Sunday, April 4, 2010

Homes Not Jails - Rally, March & Occupation on Easter Sunday

START DATE: Sunday April 04
TIME: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
AT: 24th Street & Mission Street, San Francisco, CA
Homes Not Jails [contact (@)] []
On Easter Sunday, April 4th @ 12 noon.
Rally at 24th Street & Mission Streets followed by a march to the occupation site. Housing should not sit vacant when people are living on the streets. People should not not be evicted for profit. People's rights should come before property rights. Come out and let your voice be heard.
Due to for-profit evictions, real estate speculation, and indifference to human suffering and need, hundreds of buildings or housing units sit vacant in San Francisco while thousands of people remain unhoused. Our purpose is to publicize and protest the injustice of this situation -- as well as to assert the right of people to sleep inside vacant buildings instead of sleeping in front of them.
People should not not be evicted so that landlords, banks and developers can evade local laws while driving up rents. People's rights should come before property rights. As San Francisco City Hall, Police Chief Gas├žon, and merchants strive to outlaw sitting and lying down in public, Homes Not Jails squats in defiance!

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