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Spotlight from the Northbay Uprising Media Collective 

Radical Rap radio show, 4-20-15, KMUD, Redway CA
with excerpts from "If the SHU Fits Voices from Solitary", and Prison Radio.
Also, remembering Black Panther Lil' Bobby Hutton on his birthday (April 21, 1950), assassinated April 6, 1968. "Like a bright ray of light moving across the sky, Lil' Bobby came into out lives and showed us the beauty of our people... Let us make sure that his thinking, his desires for his people become a way of life."  -- Huey P. Newton April, 1968
Lil' Bobby was murdered by Oakland Police Department prior to him having a function at Defremary park, which involved Feeding The People.

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information collected by the  
[], Principle 1 & 6 of International Law []Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment; complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity is a crime under international law.

* "Domestic Terrorism, Youth and the Politics of Disposability" (2015-04-21, [] [begin excerpt]
Nation-states organized by neoliberal priorities have implicitly declared war on their children.
If youth were once the repository of society's dreams, that is no longer true.
Young people today are expected to inhabit a set of relations in which the only obligation is to live for oneself.
The data-mining marketers make young people think they count when in fact "all they want to do is count them."
In the US today 500,000 young people are incarcerated and 2.5 million are arrested annually.
Young people inhabit a new and more unsettling scene of suffering, a dead zone of the imagination.
Young people aligning with others can be a vibrant source of creativity, possibility and political struggle.
[end excerpt]

Then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s quote, calmly asserting that U.S. policy objectives were worth the sacrifice of half a million children within Iraq, on 60 Minutes (1996-05-12) []:
Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it."
* " ‘We Think the Price Is Worth It’; Media uncurious about Iraq policy's effects--there or here" (2001-11-01, []

Colt and the endless wars (Vietnam and Iraq)
* "The Last 'Big Lie' of Vietnam Kills U. S. Soldiers in Iraq" (2004-08-24, [] [begin excerpt]: At a Vietnam Special Forces base during 1964, I watched a U. S. soldier fire 15 rounds of .223 caliber ammunition into a tethered goat from a Colt's AR—15 rifle; moments after the last round hit, the goat fell over. Looking at the dead goat, I saw many little bullet entry—holes on one side; and when we turned him over, I saw many little bullet exit—holes on the other side. Over time, those observations were confirmed and reconfirmed, revealing that the stories we were told on the lethality of the .223 caliber cartridge were fabrications.
In 1961, Colt's did get somebody's attention. The Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA) of the Department of Defense (DoD) was enjoined by the Kennedy Administration to explore how the United States could support a foreign ally in a 'limited' war. In October of 1961, ARPA provided ten Colt's AR—15's to Vietnamese Forces in Saigon to conduct a limited test. Ezell & Stevens write that this approval resulted in "saving Colt's from almost sure financial disaster and also setting the stage for the most influential yet controversial document so far in the history of the already controversial AR—15."
The Project AGILE results were summed up, in part, by ARPA as follows: "The suitability of the AR—15 as the basic shoulder weapon for the Vietnamese has been established. For the type of conflict now occurring in Vietnam, the weapon was also found by its users and by MAAG advisors to be superior in virtually all respects to the M1 Rifle, M1 and M2 Carbines, Thompson Sub—Machine Gun, and Browning Automatic Rifle."
In any case, the report was widely read and some of its components came under serious question, especially those purporting to describe the demonstrated lethality of the .223 caliber cartridge.
"On 13 April, a Special Forces team made a raid on a small village. In the raid, seven VC were killed. Two were killed by AR—15 fire. Range was 50 meters. One man was hit in the head; it looked like it exploded. A second man was hit in the chest, his back was one big hole. (VN Special Forces)"
The above "field—reports" [see article link for the other reports] are incredulous on their face and some in DoD requested that these results be duplicated scientifically. The Army Wound Ballistics Laboratory at Edgewood Arsenal attempted to do just that. They failed to duplicate the explosive effects reported by Project AGILE. In November 1962, the Army initiated 'Worldwide' tactical and technical tests of the AR—15 using U. S. soldiers. The results? 'As it turned out, even the hollow—points failed to duplicate anything like the spectacular effects recorded by the Vietnamese unit commanders and their American advisors, which had subsequently been taken as fact and much used as propaganda.' [end excerpt]
* "At Colt's Connecticut factory, no apologies for arming America" (2013-06-08, []
* "Why Colt Can't Shoot Straight" (2014-05-29) []

Updates on campaigns for for Peace, Justice, & Freedom across the greater Bay Area, Norcal, and Socal

* "Activists come to defense of Orange teacher who had third-graders write to former death row inmate" (2015-04-14, [] [begin excerpt]: Local activists are rushing to the defense of an elementary school teacher who is facing possible termination after having her third-grade students write "get well" letters to controversial former death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal.Marylin Zuniga, a teacher at Forest Street Elementary School, is currently suspended with pay while Orange school officials weigh whether to fire or discipline her as a result of the assignment.Larry Hamm, chairman of the People's Organization for Progress, spoke out on the issue during a discussion on police brutality and other issues at Bethany Baptist Church in Newark Monday night.He urged the approximately 500 attendees, including prominent professor and activist Dr. Cornel West, to gather outside Orange High School prior to a Board of Education meeting to support Zuniga."She tried not only to instruct her children in terms of skills, but also tried to help them understand what it means a compassionate human being," he said. "We need to support this young woman...her heart is the right heart." [end excerpt]

* "Berkeley Post Office Defenders respond to Judge Alsup's decision" (2015-04-17):
On April 14th, 2015 Judge Alsup ruled in favor of the US Postal Service's attempt to dismiss the City of Berkeley's lawsuit which sought to halt the sale of the people's post office in downtown Berkeley. He ruled that since no sale is pending, the issue is not ripe for litigation.
While this is not the decision Berkeley Post Office Defenders (BPOD), First They Came for the Homeless nor the City of Berkeley was looking for, the judge did NOT rule that the Postal Service is free and clear to go ahead and sell the building at 2000 Allston Way. There is no doubt that the position of those of us who oppose a sale has improved: should USPS attempt to sell the building, Judge Alsup made it clear that the City is free to reinstitute the lawsuit on the same grounds, and the USPS must provide the City with 42 days notice before a finalized purchase can occur.
As a proclamation of continued community commitment, BPOD strongly urges the Berkeley City Council to reiterate its firm stance opposing a sale by reaffirming its intent to sue should another sales attempt arise. We also wish to thank the entire community - which has persevered for three years in this fight – for the role each and every participant opposing the sale played, and we send notice to the Postal Service that none of us are going away.
Instead of a cycle of litigation without end, Berkeley Post Office Defenders and First They Came for the Homeless call on the Postal Service to permanently renounce a sale and enter into discussions with the community about how to best use the space for the public good in the spirit of the Zoning Ordinance we pushed for and which ultimately passed.  We created the community garden on Milvia - transformed from a trash dump to blooming greenery. We have more ideas: using some of the excess space as an incubator for postal banking, as a library annex for online access, as a service center for homeless people and/or urban gardening. We suggest installing solar panels on the vast, flat roof, both for revenue and the environment. And there is office space along Milvia and the parking spaces in the back that could be rented - unused resources in the heart of downtown.
The Berkeley Post Office was built with the sweat and tax equity of our great-grandparents. It belongs to the people. It can and must remain as a Post Office in perpetuity – while additionally serving the community in other ways.
Judge Alsup's decision: []
Save the Post Office response: []

* "Flag fracas at Valdosta State: Protesters walk on Stars and Stripes; veteran banned from university for taking flag from demonstrators" (2015-04-17, The Valdosta Daily Times) []:
VALDOSTA — A military veteran was detained but not charged by Valdosta State University police after she approached a group of protesters on campus who were walking on an American flag and took it from them. Michelle Manhart, an Air Force veteran, said she was not planning to take the flag from the group, but she had heard about the group’s recent campus demonstrations and wanted to take action. “I did not want anything like this, but I got a call from a student who told me that the flag was on the ground, and they were walking on it,” said Manhart. “I was just going over there to pick up the flag off the ground. I don’t know what their cause is, but I went to pick it up because it doesn’t deserve to be on the ground.” Manhart said she was taken into custody by VSU police officers who then returned the flag to the demonstrators. She admitted to The Valdosta Daily Times that she resisted arrest after seeing the flag being returned. The group reportedly declined to press charges against Manhart. The officers attempting to detain her also declined to press charges for resisting. Instead, Manhart was given a criminal trespass warning which effectively bans her from any university activity, including graduation and football games, said Andy Clark, vice president for enrollment, marketing and communications. The demonstrators declined to identify their group to The Valdosta Daily Times or speak with a reporter about their cause, but they did engage VSU students in heated debate.
One member of the group who declined to speak with The Valdosta Daily Times or identify himself told a VSU student that putting the American flag on the ground and walking on it was “a symbol of our protest. When a slave understands his situation and understands he doesn’t want to be in slavery, he does not respect or revere anything his slavemaster has put in front of him.” Manhart said she was not on campus long enough to discern the group’s message. However, she said if the cause was racism, she agreed with the cause but opposed the method of protest. “If your cause is racism then find some white people and walk on them,” said Manhart. “But to walk on the flag is walking on our symbol of freedom. You have the freedom to do what you are doing because of it. I’m not fighting against them. I’m fighting against the way they are going about it.” Manhart said she hoped to ask for a letter of apology from the group and to take possession of the flag so she could dispose of it properly.
Clark said university officials were unable to determine if the demonstrators were VSU students but said the group had the right to protest on campus. “They were exercising their right to symbolic speech. As long as they don’t disrupt the operations of the university, we let people engage in protest and debate,” said Clark. After Manhart was escorted from campus, VSU officers asked to see the demonstrators’ student identification cards. The individuals refused to produce any identification and were asked to disperse, Clark said. The Board of Regents released the following statement about the incident: “We respect the rights of people to peacefully assemble and voice their opinions. Our primary concern is the safety of our students, faculty and staff and our ability to carry out our responsibilities to all our students on campus. We are monitoring the situation.”

* "Reclaiming, Relocalizing, Reconnecting: The Power of Taking Back Local Food Systems" (2015-04-16, []

Decentralize wealth, is the command of the Lord.
See Leviticus, chapters 24 to 27; St. James, chapter 5.

* "Roosevelt Is No Socialist, Norman Thomas Assures Al Smith", February 15, 1936 []:
Attempts of Al Smith, in his Liberty League banquet speech, to read Roosevelt and the New Deal into the Socialist fold were emphatically rejected by Norman Thomas, Socialist leader, in a broadcast over the Columbia network. Thomas said Roosevelt has not “carried out most of the demands of the Socialist platform—unless he carried them out on a stretcher.”
“There is nothing Socialist about trying to regulate or reform Wall Street,” Thomas said. “Socialism wants to abolish the system of which Wall Street is an appropriate expression.”
“There is nothing Socialist about trying to break up great holding companies. We Socialists would prefer to acquire holding companies in order to socialize the utilities now subject to them.
“There is no Socialism at all about taking over all the banks which fell in Uncle Sam’s lap, putting them on their feet again, and turning them back to the bankers to see if they can bring them once more to ruin.”

* "Wagner Urges Unemployment Relief Action" by Sen. Robert Wagner, June 14, 1930 []:
The federal government is always engaged in constructing highways, developing rivers and harbors, erecting flood-control structures, and public buildings. It should plan these projects in advance and time them so as to make available opportunities for employment when private business slackens.
And the federal government should join with the states in the establishment of a nationwide system of public employment offices, so as to assist workers to find jobs and to assist employers to find workers with the least amount of delay and with the least amount of friction.
Of course, carrying out this program will cost money. The long-range plan bill authorizes an appropriation of $150 million; the employment exchange bill, $4 million. These are big sums of money even for a country as large as the United States. But when you stop to compare these figures with the costs of unemployment, then you become competent to judge which way lies true economy.
In one single month last winter, factory workers alone lost in wages $200 million. It the first three months of 1930, it has been estimated that wage earners alone lost no less than a billion in wages. If by a little expenditure or money and a big expenditure of thought, we can build a dam to shut off this Niagara of money losses arising out of unemployment, is it not sound economy to do so?
Consider what it would have meant to the farmer, to the manufacturer, and in turn to the worker if this vast amount of purchasing power had not been withdrawn from the market.

* "Human Wreckage: A Plea for Federal Relief" by William Green, President, American Federation of Labor, February 20, 1932 []

* "The Long Plan for Recovery" by Senator Huey P. Long, April 1, 1933 []:
With the one law which I propose to submit, I think most of our difficulties will be brought to an almost immediate end. To carry out President Roosevelt’s plan as announced in his inaugural address for redistribution and to prevent unjust accumulation of wealth, I am now drawing a law, but without consort with the president, for the following:
A capital levy tax, principally on fortunes above $10 million graduated so that when a fortune of $100 million is reached, the capital tax levy will take all the balance above that sum. This will not prevent aggregated capital, that is, several persons combining their wealth in one big enterprise, but will prevent only one man owning from $10 million to $100 million without paying the government a substantial part and will further prevent any man from owning anything at all above the value of $100 million.
An inheritance tax, heavier in the higher brackets than at present, graduated so that no one person can inherit more than $5 million, the balance to go to the government.
An income tax about the same as now exists except that it shall be heavier in the higher brackets and finally providing that no one will be permitted to keep more than $1 million from earnings of one year.
Because of the fact that in some cases it would be difficult for large property to be sold at a fair value to pay the inheritance and capital levy taxes, the proposed law will provide that such taxes may be paid in a course of several years and that in case a fair price for the property cannot be obtained in that length of time by the tax debtor, that the government will take its percent of the property and market it along such lines as may be best for general welfare.
This proposed legislation will operate to down the big fortunes so that they cannot be so powerful to crush out the little men and little businesses. It will mean the solution of the problem of financing all such things as the guaranteeing of bank deposits and the public construction works, including roads, navigation, flood control, reforestation, unemployment, farm relief, canals, irrigation, etc. And with this law passed, no one can ever again say that our government has not a satisfactory basis for an adequate and sufficient currency. All such can be amply financed by the government without any burden on the common citizen at all and in a manner that accomplishes the still better object of the decentralization of wealth. Such public works of the government will provide employment for everyone in the country not otherwise gainfully employed, and it will so stimulate all private endeavors and business that little additional legislation will be necessary.
Isn’t $10 million to $100 million enough for any one man? What’s he going to do with anymore?
Isn’t $5 million enough for one child to inherit, who never hit a lick of work for it?
Isn’t $1 million enough for any one man to make in one year?
Decentralize wealth, is the command of the Lord. See Leviticus, chapters 24 to 27; St. James, chapter 5.
Let your president, your two U.S. senators, and your congressman know how you feel about this plan. Why starve while our food rots for lack of a place to sell it?

Black Power! Revive the Community! Defend the Nation!

Passiac, New Jersey, is a city with a majority New Afrikan population dominated by an ethnic-European minority. During their recent elections, a New Afrikan candidate won, only to have her voting results revised so that she lost. A blatant example of the New Jim Crow!
From a Passiac resident: "Well Passaic They Have Stole Another Election! Rene Griggs Had 1252 Votes & They Declared Her The Winner & Then All Of A Sudden She Only Have About A 1000 Votes!! In All My Years Of Politricks I've Never Seen Anything Like This!! Now We Have To Contact The Attorney General!!!"
* (2015-04-21) They gave one final count for the election...Rene Griggs...had 1255 votes final count all of a sudden a new final count comes out 1000..
A message from our candidate Rene L. Griggs!!!! ‪#‎Vote‬#2 []


* "Police, Officials Resign After Small Missouri Town Elects First Black Female Mayor" (2015-04-19, []

Black Power? The rise in so-called "prosperity gospel" Christianity among New African communities is a reaction to the economic domination of the captive nation, under the New Jim Crow regime of artificial poverty. The ideology of "prosperity" is tailored to invidual self-interest, and perpetuates the idea that only those who are "worthy" are capable of not spiritual riches, but material wealth. Many "Prosperity Gospel" churches are found to support the wars of the USA, and are silent about the manifestations of the New Jim Crow. A stereotypical example of a "Prosperity" Preacher is Creflo Dollar. Watch his Official Fundraising Video for $65 Million Dollar Private Jet []. After coming under fire from media and the public, the Creflo Dollar organization took down the fundraising webpage []. You can view his response to the scandal here [].
* "Creflo Dollar Says the ‘Devil’ Blocked His Dreams of a $65,000,000 Jet" (2015-04-23, []
* "Creflo Dollar Arrested For Stealing Church Fund To Buy Mansion" ( []


information collected by the Worker's Defense Committee 

* "How the New Flexible Economy is Making Workers’ Lives Hell" (2015-04-20, []

* "At Home and Abroad, the Labor Movement Comes Roaring Back" (2015-04-17, []

* " 'I Know We Will Win': Largest Ever Low-Wage Worker Protest Sweeps United States" (2015-04-16, []

* "13 Former Democratic Governors Don't Know That Replacing Domestic Production with Imports Cost Jobs" (2015-04-14, []

* "Mysterious Walmart Store Closings Due to Labor Activism; Company continues to cite plumbing issues for closures" (2015-04-21, Kurt Nimmo) []

[] Documenting human-rights abuse by domestic security agencies

* "Latest Evidence Disproves SFPD Chief Suhr’s Version of the Killing of Amilcar Perez-Lopez; Outraged Mission Community to Hold Vigil and March" [Justice4Amilcar@)]:
What: Interfaith vigil and march in response to latest evidence that Amilcar Perez Lopez was murdered by SFPD
When: Friday, April 24, 6pm
Where: Beginning on Folsom Street, between 24th and 25th Streets
This Friday morning, April 24th, lawyers representing Amilcar Perez-Lopez and his family in Guatemala will file a lawsuit in the Northern District Federal Court in San Francisco seeking accountability for the killing of Amilcar by San Francisco plainclothes officers  on February 26th. The Federal Complaint will reveal the true facts behind Amilcar’s heinous death, completely at odds with Chief Greg Suhr’s story. “Those of us in the Mission neighborhood know that the facts are not as the police have reported to the media. We know that the truth about how Amilcar was killed by the police will be revealed when the lawsuit is filed.
“This Friday we will gather at the site of his murder on Folsom Street to demand justice for Amilcar, for other victims of racist police violence, and for the Mission District.” said spokesperson for the march and neighbor Florencia Rojo.
Amilcar Perez-Lopez was assassinated in a hail of police bullets three doors away from  his Mission apartment on Folsom Street at 9:45 p.m. on February 26th. Soon after, SFPD Chief Greg Suhr blamed Amilcar for his own death at the hands of plainclothes officers. As in each recent shooting case in San Francisco – Alejandro Nieto on March 21, 2014, O’Shaine Evans on October 7, 2014, and Amilcar on February 26th, Chief Suhr claimed the shootings were justified based on his officers’ “reasonable fear” for their safety.
The evidence revealed on Friday morning, and in particular the autopsy findings, will unequivocally confirm that the officers were in no threat of any danger as Amilcar Perez Lopez was not attacking the officers—but rather fleeing from the officers after having dropped the knife. Most importantly, this evidence will unequivocally confirm that the killing of Amilcar was absolutely unjustified.
The SFPD’s official version, which was announced to the public by Chief Suhr, is a fabrication intended to shield the shooting officers from prosecution.
“We in the neighborhood knew Amilcar as a hard working, young Guatemalan immigrant struggling to build a decent life for himself in this country. He worked multiple jobs in the construction and the restaurant trades. Despite how hard Amilcar worked, he sent money to his family in Guatemala to help support them. Amilcar was a good human being, a good neighbor and a wonderful provider for his family. There was no reason to shoot him. We will march on Friday with families of other victims of police shootings to demand that the truth come out and justice be done!” said Eduardo Roman, a co-worker and friend of Amilcar.  According to march organizer, Father Richard Smith of St. John’s Episcopal Church, “There is a prevalent death culture in the SFPD. They view their mission in our community as a them-against-us situation.  I fear for my parishioners and all the innocent youth of color who live with a constant fear that on any day a police bullet may take their young lives.  “I am urging all concerned members of our community to join us for this Friday’s vigil and march to stand up for Amilcar and for justice.”
Events and locations:
• Interfaith vigil with words, music, song, and native dance. On Folsom Street, between 24th and 25th (the site of the killing of Amilcar by SFPD), 6pm
• March to Mission Police Station
• Testimonies by families who have lost loved ones to SFPD violence. At Mission Police Station (17th and Valencia Streets)
• Presentation and conversation with the legal team and free community dinner. At St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church on 5th Street and Julian Avenue, between Mission and Valencia)
• Native Aztec dancers in ceremonial costume
• Clergy in religious garb
• Original art and banners by local Mission artists
• Words, music, songs, chants, native drumming  

* (2015-04-20, by Veronica Kush of Stockton) []: I'm Glad I'm out but I'm Still Wondering Why I Got Hit By the Police Car . I Wasn't Even Running I was Getting Out The Car to SURRENDER While It Was Still moving an I Tripped an Stumbled then Caught My Balance an Got Hit By Officer Bradley Burrell. After that i Threw My Hands Up An Surrendered He Continued to Use Excessive Force by Shoving My Face to The Pavement an Putting His Knee on My Head Yanking My Arms to Place In The Hand Cuffs Then Later Told Me if He Had KILLED ME it would have been JUSTIFIED ! I Don't Understand What I Did Wrong?? #STOPPOLICEBRUTALITY
 Im glad im alive to mom . Its Not Right . Im Traumatized for Life & Cant Trust The Police Force No more. Its Depresssing . Not Everyday a Minor Gets Hit by a Police Car . The Cops where Supposed to Help me An didnt . How am i supposed to feel. I wasnt armed . I wasnt running. I surrendered . I wasnt resisting arrest . What was done was done the excessive force wasnt needed Point blank period . Idc what anyone has to say the excessive force wasnt needed. I Know An Understand A cop has to do their Job but the excessive force was not needed due to the fact i was not mentioned in Any of the Calls or descriptions. I surrendered an was still abused . I just want everyone to be aware of the fact that the people who are supposed to help you hurt you An to be Aware of the police brutality Cuz its real .


Five-Eyes and allies: DHS and international partners
* "Illegal: Judge Throws Out Evidence From FBI Agents Posing as Cable Guys; A court in Las Vegas threw out evidence collected by the FBI, who turned off the cable at a property in order to gain entry by posing as the cable technician" (2015-04-20, []

* "Subpoenas and Your Privacy" (2006-02-04, [] [begin excerpt]: Google, for example, has confirmed that if given an IP address, it can produce a list of every Google search query ever sent from it. All that information is becoming an irresistible target for lawyers wielding subpoenas. [end excerpt]

People don’t remember now, but the “war on terror” and Iraq war were largely based on the claim that Saddam and Muslim extremists were behind the anthrax attacks The FBI domestic security agency is accused by former special agent Richard Lambert of fabricating the evidence during the course of an investigation concerning what is considered among the most famous acts of domestic terrorism in the USA homeland. Read the text of the whistleblowing lawsuit as a .pdf (acrobat) file, link at []
* "HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM" (2015-04-17, []

from the Committee to
[] End the Drug War! Stop Jim Crow! Close the Torture Chambers!
** Become a Human Rights Pen Pal! [link]

This week we are writing to:
Great Meadow Correctional Facility, 11739 State Route 22, P.O. Box 51, Comstock, NY 12821-0051
Herman Bell writes:
I was part of the black struggle for self-determination movement. It's now widely known from documents revealed by the Congressional 1976 Church Committee Report (which was not admitted as evidence during my trial) that a secret U.S. domestic repression campaign to stifle black political aspirations for self-determination - called Cointelpro - existed to neutralize and discredit black organizations and black leaders; the Black Panther Party was high on this list of targeted black organizations. Because of relentless covertly-joint FBI and local police attacks on the BPP, I went underground in 1971. Under Cointelpro, "frame-ups," secret deals, coercion, threats, intimidations, and planted news articles were all part of its strategy to criminalize the Black Liberation Movement. Given these daunting circumstances, one either went underground or left the country - I chose to stay.
On 2 September 1973, I was captured and illegally extradited to New York City on charges of having killed two NYC policemen. Along with four co-defendants, we pled not guilty. No eyewitness identified me as one of the assailants, and the prosecutor produced no eyewitnesses. I was not even put in a "lineup." The jury was unable to reach a verdict during the first trial. Torture by law enforcement personnel, coerced witnesses, perjured testimony, manufactured and circumstantial material evidence in conjunction with prosecutorial and judicial misconduct are what persuaded the jury to convict 3 out of the 5 of us at the end of our second trial. (We were sentenced to 25-years-to-life.) Years of state and federal appeals have been unsuccessful, and I am writing this not to make light of the charges against me or of the conviction. Rather, I am writing to explain the conditions as I knew them then. The decades of the '60s and '70s were turbulent, and I regret that there was loss of life resulting from those turbulent times. One can object strongly to the tactics employed back then (and that cuts both ways) without denying that the motivation was not self-interest, but was a political will to counter state misconduct and bring about political change. Many people from those days have moved on, have been forgiven, have been allowed to go on and live productive lives (while others were sent to prison and are still carrying that burden). The past is behind me now, and I wish to move on.

* "Corporation Literally Served Inmates Trash" (2015-03-30) [] [begin excerpt]:
The privately contracted food vendor, which services “healthcare institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses in 22 countries around the world,” has come under fire for serving contaminated food and engaging in gross misconduct in prison facilities statewide. After maggots and fly larvae were found near a meal-serving line, at least 150 inmates were quarantined for symptoms characteristic of the flu. One inmate sued the company for serving spoiled meat and moldy bread. In other instances, the company breached contract by simply failing to provide enough food.
But the company, which has fed inmates dog food, worms, and scraps of food from old meals, maintains a stronghold on correctional food service in Michigan. Despite threats to terminate its contract, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) won’t let go of the company, which claims it will save taxpayers $12-16 million. Prior to hiring Aramark, Michigan refused to partner with private food vendors that could not realistically save the state money in the long-run.
[end excerpt]

articles recommended by the 
Campaigns, info, and more []

* "Court Throws Out Lumber Liquidators’ Lawsuit Against Environmental Group" (2015-04-16) []

* "With EPA Lawsuit, Environmental Groups Step Up Fight Against 'Super-Toxic Chemical Cocktail' " (2015-04-21, []

* Map from the East Bay Municiple Utilities District, an example of the where our water comes from.

* "250 Native Elk Die Inside Fenced-in Area at Point Reyes National Seashore; Despite High Mortality, Park Service Considering Plan to Remove or Fence Free-roaming Elk at Behest of Ranchers" (2015-04-16, Center for Biological Diversity) []

TreeSpirit: Campaign against the 100,000+-tree clearcut in Berkeley & Oakland, CA
This clearcutting and poisoning is ongoing in the SF Bay Area, for years.  This, in our era of human-caused global warming when we need more mature trees of all species, not so many fewer.  In the East Bay hills, as elsewhere, this will mean destruction of hundreds upon hundreds of acres of precious animal habitat.  And then applying thousands of gallons of the toxic herbicides which will poison not just tree stumps, but then unavoidably the land, the rodents, the owls and raptors that feed on rodents, the groundwater, and inevitably us humans who are connected to it all.  Didn’t we learn all this decades ago? Eucalyptus have thrived in California for over 150 years, long enough to integrate into our ecosystem, and provide numerous and substantial benefits including habitat for numerous birds, mammals, insects and other species. An agenda to kill all eucalyptus, and exploitation of fear of fire, has coalesced into a coalition advocating the destruction of over 1,000 acres of productive, carbon-storing, shade-producing eucalyptus, pine and acacia forest.


* "PG&E gas pipeline explodes near Fresno; at least 11 hurt" (201-504-18, []

* "Opening to public: pastoral paradise at Crystal Springs — partway" (2015-04-17, []

Petition: "Tell elected officials not to sell our forests and wildlands to the highest bidder"
Photo by Andy Porter showing Pasayten-Wilderness in the State of Washington.
In March, the U.S. Senate voted to pave the way for selling tracts of our national forests, wilderness areas and wildlife refuges to states that are eager to open them up to sale or lease for oil and gas drilling, mining and logging, jeopardzing public access.
This move only furthers a disturbing trend in the war on our public lands.
Until last week, this state land-grab fever had been confined to about a dozen state legislatures in the West. Now this extreme idea, propelled by extractive industries, has infected our national government in Washington.
We must stop this madness before it takes hold.
Sign the petition to tell our elected officials not to sell America’s public lands for development.
Petition text:
Do not sell America's shared public lands to the highest bidder.
Elected Officials,
Eleven western states, including Alaska, have introduced bills to their legislatures this year that could turn our shared public lands--national forests, parks, refuges, wilderness areas and more--over to the states to sell.
I do not support the idea of selling America's shared public lands to the highest bidder.
I am sorry to see this radical idea has also infected the U.S. Congress. In late March, the U.S. Senate voted to pave the way for the sale, transfer or exchange of public lands to state and local governments. Similar efforts in the 1970s and 80s were soundly defeated. It was a bad idea then and it's a bad idea now.
To pay for managing millions of additional acres, states would resort to privatizing or auctioning these lands for drilling, mining, and logging. Because these lands could be owned solely by extractive industries to maximize profits, Americans, such as myself, could lose access to some of our most treasured natural areas to hunt, camp, fish, hike and watch wildlife.
Our children and grandchildren deserve to experience America's forests, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas. Help us stop this bad idea from becoming a reality.

* "The Gulf Oil Spill You Never Heard About May Be the Largest Ever; The AP charges that Taylor Energy Company 'has downplayed the leak's extent and environmental impact' " (2015-02-17, []

Health and the Human Ecology
Monopolists enforce a regime that does not recognize the natural right to health and life

* "Monsanto Roundup is An Endocrine Disruptor in Human Cells at Levels allowed in Drinking Water" (2015-03-20, []

Did you know? the head of the Food and Drug Administration is the former vice president of Monsanto.


[UnitedStatesFascism.blogspot.comCurrent trends among fascists, monopolists, and their vanguards.

* "A Trade Rule that Makes It Illegal to Favor Local Business? Newest Leak Shows TPP Would Do That And More" (2015-04-15, []

* "Americans are Spending $153 Billion a Year to Subsidize McDonald's and Wal-Mart's Low Wage Workers; Is $15 an Hour a Realistic Goal for Fast-Food Workers?" (2015-04-15, / []

* "IRS Cuts Protect Wealthy" (2015-04-13, []

* "The Greatest Trick the Rich Ever Pulled was Making Us Believe They Pay All the Taxes" (2015-04-15, []: writes: It’s a brilliant misdirection. The political debate on taxes always focuses on income taxes, capital gains taxes, corporate taxes and the so-called “death tax.” But the truth is that the most regressive tax in America is the payroll tax. Those who don’t rely on an actual job with an actual paycheck—like financiers, investors, trust-fundies—don’t pay payroll tax. Rather, they work hard to avoid and cut those other taxes []. Meanwhile, Americans earning between $40,000 and $50,000 pay nearly 12 times more in payroll taxes than in income taxes, and those earning between $50,000 and $75,000 pay more than twice as much. Thankfully, the American people are starting to figure this out [].

* "22-Year Old Commits Suicide at Capitol to Send Congress a Message" (2015-04-14, []

* "U.S. Blocked Declaration of “Right to Health Care”, Says Bolivia’s President at OAS Summit" (2015-04-16, by Eric Zuesse) []

"In 2005, fracking (aka shale gas extraction) was patented by Halliburton--the #1 fracking corporation in the world--and protected from government regulation under the clean water act through a loophole drafted by the private-corporate front group ALEC with help from halliburton's favorite and former ceo/stock holder Vice President Dick Cheney."


The video-game industry is tailored towards men, and provides products that exploit women's bodies. When self-identified feminists attempt to make video-games that don't exploit women, the feminists were attacked brutally with ES/OH tactics by men who, based on their statements, appear to be fascists, or, at least, hate the idea of women's rights!
* "Gamergate controversy" ( []

The following article about rape culture in advertising lead to the author being fired, as explained at [], see reason two towards the end of the list, and after the list see the author's former employer's message explaining why he fired the author. Of course, Axe body spray rape culture has been criticised by others [].
* "Axe Body Spray Continues its Contribution to Rape Culture; The Objectification Of Women By Axe Continues Unabated In 2013" (2013-08-10, by the copyranter) []: It took Unilever brand Axe/Lynx only four years after launching in the U.S. to outsell, at the time, the next three men’s fragrances combined (Old Spice, Stetson, and Drakkar Noir). And from the get-go, their subtle-as-an-axe ad message has been: "Boys, apply Axe to your bods and beautiful women will instantly want to suck and fuck the life out of you". Of course, the Axe marketing folk will tell you that ‘it’s all tongue-in-cheek, not serious, girls are in the joke, etc.’ Sure sure. “Spray more, get more” (as close to a universal tagline that the brand has) doesn’t promise a thing. But somehow, Unilever convinced an entire generation of alpha males that spraying their bodies with perfume is manly. Axe’s ad work is, really, the only reason why Old Spice’s ads became as zany as they are Now, a review of the sleaziest, stupidest, most sexist Axe/Lynx ads of the last six years. leading up to a new spot that continues the exact same strategy.
1. The UK, via Print ad that ran during the last World Cup, in 2010 (photo).

2. United States (smell my fingers), video available at: [].
Look at that mooky Frat Boys: your favorite high-fivin’ dick-punching morning-after moment taken over by the chicks. How castrating.
RE: handjobs (what this commercial is very unsubtly referencing) — raise your hand, college/high school/grade school boy, if you’ve gotten a tugjob from a woman as attractive as these models while wearing Axe/Lynx.
3. Latin America (sexual assault), video available at []. Raise your hand, college/high school/grade school boy, if a stranger-woman as hot as this stranger-woman has let you commit a felony and fondle her tits.
4. Latin America (blowjob), video available at []. Yep, a blowjob commercial.
You know the drill — raise your hand, college/high school/grade school boy if you’ve gotten a blowjob from a woman-stranger as hot as this woman-stranger while soaked in Axe mook spray.
5. The UK (an “interactive” blowjob), video available at []. If you don’t want to watch it all the way through to get to your interactive instructions, just start the video, click the progress bar, and then press the 5,7,3, and 8 keys, in that order. The effect is called “shortcut scrubbing.”
6. Latin America (jiggling breasts), video available at []. THIS is the most accurate ad representation of the Axe-Wearing Male Demo.
7. The UK, via
Lynx erected this live girl billboard (or “thrillboard” as they called it) in London to promote the launch of its new Bullet pocket girlie-spray product. The lass’s name is Lauren Budd. She’s known in the UK for being photographed while wearing bikinis. Said Budd: “I want British guys to be prepared for the ‘laydee’s’ day or night, 24/7, so they never miss an opportunity with new Lynx Bullet and Pocket Pulling Power.” Yes, she said it just like that — “laydee’s”.
8. The UK, via Video available at []. This ad, called “Brainy Girlfriend,” manages to be 360º sexist, insulting women and men and all of humanity. And a shower gel is keeping him awake…? BULLSHIT.
9. The UK (300 boobs bouncing in slow motion), video available at []. Axe (sometimes Lynx in the UK) says they’ve set an “official world record” by fitting 151 women and one man into one beach shower.
10. Brazil (Men Should Have ZERO women-they’d-like-to-fuck as friends), video available at []. In fact this Axe fragrance is called, “Ex-Friend.” The Unilever brand posits that young men should just say ‘fuck female friends,’ and just fuck female friends. The giant construction worker represents the boy’s suppressed id, I guess. This spot would rake in the karma on reddit.
11. The Netherlands (you will fuck angels), video available at []. Not content with providing manboys with the power to fuck every hot woman on Earth, Axe claims that their smells will also cause angels to fall hard for you. This stupid, unimaginative ad is a direct result of that cheesy bar pick-up line, you know which one.
12. Australia (banned ad). Video available at []. This slow-mo oiled jigglefest ostensibly served as a primer for the Rugby World Cup back in 2011. Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau banned it for “objectifying women” (NO). One complaint read: “I believe that this ad has been grossly influenced by the pornography industry and the hidden hype surrounding girl-on-girl pornography.” Hidden hype?
13. Singapore (SCORE MORE). Video available at []. THE GAY MAN was dressed in PINK so’s you wouldn’t miss him. Jesus.
14. Kenya (“Don’t Axe Me About Axe”), via Video available at []. The Kenyan office of Axe (the smell of desperation is worldwide) staged a charming fake protest outside of their business. Note the orgasm sounds at the beginning of the video.
15. No, you weren't seeing things. That is what the sign said (photo).

16. United States (big disembodied boobs). Video available at: []. The spot, set in a bleak office complex features a bodiless head of male and a headless, legless set of tits — each supposedly representing what each sex recognizes first about the other. Nothing sexist — or, incorrect — about that.
17. Online ad (Tumblr post from earlier this month), via View here []. As you can see, Axe’s social media team is quite happy to keep their unflinching objectification of women going strong. And, of course, all coders are desperate lonely males.
18. New ad, United States (Rape Culture is funny), via Video available at []. Before it’s too late? For what? Worldwide mass rape? NO, silly, it’s a global warming joke. Silly FemiNazi.

Objectivity of Western Media: BuzzFeed is in the pocket of corporate America
BuzzFeed has launched an internal review after its editor-in-chief Ben Smith deleted two posts which criticized advertisers. Three cases were found where the business department influenced the editorial policy of the site. Pepsi, Dove and Microsoft are all BuzzFeed’s advertising partners and they don’t stay behind a Chinese wall.

The following article shows how domestic fascists (self-described "conservatives", the Tea Party, white American nationalists) justify their support for the extra-judicial executions of members of captive nations as a reaction against "the government". Simply, federal investigations into Police practices are "a conspiracy by government to take away our rights!"
* "Made in Washington: Trayvon Twitter mobs demanding federal justice in new ‘race hate’ retrial" (2013-097-15, []

* "How Trustworthy Are U.S. & Western ‘News’ Media?" (2015-04-18, []

* "The CIA and Other Government Agencies Have Long Used Propaganda Against the American People" (2015-01-12, []

* "CIA emails expose access journalist at work" (2014-09-05, []

* "Associated Press serves as a cover-up for U.S. losses, undercounting US casualties in Iraq" (2006-03-26, []
* "The Bigger Story Behind the AP Spying Scandal" (2013-05-17, []

* "How Reliable Is Reuters?" (2015-04-17, []

* "How NBC Knowingly Let Syria Rebels’ False War Propaganda Stand For Years" (2015-04-17, []
* "Say what? “AP: Diagram suggests Iran working on nuclear bomb' " (2012-11-29, []
* "Fake AP Graph Exposes Israeli Fraud and IAEA Credulity" (2012-11-30, []

* "NBC News admits blaming wrong Syrian group for capturing its journalists" (2015-04-16, []
* " 'Fabricated!' NBC Sochi 'hack hysteria' exposed" (2014-02-07, []

* "A Fact-Resistant ‘Group Think’ on Syria" (2015-04-20, [] [begin excerpt]: CBS News’ anchor Scott Pelley is known for his clueless journalism which never goes beyond Official Washington’s “group think” – and he was at it again in a dangerously provocative “60 Minutes” segment on the sarin gas attack near Damascus, Syria, in 2013 [end excerpt]

* "How the spooks took over the news: In his controversial new book, Nick Davies argues that shadowy intelligence agencies are pumping out black propaganda to manipulate public opinion – and that the media simply swallow it wholesale" (2011-02-11, []

* "Why did Guardian distort Correa comments on Snowden?" (2013-07-02) [], referring to the monopolist newspaper of London, UKGB: Original story [], updated version []

* Time newsmagazine reporter Michael Grunwald publicly calls for death to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (2013-08-17) [], an indicator of where the reporter's loyalty is...

* "The CIA and Other Government Agencies Dominate Movies and Television" (2013-01-26, []

* "Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media; Military's 'sock puppet' software creates fake online identities to spread pro-American propaganda" (2011-03-17, []

Headline news topics, as publicized by the 5 monopolist media agencies dominating the USA market, are simply propaganda, utilizing even fabricated incidents to contribute to the narrative as directed by dictates from not only the DHS family of domestic security agencies, but also from the USA military. The following shows how even a big-time event like the capture of Saddam Hussein is fabricated for the sake of propaganda:
* "Iraqi interpreter reveals new details about Saddam's capture" (2015-04-12, [] [begin excerpt]: Firas Ahmad, a 41-year-old Iraqi interpreter, has given al-Araby al-Jadeed details, previously secret, about this period. Ahmad recently returned to Iraq briefly, five years after leaving for the US. He was granted US citizenship under a bill approved by the US Congress in 2007 to grant special immigration visas leading to citizenship for Iraqis who worked for the US army in Iraq. Ahmad gave al-Araby al-Jadeed new details about the capture of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in December 2003. "Two days after Saddam was captured, a celebration was held for US commanders at the Rehab Palace. I was there to translate for Iraqi politicians expected to attend the event. While there I learned Saddam was not found in a hole as claimed by the official US account," the Iraqi explained. Ahmad said Saddam was actually found in a reinforced underground bunker beneath a modest-looking rural house, that Saddam had turned into his headquarters. The US captured one of Saddam's bodyguards who revealed its location. Reportedly, the bunker contained weapons, a bed, a prayer mat, a copy of the Quran, dry food, and tobacco. The dictator did not resist and opened the door as dozens of soldiers were trying to kick it down. US soldiers then incapacitated him by throwing knockout gas grenades. A US army captain told Ahmad the picture of Saddam in a hole was taken after his capture.
The hole was found near the house. It is similar to other holes found in homes in areas above the Tigris river, and was used to keep water pumps in. Saddam's capture was fabricated to humiliate him. US soldiers also apparently altered Saddam's appearance while he was unconscious, before taking pictures and sending them to Washington. Saddam was captured in what US forces called Operation Red Dawn, near the Iraqi city of al-Dour in Salahuddin province. Firas Ahmad also told al-Araby al-Jadeed about his experience before he left Baghdad to travel to Washington via Erbil. The interpreter worked for the 101st Airborne Division of the US army between 2003 and 2009. [end excerpt]
* "Saddam's Attorney Says Iraqi Leader Not Found in Spider Hole, Interrogations Ignored WMDs" (2005-06-16, [] [begin excerpt]: He was arrested at a friend's home when he was praying. He was not inside the hole. The owner told the Americans he was there. He was drugged. He was beaten the first two days by a translator and an American soldier when he was arrested. They beat him in the face, they broke his leg, they whipped him. His left leg was broken by the people that arrested him. The president has no recollection of being in the hole. He thinks they put him in the hole. When you see the pictures of the doctor examining his cheeks it was because the beating of the face. [end excerpt]
* Doubts about the official story of Saddam Hussein's capture, collected at [], and at []
* Photo-montage of the official USA story concerning the capture of Saddam Hussein [], and a close-up photo of USA Military extraction team at the "spider hole" where the official story claims Saddam Hussein was found [], showing the pre-ripened dates growing on the palm tree, pinpointing the date of the photo as being different, by a matter of months, from the official date of Saddam Hussein's capture.
And, for those who remember...
* "The pulling down of the Statue was a staged media event" (2003-04-10) []. The fabrication is that the monopolist media gave the impression that this news headline event had the participation of thousands of liberated Iraqi people, but instead it was simply USA military and their terrorist brigades recruited from abroad.

* " 'Bloggers' Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing; People who challenge establishment narratives online likened with terrorist organization" (2015-07-16, by Paul Joseph Watson) []
* "Head of US state media put RT on same challenge list as ISIS, Boko Haram" (2015-01-23, []
* "Chairman Royce Questions Witnesses at Hearing on Confronting Russia's Weaponization of Information" (2015-04-15, House Foreign Affairs Committee) []
* Hilary Clinton acknowledged the fact that the U.S. is “losing the information war,” [], []

* " ‘God Told Me to Do It': The Dangers of America’s Lunatic Right" (2015-04-18, []

Hillary Clinton, the anti-freedom warrior who is proud to have engineered an anti-Leftist coup in Honduras and in the fascist Republic of Ukraine, whose own corporatist ideas fit the historical definition of fascist, is, nonetheless, considered "communist" by many in the USA who self-identify as "conservative" and pro-war... that is to say, real fascists disown Hillary, whose presence serves as a counter-balance to domestic fascists seeking a dictatorship. As Hillary supports war and mass death, and austerity for the poor, for the domestic fascists, this isn't good enough, and shows just how far out these self-identified "conservatives" are. On Sunday, April 19th, a man was seen in the Vallejo CostCo making a big scene. He wore a t-shirt "revealing" a message that "Hillary is a Communist", alongside an image of a document that proved it. He was yelling and pointing at his shirt. He claimed to be part of an anti-Left surveillance group with some common members with a local Tea Party organization. Nonetheless, here is more "proof":
* "The Hillary Letters: Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed" (2014-09-21, []
* [], a website that produces source materials created by domestic security agencies and their assets (private volunteers) known to be fabrications. The website shows a naivity that never questions the sources.
* "She's no red" (2008-02-15, [].
* The CIA recruited Hillary Clinton in 1970 to spy on the Black Panther Party solidarity campaign at Yale University, where thousands of students supported the campaign during a time of open rebellion against the establishment. The spy operation lead to Hillary being given special treatment, and an eventual place in the "establishment", so that now she is being selected to be President! Her "affiliation" with communists was part of her role as a snitch.

* "Regulators and Politicians Work Hard … to Protect Corporate Wrongdoing and Smear Whistleblowers" (2012-07-18, []

* "Businessmen, Then and Now" by Scott Nearing, February 3, 1934 []:
They strutted up and down the avenue in those bygone days, throwing out their chests and bidding the world stand to one side. They were freeborn, 100 percent American big businessmen who took back-talk from nobody.
Now they take a handout wherever they can get it.
The Reconstruction Finance Corp. has just issued its 1932-1933 diet schedule for anemic U.S. industries. The banks were the sickest, so they got the most: $2.1 billion out of a total of $4.1 billion listed as “authorized and outstanding commitments.” Other credit loan organizations got $670 million. The insurance companies got only $115 million. The railroads, $412 million. That makes $3.3 billion, or over 80 percent of the total that went directly to big business from the federal treasury.
That was just a beginning. Under other aids to recovery, other billions will be ladled into the mouths of these very individualistic big businessmen who, five years ago, were yelling their heads off about “No government interference with business.”
Then they were making profits. Like greedy pigs with both feet in the trough of private industry, they wanted to gobble down everything in sight. Now, profit-hungry, they have put both feet in the public treasury trough and are yelling their heads off for government funds.
These bank presidents and railroad magnates are as ignorant as newborns and as self-opinionated as morons. Instead of subsidies they need a nurse.

you're welcome

Provided by Northbay MDS Committees, and the 5th World News service [], including Institutions of Self-Government not recognized by the United Nations. USA State Dept.'s legal statement supporting unilateral declarations of independence (2009-07) [.pdf link]: "The legal principle of territorial integrity does not prevent non-state entities from peacefully declaring its independence." Legal mandate set by the UN International Court (2010-07-22) []: "No general prohibition may be inferred from the practice of the Security Council with regard to declarations of independence,” and “General international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence."

Documenting the global economic dictatorship

* "Global Capitalism and the Global Police State: Crisis of Humanity and the Specter of 21st Century Fascism" (2015-04-21, by Prof William I. Robinson) []

An ICIJ report takes a closer look at the World Bank [].
* "World Bank-Funded Projects Fueling Land Grabs, Displacement of Global Poor" (2015-04-16, []
* "World Bank Business Projects Displaced 3.4 Million People" (2015-04-19, []
* "How The World Bank Broke Its Promise To Protect The Poor" (2015-04-16, []

* " 'Manufacturing Dissent”: The Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites; The People's Movement has been Hijacked" (2010-09-20, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky) []
* "Seattle and Beyond: Disarming the New World Order" (1999-11-25, by Michel Chossudovsky) [], 10 years later []
* "NAFTA, GATT, WTO and FTAA" (2002-01, []

* "New brain science shows poor kids have smaller brains than affluent kids" (2015-04-15, []. writes: Why do poorer children consistently lag behind their richer peers? Neuroscientists studying the achievement gap found that the brains of children in families earning less than $25,000 per year had surface areas 6% percent smaller than those whose families earned $150,000 or more. They scored lower on cognitive tests, too. So, instead of blaming “failed teachers” and “failed schools,” maybe it’s time to blame a failed economic system that denies the poor kids basic requirements necessary for proper physical development and growth.

Weapons for a New World Order
* "The Race to Develop Graphene" (2014-05-29) []

* "Remote Control Humans Are Here" (2015-04-16, []. writes: While the US has been remotely controlling its flying execution machines through an uplink in Germany, German researchers have been developing a way to remotely control people. It’s a "human cruise control" system that allows you to look down at your smartphone without walking into people or lamp-posts. The device triggers leg muscles with electrical impulses that turn roving "smartphone drones" either right or left to avoid an upcoming obstacle. Researchers see positive applications for exercise, the handicapped and tourism. But we all know that this is gonna be weaponized.

Gitxsan Nation 
* Map []
* "Tense Standoff Eases as Gitxsan Nation Suspends Evictions from British Columbia Land; All Hinges on Aug. 25th Talks" (2014-08-16, []

United Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe
A political entity recognized by the old Empire of Portugal, whose maps of that time period show Lunda Tchokwe as a part of it's global jurisdiction. However, rival European empires consolidated legal control over the region, and thus began the long history of genocide against the African people.
* []
* Movimento do Protectorado da Lunda Tchokwe para a Defesa da Autonomia Administrativa, económica e Jurídica - ANGOLA []
* Map of Lunda before colonization by the Empire of Portugal []
* Map of the Empire of Portugal in Africa, 1883 [], 1884 to 1885 []

Central America, an "Economic Sacrifice Zone"
The Global Drug Policy Observatory has recently published a great report linking the militarization in Central America to the US war on drugs
* "Justifying Militarisation: 'Counter-Narcotics' and 'Counter Narco-Terrorism' " []:
Summary: Three inter-related developments within US foreign policy have emerged in recent years: the militarisation of Central America states under the auspices of confronting drug trafficking organisations and improving human security; the deployment of militarised DEA agents overseas; and the emergence of "counter narco-terrorism" as a means of justifying such policies.  Linking these developments is the use by US officials of "counter narco-terrorism" as a justification for chosen policies. In Afghanistan, FAST has been touted as such a programme - regardless of the fact that Washington does not officially consider the Taliban a terrorist group. In Central America, officials have publicly offered the same explanation for their policies without providing any substantiating evidence. A strenuous effort to generate such a connection appears to be underway, whether any link exists in reality or not. It is too easy to say "counter-narcotics" operations are failing or misguided. Washington's policies in Central America may well have disastrous results for many, but through the maintenance of a certain status quo and the improvement of the climate for business and investment, they are undoubtedly a success for others.

* "Marines set for new mission in troubled Central America" (2015-04-13, []


Republic of Honduras
[ of the comments are collected from the daily "Presente Honduras Digest", and from the "Honduras Solidarity Network" listserve, authored by experts in geopolitics and history of Latin America. Libre is the "leftist" party working to uphold human rights and sovereignty, JOH is the dictator of Honduras supported by the USA.

* "Aguan, Honduras: World Bank Backs Death Squads and Displacement" (2015-04-17, []
* "World Bank grants US $ 1.483 million to Honduras for poverty reduction" (2015-04-15, []. Radio HRN has some more detail on the money coming to Honduras from the World Bank and the International Financial Corporation.

Manuel Zelaya gave an interview to an Argentine newspaper on the occasion of the OEA summit in Panama. According to him, Honduras is now under the control of the US South Com.
* " 'Honduras has been delivered to the Southern Command': president Manuel Zelaya" (2015-04-15, machine translated []

* "ATTENTION: MARCA is recuperating the La Trinidad finca" (2015-04-17, from Greg McCain):
The compas from MARCA, the Authentic Campesino Reclamation Movement of the Aguan, is at this moment moving onto the La Trinidad palm plantation which is currently claimed by the rich landowner Rene Morales. This is one of the three plantations that MARCA had been given legal ownership over by the courts in 2012 through the legal efforts of Antonio Trejo before he was assassinated. The court then took the land away due to the influence of the ruling elite. MARCA was evicted from the three during the summer of 2014. It is unclear at this time how many families are participating in the recuperation. More info will come as it becomes available.

Elsa Palou, coordinator at the University Hospital (HEU) in Tegucigalpa warns of a worrying lack of drugs at the hospital.
* "School Hospital in crisis for drugs" (2015-04-15, []
* "Honduras recorded 16,000 cases of chikungunya" (2015-04-15, []

* "USAID Funding Education in Honduras, Criminalization of Student Protests & International Solidarity" (2015-04-16, []

The student protests heated up again, after the suspension of Nelson Calix, the Honduran Technical Institute. The state reacted with violence to the solidarity protests by the students with Calix.
* "Chaos in Honduras, support Technical Institute Students Nelson Cálix" (2015-04-13, machine translated []
* "Authorities of the Ministry of Education authorized Monday to elements of the National Police for entering the Honduras Technical Institute to evict students who maintained a protest"  (2015-04-13, machine translated []
* "Security forces repressed students in Tegucigalpa" (2015-04-13, machine translated []
* "School was poisoned by tear gas in Honduras Technical eviction" (2015-04-13, machine translated []
* note (2015-04-13, []: In front of the students they launched a quantity of tear gas in the general area of the educational facility affecting numerous students, including children of young age, the students responded with rocks and plastic bottles filled with dirt and sand, subsequently broadcast on television. Father and Mothers arriving to take their children (tiny kids) were seriously affected by the gases. The authorities ignore the prohibition against use of these types of chemical elements particularly against school children.

Marlon Escoto continues to criminalize the students, this time by claiming that there are more than 30,000 gang members in the country's educational establishments.
* "Marlon Escoto: More than 30,000 gang members in public institutions" (2015-04-13, []

* "Murder of Students is State Terrorism against Young, says Analyst" (2015-04-17, machine translated [] [begin excerpt]:
The analyst Tomas Andino calls the murder of student protesters 'state terrorism against young people' in an interview with Radio Progreso.
Protests of high school students make four young people killed on facts shrouded in mystery, accusations and counter accusations. The murdered students responded to the names of Elvin Lopez, Diana Mendoza, Darwin Martinez and Soad Ham.
"It's an extremely serious situation that is happening that did not happen. Has always been student protest but before repression was academic type, were expelled, etc., which was also unreasonable, but now are murderous, "said analyst Thomas Andino.
To Andino, the value of life in Honduras has been lost and persecution, criminalization and murder against students is a form of state terrorism against young people.
Student protests are the order of the day in Honduras in which the students demand better conditions in schools to receive the bread of knowledge. Another action to destabilize the student struggle was the decision by the educational authorities of the Normal School of Tegucigalpa Joint Pedro Nufio for eight days to expel four of his students participating in the protests.
About this reality of education in Honduras, Radio Progreso (RP) spoke with Tomas Andino (TA), Honduran analyst, former deputy and independent consultant. [end excerpt]

The sociologist Arabesca Sanchez thinks that the murder of Jose Eduardo Gauggel and his son Jose Eduardo de Jesus Gauggel Medin has to be seen as a message to intimidate the political class.
* "Honduras: According to criminologist, murder of Gauggel is a message to the political class" (2014-04-13, []
For the Security Minister Julian Pacheco Tinoco the case has already been resolved.
* "Assassination of Gauggel "is determined" according to Minister of Security" (2015-04-13, [].

A transit police agent attacked a journalist and his cameraman when they were covering an assassination in San Pedro Sula.
* "Honduras police team assaults Channel 6" (2015-04-13, [].

With an open letter, ISHR called upon Honduras to end the wave of stigmatization against human rights defenders.
* "Honduras: End defamation of human rights defenders, guarantee their security and legislate for their effective protection" (2015-04-16, [].

The National Network of Human Right Defenders (defensoras) in Honduras also denounced the campaign openly.
* "Communication from the Council of Human Rights Defenders in Honduras concerning the government campaign of defamation against the Defenders" (2015-04-16), original in Spanish [], machine translated []

Monopolist news journal El Heraldo attacks Honduran human rights organization claiming that they didn't want to make public the report they sent in for the UPR process.
* "Honduras brings enormous advances in human rights" (2015-04-15, machine translated [].

In this political environment, the USA Government's National Democratic Institute (NDI) sees fit to sign an agreement with the fascist National Party of Honduras which provides moral support to anti-Leftist death squads.
* "National Party and the NDI sign agreement to work together" (2015-04-16, [].

* Open letter to the Minister of Education, other State authorities, and the Government of Honduras (2015-04-16, MADJ), machine translated [] in support of the Honduran students under attack by the Education Secretariat, the press and state forces.

Over a week ago, the recognized union leader Donatilo Jimenez disappeared. COFADEH denounces the silence by the state and his employer, the university in La Ceiba.
* "The silence of university officials complicit in disappearance of union" (2015-04-16, [] [begin excerpt]: The time and silence from the authorities of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), increase concern about the disappearance of Donatilo Jiménez, recognized trade union and social leader in the city of La Ceiba, who works for 22 years in the Regional University Center of the Atlantic Coast (CURLA), in the city of La Ceiba. His wife Sonia Martinez, given the lack of response from local authorities, traveled to Tegucigalpa, and was in the offices of the Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH), where she filed charges also filed a habeas Corpus for her husband and to the authorities of the Regional University Center of the Atlantic Coast (CURLA), before the First Court of Appeals of La Ceiba. [end excerpt]

National and International Organizations wrote an open letter to Congress' president Mauricio Oliva expressing concern regarding the current state of the bill to protect human right defenders. [].
The need for a stringent law can anew be seen by the case of human rights defender Sara Sauceda, who was threatened with death by an official of the Education Secretariat whilst accompanying the student protest.
* (2015-04-15, [] [begin excerpt]: The threat came on March 25 amid student protests, a day after they found inside a sack with signs of arbitrary execution, the student Soad Ham Bustillo. The defender of the Center for Research and Promotion of Human Rights (Ciprodeh), Sara Sauceda, need urgent protection measures after reporting to the Secretary General of the Departmental Education Francisco Morazán, Geovanny Miguel Gómez, threatened to kill her and student leader of Pedro Nufio Institute, during a shot of this educational facility. The young man who needed protection measures was identified only as Eduar by defender Ciprodeh. "I told you why he was threatening the young man told me, to you too you will find encostalada with him sneak into. What human rights defenders? The only human rights that I recognize in Honduras is only CONADEH ( the government's National Commission for Human Rights), you are an NGO, you do not represent human rights". [end excerpt]

Now I see, that Congress approved all 70 articles of the the bill yesterday.
* "Congress finishes approving Act to Protect Journalists and human rights defenders" (2015-04-15, [].

MADJ [] organized a protest for today in front of the MP in La Ceiba to denounce its inaction regarding the human rights violations of the mining company Minerales La Victoria [].

A now report by Global Witness finds Honduras to be the most dangerous country for environmentalists with 101 murders between 2010 and 2014.
* "75% of Killings of Environmentalists Occur in LatAm: Report" (2015-04-21, [].
* "Honduras most dangerous country for environmental activists - report" (2015-04-20, [].
* "HOW MANY MORE? New report shows killings of environmental activists are increasing, with indigenous communities hardest hit" (2015-04-21, [].
These three indigenous Tolupán leaders were killed by gunmen attacking an anti-mining protest in northern Honduras. They had received death threats warning them to desist from their efforts to protect the environment.


* "Tricuro Hired By Honduras Company Accused of Murder" (2015-04-20, []

Garifuna nation within the Republic of Honduras
Hondudiario took up the struggle of Garifuna communities against tourist resorts.
* "Njoi Santa Fe and Trujillo Beach Residences, "Canadian model cities" in the country" (2015-04-05, machine translated []

One of the main promoter of Garifuna eviction, the Indura Beach & Golf Resort, organized the golf tournament "Open Honduras" at its facilities.
* "More than 2,000 tourists come to Tela by world golf tournament in Indura" (2015-04-19, []

Republic of Cuba 
* "Cuba's worker cooperatives: 'We decide what to do here' " (2015-04-15, []

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 
* "Venezuela Tops Latin America in Military Spending Cuts, Slashes Arms Budget by 34%" (2015-04-16, []

[], with the Green Charter Committee, for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity and Liberation!

* "Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What U.S. Africa Command Doesn’t Want You to Know" (2015-04-21, []

* "Exploitation of Developing States A Precarious Moment for Africa" (2015-04-20, []

* "Puntland, Its 'Ego' 'Injured' by Galmudug Recognition, Withdraws from Somalia; In Reply, Mogadishu Sends in Warlord" (2014-08-12, []

* "One year on: WWF fails to act against abuse of ‘Pygmies’ " (2015-04-01) [] [begin excerpt]:
Conservation giant World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has failed to take action against the abuse of Baka “Pygmies” and their neighbors in southeast Cameroon by anti-poaching squads, exactly one year after it received reports of their harassment, beatings and torture, and thirteen years since it was first made aware of this abuse.
These anti-poaching squads are made up of wildlife officers – and sometimes soldiers and police – who are funded and supported by WWF, and who could not continue without its crucial support.
Nearly 9,000 people have written to WWF, urging it to take action to ensure that its funds are not used to violate the rights of the Baka and their neighbors. Last year, villagers urged WWF to suspend its funding.
WWF initially reacted angrily to letters from Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, reporting the abuses, denouncing the campaign as “absurd”, “finger-pointing” and “self-serving”. More recently, WWF admitted that “we are aware that the general disadvantage suffered by the Baka is also prevalent in their dealings with ecoguards, police and courts.”
[end excerpt]

Republic of Ukraine 
* "US ‘crossed all imaginable lines’ forcing Ukraine to do its bidding – Russian Def. Min." (2015-04-16, []
* (2015-04-17) photo-essay []: The concept that Russia has invaded Ukraine and is bombing only eastern Ukraine and not even one volley of missiles towards Kiev is very stupid. Of course Kiev is killing Russians in the east. The only civilians dying in all of Ukraine are the ones in eastern Ukraine. It is not Russia doing that, it is Kiev, on orders from the USA, which is ready to fight Russia until the last drop of Ukrainian blood. Don't be a slave to America. Stop killing your Slavic brothers and sisters who are not even in the war, they are just living in apartments, shopping in stores, using public transport, going to school, going to hospital and Kiev is bombing all those places. The shame for killing innocent civilians in Ukraine is completely on the puppets in Kiev and everyone who supports them.

* "Ukraine's State News Agency Hopes for New World War" (2015-04-15, [] [begin excerpt]: According to Ukraine's state news agency Ukrinform, the US House of Representatives vote on sending lethal aid to Ukraine means that the United States is ready to begin, what the agency is calling, a "fourth World War:" "We will get Javelins and other killer hardware. We will be taught by the best American instructors and there will be NATO ships in the Black Sea. But that's not all. Sooner or later a regular American force will appear on Ukrainian territory and it will fight regular Russian forces." According to the publication, American "hawks" also want a war against Russia, although they apparently increasingly fight from distant command centers. "But they will teach us many things. And we will be able to have a large-scale war," the publication added. The publication hopes that a full-scale war will begin after Barack Obama leaves the White House and is replaced by a "decisive Republican." [end excerpt]
* "French military intelligence rules out ‘Russian invasion plans’ for Ukraine" (2015-04-11, []
* "Germany: Activists blame Germany for Ukraine crisis" (2015-04-14) []:
Members of Staatenlos (Stateless) held a protest in front of the Administrative Court in Berlin on Tuesday, accusing the German state of fueling the crisis in Ukraine and being the "financial engine of wars."

* "The New York Times 'basically rewrites whatever the Kiev authorities say': Stephen F. Cohen on the U.S./Russia/Ukraine history the media won’t tell you" (2015-04-16) []

* "Russian Jewish community blasts Ukraine and Baltics nations for glorifying Nazi collaborators" (2015-02-27, []

* "How Ukraine Commemorates the Holocaust" (2015-04-17, []
* "The Scourge of Nazism in Ukraine" (2015-04-20, [] [begin excerpt]: Nazis under Hitler were notorious for radicalized torchlight parades – complete with chilling slogans and symbols. In January, thousands of Ukrainian ultranationalists paraded in Kiev. They celebrated Nazi collabortor/mass murderer Stepan Bandera’s 106th birthday. At the time, Czech President Milos Zeman was horrified. “There is something wrong with Ukraine,” he said. “Yesterday evening I was browsing the Internet and discovered a video showing the demonstration on Kiev’s Maidan on January 1.” “These demonstrators carried portraits of Stepan Bandera, which reminded me of Reinhard Heydrich” – Gestapo head and key holocaust architect. “The parade itself was organized similar to Nazi torchlight parades, where participants shouted the slogan: ‘Death to the Poles, Jews and communists without mercy,’ ” Zeman explained. Ukrainian fascists consider Bandera a national hero. He was a vicious mass murderer. [end excerpt]

* "Skrzypczak: With my ass not policies. Recall everything I said about Ukraine" (2015-04-17,, machine-translated at [].
Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak supported Ukraine’s killings in Donbass, but when the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a law glorifying the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), which had murdered his uncle as well as 100,000 Poles during the World War II, Waldemar Skrzypczak repudiated his support for Ukraine.
General Waldemar Skrzypczak, former commander of the Polish Army (2006-09) and former Polish Deputy Minister of Defence (2012-13), said in an interview with the newspaper Gazeta Prawna (GP), “I repudiate everything that I said earlier about supporting Ukraine”. He believed that there isn’t any reason to believe that Ukraine is a friend of Poland. He came to that conclusion after the Verkhovna Rada passed a law glorifying the UPA, who were responsible for killing 100,000 Polish civilians during the Volyn Massacre of 1943-44. What’s worse, the vote on the law occurred right after Polish President Bronisław Komorowski gave effusive compliments to Kiev. Skrzypczak told GP, “The UPA killed my uncle, nailed him to the door of a shed, and he died only after lingering there for three days. Their savagery was beyond human imagination. Even the Nazis didn’t go as low as the Ukrainians did. Besides this, the murder of Poles by Ukrainians began not in 1943, but rather in September 1939. How many know that when our soldiers retreated to Hungary and Romania, armed Ukrainian gangs attacked them? I’d like to know what future Ukrainian President Poroshenko intends to build and on what basis… on bloodthirsty nationalism? It’s horrible. Ukrainians have to rid themselves of nationalism; otherwise, it’d be very difficult, almost impossible, for Poles to cooperate with them”.
Earlier, Skrzypczak had said, “The Ukraine needs weapons”. As aired in January 2015 on Polskie Radio dla Zagranicy (Polish Radio External Service), he said that the Ukrainians needed weapons for offensive operations, particularly tanks, “We have surplus tanks that we can repair and provide to the Ukraine. However, we must give them ammunition along with the tanks, as they’re going to have to be able to fight Russian tanks”. He also added that the sooner Ukraine gets weapons, the better, because the strengthening the Ukrainian army would quickly jumpstart peace negotiations, because sanctions “don’t impress the Kremlin”. Skrzypczak noted, “Ukraine lacks the military capability to defeat the separatists”.

* "WHAT OBAMA’S UKRAINIAN STOOGES DID" (2014-12, by Eric Zuesse) [] [begin excerpt]:
Here are highlights from a one-hour-and-thirty-seven-minute video documenting the ethnic cleansing or attempted genocide against the residents in southeast Ukraine, the Ukrainian area that had voted overwhelmingly for the man whom Obama overthrew on February 22nd. If the voters in that region were to stay in the then-existing territory of Ukraine, no nationwide Ukrainian vote (such as for Ukraine’s President) would favor the pro-U.S, anti-Russian, Government, that Obama had installed in February of this year. Even if new leaders would be elected, the government would then go back to being predominantly pro-Russian, as it had been under Yanukovych. That’s why Obama wanted the residents there slaughtered until enough escaped to Russia so as to eliminate enough of them from the voter-rolls in Ukraine so as to enable Obama’s Ukrainian coup d’etat to succeed (i.e., be stable) on a long-term basis. So, that’s what was tried; and one chooses for carrying out such a purpose racist fascists — or nazis — whose particular hatred is focussed against ethnic Russians: against the people who lived in the pro-Yanukovych region of Ukraine, Ukraine’s southeast (Novorossiya).

* "Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: Dmitriy Yarosh; Here Is the Man Who Organized and Ran Ukraine’s February 22nd Coup in Kiev, and the May 2nd Massacre of Its Opponents in Odessa, for Barack Obama" (2014-11-19, by Eric Zuesse) [] [begin excerpt]:
Dmitriy Yarosh is the founder and head of one of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or nazi, parties, Right Sector. He is officially the #2 Ukrainian national-security official [], working directly under Andreiy Paribuiy, who heads Ukraine’s other nazi party (the party that used to call itself Ukraine’s “Social Nationalist Party,” after Hitler’s National Socialist Party, but which the CIA renamed “Svoboda,” meaning “Freedom,” so as to make it more acceptable to Americans).
However, Yarosh has turned out to be Ukraine’s actual leader, despite his not being officially at the top. His nominal boss, Paribuiy, had been appointed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who was chosen on February 4th (18 days prior to the coup) to be Ukraine’s new leader, by Victoria Nuland [], who was appointed by Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, who were appointed by Barack Obama (the actual ruler of the new Ukraine).
As Yarosh said this past March in an interview with Newsweek [], he has “been training paramilitary troops for almost 25 years,” and his “divisions are constantly growing all over Ukraine, but over 10,000 people for sure.” More recently, in October, a pro-Government Ukrainian site interviewed Yarosh [] and he mentioned specifically a “DUC,” or Volunteer Ukrainian Corps of fighters. He was then asked “How many soldiers in DUC?” and he answered, “About seven thousand men.” These would be his real military force, by far the biggest private army in Ukraine. So, in his private files are everyone’s individual background and skill-level as a “paramilitary,” or far-right mercenary, and they all respect and obey him as the top man. [end excerpt]
* "The Nazis Even Hitler Was Afraid Of" (2014-03-16, by Alexandra Valiente) []

* " ‘One Race, One Nation’: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi March in Odessa" (2015-04-18, [] [begin excerpt]:
A group of neo-Nazis organized a march in the Ukrainian city of Odessa to commemorate the death of Maxim Chaika, the leader of Ukrainian ultranationalist organization “Blood and Honor,” local media reported.
Around 200 Ukrainian neo-Nazis gathered at the march, shouting racist, anti-communist and nationalistic slogans. Among the many slogans that the nationalists used, the most prominent ones were “The White man is for the Great Ukraine,” “One race, one nation, one homeland,” and “Hang the commies,” according to Odessa’s
Utterly senseless was the fact that although the nationalists seem to embrace everything Ukrainian, they walked around wearing Celtic crosses and Germanic symbolisms. [end excerpt]

* "Israel going to aid fascist regime in Kiev openly" (2015-04-15, Truth about situation in Ukraine)
Translation of article in the Israel news media:
"Russia made deal with Iran: Israel may sell weapons to Ukraine
Security officials estimate that Israel may decide to unfreeze the sale of advanced weapons systems to Ukraine and to Georgia, who are considered enemies of Russia. This be response to the Russian move to remove the embargo on the sale of SS 300 for Iran."
Israel already support Al-Qaeda/ISIS, hospitals of Israel treat thugs of ISIS. Airplanes of Israel bombing army of Syria in order to help terrorists from Al-Qaeda/ISIS. Israel supply terrorists of ISIS by weapons, using puppet regimes from Gulf.
In Ukraine citizens of Israel created "Right sector" and support fascist coup. After February 2014 citizens of Israel created most part of fascist battalions. Ukrainian and international Jews organizations secretly or openly supply these battalions by medicine, money, weapons. Citizens of Israel took active part in the fascist coup and now are members of fascist battalions. Some of them gave interviews to the Israel media, there they whitewashed their crimes.
So, fascist state Israel act by own citizens in the Ukraine and already aiding Kiev junta and its thugs. Israel threat to sell weapons to Ukraine just be show openly that this fascist regime is customer of war and chaos in Ukraine.
Below photocopy of translation in Google Chrome of that news in the Israel media, link []

* "Euromaidan Ukrainian Nazi Army - backed by EU & US Western values" photo-montage [], showing photos of the current Nazi battalion members during their days training as Nazi re-enactors before the "Euromaidan coup" in Ukraine, February 2014 (photos on top-left), alongside photos of them today in combat (right, and bottom).


* "The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned Ukraine’s recognition of the group as well as a second bill that equated communist and Nazi crimes" (2015-04-13, []

* "Ukrainian fascists trying to destroy every symbol of Victory over fascism" photo (2015-04-20) []
* "The daughter of the ‪#‎WW2‬ hero and the 1st Ukrainian Front commander decided to transport the remains of her father from Kiev to Russia" (2015-04-20):
Yelena, the daughter of the 1st Ukrainian Front commander and the Soviet Union hero, General Vatutin, asked the Russian government to provide assistance in replacing the remains of her father from Kiev to Mytishchi, Moscow region, were the Federal Military Memorial Cemetery is located.
85 year old Yelena Vatutina said, that she had sent a letter to the Russian government with an application.
“I have to think about grandchildren and grand-grandchildren of my father, how they will come to the grandfather’s grave, when such a terrible situation take place in the Ukraine, - she said. – There is a memorial in Mytishchi, devoted to Vatutin. So there we want to bury the remains, that are sacred for us”.
Vatutin is now buried in the Mariinsky Park, Kiev, in front of the Verkhovna Rada building. “That is where the outrages and fights during the Maidan took place, - the daughter of the glorious commander reminds. – To tell the truth, the former Kiev Mayor called me and said: “Yelena Nikolayevna, do not worry, everything is alright”. However, you know, the current Ukrainian government are difficult to believe. Today it’s alright, and tomorrow – the Maidan happens”.
The Kiev government is not going to dismantle the monument to the military leader in the Mariinsky Park where he is buried, noted Yelena. “It is out of question, no one ever told me about that, - she said. – Today they are not going to dismantle, but tomorrow they may change their mind. My father died of a banderite hand, however, the present government idealizes Bandera”.
Yelena Nikolayevna hopes the transportation of the grave will take place in a short of time.
Nikolai Vatutin was in command of the Southwestern front, the Voronezh front and the 1st Ukrainian front. His name is concerned to victories in Stalingrad and Kursk, in the Battle of the Dnieper, in Kiev liberation and at the Right-bank Ukraine. He died of a wound, inflicted during the fight with armed banderites.

* "Ukraine is ready to take Africans fleeing to Europe" (2015-04-20, machine translation [] [begin excerpt]:  According to the plan, on-controlled south-east of Ukraine, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa regions with financial support from the EU will deploy large-scale camps for illegal migrants from Africa and Asia. In the plan is not only a humanitarian, but also an economic component. Concentrated in camps manpower Ukrainian government proposes European partners to use them for the production of shale gas and oil, as well as the establishment of large-scale agriculture - the cultivation of rapeseed, sunflower and other oilseeds.   According to the same source, close to Yatsenyuk Ukrainian businessmen are interested in the project had some Western partners, and those already launched a massive purchase of land in these areas. [end excerpt]

* "In Ukraine, may appear private prisons" (2015-04-17,, machine translation [].
Ministry of Justice of Ukraine is planning to let oligarchs create private prisons and get additional profit by using prison labor. Because in the occupied Ukraine anyone can be imprisoned for his/her opinion, private prisons will be full and bring income to their owners. Most of the prisoners would be prisoners of conscience of the fascist regime. The Ministry of Justice is looking forward to getting rid of inmates in state prisons and reduce costs at the request of the IMF. From the article, "Maybe we will experiment, and we will have a system of private prisons" said Gia Getsadze, a Ministry of Justice administrator who is also known as Grusian, who formerly worked in the Republic of Georgia with their fascist President Saakashvili, they privatised publicly owned properties and robbed their own country, and now in the Ukraine...

Ayvar Abramovich (Registered in Lithuania as Ayvaras Abromavichus), acting as a proxy for the State of Israel(!) in the government of the Republic of Ukraine, is preparing to sell strategic properties held by the state government for the profit of his affiliates and associates, with the first stage of sale involving 342 objects from strategic reserve of Ukraine (out of about 3000 objects in reserve) to be sold during several months. During previous 23 years of mass privatization, the capitalist governments of the Republic of Ukraine did not allow for the sale of the strategic reserve, because these state companies gave their income to the state budget, but the current fascist dictatorship (it is NOT a democracy as elections exclude over half of the population) are, in fact, foreign agents for the sale of properties.
* "Abromavichus put on sale the first state-owned enterprises in the near future" (2015-04-17,, machine translated [] [begin excerpt]: Ayvaras Abromavichus, Minister of Economic Development of Ukraine plans to sell the first public companies in the coming months. He said it in the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington (USA), reports RBC-Ukraine. He also said which state-owned enterprises will be sell in the first place. "If we look at what will be most willing to put up for sale, it assets in the agricultural sector, such as 'Ukrspirt', grain elevators owned by State Grain Corporation, some companies in the energy sector, such as "Tsentrenergo", he said. He added that some companies from the chemical industry will be sold. He said that the first companies to be sold over the next few months." [end excerpt]
* "Dony explained why he sued Yatsenyuk and Radu; According to the former People's Deputy, they are preparing a number of illegal privatization of state enterprises" (2015-04-18, [] [begin excerpt]: "I personally filed a lawsuit against Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. I'll tell you a corruption scheme that they used not to carry out the Constitution of Ukraine. I have a list, now the government decided to privatize 342 objects of different CHP ports, Odessa port, 40 thousand. hectares of land, airlines, various power companies, very much. At first people made up to the miserable state through the refinancing of banks. Then he gave the money to his people, and now they will buy for next to nothing. But it can not be proved," said Dony . "Why I'm talking about the corruption scheme. Who is engaged in privatization in Ukraine? The State Property Fund. We have a year there is no head of the State Property Fund. They want to privatize all enterprises, without a legitimate leader," he explained. Note the head of the State Property Fund Parliament appoints the prime minister. [end excerpt]

* "Dropping Like Flies: 46 Ukrainian Banks Go Bankrupt in Course of One Year" (2015-04-11, []

‎* "Ukraine‬, Victory of ‪Maidan‬: private apartments of Ukrainians will be seized in return for debts of their owners" (2015-04-21):
Apartments of Ukrainians will be seized in return for municipal services’ debts. This decision has been taken at the Governmental level: in the Ministry for Regional Development, Construction, Housing Maintenance and Utilities of Ukraine. The new living rules have been announced by Natalia Khotsyanovskaya, the head of the Life Support Economics Department of the Ministry for Regional Development.
“As of today, there is a law on court enforcement actions and a pretty wide range of influence methods on defaulters. It provides for them: collection of defaulters’ money, in the first instance, movable assets and, moreover, the article 63 of this law provides for the collection of your apartment, your house and, in the first instance, land plot,” according to her statement.
Khotsyanovskaya has explained that the Ministry is prepared to proceed to more tough measures in order to make the defaulters pay. According to the latest information of the Ministry for Regional Development, the debt for consumed utility services in Ukraine totals to 13 bln UAH, and it is growing every day. That is not surprising: having the monthly pension of 1200 UAH, a pensioner has to pay for his apartment and utility services from 800 to 1000 UAH. Public sector employees are not in a better situation, and, in addition, Poroshenko has announced again mass dismissals because “during the war, people must search for a job themselves, and the state shall not support anyone.” Considering the coming from April hot and cold water cost increase, the majority of Kiev residents are at risk of losing their houses.
Municipal authorities have already warned that residents of Kiev having over 10 thousand UAH of debt for housing and utility services may lose their apartments. The idea of the Cabinet Council to deprive Ukrainians of their houses has been given warm encouragement by the head of the National Bank. Valeria Gontareva announced that only the disposition of assets used as security for foreign currency credits would allow for the existence of the Ukrainian banking system. “If you can’t pay then give this apartment to the bank. That is right. How can the banking system exist?” she added.

* "Social protests may spiral into "left terror" in Ukraine after the ultra-right Kiev bans communist and left ideology" (2015-04-10, []. Just as in the USA 1970 when the socialist revolutionary movement retained a popularity of the majority of whites under 30 and among all captive nations, the USA security agencies began a war against the people using "left terrorists" created by their own agencies to ensure public approval for the domestic war.

* "Donbas (Novorossiya) urges France, Germany, Russia to help end Ukraine’s political terror" (2015-04-17, [], read the text of their appeal [].
* Statement by Elena Bondarenko—People’s Deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine [] [begin excerpt]: Persistent threats, an undeclared ban on opposition parties appearing in the majority of Ukrainian mass media, purposeful baiting—these are everyday things in the life of the opposition in Ukraine. Everybody who calls for peace in Ukraine immediately becomes an enemy to the regime as it was, for instance, in 30-40’s Germany or in the USA during the McCarthyite era. A few days ago the Ukrainian Internal Affairs Minister, Arsen Avakov, said: “When Elena Bondarenko ascends the parliamentary tribune, I want to reach for my gun.” I emphasise the fact that those are the words of the person who has the main authority over the police in the country. Exactly a week ago the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Alexander Turchinov, banned me from the parliamentary tribune as a representative of the opposition Party of the Regions. It was done solely because of my words, that “a regime that sends its army to bomb peaceful cities is criminal.” After that, he kindly allowed the parliamentary radicals to call for the shooting of the opposition. [end excerpt]
* "Ukrainian snipers were shooting on the OSCE observers and journalists in Shyrokino" (2015-04-15, []
* " 'Ukrainian Insurgent Army' (UPA) claimed responsibility for recent murders of regime opponents"  (2015-04-17,, translated at []
* Dmitry Reznichenko, self-identified Nazi and an instructor of the UAF Donbass retribution battalion, suggested on Facebook on making a TOP 10 list of Ukrainian oppositionists to be killed first of all. See photo and screen-grab of his suggestion at [].
* "Three Prominent Poroshenko Critics Killed in Kiev in Three Days" (2015-04-16, []
* "Unofficial death list circulating in Ukraine" (2015-04-18,, machine translation []
* "Italian Paper Breaks Silence Over Assassinations in Kiev" (2015-04-17, []
* "Series of ‘bizarre suicides’ & murders: Former Ukrainian MP shot dead in Kiev" (2015-04-16, []
* "Ukrainian Chief Investigator Tells 'Ukrainophobes' to 'Shut Their Mouths' " (2015-04-21, []
* "Ukrainian 'eurointegration' is" montage []

* "I BLAME THE US FOR THE DEATH OF MY FRIEND" (2015-04-17, by Oleg Tsarev, translated by Kristina Rus) []:
Another one of my friends, Oleg Kalashnikov, was killed. I'm very sorry. We were friends. I knew his family. Repeatedly I tried to convince him to leave Kiev. In response, he told me that if everyone leaves, then who will fight. I constantly tell my friends, remaining in Ukraine, that the organization of protests is futile. This power does not argue with its opponents, it eliminates them. Many of my friends were arrested, some disappeared, others were killed. Oleg was one of the organizers of the last protest at the U.S. Embassy: people gathered and stood in silence outside the Embassy. Oleg didn't leave, did not give up. He died. He was killed.
* "Journalist and writer Oles Buzyna has been shot dead in Kyiv's" crime scene photos (2015-04-16) []: Today 'Ukrainian patriots' are killing in Kiev, tomorrow they will do it over the Europe.
* "Dancing on Grave: Ukrainian Politicians Gloat Over Murder of Oles Buzina" (2015-04-17, []
* "Ukrainian historian Oles Buzina was killed for the truth about Ukrainian history" (2015-04-18, by Dmitry Gubin, [], Oles Buzina's book "The Secret History of Ukraine-Rus" in English (machine translation) [].
* "Premeditated murder suspected in death of former Ukraine MP; Oleg Kalashnikov, a member of the opposition Party of Regions, died of a gunshot wound on April 15 in a shooting the party said was organized by state authorities" (2015-03-16, [].
* "Herashchenko: physical neutralization of one’s opponents is generally recognized in Ukraine" (2015-04-16): This way counselor of Minister of the Interior of Ukraine Anton Herashchenko commented on the murder of ex-MP Oleg Kalashnikov. He made that statement in the air of TV channel 112-Ukraine.  “Kalashnikov’s death is the evidence of the fact that neutralization of one’s opponents is generally recognized in Ukraine — more that suing them in accordance with the laws”, — Herashchenko stated. According to numerous claims of Kalashnikov’s relatives and friends, recently he repeatedly received threats of violence because of his political views, particularly, owing to his appeal to widely celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The politician had also been calling the present-day Ukrainian authorities “Nazis”.
Besides, a page devoted to Kalashnikov had been published in the net, on which he was referred to as “separatist, provocateur, militants’ accomplice”, “the person dealing with terrorists and militants”. The address of his apartment, near which he was killed, was also posted on this page.
MP of the 5th calling from the Party of Regions Oleg Kalashnikov was murdered in the evening of April 15 in Kiev. This is the fourth tragic death among the leaders of the party in the recent months. Ex-MP Mikhail Chechetov fell from the 17th floor, ex-Governor of the Zaporozhye Region Aleksandr Peklushenko died of a gun-shot wound, one more MP, Stanislav Melnyk, according to the official story, shot himself from a hunting rifle.
In addition, it was reported that at about midnight on the scene of Kalashnikov’s murder his son’s wife was robbed. Her handbag was snatched from her. The robber fled. In spite of her plies of help, no one tried to stop him.
* "Famous Ukrainian journalist shot and killed in Kiev; According to Ukraine’s Interior Ministry adviser, well-known Ukrainian journalist, writer and TV presenter had been shot dead from a dark blue Ford Focus with foreign number plates" (2015-04-16, []
* "Oles Buzina: His Open Letter to the US Ambassador in Kiev" []
* "Last Oles' Buzina's interview filmed 3 days before he was murdered" [], transcript excerpt [].
* (2015-04-19) farewell and burial for Oles Busina in the cemetery of the city of Kiev. (video) []

* "Murder of Oles Buzina— a campaign of intimidation by NATO?" (2015-04-17, []
* "Murdered Ukrainian Journalist, Ex-MP Were in ‘Enemies of State’ Database" (2015-04-18, []
* "THE BROWN DAWN: for murder by Kiev junta of Oles Busina, independent Ukrainian blogger, journalist and public person" (2015-04-16, by Eva Merkurieva) [], translated from the original at [] [begin excerpt]:
Counselor of the Minister of the Interior, today an MP, Anton Herashchenko founded website “Myrotrvorets” (Peacekeeper). At the first sight it is a typical garbage collector, where all kinds of names are posted of the people, who are alleged criminals.
Certainly, they had never been charged with any crimes.
You can find a lot of such rubbish sites in the net, but “Myrotvorets” differs from them first of all by the fact that the site's partners are state bodies – Security Service, Ministry of the Interior, the General Staff, border guards and the penal system.
The mission of “Myrotvorets” is in detection of terrorists, militants, mercenaries, and their accomplices as well as criminals and traitors.
Does it sound seriously? “Myrotvorets” must possess a numerous personnel of professional investigators, scouts, experts in criminology, in order to declare the goals so ambitious! It is quite a deal – to gather the evidence base necessary to charge a person with aiding militants or war crimes!
The materials posted as “evidence” on “Myrotvorets” are not only unconvincing – they produce the impression that their authors were absolutely inadequate, when they posted their creative work with the purpose of “aid to the law-enforcing bodies”.
Among those listed on the site – “separatists”, “provocateurs” and “collaborationists of the militants”. Kalashnikov, killed yesterday, was also on the list. It is a known fact that he was engaged in the preparation of Victory day celebration in Kiev.
Antifascist Skorokhodov was also on the list. The author of the well-known blog denouncing the crimes of Nazi regime in Ukraine Myroslava Berdnyk is also on the list.
A whole lot of ordinary people, who express their attitude to the regime in social networks, are also in that list, including those, who simply share cartoons and banners.
Do you remember the fervor, with which the new “honest” authorities denounced the terror act in Paris, when Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were murdered? Nevertheless those Ukrainian citizens, who dare to joke, these very authorities call “twats” and persecute.
Collections of posted pictures serve as the evidence of “criminal activities”. Now you can pass your own judgment in regard to the counselor of the Ministry, who promised that “every twat will receive what he earned”, and the command of the law-enforcement structures, listed as the partners of the website.
Here I will reproduce the “evidence” of separatism, terrorism, collaborationism and treason as they are viewed by “Myrotvorets”.
– Any photo with Russian flag on the background or with it is considered a crime.

– Posting of photographs of Ukrainian Nazis with characteristics symbols is considered a crime.

– Posting of Western politicians' quotes, which are not complementary in regard to Ukraine, is considered a crime.

– Posting of cartoons featuring the personalities belonging to the new “honest” authorities, as well as any jolly pictures on the subject of European choice is considered a crime.

– Having an antifascist and anti-Banderist blog or publishing similarly oriented essays in the media is considered a crime.
In the picture below you see photocopy of Kiev junta site where published photos and database of every anti-junta activist. There is photo and database of Oles Busina, including his address. Now here written directly: "April 16, 2015 was liquidated in the yard of his home in Kiev." Link to Oles Busina file in the Kiev junta "Peacemaker" site [].

[end excerpt]

The United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) Foreign Office also supports the murders of opposition to the fascist Republic of Ukraine.
UK Foreign Office on the murder of journalists in Ukraine: A Foreign Office spokesperson told TASS on Friday the Foreign Office typically did not comment on situations unless they were linked with British subjects. Source: "Britain’s Foreign Office refuses to comment on journalist murders in Ukraine" (2014-04-17, [].
UK Foreign Office on the murder of Nemtsov: “We are shocked and saddened by news that former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov has been shot and killed in Moscow. Our thoughts are with his family and we offer our condolences to them. We deplore this criminal act. Those responsible must be brought to justice. We will continue to follow the situation closely,” UK Foreign Office spokeswoman said. (Source: "Boris Nemtsov: 'I'm afraid Putin will kill me,' politician said weeks before being shot dead; President Putin has condemned his murder and announced an investigation" (2015-02-28, [].

* "Nazi-style mass arrests of opponents of Kiev junta by fascists and police: video from Odessa" (2015-04-16) [], with photos. Video [], source []

* "New detentions of peaceful protesters in Odessa" (2015-04-17, []

* Message of solidarity with Worker's Party of Ukraine (2015-03-19, []

* 21th April 2015, town Kostantinovka, occupied territory of Donetsk republic
9 days ago, at 12th April 2015 in the town oKostantinovka unknown local tore the flag of Ukraine from the local hospital and tried to burn it. Now the man who did it, facing three years in prison.
I want to remind that more than one month ago drunken Kiev junta military in APC knocked down on the footpath woman with two children. Oldest child died on the spot, her aunt and sister were taken to hospital, previously was reported that the woman died in hospital. Locals on the same day requested from the occupants to get out of town. Occupants in response began firing towards unarmed citizens. Since the beginning of protest the Kiev junta arresting people in order to intimidate the local population.
Girl and aunt who were traumatized due to collision with APC are still in the hospital. APC driver, who was drunk when knocked down a woman and two girls on the sidewalk, was released on bail. This means that the main culprit of the accident can walk freely in the territory of the occupied town. Most likely this fascist could simply leave the town in which he committed a war crime. At the same time local residents, who demanded the trial of criminals, are kidnapped and tortured by Ukrainian fascists. Kiev junta follows the instructions and experience of US in the occupied territories.
It is possible that a man who tore the flag of Ukraine from the hospital, is a relative or friend, for the woman and girls who were knocked down by drunk thugs of Kiev junta. Because of the criminal attitude of Kiev junta to the victims, the man tore the Ukrainian flag and tried to burn it. This man by new laws of Kiev junta faces up to 3 years in prison.
This is "democracy' and "justice" of Kiev junta

Slavery, as the achievement of "Ukrainian democracy" (2015-04-07):
In the picture below it is written "Right sector Issuing Center of the slaves". Members of fascist volunteer organization "Free people" were in base of "Right sector" at 7th April 2015, where they saw this picture. Fascist volunteer organization "Free people" published this image as a reason for smile.
Source of picture [], page of fascist volunteer organization ( Also as sign of high organization of Right sector, because Right sector have their own point of delivery of slaves. From time of fascist coup in the Kiev we have information that Right sector and other fascist organizations kidnap people and made slaves from them. Same happening in the occupied territories of former East of Ukraine. Many Ukrainian fascists have logo "Slave owner" on their camouflage. Fascists keeping kidnapped people with chains on hands and legs, so that picture show real situation.

* "Donbas‬ authorities worry that children taken abroad might be used as organ donors" (2015-04-14) [] [begin excerpt]: According to Novorus. info there are five centres of transplantation in Ukraine ... Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv and Kharkov. Because of the countrywide organ deficit only 2 % of the need for transplant operations is met. According to the publication kidney transplant surgery is worth 2500 dollars, heart 2000 dollars and liver 1500 thousand dollars. Similar operations in Europe and America are twenty times more expensive. In view of this it is more profitable to use intermediaries to supply human organs to foreign clinics. [end excerpt]

Ukrainian fascists revived in western Ukraine finally. A police captain in the Lviv region was killed yesterday by the known torture of "banderovits" - dragging by horse/horses
* "In Lviv police captain tied to horses and stretched 13 km" (2015-04-19, []:
Law enforcement authorities have opened a criminal case by article "premeditated murder" because of the death of a police captain. "In April 18 at 10.30 p. m. Radekhiv police department received a report of 25-year-old local resident. The young man said that he saw a cart drawn by two horses, and below the cart was hung the human body," said in the message. At the scene of crime was found a jacket with blood, in the pocket was found a police captain's license.
"By following the cart, law enforcement officers began to identify fragments of the human body. According to the preliminary conclusion of experts,this is result of drawing the human body on the hard road surface. The police officers, colleagues of dead discovered body inside a reclamation ditch on the border with the neighboring areas", reported the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Soon, law enforcement officers have established the perpetrators: a 53-year resident of the area Radekhiv and 26-year resident of Sokolsky area of Lviv region. In addition, police officers found out that the horses dragged the dead body during 13 kilometers. The suspects were detained."
Earlier it was reported that in Mariupol with signs of violent death found the body of a district inspector of the October police department. [end article]

* "Donbass Refugees Who Have Nothing to Return To Are Given Proper Housing in Russia" (2015-04-20, [], Hungry and in fear, with their homes destroyed, thousands of people fleeing from the war in Donbass have found refuge in Russia. How do they live now? What prospects do the homeless have far from their own land? Thanks to the precious record of Eliseo Bertolasi from the heart of a refugee camp in the province of Rostov, we uncover their stories and destinies, uprooted by a war in the middle of Europe.

* "Four US troops raped two under age girls in Kiev, Ukraine" (2015-04-19,
Two US troops from headquarters of the Commander of the US Army in Europe, Lieutenant General Hodges and two employees of private military companies in the US raped two girls 12 and 13 years - informs portal "Justice no."
However, Security Service of Ukraine ordered law enforcement agencies to release violators, because the US Army officers have full diplomatic immunity. Soldiers American PMCs in Ukraine are also protected from prosecution.
The names of the two violators - Major US Army Lt. Col. Jonathan Shtrelzik and Walter Brodie.

* "Militia claim spotting up to 70 mercenaries of US military company Academi in east Ukraine" (2015-04-21, []

* (2015-04-28. by Konstantin) []:
City of Severodonetsk, occupied territory of Lugansk republic -
Yesterday drunk thugs of Kiev junta crashed car by truck in road accident. Driver of car in local hospital now, local court found that Kiev junta thugs aren't guilty. Kiev junta military act as USA-NATO occupants, local court act as court of USA in occupied territory.
Two Kiev junta "knights" from unknown military unit were drunk and drove military truck "Ural". They crashed car of local citizen, photo [], driver got serious injures and was sent to the hospital. Then local citizens forced Kiev junta soldiers to come out from truck, were discovered that thugs are drunk. People by big efforts don't allow themselves to lynch these soldiers and allow police to take Kiev junta thugs.
But today became known that local court found the Ukrainian military is not guilty of this traffic accident. This is justice and this is court of Kiev junta. Scoundrels that serve to Kiev junta can commit any crime.
In second photo below Kiev junta military in camouflage [].
Source []
Video []

* "Moscow slams Kiev's accusations of OSCE observers; OSCE observers monitoring the ceasefire in Ukraine have drawn renewed harsh criticism from Ukrainian officials for allegedly having shared intelligence on Ukrainian forces’ positions with the militia" (2015-04-17, [] [begin excerpt]: International observers monitoring the ceasefire in Ukraine have drawn renewed harsh criticism from Ukrainian officials, their attacks condemned by Russia's deputy representative to European security watchdog OSCE on Friday as "slanderous and vilifying". "Slanderous rumours are being spread in Ukraine vilifying observers as ‘foreign spies’," Andrey Rudenko, Moscow’s deputy permanent representative at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, told the OSCE permanent council in Vienna, according to comments cited by Russia's Foreign Ministry. "Media publications are not only tarnishing the image of the SMM [the OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine], but they are also threatening the safety of the observers," Rudenko said. [end excerpt]

* (2015-04-18) article, [], video [], photo 1 [], photo 2 [], photo 3 []
Watch video how Ukrainian fascists demolished statue of Lenin in the occupied city Kramatorsk. I want to remind in the city Kramatorsk lived about 100 thousands citizens before war, now where lived about few dozens thousands. In the square you can see several hundred people, including few hundreds "guests". To Kramatorsk for this demolition arrived buses of Ukrainian fascists, they stand near monument and held flags of Ukraine and flags of some Kiev junta parties, in particular white-red-white flag of Poroshenko party. You'd see many of them on destroyed statue of Lenin and there appear flag of USA. Modern Ukrainian fascists brought flag of their master. In the city Kramatorsk, as in any occupied city, Ukrainian fascists arrest anyone whom they suspect in anti-junta activism. Any person, despite age and sex can be sentenced to tortures without guilty, so local people living in the horror. This video remind about western democracy in Iraq, Libya and other countries, there after occupation monuments of local Historic leaders were demolished by order from USA. [end excerpt]
The fascist (Hitler admiring) Right Sector militia adopted the flag of the historical Nazi-created UPA (UIA). Just note the USA flags. Soft invasion of the territory. Will end up the same way as Iraq. Broken.

Photo 2015-04-16 [], showing fascist soldiers (the red and black flag), showing off the flags of whom they serve, as they attack civilians in Shirokino village near Mariupol City, occupied territory of Donetsk republic.

* 2015-04-13 by Eric Zuesse [] [begin excerpt]: During the months following the May 2nd massacre, the Obama-installed regime had repeatedly insulted Odessans, and reasserted its hostility and contempt toward them. In fact, President Poroshenko, who was ‘elected’ in an election among only far-right candidates that was held only outside Donbass and mainly in the northwest [], actually went to Odessa on 13 November 2014 and he insulted the people there by saying, in a nationally televised “us” versus “them” tirade that clearly left the vast majority of Odessans as being in the “they” category []: “We will have our jobs. They will not. We will have our pensions. They will not. We will have care for children, for people, and retirees. They will not. Our children will go to schools and kindergartens. Theirs will hole up in basements [from our bombs].”
And that’s what he actually did; he specifically targeted schools []. A retired Ukrainian general whose sympathies had been with Hitler’s troops displayed the nerve to respond to a Ukrainian soldier’s statement that his function was ethnic cleansing, by saying on a U.S.-funded television station in Ukraine [], “I want to offer the Ukrainian artillerists medals, to those who shell the city [Donetsk], the houses and the civilian population, … for they [artillerists] have deserved it [medals]. … The shelling there is done as intimidation, … not just object destruction, but intimidation [to get the population to flee to nearby Russia].
In other words: by bombing and shelling the schools, hospitals, etc., in Donetsk, Lugansk and the surrounding regions, that land will become uninhabitable or intolerable, so that even the survivors will need to flee to nearby Russia. This way, the Western aristocrats who want to buy dirt-cheap access to that region’s natural resources (and such privatization of state assets is demanded ‘reform’ of Ukraine by the U.S.-controlled IMF) will not be bothered by the locals who object to the ripping-up of the land on which they live. Those locals will be dead or otherwise gone.
[end excerpt]
The fascist Republic of Ukraine's President willingly violates the Minsk 2.0 Agreement in order to continue the plan for total war against the Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya!


Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya
For more info, with maps, and news links, visit [].

"Enough is enough. People won't be silent more. Are you in?" video (2015-04-17) []

* (2015-04-17, Residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic intend to follow the path of development of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and are not going to give it up, the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko said at a meeting with the Crimean journalists today.
“We continue our struggle. Now we’re defending the freedom of our choice. People don’t want to be in the EU and NATO. They don’t want their history to be rewritten. They want to have the right to speak their native language. They want to follow the path, which is followed by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The conflict in Donbass is the war for freedom, self-determination and equal rights in the society,” Alexander Zakharchenko said.

* "Switzerland: Pro-Donbass protesters paint Zurich streets white, blue, and red" (2015-04-18) []. Pro-Novorossiya protesters marched through central Zurich on Saturday, decrying NATO and Kiev’s actions during the Ukrainian conflict, calling on the nation, Europe and Russia to “unite against the US.”
* Demo in support of Donbass and Against Ukrainian Nazi in Dublin, Ireland (2015-04-19) [], and []

Ukraine Crisis News
Even the Simpsons are watching Ukraine Crisis News [] !!
* (2015-04-14) []
* (2015-04-16) []
* (2015-04-17) []

* "First Year of the Military Operation in Southeastern Ukraine" (2015-04-16, []. Note, the Sputnik newswire is an official Russia state news agency, and as a diplomatic rule they are not allowed to recognize the Union of People's Republics of Novorossiya, instead referring to the region as "Southeastern Ukraine".

Donetsk People's Republic is ready to accept any Ukrainian region that wants to join the DPR, the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko said in his interview to LifeNews.
“If any region of Ukraine wants to join hands with the Donetsk People's Republic, citizens of our Republic would welcome them. Any part of Ukraine can join the DPR. We’d welcome any of the fraternal republics… Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Odessa, Kiev, and others. The country would be reborn. On the Maidan, the activists shouted that Ukraine needed to fight corruption; it led to violence in the country… nothing changed. Meanwhile, in the DPR, our people built a new state with their own hands. Here, we have a rebirth of the state. We’re doing what they shouted about on the Maidan. As the DPR was as a unifying force in Donbass, we’d be able to amalgamate those republics and regions that wish to join us. We welcome all our friends and even our erstwhile enemies,” – Zakharchenko said.
In addition, Zakharchenko noted that the DPR welcomed political refugees from Ukraine. In particular, now, Donetsk hosts activists of the EuroMaidan, politicians, journalists, and Communists persecuted in Ukraine. Zakharchenko pointed up that the DPR is actively restoring infrastructure and preparing social reforms. In addition to repairing roads, the country is reopening kindergartens and theatres.

* "Mail Donbass will operate seven days a week for the timely payment of pensions" (2015-04-20, []

* (2015-04-20, Novorossia News) []: A wire mill is working again in the metallurgical plant in Makeevka after two-months standing idle. During these weeks, a renovation of shelled productive facilities was underway. Some time before, a diversified mill started its work in the same way, so now the metallurgical plant in Makeevka resumed its production at full capacity.

* "Products Donetsk Metallurgical Plant and coke makers will be exported - Administration of the Head of the DNI" (2015-04-20, []

* "Demands of the Trade Unions of the LPR" (2015-04-16) []: The Trade Union of the LPR handed more than 16 thousand signed demands concerning the lifting the blockade of Donbass. Video []

* "Concert for the doctors of Donbass" (2015-04-15) []: The concert took place in the hospital named after Kalinin, Doetsk city, musical collectives arranged the concert, dedicated to the Eater Day for health workers. Video []

* "Medicines for the hospital 9 Donetsk (VIDEO)" (2015-04-1, []: The humanitarian battalion together with the MP of the Budyonnovskiy district Vladislav Berdichevskiy arranged the trip to the hospital 9 of Donetsk. The load contained medicines, candles for children, systems, antibiotics, analgesics. The aid was provided also by the chemist shop of St. Petersburg Gornie Vershiny (mountaintops) and citizens of St. Petersburg. Video [].

* "DNR: Shakhtar Donetsk's stadium turned into humanitarian aid centre" (2015-04-14) [].
Hundreds of volunteers were in Shakhtar Donetsk's 'Donbass Arena' stadium on Tuesday, helping distribute food packages after the stadium was turned into a centre for humanitarian aid distribution.

* "Humanitarian for Donbass from St. Petersburg" (2015-04-21, [], video []
* "Yet another Russian humanitarian convoy sets off for eastern Ukraine; The convoy consists of more than 120 trucks with food products, articles of daily necessity, textbooks and study aids, and building materials" (2015-04-16, []. Video [].

* "Chapter DNR offered to bake bread from the social surplus flour coming in humanitarian goods" (2015-04-20, []

* (2015-04-16, []:
Opening of the Representative Office of South Ossetia in the Donetsk People’s Republic took place in Donetsk today. The event was held with the participation of the DPR Foreign Minister Alexander Kofman and the official representative of the Republic of South Ossetia. Alexander Kofman thanked South Ossetia for their support of the Donbass people and expressed the hope that the opening of the Representative Office of South Ossetia will expand bilateral relations between the Republics. “This event will help to strengthen the friendly relations and the development of relations not only in diplomacy, but also in the economic, humanitarian and social spheres,” – the web-site of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs says. Opening of this Representative Office can rightly be called a new page in the history of the Donetsk People’s Republic.
* "DNR: South Ossetia first to open consulate in Donetsk" (2015-04-18): South Ossetia became the first country to set up diplomatic representation in the self-proclaimed Donetsk's People's Republic (DPR/DNR), after the consulate of South Ossetia opened on Thursday in Donetsk. DNR/DPR Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Coffman expressed gratitude to his South Ossetian counterpart and stated confidence in the successful economic and political cooperation. He added that contracts for joint economic and political activities are expected to be signed in the future.
Video []

* "Climbers from the DPR started their road" (2015-04-20):
The peaked team of alpinists from the DPR will mountaineer in the Northern Caucasus on the top of Elbrus. It is planned in margins of the expedition to hoist and fix on the top the flags of the DPR, the flag of the Republican Guardia and symbols of military subdivisions that protect Donbass.

* "Greek holiday Artu celebrated by DPR Greeks in Starobeshevo" (2015-04-20) []

* " 'We must win a new Great Patriotic War waged against resurgent fascism' says Lugansk People's Republic Head Igor Plotnitsky" (2015-04-16,
“Victory Day must have a special place not only on the calendar, but also in our hearts. Today, this date is doubly special for us, because in addition to the fact that this is an anniversary year, for the first time, we celebrate Victory Day under wartime conditions. We must win a new Great Patriotic War on our land, in our Republic, as our ancestors did in 1945. Unfortunately, today, we face those who didn’t accept that… we defeated the Nazis, yes, but today they’re reborn and we have to do it all over again. Don’t forget the expectations of Ukrainian veterans of the Great Patriotic War, for 9 May 2015 will play a special role in that part of our former country. They’ll watch what happens in our Republic very closely. They’ll ask, ‘Why are we different from them? Why do we celebrate, and how shall we celebrate it?’ We need to meet the expectations of not only our veterans, but also those that live on the other side. They need to know that we understand and appreciate their bravery and self-sacrifice. They need to know that we’re firmly convinced of the rightness of what they did in the Great Patriotic War,” Igor Plotnitsky said.

* (2015-04-18,
For the first time, Donetsk will hold an “Immortal Regiment” parade this year on Victory Day (9 May). The marchers will be relatives of Red Army soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War. The parade will be held at the sime time as the Victory Day parade in Moscow.
“Our ‘Immortal Regiment’ march in Donetsk will take place at the same time as the military parade in Red Square parade. ‘Immortal Regiment’ marchers will carry placards with images of their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers who died at the front in the Great Patriotic War or were missing-in-action. We won’t forget their bravery and self-sacrifice during our celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory, the ‘Immortal Regiment’ will march again on the streets of our city,” spokesperson of the DPR People's Council told the Donetsk News Agency.
“I want to appeal for help to veterans and their relatives… one problem that we have in preparing such an event is to find pictures of Great Patriotic War heroes and authentic stories about them. I’d like all who can talk about their own war experiences or share a story told by the heroes of those terrible years, as well as those who have relevant photographs, to respond to my request,” Deputy of the DPR People's Council Yaroslav Korotenko asked Donetsk residents.
The DPR People's Council noted that the list of marchers is now in final preparation.
“Immortal Regiment” marches in memory of the Great Patriotic War occur annually in many towns and villages. With portraits of their relatives… soldiers, partisans, and home front workers… marchers take part in numerous processions and parades. The first such event happened in Tomsk in 2012; in 2013, 120 cities held such events. In 2014, according to preliminary estimates, there were about 400 marches and more than half-a-million participants. This year, the coverage will go international, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Israel.

* (2015-04-15, Graduating students in schools of the DPR can choose to take final exams in either Russian or Ukrainian, the DPR Minister of Education and Science Igor Kostenok said. “The Ministry of Education gave orders to ensure orderly handling of the state final examination in three subjects, Russian or Ukrainian language, mathematics, and a subject of choice,”– Igor Kostenok said. He said that students would have a choice in taking the exam in Russian or in Ukrainian. The state final exams will be from 2 to 11 June 2015.

* (2015-04-15, First trials of Ukrainian soldiers on war crimes charges will begin before the end of April, the DPR human rights ombudswoman told the Donetsk News Agency.
“The first trials of Ukrainian soldiers accused of war crimes will begin in the near future, probably, at the end of April. We detained them in a lawful way on suspicion of committing criminal offences. We’ve instituted criminal cases against them; we’ll judge them according to the laws of the Republic,” – she said.
Earlier, Chief Justice of the DPR Supreme Court Eduard Yakubovsky told the Donetsk News Agency's correspondent, “By the beginning of summer, we plan to open DPR courts-martial. They’d try crimes against humanity committed in times of war”.

* "One thousand Ukrainians flee persecution for political motives to Donetsk; According to DPR People's Council speaker, there are 1,000 Ukrainian political refugees in the self-proclaimed republic" (2015-04-17, []

* "Ukrainian Holocaust Survivors Forced to Flee Again Over; 600 Ukrainian Jews have emigrated to Israel since the start of hostilies in East Ukraine" (2015-04-16, CNN) []


* (2015-04-21,
37 people are currently living in the village of Shirokino (Novoazovsky district), the deputy head of the Novoazovsky district Anatoliy Yanovsky told the Donetsk News Agency.
“37 people are living in basements without any facilities and communications there. Every morning the officials of Novoazovsk deliver and distribute food products, water, household chemical goods to residents of Shirokino for free. The bread is brought to Shirokino twice a week from the bread factory of Novoazovsk,” – Anatoliy Yanovsky said.
There have been more than 1200 people in Shirokino before the war. Most of the residents were engaged in fishing and fish processing.
“Locals complain that when they make attempts to move around the village, the Ukrainian army opens fire on them. The Ukrainian sniper is constantly shooting, including at the civilian population,” – Yanovsky said.
According to the DPR Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian forces shell the village of Shirokino almost every day.

* "Two Americans fight for Pro-Russian Rebels" (2015-04-16, by Kat Argo) [], video interviews with "Jackhammer" [], and "Texas" [], photo [].
"Jackhammer" joined the NAF in January, is a member of the Sud Vremini International Brigade, and has been fighting at the Donetsk airport. In the following video he discusses the situation for the local population []. Also, another interview with Texas []

* Unidade Internacionalista Ernesto 'Che' Guevara []:
(2015-04-15) After joining up with a French elite unit in Donetsk, we now are the Varangian Guard.
(2015-04-16) Due to the junction of the Brazilian and French unit, the Internationalist Guevara has become the Varangian Guard.

* "Brasilian volunteer Rafael Lusvarghi was promoted by merit to lieutenant in a Cossack-Regiment" photo (2015-04-20) []

Watch out! It's the DPR Militia Combat Cat!
* (2015-04-21, Novorossia News):
The voluntary mobilization into the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic has been fulfilled at 110%, DPR’s leader Alexander Zakharchenko said in an interview with the Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.
"At the moment, the number of volunteers is higher than our capacities to arm them. People see what is going on and assess the situation as it is and understand that the war will continue at Kiev’s will. They are defending their land," Zakharchenko said.
Volunteers started being mobilized in the Donetsk republic on February 9. In mid-March, Zakharchenko said every day up to 200 volunteers join the ranks of militias.
More than 4,000 people are ready to fight along with the territorial defence units and form the second defence line of the republic in case of combat actions, the DPR leader said.

* "The situation at the front to 19 April" (Information Analytical Center "Cassad") []
* "Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on April, 18-19" (Information Analytical Center "Cassad") []

* Video: "Near Donetsk, DNR army fighting with ATGM against Ukrainian armed forces" (2015-04-16) []
* NAF Militia in Combat (2015-04-16) []
* Novorossian Armed Forces (NAF) photos of new and refurbished tanks ready for action (2015-04-17) []

* (2015-04-16,
Over the past day, Ukrainian troopers have shelled 78 times on the territory of the DPR, eight settlements came under their fire, the Ministry of Defense told the Donetsk News Agency. “78 breaches in the cease-fire are registered over the past day. Militia’s positions were fired 10 times from tanks, 26 times from mortars, 3 times from anti-tank guided missiles, 4 times from armed vehicles guns. There were also 35 attacks with using of machineguns and grenade launchers,” the Ministry of Defense reports. The settlements of Spartak, Shirokino, Zhabichevo, October, Lozovoye, Sakhanka, Kalinovka, and Gorlovka came under fire. “The most part of shellings occurred in Zhabichevo and Shirokino. There are destructions, and no civilian or militiamen fatalities,” the Ministry representative added.

* "My 20 Worst Photos from Donbass" (2015-04-11, []

* "NAF sniper routine" (2015-04-17) []

* " 'Good rockets' / War in Ukraine" []
* (2015-04-19, Novorossia News): 410 rounds launched from Ukrainian positions exploded in Shirokino over the past day, the Russia’s representative at the Joint Center for Coordination and Control (JCCC) Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov reports on Sunday. “We together with the OSCE and the DPR officials went to Shirokino today. We registered 410 rounds exploded in Shirokino over the past day which came flying from the Ukrainian positions. While the OSCE officials leaving the scene concentrated blows occurred, from machine guns initially, then from mortars and later even from heavy artillery. The main reason is a high tension of both sides,” the Donetsk News Agency quoted Colonel-General as saying.  According to Lentsov, units of the Ukrainian punitive battalion Azov are still allocated in Shirokino and so destabilize the whole situation. “Firing and clashes are mainly coming from the Southern direction. They practically don’t occurred from the Western direction where troops of the Ukrainian military allocate,” Lentsov stressed.

* (2015-02-17, Ukrainian forces used vehicles with OSCE markings in attempting a provocation aimed at the Donetsk People's Republic, the DPR Defense Ministry spokesperson Eduard Basurin told journalists today. “On 16 April, nationalist irregular troops, now part of the formal Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the support of armoured vehicles, carried an attack on the DPR positions near Zhabunki. Observers from the Joint Center for Control and Cooperation of the ceasefire saw two Ukrainian tanks accompanied by two white off-road vehicles, presumably Land Cruiser 200s, with markings like those of the OSCE Observer Mission. Most likely, the Ukrainian side hoped that this provocation would cause the vehicles to come under attack, sucker-punching the DPR. This could give rise to accusations of the DPR disrupting the Minsk Agreement, giving them an excuse to escalate the conflict,” Basurin said.

* (2015-04-19, Novorossia News):
410 rounds launched from Ukrainian positions exploded in Shirokino over the past day, the Russia’s representative at the Joint Center for Coordination and Control (JCCC) Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov reports on Sunday. “We together with the OSCE and the DPR officials went to Shirokino today. We registered 410 rounds exploded in Shirokino over the past day which came flying from the Ukrainian positions. While the OSCE officials leaving the scene concentrated blows occurred, from machine guns initially, then from mortars and later even from heavy artillery. The main reason is a high tension of both sides,” the Donetsk News Agency quoted Colonel-General as saying.
According to Lentsov, units of the Ukrainian punitive battalion Azov are still allocated in Shirokino and so destabilize the whole situation. “Firing and clashes are mainly coming from the Southern direction. They practically don’t occurred from the Western direction where troops of the Ukrainian military allocate,” Lentsov stressed.

* "DNR: Russian journalist severely injured by booby trap *GRAPHIC*" (2015-04-14) []:
Russian journalist Andrei Lunev was severely injured when he stepped onto a trip-wire activated booby trap in Shyrokyne on Tuesday. The incident happened during a visit of the OSCE mission to the village, believed to be at the centre of Sunday's reported shelling.

* "DNR: Shelling rings out over Donetsk amid ceasefire" (2015-04-17) []:
Heavy explosions could be heard in Donetsk on Friday, as shelling continues despite a ceasefire being in place.

* (2015-04-17,
Ukrainian authorities are preparing for a new phase of military operations in the Donetsk People's Republic, the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko said.
“According to our intelligence, the Ukrainian forces are adding troops, bringing up more military equipment, and increasing the number of units on the demarcation line. Kiev is preparing for a new phase of military operations against us. Our military is ready to repel any attack,” Zakharchenko said. He also noted Ukrainian army's attempts to move undisciplined irregular nationalist battalions closer to the DPR positions. Earlier, the DPR Defense Ministry spokesperson Eduard Basurin said that the Ukrainian forces do this to solve two problems at once: they get rid of extremists and they provoke retaliatory fire from the DPR.

* (2015-04-16) []: The leader of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR/DNR) Alexander Zakharchenko stated in Donetsk, Thursday, that DPR forces repelled an attack by the Ukrainian army, destroying around 80 military vehicles and injuring around 300 Ukrainian soldiers.

* (2015-04-16,
Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminate Ukrainian "volunteer" battalions forcing them towards the DPR positions, the DPR Defense Ministry spokesperson Eduard Basurin said.
“The official report of the OSCE observer mission for 14 April, and the conclusion of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire observed the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) battalion moving its positions one kilometre to the east near Peski and Zhabunki. At that time, the battalion formally came under the command of the 93rd mechanized brigade, so, we see that the brigade command pushed the discredited nationalists towards our positions. Thus, they solved two problems… eliminating unwanted fire that provoked retaliatory fire from us, and the subsequent charges of ceasefire violations,” – Eduard Basurin said. He emphasised that the DPR army continues to observe clashes between regular units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and extremist “volunteer” battalions.
“Earlier, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry repeatedly stated that all ‘volunteer’ battalions, without exception, already part of the regular forces or a part of the National Guard. The situation at the contact line indicates that either the reassignment was de jure but not de facto, or that Ukrainian commanders knowingly give criminal orders,” – Basurin added.

* Novorussian Freedomfighters video []

* (2015-04-15,
Graduates of the DPR military secondary schools will receive free higher military education in Russia, the DPR Minister of Education Igor Kostenok told a workshop.
“Those guys who graduate today [from our military secondary schools] who want to devote their lives to the defence of the state will now receive free education in specialised military-educational institutions in the Russian Federation. At present, we have no such higher military-educational institutions in the DPR, but we plan to reopen the now-closed Institute for Military-Political Affairs. Our military school graduates about 100 cadets; the Russians proposed to train all of them, if it came to that… of course, if hostilities rekindle, we’d have to take them up on that offer,” – he said.

* "Stuffing misinformation about the management of DNR demonstrate military and diplomatic impotence of Kiev - the administration of the Head of the Republic" (2015-04-19, [] [begin excerpt]: Kiev deliberately spreads through he controls the media misinformation about the statements guide the People's Republic of Donetsk, thereby demonstrating their powerlessness in the military and diplomatic fronts. This was stated today in the administration of the Head of DNR. "The Ukrainian side regularly made stuffing misinformation about statements allegedly voiced by the leaders of the Republic. In particular, the spread ridiculous rumors of tensions within or between DNR and Russia," said the agency interlocutor. This is done clumsily and unconvincing, but third-rate "patriotic" media regularly circulate such misinformation. Apparently, this is what Kiev sees as a chance to undermine the leadership position DNI, since neither the political nor the diplomatic front is possible. [end excerpt]

21st April 2015, city Kharkov, future Kharkov republic
Jeep, which possibly belong to the Ukrainian fascist was blown up at early morning of 21st April.
At 3.45 a. m. of 21st April, eyewitness recorded video about burning Jeep. Author told about explosion which he heard and about firefighters, who arrive fast after his call. In the video is visible how car burning. In the morning, about 9 a. m. reporter of 112 TV channel told new details. She said that some windows in near building were broken by explosion. But nobody wasn't injured.
Also reporter said that this Jeep was without state plates, with camouflage painting on corpse. Owner of this car bought flat in the building at this winter. By these grounds owner of car is Ukrainian fascist who killing people in the Novorossiya. Ukrainian fascists liking camouflaged cars without plates. So, it could be act of guerrilla war against Ukrainian fascist.

Federation of Russia
* "Direct line with Vladimir Putin" complete transcript (2015-04-16, [], Direct Line with Vladimir Putin was broadcast live on Channel One, Rossiya-1 and Rossiya-24 TV channels, and Mayak, Vesti FM and Radio Rossii radio stations. During the live broadcast that lasted 3 hours and 57 minutes, the President answered 74 questions out of the over 3 million that were received.

* "Russia 'busts satellite spy ring': space commander" (2015-04-12, AFP newswire) []

* "Report on repressions, January-March 2015" (2015-04-17, [], a compilation of reports about state repression against anarchists.

* "Russia to Spend Over $2 Billion on Crimea Modernization" (2015-04-19,
Russia plans to spend 113 billion rubles (about $2.2 billion) on the modernization of Crimea's infrastructure in 2015, and will create an analogue of Silicon Valley on the peninsula. Deputy Minister for Crimea Andrey Sokolov announced at an economic forum in Yalta on Saturday that the sum allocated for Crimea's infrastructure development can be comparable to the funds spent on the preparation for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, adding that "in the coming years this sum will only increase." According to Sokolov, Russia plans to allocate about 90 billion rubles for the social and economic development of Crimea in the next five years. By 2020, Russia also plans to start operating its analogue of Silicon Valley (the California home of the world's largest high-tech corporations) on the peninsula. The project, called Digital Valley of Crimea, was presented at the Yalta forum on Saturday.


Buddhism in the Federation of Russia
The vast majority of Russia’s estimated two million Buddhists follow Tibetan Buddhism, a legacy of the Tibetan and Mongolian missionaries who came to Buryatia and Tuva four centuries ago, the majority of whom live within the Buddhist Republics of Buryatia [], Kalmykia [], and Tuva []. The USSR awarded the Dalai Lama with its top award – The Order of Peoples’ Friendship in 1990. In 1994, the Dalai Lama gave an address to Russia’s Duma, parliament.
* "Welcome speeches in honor of the 78th birthday of the Dalai Lama in Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia" (2013-07-16) []: Ngawang Tenzin, Chairman of the Tibetan community in Buryatia, Did Lama Dagba Ochirov, Deputy Hambo Lama of Russia, Geshe Jampa Thinley and Mogru Tenpa the Deputy of the Tibetan Parliament, as well as Khensur Choidorje, the Head of the Buddhist community, gave welcome speeches.
* "Crossroads of cultures" (2011-12-03, []
* "Buddhism in Russia" ( [] [begin excerpt]: In the early 17th century, Tibetan Buddhism spread north from Mongolia to Buryat communities of the Baikal region. The second wave came directly from Tibet. Aiming for weakening the influence of Mongols and Manchurs in the region, the tsar conferred the title of Bandido Khambo Lama on the priors of Gusinoozersk Datsan to acknowledge them as leaders of Buryat Buddhism. Thus, Buryat tradition became officially independent of the Mongolian Church. In 1741, Empress Elizabeth issued a decree that recognized the Lamaistic belief in Buryatia and authorized establishing of 11 monasteries (datsans) with 150 lamas on the staff. This is considered the date of the official recognition of Buddhism in Russia.There were schools opened at datsans and books printed. [end excerpt]

Flag of the Kalmykia Republic, and photo of Vladimir Putin with Buddhists in Kalmykia

Rinpoche Bagsha Buddhist centre, founded 2000 at Ulan-Ude, Buryatia Republic, and the Buddha statue inside. Also see Ivolginsky Datsan []

Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni, in Elista, the capital of Kalmykia Republic

Around the Golden Abode are seated statues of 17 acharyas of the Nalanda University who developed the philosophical traditions of Buddhism. It was at the Nalanda and Vikramshila universities (in what is present-day Bihar) that the Vajrayana form of Buddhism practised in Kalmykia was formed and developed.


Eurasian Union (EEU) 
* "Eurasia as we (and the U.S.) knew it is dead" (2015-04-17, []

* "Another Idiotic Plan to Hurt Russia" (2015-04-20, [] [begin excerpt]:
“The U.S. must show the leadership necessary to establish and protect a new order that holds the promise of convincing potential competitors that they need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interests…..We must, however, be mindful that…Russia will remain the strongest military power in Eurasia and the only power in the world with the capability of destroying the United States.” ("The Wolfowitz Doctrine", the original version of the Defense Planning Guidance, authored by Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, leaked to the New York Times on March 7, 1992)
“For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia…and America’s global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained.”
("THE GRAND CHESSBOARD: American Primacy And It’s Geostrategic Imperatives" pg. 30, 1997 by Zbigniew Brzezinski)
The Obama administration realizes that if it can’t find an alternate source of gas for Europe, then its blockade of Russia
will fail and the EU-Russia alliance will grow stronger. And if the EU-Russia alliance grows stronger, then US attempts to extend its tentacles into Asia and become a major player in the world’s most prosperous region will also fail leaving Washington to face a dismal future in which the steady erosion of its power and prestige is a near certainty.
The problem is, the strategy hasn’t worked and now the US is embroiled in a confrontation with Moscow that is a higher priority than the Middle East project. (The split between US elites on this matter has been interesting to watch, with the Obama-Brzezinski crowd on one side and the McCain-neocon crowd on the other.)
Check this out from Pepe Escobar []: “Russia and China are deeply committed to integrating Iran into their Eurasian vision. Iran may finally be admitted as a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at the upcoming summer summit in Russia. That implies a full-fledged security/commercial/political partnership involving Russia, China, Iran and most Central Asian ’stans’. Iran is already a founding member of the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB); that means financing for an array of New Silk Road-related projects bound to benefit the Iranian economy. AIIB funding will certainly merge with loans and other assistance for infrastructure development related to the Chinese-established Silk Road Fund…”
Get the picture? Eurasian integration is already done-deal and there’s nothing the US can do to stop it.Washington needs to rethink its approach. Stop the meddling and antagonism, rebuild relations through trade and mutual trust, and accept the inevitability of imperial decline.Asia’s star is rising just as America’s is setting. Deal with it.
[end excerpt]

Republic of Iraq
* "And how is Baghdad today?" (2015-04-08, [].
A multicultural city of peace for millennia has been conquered, divided and transformed in the 12 years since US invasion. But Baghdadis are resisting.
A Baghdad security wall - and the natural response to such ugliness.


Arab Republic of Syria
* "Neocon Think Tank Proposes US Proxy Army to Control Syria" (2015-04-21, []

Global Islamic Caliphate / Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL ; ISIS)
* "International terrorist organization “Islamic state” expands the zone of its interests and influence" (2015-04-10) []

Rojava (Western Kurdistan)
* "Anarchists: 'we found the Rojava revolution to be our own' " (2015-04-12, []

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and GCC states 
* "Our Bad Friends, the Saudis; Why is the United States obligated to support the wars and wishes of its brutal, terror-funding client state?" (2015-04-17, []. writes: If you’ve been wondering why the US reflexively supports the one nation most responsible for spreading radical Wahhabism, fueling terrorism and, until the rise of ISIS, imposing the harshest interpretations of Sharia law… you are not alone. The American Conservative wonders what the US actually gains from blindly supporting the Kingdom or from the Saudi foray into war-torn Yemen. Up to now it’s been about oil and buttressing the dollar. But those are tired tropes, according to Kelley Vlahos.


* "Vinci Accused Of Labor Violations on Qatar Construction Contracts" (2015-03-27, []

Ansarullah Revolutionary Government of Yemen
* "Yemen: The Little Army That Could" (2015-04-21, [] [begin excerpt]:
The Houthi rebels belong to a branch of Shia Islam known as Zaidism, and make up almost a third of the country. They have ruled the north of the country for almost a thousand years, until the 1960s. The rise of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula –whom they oppose- and their long-held feelings that the central government wasn’t sharing fairly the country’s resources led to their taking up arms and overtaking the government.
Considered a threat to the regime stability the Yemeni government waged brutal war against the Houthis in their stronghold in Sa’ada province, in the north of Yemen. Although their leader, Hussein al Houthi, was killed in the first war, he was replaced by his brother and current leader, Abdul Malik.
The Houthis rose to power because most Yemenis want a strong leader, with a clear vision about where the country should go. Both brothers were able to provide that vision that essentially encompasses the desire for government accountability, an end to corruption, fair fuel prices, job opportunities for ordinary citizens and a more fair distribution of resources.
The Houthis have been shown to be well organized and reliable. Since taking control of Sa’ada, their birthplace, they have made it one of the most peaceful and well-run areas in Yemen. The sun of gunfire has almost ceased now in Sa’dah, the Sa’ada Governorate capital city. Residents have electricity for most of the day and reliable water supply.
Since declaring control of Yemen on February 6, the Houthis have been advancing steadily south, in spite of heavy losses and constant bombardment by Saudi Arabia and its allies that have provoked a serious humanitarian crisis in the country.
[end excerpt]

* " 'Earthquake-like' explosion shakes Yemen's Sanaa" (2015-04-20, []

Republic of India
* "Indian Communism and Its Futures" (2015-04-20, [] [begin excerpt]:
The beach at Visakhapatnam, the largest city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, was a sea of red this Sunday. Over a hundred thousand communist activists and sympathizers of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), CPI-M, gathered to conclude its 21st Party Congress. The CPI-M is the largest and most significant Left party in India, although it has been in close alliance with other Left parties with a new emphasis on the creation of a platform of Left Unity.
The CPI-M gathered at a difficult time for the Indian people. Half of India’s 1.2 billion people live in conditions of deprivation. Government policy over the past three decades – inspired by the neoliberal policy slate – has produced a hostile environment for survival. A quarter of a million farmers and peasants have committed suicide across the country, a direct consequence of capitalist agriculture and an adverse global trade order. The current government of the Hindu Right is not only the complete inheritor of such harsh economic policies, but it has the added disadvantage of being culturally suffocating. Attacks on freedom of expression and speech as well as a spectrum of threats against cultural and religious difference have begun to mark the social landscape.
During the Congress, the municipal polls took place in Kolkata, capital of West Bengal, which for thirty years was the bastion of the Communists. Over the course of the past five years, the atmosphere in West Bengal has been corroded. The party that took power from the Left Front, the Trinamul Congress (TMC), has more iron in its soul than humanity. Violence against the Left activists and sympathizers has been commonplace. Not long ago, for instance, TMC thugs went on the rampage in Bhatar, Bardhwan district in West Bengal. They caught a few CPI-M workers, killing forty-eight year old Mangal Hembram.
It is in this environment of extreme state hostility that the Left has to re-build its momentum. Matters are no less difficult in other parts of India. Building a Left is not the same as conducting a seminar. It requires a great deal of courage to confront the congealed institutions of Power, Property and Privilege. Errors shall be natural, as will a loss of hope. What this Congress of the CPI-M showed, however, is that millions of Indians are ready to continue to defend the rights of the working-class and to imagine an alternative for all of India. “When a woman holds the Red Flag,” said CPI-M leader Brinda Karat at the concluding rally, “no force can take it away from her. The Red Flag will be there in every place where adivasi (tribal) land is being snatched away. Today we renew our commitment to take forward the Left alternative to the people of India.”

People's Republic of China  
History & the Current Context []

* "China's Ready to Rumble" (2014-05-29) []

* "Beijing Shocks US With Unbelievable Progress of Airstrip in South China Sea" (2015-04-17, []

* "Visa-for-investment program funnels $77 million into Hunters Point, $96 million more sought" (2013-11-03, [] [begin excerpt]: Overseas investors in Lennar Urban's massive redevelopment of the former Hunters Point Shipyard — most of them Chinese nationals tapping a pay-to-play immigration program — over six months pumped $77 million into the project. Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and his partners won approval in fall 2011 from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to operate a "regional center" that serves as a sort of middleman linking Lennar's nearly $8 billion development and foreign investors. The center uses a federal program, called EB-5, designed to trade investments of as little as $500,000 in job-creating projects for green cards. The cards, permitting permanent residency, often are sought by Chinese families who want a better education for their children, cleaner air or a hedge against political turbulence at home. [end excerpt]

The People's Republic of China has a "uphold science" principle, however it does not persecute those who refuse to follow it. A commonly repeated falsification by those who are ignorant to the truth of China is that Christianity is oppressed in China. This is not true. There is two state organizations for Christianity in China. A Protestant organization, the Three Self Church, and a Catholic organization, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. Those organizations are in charge of administrating China's churches. These organizations are self-governing and the main government of China has not and will not edit any doctrine or Christian values.
State owned churches may even be preferable to privately owned churches, because privately owned churches are often only operated only for profit (see Lakewood Church and Hillsong Church).
The persecution of "house churches" in China is not because they are practicing religion. These so called "house churches" are often people trying to use Christianity to justify plans to overthrow the Chinese government.
* Shanghai Community Church: []
* Shanghai Community Church Baptism: []
* Chongyi Church, Hangzhou: []
* Shamian Church, Guangzhou: []
* Wedding in Guangzhou Sacred Heart Cathedral: []
* Haidian Christian Church, Beijing: []
* Haidian Christian Church featured on CCTV: []
* Mochoulu Church, Nanjing: []
* Mass in the Xishiku Cathedral, Beijing: []
* Singing "Joy to the World" in Hengshan Community Church, Shanghai: []

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and Russia-China relations
* "Enter the Dragon and the Bear: US Faces Its Ultimate Nightmare" (2015-04-19, []

Occupied State of West Papua 
More info at []


research from the Committee for the Study of

The act of documenting history is to catalog and analyze information which is no longer current. Online sources of information are temporary (at best), or manipulatable (as with editorial decisions to revise news articles), so the historian has no choice but to use an archival service to keep a record of the source material.
Ever since was taken over by a restricted academic network, their database has been censored under guidelines which... don't... make... sense, including prohibitions on using source materials from an entity that is the subject of an article (like a Black Panther Party article on political repression against their membership), they will only use sources from monopolist media or from restricted academic institutions. Another example is's refusal to allow any link to an archived page! See [], where you will find quotes from administrators claiming falsehoods and libel against in order to block links to that archival service.
Other falsehoods include the argument that to archive a webpage is to "steal it" [], which is not the case as the archive service does not sell nor profit from the archived webpage, and can be compared to a publicly viewable photocopy of a book page.

How private entities silence online websites:
* "The curious case of Edwin Mellen Press" (2010-09-22, by Dale Askey) []
* "When Sellers and Buyers Disagree — Edwin Mellen Press vs. a Critical Librarian" (2013-02-11, by Kent Anderson, Society for Scholarly Publishing) []
* "One Down, One to Go: Edwin Mellen Press Blinks One Eye" (2013-03-05, by Kent Anderson, Society for Scholarly Publishing) []
* "Posts Removed Because We’ve Received Letters From Edwin Mellen Press’ Attorney" (2013-03-29, by Kent Anderson, Society for Scholarly Publishing) []

* "A Hidden Legacy of the Civil Rights Era Black Prison Organizing" (2015-04-17, []

* "The Conspiracy Theory of History Revisited" (1977-04, by Murray Rothbard) [], author's bibliography [], [begin excerpt]:
Anytime that a hard-nosed analysis is put forth of who our rulers are, of how their political and economic interests interlock, it is invariably denounced by Establishment liberals and conservatives (and even by many libertarians) as a “conspiracy theory of history,” “paranoid,” “economic determinist,” and even “Marxist.” These smear labels are applied across the board, even though such realistic analyses can be, and have been, made from any and all parts of the economic spectrum, from the John Birch Society to the Communist Party. The most common label is “conspiracy theorist,” almost always leveled as a hostile epithet rather than adopted by the “conspiracy theorist” himself.
Let us take an easy example. Suppose we find that Congress has passed a law raising the steel tariff or imposing import quotas on steel? Surely only a moron will fail to realize that the tariff or quota was passed at the behest of lobbyists from the domestic steel industry, anxious to keep out efficient foreign competitors. No one would level a charge of “conspiracy theorist” against such a conclusion. But what the conspiracy theorist is doing is simply to extend his analysis to more complex measures of government: say, to public works projects, the establishment of the ICC, the creation of the Federal Reserve System, or the entry of the United States into a war.
[end excerpt]
* "33 'conspiracy theories' that turned out to be conspiracy facts" (2011-05-11, []
* "Mainstream Media’s Schizophrenic Attitude Towards 'Conspiracy Theories' " (2015-04-12, []
* "Ridicule of Conspiracy Theories Focuses On Diffusing Criticism of the Powerful" (2010-02-10, []
* "Leading Austrian Economist: Some Conspiracy Theories Are True" (2010-02-12, []

In fact, anyone who questions the government in any way can be smeared with the label of “potential terrorist” []. And government apologists are eager to label anyone “taking a cynical stance toward politics, mistrusting authority, endorsing democratic practices, … and displaying an inquisitive, imaginative outlook” as worthy of a Stalinist trip to the insane asylum, [].

* "CIVIL SOCIETY, NGOS AND GLOBAL GOVERNANCE", (.pdf), a study in private power over nation-states, specifically: "U.S. Economic Aid to Russia: A Case Study in Subcontracting Governance?", Bob Deacon, ed. Helsinki, Finland.

* "Why did China invade India in 1962?" []

* "The Palestinian Revolution and the Jews" excerpts from a series of articles published in the Fatah journal in 1970 [

* "CIA Claims Release of its History of the Bay of Pigs Debacle Would 'Confuse the Public' " (2012-02-03, [] [begin excerpt]:
Volume five of the history, written by CIA historian Jack Pfeiffer –who sued the CIA himself to release the history in 1987, and lost– is described by the CIA as an “Internal Investigation document” that “is an uncritical defense of the CIA officers who planned and executed the Bay of Pigs operation… It offers a polemic of recriminations against CIA officers who later criticized the operation and against those U.S. officials who its author, Dr. Pfeiffer, contends were responsible for the failure of that operation.”
While Dr. Pfeiffer’s conclusions may or may not be true, FOIA case law appears to be pretty clear that Americans –who funded the operation and Dr. Pfeiffer’s histories– have the right to read this document and decide for themselves its merits.  Despite the claims of the CIA’s chief historian David Robarge, the document should not remain in the CIA vaults because its conclusions “could cause scholars, journalists, and others interested in the subject at hand to reach an erroneous or distorted view of the Agency’s role.”
[end excerpt]
Read the documents, including historical primary records of the "Bay of Pigs" operation, at [].

Texaco was behind the spark for the Vietnam War, in setting up the American People for 50,000 military deaths, and 3 million civilian deaths in Vietnam.
Info from []: The civilian-controlled Gordon-Bernard-Tan (GBT) network was headed by a Canadian civilian, Laurie Gordon. Gordon and his associates, former employees of Texaco, used their pre-war contacts to develop a civilian intelligence network that supplied information to many Allied groups, including work with Ho Chi Minh in French Indochina. Charles Fenn served in China as a US Marine Corps officer assigned to the OSS from 1943 to 1945, when OSS personnel only began to arrive in China in strength, and was sent to the GBT network as an OSS representative with the mission of bringing the group under OSS control. According to Fenn in his book “At the Dragon’s Gate: With the OSS in the Far East”, he became an integral member of the organization, even though he did not succeed in his mission.

* "Vietnam: The OSS and Ho Chi Minh, 1945" ( [], more information []

* "Forty Years Ago, April 30, 1975. Who Won the Vietnam War?" (1995-07-15, by Michel Chossudovsky, re-published 2015) []

* "US Airborne Brigade Sent to Ukraine Has History of War Atrocities":

Billboard text: "Charger Country, home of VC KILLERS. We have accounted for over 80% of VC killed of 2nd Battalion since 16 March 1966". VC refers to Viet Cong guerrillas, although the truth remains that the majority killed were simply civilians who resided within areas deemed hostile by USA military planners. This photograph was taken in Camp Zinn, Vietnam, sometime after March of 1966. Camp Zinn was the firebase and home of the second infantry battalion of the 173rd Airborne Brigade (paratroopers). The “Charger” in “Charger Country” refers to “C” company of the second battalion. Camp Zinn was about thirty miles from Saigon. A severed ear on a necklace and a bloody machete are depicted in the upper left hand corner of the billboard. They are not drawn to scale. Next to the ear is “Sorry ‘Bout That,” which was G.I. slang used to mock the misfortunes of others. Below that is “All the Way Sir,” which clearly signals that the depicted activity was sanctioned by the officers as was the erection of this billboard.
The“Jody Chant” that aspiring paratroopers ran and marched to during paratrooper training at Ft. Benning, Georgia, back in 1964 was:
"If I die on the Russian Front
Bury me with a Russian cunt
Pin my wings upon my chest
And tell my mom I did my best".
The world should be aware of the ethos, ethics and history of the US military gone to Ukraine to train the fascist murder machine of poroshenko's Kiev regime.

* 1969 to '71, New York City: "When Black Power Collided with the Teachers' Union" (2009-11-01, []

* "Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan and Their Early Corporate Ties" (2015-04-21, []

* "Lawless Big Business Must Be Controlled to Save Democracy" by Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior, January 8, 1938 []:
America is in travail. A new America is developing in the womb of time.
What kind of new America will it be?
Will it be an America which has learned how to fit an economic system of private enterprise to the traditions of our democracy?
Will it be an America which will attain economic freedom for the average man so that the political freedom of the Bill of Rights will become a reality and reach out in spirit to meet new conditions in the modern world?
Or will it be another kind of America—an America in which a system of free enterprise has failed so badly as a method of distributing goods that a disgusted people will welcome as a substitute one of the new-fashioned “disciplined” economies in which political liberty is regarded as a disruption of discipline and an intolerable luxury—an American in which the unsatisfied mass will yield democracy to a dictatorship either of the Right or the Left “in exchange for the illusion of a living”?
Here in America it is the old struggle between the power of money and the power of the democratic instinct.
In the last few months this irreconcilable conflict, long growing in our history, has come into the open as never before, has taken on a form and an intensity which makes it clear that it must be fought through to a finish—until plutocracy or democracy—until America’s sixty families or America’s 120 million people win.
Economic power in this country does not rest in the mass of the people as it must if a democracy is to endure. Wealth is not equitably distributed nor do its owners in the main even manage and control it. On the contrary, wealth has become so great and so concentrated that as a matter of fact, it controls those who possess it.
About one-half of the wealth of this country is in corporate form, and over one-half of it is under the domination of 200 corporations, which in turn are controlled by what Ferdinand Lundberg in his recent book referred to as “America’s 60 Families.”
Eight years ago America’s 60 families had held in their hands, since the close of the World War, complete dominion over the economic and political life of the country. They had lulled the American people into the conviction that if the people would grant conditions in which these 60 families would have confidence that they would do as they pleased, the 60 families would put capital to work; enterprise would boom, wages would rise, stocks would soar and there would be two cars in every garage.
The people gave the 60 families this confidence; gave the 60 families this trust in their benevolent despotism—in short, gave the sixty families then what they ask for today, and what happened? Out of their divinely claimed genius as managers of private enterprise the 60 families promptly led the American people into the worst peacetime catastrophe ever known.
Then the disillusioned people changed the government.
The new government bailed the 60 families out of the consequences of their own mesmeric miscalculations and their unintelligent leadership of the system of private enterprise of which they had pretended to be master managers. It preserved the corporate structures in which their capital was invested from going through the wringer of bankruptcy and reorganization and stock assessment.
As an inevitable by-product of preserving the capital structure from going through the wringer to squeeze out water, it preserved the management structure from going through the wringer to squeeze out incompetence and big salaries. Then government sought to modify the way in which the business of the nation was done so that business confidence would be based upon the well-being and purchasing power of 120 million people at the bottom standing on their own feet rather than upon the license of the sixty families at the top and upon their premises, in return for that license, to permit the gravy of their benevolence to trickle down upon the exploited millions at the bottom.
Government did get the economic system back on its feet; did succeed in doing a job where the 60 families had failed.
Government had the system back on its feet so well at the time of the elections of 1936 that, as the president said in his Chicago speech, the patients—over their panic and raising their salaries—felt strong enough to throw their crutches at the doctor.
And last spring government had the business of the country turning over so well that it thought it could safely heed the pleas of private enterprise to government and abandon the economic initiative.
Pursuant to these pleas government cut down public expenditures to keep up purchasing power in order to meet the insistence of private enterprise that business confidence would be greater if government would take steps to balance the budget—assuaged the fears of the head of the biggest bank in the United States about runaway inflation—and turned over to the managers of private enterprise the responsibility they had said that they were eager and willing to assume.
And what happened?
Two things. First, the 60 families that were masterminding private enterprise proved to have learned nothing nor forgotten nothing since 1929 about the management of business under modern conditions. They made the same mistakes they had made before 1929. They ran the stock market up and helped it get started down. They did little or nothing to increase the purchasing power of labor to make up for the government withdrawals and then ran prices to the sky so that the consumer refused to spend what they graciously let him earn.
Second, the 60 families, unwilling to learn to do business upon the democratic terms of 1937, began to make demands and threats.
To Franklin D. Roosevelt and the overwhelming millions who have three times approved his policy they have made a threat like that which Nicholas Biddle of the Bank of the United States 100 years ago made to Andrew Jackson—a threat that they will refuse to do business at all unless the President and the Congress and the people will repeal all that we have gained in the last five years and regrant them the suicidal license they had enjoyed in 1929.
To the 120 million people of the United States they have made the threat that the professional operators of the American economic system and the professional managers of the capital funds of the United States—capital to which every American man and woman over four generations has contributed sweat and blood—will refuse to operate that economic system, will refuse to let that capital be employed unless they are once more given full power to wreck American democracy in their own sweet way.
To the 120 million people of the United States they have made the threat that, unless they are free to speculate free of regulations to protect the people’s money; unless they are free to accumulate through legal tricks by means of corporations without paying their share of taxes; unless they are free to dominate the rest of us without restrictions on their financial or economic power; unless they are once more free to do all these things, then the United States is to have its first general sit-down strike—not of labor—not of the American people—but of the 60 families and of the capital created by the whole American people of which the 60 families have obtained control.
If the American people call this bluff, then the America that is to be free will be a democratic America, a free America.
If the American people yield to this bluff, then the America that is to be will be a big-business Fascist America—an enslaved America.
The future of America depends upon whether big business can—now, within the coming session of Congress—be compelled to conform to our laws, be compelled to accept the will of the majority, be compelled to cooperate with the rest of the us in trying to make democracy work.
Daniel Webster, a conservative of his day, in a memorable speech delivered at the bicentennial celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims, ascribed the unique growth and survival of democratic institutions in this country to the fact that wealth was equitably distributed, that everyone had a real and not an illusory chance to acquire an economic stake in the welfare of the country and that, in consequence, a democracy involved no irreconcilable conflicts because both economic power and political power existed in the great mass of the people.
This country was envisaged by Thomas Jefferson and the political philosophers of his time as one of economically free and contented property owners. And property meant real property—a man’s home or farm or plantation. It was unbelievable that in America there would ever develop a small group of very rich men who would seek to dominate millions of their fellows. It was inconceivable that legal entities called corporations would grow into Frankensteins that threatened to destroy liberty itself.
Since the earliest days of the Republic, the average American has feared, and has been taught to fear, the concentration of private economic power. He has always been suspicious of dominating influence of large corporate enterprises, and not without reason. It has been a hard fight to preserve a free democracy and system of free individual enterprise against the inroads of concentrated economic power.
There are some who say the fight cannot be won. They despair that the government cannot break or control the concentrations of private economic power. But I am sure the fight can be won. I am unwilling to believe that private economic power will succeed in again securing mastery of the government of these United States.
Big business must be controlled if our democracy is to survive. Our government knows no privileged and class and intends to acknowledge none. Concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a few is just as dangerous today as it has been tin times past when the people fought power and wealth in order to preserve their own human rights.
In other nations and at other times, the people have been forced to carry upon their straining backs a feudal aristocracy that strutted the boards as knights and barons and earls. We find that here in America we have permitted the development of an even more oppressive system of money aristocrats, or corporate earls, of ducal economic overlords. The moneyed aristocracy of American constitutes an even greater menace to our institutions than would a titled class with vintaged handles to their names. It is intolerable that the degree of our democracy should have to depend upon the degree of self-restraint exercised by a handful of men whose corporate tentacles reach their strangling length into every nook and cranny of the land. . . .
If the new America starts out as big business Fascism, it will end as do all Fascist regimes—with Herr Goering’s four-year plans and Singor Mussolini’s capital levies. The insurrecto lords of American big business will sooner or later learn that they are safer with the democratic aspirations of Lincoln’s common people than with the methods of the warlords across the waters. They have only to look abroad to discover while in its theory Fascism is “controlled capitalism,” before long there is always someone ready and able to seize control of “controlled capitalism.”
But the American people, if they are wise, and if they see their problem in time, will never permit the lords of big business the opportunity to make a mistaken choice.
The new America must be a land of free business, not of ruthless business—a land of free men, not of economic slaves.

* " 'Individualism' Seen in Destructive Phase" by Theodore Dreiser, January 9, 1932 [] [begin excerpt]:
As it is now, we have gotten no further than the right of the most cunning and strong individuals among us to aggrandize themselves, leaving the rest of us here in America, as elsewhere, to subsist on what is left after they are through. And if you will examine our American economic arrangement, you will find that they are not through, since by now 50 families control 95 percent of the wealth of the country, and these families, their trusts and holding companies, are now not only not distributing that wealth in any equitable ration, but even if they were so minded, they are not capable of so doing. Taken collectively, they do not constitute any central authority. And except through the function of government which they seek to, and do, direct for their own private aggrandizement, they have no means, let alone any intention of so doing.
More, the government, which is supposed to represent all of the individualistic ambitions of all of our people, is in no position to do that. It, too, in turn, has become one of the instruments of this central group of individuals which now directs all of its functions to its particular and very special advantage.

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