Saturday, March 13, 2010

Two students arrested at SFSU for organizing occupation of Student Union building in solidarity with SFSU 11 students facing penalties for previous occupation, 2009-12

2010-03-13 message posted by Kristin Koster to the UC Davis General Assembly Google Group:
Urgent Court Solidarity Needed: 9am in SF!
The two students at SFSU who were arrested and detained for the attempted occupation of the SFSU Student Union on Wed. morning this week have just been released (yes, it's 3am on Saturday!) and are headed home right now. Their charges have been reduced to misdemeanors.
The SFSU occupation was in protest of fines (now around 850.00 per student) leveled as part of misconduct charges against 11 students involved in a two-day occupation in December, where students barricaded themselves (by masterful use of blue chairs and zipties) inside the business school.
One of the arrestees many of us remember, as she came from UCB to support the Shields Library Study-In in January, and helped throw the amazing midnight dance party in the microfiche room. She was also part of the freeway protest and mass arrest on March 4th in Oakland.
The arraignments will take place at 9am Friday (today) in SF, at 850 Bryant, dept 13.
Though it's very last minute, court solidarity is urgently needed, and would mean a great deal at this point. If you have friends, or can make it yourself, please try to.

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