda which includes the neo-nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine and severe financial sanction warfare against Moscow. The following is drawn on my book, Amerikas’ Heilige Krieg. [end excerpt]

* Obama dreams of trade with Russia []
* "Merely car in Russia" photo (2015-05-12) []
* "American Ignorance of WWII on Full Hilarious Display at Times Square" (2015-05-15) [], video []: For “In the Now” with Anissa Naouai, the resident hits the streets of Times Square to see who remembers what about World War II. You might not be surprised to learn many people don’t know much about a war that ravaged the entire planet 70 years ago, but you might be shocked at their level of ignorance, because it’s pretty astounding.

Eurasian Union (EEU) / Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
* "Why Armenia turned to Russia instead of the West" (2015-05-07, []

Arab Republic of Syria

* "Foreign Policy Diary: The Syrian War; Saudi Arabia Supporting a Hardline Coalition of Islamist Rebels, on Behalf of Washington" (2015-05-16) [], video []

* "MSM Claims Assad Official Arrested For Coup, Proved Wrong Hours Later" (2015-05-12, by Brandon Turbeville) []

* "US-Saudi-Turkey Supported “Army of Conquest” Comprised of “Jihadist” and Al-Qaeda Affiliated Groups" (2015-05-14, []
* "Syrian War Set to Re-Explode. US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia In Alliance with Al Qaeda" (2015-05-14, []

* "Eight Problems with Amnesty’s Report on Aleppo Syria" (2015-05-14, by Rick Sterling, []

The USA and allies have killed tens of thousands of civilians within the jursidiction of the Arab Republic of Syria only because the murdered people are loyal to the government, yet, as part of the war propaganda strategy, the USA and allies are promoting that the democratically elected President of the Arab Republic of Syria is guilty of "war crimes" against what are referred to as protesters but who were violent mercenaries sent by the USA to launch a campaign of destbilization masquerading as organizers of "civil rights protests", organizers whose ideology was for the establishment of a theocratic dictatorship (like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, among the USA allies)!
* "Smuggled Syrian documents enough to indict Bashar al-Assad, say investigators" (2015-05-12, []

Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
* "The US-Islamic State Dance: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back – By Design; Overwhelming evidence that the Islamic State is the US Empire’s latest Creation" (2015-05-19, by Joachim Hagopian) []


Kurdistan in Turkey
* "Armed wing of MKP-Spring 2015" []
* "TKP/ML TIKKO guerrillas in training-May 2015" []

Rojava (Western Kurdistan)


State of Israel and international operations
* "Israel: Geographically, Politically, Economically, Militarily and Ethnically Distinct From Europe" (2015-05-14, by Anthony Bellchambers) [] [begin excerpt]: The EU-Israel Association Agreement is a trading concession that allows free access to the European single market from Israeli exporters and arms manufacturers notwithstanding that the Israeli state is not in Europe but in the Middle East: is not a member of the NATO alliance nor a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), nor the Chemical or Biological Weapons Conventions (CWC/BWC), and is not subject to European law. [end excerpt]

* "Republican Party Leaders Offered Free Trip to Israel Next Year" (2014-12-18, []
* "Republicans to get free 'spiritual, historical' trips to Israel" (2014-12-09, []
* " 'Wage War To Restore a Christian America', urged Pastor behind Reince Priebus' RNC Israel Trip" (2015-01-30, []

* "How US Democracy was Ditched in order to Re-Draw the Middle East for Israel's Colonisation of the West Bank" (2015-05-19, by Anthony Bellchambers, []: A total of $56.73 million has been paid over the last three decades, to ensure that the U.S. Congress is populated only by those who accept the agenda of the American Zionist Council. This, according to the official record, was the amount paid by the American Zionist Council from 1978-2014 to ensure the selection of its approved congressional candidates in order that the House of Representatives and the Senate would support the Political Zionist agenda that includes the illegal colonisation of the Occupied West Bank. This is to frustrate the will of the UN and the international community, including the European Union. The Netanyahu government objective being to create a ‘Greater Israel’ and the compulsory ‘transfer’ of all indigenous Arabs from out of the former land of Palestine. This goes directly against the provisions of the British Mandate government’s Balfour Declaration – upon which the state of Israel was established, in 1948, under pressure from the AZC (the forerunner of AIPAC) – which explicitly states: "it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine ….”
Netanyahu’s Plan is not only the Zionisation of all the land from the Jordan to the Mediterranean in order to construct a ‘Greater Israel’ but, ultimately – and dangerously – to hold a nuclear threat over the adjoining countries of Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and the Gulf states – a policy colluded in by a U.S. House of Representatives that is apparently more interested in luxury villa holidays in Tel Aviv’s Herzlia rather than in freedom, justice, civil rights and the American public they are supposed to represent. For the documented list of individual payments to Members of Congress, go to: []

* "Canadian Government Cracking Down On Israeli Criticism" (2015-05-11, []

* "Student troubled by New York Times reporter’s 'Jewish litmus test' " (2015-05-12, []

* "Israel Seeks in Nepal to Whitewash its Crimes in Gaza" (2015-05-13, by Jonathan Cook) [] [begin excerpt]: Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was quick to congratulate Israeli soldiers on their relief efforts in Nepal, where an earthquake late last month claimed many thousands of lives.
“These are the true faces of Israel,” he said of a 260-strong team that arrived to pull survivors from the rubble, treat the injured, help deliver babies, and entertain traumatised children. Israel’s field hospital in Kathmandu was the biggest and best-equipped after India’s, Nepal’s large neighbour.
Similar relief operations by Israel were prominent in Haiti after its 2010 earthquake, in Japan a year later after a quake there, and in 2013 when a typhoon wrecked the Philippines.
Israel’s humanitarian concern for the victims of disasters, however, looks more cynical when set alongside its record once the TV cameras depart. Israel’s international aid budget is paltry compared to that of other developed nations.
There has to be at least a suspicion that Israel is exploiting natural catastrophes to win itself new international friends and try to refute global opinion surveys that regularly identify Israel as a major threat to world peace.
The message is aimed at a domestic audience too. As commentator Gideon Levy observed, Israelis are being reassured that, despite the evidence, they really do have the “most moral army in the world”.
The criticism that Israel is demonstrating selective compassion –bringing salvation to far-off Nepal while smashing homes and cutting down lives close by in Gaza – is blithely dismissed by most Israelis. “Nepal is not firing rockets on our cities; it has not elected terrorists to run its government,” so the narrative goes. [end excerpt]

* "Promise Keepers Heads to Israel With 'Jesus Reigns: Firstfruits' Tour" (2014-05-16, [] [begin excerpt]: In mid-September, PK will launch an initiative to eventually gather 1,000 pastors in Israel by sponsoring its "Jesus Reigns: Firstfruits" tour. The event will see some 300 Americans (including 100 pastors) tour Jerusalem, Bethlehem and other sites. Washington's goal: to return in August of 2016 with 1,000 pastors in tow. "Basically, Jesus Reigns is based on our feeling and commitment that God wants to do something unique in Israel—especially in the believing community," says Washington, who succeeded founder Bill McCartney. "It's all about connecting Gentile-believing pastors with Jewish pastors in Israel." [end excerpt]

State of Palestine, and occupied territories
* "126-year-old Palestinian recalls agonies of 1948 'Nakba' " (2015-05-05, []. It is easy to dismiss this man's age as we in the USA are accustomed to a high caloric diet that decreases our age span, yet a few hundred in the USA still live to be over 110. The man, were he lying about his age, would have been more reasonable to claim he was in his mid to late-30s during 1948 to make his story more "believable", but, speculation aside, the story is included here.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & GCC Council member states
* "Despotic Saudi Regime Lobbies to Chair UN Human Rights Council" (2015-05-16, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "S. Arabia calls in off-the-shelf nuke option with Pakistan" (2015-05-19, []

An artist’s impression of the Lusail City stadium, designed for the Qatar 2022 World Cup final. Inhuman abuse and exploitation of migrant workers preparing emirate stadia for the 2022 World Cup is rampant. Qatar hosts the huge Al-Udeid Air Base, headquarters for US air operations in the region and the directing centre of the air war against Syria and Iraq. It has been one of the leading funders of the terrorist forces aiming to subvert the sovereign government of Syria.

* "On CNN International, the ‘news’ isn’t always the news; The network has a tangle of autocratic sponsors and too often a blind eye to inconvenient facts" (2014-10-28,, comment and captions by Tony Seed []

The Wall Street Journal publishes propaganda written in favor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Carefully read the following article, and notice how it is written to uplift the Saudi dictatorship with prose and congratulatory language. The excerpt is followed by an Wall Street Journal article describing the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose human rights abuse is not as terrible as of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but is comparable, and note that both articles were published the same day.
* "Behind the Saudi Royal Shake-Up" (2015-05-01, [] [begin excerpt]: The king elevated two hard-line royal relatives. His 55-year-old nephew, Muhammad bin Nayef, was made crown prince, and his 30-year-old son, Muhammad bin Salman, was named deputy crown prince. The appointments serve notice that Saudi Arabia will continue to pursue an assertive foreign policy in the Middle East aimed at blocking Iranian hegemony. The king is also telling an Obama administration no longer trusted by the Saudis—given the president’s lust for a nuclear deal with Iran—that Saudi Arabia increasingly will make its own way in the world. In short, the Saudis, like the Israelis, have given up on this American administration—though not yet on America. Indeed, by naming Saudi ambassador Adel al Jubeir as the kingdom’s new foreign minister, King Salman is fielding a strong team of experts on America in Mr. al Jubeir and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Jayef. They can be expected to go all-out in lobbying Congress, the Pentagon and other U.S. power centers to show stronger support for Saudi Arabia even as President Obama courts Iran. [end excerpt]
* "Ice Cream With Raspberries, Iranian-Style The nice welcome for Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in New York received a lively lampooning downtown" (2015-05-01, []

* "U.S. Hosts Arms Bazaar at White House Arab Summit" (2015-05-17, []
* "Obama Offers Gulf Nations ‘Ironclad’ Security Cooperation" (2015-05-14, []. writes: The President culminated his much-maligned and boycotted “Arab Summit” at Camp David with a public declaration of open-ended “security cooperation” with the Gulf States. The summit was meant allay Arab fears over a denouement with Iran and Obama’s contentious nuclear deal. But William Hartung of Foreign Policy pointed out that this is just the latest example of a president shilling for the defense industry.
* "DC's Dictator Summit" (2015-05-15, by Medea Benjamin and Nalini Ramachandran) [] [begin excerpt]: Washington, DC is presently the converging point for some of the world's most oppressive regimes. On May 13th and 14th, President Obama is hosting a billionaire conglomerate known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which consists of the Middle Eastern monarchies of Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Oman. The cozy US-GCC relationship exemplifies the twisted nature of US foreign policy, especially in regards to one particular monarchy: Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has been accused of human rights violations against its own citizens, including political activists, journalists, and women. The Saudi king decided to skip the GCC summit, leaving the ministers of the interior and defense to take his place, because he opposes the US efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to the nuclear program of its rival, Iran. [end excerpt]
* "It’s Not Diplomacy, It’s an Arms Fair; U.S. defense contractors are popping corks as Obama “reassures” his Middle East allies with billions of dollars of weapons" (2015-05-14, []
* "The King of Saudi Arabia skipped Obama's Camp David summit — to meet with some of his country's most extreme clerics" (2015-05-13, []

Ansar Allah Revolutionary Government of Yemen ("Houthis")

* "Saudi Announced that Truce Was Non-existent in Yemen. The Fighting is Escalating" (2015-05-19, by Abayomi Azikiwe) []

* "US Strategy: Bombing Yemen Back to the 19th Century" (2015-05-16, by Stephen Lendman) []

* "Army spokesman: army troops and People's Committees committed to maintain restraint and not to breach of truce" ( []: The official spokesman of the Armed Forces Brigadier General Ghalib honor Lukman stressed that the army and security forces and people's committees committed to maintain restraint and not to breach of humanitarian truce violations, despite the Saudi aggression and its allies as well as repeated attacks Reform militias and al-Qaeda and Hadi.
Brigadier-General Luqman "The breach of the truce by the Saudi aggression and tools behavior embodies the case of deception and cunning and deception practiced aggression against domestic public opinion and the outside and reveals the bad intentions and lack of seriousness in compliance with international humanitarian truce also reveals his appetite in the persistence of the siege of the sons of the great Yemeni people and the exercise of the ugliest Crimes against him. "
He called on countries of the world, the United Nations and all the human rights and humanitarian organizations to bear the human and moral responsibilities towards violations and abuses and suffering of the Yemeni people to kill and destroy and starve for more than 48 days, which can not succeed in any way in humiliation and knees no matter what the cost is.

20:28 - 05/15/2015
Shabwa: al-Qaeda continues its bombardment Algelovor point in freeing a hand level mortar.

21:24 - 05/14/2015
Taiz: Reform militias and al-Qaeda elements in the judicial complex targeting the city and region patience with 4 shells.

21:41 - 12/05/2015
Armed and security forces supported by the People's Committees announces purge Almsimir Hajj Directorate province of al-Qaeda

16:52 - 07/05/2015
Aden: Army and People's Committees completing insurance Mualla Directorate fully after defeating al-Qaeda and militias, including Hadi

16:49 - 07/05/2015
Shabwa: army backed by the popular committees, manufacturer believes area Qaeda and routed them.

20:04 - 04/05/2015
Marib: Saudi American paratrooper landing of weapons of mild and moderate elements Daash and al-Qaeda in Wadi Obeida

* "Al-Qaeda kidnapped 40 soldiers in Mukalla, came from the island of Socotra, and fears of slaughter" ( []:
Abducted by elements of the so-called al-Qaeda organization 40 Yemeni soldiers in the port of Mukalla in Hadramout province, east of the country, with growing fears of execution.
According to a local source in the city of Mukalla, the soldiers were coming on board fishing boats from the island of Socotra, corresponding to the coast of the province, and upon arrival to the port has been kidnapped by al-Qaeda members and taken to an unknown location in the city.
This is controlled by al-Qaeda on the city of Mukalla in full, including the port and receive support from the Saudi aggression, where the days before providing them with a ship loaded with fuel by sea, as the supply of those elements with four locomotives entered Hadramout through the deposit port, according to Reuters news agency, as well as providing air its cover where they are targeting military sites by Air aggression in order to allow those elements storm.
And growing fears that the those elements to execute them like it did their counterparts who are caught in its grip over the past few weeks, as dozens of soldiers were executed in Aden, Lahj, Hadramout and brutally broadcast pictorial recordings of these massacres, most recently the execution of a number of soldiers in the province of Shabwa.

* "Iranian aid ships crisscross the coast of Oman, Saturday to reach the coast of Yemen" (2015-05-15, []:
The Iranian aid ship off Oman is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Saturday, off the coast of Yemen. The Chairman of the Red Crescent Society relief organization said the Iranian ship loaded with humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people have not been subject to any inspection and that all crew members are safe. Nasser Jragsaz on the website "Assembly" said that the ship will arrive this evening or tomorrow morning to the Omani port of Salalah to determine its destination later. The aid ship has left Monday night the Shahid Rajai port of Bandar Abbas to end up in the dock in the port of Hodeidah Yemeni Red Sea.
A spokesman for the national security committee in parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, MP Hussein Naqvi Hosseini, said on Friday, "we do not wait for permission from any international institution to support the Yemeni people", and that "we will not interfere in Yemen, but if we intervened we would have been wiped out the Saudi regime in first week". The MP Naqvi Hosseini said that the Iranian humanitarian aid ship to Yemen would certainly violate blockades and threats, and said, "we sent the rescue ship to Yemen and we will not allow any force to inspect or stop this ship." He said that with the barbaric aggression by the Saudi regime on the Yemeni people, the Muslim world today is exposed from two sides by siege and aggression. He referred on the one hand to the Zionist entity (Israel) of crimes of aggression on Gaza and Lebanon, and on the other hand, "we see that the Saud-Zionist regime is aimed at another part of the Muslim world". He said that the Yemeni people face the all kinds of non-conventional weapons and the interruption of water and food, devastating highly condensed residential areas, war-crimes forbidden by international law, and added that the House of Saud has lined up today alongside the Zionist entity and continue their aggression against Muslim peoples. He said that the international conscience must answer this question: "Why are the Yemeni people exposed to all these massacres?"

* "Government Spokesman: humanitarian aid that arrived to Yemen slim and aggression deliberately delay their arrival on flimsy pretexts" ( []:
The official spokesman for the Council of Ministers stressed that the ambulatory and pharmaceutical and food aid, which came to Yemen slim and do not meet the need.
The official spokesman of the Council of Ministers "The Saudi aggression deliberately slowing down the arrival of such aid and work to waste time on flimsy pretexts and what he calls fabricated measures which impact on the conditions of the people and contributed to aggravate the suffering of all members of society without discrimination.
"The Special Committee accommodation, the wounded and those affected, which was formed last Thursday during the Council of Ministers, which included all those who work cabinet meeting include a number of sub-committees to address the current phase requirements including mainly follow sheltering and disaster relief and the conduct of life in the various governorates of the Republic."
He noted that the follow-up committee headed by the situation of the displaced and Acting Minister of Planning and International Cooperation and membership of a number of existing acts Minister had inspected the ground conditions of displaced people in the hardest-hit areas and see the urgent needs and requirements.

* "Captured Houthi member discloses IRGC role in Yemen" (2015-05-17, []

* "Yemeni Socialist Youth want to renew relations with the Union of Young Communists" (2015-02-19, []

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Learn more about the Sahrawi People []

Islamic Republic of Iran, and international operations
* "IRGC commander boasts creating Hezbollah in Yemen" (2014-12-09, [] [begin excerpt]: Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami, Deputy Commander of the IRGC, stated that groups like Hezbollah are no longer in only in Lebanon but today such forces have been formed in Yemen and Syria.
“Until the last few years, we have witnessed only the forces of Hezbollah in Lebanon who could stand up against the West’s bullying; but today, a major force has been formed in Syria and Iraq, as well as the forces of Ansar Allah in Yemen; this shows the potential the Islamic Revolution has to re-take Muslim lands from Western powers,” Hossein Salami said, speaking at a gathering in the city of Ardebil on December 6.
Salami warned that his regime is facing a “complicated” war in which the enemy is fighting in all areas including “economic, political and psychological fields.” [end excerpt]

* "Hizballah Cavalcade" series of articles (2013-05-10 to 2015-03-20, [], describing the militias adhering to the Hizbollah network sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Iran

History and the Current Context:
* "Persian Constitutional Revolution" (1905-1907) from [] [begin excerpt]: The Revolution opened the way for cataclysmic change in Persia, heralding the modern era. It saw a period of unprecedented debate in a burgeoning press. The revolution created new opportunities and opened up seemingly boundless possibilities for Persia’s future. Many different groups fought to shape the course of the Revolution, and all sections of society were ultimately to be in some way changed by it. The system of constitutional monarchy created by the decree of Mozaffar ad-Din Shah that was established in Persia as a result of the Revolution ultimately came to an end in 1925 with the dissolution of the Qajar dynasty and the ascension of Reza Shah Pahlavi to the throne. [end excerpt]

Republic of Afghanistan / Islamic Republic Of Pashtunistan / Waziristan 
* "Afghan poppy farmers say new seeds will boost opium output" (2015-05-05, AP newswire) []

Towards a People's Republic of India
[] [] []

Press Statement 15 May 2015
Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) condemns the startling verdict of Midnapore court in which Raja Sarkhel, Prasun Chatterjee, Chhatradhar Mahato and 3 others sentenced for life under ‘sedition’ and various sections of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). All of them had actively participated in the historic Lalgarh movement that attracted the attention of the country during the Left Front rule. Raja Sarkhel and Prasun Chatterjee were members of Gana Pratirodh Manch (GPM), which is a constituent of Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF). They are on the all-India Executive Committee of RDF. Raja Sarkhel has been fighting for people’s causes for decades. He joined the revolutionary movement in 1970s and since then he stood for the cause of the oppressed and participated in various militant struggles.
Prasun Chatterjee was also active in revolutionary movement for the last 20 years and stand by the movements that supported New Democratic Revolution. Chhatradhar Mahato was a prominent leader in the Lalgarh movement and is the spokesperson of Peoples’ Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCPA). Sukhshanti Baske, Sambhu Soren, Shagun Mahato were also activists of the PCPA. All of them were charged under unlawful Act during the CPM-led Left Front government and are now convicted in the Trinamool Congress regime. What more can we expect from the hypocrite Mamta Banerjee, who promised to release all political prisoners if voted to power.
Her fascist Government is now hell bent to send leaders of the Lalgarh movement, which played a major role in uprooting the fascistic CPM government, to jail. The glorious movement not only pulverized the fascistic rule but also challenged and transformed the exploitative and oppressive social order. The Lalgarh movement left its mark in the people’s movements in the country and attracted even international attention for its determined struggle despite the severe oppression by the State machinery. Started off as a movement to oppose police atrocities, the Lalgarh movement evolved into a movement that seeks to change the social order, building resistance against the State and the Harmad Vahini, the militia force run by the fascist CPM. This Movement presented an alternative socio-economic model and political structure, with agrarian revolution as its base. Led by the peasantry, this glorious movement was so strong that it forced the Indian ruling classes on its knees. The Indian State used every means to suppress the movement. But the agitating people, armed by revolutionary politics, gave them a fitting reply.
It was difficult for the State to take an impending defeat and began to target the leaders of the movement by arresting them using several draconian laws. It murdered Shashidhar Mahato, one of the most beloved leaders of Lalgarh movement and brother of Chhatradhar Mahato, Lal Mohan Tudu, who became the President of the PCPA after Chatradhar’s arrest, and Kishanji in fake encounters. The Trinamool Congress won the elections largely owing to the pent up anger against fascistic Left Front rule. But after attaining power, Mamta Banerjee conveniently forgot all the promises she made during the polls. She betrayed people. She not only went back on the promise of release of political prisoners, she created her own goonda militia Bhairav Bahini, following the footsteps of the CPM, to suppress the Lalgarh.
She wants to clear the way for imperialism, comprador big bourgeois and local landlords to plunder natural resources and exploit the toiling masses. People like Raja Sarkhel, Prasun Chatterjee and Chhatradhar Mahato had consistently worked to build the movement. They played a historic role in strengthening the arms of the masses with revolutionary politics and helped them fight the oppressive State forces. They have a role to play in building a strong resistance against exploitative, oppressive measures of the TMC-ruled State Government and the BJP-led Central Government. This is why the TMC government used all its resources to see to it that they get a conviction instead of securing their release as they promised earlier. RDF demands the immediate unconditional release of Raja Sarkhel, Prasun Chatterjee, Chhatradhar Mahato, Sukhshanti Baske, Sambhu Soren, Shagun Mahato and all other political prisoners, dropping all charges on them. We make an appeal to all the progressive and democratic people and organisations to extend their support in securing their release.
Repeal UAPA!
Release All Political Prisoners!
President General Secretary
Varavara Rao Rajkishore
09676541715 09717583539

* "Rise against the proposed salva judum-2 (death squad) with the name 'Committee to struggle for development!' " (2015-05-16, Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee, CPI-M) [] [begin excerpt]: By now all of you must have known that the son of Mahendra karma, the number one comprador of the ruling and exploitative classes who died in the hands of PLGA in the Jeeramghati ambush, Chavindra karma, together with Chaitram Attami, P.Vijay, Sathar Ali and other such goons survived from the PLGA attacks in thepast salva judum and goons of BJP, announced on the 5th of May that they would start salva judum-2 for the sake of “peace” and “development” of Bastar with the name Vikas Sangharsh Samithi (meaning committee to struggle for development). This so called committee to struggle for development is nothing but an organized killer goonda gang of the family of Congress Karma in the protection of the hindutva fascist BJP government, goondas of BJP and anti-people gentry. This is to help intensify the on-going cruel, military, repressive campaign Operation Greenhunt.
Why one more salva judum? In the name of “peace” and “development” the salva judum-2 in essence is to intensify the implementation of the fascist military organized repressive campaign green hunt in order to sell off the natural resources of the state to the domestic and foreign capitalist giants and to eliminate the people’s power, the janathana sarkar that is blossoming in Dandakaranya for genuine self-reliance and genuine development. The actual objective of this campaign is to pave way to the comprador bureaucratic bourgeois Tata, Essar, Jindal, Mithal, Neco companies and Multinational companies like TPG in the resource rich Dandakaranya. MoUs for lakhs of crores of rupees have been signed with these companies. [end excerpt]

* "Condemn Conviction of Chhatradhar Mahato and Five Others by Midnapore District Court-PUDR" (2015-05-13) []

* "UAPA: An alibi for political vendetta" press-release from Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisation (CDRO) []

People’s War in India Clippings
* (2015-05-13) []
* (2015-05-14) []
* (2015-05-15) []
* (2015-05-16) []
* (2015-05-17) []
* (2015-05-18) []
* (2015-05-20) []

* ICSPWI info (2015-03-25) []:
1. The International Committee to Support the People’s War in India (ICSPWI) appeals all the forces that refer to it, all the forces of the international support to the PW in India, to give substance to the protracted campaign of international support, with any kind of initiatives, according to the possible and necessary timetable in the situation in different countries.
2. ICSPWI calls to bring the international solidarity to the PW in all the anti-imperialist protests and in the May Day demos.
3. ICSPWI welcomes the advanced efforts made by International Delegation -NO WAR ON PEOPLE INDIA, whose plans proceed with the necessary pace for a successful implementation. We call again anyone who is interested in the Delegation to make himself available, taking the necessary contacts, [csgpindia@)].
4. ICSPWI announces that new important publications will be issued in the next time, which can be an effective tool for the knowledge and development of the strategic value of the support for the PW in the current international situation.
5. ICSPWI convenes a plenary meeting, open to representatives of all the supporting organizations, proposing the of 21 June as date and the Northern Italy as place.

Towards a People's Republic of Nepal
[] []

* "Ideological Bankruptcy of Baidhya Faction" (2015-05-12, []

People's Republic of China  
History & the Current Context []

* "The Last Maoist Village in China" seventeen photos (2012-10, []

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and Russia-China relations
* "U.S. wakes up to New (Silk) World Order" (2015-05-15, by Pepe Escobar) [] [begin excerpt]: So welcome to the New (Silk) World Order; from Beijing to Moscow on high-speed rail; from Shanghai to Almaty, Minsk and beyond; from Central Asia to Western Europe.
By now we all know how this high-speed trade/geopolitical journey is unstoppable — spanning the Beijing-led, Moscow-supported Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the BRICs Development Bank. Central Asia, Mongolia and Afghanistan — where NATO has just lost a war — are being inexorably pulled into this trade/geopolitical orbit covering all of central, northern, and eastern Eurasia.
What could be called Greater Asia is already shaping up — not only from Beijing to Moscow but also from business center Shanghai to gateway-to-Europe St. Petersburg. It’s the natural consequence of a complex process I have been examining for a while now — the marriage of the massive Beijing-led Silk Road Economic Belt with the Moscow-led Eurasia Economic Union (EEU). Putin described it as “a new level of partnership.” [end excerpt]

* "Fidel Castro: Russia and China Are a 'Mighty Shield' of Global Security" (2015-05-13, []

National Democratic Alliance of Kokang region 
* "MYANMAR ARMY BLAMES ETHNIC REBELS FOR SHELLING INSIDE CHINA" (2015-05-19, AP newswire) [] [begin excerpt]]: The Kokang guerrillas - who have engaged in deadly clashes with government troops since Feb. 9 - said they were reclaiming their land, but the government said it regards the attack as a threat to state sovereignty and will not negotiate a cease-fire. [end excerpt]

Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in northern Korea
Info collected by Juche-Buddhism Friendship Society, for Peace through Knowledge! []

* (2015-05-16) []:
The 18th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair has just ended. The media largely ignored this event (as it’s not as exciting as reporting the execution of North Korea’s defense chief by anti-aircraft guns – even if he’s still alive...) This picture shows North Korea’s deputy prime minister and chairman of the state planning commission together with the ambassadors from China, Russia, Mongolia and Germany and A Capitalist in North Korea [] welcoming participants to one of the very first international trade fairs in Pyongyang.

* "Google Hangout with Felix Abt - Capitalist from North Korea" (2015-02-08) full interview is here: []
* "What were the highlights of your 7-year stay in North Korea, Mr. Abt?" Emil Truszkowski's interview with Felix Abt during a recent Google Hangout []
* "North Korea's Labor Camps and other forms of punishment" (2015-03-02, by Felix Abt): In an interview with The Diplomat Magazine I mentioned that the North Korean law stipulates a range of punishments that include various types of reeducation through labor and labor reform or forfeiture of property or monetary fines. Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t quote me on this. Therefore the full interview is published here where you also can find an extract from the high school textbook on “Socialist ethics and law” – 사회주의도덕과법 - providing some insight into this topic: []

Foreign investors are suspected by right-wingers of "enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary North Koreans while propping up the regime" and by left-wingers of "exploiting North Korean workers and of undermining the socialist system".
I can only speak for myself and as a pragmatic investor all I have in mind is to realize a reasonable return-on-investment while being a good corporate citizen (respecting laws, workers' rights, environment etc.), regardless of the country where I'm investing.
And here is what I told this French newspaper [] which asked me about profitability in North Korea: "Profits are not huge, but I never had the illusion of making a quick buck there. Investors are there for the longer run".

Peace and Understanding through Martial Arts!
Information page regarding the martial arts in Democratic People's Republic of Korea. [] []

* "Today North Korea celebrates International Women's Day" (2015-03-07, by Felix Abt) []:
The North Korean media emphasized that there is gender equality and that "we let women lead hopeful lives as flowers of the nation".
I used to celebrate International Women's Day in Pyongyang too, usually with dinner for all my staff, followed by Karaoke and dancing that everybody enjoyed.
More about the 'Flowers of the Nation' in my book 'A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom' Visit my North Korea photo gallery: []. (The picture was taken on an International Women's Day in Pyongyang).
* "N. Korea claims its women enjoy gender equality" (2015-03-07, []

* "Pyongyang Electronic Medical Appliances Factory" five photos []: The factory produces more than 10 kinds of electronic medical appliances, including ultrasonic diagnosing appliance for abdomen, electronic gastroscope and digital electrocardiograph.

* "The North Korea Financial Sanctions: Same Shit, Different Decade" (2015-01-23, []
Felix Abt writes: "Lawyer, econ & agitprop warrior Joshua Stanton drafted the latest U.S. sanctions vaguely enough so that they pose a threat to ALL LEGITIMATE BUSINESS in and with North Korea. And we learn here that Banco Delta Asia which Stanton & Co. wanted to shut down a decade ago is still in business..."
THIS $ 9.99 VODKA BOTTLE IS A BANNED LUXURY ITEM IN NORTH KOREA []. That's no joke! Agitprop warriors and sanctions advocates like Joshua Stanton made sure that beverages like this one and numerous other items they enjoy consuming themselves is banned by the U.S. and the U.N. as 'luxury' item in North Korea.

* "IS NORTH KOREA'S TOP DIPLOMAT A MAN OF MYSTERY?" (2015-03-03, by Felix Abt):
I met Ri Chol many times in both Switzerland and North Korea. I found him to be always charming, affable, knowledgeable and helpful. I met diplomats from many countries, but Ri Chol stood out as a man for whom I developed the highest respect and I considered him a model diplomat who achieved much more for his country than any of his diplomatic peers for theirs.
With his intelligence and charisma he convinced many aid organizations to become active in North Korea, from the 7th Day Adventist Church to the Salvation Army. More importantly, he motivated the Swiss governmental development and cooperation agency, as well as NGOs, to engage in a wide variety of cooperative development projects. He instigated the cultivation of potatoes, which provided more calories than any other crop in terms of area farmed, and the equally cost-effective raising of goats. Within just a few years the harvested potato quantities multiplied and 2 million goats produced a substantial amount of meat, milk and cheese, which undoubtedly helped ease the country’s food shortage.
There were few cadres in Pyongyang that understood Western thinking so well as Ri Chol and he certainly deserved the nickname of “Businessman” bestowed on him by his ministry. No other diplomat came close to securing as much foreign investment and business for his country. Without him there wouldn’t be the celebrated Taedonggang beer which became the uncontested market leader among North Korean beers, the PyongSu (i.e. Pyongyang-Swiss) pharmaceuticals company which became the first domestic enterprise achieving a globally recognized industry quality standard or the Egyptian-invested mobile telecom enterprise Koryolink now boasting 2 million subscribers in a country of 24 million inhabitants.
More about him in my book "A Capitalist in North Korea: My Seven Years in the Hermit Kingdom"
* "On global stage, North Korea’s top diplomat is man of mystery" (2015-03-03, Reuters newswire) []

* "NO LEVEL PLAYING FIELD!" (by Felix Abt): The fraternity of journalists always helps their peers to sell their North Korea books. I would be interested in seeing a study on how many more times on average a (North Korea) book written by a journalist is praised compared to a work written by a non-journalist.
* "North Korea: Books on the 'Hermit Kingdom' are positioned as page-turners" (2015-03-04, []

* "North Korea's not as crazy as everyone says" (2012-11-01, by Felix Abt, []

USA diplomats believe everything they are told to believe, hand-picked from "reputable" clandestine sources, even if complete fabrications, diplomats like John Kerry must create a perception of clear judgement against enemies of the USA.
* "Kerry, in Seoul, slams North Korea" (2015-05-18, [] [begin excerpt]: Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Monday accused North Korea’s government of committing crimes worthy of referral to the International Criminal Court and urged it to end its isolation by dismantling its arsenal of nuclear weapons. Using strong language, Kerry said during a stop in Seoul that the Pyongyang government led by Kim Jong Un had shown a “flagrant disregard for international law while denying its people fundamental freedom and rights. The world is hearing increasingly more and more stories of grotesque, grisly, horrendous public displays of executions on a whim and a fancy by the leader against people who were close to him and sometimes for the most flimsy of excuses,” he said, referring to a report from South Korea’s spy agency that the North Korean defense minister was publicly executed with an antiaircraft gun after he fell asleep during a meeting led by Kim. [end excerpt]
* " ‘Wrong as Often as Right’ Is Good Enough When Reporting on an Official Enemy" (2015-05-13, []: North Korea may have executed this general with anti-aircraft guns. Or he may be alive and well. The Washington Post thought you might like to read some guesses about him.
The Washington Post has a sensational story about North Korean Gen. Hyon Yong Chol (5/12/15 []):
"North Korea’s equivalent of a defense minister has been executed by anti-aircraft gun for insubordination and treason—including for sleeping during a meeting where Kim Jong Un was speaking, South Korea’s intelligence agency said Wednesday."
Reporters Anna Fifield and Yoonjung Seo continue: "The report, if true, would starkly illustrate the brutal extent to which the young North Korean leader is going to consolidate power."
And if it isn’t true? I suppose it would starkly illustrate the low standards the Washington Post sets for itself when reporting about an official enemy.
Most of the information in the article is based on what “officials from the [South Korean] National Intelligence Service told local reporters at a briefing in Seoul”—local reporters, meaning not the Washington Post. What did the Post hear directly? “An NIS spokesman confirmed to the Post that it believed Hyon had been executed.” So the sensational stuff in the article is what local South Korean journalists said they were told by South Korean intelligence about that country’s bitter rivals. But South Korean intelligence is a reliable source, right? Well, no—not according to the Post. In the article’s eighth paragraph, the reporters note: “The NIS report could not be independently verified. NIS’s claims turn out to be wrong as often as they are right.” Is it really the Washington Post‘s policy to base stories on claims that are “wrong as often as they are right”? In this case, presumably the Post felt confident betting on “right” rather than “wrong” because someone who blogs about North Korea said the report “rang true.” Isn’t this the kind of bizarre thing the North Koreans are always doing?
The Post also tried to shore up this highly speculative story by referring to another highly speculative story the paper recently published.  The new article noted: "A recent report from the U.S. Committee for Human Rights in North Korea contained satellite imagery apparently showing several people standing in front of anti-aircraft machine guns at a military training area 13 miles north of Pyongyang in October last year." The link in that passage goes to an article the Post published on May 1 [], with the lengthy headline, “Does North Korea Execute People With Anti-Aircraft Guns? New Satellite Images Suggest the Rumors May Be True.” The article reports that the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea released images that "appear to show several individuals standing in front of anti-aircraft machine guns at a military training area…. It appears, though it cannot be confirmed, that these people are being executed."
Actually, if you follow the Post‘s link to the report [], the committee itself says that the images show “what appear to be some sort of targets” on a North Korean firing range–and then concludes, mainly because the firing range doesn’t look to be designed for high-caliber weapons, that “the most plausible explanation of the scene captured in the October 7th satellite image is a gruesome public execution.” Maybe. Or maybe “what appear to be some sort of targets” on a firing range actually are targets. Or maybe they are people who are lining up not because they are about to be shot, but because they are engaged in military training, which frequently involves lining up. But this is North Korea we’re talking about, so “maybe” is good enough to pin a story on.

* "No evidence of attack on North Korean defector: Danish authorities Asylum-seeker claimed to have been severely injured, threatened by agents of Pyongyang" (2015-02-12, scroll-down at the link []

* "Trauma, shame made North Korean defector alter story, author says" (2015-02-15, []
* "N.Korean escapee accepts blame for hurting defectors' credibility" (2015-02-16, []
Bradley K. Martin on his FB-page:
"I'm not buying this. Shin, his author and his publisher should have pulled the book from circulation weeks ago. Go to its amazon page and you'll see that there are over a thousand reviews still displayed that were posted by readers, even experts, who did not know that Shin had lied -- and the favorable reviews continued to pour in AFTER it was reported he had lied. This book is a huge cash cow for Shin and others. They obviously could not bear to part with it even though the new five star reviews are from people who did not know that Shin had lied. (The perils of not reading newspapers!) Shame on all involved."

Commonwealth of Australia
* "Police shift their line on Australia’s latest terrorism 'plot' " (2015-05-14, []

* "Animal Rights in Australia: Eco-Terror and the 'War on Terrier' " (2015-05-19, []

Sovereign Union of First Nations Peoples

* "Wiradjuri Activists Raise Flag, Proclaim Newest Aboriginal Republic in Australia" (2014-01-28, []
These declarations have been made under the rubric of an organization called the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia, which was founded in 1999 and later, in 2012, reformulated itself as the Sovereign Union–Interim Unity Government at the Kuradji Tent Embassy, near Wollongong, N.S.W.  “Aboriginal Tent Embassies” are a movement which began in 1972 with a protest encampment outside Parliament House in Canberra and spawned a network of Aboriginal encampments around the country as a site of Aboriginal sovereigntist activism.
What is new about these Aboriginal declarations is that they are being made in the name of individual Aboriginal nations, as opposed to previous movements to, for example, plans by the Aboriginal Provisional Government in the 1990s to declare a vast, landlocked Aboriginal State.  Of the four above-listed nations, the Republic of Mbarbaram and the Wiradjuri Central West Republic have not, to my knowledge, revealed their precise territories, though the Wiradjuri republic’s flag features the outline of the territory, which seems to be—and this is supported by the republic’s full name—a subset of the vast homeland of the Wiradjuri people, which is the largest in Australia and includes up to a third of N.S.W., including the city of Wagga Wagga (see map []). One news report [] said the republic’s territory “would cover the areas around Goolma, Wellington, Parkes, Forbes and Orange.”
Indeed, all of these new states, but the Wiradjuri republic especially, are claiming territories that also include large numbers, even majorities, of non-Aboriginals.  But Aboriginal activists insist this is not a problem, that the new states will be cooperative and inclusive.  It’s not clear if local whites necessarily share that optimism.
The Murrawarri Republic’s declaration of independence last year took the form of a letter to Queen Elizabeth II (who holds suzerainty over Australia as a Dominion Realm).  The letter requested documents within 21 days demonstrating any kind of formal cession of Murrawarri territory.  The letter stated that if no such documentation was forthcoming, then the Republic would consider itself a continuing independent state and would apply for a seat at the United Nations General Assembly.

Sovereign Union symbol, and photo of a Sovereign Union Embassy

Map and Flag of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic, declared 2013-08-03 in Dirranbandi, Queensland
Located just east of the Murrawarri Republic.

Flag and map of the Murrawarri Republic, declared 2013-03-20, along the Queensland–N.S.W. border)

Flag of the Wiradjuri Central West Republic, declared 2014-01-22, in Wellington, New South Wales.
Photo showing elders Dot Stewart and Nelson Smith at the flag-raising, video [].

Republic of Mbarbaram (in an inland far-northern Queensland’s Cape York Peninsula)


Occupied State of West Papua 
More info at []


Kingdom of Hawai‘i / Occupied State of the Hawaiian Islands
[] []


research from the Committee for the Study of

* "The Forgotten Origins of Wall Street in Slave Auctions" (2015-05-18, []

In 1945, the majority of the people of Europe identified the USSR as the main factor in the defeat of the fascist European Union. Today, after 70 years of Hollywood propaganda, the majority identify the USA as the main factor in the defeat of "Nazi Germany". Some pseudo-intellectuals say that, while the USA was late in entering the war, it was USA aid to the USSR that lead to the USSR eventually defeating the fascist European Union in 1945. This perspective is wrong, as shown in the following article.
* "WWII lend-lease: was the US aid that helpful?" (2015-05-12, part 1 [], part 2 []

Important article concerning the British, American and other European bourgeoisie financing the Nazis and installing Hitler as chancellor in the 1930s. Then in 1939 pushing him to start a war against the USSR to save the failing US capitalism.
* "Anglo-American Money Owners Organized World War II" (2015-05-07, by Valentin Katasonov) []

* "The Ghost of Goebbels: Historical Revisionism and World War II" (2011-06-21, by Wayne Madsen) []

* "The untold story of unholy alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia" ( [] [begin excerpt]: The story started as early as 1942 with the formation of the Vatican Bank. The same year ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) recruited Lucky Luciano, a pre-eminent drug lord. The Swiss director of the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Allen Dulles came to the conclusion, “We’re fighting the wrong enemy.” Schutzstaffel (SS) sent Dulles a message through the Vatican that the Nazi government wanted to establish a separate peace with the United States; they wanted to fight the Soviets. Dulles met Prince Max von Hohenlohe in Bern. Hohenlohe found Dulles in agreement with him. Later, Dulles also met other Nazi officials to forge the new alliance. Chief of Special Intelligence for the OSS in China Col. Paul E Helliwell thought of another unholy alliance between the US intelligence community and organized crime groups. Consequently, the US intelligence agencies got drug lord Lucky Luciano released from jail, allowed him to build his narcotic empire, and simply watched the flow of drugs into the largely black ghettos of New York and Washington. The unholy alliance of the American spies and criminals was replicated everywhere, from Laos and Burma to Marseilles and Panama. [end excerpt]

* " 'The Incubus of Intervention': Conflicting Indonesia Strategies of John F. Kennedy and Allen Dulles" (2015-05-18, by Jim Miles) []

* "Hippie memories" Bonnie Knight, San Francisco []:
“When hippies were a tourist attraction” (Datebook, May 16) brought me back. I was a 15-year-old rebel on Haight Street when the bus actually unloaded the passengers to walk among us. Two elderly ladies self-identified from Des Moines, Iowa, asked me, “Dear, are you a member of the hippie club?” I reached into my fringed purse and replied, “Let me see if I can find my membership card,” and they took me seriously. There was a hippie guy who ran alongside the bus holding up a mirror to the tourists. My friend, the late Tom Allen, commented on the growing phenomenon by saying, “Hippies are giving us guys with long hair a bad name.” Good times.
* " ‘Hippie Tour’ photos give striking window into Summer of Love" (2015-05-14, [] [begin excerpt]:
Gray Line, still operating, was a dominant tour bus company in the 1960s and 1970s, visiting places like Golden Gate Park and Muir Woods. The “Hippie Tour” was advertised as a “safari through psychedelia.”
“They billed it as ‘the only foreign tour within the continental limits of the United States,’” J. Campbell Bruce wrote in the 1967 Chronicle article, “and the new scene drew more stares than the Mint, Mission Dolores and Twin Peaks combined.”
The tourists, many from the Midwest and East Coast, seemed a bit disappointed. The young Haight residents, seen going about their day, didn’t look deranged or scary — and who knows if they called themselves hippies. (A more accurate name for Gray Line might have been the Young People Who Wear Their Hair a Little Bit Long Tour.)
But as captured by Frisch, who retired in 1984 and died in 2008, the photos couldn’t be more authentic. One young Haight dweller glares at the bus and points, as if to say, “Go back where you came from.” Some seem to be amused by the tourists. Others don’t notice, deep in thought or lost in their own troubles.
The neighborhood is the most striking character, especially for Bay Area residents who grew up visiting a post-Summer of Love Haight-Ashbury. There are no head shops, tie-dye T-shirt peddlers or other businesses set up for the tourists. The Haight, for the last time, looks like a working-class neighborhood.
“Some had read about San Francisco’s hippie land; some had never heard the term, most had never seen a live hippie,” The Chronicle’s article reported. “A little old lady kept insisting, ‘You’re sure they’re not beatniks? WE have beatniks in Cleveland.’”
Herb Caen, generally a booster of tourism, in 1967 called the tour “a creepy-crawly thing, reeking of fast buck-ism.”
“The outside world is a bunch of tourists with their noses pressed to the windows, staring at the hippies staring at them?” Caen wrote. “The question that comes to mind is: ‘Who’s in the cage?’”
[end excerpt]

* "The Scene of the Crime: A reporter’s journey to My Lai and the secrets of the past" (2015-03-30, by Seymour Hersh, []

* "Lies, Lies, and The Death of Bin Laden" (2015-05-12, by Binoy Kampmark) []
* "Bin Laden’s Assassination: a Volcano of Lies" (2015-05-12, []
* "The Killing of Osama bin Laden" (2015-05-14, by Seymour Hersh, []
* "Why Seymour Hersh’s ‘Alternative’ bin Laden History Did Not Appear in The New Yorker" (2015-05-11, []
* "Politico gives CIA's worst WMD liar a platform to slam Seymour Hersh" (2015-05-14, []
* "The Killing of Osama bin Laden: Behind the Media’s Assault on Seymour Hersh" (2015-05-20, []
Even today, Usama bin Laden is used as a mechanism to vilify the official state enemies of the USA.
* "New Docs Reveal Osama bin Laden’s Secret Ties With Iran" (2015-03-01, []

* "American Exceptionalism" (2015-01-12, by James Black):
In a 2013 New York Times op-ed [/], Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of the dangers of a people seeing themselves as exceptional. “It is extremely dangerous”, he wrote, “to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation”. He hinted at what that motivation could be. “We are all different”, he wrote, “but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal”.
Putin’s comments were not warmly received in the United States, though his comments are widely shared throughout the world. Putin’s comments suggest that American exceptionalism is rooted in the belief of divine right, a union between church and state. The idea can be traced back to the Pilgrim Fathers. Governor John Winthrop, for example, famously remarked that “We shall be as a city upon a hill”, a theme later echoed throughout United States history. The theme of American exceptionalism appears to rest in Christian thought and Christian theology; however, upon closer examination, the idea of American exceptionalism is actually quite old, predating Christianity by at least a millennium.
American exceptionalism is actually rooted in the occult beliefs of ancient Mystery Schools. This is not difficult to believe, when one considers that knowledge of the Americas was well-known by initiates of the ancient schools. “For more than three thousand years”, esoteric scholar Manly Palmer Hall has observed, “secret societies have labored to create the background of knowledge necessary to the establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world”. The establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world found its fullest expression in America. “Men bound by a secret oath to labor in the cause of world democracy”, Hall argued, “decided that in the American colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life. Brotherhoods were established to meet secretly and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to its destiny for leadership in a free world”.
The Americas–and North America in particular—were regarded by ancient secret societies as the lost city of Atlantis. Sir Francis Bacon, a student of esoteric wisdom who dedicated his life’s work to the advancement of the sciences and philosophy, was instrumental in the founding of the American experiment. In fact, his influence has been so profound that he has been called “The Guiding Spirit in Colonization Scheme” []. In 1627 Sir Francis Bacon’s novel, The New Atlantis, subtitled The Land of the Rosicrucia, was posthumously published, though the novel was mysteriously never finished by lord Bacon. In his novel, Bensalem (the fictional island in The New Atlantis) was described as a society of wise men known as Rosicrucians. That Sir Francis Bacon believed America was Atlantis there can be no doubt, for he implied it as much “And the great Atlantis (that you call America)” (from "Francis Bacon: The Major Works", Oxford World’s Classics, 2008, p.467.).
Modern history books selectively tell the story of non-conformist Puritians fleeing England to establish a Christian commonwealth in America. But strangely history books are silent about another group equally dedicated and devoted to establishing an utopian government in the New World. As head of the Rosicrucian lodge of England and the author of The New Atlantis, Sir Francis Bacon sent the Rosicrucians, a secret esoteric society, to early America to establish America as the new Atlantis. That Rosicrucians were in early America is an undisputed fact.
Many have dismissed the writings of Manly P. Hall as ahistorical and some even brand them as fringe conspiracy theories, but consider that Hall and his writings have influenced many US presidents, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Ronald Wilson Reagan. “You can call it mysticism if you want to”, Ronald Reagan once remarked to the Conservative Political Action Conference in 1974, “but I have always believed that there was some divine plan that placed this great continent between two oceans to be sought out by those who were possessed of an abiding love of freedom and a special kind of courage” []. Ronald Reagan’s views were influenced by the writings of Many P. Hall, but Hall’s influence on Franklin Roosevelt extends considerably further. Franklin Roosevelt was a 32nd degree Freemason, and it was under his administration that the design of the Great Seal of the United States was placed on the back of the US one dollar bill.
The Great Seal of the United States has always been controversial, but it is a controversy rooted in myth, which is to say there is no serious controversy. In describing the Great Seal, Hall correctly observed that []: "Careful analysis of the seal discloses a mass of occult and Masonic symbols, chief among them the so-called American eagle—a bird which Benjamin Franklin declared unworthy to be chosen as the emblem of a great, powerful, and progressive people. Here again only the student of symbolism can see through the subterfuge and realize that the American eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventionalized phoenix, a fact plainly discernible from an examination of the original seal."
Hall’s contention that the original emblem on the obverse side of the Great Seal was a phoenix, not an eagle, rests in the original drawings of William Barton and is corroborated in The History of the Seal of the United States by Gaillard Hunt. In it, Hunt documented that the original design by William Barton in 1782 depicted a phoenix sitting upon a nest of flames. The phoenix bird is a common emblem of occult social movements, and it is a symbol believed to date back to ancient Arabia.
That the Great Seal of the United States is a mass of occult and Masonic symbols cannot reasonably be disputed. This is not inconsistent with the historical record, for many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons: "Not only were many of the founders of the United States Government Masons, but they received aid from a secret and august body existing in Europe, which helped them to establish this country for a peculiar and particular purpose known only to the initiated few. The Great Seal is the signature of this exalted body—unseen and for the most part unknown—and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestleboard setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception."
American exceptionalism is rooted in the occult belief that America was chosen as a divine instrument for the perfection of man, the restoration of the mystery religions, and an enlightened world democracy. Symbolically, this is depicted on the Great Seal where an All-Seeing Eye hovers in a truncated pyramid. The All-Seeing Eye is the Eye of Horus, an entity sometimes regarded as the Egyptian sun god. The pyramid, which represents the world plan, is unfinished; the capstone is missing. Incidentally, the Latin phrase “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, or “New Order of the Ages”, is believed to be a nebulous reference to America’s divine destiny.
Read "The Secret Destiny of America" (1944, by Manly P. Hall) [], and "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" (1928 by Manly P. Hall)

A list of gatherings, workshops, and educational events in the greater Bay Area region

Week of Action Against Monsanto:
Join us on the frontlines as we not only March, but lobby and take action to Shut Down Monsanto!
Demands: Ban Glyphosate, Protect Farmworkers, Support Organic, Label or Ban GMOs because we deserve the right to know what we feel our children & families!
End the Revolving Door- Monsanto & Money out of Politics, MONEY IS NOT FREE SPEECH !
* Day 1- May 20th: Lobby Against Monsanto, Sacramento (State Capitol)
The Anti-Monsanto Project: Lobby Day 2015
* Day 2 - May 21st: Shut Down Monsanto, Woodland (Monsanto)
The Anti-Monsanto Project: Shut Down Monsanto (Woodland)
* Day 3 - May 23: March Against Monsanto, San Francisco
March Against Monsanto. March for food freedom! San Francisco
* Day 4 - May 24th: March Against Monsanto, Sacramento (State Capitol)
The Anti-Monsanto Project: March Against Monsanto 2015

Occupy Sonoma County and GMO Free Sonoma County
Saturday, May 23, 2:00 PM
Millions of people will be protesting together all over the world in 400 cities and 50 countries.
Join us for a permitted march and rally with speakers, entertainment, and non-GMO food.
For more information go to http://OccupySonoma
Old Court House Square, 3rd & Mendocino, Santa Rosa

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