Sunday, October 12, 2014

How a billionaire marketed himself as the Worker's Leader, or, "a little bit of money goes a long way..."

The following articles and photos shows the power that a rich person has in manipulating the public on the grassroots level. In this instance, he was genuinely beloved by the majority of his employees. However, the fact that he was able to command human resources to preserve his wealth, using a campaign that resembled the Peace & Justice campaigns, with a hint of old style "Leader Worship", sets an example by which we may learn how other seemingly grassroots campaigns are organized by those of extreme wealth behind-the-scenes for personal purposes.

"The Bad Boys of Market Basket" (2014-10-12) [ link] []

"Arthur T. Demoulas supporters fear breakup of Market Basket 'family' " (2014-06-24) [ link] []

"Hundreds of Market Basket workers, supporters rally for fired executives" (2014-06-25) [ link] []

"Ouster of grocery CEO sparks outcry" (2014-08-06) [ link] []

More photos of the campaign to reinstate Arthur T. [] (an archived search result with only a few dozen images)

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