Friday, May 25, 2012

Diablo Valley College Student for a Democratic Society (DVC SDS)

Also see "Suppression of Dissent in Diablo Valley (Concord, Walnut Creek, Diablo Valley College)" [link]

News Archive:
* "A show of solidarity on Wall Street" (2011-10-09) [link]
* Frank Little Lives! Oscar Grant Lives! The People Live! (2011-08) [link]
* Drop the Bogus Charges against DVC SDS President Nick Holmes! (2011-05-23) [link]
* "Connect the Dots, Awaken the Sleeping Giant, Fight like an Egyptian" (2011-03-14) [link]
* "Sacrificing the poor to make a deal" (2011-03-13 from "Diablo Valley MDS") [link]
* "Free Speech Under Attack by DVC Administration: Stand up for the First Amendment - Drop the bogus charges" (2010-11-22) [link]
* "DVC SDS sends a message to ASDVC President St. Hill" (2009-11-15) [link]
* "Student Activists win victory: Parking Fee Hike opposed by ASDVC" (2009-11-03) [link]
* "United for Healthcare Justice" organize in Concord! (2009-09) [link]
* "No to this School for Assassins; Why the system produces wars; Free Mumia!" (2009-11-26) [link]

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